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dear god by the put the only purpose the fires are still going on with. the way that you cal death story is what can make a difference the end of the yarn the way. india suffers its deadliest day yet from the corona virus pandemic the health care system and the criminal continue to be overwhelmed. by money this is al jazeera life and also coming up colombia's president with stores his tax reform plan after days of protests.
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and experiments and living with covert music sounds dance of the you came easy accessible but they had to test negative to get. india has suffered its deadliest day yet of the pandemic almost 3700 people lost their lives or close to 400000 new cases prime minister narendra modi have tried to keep the country open as a campaign and recent elections well that policy appears to have partially backfired as his party failed to win power in the key states india correspondent elizabeth prada reports now from new delhi. supporters of west bengal's governing trinamool congress party the t.n.c. celebrating victory in the capital kolkata that's despite the election commission banning all celebrations because of india's high number of cars on
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a virus cases. that supporters said they wanted to mark a month about a g.'s reelection for 3rd term as chief minister. from a hard we have good wishes from above energy and that is why we are celebrating we already knew that b m c would have been because the development has been done by the n.t. not anyone melt all year the left was in power but they did not bring. 175000000 people who are eligible to vote in the states off west bengal. and put a cherry politicians including prime minister met in the modi have been criticised for holding large election rallies during a 2nd wave of coronavirus the world health organization said such gatherings are one of the reasons for india's surge in cases for candidates a giant in west bengal after contracting car that 90. political analysts say the government focused on winning elections instead of preparing for the latest search
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the central government was wholly unprepared. on february 21st. not their national exam i covered that so i know all they passed a political resolution the b j p saying jamie the prime minister and i know what he did and they were all. these are just claims about how we can get unity is so strong if you're not like that the best work we're going to. india is now the line on international aid as it's hospitals are struggling but shortages of beds oxygen equipment and medicines prime minister met in the morning held a meeting with health experts about the shorter just not just of beds and supplies but also health care workers that says reports emerge from rural areas of people dying as lifesaving equipment including ventilators and lying and used without the doctors who have the expertise to use them elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi.
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spittles have buckled on the pressure of numbers desperately needed oxygen is beginning to arrive from countries including the u.k. and france but it's still not enough many people have died at home and in hospital because of the shortage maybe 10 indian states and territories have imposed restrictions of movement in response to the surge but the government has yet to order a national lockdown now there warnings that africa could face a similar emergency cases surge like india there's a lack of hospital beds oxygen ventilators in many countries doctor may soon to have code director the sudan covered 19 research group she says the situation in africa is grave. from one period of time before culbut our deaths have been largely invisible except when you're experiencing them they are not invisible to my colleagues in sudan who are part of a wide network of useful tears going out to try to measure the impact of mortality
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in their communities they tell a very different story my colleague monastic who is 22 year old nurse speaks of daily professions daily daily prison processions of puna rolls of it feeling like this is nothing like she's ever experienced before and sometimes it's hard for her to wonder whether this doesn't almost seem like the end of her world ever at least for a world as she knew it so i think it is difficult when you are not living that reality to not believe the official figures but time and time again the official figures have been proven wrong and i think it is time to dismantle this notion that those official figures represent the reality of people on the ground we speak daily with friends and colleagues who are moving from hospital to hospital to try to find hospital beds for loved ones and failing to do so we speak daily with people who are seeking care not just for obit but for for other illnesses but the hospitals are overwhelmed and they're not able to get care for. you know kidney disease or
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cancer or or even for preventable issues so this has an impact far and wide and i think we are really feeling it. i think when i look at india some of what we feel is going on in sudan and perhaps elsewhere. latin america is struggling with high demand for covert 19 vaccines but they aren't enough doses to go around in argentina only a small number of people have received the job the country recorded 16000 new cases on saturday and has now surpassed $3000000.00 in total president all but if unarmed as has extended a nighttime curfew in the capital by 3 weeks. has the latest from when is aries. less than 2 percent of the 42000000 inhabitants of argentina have had their 2nd dose around 1112 percent have had their 1st vaccination but it is proving difficult
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just to get enough vaccines some are being coming in from russia the sputnik be is coming from russia we've had some of the us percentage one made in india but having heard you've already just heard about the problems india is having some of that distribution has dried up or dwindled quite significantly and obviously of vaccines coming in from china as well but they're coming in in dribs and drabs we have a flight coming in one day 2 or 3 days later another flight might come in carrying 6 or 700000 doses simply not enough hence this 3 week lockdown to try to reduce the pressure on hospital beds something like approaching 80 percent occupancy in the hospitals in and around one of cyrus for about a 3rd of the argentine population lives the president fernando is really to find to subdue that it's about that pressure for as long as he can waiting for those vaccines to come in. the question as to where the people are a daring to be or respecting the lock down probably less than they did during the
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1st wave and you also have a problem where there's a national government policy and some of the provinces the provincial governments sometimes don't agree with the national government policies with the city government and one of cyrus fighting in the courts against the federal government so that it is also a problems people are then in a position where they can pick and choose which which leader they want to listen to they listen to their provincial governor or do they listen to the national governments so you have mixed messages which obviously doesn't help the situation. colombia's president even decay has withdrawn proposed tax hikes off to nationwide protests at least 6 people were killed including a police officer and hundreds of people have been injured in the past 4 days decay said the bill would be revised to remove tax increases on. sales utilities and income the government says so reform is vital to stabilizing colombia's finances is their tsunami until they get on they said this is a moment of greatness and of protecting the most vulnerable of inviting destructive
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told to not hatred and destruction to that moment for all of us to work together with that genius the path of a consensus clear perceptions and allow us to say clearly they would not say i mean cracy tax for goods and services nor will the existing rules maybe change as i'm tired i'm here teens and focus her and has more why president event ok has backed down the truth is that at this point president do you really don't have much room left to maneuver after 4 days of massive protests that at times violent and also politically he was quite isolated at this point there was widespread opposition to this reform from lawmakers and parties that make up is government coalition and also inside its own party so really i don't think he had a lot of other possibilities except withdrawing finally this reform he had said on
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friday that the law would be revised to remove some of the most controversial points that the things that me the people angry including new sales tax on the utilities gasoline and food basic food items that were so far exempt but the government had insisted and look at insisted throughout these 4 days of protest stat not be drawn in its. entirety and now of announcing this week drawn he said that it wasn't presented in a way and is still necessary but there is no doubt that this is a major win for the protesters and it shows just how weak the government of iran duke is at this point. kurdistan says a ceasefire with neighboring tajik ston is holding off to a week of intense border fighting both nations claim an area around the water supply facility in
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a dispute dating back decades the official death toll mounts in the wake of the was fighting there in years kurdistan is accusing its neighbor of war crimes charles traffic has the latest from osce in kurdistan the kurdish ministry of internal affairs has announced that 25 bodies have been found in the town of goal over there reporting that these people were killed in a mortar attack by the military on april the 29th they've also released some statistics on the kind of structural damage damage to homes. during these attacks they're saying that 70 to 78 houses have been burned to schools 3 border posts and 10 petrol stations now the press office for the president so there is your power of there saying that the situation is in their words relatively stable in that area we are hearing reports that the military have withdrawn back across the border we know
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that there's been a large mobilization of the curious on me to that area as you would expect and interestingly some news coming out from the bacon local authorities along those borders they're saying that 58000 people were evacuated from the area 52000 of who they are reporting as being women and children so another indication of just how severe how serious these clashes have been somalia's drought is forcing a record number of families to leave their homes in such a water and grazing land for cattle climate change and co that have made it difficult for muslim families to observe the holy month of ramadan anticipate reports. waiting for meals that may never come how ali is finding it more and more difficult to provide for her children on a daily basis her family and many others have been pushed into mogadishu by drought . we live
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a very complicated life here and we can't go back to where we came from kevin 1000 has complicated the situation even further as we call it we're getting the aid sometimes we can't even get food nearly 3000000 people have been forced to migrate due to climate related disasters and conflict numbers likely to grow now that 80 percent of somalia faces drought forcing livestock and communities to pack up and move but there is a much waiting for them when they arrive at informal camps like these. it's amazon now we don't have anything to break off we're facing very tough living conditions charities are doing what they can but demand grows along with the population of the camps for aid in limited supply. you know we've provided 2500 families with needed aid but this doesn't cover the need on the ground. drought and flooding pushed thousands of families from rural areas towards the capital each year to escape hunger but compounding crises mean many are left to
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fend for themselves fasting whether they choose to or not enter schapelle al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera. journalism reporters have been even more on the attack during the pandemic. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways we've got some very heavy rain pushing back into central and eastern parts of china over the next day or so not see bad at the moment see this area cloud just rolling across central pass ahead of that we've seen well racks of system just pushing across japan that's pulling out of the way high pressure coming in behind over the next day or so so it should be last you find the warm and pleasant sunshine coming through want to see showers and all the home she into hokkaido but the really wet
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weather coming down across central parts of china making its way further east which is we go through chews day the possibility of some disruptive rain coming through here we've already seen damaging winds and flooding into parts of eastern china i'm afraid there is more where that came from ahead of that is not so bad for japan at least through choose day around $25.00 celsius in the sunshine fam out of sunshine say it to southeast asia the philippines is fine and dry southern house will catch a shop shout since the usual rush of showers there across much of southeast asia some of those heaviest showers there into northern parts of borneo pushing across towards the smarter and on into the have been gold so we'll see some what's a weather just making its way over towards us for lanka as we go through the next day or so southern parts of india also seeing some showers somewhat dry. qatar airways. from inside the walls of a west african prison. a chance to create to express emotion
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and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. a renowned choreographer his passion for dark inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their present to the dance of the. documentary on al-jazeera. they're watching out as a reminder of our top stories this hour after india recorded its deadliest day of the pandemic so far the number of daily deaths has dropped slightly on monday more
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than 3300 people died in the last 24 hours. and a modi tried to keep the country open as he campaigned in elections but his party performed poorly in a key state. that's in america struggling with high demand for covert 900 fax scenes but there aren't enough doses to go around in argentina only a small number of people have received the job the country's now recorded a total of 3000000 cases. colombia's president even decay has withdrawn propose tax hikes after nationwide protests at least 6 people killed and hundreds injured the bill is going to be revised to remove tax increases on food sales utilities and income. u.s. president joe biden has paid tribute to the servicemen who carried out the raid on osama bin laden's compound 10 years ago sunday marks the anniversary of bin laden's death after a team of u.s.
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navy seals stormed the al qaeda leader's base in pakistan biden says american efforts to fight al qaeda have left the group greatly degraded as u.s. troops prepare to withdraw from afghanistan meanwhile a local doctor who helped pinpoint osama bin laden's location is still in a pakistani jail shaquille are free the was never formally charged for his role in helping the cia to find the al qaeda leader he helped run a fake vaccination program to confirm bin laden's location he's been in pakistani custody since 2011 but according to his lawyer he was denied a fair trial begins look he never complained that he has done something for united states that the americans should get him out of here but morally when americans see that he had to. do something with for him. officials say an identified gunman killed 16 soldiers and wounded 6 others in the southwest
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of the country the attack on an army patrol happened on saturday in the who or region where raids or 137 civilians killed back in march no group has claimed responsibility but an iso faction does operate in the area. reporters without borders says attacks on the media having creased touring the coronavirus pandemic some governments of the keys journalists a false reporting and coronavirus this latest try to downplay the extent of the crisis in america at a solicit reports from santiago. in latin america journalism can be a dangerous profession and now that includes reporting the truth about the poll that 19 pandemic sunny figured or watch for guatemala's independent investigative reporting outlet. last year he and a colleague began publishing the porch of a corruption during the pandemic that implicated close friends of the president.
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that's when the president labeled us the terrible to detain for 21 hours and we're now getting death threats and are being followed constantly. a new study from reporters without borders suggests that with the exception of costa rica and europe why freedom of news media has diminished across the board since the pandemic began . authoritarian governments attack slender any solid generalism public then it becomes an online campaign news can quickly spiral into physical attacks again as journalists have done all they are resilient president jaipal to nat'l is consistently labeling the media as a public enemy for its coverage of the pandemic encouraging his supporters to attack journalist both online and in person says call on be. a common denominator is the use of social networks to discredit and attack journalists who
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do not paint a government's handling of the pandemic in a favorable light or how the governor of the venezuelan state of our accused journalists going to gordie i.d.'s of being paid to lie in a report about the acute shortage of hospital beds and medicine she tells me she's being investigated under an anti-terrorism financing law. they were yelling that i won't deny that i'm frightened that i'm always looking over my shoulder that i don't know when this so-called charge against me will result in my arrest and in chile a prominent independent journalist who suggested that the health ministry was under reporting the number of coded 1000 infections and deaths was accused of spreading fake news of trying to destroy the government and of being anti-patriotic it was a message to the rest of the media to behave if you want to be and if you want to. if you want to show that it is them you wouldn't steal the show that that was the
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message the reporters without borders report makes the point that in the context of a global sanitary emergency journalism is the primary vaccine against a virus. it's called disinform ation yes there is and our own investigation suggests that the pandemic is actually being used to justify in many cases limiting transparency and freedom of expression you see in human al-jazeera santiago. the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken has also weighed in saying repressive governments have used the pandemic to intensify pressure on the media so let's look more broadly at the world press freedom and index which features 180 countries and says journalists are partially or completely blocks from doing their jobs in more than 130 nations the worst on north korea china vietnam iran and syria several governments have been accused of using the pandemic to silence critics with
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laws against what they see as fake news christopher sabatini is a research fellow at the last america chatham house he says hostility towards the press has contributed to coronavirus misinformation. what we've seen is already this these attacks against journalists this polarization in which freedom of expression is caught in the middle between oftentimes legitimate concerns about. information and the need for data as well as the autocratic ambitions of elected leaders and now we have the justification of coded into that and so we're seeing places this year in chile in guatemala in with journalists are particularly being targeted and reasons that sort of deny the very threat of coding and undermine the ability to address the classic case right now is in india where modi and give many people thought they had dodged a bullet in being able to avoid a massive infection rate and now we see of course the terrible news coming out of
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india of death rates shortages and modi has actually asked that the modi government has asked that twitter prohibit any sort of information that contradicts the government in so many of these cases what were once considered a success stories and presidents such as of course the president former president trump in united states being somewhat cavalier about their ability dresses are now finding it's much more complicated as a policy issue at the same time as they're sort of getting embarrassed by a media that is confronting them directly and demonstrating and revealing data that embarrass them if you notice a number of these journalists that are being attacked or media sources are independent media we're not talking oftentimes traditional media it's not the old as here is the c.n.n. zur or the new york times in many cases and in these countries it's more independent media that is sprung up oftentimes internet based on the 2nd is of course as you say the sort of independent journalists or even citizens posting information and so we've seen for example the case of guatemala the guatemalan president has said it needs to put the needs to put the media on quarantine in
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other words he wants to basically shut it down and limit its access to information and its ability to report and that is a very troubling. unionists are marking 100 years since the foundation of northern ireland but for nationalists the partition of ireland still remains a sore point and searing conflict lead to thousands of deaths on both sides as the support from belfast thank the drumbeat to the flukes mark northern ireland's 100 years of existence and the marches in defiance of coded regulations celebrated we in turn a street away though you can see the underlying mood isn't happy many of these protestants feel like outcasts there's a lot of people in the pollo of businesses they're not they're not criminals or they're made out to be and for us it's a pastime as well as a cultural adele but i think if it was even a friend of ours unity that it will be forecast what we did on the street maybe
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a lot more. teens views are i code by fellow band members marching all over this vast universe housing estates on the outskirts of belfast the police try to get them to disperse. but they march on under surveillance from above this isn't only to mark a 100 years since the birth of northern ireland it's aimed at the political classes hope the protestant church. perhaps. it's a call for a return to the sort of hardline thinking of the late reverend ian paisley a firebrand preacher who founded the democratic unionist party the. big u.p.a. have kevin and year after year on the want to keep on government on. the need the need there needs to be on a structure rappers out in the working class people and tend to step down that's one of the reasons for the ousting of arlene foster 1st minister and de u.p.d.
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leader she may be replaced by evangelist edwin poots sitting beside her here. he's a minister who's blamed catholics for spreading kovi. in west belfast republicans have a resentment to the 100 years celebration after the partition of olland and thousands of deaths on both sides that ensued and so more instability ahead alan mcbride thinks he lost his wife in a lie or a bombing nearly 28 years ago and has campaigned for unity and i would just. just encourage and just a pain to our politicians to start to get around the table start to govern this place with us with a sense of just wanting to improve life for everybody not just their own particular tribe or no particular organization or group or community where they're coming from you have to make it better for everyone as long as people like dene feel alienated
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and others feel empowered the risk of violence still hangs over northern ireland and to simmons' al-jazeera belfast. a crowd of 5000 music fans have flocked to liverpool one of the 1st live. the crowd was able to move around with no distancing. only negative to 94 arriving. as a surprise. imagine a time before masks and social distancing elbow greetings and hand sanitizer. on sunday indie band the blossoms played to a crowd of $5000.00 under a big top tent in liverpool sefton park it was the 1st live gig without restrictions in more than a year part of a series of trials hoping to point the way towards mass gatherings beyond the pandemic a resumption of life as we used to know it. does
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feel a bit uncomfortable almost but i just feel i just feel so happy that it's going to how it's being precautions tests and making sure that everyone's you know before we even got to the. people make sure that you test the negative entry required proof of a negative test result with tests provided to be taken during the following week. the weekend also saw liverpool's club scene rise temporarily from the dead $3000.00 people partied like it was 2019 is a really exciting opportunity for liverpool to be part of the events research programme which is the national program evaluating the impact of holding events in this way we're hoping to learn loads from the events that we've got this afternoon from the ones we've had over the last couple of days certainly around transmission of the virus but also around how people move and react within different venues what the airflow in the ventilation looks like within different venues and how you need to organize events to be coped safe in the future other events have included
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football in front of actual fans the 8000 who were allowed to attend last weekend's calibur cup. final at wembley hoping the days of canned crowd applause are numbered various test events will culminate at london's wembley stadium again when a quarter capacity crowd of $21000.00 fans will gather for football's f.a. cup final on may the 15th that'll be just 2 days before england reopens further with the planned resumption of international travel heading into a summer in which the government hopes all pandemic restrictions may be lifted by late june jonah how al-jazeera london. this is your top stories. after india recorded its deadliest day of pandemics.


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