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because not only sucks. no matter where it takes us a pretty familiar feeling syriana. and. impartial we tell your story we are you following. the news to al-jazeera. the rules. are relentless for bond meant on gaza forces families to flee their homes while palestinian factions fire hundreds more rockets into israel. i'm fully back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead the threat of a ground assault looms as israel's tense times send troops to its border with gaza it going up the pieces a u.s.
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congresswoman breaks down as she talks about a family living in it. she said quote tonight i put the kids to sleep in our bedroom so that when we die we die to go to. and in other news americans are told they can now unmask if they're fully vaccinated against sickle on a virus. israel's bombarding gaza for another night ignoring international calls for calm and a rapidly rising number of deaths at least $109.00 palestinians including 20 children have been killed since the israeli offensive began on monday and so far 7 people in israel have lost their lives since tsa call phased escalated in the early hours of friday morning hamas fired another of $250.00 rockets towards israel hitting the city of ashkelon in southern is. meanwhile have been heavy troops
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movements and the israeli military has drawn up plans for a ground offensive harry fawcett reports on the border with gaza. just after sunset we watched the biggest movement of israeli armor we've seen so far here on the fringes of northern gaza as the tanks moved south heavy artillery station behind them fired round after round of long range shells a prolonged intensive last thing over an hour on the day that the israeli military confirmed that it was preparing a plan for a ground offensive this is the kind of heavy armory movement that we haven't seen up until this point also consistent heavy artillery fire as well that is due to go up the chain of command to the political leadership for a decision to be made. with darkness another line of tanks and for the shelling perhaps the preliminary phase of a ground attack perhaps a ploy to pressure hamas whichever the impact on northern gaza it was immediate and
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heavy. the 1st day of the holiday had started grimly enough for these families it end on the streets exposed in fear of an israeli incursion even as the fighting factions said they would welcome $130.00. not all i though nothing that the enemy is doing will change our strategy will have a bigger chance of killing and capturing more of your soldiers don't threaten us with what will bring us victory this would be the shortest way to our victory. to the of the israeli military had said it carried out a series of major strikes against hamas destroying an intelligence unit in southern russia knocking a hamas attack drone out of the sky. for yet another day the rocket fire out of gaza came in waves against central and southern israel were targeted by major barrass and hamas said a new long range rocket was used to target the far southern airport of rome on where israel had really. incoming airliners israeli prime minister visiting iron
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dome interceptor units said the military attacks would continue but most of him luck or the hamas will continue to strike hamas while defending our citizens it will take more time. a short time later he was on israel's 2nd front a parallel crisis of lawless racial violence which has gripped its towns and cities more dangerous on all the intelligence we have says that it is very possible that there will be an increase in violence here in the coming days they may be an exchange of blows here and in cases like these in order to suppress the riot we need to use force a lot of forth we will use it while giving full support to things really police in the town of bad morning was spent surveying the damage of the attack the night before the roads are the most worried that the leverage they did it because we speak arabic we're not bad people we did nothing re never hurt anyone we've been here for 20 years alongside them as neighbors family and friends we did not expect
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this to happen i intelligence about further violence will soon improve an accurate israeli law enforcement so far unable to stem this coming all bloodletting in lloyd the palestinian israeli firing on jews was killed elsewhere jewish israeli journalists attacked by jewish extremists unhappy with their coverage this is a spasm of internal insecurity that like the military situation in the south is at the moment only escalating kerry forces al-jazeera southern israel. palestinians have been protesting in cities across the occupied west bank against israeli offensive was have been sporadic demonstrations throughout the week but the possible launch on finding indians marks the muslim holiday of need have been calling for an end to israeli spy. bob meant.
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the 1st palestinian american woman to be elected to the u.s. congress has accused her colleagues of funding what she calls israel's apartheid government. became emotional talking about those affected by the escalating violence in gaza i am a reminder to colleagues that pelosi finian's do indeed exist that we are human that we are allowed to dream we are mothers daughters granddaughters we are just a seekers on our unapologetically about our fight against oppressions of all forms in colleagues palestinians aren't going anywhere no matter how much money you send to israel's apartheid government i want to read something a mother named the man in the gaza wrote 2 days ago she said quote tonight i put the kids to sleep in our bedroom so that when we die we die together
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and no one would live to learn the laws of another when. speak to husseini be shows a senior resident scholar of the arab gulf states in today and joins us via skype from washington a very emotional message share from. the u.s. congress i'll talk to you about the u.s. reaction in just a minute and whether or not you see perhaps a change in stance from washington in the coming days but 1st just looking at the situation on the ground right now neither israel nor hamas shows any sign of backing down how do you see 1st situation evolving over the next few days you think it's going to get worse before there is any talk of a cease fire. i i do think that i think it's all following a very grim script we've seen this horror movie before i think congresswoman emotion it's entirely justified and i think everyone shares it so
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we've seen this this horrible film before you know it basically what has happened in the past and has happened just now is that a spark catch is usually in jerusalem and how mass quickly iran's to seize the mantle of national leadership the leadership of palestine leader you know the defenders will start firing rockets at israel and israel responds with an overwhelming set of aerial bombardments followed by a ground incursion and what usually ends up happening is israel goes too far at some point there is an atrocity that just is so offense human sensibility is that you have the united states and the international community steps in or even the israelis say all right that's enough we've seen the same pattern with hezbollah and lebanon by the way so i do think it's following that very grim script right but what seems different this time and you know i agree with you that we've seen this
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before what's different this time is the into common no violence that we're seeing within israel itself absolutely and this is quite significant could the u.s. as a result i mean the u.s. so far has sided with israel as it always does but if the situation deteriorates within israel d.c. their stance changing. it can help pressure the united states basically again the biden administration is following the traditional american script on all israeli palestinian matters and trying to reverse the you know of a shows of trump going to the extreme certainly extreme pro an accession position but yes the standard american position is that when the israelis begin a bombardment of gaza they throw wholehearted support to it including during the 1st period of incursion they block criticism of israel in international forums and
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they don't really call for a cease fire at 1st they give the israelis sort of some wiggle room to do what they want then increasingly washington starts calling for you know calm and a cease fire and eventually go goes along with the u.n. security council resolutions and things like that and finally either it peters out or sometimes washington puts its foot down now in this case i think we're at that stage so the question is when does the pressure build on washington or when do they start to think that there are real costs to even an american reputation and intercommunal violence in israel which is new and does sort of suggest the green line is gone and you're getting a much more integrated palestinian resistance on multiple fronts if the violence is very often prolonged enough it could definitely help pressure it washington to to start shifting into stage 2 or strange 3 of the script you talked about of the
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palestinian resistance day growing and we have indeed seen valleys in solidarity. with the people of gaza not just in the west bank but you know within israel and palestinian israelis as well. you know what effects do you see this this having on on the palestinian political scene. it's really interesting it's the only piece that scene motion is the palestinian citizens of israel right. talked about the familiarity of this this ground this nightmarish groundhog day the chilly how mouse in israel and we've seen tensions in the west bank before we've seen the al aqsa mosque and things like places like before and it seems really stuck and the p.a. is sort of frozen and impotent and everything looks very familiar what do you changing is the behavior and attitude of the palestinian citizens of israel because the green line is gone because the idea of
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a colostomy and state is kind of gone and because the israeli government and settlers pretend as if there isn't a green line i think the palestinian citizens of israel are taking that under consideration why should they pretend there is a green line if there is no more really a hope of a palestinian state so i think are integrating much more with other palestinians at the same time though you see their parties doing better and urging is that you know the united list is the 3rd biggest block in the knesset and boss was negotiating with. netanyahu and now he's negotiating with pete and bennett as a possible king maker i don't know what the violence does to his chances could go either way but you have these kind of 2 forces pulling the palestinian citizens of israel to wards of the palestinian national movement on the streets and maybe to wards and more integration into the israeli political system you know within the
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knesset and it's very hard to know which way it's going to go very interesting to talk to you about this thank you very much for joining us on the jersey thank you so much. and still ahead on. dealing with the destruction of their homes an ordeal for gas and residents under attack. and in other news a major pipeline restarts in the u.s. after a cyber attack but by this. time for the. sponsored plan qatar airways hello there we do have a risk of flooding for southern areas of china in particular in and around as we're
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getting these heavy pulses of rain along the gang see river lot of rain in the forecast for shanghai on friday we will watch that backs of moisture sling into the korean peninsula and key issue island in japan so osaka what day ahead for you on saturday 27 degrees and heavy pockets of rain for beijing in the forecast as well on saturday to southeast asia we're getting some thundery downpours across indochina but bangkok you're in the clear some sunshine holcim on city thunderstorms however for you heavy pocket of rain toward northern areas of sumatra across borneo in particular brunei and drenching rain for southern areas of the philippines that will continue for saturday as well take it to the arabian sea where we're watching this disturbance now starting to form proper circulation it looks like it could develop into a tropical cyclone over the next little bit and impact go up to mumbai but our computer models are keeping this offshore but it will still have an impact toward
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western areas of india across the middle east we've got high heat a high of $42.00 in doha on friday. qatar airways the it's one of the most recognized sites around the world thing for support from far and wide but for the fans back home it's more than just a football club and you want to policy should be left out of football doesn't know about football is no one politics and this is your stock of. the passion and the politics of liverpool f.c. the defiance joint. top of the fans who make football series on al-jazeera.
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to recap the main story on al-jazeera israel is continuing its bombardment of gaza ignoring international calls for calm $113.00 palestinians have been killed since monday including $32.00 children a mosque has fired another barrage of 250 rockets towards israel hundreds of families are taking shelter in un run schools in northern gaza to escape israeli artillery fire israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the offensive want to stop until peace returns. while the un security council will meet on sunday to discuss the conflict a proposal to gather on friday was rejected by the united states president joe biden call for a significant reduction in rocket attacks but he says israeli response is not an over reaction was in jordan river or some washington. after 4 days of deadly violence between the palestinians and the israelis u.s.
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president joe biden is sticking with his calls for both sides to hold their fire the question is how. how we get to a point where they get to a point where there is a significant reduction in the attacks particularly the rocket attacks that are indiscriminately fired into population centers the biden administration had not made the israeli palestinian matter a top foreign policy concern mainly because of the cold at 1000 pandemic and the resulting economic slowdown analysts say that was a mistake the team has not fully stepped out on the middle east it's adopted this posture that i think affected badly the obama administration as well which is this reactive tactical crisis management posture the white house has agreed to join an
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emergency un security council meeting on the crisis on sunday in the meantime it has sent a state department official to tell of eve to urge israeli and palestinian officials to declare a cease fire a point underscored thursday by u.s. secretary of state tony blinken but we are deeply concerned with the loss of life. among civilians especially among among children. the palestinians have a right to live in security and to live in peace just as israelis do and so. we are working hard to encourage all sides to stand down meanwhile in congress strong bipartisan support for israel but from democrats a show of support too for palestinians caught in the fighting there is a respect for meeting the needs of the palestinians but there is
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a palestinian have struggle and this is about how mosque so i wouldn't just label it palestinian i would say hamas and hamas is. threatening the security of people and israel israel has a right to defend itself from republicans accusations the u.s. has indirectly endangered israelis by trying to pursue a new nuclear deal with hamas is primary supporter iran if difficult to believe an american president would consider removing terrorism. or missile related functions at the very moment right now rockets are writing down on israel a sign of how challenging it will be for the biden ministration to manage this sensitive part of its foreign policy roles in jordan al-jazeera washington and our white house correspondent kimberly hellcats has more offer from the white house where she asks press secretary jens psaki whether palestine and israel had equal
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rights to south defense all week the biden administration has repeatedly underscored in its public statements its belief that israel has a legitimate right to self-defense and has condemned the rocket attacks by hamas so 2 on thursday at the white house press briefing i asked the press secretary whether the biden biggest ration also believes the palestinians have that same right to self-defense here's what she had to say. in the state. policies also have a right to sell and for their attacks not coming from hamas to consider hamas the palestinian leadership let me rephrase the question you forgive me in the statement damn right it does the white house does it by ministration them down to it being. palestinians from the home but he is looking to that in our readouts and certainly our national security advisor has raised and we have raised many levels the
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importance of. addressing the building in these in these communities and the fact that you know in order to move forward and move toward deescalation that's an important issue to address that has been that has come up i think we've got to move on and let you wrap it's clear that democrats in washington have coordinated their message the top democrat in the house of representatives nancy pelosi giving a similar response however president biden is under increasing pressure from more progressive members of his own democratic party who are accusing him of blaming palestinians for the violence they now face. senior political analysts explains the u.s. president's stance on his round joe biden is a complex issue when it comes to israel palestine so he served something like 40 plus years in the senate and he has
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a record as one of the more pro israeli voices in the u.s. congress he's the guy famous for saying if israel did not exist we should have invented it to serve american interests he's the one who said i am not jewish but i am zionist he's the one with a long long record of pro israeli positions and yet he's also the man who served under for as vice president obama and he was personally humiliated a number of times by the likes of prime minister netanyahu and you would say he mature enough a bit so he should out probably be in a bit more conscious about what israel could or could not do specially that obama himself as he wrote in his own memoirs this is the only foreign policy issue with domestic implications for any us president so i think biden knows all of that but we also know is that the biden obama administration is the one that committed $40000000000.00 to israel for strategic buttresses
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military purposes so america is not advice that. the president by the cannot just simply say well you know these guys they need to sort out their things and we would send an envoy america is the patron of israel and america is the defender of his or the international arena is america is the one that is not allowing even a u.n. security council statement to come out so america does how about all it has had little it's been the baca president and not the neo government and when it comes to is a violation it's been more or less silent. now just has spoken to you says how masha a resident in gaza who works for the norwegian refugee council and he told us about having to flee his home after an airstrike i was in my house with my my pregnant wife. my 3 years old daughter. trying to convince ourselves that
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it's safe to be at your house usually nothing more safe for us than you or your kids your house and so $62.00 days ago i saw the land drone is right. below my house. so i it was everything happen suddenly i had to flee my house there weekly usually we understand that when we don't look at it and a building means that it will lead to an. attack so i had to fear as much as a. i could not take anything because i was trying to deal with my terrified daughter i had to take care of my regnant wife trying to run away next about men as as useless as gaza's also i can see that we are hoping that this is college officials who know it can be the only person i'm wearing the only thing that i have and the only short that i have this is the 1st day of the day this is
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my outfit with a. other 2000000 gazans are hoping that this is going to finish as soon as we can. the u.s. centers for disease control says people who are vaccinated against over 19 no longer need to wear masks in most places but is still advise this mass cream crowded settings like buses planes and hospitals nearly just 9 percent of adults in the u.s. have a seat at least one dose of a covered 1000 back seen the us has been the worst affected country in the world john hendren has more from washington. the most indoor spaces you can go without a mask now under the c.d.c. guidelines if you have been vaccinated now this is largely to reward those people who have gotten vaccinated that's 111000000 americans of course those under 12 are not eligible but it's also an incentive to those who haven't been vaccinated and
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some of the concern is that about 30 percent of americans in polls have suggested that they won't get vaccinated at all this is a way of saying to them there are rewards for being vaccinated but it creates some issues for state and local governments they have to scramble now to come up with new rules because those rules haven't gone away the c.d.c.'s rules are just guidelines it is the state and local governments who actually come up with the rules but they are doing that right now j.b. pritzker the governor of illinois through a spokesman has issued a statement saying the governor firmly believes in following the science and intends to revise his executive orders the scientists message is clear if you're vaccinated you can safely do much more so the rules are changing here in the u.s. not fast enough for many conservative americans and of course there are for those who are immune deficient they'll still have to consult their doctor before deciding not to wear a mask but for anybody who wants to wear one they still can they can be safe and
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continue to wear them but millions of americans have been crying out for a change in these rules many of them are conservatives in congress who recently called the c.d.c. on the carpet for being too slow about this now we see the c.d.c. responding. they had a phaser in latin america so brazilian politicians a government repeatedly ignored offers last year to buy millions of vaccine doses from the company more aeolus testifying before a senate commission investigating whether the government was criminally negligent in its handling of the pandemic a contract with the firm for 100000000 doses was only signed in march while than 430000 brazilians have died from covert 19. now with the country focused on the pandemic brazil's lower house of congress has approved a controversial environmental bill the legislation would make it easier to issue permits for infrastructure mining in farming projects critics warn it's another step on the path to environmental mass destruction this week 9 former ministers
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signed an open letter opposing the bill which now goes to the senate u.s. president joe biden says special surprise should return to normal in the coming days after the restart of the country's largest oil pipeline network colonial pipeline was hit by a cyber attack last week causing a 60 fuel shortage and soaring prices at the pump the firm reportedly paid hackers $5000000.00 in untraceable cryptocurrency as ransom political henry paulson washington. a major oil pipeline shutdown and the government told people not to panic it didn't work videos like these are all over social media prompting a government agency to warn this is a really bad idea the plastic will melt and bad things going to happen but all along the east coast people waited in long lines to get gas and some stocked up and any container they could find again bad idea but the panic could soon be subsiding
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the pipeline that was shut down after hackers infiltrated the computers of colonial pipeline has been restarted there are reports that the company paid almost $5000000.00 in ransom it continues to be the position of the federal government the f.b.i. that it is not in the interests of. the private sector for companies to pay ransom because it incentivizes these actions and president joe biden has sided executive order demanding that everyone selling software to the federal government has to meet certain cybersecurity standards but biden says he can't make private companies do the same private entities are in charge of their own cyber security and we need we have to we know we know what they need they need greater private sector investment in cyber security and that's why we launched a new public private initiative in april even with the oil flowing again it will take days or weeks to refill the tanks with half of all gas stations dry in georgia
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almost 70 percent in north carolina and almost 73 percent in washington d.c. as people continue to panic buy in more stations run dry reinforcing the idea that there is something to worry about regardless of what the government says is a very bad idea for a temporary problem al-jazeera washington. again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera. israel is continuing its bombardment of gaza ignoring international calls for calm $113.00 palestinians have been killed since monday including $32.00 children hundreds of families are taking shelter in un run schools in northern gaza to escape israeli artillery fire prime minister benny minister now says the offensive want to stop until peace returns. we've moving limo.


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