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new palaces the homes of her man cortez and his captain's lands were divided and with the same stones in the same hands of the native people they built a new city. despite the destruction of mexico denotative plan vestiges like this aqueduct that once channeled water across the aged city still exist side by side with the towering metropolis that is the modern mexican capital. as mexican political leaders seek to commemorate the spanish conquest with a series of special events throughout 2021 the anniversary appears to have also sparked a renewed enthusiasm for pre-columbian heritage so look at santa what i feel remains today is a sense of grandeur there's a pride among the people of the city to be the descendants of that ancient dynasty . a recent poll found that more than half of residents in the mexican capital would be in favor of changing the city's name back to mexico land. al-jazeera
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mexico city. these are your top stories israel's aerial bombardment of gaza is continuing with raids on several locations 90 palestinians including 18 children have been killed since monday. earlier palestinian factions fired more than 100 rockets into israel targeting tel of eve and all international flights have been diverted at least 7 people in israel have been killed in the last couple of days or a force that has more now from southern israel on the latest round of strikes. since sunset for about the last hour there has been an intense artillery barrage from this area close to the gaza strip in the direction of the gaza strip obviously behind what has been fairly substantial tank movement you can hear that behind us right now. it's the most obvious movements of military hardware apart from what we
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saw coming in on the back of lorries that we've seen in our time here and as i say during this more than an hour now the there's been a regular artillery barrage as well the french interior minister general dominant has asked the police to ban a pro palestinian protest in paris this weekend a day earlier the police dispersed a rally in paris after protesters gathered next to the foreign ministry a man incited fears they could be a repeat of clashes happening during similar protests in $24.00 to. india's hospitals have become so overwhelmed with coronavirus patients some states and ministering a drug against the advice of the w.h.o. go and also recount of announced plans to use the anti parasitic drug i have a mic to protect against severe cope with 19 infections inside story is next the news hour is after that c event.
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israeli airstrikes continue in gaza the worst violence in years is intensifying each day with dozens killed so far israeli and palestinian leaders are ignoring international calls for calm so what can be done to avoid a full scale war this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm homage enjoy him palestinians in gaza are
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marking the end of the muslim month of ramadan under a barrage of israeli airstrikes dozens of people have been killed since monday in the worst violence since 2014. israel's prime minister says this is just the beginning armed groups including hamas fired back rockets into israel the escalation has triggered street violence between palestinian israelis and jewish israelis in several cities diplomats from egypt and qatar trying to broker a ceasefire israel staunchest ally the u.s. is sending an envoy while insisting on israel's right to self-defense. my expectation hope is that. this will be. closing down sooner than later but israel has a right to defend so for you have thousands of rockets lined in to your territory but i had a conversation from one always with the prime minister's room and i think.
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my hope is that we'll see this coming to a conclusion sooner than later palestinian leaders are putting the blame squarely on israel. it enough i shall hope the book is the failure of israel's plans and jerusalem in the face of all people steadfastness isp pushed it into a bloody aggression against the gaza strip israel is the aggressor and the occupying power that commits crimes against all people and it based full responsibility for that and for violating international law and international humanitarian law protests have taken place around the world condemning the violence and to demand an end to israeli occupation of palestinian territory leaders from europe china russia and elsewhere are calling for calm the united nations security council has held to emergency sessions but the u.s. has been blocking attempts to issue a statement the secretary general is warning of chaos if the fighting doesn't stop
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he and his envoy have called on the international community to take action to enable the parties to step back from the brink and return to their previous understanding's that have maintained a relative calm in gaza and avoided descent into chaos with the massive casualties and immense damage to civilian infrastructure that would result. in all right let's bring in our guests in tel aviv danny danon former permanent representative of israel to the united nations in ramallah i'm not his jazzy assistant minister for multilateral affairs of the state of palestine and in washington d.c. hillary mann leverett former u.s. diplomat a warm welcome to you all danny let me start with you today does israel at the moment want to see a diplomatic solution to this crisis and if so what steps is it prepared to take to try and deescalate the situation. it's
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a good for having me today and then i want to make it legal. and not intentional we as the nation will resist the peaceful nation and i'm sergeant. ryan last night that ran with my 2 dogs are shot and 1000000 to be there you did that saying the last night well being that there are going to there's a mosque in wow we are defending i will. not be quiet. and we will hunt down the mosque there are used and it is will be quiet. in the entire city these well. let me ask you a somewhat similar question here so far all we've heard from both sides in this is there isn't a lot of indication that there is any type of deescalate deescalation sentiment right now so are the palestinians prepared to try to deescalate this what steps would they want to take and also is there a unified palestinian position on all this. the palestinians out of unified than
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their stance against this aggression. old palestinian factions and political parties. standing united against theirs that is aggression that started in jerusalem and continued on to gaza. the matters that the palestinian people are continuously under this aggression and those readers that. this reality needs to and we've been appealing and calling in the international community to take steps to end this injustice and to end this occupation which is the source of all the indices that we see today and let me ask you the role that the u.s. is playing in all this we know that president biden really wants to disengage with the middle east. he wants to focus more on china and now he is being
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pulled back into this situation is it possible for by to actually disengage and is he doing enough to try to deescalate the situation. i think it's going to be very difficult for that body ministration to disengage no matter how much it may want to do so in part because the domestic politics in the united states are changing there is a different congress today than there was the last time 2014 that there was this round of maine and and violence in the israeli and palestinian areas we have in congress today for example the head of the house foreign relations committee had been a stalwart pro israel ally for 30 years he was ousted in the past election and now there's a new member of congress from that district of new york who is much more open to arguments palestinians human rights and civil rights need to be taken very seriously and you take that we are change in congress that we're seeing with allude
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here in the united states that i think is important to understand where we're seeing constant scenes of police brutality and white supremacist brutality sheir in the united states to see similar images in israel and and the gusset in areas has a different different impression i think on particularly on democrats and progressives who today control the u.s. government 2 years from now we may it may be a different story that the house and senate may change 4 years from now their presidency may change but today it's in control of the democrats president biden himself is more of an old school democrat who has this reflexive notion of supporting israel's right to the right to self defense but more and more democrats more and more progressive are even saying what is this right to self-defense is that you really deceptive and israeli lives or is it to defend a permanent subjugation of palestinians and arabs that kind of conversation hasn't happened in washington in a very long time and it could portend
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a real change in the politics which will push biden to take steps to be more engaged than he otherwise would like to be then he we know that the u.s. is sending an envoy to israel to try to help the escalate the situation do you believe that you will see any benefit out of that trip. yes i am very yes critical about it because of the you don't have the balls i've been. down in the groups he had them in you could have done about that with hamas might be the logical issue and i want to remind you in the audience during $911.00 after that that you know that's an entirely new york city i'm not sure the statement that or we all due respect and. all of that mutation and i don't think you will have a viable dialogue. and i hope message being delivered today to the hamas in riyadh how did that idea of them in their offices in their homes in the town or if not
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watching us right now extending them they recreate we will come to you and you would pay out that's a lot of class but what you're doing for that if you know what we've got out and for the people of gaza i'm a what do you say to all of that i mean fact of the matter is nothing has seemed to be able to try to deescalate anything at the moment do you believe that a visit from a u.s. envoy at this particular point in time will help anything. we believe that the us has no need to all to bring israel into law abiding sense into. conformity with international law israel has been violating international law for the past census existence and continues to do so under its destroying any chances to reach any political solution by these actions therefore the us has the responsibility and duty to bring this rule in part by zones and to ensure respect security council
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resolutions international law and the rights of the palestinian people the u.s. is the main financier and supporter of israel in the international arena and today the u.s. can and have enough tools to stop the days carnage on our people hillary is there any perceptible shift right now in the u.s. when it comes to public opinion about what's going on between the israelis and the palestinians. i think there is a very important shift in elite public opinion elite political public opinion among political elites particularly here in washington in other major cities in the united states what they're seeing is that particularly major american donors to the republican party and to extreme parts of the republican party are similar donors to extreme right wing nationalist in israel and so more and more particularly democratic party elites are becoming disenchanted but these american
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voters who are finding fueling voting for right wing extreme parties in the united states and rightly extremists in israel the issue of israel used to be much more bipartisan support here in the united states but there is it deep rift i think especially promoted by prime minister netanyahu and his former ambassador dermer here in washington ambassador german recently said that israel shouldn't really even bother with american jews it should focus on american and then christian and then those who are the real enthusiastic supporters of israel israel has long been losing support among progressive democrats and now that progressive democrats are in power particularly in the house of representatives morse more more so in the senate this is a problem for israel and you have a real split in elite opinion for the 1st time questioning really questioning deep the questioning the amount and type of u.s.
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aid given to israel and the amount and type of u.s. support given to israel in the united nation and other other international bodies danny let me ask you the israeli army has said that it's going to be presenting a plan to political leadership for a potential ground operation do you expect that there will be a ground operation an offensive in gaza playing out in the days to come. well i ain't never knew the goal of the deputy minister of defense and the time when the fight with hamas you have to look at all options but who had seen kerry very carefully before taking that into vision we know their rights and know. our main goal is do what depth our city them days when you are there is plenty of germans and sitting in billboards all over there we have a strong military more than military. and we are consuming meat right now but
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if there were a should would continue and the brutal attack innocent civilians will continue we will have to think about it and we just think that we are trying to minimize the number of civilian casualties and the hamas didn't exactly the opposite that time getting their rockets and missiles into civilian population but we are dealing with a terrorist organization if you have continued to fight their way with me now thank me tonight zyban young guys would be if we keep on auction them but they were but i thought now it is not being discussed yet the cabby. what do you think from your vantage point do you expect that there will be a ground offensive into gaza as bad as the situation is there right now how much worse how much more dire do things become if there is a ground offensive. well the situation is becoming graver by the hour as is the day
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the occupying power continues its own slaughter and unleashing all means of lethal military aggression against the defenseless palestinian civilian population the reality is that israel has the upper hand and the reality is that the victims are the last people assisting in the numbers speak for themselves that the struction and the widespread. violations are being content by that immoral army that has been occupying a people and denying them their rights for 50 over 57 years now. reality speaks for itself and the war this slowly but surely coming to see this reality and seeing it for what it is. an occupying power that has a colonial enterprise on the occupied palestinian territory with up but tactics and controlling the population so israel as you have seen by old is really officers
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that i've been speaking will will use. once there is violence and carnage they excel in these times and we think that things are of course probably going to become graver by the hour hillary i want to pick up on something you were mentioning a few moments back in your previous answer you were talking about elites in the democratic party we're talking about progressives in the democratic party of course there are these progressive voices a growing chorus of progressive voices in the democratic party in the u.s. that have been drawing parallels between the plight of the palestinians and the injustices faced by black americans you know previous generations of democrats they did not do that this was not something that was discussed openly how big a shift is this in the dynamic of the conversation even amongst the political elites or the progressives in the party. i think there really there is a major shift i think the the 2 campaigns of senator bernie sanders how to really
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provide in a sense cover for democrats for is even for progressive jewish democrats to really make their voices heard in terms of this kind of what israel is doing to the to both its arab citizens which is really important and i think shocking for american many american jews last night and this morning to see these images of how arab citizens in israel are being attacked how their shops are being destroyed how they're being lynched in the streets and even though certainly there is a lot of violence being perpetrated as well against jewish citizens of israel these attacks against arab citizens of israel is giving further further anx in a way to american jews and to american democrats large this is not something that historically has been part of the democratic party i think israel had done a very good job previously in keeping bipartisan support for israeli politics which
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really obscured a lot of what israel was doing to both its arab citizens and to the palestinians but today you know netanyahu made his bet during the obama administration he bet against obama he bet with the republicans and today he's going to he's paying that price there's real division real change among the democrats we may not see that personally in president biden himself but you go one step one step below that and there is real profound change and i think it really does stem from netanyahu has bet against barack obama and with the republicans then e we are seeing these horrific scenes play out across many mixed communities deadly internal unrest in these mixed communities across the country i want to ask how concerned you are about that because one thing to have a political ceasefire potentially on the horizon this is something that you know once that hatred gets out into the communities and you see this kind of violence
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it's much harder to stop is it not. and i'm very worried about this situation that everybody should be worried about it president to differ with this hillary and what he saw last night that act again. we all condemned it but 99.9 percent of that back in the last day games room it. against yours and yours it's not all of that about nation it's a small minority but most of that act you know the jewels in jerusalem in other parts of his head the we are worried about that he pulls out of his rallies alice events enjoins who writes in there yeah absolutely go to just it's now he's ready number the next set for the individual may be immune is there and to see it go they are in it's a problem because we believe in a great distance we cherish were we to gather without because there is and in order to build their future together with us you know with that what he supports are
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schools. at the ends out that their own people and on this nation we should all be worried about it we should all condemn it violently that unfortunately if prime minister netanyahu the president you know. condemnation but haven't general condemnation from the leaders of the our society that are silent and i thought of course law well his last m r what's your response how concerned are you about this violence that we're seeing in mixed communities playing out. the palestinians and israel have been discriminated against since the starvation of the israelis and this is a reality there are hundreds of flaws that this can lead against them with the rise of the in right wing israeli politicians and the settlers taking over the government and we saw more and more violence and more and more 'd free hand for the
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settlers to do whatever they want when it comes to. pushing forward that agenda and and giving them a free hand to do these things none of them are held accountable we saw there's really a police very keen to attack arrives when they take to the streets and policy in years when the take to the streets but the police was completely absent when other properties were where back and when when they are under attack all the time the reality is that there is discrimination regime within israel hundreds of laws discriminate against and put to use a higher level israeli jews a higher level than them they are alive and you don't enjoy they don't use enjoying their knitting 101 mulberry and yet it's just one moment please try to let tom i finish i'll come back with you for your reaction of the. reality and the laws the
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speak for themselves none of the arabs can bring in if they are married to someone who is not the jewish they cannot bring in their husband or wife inside israel but an israeli around the world can can do that or do a long dormant to the very end of their and so many studies walk about that all right danny so it was 1st and for our mother i'm sorry to interrupt you we're starting or we're sorry run out of time so i know that danny wanted to respond to what you were saying please go ahead. you know what there is no policies there just now if you like it here you have the equal rights. and the google dot. gov all sound the obligation you know once to be israeli good to know that you there were absolutely once we don't there would have been a small democracy with hundreds of rolls of us down when you. look at
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every problem you. bet all whinny on this there's a yes. all right to ahmad and why i'm here i'm up please if i can just because we're talking about a time hillary please go ahead. if i may that the demographic changes in the united states and the focus that president trump the former president trying to forge americans to confront in terms of white supremacy and police brought brutality the democrat demographic change within that context to see this white supremacy and this police brutality here in the united states and to see it happening in israel my my my colleague in israel can say that it's different people are condemning things it's the laws are different whatever it is the reality is anybody with a cell phone can take a picture and the entire world can see it and here in the united states it is having a profound impact the new york times ran at an op yesterday by peter beinart for
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the 1st time i've ever seen this in an elite an elite newspaper holding for the right of return of palestinians to israel proper to 948 israel this is enormous shift in public opinion here in the united states and the israelis bet on trump and trump as him and it backfired they now have a very serious political problem with their closest ally here in washington i'm not a cut you off before we only have about a moment left so please just keep that in mind and please keep your response brief . what i want to say 1st of all the young of the palestinians were granted that citizenship that he speaks about some of them they want unification with them because they're not seeking to be citizenship but none of them were granted that citizenship and in fact is in the ward so or you would guess from. that there was also will it be for the violence because by itself shows how
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much discrimination is the least including vital issues that present use of or being acceptable. being. somehow 'd in the middle of the union between us and jews all right we have run out of times we're going to have to leave the conversation there thanks so much to all of our guests danny danon ahmed had jazzy and hillary mann leverett and thank you too for watching you can see this and all of our previous programs again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from have a gentleman the whole team here by for now. i .
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cultivating food is the foundation of human civilization but food today is a global commodity if the industry did not make money how many people would be out and how it's cultivated a contentious debate public interest in the public safety is definitely not taking precedent and in-depth examination into our great business and the conflicting interests that play industry doesn't want any regulation interest would put the products on the market the price of progress on al-jazeera when the news breaks had been waiting for more than 12 hours but with hospitals out of beds and often when people need to be her 20 percent of the people here are in debt many for trying to
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find food and the story needs to be told there's no safety in my country how can i go back there in live with exclusive interview real fighting against the military including reports how does iraq has teams on the ground all to during the world war through documentaries and light nice. we understand the difference is and similarities of cultures across the wound. center matter. al-jazeera bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. how does a. day like no other we will never give up we will never get to see that shook us politics to its core you epicure. faultlines examines the fallout i don't know what the hell happened to the republican party and asks what next for the grand old party everything i think or everything is prevent this is trumps party will the fire overtake the party will overtake the
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country fault lines capital attack the republican party off to trump on al-jazeera . if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. this is al jazeera. hello again i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes israel warns its air campaign on gaza could last for several days as palestinian factions fire more rockets into israel. israel deploys more troops to the gaza border as it weighs up a possible.


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