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well mr bin true story no topic is off the table why in the world when we humanize an individual domestic terrorist this was an illegal occupation of a country what they're doing is they're removing all of just historical interest in this history where a global audience becomes a global community on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the whole rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes an investigation is under way at least 45 people were killed in a stampede at a religious festival in israel. also desperately in need of foreign aid arrives in india as the country registers another record number of coronavirus cases. apple
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faces a huge fine over its music streaming out policies that. the company of violating and t. trust laws. and leading sports in the united kingdom are battle to shut down their presence on social media before day boycott is part of an effort to fight back against online discrimination. welcome to the news our calls are growing for a public inquiry in israel after the country's largest gathering since the start of the pandemic ended in tragedy at least $45.00 people were killed in a stampede at a religious festival where tens of thousands of ultra orthodox jews gathered on thursday night will be speaking to harry for city in northern israel shortly but 1st here's his report. it's israel's largest religious festival attracting half
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a 1000000 mainly ultra-orthodox participants each year this year. celebrating a 2nd century rabbi and sage peers to also the largest gathering of any kind since the start of the pandemic mass excell taishan turned in minutes to panic injury and death. a narrow passageway became a compacted sea of stumbling swaying crowds trying to get out. close by people were pressing on metal sheeting a few overwhelmed police improvising an escape route while also trying to keep some back. it was clear by now that a mass tragedy was unfolding the crowding and confusion that led to it also hampering the rescue efforts in its aftermath sure worth a lot if i saw tens of people if you've lying here on the floor i saw tens of injured walking and bleeding i saw at children i saw adults very difficult sites.
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the next day brought a mass evacuation operation and the start of a major police investigation it also brought the israeli prime minister announcing and national day of mourning on sunday and defending the role of the emergency services. there was a rapid rescue operation by the police the rescue and security forces and we are grateful to them they prevented a much bigger disaster we will conduct a thorough serious and in-depth investigation to ensure that such a disaster does not reoccur. 6 some protested against the presence of the head of israel's secular government during an ongoing religious festival no matter netanyahu is close partnership with ultra-orthodox political parties there are pressing questions now for the ultra orthodox rabbis who are in charge of this event for the police who are meant to safeguard it for the political leaders who allowed it to take place with such apparent light intervention added to that is the fact that there have long been warnings about this precipitous pathway this bottleneck on the way out and the dangers lurking here. some of those making their
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way home accuse the police of blocking an exit others said an event like this had long been a risk i felt unsafe and this isn't just. about the 100 percent. but it was miracles every year but you could do what you could do the best out of it should be like. the human being should be at least safe to hama she cooked. nonetheless some were determined to continue this year's festival even as others mourned their recalls now for a full independent public inquiry to accompany the police investigation. and who joins me now from melbourne and had a harry as you suggested you know more questions are going to be asked and a real inquiry is going to be launched it depends really what sort of information they can garner from that to perhaps work out what really did happen.
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but yes i mean there are certainly calls for such an inquiry there is a police investigation going on there is some criticism as you heard in that piece of the police in some quarters israeli politicians are saying that they did. a good job given the circumstances given the sheer weight of numbers and the chaos that was erupting all around them but that that that is that the key issue here that every year apart from of course last year because of coded restrictions every year hundreds of thousands of people descend on this very small pretty ill equipped place and there have been warnings that this was a predictable kind of tragedy indeed there's a report in the haaretz newspaper a little while ago suggesting that the state comptroller in both 20082011 had talked about the lack of suitable facilities the way that things had been constructed without proper local authority oversight and commission but
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essentially things are just been left to run themselves and that in turn becomes an issue between the secular state government and the religious ultra-orthodox more thorazine as we've already seen a real faceoff between them during the covert period the pandemic in the restrictions that were attempted to be imposed on them on behavior and were quite often flouted especially within the ultra orthodox community this could well be another instance where that debate is raised again because it seems that to some extent state or thora t. ends when you get to these sorts of mass. ultra-orthodox events of course until then a very stunned orthodox community is not preparing for funerals one assumes. indeed you can't but by talking about the politics and the difficult nature of of some of those topics you can't step away from the human tragedy that unfolded here during
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the course of the night the president reagan rivlin has lit it 45 candles the king of jordan abdullah has spoken summits of mr rivlin as well offering his condolences for what took place and more personally there are people here and indeed in lots of places around israel who are mourning who had been seeking loved ones on social media some of them getting good news some getting bad news 8 funerals we understand are going to take place in the next few hours but there are many other bodies still yet to be identified and so this will be a a long process a grieving and of burying the dead for such a moment thanks very much let's join the guild hoffman now he's the chief political correspondent of the jerusalem post joins me now from west jerusalem could tell you with us again on the program mr hoffman i mean was this an accident waiting to happen i mean just on the information that we have in terms of the volume of people
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the space available and this being an annual event. for your people the crowd and what do you. think that it was a miracle that of. that horrible bar of that a cleaner than that there are only what a barrier is what the right of the barrier that harder. even our. we were often given the impression perhaps that the also talks jewish community is lowered to itself it doesn't listen to the authorities big government or police it sets its own rules within israel as to how it wants to behave it's not a fair assessment that if they had included the authorities in this event the authorities might have spotted areas the could have saved lives there is now an. independent mind. that when they have.
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been. where there are large all orthodox well. they are important though is a political group to prime minister netanyahu to does need them and they do have space within government right now how important are they as a grouping. they are providing the balance of power. or 2 years and get rid of the. possible now we have a minority government being formed in the process nor. could be a majority government or. whether that.
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well. force to be reckoned with now. what's the lesson then to be learned of this incident right now and what's the lesson that the also talks community have to appreciate if that's the right phrasing at this moment in time considering 45 of the brethren have met an untimely death. perhaps realize more cooperate more. for. getting out or. bouncing off the whole. there are those. whose man. came. he saw the over. the for the disaster. very close to.
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actually. killed off and always good to get your insight thanks for joining us from west jerusalem. now corona virus infections across india have reached another record high with more than 386000 new cases and nearly 3500 deaths reported the preparations are now underway to vaccinate all idols above 18 starting on saturday but it's unclear how the government plans to inoculate an extra 600000000 eligible people when there's a shortage of jobs in mumbai inoculations sentence have been shut for 3 days health ministers from several hard hit hard hit states pardon me including the company reach and warned that they have no doses left. and so for now i would it help get a lot of doctors into. these many other condition but it is not vets in
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the us we do not have vaccines for adults right now we've requested the companies for the vaccines amazing the order has been issued 2 racks in it are not already dean but we had enabled to get vaccines even when we had it into practice that the vaccines are not available. india's military is sending its medical staff to state governments the public can also seek treatment hospitals now 40 countries have pledged to send emergency aid the 1st u.s. shipment right on friday it includes hundreds of oxygen cylinders and regulators the white house said it's sending $100000000.00 worth of supplies but not all can afford to wait within hospitals turning many patients away bed spaces are also running out scenes of people queuing up to buy medical oxygen for their sick loved ones have become a common sight there are 5 or 7 years along my brother died because of the lack of oxygen in the hospital we brought him here on the 20th we were told that he's doing
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fine around 4 or 5 in the morning his wife served them and at 6 they told us your patient is no more likely to point out when i reached the ward my father's dead body was just lying there were not asked what happened no one told us anything and later on his books the nurse she told me they had ran out of oxygen in the morning elizabeth wrote them sent us this update from the capital new delhi. we are outside an oxygen supply in new delhi where people whose relatives are sick have been lining up for hours in the hopes of buying the life saving gas one man has been waiting here for more than 12 hours another for more than 7 hours they are here because all of the capital's hospitals are full and many have a pretty good oxygen people are still dying here because there aren't enough beds and there isn't enough oxygen and that is why the international aid that survive is so very important the 1st or the $100000000.00 worth of aid from the u.s.
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touchdown in new delhi on friday the military plane was carrying everything from oxygen cylinders the hospital equipment a 1000000 doses of rapid tests 40 countries have been sending hundreds of oxygen generation thousands of oxygen concentrator. the u.s. is also sending hundreds of thousands of dozens of vaccines. and the raw materials needed to manufacture vaccines that says many states in india including the capital delhi including the worst affected maharashtra say they don't have enough doses to expand the vaccination program that's due to happen on saturday where all adults will be eligible to get a vaccine but there aren't enough in the country risen to struggles with its cover 19 crisis it's been false to hold its global vaccine exports china is not taking all the responsibility and using it to push for regional influence over its rival adrian brown has more from hong kong. overwhelmed by the covert pandemic it's easy
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to forget that india's also one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of vaccines that have been protecting people from the virus elsewhere but as a covert crisis worsens those exports are being curbed creating a void that experts say is now being filled by china india's arch rival at a video conference this week china's foreign minister wang ye told his south asian counterparts that beijing was ready to help in any way it could a spokesman making clear this was a long term commitment strong party don't be injured this includes opening our door for the participation of south asian countries including india we will also make positive efforts to help the relevant regional countries in their fight against the pandemic for the region india though was not represented at the virtual conference a reflection of recent violent border skirmishes between chinese and indian troops john burns wrote a case study for
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a new book called coronavirus politics and says china's only acting out of self interest it can be dressed up however you want but making the world safe for dictators that's what it's all that's ok that's the goal absolute and china is playing it well. the danger now is the virus spreads rapidly to nearby countries it is clear from state controlled media that china's leaders are watching developments in india very closely because china shares a border not just with india but also with 3 other countries where infection rates are rising pakistan afghanistan and nepal and there was a wake up call here in hong kong just a few weeks ago when a flight arrived from new delhi with more than 50 passengers on board who tested positive for covert 90 china unlike russia the united states and india has been selling or donating its vaccines to countries around the world giving rise to the
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term vaccine diplomacy in pakistan china's already taken a leading role in supplying millions of its jabs with more expected this week. one of more than 50 countries says china's government who've received their vaccines for free adrian brown al jazeera hong kong well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including we look at why the survival of thousands of elephants is being threatened by an avocado farm in kenya and thousands of people in me about prepare to flee to thailand as fighting between the military and separatists escalates. the jacksonville jaguars so like travelers. and it's the best u.s. college football is find out what they'll be starting their professional careers.
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stones as a cease fire along its border with stanley is largely holding despite a renewal of gun fire early on friday about 40 people were killed and almost 200 others injured on thursday in some of the heaviest fighting between the 2 countries in years alexia bryan explains. i was like this is what a ceasefire sounds like on the border between tajikistan and. the video was shared by local media on friday morning hours after both sides had agreed to stop fighting was. the violence broke out at a water reservoir that both countries claim as their own each side accusing the other of firing 1st. their skirmishes here every few months as communities argue either access to land and more casual resources. but majoring gages by government troops are rare this is the worst fighting in years this is one
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of the last undefined frontiers in the post soviet region in central asia when you look at this part of the map this is the there are gonna valley where it was back a standard you can stand in kyrgyzstan all sort of tangle around one another. it's a very complicated ethnic patchworks of course you know you can't place blame on the fact that there are no clear geographic markers between the borders between the securities and the tajik side so that that's just sort of geographic confusion you could say militias in border checkpoints on the koga side is said to have been set on fire thousands of people have fled the fighting and and now sheltering in schools. through milk kiev is the going to need to launch it here out of the bullets at the moment the shooting has stopped. the ceasefire was brokered on thursday night by the prime ministers have to take a stand and kurdistan the un welcomed the move and urged both sides to continue talking and resolved outstanding issues peacefully. to stand as a closed strongly or thora tarion state and updates from inside and not common.
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but on the kurgan's side of the border they've been released calling for more weapons and soldiers to defend their land from what they say is aggression. dear presidents we have supported you we voted for you and we put our trust in you so please show an equal commitment and respect us. to the border area is a long way from the 2 nations capitals of bush cake and duchesne bay analysts say people living there often feel isolated and ignored by the leaders. fuelling the frequent and sometimes b.s. territorial disputes. brian al-jazeera. russia that jailed kremlin critic alexina valley's organizations are to a list that involves terrorism and extremism the anticorruption foundation has been
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banned in the country earlier in the valley's lawyer was detained possibly supposedly disclosing classified information on 1st in the valley made his 1st court appearance since ending a 3 week hunger strike is currently in prison for breaking parole conditions and 3 of them you mean it's a one off thing i have just been searched lawyers documents representing lawyers secrets have been confiscated practically all the documents on the saffron of case have been confiscated i was against it. but it's with joins me now live from moscow ben what more do we know about the detention of the valley's lawyer. so even pov law for 20 years has defended people involved in some the most sensitive cases in russia involving accusations of treason and espionage and it's extremely unusual for a lawyer even involved in such sensitive cases to be detained in any way now that he's been detained under a rarely used law and he's accused of disclosing this classified information in
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relation to an investigation into one of his clients who we mentioned in that sound bite you just play those journalist called even sovereign off so. pavlov is still being questioned as we understand this afternoon he's been question now for about 4 hours meanwhile yet more bad news for an avowal me and his organization of like a further setback really russia's financial monitoring agency has added novell these regional offices to its list of groups as are involved in terrorism and extremism we know already there's a court case going on against those groups they've already on thursday closed themselves down because they sort of knew this was coming but it is yet another example of the pressure being piled on to the valley and his supporters making it extremely difficult for them to continue operating and it means that really the
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most sort of loudest critic of president vladimir putin he's avenues of speaking out against putin are very very slowly or quickly now and surely being closed down with the last defense of the of the. now there are warnings a famine is looming in southern madagascar after years of drought and sandstorms the world food program says some people have been forced to eat locusts and leaves the organizations and there he has described seeing horrific images of starving or malnourished families during his visit he says the scale of the catastrophe is beyond belief well the un's food agency says about 750000 people don't know where their next meal is coming from last year in one of the worst hit areas it found 3 out of 4 children were missing school mostly to help their parents forage for food they want $75000000.00 to cover the emergency in the next few months or more this
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let's join shelley takraw she is spokeswoman for the united nations world food program joins me now from johannesburg good to have you with us on the program it seems the catastrophe is actually in the making and has already begun. that's right i mean people are on the edge. we have seen images of just going to bone. of small children children if you looked at them you think that they were 2 or 3 years old and they're perhaps 10 years old adults are the same so that that that lightning of hair the patootie belly. it's really worrying. we've also seen sites of mothers who are who are selling cooking pots utensils and that sign is is incredibly worrying when you think you know we're already half rations for the world program like you said
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they're foraging and eating a pond we just whatever they can find locusts and it's due to asian it's incredible i remember we covered this story just maybe the back end of last year we highlighted what was happening when and why hasn't the world responded or. what black cluster response has there been from the international community to any appeal that you may have made. the situation in madagascar has just been declining since last year when the alarm bell rang what we call the lean season which is that window between planting and harvesting and we've started to sort of build the awareness and to to really get the world to take notice. operationally even even getting cargo to madagascar is. it's a small island off of southern africa and at the moment the countries in the middle
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of a lockdown so there are very few flights as one flight. into madagascar and it's very tough to even get humanitarian workers into the country so we need resources we need resources yesterday we need to return resources into food the world is absolutely suffering from coded 100 percent you know we know that but i think the domino effect in madagascar is that because of consecutive drought where sandstorms have completely and continued harvests they've never had you know they haven't had a decent rainfall in years and this will have a massive effect in 2021 on children on mothers and on banning so beautiful community can help you and the people of other. from the un's world food program joining us.
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there's been persistent rain in some of the states the us recently in missouri for example where the big river is even bigger than normal with trees running down it and significant sun storms on the same system for used not golf ball even tennis balls but hey we're the same side damaging weather down in texas and there's a system with a big thunderstorm shown by the flashes of lightning and here it is it lies at the moment but it's not going anywhere as if anything go to sit over texas if you're in texas expect flooding expect more hail expect quite a lot of sun reactivity and there's always in the northeast has been fairly cold recently toronto went down to 8 degrees or below 0 now slowly rising that cold cold is warming as you can see and the rain event she starts to go east from texas but that takes until probably late on sunday a significant rain has fallen in parts of mexico mexico city itself there was hail and flooding rain and that's the trend so extending from texas you have got this
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potential for the storms rolling the eastern side of mexico in size america yes there's a potential for some pretty big showers record or northward but again for most of brazil or down towards patagonia the sun is out in porto alegre. well still ahead here on al-jazeera u.s. president joe biden hits the road to promote his ambitious plan to rebuild the economy as he marks 100 days in office and in sport new doubts about whether fans will be allowed to even attend the tokyo lympics car we'll have that story in sports so do stay with us. one 3rd of all the food produced is wasted with tens of thousands of put out that tower in south korea has been transformed from what's the founder if the global leader in for recycling either reporting on how new technology is making this
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possible. in kenya i mean the farm must and sunday's what he had looted in the soil the livelihoods depend on. a new place a phrase just. a series of special events is being planned to mark 100 years since the creation of northern oil but gregg's it has renewed old tensions and put irish reunification back on the agenda al-jazeera will be reporting from both sides of the border in this milestone moment for irish politics. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. oh oh warm.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news hour with me as a whole rama reminder of our top stories israel's prime minister has promised an investigation after at least 45 people were killed in a stampede at a religious. festival it happened at mt medaled where up 220-0000 ultra orthodox jews had gathered several indian states say they've already run out of credit hours jobs a day before the country starts is that the nation drive for all adults above the age of 18 new infections across india have reached a new high with 396000 cases reported in the past 24 hours to get stern says a cease fire along its border with that you can stand is largely holding despite a renewal of gunfire earlier on friday about 40 people were killed on thursday after violence flared in the disputed access to land and resources.
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military center stepping up attacks on rebel strongholds as opposition to its takeover moves from anti coup streets protesters to battles in the semi autonomous ethnic regions and rebels have been targeting me and army positions scott hines are explains the history of the minority ethnic groups and their role in the movement against the giant. no one is questioning that ceasefire agreement and peace talks between the me and army and some of the major armed ethnic groups are now either positive or outright dead. about a dozen rebel groups have announced their support for the antic you uprising on the streets some even protecting protesters from security forces as the crackdown became more violent there are nearly 2 dozen armed ethnic groups mostly in the borderlands that for decades have been fighting the myanmar military for greater autonomy. some feel that while each of the ethnic armies has their own objectives the current situation could draw them together as they coordinate against the
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military it might be a short lived loose alliance though as there are many rivalries and individual agreements between them. but there's a new element the urban based protesters mostly from the majority but maher ethnicity who are now banding together with the minority communities. and in some cases as this video appears to show young protesters have gone from street protesting to joining rebel army camps in the jungle to train as fighters but what is new now is this is the people. that they understand the plight of the ethnic. why do you fight for i am not fighting for you whiting a country but fighting full autonomous and. democratic government system some of the rebel army see the current crisis as an opportunity to step up attacks on army positions like one of the strongest the k n u a group representing the korean minority in its territory near the border with thailand. earlier in the week its fighters attacked and captured an army outpost
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along the river border. the military has stepped up air attacks on korean held territory injuring civilians and sending many fleeing for safety. in the north kitchen rebels have also increased their attacks on the army and like the korean they have also faced an increase in air assault. even if all the estimated $75000.00 rebels band together they'd still be facing a $350000.00 strong army despite being outnumbered it's thought that if the pace of urban unrest continues and the rebels step up their attacks it could stretch the army something that the newly formed unity government of ousted politicians and ethnic leaders hopes to do by creating a federal army scott hodler al-jazeera. you know the large majority of female journalists experience harassment threats and abuse while doing their jobs surveyed nearly a 1000 journalists from old 125 countries and found nearly 3 quarters of them had experienced online abuse 25 percent said they'd been physically threatened you know
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. black indigenous jewish and arab female journalist experienced both the highest rates and the most the impacts of online violence or correspond to the morgan is in sudan's capital khartoum she says she regularly experiences online abuse and threats as a result of her reporting when i covered the south sudan conflict in 20152016 as well as covering the conflict by talking to refugees basically in both context rape and sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war and because i'm not in those areas when reporting on the report comes out i'm usually out of the areas which is affected by conflict the people who are basically attacking me on my own they don't have the capacity to attack me in person so i see an increase of of of sexual violence threats of threats of some comments such as you know being a female you should know you would not know better if this was somebody else
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reporting and sometimes even with a certain type of i would say racial comments online racially charged comments online saying that because you're an african you would not know how to report this or probably english person or a westerner would know how to do better so there's these kinds of comments that you get that shakes your confidence and when you go back home you tend to reflect on the stories wondering if you could have done better if there was something different that you could have done to a story that would make ultimately reduce the amount of online abuse that we get and at the end of the day the stories out there and it's people's stories that we tell and not everybody will be happy but still it does affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. well i'm a canela as unesco's chief the freedom of expression and the safety of journalists he says they'll learn violence and harassment can have a serious impact on mental health a significant amount of the journalists surveyed almost one 3rd mentioned was that they had mental house impacts after days attacks these threats
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these happens in different ways post traumatic stress etc so this is one important impact but another important impact is that almost also one 3rd of the journalists surveyed nation too was that they decided to self censored at their south themselves after those attacks so as you can notice here is has a door will impact in freedom of expression because there is an impact of the you know on the individual freedom of expression of those women journalists being attacked but our so has an impact on the collective freedom of expression of own of all their readers listeners etc because they decided to do so to self-censorship themselves due to these 2 deceit to a shoe so indeed the consequences for it is for the public's fear for reporting the wrong doing it set again being highly determined.
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u.s. president joe biden has held a drive and rally in the state of georgia to mark his 100th day in office reflecting on his address to congress on thursday he talked of what his administration had achieved so far he also repeated his promises to invest trillions of dollars in job's infrastructure and education. it's only about 100 days but i have to tell you i've never been more optimistic about the future in america america is on the move again we're choosing hope over fair truth over lies light over darkness paperwork where work again we're dreaming again were discovered again we're live in the world again at your proving democracy could deliver for the people well the bidens 1st executive orders up to taking office included reversing several of donald trump's immigration policies but the problems on the southern
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border have persisted under the new administration to home and we'll have more from tijuana shortly but 1st how the account straight reports from near the cullen in texas. managing the u.s. southern border has been among the biggest challenges president biden has faced in his 1st $100.00 days and critics are quick to claim that he has so far failed last month u.s. agents took more than 170000 people into custody after they crossed the border that is the highest number in nearly 2 decades why is this happening in campaign on a more welcoming tone toward immigrants than on his 1st day in office he signed a slew of executive actions undoing some of the harsh immigration policies set by his predecessor donald trump waves of migrants have followed many traveling in families or children traveling alone shelters ran out of space children were made to sleep on floors democrats called the administration's response inhumane and
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republicans raged at the numbers the latest figures show early signs of plaid telling but the coming summer is when people tend to cross the most meanwhile only 29 percent of americans approve of the way biden has handled the border easily his poorest polling issue. we're getting inside the city of cheap water and actually works right next to the border crossing point with the united states and the reason that this tank compass is significant formed around mid february the cruise president biden has actually changed the policy from his predecessor president from what president from had said is that if you're asking for asylum in the united states then you need to wait for that process to play out in mexico even if you're from another country salvador a lot of people then were left just waiting for a year or more through that process now president biden has said you can wait for your asylum process to play out actually within the united states so these people
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have started to form because they're waiting to be let in for that process to take place for them to wait in the united states and this closely being processed and let. now people in type one or some of them are calling it the biden effect the fact that a president who is seen as more compassionate and empathetic towards people who are migrating from central america is actually perhaps increasing the flow of migration to the united states now where are these people coming from in this camp those people from honduras guatemala and central america they were buffeted by 2 massive storms late last year already suffering poverty because of the pandemic and the impact of misgovernance their violence from different gangs there's also actually a lot of people in this camp from the state of michoacan in southwest mexico they a fleeing an absolute turf war there between different criminal organizations that the government hasn't been willing or hasn't been able to prevent people from
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a lot of different places here that are fleeing some desperate situations and that are hoping that under this government they'll be given a more of a chance to be allowed into the us. regulators are accusing the u.s. tech giant apple of adopting anti competitive practices siding with swedish audio streaming firms spotify in a case that could cost the i phone maker as much as $27000000000.00 spotify has complained that apple unfairly stops i phone users from downloading music streaming ups other than its own apple music says an assistant professor at the university of 20 and a technology ethicist he joins me now from ns a kid a in the netherlands good to have you with us on the program sir apple has been charged by the e.u. of breaking you competition rules policies when it comes to sort of hosting other rivals in the stall being competitive in your view. yeah i think any time
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you act as a platform and as a product seller yourself there's going to be issues with cards the competition and they obviously advantage apple has to be able to push their own products google has had this problem amazon as of this problem so this isn't apple alone and clearly needs to be determined how to address this question of how you can be both. a marketplace for other products and yourself selling a product i mean all the consumers across europe getting the best deal when it comes to choice or has the e.u. and indeed spotify for that matter got a point when it claims that apple is stifling innovation yeah i think it's again one of these issues where from apple's perspective you know you don't you don't have to go through them there are other options and spotify is prospective of course the question is well what do people actually do it's not just about what
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options are available but how people actually go through the app store and how they're going to be directed through there so even if other options do exist it's not really you know reflective of how user is how customers actually relate to the technologies that they're related to and that's of course what really has to be driving our ethical and political concerns as what people actually do not just what exists so how would you think apple will be by they said they might sort of adjust that policies and practices. yeah i'm sure that apple will find some sort of patchwork way to to conform as necessary while peeling as much as possible with their army of lawyers at their disposal so i think you know this is this is obviously going to be a long term process and even if they do have to pay a penalty you know that's just going to be the cost of business rather than something that actually forces them to rethink their business we talked about
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google we talked about amazon having the same problem it's going to be more cases like this yeah i think this is the problem of you know building marketplaces and then having to try to respond retroactively to these kinds of concerns instead of building the minutes from the beginning so you try to exploit your advantages as much as possible for as long as possible until you are brought to court and then you you know appeal and delay but again it's a question of you know what what are the users do other than just watch these titans battle each other interesting times that me from following get sent so much for joining us from and sucheta thank you thank you for the full problem the hong kong pro-democracy activists including joshua wong have pleaded guilty to taking part in an illegal assembly to commemorate the 1989 tenement square massacre police
4:45 pm
banned the annual vigil for the 1st time in 3 decades last term citing front of obvious restrictions but tens of thousands still turned up in what was a largely peaceful event one is already behind bars for organizing other legal rallies of south korea not to us to send giant balloons coming half a 1000000 propaganda leaflets across the border to north korea the flyers condemned the government headed by kim jong un park assange risks up to 3 years in prison for the move which is considered a criminal offense critics accuse so of sacrificing freedom of expression in an effort to improve ties with pyongyang. what bryant has more from seoul the group responsible for this launch say they released a total of 10 large balloons from 2 locations close to the d.m.z. separating north and south korea carrying they say up to hearth a 1000000 leaflets condemning north korea and describing the leader kim jong un as a nuclear lunatic now these launches always enraged north korea who described the
4:46 pm
defectors who released these leaflets as human scum and holding the south korean government responsible for their actions in fact it was a similar releases last summer which led to north korea cutting off a communications with the south going as far as destroying a liaison office that had been set up to try to establish better relations the south korean government conscious of how north korea responds has taken measures to try to prevent these actions by these defectors going as far as passing a law last december that now makes it illegal act to release these leaflets punishable by up to 3 years in prison that in turn has been criticized by defectors who say it infringes on their rights of free speech here in south korea the south korean government says after this latest launch it will be taking appropriate action has been widespread concern about japan's decision to release contaminated water from its nuclear plant into the sea hundreds of fishermen from across south
4:47 pm
korea of staged protests they fear the threat of contamination will have a huge impact on their industry and their livelihoods. a community of messiah herders in kenya is fighting to protect its grazing land and livelihoods from an agricultural company conservationists fear plans to build a potentially lucrative avocado farm would be disastrous for elephants and wildlife tourism welcome where reports from near the town of commander. to thousands of years people have been herding livestock on the plains around mount kilimanjaro and they've been teeming with wildlife for even longer. tourists come here to see it. in any guides them when he's not with his cows his community of messiah herders agreed with the government this area should be reserved for open grazing and wildlife and so he's alarmed that some of it's been fenced off for
4:48 pm
farming crops you know we move from place to another so that. we see very different things stopping just long. the land available for nomadic grazing here in kenya has been shrinking ever since colonialism the farmers a fenced off just under a square kilometer of land conservationists say it's followed a series of irregular decisions by the relevant or thorough cities and they say many more investors are waiting to see if this farm will be allowed to continue and if it is say many more tracks of land will be fenced off and that will be devastating for the herders and for the wildlife. within the fence a company called killie are very fresh plans to grow for cargoes for export and other crops it belongs to some agricultural investors from the capital nairobi 200 kilometers away it's not up to the farm manager jerry myself who's from this area
4:49 pm
also owns some shares. which is very bright as you can see which was assigned us agricultural land now these are not like you have. been that long with the activity of other. people how to transform themselves from their tradition of life to modern life. danielle if somebody says the land here isn't idle you work for a conservation group he says thousands of tourism jobs depend on the wildlife and the survival of about 2000 fans here depends on a code or the green area connecting to wildlife preserves the blue lines show their tracks and the farm sits in the middle of them it's not the 1st farm here but he says it'll open the floodgates to many more it's interfering with the whole system because you know the community. might collapse their families in their own place because they are disadvantaged areas where you can do fine without interfering with
4:50 pm
their land use and environmental tribunals would it kill you have a to stop the farm. says it's papers are in order and it's appealing the decision many of kenya's 13000000 herders a poorer than those living in farming communities towns and cities. says if they lose the last of their pastures they'll lose everything malcolm webb al-jazeera came on i can yeah. well still ahead here on al-jazeera in sport we'll find out what big this premier league football is doing to fight back against online discrimination that story after the break.
4:51 pm
the all.
4:52 pm
but but top sport the historic so how thank you so much of a ball clubs and players in the u.k. are about to begin a 4 day boycott of social media it's part of an effort to fight back against online abuse after football announced its plans last week other sports in the country including cricket rugby and tennis i'm joined in football. european and world governing bodies are also backing the boycott players want social media companies to do more to stop discriminatory views being sent or seeing and many of those involved have just posted this message english football is coming together with other organizations and sports to boycott social media and demand change are asking for significant action to bring an end to the vile discriminatory abuse players and many others have to endure. we've been speaking to at lean john of the english
4:53 pm
football association about the global support the campaign has received. it's not that we all say that social media as a mechanism in and of itself is bad what we are sighing is that there are not enough safety margin says not enough monitoring not enough in force men on social media platforms at the moment and that is why there is this horrible culture of the b.s. that is taking place day in day out without any consequences for many individuals all over the world you know the abuse isn't coming you know just from fans will by stealing them what you will be abuse is coming from across the globe for individuals some of him how much he no involvement or passion or following behind the school and not because you can stay home in a completely different part of the wall type whatever you want online and actually delete your account and face the consequences and go about your day and for all individuals who are receiving abuse in the victims be that a female players be that racist and semitism homophobia or indeed any other type of
4:54 pm
discriminate. that stays with you beyond that moment and impacts you 5 many friends and nice around you and we cannot sit back and allow this to continue to happen and that's why for us as the english governing body and indeed as a collective of the sport more widely we really needed to use of voices today and call on others to support us so we are calling on fans other organizations to get behind us to join us in this hall and to make your voices heard because this online discriminate tributes must stop the boycott also has the backing of formula one world champion lewis hamilton his preparing for the portugal grand prix. social media platforms do need to do more in order to combat this and so i'm fully supportive of the initiative. and. if it means help with me also doing it helps. put pressure on those platforms in order to help fight against it and we sure hope to do so. manchester united have taken
4:55 pm
a huge step towards the final the europa league they fought back from 21 down to thrash italian side roma 6 chewin the semifinal 1st leg over nando's and edson kabbani scored 2 and given the set of the school for mason greenwood united with a 4 goal advantage heading into the 2nd leg of the other semifinal is a lot closer villareal date arsenal 21 in the 1st leg the spanish side are led by head coach and i am reid who was sacked by arsenal a year and a half ago but the primary league side will have a home at that age in the 2nd like barcelona have suffered a blow in the race for the spanish league title it would have gone top with a win over granada but they drew away at a one nil lead and ended up losing $21.00 at home and to make it worse their head coach ronald koeman was also sent off larsson remain 3rd 2 points behind leaders athletic and mature it. the head of world athletics says doubts remain as to
4:56 pm
whether fans will be able to attend the tokyo olympics international fans have already been banned from going to the games which are due to start in july that like isn't being allowed to watch the next 2 legs of the torch relay due to the risk of coping 19 spreading says athletes have now adapted to competing and it's. given that there is still a question about whether there will be crowds in the tokyo. stadium that at least they have now got used to the concept of competing and competing at an incredibly high level because there's been no diminution in the quality of the performances but that they have now got psychologically used to competing without crowds what about balls biggest stars is hoping injury doesn't deal rail his season yes and he took on a twisted his ankle during his latest game for the milwaukee bucks why stay in the n.b.a.'s most valuable player is
4:57 pm
a need to lead his team to the finals for the 1st time since 1974 and the greeks absence the bucs went on to lose this game against the houston rockets. and college quarterback trevor lawrence has found out where he'll be playing football next season. the jacksonville jaguars select travel. the 21 year old was the 1st overall pick at the n.f.l. draft the draft is for college players heading into the program and the team with the worst record from the previous season gets 1st choice the top 3 picks were all quarterbacks the knot's not happened in more than 2 decades. so i want to earn the respect that of everyone around me team that's. not really explain my expecting for anyone to. want to come with their earth and the right to leave so that's that's what i'm going to do. with the work and what. ok and that is all your support for now for helping story much for and of course you can follow all of those stories on our website is there
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