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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2021 11:00am-11:31am +03

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my eye israeli security forces fire on palestinians with stun grenades and tear gas exploding inside alex a mosque in occupied east jerusalem is the latest on rest a rocket flashpoint religious site which has provoked warnings and condemnation from around the world's.
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time how them are hitting and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iraqi protesters turned their anger on iran's consulates in karbala after the killing of a prominent activists. a report from sudan on high people smuggling has flourished since conflict broke out in neighboring ethiopia. and the dutch made flying car hoping to take off getting ground clearance on european roads. hundreds are said to have been wounded in the latest outbreak of violence in answer runs the compound in occupied east jerusalem. israeli security forces fired tear gas and stun grenades state targeted palestinian protesters who held stones and other objects already simmering tensions to build
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further in flames on a plan march later on monday by right wing israeli nationalists for an event they call jerusalem day. my i and israeli forces have stormed the al aqsa mosque for a 2nd time since last week syrians are standing guard around the mosque to protect its jury in that nationalist march. the palestinian red crescent says more than 180 people have been injured they say their team is being prevented from reaching the compound with aids at least 8 people have been hospitalized well let's get more now from hari forces she joins us from. the israeli forces there storming the mosque what exactly is going or why this heavy handed approach.
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well certainly let's start with what has been going on in the last couple of hours as you say the palestinian red crescent society says that nearly 200 people have been injured so far and about half of those have been hospitalized there has been the use of rubber bullets of tear gas rubber coated steel bullets tear gas and stun grenades extremely heavy numbers of israeli security forces that you can see throughout the compound and as you say entering that the mosque as well the. we understand that there are a group of muslim worshippers who are currently inside the front mosque there are sort of pinned in there for now and the situation continues also the p.c.r. us that the red crescent society saying that one of its own medics has been injured and is in a critical condition that's an extremely worrying development a lot of the injuries are a number of injuries a said to have been from that rubber coated steel bullets to the face and the eyes
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at least 8 journalists also reporting that they have been injured in what has taken place so far as to what was the media proximate trigger of it well israeli officials really police and government officials are saying that there were thousands of people who overnighted inside the locks a mosque compound that is something that does take place fairly regularly in the final phase of ramadan but they point to pictures showing stores of stones and barricades and reports of stone throwing at police positions and also on the road surrounding the other side of the old city as the immediate preempting events before the the the kind of violence that we've seen erupting since then we're hearing from the the islamic trust the the walks that runs the compound itself about potentially some. movements involving
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the security forces and some of the walks god we don't know exactly what that pertains to yet will keep across that but i think the thing to really focus on is the danger that is inherent in all of this especially if there are fatalities especially if we see directs palestinian versus jewish violence already we have seen one jewish driver appearing to ram a palestinian protester outside the walls of the old city very close to luxor mosque other reports that he was being attacked with stones in the immediate moments before and so on a day like this when we are expecting tens of thousands of potentially right wing far right jewish nationalists jewish religious nationalists as well to be here in the muslim sect of occupied east jerusalem we wait to hear exactly how the security forces intend to handle that when they intend to restrict any of the traditional route this is an extremely dangerous day it is an extremely dangerous day and it's
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only 11 o'clock in the morning at where you are hiring i pads can this get it's because this these marches that are going on or are seen as a real problem provocation a particularly for people who are marking ramadan and we've just seen their mosque storms. indeed and you know even outside of all these events jerusalem day which is the day that israel recognizes and more particularly religious nationalists here in who come here to sue the old city they mark the day in 1967 according to the hebrew calendar this is the in 167 that israel. during the $967.00 war room took east jerusalem and in its terms annexed it in international legal terms it is it remains the occupying
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power here but the israeli narrative is that it is the reunification of jerusalem that is marked on this day and even at the best of times the least tense of times this is seen as a major provocation and people charge through the streets of the muslim quarter of the old city waving israeli flags dancing singing chanting banging on boarded up shops and the like these really police commissioner said that he hoped the traditional route could be observed this year even in this situation now we haven't yet heard of their final decision no going to make a decision this morning monday morning as to whether to allow that route to take place or whether to restrict the access to these more of these these palestinian and muslim areas of the old city but even outside of this i think what has already taken place inside the al aqsa mosque compound at the temple mount as it's known to jews is an extremely dangerous and potentially consequential event we're hearing
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from hamas in gaza that israel will exact a high price even during the course of last night when the clashes were more minor than what we've seen in previous evenings there are still 4 rockets fired out of gaza so we have to keep an eye on what happens in gaza as well and we certainly do hiring and of course all this is taking place against the backdrop of the long running tensions particularly a sheriff. forced evictions that we've been covering the story over the last few days there was judged to be a court ruling on whether palestinian residents of chefs there are would be evicted from their homes this is another issue of resentment feeding in to these under lying tensions what markie tell us about this. that's right i mean there have been a couple of focal points of the the month long series of tension so far in east
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jerusalem one of them was originally at the beginning of ramadan the barricading of these routes up and down the damascus gate area where usually people would gather here at night time after ramadan nightly prayers and congregate and eat and drink and celebrate it was decided by these rescue forces to barricade it off and that caused an immediate round of protest which eventually it did and then taking it down so there was a bit of a victory celebrated there by palestinian activists in parallel has been this issue of the imminent potential addictions from of in the immediate instance for families but it's a much wider issue involving hundreds of residents of this neighborhood in the longer term and that was given great impetus really by what took place here there was a hearing shuttle to take place today around now in fact at the israeli supreme court where an appeal that is being lodged by 4 families who had been given
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a deadline of may the 2nd for their eviction was due to be not heard in full but a decision was due to be made as to whether to hear that plea or simply to reject it out of hand and potentially enforce those evictions within days that had been referred to by the israeli foreign ministry just a couple of days ago as a private legal dispute between jews who claimed ownership of that land before 948 and palestinians who challenged it obviously the fact that the attorney general himself intervened and really engineered a delay of at least 30 days so that hearing goes to show that it was not just a private legal dispute it was a major sort of security issue and and a policy issue in terms of his ready to die as a sion of occupied east jerusalem and that delay was seen perhaps. to give a bit of breathing space allow things to calm down a bit but what's taking place just a short walk away from here inside iraq some us compound this morning that doesn't point to any kind of breathing space or coming really could be trigger of much
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broader and longer lasting problems both here and beyond and certainly could harry thank you very much indeed. excuse me while we're we've been showing our viewers pictures from our sister channel al jazeera arabic there showing pictures of medics trying to get in to treat the wounded so you have been injured. at that mosque compound say we are going to keep a very cool side on developments there happening as a force that was saying a very very tense situation in deeds well international pressure is mounting on israel the organization of islamic cooperation says it is appalled by the brutality of the force used against palestinian protesters the u.n. security council will meet to discuss developments later on monday and as
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well as on the reports from washington the u.s. reaction will be critical here. you're getting a sense that here in washington that there is growing concern about the situation there in israel that we've been seeing over the last few days. biden's national security adviser jake so often had a call on sunday with his rig israeli counterpart and according to a readout from the white house about that call sullivan told his or israeli counterpart that the u.s. is very concerned about the violence that is taking place he said that there are serious concerns about the violent confrontations and that the u.s. wants to ensure colm and deescalate tensions and promote deescalation violence that we've been seeing also soul of in telling israeli officials that the u.s. it has serious concerns and according to the readout from the white house about the
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potential palestinian if vixens palestinian families from their land in their homes in the shade neighborhood and he said that there are he expressed that to the israeli officials that that the u.s. has some serious concerns about that what was not part of this readout or at least what was not laid out in this readout from the call was any direct condemnation of israel's actions by the united states at least not from this readout clearly israel is a very strong ally of the united states and whenever we've seen situations like this the u.s. usually treads very lightly when it comes to any sort of condemnation when it comes to any violence there. well just syria has spoken exclusively with iraq's prime minister mr dini in baghdad's he says the palestinian people have the legal right to stay in shape. you could take heed a lot in. iraq to nonces all the crimes of the palestinian people and the
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prevention of the muslim community to access their holy sites and protecting the palestinian neighborhoods that historically belong to them and should be protected and defended. protesters in the iraqi city of karbala have targeted iran after an anti government activist was shot dead supporters of set fires around the iranian consulate in karbala a suspected raynier back fighters have been behind the shooting of muslims killed coasters home by on gunmen in the early hours of sunday is one of more than 30 activists killed in iraq since the beginning of large scale antigovernment process in 2019 some one of 14 reports from karbala. that agonizing wait for the body of a loved one this is the family of a was in the a well known organizer in iraq's anti-government protest movement he was shot dead of the night before just outside his home in iraq's southern city of karbala he had
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his mother told al-jazeera he had received numerous threats from paramilitary groups backed by iran the militias are everywhere in the streets they have a list which includes the names of all the activists they will kill them one by one today they killed my son and soon they'll kill another was the funeral procession arrived in the scorching afternoon heat their religious punctuated with desperate cries for survival. the parties are killing us screamed the man who once stood by you help side in cabinets protest squares demanding change but is anyone listening inside helps family said their final goodbye their anger directed at both the killers and the government who failed to protect him are looked at with we don't trust the government and we don't trust this political process if there is to be justice there should be an international investigation is one of 34 activists assassinated since protests 1st began in
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october 29000 according to iraq's human rights commission a 3rd were killed after a new government was formed in may 2020 promising to end impunity when prime minister must. probably came to power almost a year ago he promised to bring in our troops that acted outside of the state's control and to bring those responsible for the that the protesters and activists to account but only a handful of iran have been made and no one has been convicted and so the killings and the funerals go on the protesters drove body to calabar central square once packed with crowds railing for a cause but after the movement crumbled amid brutal repression they mostly just gather to mourn those they lost few here dare to speak on camera in fear they might be next some expect violence to further flare ahead of october elections why.
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these assassinations don't come out of nowhere they are organized it's linked to the elections that have been set for next october and all these politicians are scared i think the october protesters will compete for their power to bring about change that's why they're targeting the activist and today he have paid the price. the prime minister promised justice and ordered and wiring but none of these investigations have borne fruit in the past leaving little hope for accountability in the future simona fulton al-jazeera. at least 25 people are reported to have been killed after a bus hit a landmine and afghanistan it happened on the kabul kandahar highway in zabul province local officials say women and children are among the victims separately there have been reports of at least 20 soldiers being killed in a car bombing that sets of happened outside an army base in the city of fara. the taliban has announced a 3 day cease fire in afghanistan during the muslim festival of
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a dull fitter this weekend's it comes to days after the government blamed the group for an attack outside a school that killed more than 50 people mostly young girls it's alabam denies being responsible funerals have been held for the victims of that attack care sphere contra foully reports from kabul. most of the debris is outside this girl's school may be gone but not the anger and grief among the people of. dozens of students mostly girls who were killed as they were leaving school 3 bomb blasts cutting their lives short. ever comes in commits an act of terror should be prevented and punished and no other group conduct such kind of criminal activities in the future the security forces come to the scene after the attack and create more chaos that will never help prevent such brutal attacks witnesses say the attack appeared well coordinated and intended to kill as many children as possible
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this is the school's gate and the girls were coming out a car bomb and 2 id's exploded almost back to back in 3 different parts of the road outside the school the taliban has denied responsibility and blamed. the government says the taliban is behind the attack there are more than 20 terrorist groups operating in afghanistan peace talks between the taliban and the afghan government are at an impasse and some analysts say even if they reach a peace deal stability in the country is not guaranteed now the time when the taliban are not blaming the responsibility for such attacks this means that the other actors involved in of on is the one who has the capacity of challenging the state and the stability and peace of honest sun which again means that the international community is leaving an unfinished chapter behind the attack was
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carried out as violence is rising across the country and foreign troops look to complete their withdrawal in the coming months has our ethnic minority lives in the neighborhood and has been repeatedly attacked in recent years its members have called on the government. i cell has claimed several of the attacks. for the region audibles or we will investigate and find the perpetrators are working very hard should be brought to justice but justice has rarely been served to the victims of the many attacks in dashed about and so once more they bury their dead and pray for the carnage to end failure contraflow al-jazeera kabul. the daily number of covert 19 infections counted in india has fallen to below
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400000 for the 1st time in 4 days this is according to official figures which tend to drop after weekends with fewer tests and carried outs health officials have recorded another 3700 deaths with the health system overwhelmed pressure is building on prime minister narendra modi to announce nationwide locked and like you did during india's 1st wave or ask more from elizabeth purana who joins us live from new delhi list let's start with the vaccine in india that's supposed to be the way out of this crisis what's happening with india's vaccine dr. well the vaccination program has faced so much criticism that the supreme court and his top court is going to continue hearing the policies around the government's vaccination program this week including why it's allowing manufacturers to charge completely different prices to the central government to states and to private
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hospitals why the program is going so very slow despite starting in january and administering around $170000000.00 doses which seems like a lot but it's less than 10 percent around 10 percent of india's population have received one dose around 2.5 percent have received both doses and the supreme court is going to be hearing also why private people who have buying the vaccine in india it is free for everyone above the age of 18 but there's such a shortage that for everyone above 18 to get it as far from reality people who can afford to pay are paying private hospitals who are charging some of the highest prices in the world and people who are campaigning for equitable access to vaccines public health experts say that the opening up of vaccines to free market pricing allows them to be diverted to the private sector and away from people who can't
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afford to pay for them the government for its pot has told the supreme court not to interfere in the matter and that its policies are driven by experts medical and scientific opinion but the renowned international medical journal the lancet has just been the latest to criticize the government's handling of the pandemic and closing its vaccination program which the lancet described as botched and. just focus of the general situation it in the last few weeks to be marred by these dreadful pictures of funeral pars in the streets hospitals running out of oxygen people dying outside hospitals or things getting. they are getting a little bit better in delhi the cases have been the lowest here since they were in early april but because delhi's testing has also come down we can't focus too much on those figures figures yet they've also come down in the worst affected state and
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the figures there have been down for at least a week now and so it looks really does look like things are improving there they are getting much worse in places like the southern state of card nasha where the intensive care unit in its capital city of bengal looting one of the richest in the country like mumbai and like delhi which were the worst affected before ben going to do it doesn't have any more i see you beds we're seeing long lines of ambulances outside the southern city of chennai so the virus has just spread to other areas one job is asking the government to immediately send more oxygen because it's need so much more because of the number of cases there and so what we're seeing is states imposing more and more restrictions a lot of the country is already under regional lockdowns but the states and pose a more restrictions to bring the cases down like maharashtra was able to after weeks of very strict restrictions ok elizabeth thrown in the years all the very
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latest from new delhi thank you very much the. people smuggling between sudan and ethiopia is increasing despite their border crossings been closed sudan has long been a transit center for many people hoping to reach europe sudanese authorities say the conflict soon if you refuse to grow region is leaving many more trying to make that journey i'll just morgan reports from gul abouts. this shelter is far from what's highly at afi and his family had back in their hometown of my. region but when conflict erupted last november hyla says he was forced to abandon all he had and he and his family smuggled themselves into sudan through an unofficial border crossing. i came into the country at night through the bush there was a form of the border and that's where i stayed for the day sudanese soldiers found me and others who were also escaping to gray and brought us to the camp i had hoped to eventually leave and go to another country because i have relatives who've
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crossed the border before the conflict and they're now in europe and elsewhere but instead we came to the refugee camps the degree conflict is now in its 6 months and has forced more than 63000 people into sudan in search of safety many came through official border crossing points along the sudan if you order during the 1st days of conflict but refugees shortly after the conflict started crossing the border from ethiopia became difficult and smuggling became the safest way to seek refuge in sudan's border states of. they're not the only ones making the journey hundreds coming each year in search of work borders between sudan and if you were marked out in the early 20th century during british colonial rule. despite being drawn on maps the borders between sudan and if you are poorly defined on the ground in most parts there are no formal barriers to mark where one country and the other begins on the stretches of farmland and while border smuggling is not other factors besides the 2
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great conflict helped increase over the past few months border crossings have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic now if you do cross don't venture far from this area in a place called. it's a new 2 kilometer stretch of paperwork is needed to enter. it's better for me to locate and i can communicate with the people and earn money unlike back and my village and. in late november sudan moved to take over 3000 region in the state. that sudan claims under colonial agreements dating back to mind. but ethnic on her farmers from ethiopia say they've been farming it for nearly 5 decades and it belongs to them local authorities say the situation at the border has also led to a rise in other forms of smuggling. the forces are also combating an increase in smuggling of weapons to borders of being porous and with conflict into gray we find people
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seeking refuge more often they do that by smuggling across the border and those we detect 100 over to the refugee commission but we need organizations to tend to the refugio otherwise we'll start seeing trafficking of vulnerable refugio hyla says when he was smuggled into sudan he was concerned about the welfare of his family he says he still hopes to relocate his family to a better place but now wants to do it legally to any repercussions on their lives and their future morgan al-jazeera. if you're watching al-jazeera let's just take you back to the. mosque. which we've been following after israeli forces stormed the morse earlier this morning before 9 am local time the latest figures we have are that some 180 palestinians have been hurt in the violence there wounded when israeli security forces stormed that compound 80
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people we understand have now been hospitalized as a result of. raids. devices numbers out for you 950 people we understand have now been injured in that raid and of course as we gain more access to the sites we can expect those numbers to rise certainly given some of the images that have been coming out journalists have also been targeted we understand that some 6 palestinian journalists who were in the components have been injured after a tear gas and stun grenades were fired inside the actual mosque itself and i witness reports are saying that so many people have been injured by rubber bullets rubber coated steel bullets which have been fired at protesters of course a very tense time happening right now in jerusalem this is what is known as jerusalem day where israeli right wing nationalist sense
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a parade through the streets to mark what they call the reunification of jerusalem seized after the 6 day war very tense day in jerusalem we are going to keep a very cool site on developments there to keep it here on our. back after this with an updates on the top lines. so let's take you through the very latest from oakey point east jerusalem. it was. a 100 so people have been wounded in the latest i break of violence in answer brian's someone called patterns israeli security forces fired tear gas and stun grenades they have targets since palestinian protesters.


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