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a hopeless situation in india a wreck or daily death toll with those side of alaska as the coronavirus wave continues to sweep the nation. i know i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the u.s. troop withdrawal finally begins but not fast enough for taliban leaders. may day is marked with violence in colombia as protesters take to the streets of the capital
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venting anger over tax reforms and. 100 years ago was the birth of northern ireland for some said tina is a cause for celebration but not in dublin the capital of the irish republic they say it is a disaster i'm andrew symonds and i'll be explaining why. india's coronavirus crisis continues to spiral out of control a record 3700 people died in the past 24 hours according to indian media and there were 392000 new cases the government is desperate to expand its vaccination program but it's struggling to meet demand people are turning up to get the job only to find that there are no doses left let's go live now to new delhi al jazeera as elizabeth for autumn bring us up to speed with the latest in this both. india is
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one of the world's leading producer and kobe bryant one is the social to. hello adrian a number of reasons it's because the government didn't ramp up production didn't have moved on the cynical companies joining the vaccine dr in the few months of the start of the year when the numbers the very you know it's also because india exported around 65000000 doses of the vaccine again when the numbers were very low that was the biggest contributor to the un's kovacs program and ship 65000000 doses overseas before realising that it had a shortage at all and so now it's in a situation where it's having to try and ramp up production now as quickly as possible as well as receiving vaccines from overseas the russian mates nick the vaccine arrived in india on saturday but india is seeing not just a shortage of vaccines but everything from health care workers to oxygen equipment
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and medicines international aid continues to arrive the nations from france and belgium on sunday promised that in the more he is holding a review me saying on sunday morning. about these shortages and as he's doing that i mean that follows what happened on saturday more than 10 days after the delhi government 1st raised the alarm about the critical shortage of oxygen and tens of people that we know all dying when their oxygen ran out last week tens of coronavirus patients who were on oxygen support again on saturday we had another hospital in new delhi saying they lost 12 of their patients for that reason including one of their senior doctors. state elections went ahead despite this wave of corona virus infections in fact campaigning for those elections is being blamed for the the amount of cases that have taken off recently what's happening with
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counting in those elections. will vote counting is taking place in 5 states in the states the west bank. and put the cherry for candidates have died in the state of west bengal from the virus now these elections. the party of prime minister in that in the more do they vote at the age of the party would be j.p. put everything into these elections over the few months off this year because they saw them as crucial to gaining a foothold in regions where they are not where they haven't been popular in the past and especially in the state of west bengal they have been criticized for allowing such large political events rallies to go ahead the election commission itself has been criticized a high court in the southern city of chennai said the election commission was single handedly responsible for the surge in cases the w.h.o.
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the world health organization said the large events were one of the reasons for the surge in cases and also said another reason for the multiple variants that have been circulating in india and we have a group of scientists who've been appointed by the government who have come out and said that they want the government about these variances early as march of the start of march and yet the government went ahead with all of these large gatherings of zeros elizabeth pruitt i'm reporting live from new delhi liz many thanks dude. is the founder of the helping her foundation a charity working with the most vulnerable people in the city of hydrabad he says that hospitals everywhere are breaking point. they add about 58 to 6 that it should be nor do tend to deviate i live in had about these hospital odds on being 2 before you get back to the day out of managing to get the oxidants up lies
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from other states and from your different sources they're managing to beat the patients in whatever capacity they have by the moment these hospitals are also on and put the boot od in need of oxygen on or getting offices in the form of a developing the symptoms of a b. and b. such a great 'd thing and in the hospital too likely said mark to me and learn but also in but i would toss with the long queue was that a long waiting list of people the more getting beds and in the process boards who out of could take the gun dish and. so you're finding people being but are dead too many hospitals every day day in and day out in many households a number of people within the family effect that getting infected so doctors is
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actually leading to a lot of problems. in all patients in hospitals some people out in the suffering the toll so they don't have anybody to take care of the lot sites that is a very common back and just see in many households because several people live in one house i think and when somebody dies. of the day don't have anybody to go and do all the formalities that you have and the body and all 3 missions. a 3 week and occupation campaign is underway in syria's region it's the last rebel held area in the country people began getting their coded 19 vaccines after a delivery of nearly 54000 astra zeneca jabs there's been a surge of new infections that more than 640 people have died from covert by 19 in the province a move in 21000 cases have been reported. with its health care system damaged by wards not clear how accurate those numbers off instead of. our main goal here
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in an old western city is to vaccinate 850000 people until the 1st batch of vaccines we've received is only 53000 doses so in the 1st round when vaccinating people working in the health sector and humanitarian sector as they're the front line is in facing a pandemic that may 1st was the day that u.s. troops were supposed to be out of afghanistan and the deal the trumpet ministration reached with the taliban instead it's become the day that the us formally begins its withdrawal on the president biden the commander of foreign forces in afghanistan has warned that it would be a mistake for armed groups to attack the troops who are still there. a return to violence would be one senseless and tragic but make no mistake we have the murder turn means to respond forcefully. to any type of attacks against the coalition in the military means sport the afghan security forces that would be a mistake taliban spokesman told 00 that all foreign troops must leave immediately
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we have not been a step in the. second person that he is who are going in. the city so that's 3 things here and the law is not really work for us as well if you are so they are. legally i missed it but that's it getting there and also events that let me just get the equipment that they did not to. tell you what they had to make the commitment about supro not all that decision in sending out water on a letter ship was very spotty and creature that would be implemented we thought of breaking the of the things that i was a 0 sum a binge of aid has been following the ongoing peace negotiations here in doha.
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there is little progress on the ground you've seen the attacks spiking you've seen the scathing criticism coming from the afghan government and if statements are anything to go by you heard the taliban spokesman there talk about investigating the logar attack which in which civilians were killed and you heard from the afghan president saying that the taliban were responsible so it is going to be a continuation of competing narratives in a very divided space in a going to stand as u.s. forces prepare to leave their formal drawl has begun from me the 1st in a cording to the u.s. president will be completed by september the 11th and this is this remains to be the sticking point the taliban saying that because they signed an agreement and committed that they will withdraw by me the 1st and the other side saying that the taliban has not really shawn enough progress in severing ties building bringing down the level of violence and negotiating in good faith with the afghan government
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and there's a lot of frustration doing the rounds not just on part of the afghan government but other officials as well who have been trying to tone down the taliban's rhetoric in saying that you are a party to the conflict in the sun is not going to look like what it did 20 years ago violence against afghans is escalated in recent months with security forces and many civilians targets in on friday a powerful car bomb killed at least 24 people in the eastern province no group has claimed responsibility for controversy reports now from kabul. afghanistan it's a circle with no end body after body lying next to each other this time the victims of the powerful tried bomb many were high school students staying in a dormitory nearby several buildings collapsed in the blast trapping dozens of people but. i treated my own family members wounded in the incident and we spent the night in my neighbor's house i don't know when this country will be peaceful i
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beg everyone for the sake of go. to please stop it. a hospital was severely damaged several of those injured were transferred to kabul and recalled what happened. was at 1st i heard a blast and right after the blast all the windows shattered and i don't know what happened next such actions don't exist. violence is increasing across the country fighting between the taliban and government forces is fierce according to the u.n. more than $500.00 civilians many of them children have been killed in the 1st 3 months of this year blog or car bomb attack comes at a tense moment for again a stand of foreign troop withdrawal is underway and will be completed well after the may 1st deadline stipulated in the doha deal that was signed between the united states and the taliban last year says taliban has warned that a foreign troops stay past that date it will resume attacks against them the
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pentagon and nato are releasing few details about their departure and with america's war coming to an end and a stalled peace process afghans are facing a new and uncertain future for contre free al-jazeera kabul. the latest round of talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal and bring the us back to the table appear to paid some progress in vienna but iran's chief negotiator abbas iraq chases that sanctions on tehran as oil and banking sectors should be lifted based on agreements reached so far he added that the 2 sides were on the same page on some issues but there's still a long way to go if you simply ask them if there is a long list of individuals and companies sanctioned by the u.s. negotiations over the list is still going on there has been agreement that the majority of them are removed from the list but there are others that for various reasons are still on the list and talks on this part are still going on. a weather
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update next here on al-jazeera then we'll look at why welfare groups in the u.k. are demanding that this emergency migrant facility be closed. or unusual whether it's for widespread but rather raby other 2 areas to watch for it all is still quite warm in the levant as well about where they should be and this rather more rain in particular in yemen than you might expect and clad that spreads up through amman as well solarz up to humans 30 degrees little bit too early to see much change in the weather there but we might get some thunderstorms for how the sort sets which is the edge effect of the indian monsoon come got that yet but this is again he's a little bit early but thunderstorms seem likely sunday monday or tuesday and into to be most likely insular and you see the cloud spreading through oman eventually i
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think we'll find thunderstorms popping off in the mountains here as well with a rather hot 40 in dubai staying in the sunshine elsewhere reprints or it's generally find the showers become a bit more extensive through iran that's not a big surprise that's rather more normal this rather not so therefore nothing really changes except the drying process and tuesday further south we're watching the wind turn it's actually quite strong southerly coming out through madagascar close to mozambique and tanzania that's not widespread heavy showers but it's rather continuous damp weather an indication the monsoon is setting up it's about to go north. well if we cannot have palestinian my government was certainly not allow britain to control french palestine would be an actress but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows 100 years ago britain and france made
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a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for centuries to come and so. now we can during the. psych speak of lines in the sand on al-jazeera. and again this is al-jazeera the main news this hour india's coronavirus crisis continues to spiral out of control a record 3700 people died in the past 24 hours according to indian media and there were 392000 new cases. the united states has begun pulling its troops out of
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afghanistan the taliban says that on the premier reached with the trumpet astray they should all be gone by now. the latest round of talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal and bring the u.s. back to the table appear to made some progress in vienna but iran's chief negotiator says that sanctions on tehran spoil a banking sectors need to be lifted. all the island aside to mark its 100th anniversary on monday but the centenary is unlikely to be celebrated south of the border as andrew symonds explains from dr mary mcaleese is unlike any other former irish president she grew up in northern ireland a catholic living in a protestant area in the violent seventy's a family forced to move out at sectarian conflict group. the irish war of independence from britain between 1919 to 921 had led to the partitioning of the
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country and the birth of northern ireland exactly 100 years ago thousands of civilian lives were lost in the interim isn't conflict that followed mary mcaleese is calling on protestants not to mark monday's sent tina ri with triumphalism language that is used is so important to be to use language that that doesn't other the people that you share the island with or your share northern ireland with but language that shows that you're sensitive to their concerns one word the right way can you know it can open people up and it can make them consult them hearts where as one word the wrong way and you can harden hearts some are using the word celebration that is a difficult word and so for very far most of the centenary is that we have been through we haven't used those words we've used the word commemoration we've used softer words we've used words that open up to inclusion and that understand that
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there are some for whom this was a tragedy and not a when some feel it's ironic that the santini comes at a time when irish unity is edging back onto the agenda helped by breck's at the puts an e.u. trade border in the irish sea separating the u.k. mainland from the island protestants fear alienation the government here in dublin sees are as unity as a distant prospect officially at least could it happen sooner rather than later well there's a growing body of opinion that it could do you will never solve the problems of northern ireland by violence the good friday peace agreement recognise something that fighting couldn't achieve a referendum on irish unity dependent on catholics becoming a majority that's likely to be confirmed in a new u.k. census then brit. and besides if there is a referendum this is the birthplace of irish democracy and there's another factor
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briggs it took northern ireland against its will out of the european union so for a lot of center middle ground people a united ireland is the only route back to the european union and the advantages which they enjoyed as european union citizens and many young people in the south support reunification and what their leaders to put more emphasis on the cheating and i think that the planning and preparation for a should be because immediately to mitigate some of the damaging impacts of bragg's it particularly and what we've seen with solar political leaders at the time is putting it on the long finger and pointed to some indiscriminate days in the future but irish history with all of its overwhelming violence may be the biggest obstacle for now on both sides of the divide many feel reconciliation still has some way to go under simmons al-jazeera. the red cross is a monitoring the closure of a former british army camp that houses migrants barracks is meant to be temporary accommodation and human rights groups say that the use of military base is
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psychologically damaging for people living there many of thoughts have been tortured in or trafficked from the countries that they fled to syria is just the whole reports. napier barracks in kent has come to symbolize an asylum system increasingly hostile to asylum seekers we're seeing like as soon as they arrive a serious decline in their mental health and they really desperate they run they're running away. or they have suicidal ideation we've had several we've seen several suicide attempts already in the last few years a former british army facility long disused it's accommodation is rustic the buildings rundown napier has been condemned as filthy and unsuitable by independent specters and while residents are free to come and go many see constant reminders in the barbed wire and barred windows of past trauma. ibrahimi fled religious persecution in iran he communicates with us using
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a translation app on his phone in pain. why i like. myself a soldier in iraq i stated the military barracks in iraq. situation very well the situation is not. our express thanks to. the red cross among others has called for napier to be shot immediately some people might you know torture. and some people might say you know how very badly experience it so living beside. it in the defense and leaving behind a wife is indeed still for in forking off reason like when decisions which is contrary to what they want to come here to to see yet while 2 similar barack sites have closed napier remains open the government says improvements have
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been made since napier was closed down temporarily after a big outbreak of covert 900 in january followed by a fire said to have been started by the residents themselves and you can see the remains of that blaze over there all basic needs are now being met says the government and in fact there are plans to scale back up the numbers of people staying here from around 70 now to more than 300 in the coming week. one former resident who now campaigns for its closure believes snape is growing notoriety works as a deterrent to former residents of napier when i was among them they are keen to take the dangerous journey again and go back to france because the conditions there buring in in the barracks is war stand they were experiencing through their journey so maybe if people in the u.k. i wish to take you case it naturally means that the people who wants to come to
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came maybe are pushed back from it. and that may be precisely the point jonah how al-jazeera at napier barracks in kent. thousands of people enjoying the may day demonstrations across europe despite covert 19 restrictions to social and economic justice and security the pandemic has crippled many of europe's economy is leaving young people concerned about their futures. baka reports. tear gas in paris an all too familiar sight france has made a demonstrations traditionally a show of force by the country's mighty trade unions. a message for the government the power lies not with politicians but with people. this year labor unions who are joined by members of the yellow vest movement that kicked off a wave of anti-government protests 3 years ago. the french president emmanuel
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micron remains under mounting pressure to abandon economic and social reforms as the country reels from 3 crippling coronavirus lock downs for some this was about more than workers' rights. it was a show of rage. on may day the historic gathering to has a global context we keep on having protests and then we protest happen for nothing no one is listening to us but i think it's important to keep coming back. in the british capital hundreds gathered in trafalgar square under the banner kill the bill against a proposal that would give police extra powers to curb protests is fear the changes will have a chilling effect on the rights to demonstrate among the crowds black lives matter supporters and climate change campaigners is still in rebellion he paralyzed parts of london in 2019. under the proposed laws people could face 10 years in prison for defacing monuments and large fines for breaching noise limits.
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state repression in the government saying that we don't want you to come out. and joyce your concerns against the system all these demonstrators are keen to remind the british government is that protests by their very nature or destructive and that any new laws designed to curtail people's rights of assembly damage the country's democracy. in the german capital berlin a peaceful march by protesters on the eve of mayday demanding affordable homes after the constitutional court overturned a law the set of rent kept on apartments in the city 85 percent of berlin is rent rather than own their own home 3 countries 3 different struggles but a common thread these are the faces of europe's young students those struggling to find work others looking for security in a fragile labor market was the scene. as europe starts to emerge
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from lockdown a reminder that many old frustrations haven't gone away and in some cases they've deepened leave barca al-jazeera london. and colombia may day march has coincided with protests against the government's tax reform plans there continues even the president has backed down and ordered the proposal to be. petty reports. this fight raising coby in 1000 infections in the risk of violence tens of thousands of colombian stick to the streets for a 4th straight day on saturday in but with one group gathered at a national park to continue protesting against a controversial tax reform that they say would raise taxes on the middle class at a time of great economic pain among them 28 year old money company this who lost their job during the pandemic dangle me werner and you said quote i still haven't been able to pay my 9 year old son's school tuition because last year has been
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horrible for me tired of not having a decent house system over not having institutions that work in our favor. rising poverty and an employer. and following covered in 1000 restrictions of people increasingly venting their anger in the streets openly defying official pleas to stay home my money it's easy to stay home when you're not hungry but poor head of household women don't have that luxury and have to start filming on the streets to survive that's why we're marching to tell this government we're hungry and we need help was isolated looting vandalism and clashes marked the previous days especially in colombia's 3rd largest city kali where at least 3 people have died allegedly shot by the police but human rights organizations say the real death toll could be much higher on saturday most of the day was peaceful until the police stopped a group of demonstrators. the protesters are now trying to recapture the private
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home of president their band ok which is roughly a couple of blocks up here there's a huge police presence in front of its condominium and as you can see here the police say riot gear is stopping the protesters from moving forward. as protesters tried to move on the police shot tear gas and stun grenades protesters responded herding rocks and burning barricades. the chaos is force president t.-bone ducat to back pedal on the tax reform plans promising to rewrite the bill excluding taxes on basic food items utilities and gasoline that angered protesters but some analysts believe it will not be enough maybe another woman hasn't understood that the political class is not discussing that they think that just we draw in the tax reform is going to be nasty to appease the practice but i've been there when. basically this sort of over station now we need from the small and on
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has to deal with many more issues than the tax reform. once again clashes continued into the evening signaling the protesters will not easily stop i was in the room. for astronauts are on their way back to earth from the international space station that capsule was splashed down in the gulf of mexico off the coast of florida the 1st crew to be brought back from the station by space x. as part of its partnership with nasa once atlantis the company hopes to refurbish the capsule to be used again on future missions. it's good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera india's coronavirus crisis continues to spiral out of control a record 3700 people died in the past 24 hours according to indian media.


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