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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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new news network al-jazeera. the. arab. foreign ministers. this is al-jazeera. 1300 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera hello i'm kemal santa maria welcome to the news hour. israeli police are seen beating palestinian protesters in the latest on the rest outside alex a mosque compounds also in the news today dozens of girls are buried in afghanistan's capital a day off the bombs were set off outside this pool. hall international aid is on the way and arriving in india where for a 2nd day over 4000 people have died from covert 19. and look at efforts to turn
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the tide on a thriving black market that is in danger in these underwater forests in chile. and in support hundreds of them fleets have been taking part in a test of that tech tokyo's olympic stadium fans were allowed but this city is still in a state of emergency do you cope with 19. security's been times and again in occupied east jerusalem the sunday following another night of violence and unrest have a look at the scene outside a lot some of this was saturday night during what is actually islam's holiest night during the month of ramadan israeli police citing security concerns but palestinian protesters and dozens of people were injured thing is tension was already running high around the old city of jerusalem in particular that neighborhood shake over the potential for sticks of palestinian families from their homes now the supreme
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court was going to hear an appeal against the evictions ruling that has just been delayed but prime minister benjamin netanyahu did speak about the hearing at an earlier cabinet meeting. and. we also our family reject the pressure not to build in jerusalem tamara great things precious have been increasing of light or so to the best of africans jerusalem is israel's capital and just as if nation builds and its capital and builds up its capital we also have the right to build in jerusalem and to build up jerusalem that is what we have done and that is what we will continue to do. we'll talk more about this in a moment 1st this report from a force that in. the holiest night of ramadan more violence on the streets of occupied east jerusalem. palestinian protesters threw water bottles israeli security forces use stun grenades foul smelling chemically laced water jets. and
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close up physical force oh this man was beaten on the ground in front of us the. and then i should away into the night with no attempt to detain him it wasn't an isolated incident. so the period just before and around prayers was relatively calm here and the mask escaping the last few minutes it was a rebel group is another night of all the attention now and scuffles broke worry is that another potentially violent night could ensue in the following knows that potential was fulfilled the anger here isn't just about the scenes from iraq so on friday when stun grenades we used inside the mosque itself it's been building over threats to forcibly evict palestinian families from their homes in the east jerusalem neighborhood of shakes. and. people solidarity gave us the power to continue with our peaceful resistance all
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that is peaceful solidarity against. we also any organization or governments to stand with us and help prevent a false alleviations in shake share. we are the rightful owners we are the owners of the land all we want is for them to stay away the forged papers they have to not make them the rightful owners. it's been present since the start of the holy month when pandemic weary people found a major post prayers gathering point guard off and it's been exacerbated by interventions from the israeli far right we don't have no light at the end of that but we don't have a talent because there is no peace process east jerusalem is occupied by israeli sovereignty in jerusalem it hasn't been recognized by the international community
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so we are sitting on a volcano there are concerns of a further deterioration on monday thousands of jewish israelis are set to march through the old city's muslim quarter to mark the israeli seizure of east jerusalem in 967 dangerous days ahead for a flashpoint city it can be both a focal point and a fuse for conflict within and far beyond its streets are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. let's focus on what's happening in shifts because one way that israel events palestinians from their land is through something called the absentee property law this allows israel to seize the properties of palestinians who fled or were expelled back in 1948 and includes properties in areas that were laid to an extent by israel palestinian private land is also confiscated there is ready zoning laws for agriculture for military training natural reserves. in fact between 262021 israel demolished more than
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3600 palestinian homes either on the pretext they weren't constructed lawfully or that it was necessary for military purposes and since 2004 israel is just. royal sealed more than 260 homes after alleged attacks by palestinians will speak to get in they've you know who is a columnist for hot it's news joining us from tel aviv the sunday thank you for your time as always. without stating the obvious you say this of the middle east in general nothing's changed has it simply does not change and in fact everything seems to swing more towards the israelis with laws which they've started but which wouldn't be a political under international law. doesn't change not only the recent years nothing changed only ever since 67. unfortunately nothing changed. since then but it's the.
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serious because. then we would. look. and see the reality. and really. you know the. palestinian. millions. jewels and very few. there is no other. regime and. so if we're in this position of nothing changing what. what could change it i mean is it
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a change in government in israel which may or may not happen is it international pressure because as you say the reality for the people in iraq doesn't change. and little change and anyone who expects the israelis to wait one more meeting wake up one morning and say oh these are good babies not nice let's build and we is living in an illusion because it is and never has a danger to both the ends or the patient doesn't have to be every ever and there is no changing what government is totally meaning clearly because the reason is very clear majority in the parliament public opinion when taken to a good patient and to continue with this all the only way to change we by bootsy grow a force on the. world was so efficient was that south africa might be addition
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only hear nothing but this more acutely if i can put it that way or more urgently room do you expect to happen with just in the near future i mean tensions are always higher during ramadan as well when we've had these clashes that are locks it highlights such things that brings them to the fore what would you expect over the next week or such. there's a boat we have to buckle moral with this nation at least the next die which is. only going procreation violent vocation in the most uncool not injured in the most was a little we'll see and i get this with john. even the more the emotions in that but it's. a little bit by the end of the day is that he's by fossil strong and fortunate but is that in some ways. we and therefore the design of the few days of. violence all. controlled
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violence we really get into another scene of gratian in which things move b. and b. because. the next the books you need the i mean we'll always leave rome one of. the other is a little bit of basic things on the souls and fallen being so are these really equipping us for many years. getting a piece from ha'aretz news always a pleasure talking to thank you thank you very much. on to other news and the funerals being held for the victims of 3 explosions outside a school in afghanistan at least 50 people mainly schoolgirls were killed during these bombs which were set off in kabul on saturday it was the most the shia muslim neighborhood of western kabul the taliban has condemned the attack and denied responsibility there were more than 100 people injured in the explosions as well
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doctors struggling to provide enough medical care for the victims in local hospitals some families still searching for missing relatives and this interview with her i was with a classmate of mine we were leaving the school and i was walking with her when the explosion happened my classmate died a few minutes later there was another explosion and then another everyone was screaming and there was blood everywhere one of the members of the fishermen that my house is in the street near the school i was in the shop when suddenly a vehicle exploded a rush to the side because school students were coming out of the school suddenly a 2nd explosion happened over there i saw wounded victims everywhere. more on this story now with fear contra free in kabul. the taliban denied responsibility they blamed to iceland also him directly blamed the afghan government for supporting that group the afghan government openly blamed the taliban so there's this blame game that we keep seeing when such attacks happen as to could have done it now the
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government says they have been investigating the incident but we have to know that there is this culture of impunity here there have been so many attacks like this one and the government has has done arrests for example. attack on the kabul university where i arrests were made but nobody has really been held accountable and has been held to justice and that's why afghans have been so angry because they have been demanding from the government that this attacks are investigated and the perpetrators are brought to justice because this is one of the ways that this endless cycle of violence could break when there is no impunity dusted bar cheese that area in western kabul that's occurred on one of the has a neighborhood there has been so many attacks in that area the area has been literally reeling from attacks and a lot of them have been claimed by eisold but again no one has been brought to
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justice and it's it's important to remember that it's almost exactly a year ago that exactly in that area there was this horrifying attack on that maternity clinic that was stormed by gunmen and mothers with newborns in their all arms were gunned down no one has claimed responsibility it's been a year no one has been held to justice and really what happened yesterday that school could be one of those attacks that once again no one claims responsibility and no one is brought to justice so earlier on al jazeera we spoke to mohammad stomach sorry he's a senior advisor to afghanistan's interior minister he explained why the government believes the taliban is behind the attack despite the group's denials. this would be very very stupid to believe all about that you're not involved i mean look at the background look at history what i've been. doing. killing people destroying our wood burning the schools killing innocent women activists young best
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of afghanistan this is the i am this is what the who know we know that this is following behind in the fox you know it the pakistanis know the international community is aware of that now everyone is. on our sense that our soft peace has begun and. you know they have got a new strategy that we if we attack the army the answer one forces we will claim for that but yes and that hack on the public and we would just say that it is not us in the eyes i guess but behind the scenes everyone is aware of that the taliban in doha the taliban in pakistan in the shower. audit the command to start the spring attacks against the one government people so the other is not that that they are not fighting we have the free one of the very high ranking command. in doha
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yet it's no other group but taliban responsible and they have the power for big attacks once on. 14 almost 15 minutes past the news hour here's what's coming up i mean miles a minute return to mabel's an opposition government announced today on pain of the terrorist group china says the remnants of its rocket have splashed down near the mountains after tumbling back to worthen an uncontrolled reentry and sport relief and the striker who is closing in on a goal scoring record. protesters of burns tires and blocked roads in. iraq after republican activist was killed by a gunman. and he was shot dead in the early hours of sunday morning near his home in karbala he was a leading figure of antigovernment protests in the city so wonderful to him is in
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karbala actually outside all was nice home simona tell us more about the man himself and the significance of his killing. well unfortunately the anatomy of this killing has become all too familiar and we have covered other assassinations that unfolded in a very similar way since anti-government protests 1st began here in iraq in october 29000 according to the human rights commission here in iraq 34 activists have been assassinated by unknown gunmen 81 attends so this is just a long killing a series of targeted killings aimed at civil society activists aimed at protest leaders in an effort to really crack down on this movement now we spoke to was in this family the family home is right here next to me and what we understand
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what happened is that as he was coming home last night a motorcycle with 3 gunmen pulled up and shot him at close range multiple times they said that he had received several threats throughout the protests but as recently as a week ago that he demanded protection from the government which he didn't get and the family of course cannot directly say who is responsible but they are blaming armed groups that act outside of the chain of command that are act independently of the government and they have close ties to iran and unfortunately did don't really believe that the government is able to bring the killers to account we've seen several promises from the side of prime minister mr karr the minute he would rein in these armed groups that he would deliver justice to slain protesters and activists but so far only a handful of suspects have been arrested and no one has been brought to account. so
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similar protests anti-government protests the killing of one of the prominent leaders of that movement and we've got elections coming up in all these things don't happen in isolation. well these assassinations have been ongoing since the protests 1st began but there is a fear that they will increase as we head towards the elections in october because of course part of this protest movement is organizing to run in diesel actions not all of them because there is a good part that wants to boycott the elections because they believe that they will not be legitimate they will not be fair and transparent but there is a fear that among those who are trying to organize who have registered parties and who are prepared to run these armed groups that act with complete impunity will pick them off one after another and it is actually one reason why some parties that i have spoken to before actually try to keep their candidates secret so of course
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there is a fear that this kind of violence will increase there is a fear that instability will increase as we head towards elections and of course the government of prime minister mr carter me is in a difficult position here and as of course he wants to position himself for another term he wants to emphasize his achievements that he has made but when we look to the killings of the protesters as i mentioned before none have been brought to justice. 14 reporting from karbala this sunday thank you senator. 2 days in a row now and more than 400000. sorry 4000 people have died of 19 in a year and the infections show no sign of slowing 400000 of those were confirmed on sunday several states have gone into lockdown but many are calling on the national government to impose its own nationwide no. more with me in new delhi
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you had me the party i got my numbers confused but this is the way it is the numbers are so high and so is staggering every day and just not getting any better . so it's not the situation continues to be groom you know one milestone every single day is in cross both in terms of fresh cases and also in terms of the death count what we're seeing right now is states take matters. into their own hands and imposing their own lockdowns a curfew so today indian administered kashmir announced that it would be extending its lockdown order for this which had a sort of semi curfew come lockdown is extending that and delhi where cases have been for the ng has also extended it's locked on by a week with some new restrictions along with that states where we've seen cases really skyrocket over the last couple of days states that could not care
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a lot about mulatu are also entry into strict fresh lockdowns between today and monday. may what is the national government doing in india because there has been so much criticism of them simply not doing enough. well you're right the government has come under a lot of fire for its handling or rather the lack of handling of this crisis and this criticism is coming from all corners internationally the lancet the u.k. medical journal has come out with a scathing editorial blaming the prime minister and his government for the crisis domestically health experts and the indian medical association have also slammed the government for you know things like the oxygen crisis and for not implementing a well planned nationwide lockdown in addition to that the vaccination program has come under a lot of fire as well so india does not have one nationwide program to vaccinate
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its people and what we're seeing right now is states scrambling to get doses most of them have not even started the 3rd vaccination drive that officially began last week deady now saying it has doses only for the next 4 or 5 days finally you know there's a lot of criticism of what's being perceived as tone deafness and lack of empathy right now india is accepting aid officer after decades from countries around the world at the same time the government is spending more than a $1000000000.00 on a redevelopment project in new delhi this includes the revamping of the engine part of and but also a new home for the indian prime minister. telling us in the car that situation in india thank you for that. let's look at also now belgium where celebrations marking the end of a coronavirus curfew turned violent on saturday. bottles
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were thrown at police who responded with water cannons to clear out hundreds of people in brussels restrictions were imposed across belgian in october and were being lifted last month there is no longer a curfew but gatherings of more than 3 people continue to be banned between midnight and 5 am. and in latin america like most countries in the region peru is in the grip of a deadly 2nd wave of credit hospitals slow vaccine rollout rising number of deaths leaving many people in despair and as den of crime reports even the cemeteries are struggling to bury all the dead. it was only when her case attracted national media attention the local cemetery found a place for guinea belt used as brother joyal she was desperate in my community you meant that we had decided to bury him in the garden in the front of my house because there's no other solution what could i do with my dead brother in my house
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with that smell grew in the last 2 months has recorded more than 15000 deaths from the covered 19 virus health experts say the truth is probably much higher symmetries are overwhelmed despite doing all they can to accommodate the increased demand. as you can see the sun is always symmetries on the verge of collapse which is complicated by the situation the world is in so we're trying to adapt our teams to mitigate the situation in our cemeteries. but despite their best efforts it's not enough not with nearly 2000000 people in peru infected and 62000 deaths. unfortunately although peru is a rich country people are dying they're buried clandestinely in the hills by just digging a hole through is underfunded health system is overwhelmed an oxygen is scarce and the vaccination program beset by corruption scandals which is reach less than 2 percent of the population off with little hope some have taken extreme measures.
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i saw there were no places in the cemeteries and was worried that there was nowhere to take the debt nor money to bury them that is my concern and that's why i'm building this so my grave is ready. for many regions of latin america simply don't have the infrastructure to cope with sharp increases in covered 19 deaths earlier in the pandemic bodies were left on the streets in the ecuadorian city of black ill and the symmetries of the brazilian amazon city of man hours overflowed. the 2nd wave continues to bite dealing with the dead is again presenting a huge challenge. their al-jazeera. cuber is about to start administering to locally made vaccines targeting 1700000 people in the capital of ana schools and restaurants there are closed on a nighttime curfew has been in place since february cuber is hoping to have 70
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percent of its population inoculated by august and australia man suspected of being a recruiter for eisel has been arrested in melbourne federal police detained a 30 year old had been deported from turkey he was jailed for 18 months years expected to be charged in australia over offenses allegedly committed during his time in syria and in turkey. emergency crews have been working to put out a fire at an oil refinery in the syrian city of homs pictures broadcast by local media showed flames engulfing parts of the facility smoke billowing into the sky as well officials say it was caused by a leak in a pumping station says 5 months after a large fire and explosion at a nearby crude oil loading station thousands of people are marching in several cities across france demanding the government bring in its ambitious measures to tackle climate change.
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from paris where people say a proposed climate law just doesn't go far enough campaigners want any public funds used to support french industry to come with strict ecological conditions and they're pushing for the creation of thousands of jobs in the green economy. good time to check the weather has jeff. hello there we have been dealing with flooding rain toward areas of cambodia also northern sumatra but the good news is the forecast on monday shows that we don't really have any concentrated areas of rain across indonesia or indochina but there is still an area of concern i take you to the philippines we look towards central and southern areas where soaking rain once again on tab devout just about a week ago you saw for april a month's worth of rain in one days so heavy rounds of rain still in the forecast
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for you off to australia we do have rain draping across victoria and tasmania that will begin to lift and push away throughout the day on monday especially toward tasmania but temperatures are running a bit cool here a bit below average wellborn 16 degrees and by tuesday 15 with some breezy winds in the forecast ok for new zealand we've seen some heavy rain for the southern alps it's not back temperatures a bit christchurch at 19 degrees but you're still above average when we look toward the north island dealing with some unsettled conditions auckland a high of 21 degrees and we will look for temperatures remain above average and introduce some heavy rain on tuesday. here's what is coming up for you on this new sod the scottish national party balance to keep pushing for a new referendum on independence in the u.k. after another election victory. this is due in part of. every poll but it's also one of the most important forces of computer properly and
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. that the tories terraces of the football ultras where club loyalty come in violent confrontations when i was young when there was a football match we were crying because the fans would go crazy but in indonesia one group of revolutionary supporters has taken a stand against male aggression with a carnival miska display of peace and unity the fans who make football old truism angels on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks of the cold. which is really labelled as russian call. to asia and europe with details coverage before interim withdrawal is underway and will be completed after the may 1st deadline from the around the world all these
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demonstrates that the british government any new tools to. people's rights of assembly the country's democracy. the roof. oh. oh. you're in the news are here at al jazeera and these are our top stories another night of violence in occupied east jerusalem outside the locks a mosque compound israeli police were seen hitting and fighting palestinian protesters funerals are taking place for the victims of 3 bomb explosions near a school in afghanistan at least 50 people most of them were schoolgirls killed
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during those blasts in kabul on saturday and no one's claimed responsibility. and protesters apparent tires and blocked roads in iraq after a prominent activist was killed by an unknown gunman he how about whilst he was shot dead near his home in karbala he was a leading figure of the anti-government protests in the city. mainmast military is designated a rival so-called shadow government and its defense forces terrorists it's blaming that national unity government for carrying out bombings and killings the unity government which is mainly made up of exxon politicians announced a so-called people's defense force to protect civilians from the military a local monitoring group says more than 770 people have been killed in the army's crackdown on demonstrators. and antique protesters continue their demonstrations in defiance of the crackdown the young go on thousands of young people from different districts marching through the city center. crowds join the rallies in several other regions including mandalay and catchin states can win now has
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a section of director of burma human rights network in london he says the military is not taking control of all regions a national unity government has the backing of different ethnic groups and men. in burma right now there are multiple arms school and they are no one can control completely any part of the country completing the country so that means the military gender trying to. power is still failing is not getting that position yet and on the other hand that we have been lead you to make people democratically elected government that is there and huge ego and national unity government which would form the whole the most important point here is that a new government has a few more politically elected government who's with a mandate from the people of burma those who are all for the people of burma and they are standing up against that military officials we geve this terrorizing you know committing brutal crimes against humanity every day in every part of the book
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as you see that and you see government the exiled go examine the air within burma they are hiding and indicating with each other yet trying their best to serve the people so we understand they have immense of challenges but the point here is what about the international community you know we are we sort of well we only have to have a lip service from international community yes we see that there are sanctions are going on as some pressure is going on on the on the military but we needed change of all. you know affective support for this and your government and people those who are supporting so what about the people you know not to overthrow the brutal regime. the mayor of london has been re-elected for a 2nd term in a narrow that narrower than expected victory over his conservative party rival consequent 55 percent of the vote a 50 year old victory one of few bright spots for the labor party which had a largely underwhelming showing in these local elections. while the pro independent
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scottish national party s.n.p. won its 4th straight parliamentary victory its leader nicolas sturgeon says it shows people are ready for another vote on scotland breaking away from the rest of the u.k. china has a report from edinburgh it's not the outright majority the scottish national party had hoped for but the election has produced a majority for independence with the s.n.p. bolstered by the greens 1st minister and s.n.p. leader nicolas sturgeon made clear what she intends to do with it for the s.n.p. and the scottish greens stood in a clear commitment to an independence referendum within the next parliament should tear and both of eyes be clear that the timing of a referendum should be to say by a simple majority of image in the scottish parliament. pandemic recovery is the immediate priority after that the plan is for the scottish parliament to legislate for a referendum to take place within the next 5 years it will be for the government in
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london in charge of u.k. constitutional affairs to agree negotiate or challenge it in the supreme court a spectacle that would risk inflaming separatist desire even further so right now polling suggests perhaps the slates in that support for independence in kind of 4849 percent and 50 percent consistently over the last year when thing that makes it would make this referendum different though is that there's not a whole lot of people who are undecided there's not a whole that if you had it be their mind up on independence so you would have to change their minds rather than rather than in like the people i bring people together so you would have to have to change their entrenched positions which meant that my. prime minister boris johnson has consistently ruled out a 2nd referendum the 1st in 2014 was lost by a 10 point margin something he believes should have put the issue to bed for a generation but then brics it happened which scotland voted against by
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a large margin in 2016 being taken out of the e.u. against their will as many see it as reinvigorated the drive to leave the united kingdom what it all serves to demonstrate this election intervening event since 2040 of the declining influence of unionist parties scottish labor and the conservatives is just how divided this country now is split pretty much right down the middle there may well be a pass to a 2nd referendum now but still no way of predicting the outcome if it happens and with its politics said to be defined by antagonism towards westminster and the pursuit of independence from it for years to come jonah how al-jazeera edinburgh. and with us now from edinburgh is the founder and polling analyst for different partnership and opinion research company thank you for your time as they have
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election results get interpreted differently depending which side of the coin you're on there are those who say well the s.n.p. still did not reach a majority in the scottish parliament but i guess it's also fair to say that with proportional representation the scottish the parliament is not designed really for a majority is it. it really is a good afternoon here and yes that's absolutely right the voting system we have here in scotland makes it extremely difficult for any single party to win an overall majority so. people within one seat in the parliament which. you know they very want to see is and in fact. true polling almost 50 percent of the vote the same time this is the 6th election since the devolution period so the period of the scottish parliament and an overall majority is only has only happened once so it is it is the exception rather than the rules so to get almost 50 percent
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is a. it's a fairly big endorsement i think and when you add in the green party for example which is also pro independents it does give a majority a working majority all sorts certainly on the issue of independence so it becomes an issue of when rather than if. yes i think that's absolutely right there is now a clear majority in the parliament so if you look at the distribution of cities within the scottish parliament there are 72. members of the scottish parliament who are. independents which is well over half. and so yes it is now a matter of it is now a matter of time i think before we have another referendum i wouldn't really be expecting it to happen in the next couple of years because well for a start we all still as the rest of the world is gripped by the code that now
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demick and also i think because. the opinion polling on the on the issue shows as your piece just said that the country pretty much split down the middle on independents and therefore both sides of the argument quite a lot to lose and done both sides would want public opinion to be moving slightly more in their favor before they would go into any campaign feeling confident women are i would recall the 1st referendum what was that $24.00 team which was billed as a once in a generation opportunity i suspect that may not be the truth now because in between then and now we've had a once in a generation a vent of bragg's it which is possibly the most important thing to scotland rather than i mean obviously depend demick it's important but as everything that changed everything in. it absolutely did. during the 1st referendum campaign you know very much the pro case side. campaigned that
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if you wanted scotland to stay in the e.u. then you have to vote to stay in the u.k. and you know of course 2 years later or actually less than 2 years later scotland left the because the u.k. as a whole totally voted to leave the. but actually 2 thirds of people in scotland are almost 2 thirds of people of scotland voted to stay inside the and that is very much the event that has changed opinion so when we look at why people who voted why some people who voted no who what voted to stay in the u.k. in 2014 now support independence breaks it's the key issue that has driven the change of heart and lungs amongst many good people and that's what will make any future referendum much closer as we're seeing in the opinion polls no defeat talking scottish politics with out on al-jazeera today thank you for your time
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thank you thank you very much the russian president vladimir putin has said his country will quote firmly defend its interests this was during a show of military strength a 76 victory day this is the anniversary of the soviet defeat of nazi germany and watching on 812000 soldiers and 200 bases of the military hardware were paraded through red square in moscow. now a cousin of britain's queen elizabeth the 2nd has reportedly been recorded offering investors access to the kremlin for personal gain london sunday times in the broadcast channel 4 so they posed as businessmen in a meeting with prince michael of kent they say he told them he could make confidential representation to people close to president vladimir putin since michael's office that he had no contact with putin since 2003 china says remnants
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of one of its biggest rockets have landed in the indian ocean after an uncontrolled re-entry into earth's atmosphere is of the coordinates released by the chinese space agency putting that landing area just west of the maldives though it's not yet clear if any debris actually landed on the islands china says most of it burned up on the way in the rock it was called long long march 5 it launched 10 days ago carrying part of china's 1st permanent space station nasa has criticized beijing for failing to control the debris saying it isn't meeting responsible standards here is. the senior research fellow at the university of southern queensland institute for advanced engineering and space sciences he says china is the only country that still allows these uncontrolled re-entries of space junk. large spaces can reach the ground but it doesn't happen too often and certainly not really way in populated areas today the main place that entered the atmosphere was about 20 tons in 30 meters long so that was certainly the single piece that entered the
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atmosphere once it entered the atmosphere it was broken up into many smaller pieces previously and one match 5 babies being reported to have dropped a piece that was 12 metres long so you could imagine if there were people around that it would be dangerous but again landed in the ocean and that's where most of the space debris doesn't back down and so this chinese long match is one of the 1st rockets and it's only the 2nd of its type it's been launched with by the main stage of the rockets at a very large component actually went over to this means it's orbiting around the earth and that's what we've been tracking for the previous few days normally these rockets would be disposed of in a manner that means they drop into the ocean saley quickly after the launch and don't go into an uncontrolled orbit like this one with the set up they've got they can put more mass into orbit so so their actual space station without launching or i would get more of that into orbit for a lesser cost both in mass and dollars and the result is of course that we have this one base left over after that for example he likes basics or of course real
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landing everything so that he can reuse it and that seems to me like the international and global trends that's happening this single use is not really seen anywhere else outside of china so i hopefully won't be continuing in this line. more than a week of anti-government protests in colombia have left some areas facing food and fuel shortages with deliveries disrupted by roadblocks police officers and the army have been sent in to clear the blockades but the protesters say their fight is far from over. now reports a long line of cars waiting to go to a road block outside the capital for a week the youth of the traditionally conservative farming town of have slowed the movement of people in goods to a trickle adding their grievances to the ongoing national strike in colombia to stop us and what's happening here is an echo of what's happening at the national level people woke up to the issues of wealth distribution the country we are
4:45 pm
demanding a different world the sustainable ruler development no more transnational normal to a national searing our resources we want farmers with good living and working conditions down the road in the nearby town of la calamita another temporary road block organized by local truck drivers. we are all united the truck drivers are supporting the protests it's a just cause for all we are all affected the government says cities are running out of food because of us but the truth is that they started to earth with their fiscal reform since the start of the widespread enough times deadly street protests in the city's other groups in rural and provincial areas are also demanding action and poverty unemployment and police violence the roadblocks of produce shortages of food and gasoline the exports of major commodities like coffee have been halted compute. the government is deploying riot police in the army to lift the barricades
4:46 pm
or you look at. what colombia needs to days to get back to work to get vaccinated to open up opportunities and we're always open to listen to everyone and debated president. the roadblocks is the 1st step to start a negotiation with the protesters saying that they affect the rights of others but some farmers an intrapreneur here tell us that they support the strike by the losses. like. who owns a restaurant in town. we live off tourism and people have not been able to come we had to deal with shortages but i stand with the protest we want better health pension this is about the future of children president ducasse started a national conversation with different sectors of society to try to end the demonstrations but he has yet to meet with the leaders of the strike those on the street say they remain skeptical of the government's intentions and save it for the time being they don't see
4:47 pm
a solution in sight alison the. chilly exports most of the world's algae night which is used to make a range of things plastics found in these sorts of forests of browns that grow along the coast they are under threat in america editor at the scene human explains why from. added lance it's obvious that planet earth is more water than land. but a cigar at 1st it looks like there's nothing but underneath there is extraordinary biodiversity one trunk of our can sustain move than 400 species there are snails sea urchins and then many it's where life begins to call these our map grow algae forests as indispensable for our survival as those that grow above ground through photosynthesis they absorb just as much c
4:48 pm
o 2 gas and together with phytoplankton and sea grass they produce nearly half of our planet's oxygen there are also like nurseries for small fish to find shelter from predators. along 2000 kilometers of chile's pacific coast these forests can grow 40 metres high and live for up to 25 years but they are in danger i thought marcus on the road access there are areas especially in the north where the algae is being extracted indiscriminately. killing other muslims almost every day maybe a compass walks on to the edge of these rocks to catch a leader as it's called in chile it's hard work but it's escalating price has allowed her to send her 3 children to university. these widows or algae are drying out here so that they can then be taken off to be sold and why is this algae in
4:49 pm
such high commercial demand because they are the horse alginate you probably have never heard of it but believe me you have consumed it this is you who are making your cars pass wards of the most expensive type this variety is used for making green. hopes and this one called the black widow is used in making the plastics that we use practically every day. it's also used widely in the cosmetic industry from here it's taken to a processing plant to be chopped and shipped primarily to china and japan chile produces 40 percent of the world's alginate but much of it is harvested illegally and media companies says she only takes what the ocean throws out even in the thick of it all this is what we call the head of the tree the ocean to root out to shore because it was no longer needed this isn't the same where oh that the boat extracts the fishermen dive cut it off from the head and kill it. license fishermen are
4:50 pm
allowed to rip out the algae a technique that was illegal until 1980. last year 500 tons were exported half of it harvested without authorization in a thriving black market chile's long coastline makes it difficult to police but there are other ways to help turn the tide state's them from saving or regrowth. of the. current. it requires an investment yes but employing science to counter the depletion of natural species has already become a necessity so that as darwin once said we don't all perish you see in human al-jazeera peachey coolly. far as along with your sport in a moments i'm a gopher who went a long way around to the 1st tee at his latest that story in
4:51 pm
a moment. no rains for months now because once lush vegetable garden has turned to dust she says it's as if the land has given up on her but she has not given up on the land. in this land you can grow not just to biscuits but carrots potatoes onions collie flower if only we had water. during the rainy season it's another story the land springs to life the state pays in others to plant trees as part of the great green wall project an initiative to stop desert occasion from east to west africa. because of rising temperatures and the lack of rainfall most of the trees planted are either dying or already dead and while polluting countries have recently pledged billions of dollars more in funds for those projects people here
4:52 pm
say they're throwing money into the desert they say they don't need more trees but more access to water. the over the the on. the old. time for a look at this but with far from all thank you so much hundreds of athletes have been taking part in a track and field test event at tokyo's olympic stadium there are less than 3 months to go until the games are due to begin although more than $400.00 competitors were involved only 9 were from abroad spectators for president the stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held to your mains under a state of emergency do a rise in corona virus infection. we can to go i was in poland for the
4:53 pm
world relays we had 31 countries we had 700 competitors and not one of those competitors left having tested positive in the protocols on the systems that replaced with clear hundreds of antilope at protesters gathered outside the stadium during the event an online petition asking for the games to be cancelled has attracted more than $300000.00 signatures in just 3 days. in the build out to these games olympic organizers are releasing a series of playbooks essentially a list of rules designed to ensure a safe and secure event all participants must pass to cope with 1000 task before leaving their home country athletes will also be tested daily while in tokyo competitors must avoid public transport and will stay at the athletes' village which is in a so-called bio secure bubble but they'll be sharing rooms with teammates and have been told to bring their own face mask says organizers won't be providing them
4:54 pm
a play about playbook also informs athletes they're attending the games at their own risk. killer is the director general of global athletes a group aiming to give more of a say in how the games are being organized i think athletes do want the games through to occur but they want the games to occur to ensure that the most robust safety measures are put in place to ensure they're protected and to ensure everyone around them is protected and the i.o.c. is right that you know the i think that trained all of this time tends to some 101212 years to prepare for these games that could be their only shot and they do want to attend but not at all cost when you have a crisis management plan in place you normally have the most robust plan possible and there's the risk starts to minimise you drop back that plan the i.o.c. is seen to do the opposite so they've come out in waves of the playbook which
4:55 pm
they've had a year to develop and they have rolled it out slowly by increasing the good the different protocols and restrictions and what that does is it leads to a lack of trust from the athletes from the general population and from health experts that are going to be hosting these games and in tokyo and the concern is that the protocols are not robust enough and we've expressed our views amongst other player associations that the international committee has really come up short when it comes to protecting their essential workers unpaid workers the athletes to ensure they have a safe environment sell canelo alvarez says at another world title to his collection the next and mexican defeated britain's billy joe saunders and taxus alvarez now owns 3 different versions of the world super middleweight title the fight took place in front of more than $73000.00 fans it was the biggest ever crowd
4:56 pm
at an indoor boxing vacuum in the u.s. . the spanish league football title race is still too tight to call leaders atletico madrid to deal nail with the barcelona on saturday let it go remain top 2 points at a bar so both have 3 games to go can move level with athletico if the beats of the later sunday. this was how intimately and sands welcomed their team to the stadium on saturday enter have just won the italian league title for the 1st time in more than a decade. and barring munich or german champions for a 9th straight season robert lewandowski scored a hat trick in this 6 no win over. back the polish strikers now building on course for the season has 2 games left to be together to muller's all time record afford. to break this record that will be something amazing for me as well because you know
4:57 pm
if you have only 34 games even in my in my situation decision that was something. i knew i have to say that i need to believe. can happen but now i have the shans and i have to be ready for this. i knew a 7 goal champion bryson just shambo took a long route to the 1st tee at his latest as and the american thought he missed the halfway cut in north carolina and flew on to dallas if that found out he'd actually qualified to play on saturday and had to fly back during the night just in time to shoot a superb a 3 under par round of 68. ok and that is all you sport for now back to our will we see you in the next news i'll get a cup about when we'll see far again with another head of sport on out to 0 i will see you in about 2 minutes time with another full bulletin to us such an amount of .
4:58 pm
the world of high frequency shared trading exposed by this engine that was basically trading it couldn't last $30000000.00 it was a terrifying experience how artificial intelligence was raised the stakes and risks on the money markets is markets go faster and faster and we are opening up the possibility for instability for no. money books coming soon on al-jazeera. being comfortable in one's own skin is a birthright at least it should be a black filmmaker raised by white parents in east berlin in the 1960 s. embarks on a stunning journey of self discovery. a touching tale of family identity lifelong secrecy and reconciliation. becoming black eye witness documentary
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on al-jazeera. southern england where 2 farmers turned safari park pioneers of the truck his mates in the driving seat and just absolutely astonishing the life of the poor by even the very 1st so much and i mean. one by layering companies revolutionized. and artificially billions here inside you have science you have the knowledge and the drawing is just 0 and one. working in asia and africa very few days where i'd be choosing editing my own stories and a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from lions because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is to gather that's why
5:00 pm
al-jazeera so important we make those connections. holy it's not during ramadan and israeli crackdown leaves dozens of palestinian protesters injured outside the mosque compound. but again i'm come on santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera grieving families bury their loved ones of the series of laws. out of school in.


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