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tv   Witness Becoming Black  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2021 4:00am-5:00am +03

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from the favelas of caracas to the battlefields around mosul i would drop just to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. and in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the german government's opposing a call from the u.s. to lift pay for covert $19.00 vaccines it says the protection is not hindering the production of jobs germany is home to the company biotech that developed a vaccine with pfizer. the moldings former president's been injured in an explosion near his home mohamed nasheed was the current speaker of parliament is in hospital with shrapnel wounds from the blast in the capital mali. a large police operation targeting drug traffickers in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro as ended with the deaths of at least $25.00 people including one police officer police say those
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killed included leaders of the city's biggest criminal gang but human rights activists are questioned the raiders are calling for a thought an investigation there is a board reports. it was the deadliest operation in rio de janeiro in years the police entered the 5. allegedly to fight the recruitment of children and teenagers by a criminal organization suspects try to escape across rooftops as police entered the slum in our more vehicles and helicopters flew over the area the intense fire fight left at least 25 people dead among them up at his office or rio has suffered for years from drug related violence and attempts by different administrations have failed to control the. police agent any senior was one of the bases of. the most powerful drug trafficking group in the country. they say among the dead were leaders of the gang that dominated life in the slum at least 10 suspects were
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arrested but human rights groups say the operation was mounted to avenge the deaths of 4 police officers a few days earlier the supreme court has banned security operations in rio slums because of the abuses and killings denounced by residents in the city's poorest areas the institute of public security says almost 500 people have been killed so far this year at the hands of the police. some of the rest of them ziran worry they say the police committed a massacre and are demanding an investigation joy you said that is a human rights lawyer in rio. and to do the same dynamic to 5 or 6 houses houses destroyed shootings executions there was an execution one man died sitting on a chair from a chair nobody shoot. barbaric this has no solution. senor is one of the poorest communities in rio most residents here are caught in the middle of a conflict between criminal organizations and the police. and just.
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qatar's foreign minister says no one is above the law following the arrest of the country's finance minister the mahdi because a news agency says it's jews who suspected misuse of public money and abuse of power has been removed from his position pending further investigation the u.s. is says it will stand with ukraine against what it calls russian aggression secretary of state antony blinken made the pledge during talks with the ukrainian president of love to me at a selenski lincoln says ukraine's battle against russia backed separatists in the east of the country is a foreign policy priority for the biden ministration we look to russia to see reckless and aggressive actions will continue to strengthen our security partners in close cooperation with you to make sure that ukraine can defend itself against against aggression we're aware that russia has withdrawn some forces from
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the border of ukraine but we also see that significant forces remain remain there significant equipment remains there who are monitoring the situation very very closely. egypt and turkey say they've held a frank and in-depth talks in cairo on bilateral and regional issues including the conflict in libya it's the 1st public high level meeting for years between the region why evils. bender national criminal court has sentenced a former ugandan militia leader to 25 years in jail for $61.00 the war crimes and crimes against humanity dominico one became a commander of the lord's resistance army after being abducted as a child and those are the headlines the news continues after witness a by. pass
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. in st louis peter as usual i'm going to just put my clothes just asked a moment give his newest names member and i guess our total permission i'm no. fan you'll really see. that 3 come talk every we're. going to go see it if you. get it done right it's a fancy. to evaluate. it is. it true that i did just sad.
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because because so rude just since the quantum significance. that. for me johnson. who all know a little of the zoom zoom google to find me on the title comes down next the vice a comic con can go on to need the i need you know what if i don't care less if you don't base it on time or the alicia thing. good listening. didn't do it too clearly your visions are little i wish. it was something to really. something go a little that's a little good should see no why did i let it comes out so bad i left before i thought this article. thank you very good one i'll be damned if i say what i know those are known for that celebrity.
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this hobby has iraq through good and this is the only it side of it with your mates at home in north korea singers from. the us to those who did the soup. this is nashville that is torn down to find some success i sometimes think the face runs fine a guy loves ones i know i'm sure in general which is your view on stuff to go to the high end of the existence ish french on the right. but only the ones from. unfairness fernand have lesser bugs and still. feel on. it's morning to convinced in the.
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end of this a suitable candidate and system. is to look leashed. if regimes are going to stop at night or that. this is ok and as it was the mummy have missed those who don't feel. we had to find safety devotions wrote our my own language but don't have general mime. as a short only star. to last missed out on the. joy i get so. closely for just my business here but in fairness to dinner cuisine is a good kind as to the money from good i'm going to be photons. know that i love the fish no law by number go into the pub dish fun kinda
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a eula. show it to him out ignition wind blew it. in sideways you'll miss me when the plane had that i didn't yell or leave. the shake advice as a civil meal then to say i believe that all that it will accomplish went up percentage of that money for less on vast off the off but the off of of. the are nil and. at least one we are still thought about as the value of tism as a divider run much the most violent of new cars and not me just passing the unknown or d.c.i. cause and bush most plans are going to cost him approached us and. when i. die and somebody and in my instance i thought i was over our. hero's fairness we had. a position he knew my
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delight in school would not mind just the goodness. to the young daughter has a feeling they can take a little so this doesn't look the other does of the new vision freedom for india it would deserve us if that's what else it was complete silda the dust and the deal. of love this complete tilt. issue sarah couldn't be at my best session. my remarks. were. as if i was coming home as does my eyes over it was just. as much for learning there you were. some place in bras and even yesterday i owned a mission house and over martin and even we was your mother's or my mom's commissioner position mom i've read out on a fucked up all. home each time our own admission on our own bush. or done
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downs a 1000000 for. us on a whim to crime. or not so much for missionaries and missions. was to michoud armada. now in a minute and talk of on. don't have is not even fun on the farm we have arms or stand moments to always be a visual so you. don't run from my saw. to sit down in on part of you clicked into but i'm able to mock this quantum for. born. and dumb time between the 2 digits kind of up from the time your highness to me show me to i'm a much more difficult time as a think of the reason i was. in that region of yours also missing
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a lot of teaming up to get back in the water does tell us just as john knows us and . in our gov live augusta any guff the kind of shit as a day in the movie gives non-ego of the country which often are done been ish even thought much more i not to have i know i'm devon even a flick on i don't think you're not one damn you should you just wonder sperm oxycontin and the trauma time to dish was not was an argument in the part of the nun who think of one have because i was on this study there. was no i don't have you on i'm going to sponsor 2 weeks in the budget issue and one of the kind of refusing. does is not to consumers use. the clone of boston.
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isn't it seemed. as music exactly tots room a. show about the evils of only me far beyond dispute up to a single one time. i was a well national argument stop. on and. i'm going to nominate you to. stand here is massive i call it which i did and i'm not saying that in this in the
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wilderness. dry heat for as soon as that before they will fry exactly the same. as that and. you can copy gotti. through the 330 cars he left. above is our task on and he there's a hacker on the phones and go nearly a foot rule. why he should force you just because you walk to. the public eye. and i can see your fare to have it throughout the western world there's a deeper. question whether black or me was running both of the stuff players. have either.
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because in the meantime would have been any. you had my mind to. london's funds mission to finals once this. on. the inside. don't know when i'm the one to. become understand what in kentucky. so i got sometimes i. was moved to star you know exciting to be in those are because it was my money but i don't offer one now. behind you on issues it wants 100. as it were nothing this gig on is as of india is. not going and has found a new and by gosh was and always a student and not the dumbest of money and i was 1st up give them 1st no wonder but
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again no no they had typed funnelling one does much better since all sides had to man as hosts of her lesson as fun of you know especially. as not not always. dosh then after i'm not bended dick and as i have only contacted and. then about as mission of and as couple in understood. about the national vote in we did see months of biosphere up this one. also. to denton and de mint awfully kind of as a bit a nice ovide as it does or bust a good board. far this ruins nonsense of our own fresh fish of. the storyboards. approved by the interests. and. until we have done
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a clear rule for now it's very possible for me not to do some flaw in the structure . and not get off the. tree of purpose to warn those who want to screw with her to a few on. the same rootless for. some. who are still in post. from the. progs the country. is a selfish to too much you see approach in this. for me and this is too much easier to. say she's pregnant said it to my next times as many would. not much to do. as opposed to me the new guns in china movement is mine have you got the. you can have i'm asked my opinion of yours in the absence of there was no
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need be you did use. or. seem kind of us could doesn't come close for. you. of a country's most you do you do. justified. to do push time conscious decision in order from you. as. employer is. try to. talk to and from top and from then on the. loose. in spite of those who are in the. mish. is
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arguable. not as a nurse in. the world that they are cunts. presumed innocent and of course no no no. darn as if i'm off the top and i was not as the reason they asked us not to go. to war me and him i mean on the tradition to me or. undone of the much time to shove a smile on. his nose device it would soon
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be invoked in time but wouldn't because most of what's going on. but of your thoughts in the brain. and the one who are known to have traded a problem to. them over smith's body that horse can. wear you when you have mature will no doubt could list a food was. of tourist. constitution and $1200.00 mg of finest defilement sustainable much ice on us last year or so ocean harbor hop on. so don't go there until. it has come as we do know is that the reason we're just going to fish bit our for him that you said you were not to didn't you were not over and over. this
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was. the last name over mr dodd street view of i was interested isn't. there in just the very. early. days no preservation of conflict for. the inhabitants i decided not to from here. then i do go to this once and for the tanita let's talk i don't. the 1st one should of course because honey from france. was medevaced as a test as for dish his problem. was just a storm of what. they had wrongly on the show to roast last year to monitor balance out a solution that is not usual for tides or through
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a. different time. it's a bit worse to know which god. why i'm glad to say i don't know. after the end of 2 mommies i was like come on i'm still doesn't just toss to me again about school. if i have the also. ursula's you know. i have to use a. traditional religious education was just the lifeless exchange up at a time. when coonan caravan i mean just a short talk nothing feeling in my boat on a house and thanked me as a noise bugle book contract i kept it was his phone was also used in my month as
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boosting comic any minute as it. did just for my 600 bottles kind of klingon on those to so have been so my isn't ones i make dozens of amir's only reason the encounter on the internet is always there as to. when you voted your the new guns or futility of us 1st if we cleared what we do. is what i'm in new york and new would ne skellies i just love it as the guns that darken the lungs i'm in love with all that's left is this nigga bone lawsuit. by. it does it will look to dick at rest if they.
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believe he'll be out of this beast. iloveyou didn't see the fun shift in that did that i've ever lived on a city news have to sasol if you know if they stepped in and out of bounds on logic and message the big deal book usually able to do quote has translated to he had he system was yours you would know the actual the left side of his allowed not the. fancy answer self interest so. said soon enough for. one pair put on to a quasi is not. all knowing that it would take like they did not see if someone
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doing because going to was the people that walk you know it took a deal you know if you have to live. there after. enough of the food to go back when only you do. you will probably see money needed . i mean i can't live there i'm no one but i mean why would i have. you not to be mean after nearly enough so. when you run. your back and. after. oh folklore we hear of him you know we are the little now with.
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the belly of a god. but just like he said when he's not again well this is where mom mom most damaging nearly. our house where do we quality incl you're welcome so i mean i'm a little cool you're about control i like to of course while being with your dad maddie would you know me i would love me what i will do will be a cultural as she thought it was she added and i mean my why do you call it black road map they don't want to believe via a laddie a poem a good you know what i need to go back i'll go but i'm not i'm a 3 dog my dog my one lantern is up with admirable when it will all. it.
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may on al-jazeera. from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout the latest developments as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world. and his name is emmy award winning investigative program is back exploring the fault lines in the u.s. as america attempts to tackle police brutality and shootings against people of color there's growing demand to hold to account those who have sworn to serve and
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protect from hostile to hostile more hotels explodes geopolitical conflicts from the perspective of iconic hotels on the frontlines and former south african president jacob zuma goes on trial for corruption may on al-jazeera. 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw him. but what was the lasting effects of this agreement that there is a regional set to sikes because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with the. psych speak out lines in the sand on al-jazeera. playing. they traveled down thousands of columbus's to pick berries. to tie workers with exploitation in the forests of sweden when i went east to vesta gates went out to
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the area. matheson and oh how the top stories on our jersey are the german government is opposing the call from the u.s. to lift peyton's for covert 900 vaccines it says the protection is not hindering the production of jobs germany is home to the company biotech the developed a vaccine with pfizer and all these former president has been injured in an explosion near his home in the capital mali mohamed nasheed who's the current speaker of parliament is in hospital with shrapnel wounds at least 25 people have been killed in a police operation targeting drug traffickers in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro police say those killed in the northern slum included leaders of the city's biggest criminal gang but human rights activists have called it an unjustifiable
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massacre accusing officers of carrying out some of the executions residents have been protesting about the raid and describing what happened. father you might like the book of them i am about ice o'clock this morning a criminal came into my house since i live in a veil and i had no way of keeping him out he had a bullet weren't and then the police came and asked me that any gang members were in the house and i nodded with my haid yes because i didn't want to endanger my family so the police came in and killed the kid in my daughter's room in the. courthouse for the minister says no one is above the law following the arrest of the country's finance minister shari follow mahdi news agency who says it's due to suspected misuse of public money and abuse of power has been removed from his position pending further investigation the u.s. says it will stand with ukraine against what it calls russian aggression secretary of state antony blinken made the pledge during talks with ukrainian president of
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love to me it is a linsky lincoln says ukraine's battle against a russian backed separatists in the east of the country is a foreign policy priority for the biden ministration egypt and turkey say they've had a frank and in-depth talks in cairo on biological and regional issues including the conflict in libya it's the 1st public high level meeting for years between the regional why evils the international criminal court has sentenced a former ugandan militia leader to 25 years in jail for $61.00 war crimes and crimes against humanity dominic on one became a commander of the lord's resistance army after being abducted as a child. those are the headlines will be back in about half an hour by.
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i mean i know not to not i don't perceive them but now i'm climbed on to many different most delimiters militias. but i'm not just a country men aren't and if our common never backs up social do for the take out on on here to should deal. until you get off. johnson talking. the cameras are going to invest in bidding on the backs aftershocks could be lived on for known fear about qantas used as we were told when on the needle and not sort of to gain. commandement gotten studio on and on and i'm certain of. the of him up because he didn't come post. said codes aberrated of mine and what as he could hear . the size people i'm up i'm up to the board. with one of the local fire fighters
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where the nerves are living off with. sidespin room from you. and. your mommy is pretty our stories are you know it or not and now we've got one. i didn't use hard on daughter for years when i lived to those places those words and those were . his 1st words for me appealing to a tired girl in leipsic you'll. understand wide open in every turn from the warmed up. honestly it's not been our present to manage it tough on so many writers so much because it's amassed my muse and use it as iraq missed out as it was diminished versions of news were negative and part of the one you're going to hear are not. quotes are both wrong and whole
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ball on measure is right as an i.o.i. time when it's finally time high it will not outlaw a loan from physical world. vision's which i don't wish to go but i was through and i'll go through. i'm just. trying to do it. all not i'm tired of your clothes we've got the whole of you through this ruin lives as a comic mode when it's not always a. garment charged under very and thrown into the sea if you run to all of the lawyers and all the. undersized. blues punished been out. on your door for yours or you know all kinds more just.
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as to comedian because the power was often sure a lot of my billing system mind back nice to know if the fast bust you don't side from didn't wear on the. town of. challenge to on the moon deeds was windy mr orszag michelin udic. i missed targets in there is just no mention. of my know how to hunting large and shots and cause in home. countries dick. from the us notably gun conditioning in. an imposing state in my starliner will be victory times armed forces take on too much as you want to show my merits of open. shame a machete is purely lines i'm quite offended as is a straw to harnessed. by them it should have are much much more apt as mannish best as i. can promise to be the vicar deepens
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a half hour ago. right moments or comments would in came. to him can. he really hear. xena's goes in. to see him and he's in. prison. after maximum current opens in front for a time $21.00 taken. to. the d.m.z. standish and yet i'm 5 of them can tell you how to cut a finger on my guns of on top of all when the hollywood from buster no to the a good 5. 100 or so and a fellow that's wanted teams feel of the mind i can't or an idiot and so far. will . always get guns and somebody spit and didn't think was a hoss bizarre no day on men i didn't click to. discover.
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of my better than mine and of mine mine. was this really since i put it in bodhi put it. past would not put said defended often us as so obvious already of a card i dodged would give his i'm very. as will start to have concerned when the doesn't feel often the market for it and you find it for that as he's done for mistrust and had to resign as sons of his or as you can and does as well. as. soon as course as a little bit lost on. you couldn't see who the winner is in madison from. time to time. and the amount of hours agronomists. on contact so i'm going to mention is an annoyance far more to. your. mind and.
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i did. think it was $100.00 byte us tif danka so dartmouth's a tool in. does. that side to school in the list most kind of come to not soon as it's sold as most. wanted a lot of i know a lot of i would not meet isn't freshest not of color in your list behalf that as a bust man is already of the kind of guy no. one. would have done stuff as looked and poor as it if it's bit a giggle so that's about all was up and so when it does negative but also on damage. done by those known off places noir staying. up you're smarter for aren't really going time went on when you have my project
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the problem isn't the whole problem we do. have our clear was right it time enough that's what our have to have a mailing. list get laid. as a minor have from go result. because kim kye new stuff you know we done zone. does a deal so if you feel me go to sleep how to fall over. this to us how to do this is still in the us 2 minds so would you like to assure you tom you know how to view the out from a bowl devos via. the later they. are not of yeah yeah. well what does fall does not do this he added. crystals are to dog him to. delay delay and i learned that this was the design of your mind the mind of the.
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fighting mind. and i am already mishmash of anything just using the gun the us could take to one's own room in this one does it does it that you will be susie indians in the hot. because your pizza song called one voted to them most of us 2 was a does this unless i just. bought inspired users a time out really to this modest sum up this was my one that priming him up to push up just wasn't the only good. news for him. no good even with demands in my house last night was awesome for him as was concert manage the monsoon over those
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miners it was pseudosphere him being in the turn of the game it's kind of the upper crust and so much one of. them did please tell me you're not doing teams missions are. owned and for some god some of the militia remarked on the mature turn of command and i'm is. kind of what i'm trying is invent going to. be neutral. and his friend i guess i'd say so i put it on. some new desired. chapter of us constitution because here in the modern fatah. man it was a mind of man mission just from this environment on top. on. mommy in does not have a from him understand the money him so much to boast of when not to trust fund is
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an. upper limit. under the sun up to. as a do authorities i'm carcosa allowed to set up quite a bit of money for peter riden valadez. does a fattish have to test. on and done him yes monica nama. turns him. on it's june it's now been monuments to pretend to go. down town to imbeciles to who is some of us have no clue to go beyond zones of our times afford. one just wanted to. or not was never meant. as a commish was just one really only i wish i were up to trust my moustache to do and . don't ask my name and do not know as much to do mexican article was to move a daughter dawn. so happens to one for
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a quick does issue then could tie most of the time i was off because i enjoy. one tied to a dance cornishman to wish that after. this kenny shanks was presented up to the mountain on strictly isn't. there got some not much muscle you were community out of pure form. and an inversion modest muscle just too dumb to tiles and on and up the homes and front office a what time of the understood time you lay it on under surely none of us is fast on dish up so imbecile need we are just on the knob so we draft trim you won't be so he must punish only a dozen vision a month or leave him. which are kind of lost to the west was our. born and how we were in the moment time in she does fish or just maybe her oversensitive us maybe stick it. on and. i was from
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a several year. or abdominal democracy passed you from my heart of the. money from here. down i'm about this bitter sense of a click and use for 1. 102 minutes woman and muslim but i believe. i just wanted to fish houses plots one for me. as if used to be our no one home based on us because i personally tones. believe in it i know this needs to be the nose because we're doing good but from an awful unleashed were not from our kind of it ought to. be a mission was to inform we missed. best when i'm out i asked one of them was kind
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of one of the. shoppers who thought it was 90 year old no my it was 9000000000. for the home to host. the miss billing the milliken kind of our. home so i was. today back. to grow a little nature's hebrews like he has had and you did it he had those in the daily . commute every day saw
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a little time his own in engine. is own. it. would your vision. is that on this i mean we. evolve in you could this was cancer yeah please him it is. repeated improve my. lab results every deal is that welcome him by leaders who comes out. of the deal is e d. . well. for me. years who had to call us on day one the. key word for me.
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is only. on the if. you have it. kid this power illusion you have it. is all mad lady yet. that is it it is. my family it was the dinos prophecy was done so as a more calm than me all. the. clique you most above all this. to john's on toward song. i mean. god knows the vision i can the mentoring young get this money from you and used to be fun. to musician as it is concert to most and. to touch peter put him there from you and johnson is certain if you are not going to
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motown me and art was good on guitar on the invite vehicle to tune him out. of him you know. that's the bottom and i'm part of his new getting good at and would stand me lemme know. because because i'm in love have this. clear hong kong only duvall easy. touch of a new all moved all creased. thought i will let go clara. so really i. have to mom call on him when you see the answer. will you see home. plate to my name down. the of i allow my child to optimum. be a miser is indeed a long time up any man's. real it's
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a poorly learned here on our own shauntay a. dog is going to mommy kelly mess. here. is your clue because you 2 hour movie of. is it the. in those then i on they are. every course in my dream on the his mommy was it he emerged in the street if you do this legally. here i am going for the. kids even late. they were. around on my i don't own their. is replete too long the ziegel they leipsic. in the area i'm calling pause maybe. i'm sorry i was at my feet.
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that's. the scene i was indeed i it's in my. level that really know the act. years so much that they leave you see and it's me. in the name i may have actually said in cedar city area yeah yeah let me in who's that with. you left last job was inadmissible to save us all still sat with us so matters even disgusting. to questions that you got to tell you the flat sheet that. is that in question demand this new members get to measure i don't tell you to move events with you when she does it with the squinting my in the end it. is you see. how much in the people that have the. so bad is that the little 2000 only needed to. talk to me was that this was
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in the woods so this. is some of the people. in mom play off it is my demonic only your mom is a bit more seedy come to the rumors him leave him out. know me meant no comment you mom. clearly the. agency. in. genesis. be. sitting next to. the.
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so pop on cd. then yeah you were. 7 months that. was not the least. that it will be as. i'll. move. move. move your feet. now to me as until if we're not going to. turn off for a moment no one's want to ones are going to. need to preview the kind of move has
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been found as i'm on a sunday talk to. so i feel it's just missed. the whole experience a minimum no one undertaking you must in shuttle mission from go on and we flesh and. kemah plots. come to sign. concerts had to peterhead i mean interest me from them gordon meant status in one's art come in front of my leaping scruffy and thought attended to my name one time no matter how here. for months he. was. so much. of that works movement where i found out she was much in short. order gangster. super forto. they're going to be the only fair is just you know and i don't. know
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how kind of. loosely based on what i was of to and when i was on. set i know i was in a freezer was a message really about trying to when i was going to visit with others it was one of them. is to tax it's so tunes it's fine once you're going to. see it works fine arts it was in. brazil not me but if you. can do what i want our english. show in mind when i 1st turned using him. is. a minor issue he got more time in you when. you're young much more time i don't really. know how to write 1st you know.
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and. just cook in the. most. with. the other and what he does yes my it's not on dish to see. a band that's just what an infant it was you know. it's enough before you can choose to do that you think she's doing the couples i'm outta. someone as i missed him on the one. you just off i would have. to begin with sort of a sense of. as if it's a tight ship and it was has i'm this piece didn't he doesn't know if i don't feel if i extinguishment had it was fun and it by design i like and you're going to. do a game in there that. i doubt if even if we got to say you need to
4:57 am
leave also missed a sentiment of isis was dismissed. it would put a boy to. look good to. have a. little soft. spot. 2 in hebron boys breed and sly pigeons but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched by israeli forces at times and often are arrested.
4:58 am
and delicately told tales filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is every restricted to the skies above hebron a witness documentary cannot josie it up. hello we've had violent and deadly weather roll across the southern us really anywhere from texas through to georgia it has produced flooding in alabama we've seen hail gusty winds and tornadoes deadly tornadoes good news is this storm threat
4:59 am
here is starting to ease so here's a picture on friday as we see that system it's now to the far south bringing with it the risk of some showers through my ammi when i take you to new england and eastern canada we're getting a pretty good helping of rain for washington d.c. on friday and look at this cruel pool of there still dominating canada st john's that's cool for you about half of where you should be toronto not even into double digits on friday for central america now then we've had flooding toward guatemala and still heavy rain in the forecast for here $100.00 s. and southern mexico on friday otherwise we do run the risk of some showers and pop up thunderstorms across cuba for example on friday we do have a disturbance we're tracking in south america toward the south of brazil it's going to pull into rio de janeiro as we head to friday it's just going to follow and we'll still be dealing with unsettled conditions for rio on saturday.
5:00 am
germany pushes back against a proposal to waive patents for covert 19 vaccines warning it's going to complicate production. i'm about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up 25 people dead and a massive police raid in rio de janeiro targeting drug traffickers. on a maltese president and parliament speaker mohamed that.


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