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tv   People Power The Bay of Piglets  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2021 1:30am-2:01am +03

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and a lot of the bus and i prefer the desert but the kids have gotten used to the town air conditioners and phones they go to school sonce 5 children only know better when traditions from stories passed down from their grandfather tales about humans living in harmony with nature about large animal herds moving freely across borders and feeding on seemingly endless green pastures it's a way of life that could soon be just a memory seem wonderful to al-jazeera in iraq's moved on the province. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera india has reported another record number of coronavirus deaths 3293 fatalities were reported on wednesday pushing india's official covert best haul past 200000 it's the 4th country to reach that
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mark but experts fear that the true number of dead could be far higher neighboring pakistan meanwhile reports of a new daily record of 201 deaths on wednesday there have been more than 5000 new infections officials say health care facilities are at risk of being overwhelmed with oxygen and ventilators in short supply. the u.s. federal investigators have raided the manhattan apartment of donald trump's former lawyer rudy giuliani the f.b.i. is looking into giuliani's foreign dealings in ukraine he's accused of lobbying the trumpet ministration on behalf of ukrainian government officials gabriel is on the has more from new york. well it's very significant primarily for one key reason and that's because prosecutors and federal agents i should say cannot just unilaterally inters someone's home to seize anything they need to get a judge's permission before hand and in order to get the judge's permission they
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need to show the judge that they have evidence that leads to possible wrongdoing by the person that they're going after and so clearly a judge by granting this permission has clearly agreed that the prosecutors and federal agents clearly have something here the u.s. state of north carolina will not release the body camera video showing the police killing of andrew brown jr a court ruled that the video may jeopardize ongoing investigations and impartiality in any future case meanwhile there has been another night of protests in elizabeth city over that this an independent autopsy showed that he was shot in the back of the head. and those are the main story stay with us people in power is next they examine the attempt by mercenaries to overthrow the venezuelan president more news from though in half an hour a siege from our. a series of special events is being planned to mark the 100
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years since the creation of northern ireland but gregg's it has renewed old tensions and put irish we unification back on the agenda al-jazeera will be reporting from both sides of the border in this milestone moment for irish politics . that america has seen its face share of coups insurgencies and do phases over the years some sort of achieve their aims some which have notes but few could have failed so miserably as an attempt in may 2020 to overthrow the government but found his way with the cost of political exiles military renegades u.s. mercenaries and at least $1.00 president this is the story of how the product fell apart.
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kind of past venezuela may 2020 in early coitus high security prison venezuelan security forces were interrogating a recently captured american mercenary. rocks your mingling. with. your gross. ask your ear or ear for meaning. one of which troops. could. actually. look denman had come with others to kidnap them as well as controversial president nicolas maduro and improbable not hatched. by former u.s.
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army green beret jordan goodreads a special forces soldier who to hone his skills in unconventional warfare during tours of afghanistan and iraq. had struck a deal with the venezuelan opposition to oust president maduro and put them into power in return for $200000000.00 us dollars. but it all went horribly wrong. doing a lot of fun some of you have a little i'll come on you got monbiot a. bigger tony blair not. one year after the attempt to kidnap president maduro we investigate what's known and else who really was behind that operation. we pick up the story in february 29000 at a put on the town on the border with an israeli a convoy of 8 delayed to the west all this was just arriving there to meet it was
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what. leader of venezuela's opposition. why don't have become the head of the national assembly on the 5th of january 2019. 1 week later claiming the country's recent elections have been repeated favorable to the garage. he declared himself into rim president. he quickly gave recognition from 60 countries around the world and called on foreign assistance but the aid was stopped by venezuelan border forces you know they said only that yeah. yeah yeah. here you may have been much needed but it was also the king of publicists he stopped designed to draw attention to venezuela's food and medical shortages and why do all this leadership claims it attracted many of his followers to the border some of them crossed over to join 1700000 fellow venezuelan refugees already in colombia its government was backing one guy goes presidential bid in the hope he'd fix his
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country's deepening problems. back in venezuela's capital caracas president maduro was rallying his supporters he blamed his country's troubles on u.s. sanctions imposed on oil rich venezuela to contain its socialist government aid board really got out just say no you should ask did you ever tell you that there are other silly billy more years to live in canada give birth over the fate of doing good by. doing. the american backed aid if there was just another attempt to undermine his presidency. a stamp developed at the border and the convoy never made it across by the summer of 2019 the opposition had most secret plans for the removal of mud little by force we needed
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something to happen to me very our country from this really was a kidnap everyone political consultant j.j. let it teed off high ranking strategists abound. they had decided to hire private american military contractors to help overthrow president might do with the tyrant take all the power supreme court the police the military human rights the constitution of venezuela specifically say that every person with or without power . the duty to do everything in their power to recover democracy. form of that is well and military commanders now in exile in florida and colombia along with quite doable leave reaching out to disaffected soldiers back in venezuela among them was transfixed his identity even to conceal. local know him. better about the people living in them head of the put out or thought much of by his. a
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sociology teacher in the one asserting that the 2nd only to. simmons on windows but they don't was allowed you know when i want to load a lease on. heaven is when the. opposition fighters began gathering in camps across colombia's northern peninsula. in september 29 t. venezuela's vice president revealed the exact location to the united nations general assembly. but i. don't want. the information gathered by venezuela's cuban trained intelligence service was to prove impressively accurate.
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but i'm going. to have but a bite out of. this. look you pushed. into this gathering storm now instead of former u.s. special forces soldier canadian american jordan goodrem. on leading the army in 2018 goodrum who had set up a security services company called silk of more usa and he was even hired to provide security and iraqi for donald trump. the 1st forged links with exiled venezuelans and $29.00 t. after the charity concert and treated them the opposition leadership now. an opportunity. to raise our danger was 3 things to say that he.
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and a high level government in the us. has. big big money. in there and something like that way to guarantee of future payments in all. tree that he had. 800 people. that were business whelan's or between a hoarder 1200 there were ready to go and he was playing on the 16th of october 29th in complete secrecy they had done a good row and several opposition members find the general services agreement promising good rope and silver $200000000.00 u.s. dollars in return president. in colombia operation good as it would become known soon began to take shape. aspiring freedom
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fighters many of them venezuelan military deserted as we moved into safe houses in town will do you watch. them in. your. book and also your. good road came to visit he was received like an official u.s. representative. the one while you are not really sure. that the one with that idea among. your peers over. there. in early 2021 why don't travel to the united states there he was hosted by
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president donald trump at the annual state of the view press. it is very clear to venezuelan president he was back in the united states is leading. a 150 nation diplomatic coalition against the socialist dictator of venezuela nicolas maduro. thank you should we do these 2 truly a legitimate president of venezuela who are employed in the sticks thank behind the seeds operation gideon was gathering pace but things went going smoothly unexpectedly my dogs strategists had decided to withdraw their support george goudreau said grandon a few texts in protest we gave these to you in
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a silver platter and you'll be called you're a multi-millionaire shaman jewel for not fixing your concrete you don't deserve to live in the us good role insisted he was allowed $1500000.00 under a promissory note while friend don argues that good growth failed to reveal a group of financial backers he claimed to have lined up a businessman who had already promised to sponsor the overthrow of president my doodle in return for the future of rights to venezuela's oil contract rendon says gave good drugs and find a window to present these bankers but according to rent don good drugs fail to do so who say look we don't care so this is not working this is normal in for we don't have that amount of money right now we don't want to move forward here because he has a spencer's. i personally call overdose of spaces so you're saying you didn't want to work with jordan goodrum anymore but nonetheless you gave them $50000.00 and
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that came out of your own money yes yes yes let's go in and. play now was the intention in a word. for you give me the finger toward the arm. in colombia jordan good rose venezuelan partner former major general cleve there was also angry people here a little movie here is one of the all over. the leader of the free even so secretly recorded by venezuelan security. told a sympathizer he still believed his partner good rope was acting for the u.s. government has been working through. the long. lonely was a little it was a girl who if you want me at. the community. meanwhile in the colombian training camps some of the more recent arrivals we're
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beginning to attract suspicion. and as we look are you know your. mom are going from blow up or will you have to worry about him. missing from. both of the other so use your 1000000000 dollars so i can make some recovery runs out of as these photos show training in the camps was really mentary in part because weapons promised by good wrote and yet to arrive in late march 2020 ish it was flagged down at a police checkpoint in colombia after months of turning a blind eye to the plot to sick to even tease the authorities had to step in order to live phyllis obama lay low the walls will identify it will be local to live what might be a cubicle people they want to as a fundamental get an angle into
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a local it be over our yard if you will obviously never going to them with that. little seal it up with you. the impounded. weapons willing to put on show for the press they included assault rifles laser sights and night vision goggles that would have greatly enhanced the insurgents fighting how an. america could be as close ally was also not playing at all it is a price move charge former major general cleaver i will not cut extract thinking together with this president might do and $2.00 millions were offered for their capture and alkali agree to be extradited to the united states. scoop out the rest most of the trainee find to subscribe to the remainder went into hiding in the work he had at desert among them 2 of good roads silver course associates former us soldiers denman and bury. me more
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presuming. he or. no more it all goes over real open your mouth and therefore i'm going to go swimming is all mental over there will be. more and more muslim lol doesn't mean they're going to be on foreign soil. but according to venezuela's defense minister their location was never a secret see. the former seal the. book. he claims colombian authorities could have easily arrested the man and with u.s. support it was still secretly backing the plotters. it's a super show if this is some of the you know really know you take the calling bit
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early part of the medical and so strangely i mean by the colombian authorities operation gideon was on may 1st 2021 of us live up here so not a big donor one of those who not only you know you're not really so like yeah this is yet so i don't like to put the word that this sound on total mind out there in a good woman with a little put out they don't pay off the old t.v. compromised by venezuelan intelligence and now down to a few $1000.00 competitions there would be the surgeons were still intent on going ahead the plan was to circumvent blanket orders and get a venezuelan out into small doesn't know how to. talk a lot all you know your kendo you know. it means when his military knew exactly when and when they were coming. in the early hours of may 3rd as captain pan terrorist boat the 1st of 2 approached the coast it came under heavy fire. were
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not seen of them by then they really got to the shore going around. even to the lines and. that is where the security forces and respond with overwhelming force. not of one terrorist made stronger somebody. the 2nd boat was no one like he said with engine problems it started running low on fuel it was carrying 51 venezuelans and the 2 american mercenaries you damn men and i ran very well on spinning. there's a bit of a bomb. either in the middle of lunch or much at the time of the my it or the hollows are left in being the honey for me. but of for a. here's what i. don't know although surely by now
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aware that this man had run into problems back in florida civil course boss decided to unveil his master plan which form of it is what an army can have you need to continue to at his side could prove reveal operation give you on to the war something 100 hours a daring and fabulous raid was launched from the border of colombia deep into the heart of caracas our men are continuing to fight right now our units have been activated in the south west and east of venezuela the truth was somewhat different . the. day. we. see.
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as they approached the coast and the battered boat francisco and decided they'd had enough. and those are my. choosing will be important for a lot. of this if we're. francisco in food 5 all this had gone away for the moment but the 2 americans and some of the group's leaders stayed on board. policewoman ingrid cuz then you was among those waiting for that. we actually thought it. a lot of it i thought you know so much money money money.
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well nigh now that i got a lot more. money out of money and wealth or less a movie they're saying and so i went to milan charring and same thing and said well odigo follow the a background perry felt a lot of evil but i learned when i would look. for a moment only from fine you don't know if it i mean i want to just being a director but i found that. this is monochrome make that it be on the level i don't know if the men were arrested and lined up in front of the media the presence of 2 americans prompted the obvious question who was behind the attempted invasion. interviewed in the back of a police car insurgent go forward well i have no doubt and i look for you know i don't know too many. what i saw.
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not only the wrong president might do had no doubts either but yes. not my no no not you know not. that i'm sort of american who drew said no longer used its own soldiers but relied on private companies to fight its way through. but you see by labelling but ily more you think that i mean you know the olive is here but this is the sort of pie is a 7 foot on them but it's a. full ones venezuelans across the political divide the united believe that jordan goodrem had the backing of the u.s. government but donald trump's for spawn's was dismissive we just heard about it 1 but whatever it is will let you know but it has nothing to do with our government up until then the role of venezuela's opposition leaders had been known only to
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insiders but faced with criticism about his role in operation giddy on. decides to go public there is really no your name there is a contra absolutely let me see if you can read it you have probably read it why you know i have been made up in an interview with venezuelan journalist patricio jordan good drove reveal that opposition leader why does signature was on the contract and that he was still trying to get paid i'm out a lot of marty a lot lot of whiners a lot of us came together to do this i mean i've been a freedom fighter my whole life this is all i know shortly after giving this interview goudreau then lead to phone recording which apparently captured the moment that i signed the contract and i was resident person each. part of it would write. the.
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way. 'd we managed to get an interview with plan michael in hiding in qatar and ask him about his involvement in the failed not. win over this young. lady. ah holy nice little are not needed yes i do insist that the venezuelan government was responsible for operation . he accused them of using infiltrators to trick the invaders into going ahead against all odds we are going to get us on those are. in the middle east. and the us. is it or is it not your voice and your
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signature can i just get a simple yes or no you know. what they are going to get on with and it was not a big. look at all of them and that not all look at us and. i'm like light bill random house at mit had his involvement he too claims venezuela. is in the us a good pointer intelligence operation of the government we me smart guy with a spirit of 33 years and consulting was like still believe caught. i feel bad about it because there is people wildcards are torturing money played it i was disposed the commission was dismantled brazil was affected but saying that venezuelan intelligence hijacked the operation is that not just a way for you to escape responsibility no no no i am assuming full responsibility
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and of honest i would go to him. not everyone is able to take the outcome so lightly. in the early days of going to one of the 04 moments where he will have most of. the met all muscle could always a form. he said will not put her there months ago but as a result of what he said. today good row continues. to insist that the opposition never explicitly told him to stop working for them and he's using lawyers to claim money from rendell and meanwhile president might do those party has taken control of the national assembly in the process removing one by dawes justification for claiming the presidency in mcdougal speech to mark the reopening of that assembly to no one's surprise he highlighted once again the failed attempt to unseat him a very long monologue sung by i don't know maybe that i did but i feel it's just i
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don't know about. port moresby the capital of poppy new guinea is ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the world one on one east investigate the violent against instilling fear on the streets on al-jazeera. may on al-jazeera. from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout the latest developments as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world al-jazeera is emmy award winning investigative program is back exploring the fault lines in the u.s. . 15 years since last elected leaders palestinians go to the polls but will the elections be freed from foreign interference from hostile to hostile more hotels
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explodes geopolitical conflicts from the perspective of iconic hotels on the frontlines and former south african president jacob zuma goes on trial for corruption. may on al-jazeera. joe biden set to deliver his 1st address to congress as president will tell americans news turning crisis into opportunity. place you're watching al-jazeera live from the headquarters in doha and navigates also coming up in the us that's another top of 19 record with the highest daily infections in the world more than 200.


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