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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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the sad been warning for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those because of the 19. al-jazeera. over there i'm alamo he's in and this is the news our wives from doha are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes special coverage on the israel palestine conflict in the past hour the israeli army bombs a building housing al-jazeera and other media outlets in the gaza strip after giving those inside just one hour to get outs. earlier funerals of palestinian mothers and their children killed during an israeli airstrike on their refugee camp in gaza. and at least 30 rockets are fired from gaza into
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television killing at least one person. palestinians and protesters are right in the world mark nakba the day palestinians were forcibly displaced from their homes for the establishment of israel. welcome to this you sir it's 1300 g.m.t. that's 4 pm in gaza where israel has bombed a building that houses a number of media outlets including al-jazeera media network and the associated press the building had been evacuated following a one hour a warning given form the israeli military israel's ground forces continue to far heavy artillery into the strip well 140 palestinians have now been killed since the offensive began on monday. well we can speak now to al-jazeera suffer what
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routes he joins us live on the phone from gaza you were in the building earlier this morning just a few hours ago just talk us through what happens when were you given warning that the al-jazeera offices were going to be bombed by the israelis talk us through what happens and how you evacuated. you know it's like to get that could leads have been informed by everyone. from the clique and from the other on so on so it wasn't. the man the gentleman who was informed by the israelis that he informed mr and the head of gaza all 3rd and. mediately and phone anybody that was. modalists.
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duty while a very body was. busy and. live coverage from others with everything. coming from 5 blood just coming back from external coverage from chicago or somewhere else so everybody was doing good baby. coverage the daily business does the fear of failure. so one when this company and immediately you know. we panic frankly we thought it because we didn't expect that to happen in this place ok we're everything is expected in about nothing now or not beyond you know when you are busy in doing something the last thing is that you could think of is there somebody. scream and yet you know shout on you evacuated immediately they're 1 going to bomb the building so. you'll be thinking well if you confuse you'll know and then when you wake up you'll start to change immediately
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into check and see what is the next step from an annex there that is just to try to collect immediately the french and things that you might need when you leave the building. to these things like they're going to come 1 like you know the old you know the small audio equipment not so our colleague not had to come out about it he. he managed to take with the last of our equipment and then hear what the other colleagues were you willing to media please provide a liberator most of most of my colleagues david and they couldn't even use that it would record most most of us were panicking probably claw into your very day used to. living standards on food just. chipped in 4 to leave before. the power to turn before very little bottom and that
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was the case you don't. put in mind logical considerations you know think how to live wouldn't believe what the worst of all these are like the quick and the fast thing that you think of when something like that happens that i think is testament to the professionalism of our coley in the office in the building that the 1st thought goes to which pieces of equipment can we get outs of the building before it's destroyed so that we can keep broadcasting and keep telling the stories that needs to be told from inside gaza. when the notice was given that israel intended to bomb this girl doing that how is this international media organizations. was there any justification given because israel will usually say they're bombing locations where hamas operatives are you can confirm for us and i can you know that there are no hamas operatives in the al
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jazeera offices. not the bits building. 1 1 of their own the building is a new god. and governor declared built in 19 a picnic either through one of the most stream of silly things in gaza everybody knows about building it's like a famous artist everyone from. everybody know each other in this building queen all the residents we meet. another way up on down from the office on to the office so we have never seen. me talk about my pension a lot stated i have never seen. anything related to hamas or islamic jihad or other fighting groups was not responsible for investigating the whole lot of living. entering apartments also says this is done. it. makes let's say you have lots of people living together to gets good the thought that
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this could be how 2 this could be this playing this to the independence you know this is a society shall not stand it let me just another fight the rules of the political groups you know the live they do it it's the better part of essential part of the society of the structure of society could be one a brother they could be enablers they could be a friend if these 2 political ideology called the landings does not take their way you should do the meaning that if you let someone who was glued to hamas or islamic jihad go over the. dead ted stetson and. show us we're expected to not i don't have to deal with it but i'd expect it to change someone let me straighten this we need a few more i'm sure if anyone who lives next to hundreds of start the whole islamic jihad. should be evacuated the building which means all of gaza should move or should be replaced in another place of the 2000000 people who have to move. outside
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gaza if this is the case. that you have to leave us all if you have an equal partner or islam if you have to go other factions this society and the israelis been overdoing it very bloody everyone in gaza love. you have information about all the details in gaza did know it that is greenhouse are they do i think even he has a friend or a brother or resistive or a cousin or whatever so they know that it will it's really. too late she was wrong that is to let society it isn't easy for the table you lived in a little bit of a cheat and suffer just a few years or perhaps not as familiar with gaza with the situations the conditions that you live in that people of gaza live in this is a very densely populated area unlike other parts of the world you can't just jump
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on a plane and head across a highly for for a. weekend by the beach tell our viewers what life is like as a palestinian living in gaza give us a sense of what life is like quickly if you would. rather things to say you know does a small area 2000000 people living under siege for 16 years who changed the border to close you can cause of freedom of movement like the rest of the people all over the world you cannot make up your bag and go to the airport of the quarter to cross to the 5 cliffs practice your personal freedom of movement on talking about it in general culture of the person a little you need to leave god you need to. oh and we appear to have lost suffragettes we have lost so that's al jazeera suffered loot and he was joining us on the phone from al-jazeera from gaza rather because the al-jazeera offices as you
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can see on your screens have not been completely demolished this is the moments that are direct hits on the offices of the al-jazeera media network in gaza brought down the building take a look at the image of the. jedi and hard on board and hard on the border. the heart of the border. come out or can a layer. near the critique undersea. taxi for saudis men and here shop the. more features that we've managed to change of the moment that our offices in gaza were destroyed. just for viewers who who are not aware that is the. building it was an 11
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story building half of that building was residential so that's people's homes that you're seeing collapsing into the dust and on the top floor of that building that was where our just 0 media network in both arabic and english and the associated press would broadcast from and file their reports from inside gaza let's say speak that it's 8 and whites he's the founder of the ethical journalism network and joins us on the line from london good to have you with us on this news when you see images such as the ones we have been broadcasting to our international offices of media networks being born live on television what do you think this says about the state of press freedom worldwide. well i mean i think days these images of the shocking disgraceful and worst of all the illegal this
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reckless threat to civilian life is completely unacceptable fortunately highlights once again the perilous risks facing journalists and media who are caught up in conflict zones in order to understand what's going on in a conflict people need access to information directly from the area where the conflicts taking place 5 why journalism is really important at moments of crisis like this yet 'd on the daily the building that we have seen is there is a shocking. it seems to me catastrophic attempt to shut down the media to silence criticism and worst of all to create a cloak of secrecy around this conflict on fortunately it's. a it's not an 5 unusual aspect of conflicts like this that when the bullets start flying when the
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shells start dropping on fortunately it's very open media that are targeted by one side or another well unfortunately israel in this regard 1 as 5 a history of being prepared to target media they would prefer to silence well usually particularly recoded media but palestinian media but on this occasion they have sought to silence the international media that's a terrible threat to press freedom and should be condemned worldwide it is indeed and let's stay on that. leaving aside international law or bombing buildings where people live and so on and so forth. give us a sense of what this this says about israel's treatment so the press you mentioned there that they're quite happy to take a arabic media and palestinian media but. the associated press i mean that's not palestinian media that's a worldwide it's international media are going to say and it's important to say
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that 'd you know media are immune from all attack in conflicts like this and so on and israel in particular has been reckless in the past and its conflicts that have been instances where. foreign and international media have been targeted does have been instances which have led the jerusalem press club and journalists inside israel to go to the supreme court in israel to condemn the government for its failure to protect journalists and allow media to be able to operate freely so the the situation unfortunately and tragically is no really you know unusual to journalists who know about and what in israel and in the palestinian occupied territories trying to report on what's going on so what it tells us is that nothing of trying to tell the stuff once again israelis is seeking to somehow make it so the immune from international criticism and indeed
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international recognition of what it's doing by trying to illegally stifle. put at great risk to those journalists who are trying to tell the story on a sleigh and ethically and fully well that work. well unfortunately it will work unless 'd there is an international response unless we have clear statements from the united nations security council calling on the on israel immediately to stop targeting unarmed civilians and journalists and media it will work unless there is resistance from humanitarian forces worldwide unless there's also from inside israel. from around the middle east strong voices of condemnation of the action that's being taken unless it might clear to israel that the world 5 side will no longer accept this sort of tragic and
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often very dangerous behavior. that it will continue so i hope very much that they all will things that we're saying the awful testimony that was beginning to hear the victims of this sort of violence i hope that these voices will be heard and that there will be a strong response from the international community to get israel to fall into line and to stop immediately this sort of action and how do you expect to speak up for this because if we widen the sites to press freedom more generally it is becoming hard to worldwide to work as a journalist journalist in the united states of america where freedom of speech is a is protected under the constitution the press freedom sees the coming under attack on all sides i get yes and ali i guess i mean it is a little bit in there not something he says to scream i think we have to listen to
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voices of the international community rather than to each of them and which looks like the committee to protect journalists reporters without borders international press attention if you're international worldwide organization will universally condemn this sort of 5 thing of journalists and media so it's important to recognize that there is a community outside israel which is watching very closely what's going on which will which will speak out to defend the rights of journalists and media do you think within israel we will see the israeli press winging on on this. look i think the israeli press. and anyone will tell you understand the situation the israeli press are caught trapped inside a country where there is a very clear ideological movement in favor of a security agenda in which the press. 5 find themselves drawn into it it's very difficult for the press to break out of that but what they will do they have done
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in the 5 us is to speak up for the right of journalists to do the work freely and to speak out against moreland action being taken against honest truthful journalists who are trying to report whether they're from is from the middle east or from further abroad so i would expect. the the national federation of israel journalists i would expect the israel press council and i would expect the duration of the press club or not to know what's going on and to speak out against this action ok it's in point that the founder of the ethical journalism network joining us on the phone from london we appreciate it thank you very much for joining us on the news are there will be 1st palestinian american women to be elected to the u.s. congress has condemned the bombing of our offices that's live says israel targeting media sources so the world can't see israel's war crimes legs by the apartheid in
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chief netanyahu. goes on to say it's so the world can't see the killing of babies children and their parents it's so the world can't see palestinians being massacred so the 1st reaction there coming in from the congresswoman in the united states let's speak to. the palestinian journalist and gaza of residence she joins us now from outside the hospice so good to have you back with us on the show. give us a sense of what's happening where you are right now. we're here at the shifa hospital we're waiting to this is the only place actually where we're able to go on live with with you guys now with al jazeera. and it's the safest place as reno's like ship is has been targeted before but obviously it's
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a hospital so it might be the safest place now in gaza that we would be broadcasting. we're waiting to see if there are any injuries or more attorneys that are going to be brought by we were all of course we all had to evacuated the building. just before it was targeted the owner of the building by the way was was just given one hour for everyone to evacuated and when they recall him again he asked for 30 more minutes because people want to tickets of stuff off their buildings and we wanted to get some stuff from. 0 office and so on but the army spokesman totally refused and said that they will be charged after one hour and that no one should enter the building if they do not want to lose their lights so they describe the destruction is massive and. as you see as
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you can see unlike of the coverage 100 to 5 of these now have like a vacuum weighted the building and the building next to a it and the buildings opposite to it which means that more and more more families have been out there to the list of thousands of families who have been displaced in gaza strip right now no place in gaza now seems safe you know. it's not civil when you are where you are speaking with just a few days ago you were standing on the roof of the office when a when so close to you you work with the you the associated press you know having to go and stands and i want our viewers to i want to sink in for viewers you're not broadcasting to us live i'm a hospital because that is one of the only places in the safest police is where you can actually broadcast from which is incredible in itself. someone who works in
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that building. how does it make you feel to want to your place of work being destroyed. it's devastating it's actually devastating and it. when we had to evacuate itself was more devastating we were like there was only just one elevator working. and like we left it for the elders and some of the children to go into it and to evacuate and we were all running over the stairs and whoever could hold the children and take them down i myself helped like 2 children of the residue of the residents there and i took them downstairs everyone was resists running quickly watching the entire building i mean i work in that place and i was my heart was broken to see it to being brought to
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the ground in this in this way it is tragic i mean. every every place every place like whether we wear it to relive we have memories incredible memories in that place so what about those families who have lost their homes they've lost everything they save to get these apartments in gaza it's not an easy thing to actually get an apartment or to be able to buy an apartment and now in just minutes in just minutes you lose everything we lost our place is a very quick last light residential places it's words can't describe the amount of devastation they can't describe the tragedy that our people are going through. and certainly to hear you talk about it to ascend into vigil and as we were saying earlier do we try not to make a story about it but unfortunately in this time media offices were directly targeted so we can talk about the consequences yes we have i said before
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i 1st i've said before when i was reporting and should look at our it was directly targeted i said before that it's not a quince against that the 2nd tower that. holds media offices in the gaza strip is trying to get it and now the 3rd tower which is a tower which has international law just local but not local at all i mean al-jazeera and the associated press to be also targeted i mean this this this speaks for itself that israel is trying deliberately to shut the voice of media from the gaza strip. and that is something that our guest was saying to us earlier when we were talking to the ethical journalism network they said that this is something israel does when they want to silence the media and so stories coming from. my question to you as
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a journalist working living and working in gaza will this silence you. of course not this will just make me more insistent and more persistent to to to cover every single thing that's going on i mean i'll tell you something not just not just journalists of gossip but just normal civilians they hold their phones and they cover everything they see and they talk and they stay and they say everything that's going on and they post these videos like on social media platforms so each trails planned off shutting the media and misleading with what is going on and not and not letting us being able to cover what is actually happening on the ground it's just not going to work i mean this will make us more
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prisoners tend to go on more prisoners tend to show the world what is actually happening i mean how many towers in israel have been targeted since the beginning of this escalation how many towers how many residential towers have been none none of there is the actual towers have been brought to the ground and try to get to with all the rockets that have landed from the gaza strip to with these really towns and of them but in gaza we've actually lost count of how many people how many houses how many apartments and how many towers now are being directly targeted by missiles. palestinian journalists there joining us from outside the hospital because this is apparently one of the safer places to broadcast from without fear of being blue not thank you very much indeed for joining us from there we appreciate it just for viewers who have only joined us now on i'll just we're
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showing you images of the. terror which hoess the associated press and the al-jazeera offices being struck by israeli missiles. and being brought to the grinds. now fighting between israeli police and palestinian protesters has continued into the night over in all key point east jerusalem there's also been increasing violence between israeli jews and palestinian israelis in what the president says called a senseless civil war how a force that is a must as gates foras. what's been happening there we're very much focused right now on the latest terror books it comes out in gaza city but. is also violence across the country really here in occupied east jerusalem what's been happening where you are. yes i mean are to say to be
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honest i've been focused on that as well i think we all are at al-jazeera especially those of us who who know and have deep friendships and deep memories of that place as we all do here in jerusalem so so yes we've had our focus on that too but yes in terms of what the picture is on the front between israeli security forces and palestinian protesters and also deserves the comical violence we've seen within israel it was an extremely violent day of protest and shooting of protesters by the israeli security forces on friday today this day is the day that palestinians marked the not by the start of the well the creation of the state of israel the force displacement of hundreds of thousands of people from that previous. but that their previous homes inside what became israel and so we are expecting further protests and demonstrations throughout the course of the day on
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the front of the violence that we've been seeing throughout israel it was another very heavy night of into coming all racist violence we saw somebody a palestinian israeli person being shot in and injured near a mosque there most disturbingly with those images that we saw of young children with burned with one young boy at least with a burned face after most of cocktail was thrown in through the open window of his home in jaffa that is something that has really been of a great shock and as a sort of a new low really in this days long round of into communal violence and the president as you say says it's a civil war the prime minister benjamin netanyahu while making some comments about jewish against palestinian israeli or arabic violence he's been largely blaming arab residents arab citizens palestinian israeli citizens of this. one tree of
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israel for being to blame for this and saying that they will be dealt with with an iron fist i should also bring you one thing just about the story that we've been focusing on for a long time now for obvious reasons the destruction of the al-jazeera office building along with other media offices along with many residential homes inside gaza we have a statement now from the israeli military it says that hamas has turned residential areas in the gaza strip into military strongholds it uses tall buildings in gaza for multiple military purposes such as intelligence gathering planning attacks command and control and communications when hamas uses a tall building for military purposes it becomes a lawful military target so that is what the israeli military is saying however we're talking about one of the main media buildings within gaza we're talking about a multi story building full of homes full of families who are now homeless and the
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media organizations who are there to report exactly what israel is doing inside gaza and what hamas and the other fighting factions are doing inside gaza and now out on the street. i mean this building came in about one hour and 30 minutes ago and. just a still lingering in the air it has to be said that people are still trying to. find their loved ones see if there's any anything they can recover from those buildings and we're hearing from our colleagues about how they were able to run back up the stairs to get more equipment to broadcast it's a very. very distressing situation especially for those who have a connection to that building important to remember as well the wiring that there are families who lived in that building as well and it. is quite a provocative sight. to see something like this unfolds in front of you.
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it is quite provocative and that must be having an effect. beyond the immediate vicinity of the small during embers of that tower. yes indeed and the minutes it's something that we've seen over the last few days we've seen these buildings come down repeatedly we've seen people forced onto the streets in this way but of course when you know the place and you know the people involved it is it is an extremely different thing and i've been in that building many times over and over several years now and yeah i'm thinking about the trips up and down in the in the creaky often slow often stopping lift with all sorts of people going to the janitor of the building from the from the bottom young children you know all of those encounters where you sort of smile awkwardly at people as
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you're stuck in a lift together and so a conversation maybe breaks out all of those people have now lost all of that experience or have those memories but they don't have the home anymore and my colleagues my friends they don't have a place where they spent a huge amount of their time because there is that kind of place where you really do have to live in the bureau from time to time so that is very much a 2nd home especially for them but for all of us who go into gaza we spend a lot of time. out on that live position. inside that kitchen and the living space at our desks and it's all just evaporated in this israeli air strike and harry let's let's turn the focus now to what's happening inside israel because certainly things will keep moving in gaza we're going to keep close eye on that but one of the interesting you say interesting it's also quite tragic developments over the past week or so has been the eruption of feeling. that
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there's this ongoing violence the attacks on gaza the evictions. near where you are with the effect this is having on israeli society the tensions that have been erupting within communities that have lived peacefully side by side for a long time and i. tell us what's been happening there because bones and airstrikes are one things but when communities are turning on each other this suggests that the. israeli palestinian conflict has developed in a much more troubling way. yes i mean i think we need to think about it not necessarily as i don't to be pollyannaish about it is not as if people were constantly singing kumbaya to each other and and having a coffee and you know it's not that kind of place it can be from time to time but there is
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a residual and below the surface mutual suspicion and see that will among everybody by any stretch but that will break to the surface during certain times and so we've seen that before we've seen in the fathers of course we've seen various attacks and eruptions of violence over the years what i'm trying to get out i suppose is the idea that despite all of that in a lot of areas around israel and here are not bodies to use them to the 2 communities kind of jog along to some extent and they do business in each other's places as an area close to what he jos which has a lot of comic haneke so we see ultra-orthodox mingling with palestinian israeli or other palestinian comic because that you know this is a good place to come for that kind of thing not necessarily best friends but they to see people turn on each other in this way is i think quite shocking to a large majority both of palestinian israelis of some of the palestinians here and
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more generally the israeli public too and so we are hearing the prime minister benjamin netanyahu talking about it very much in terms of this being an issue of arab rioters. out on the streets attacking jews i mean he has as well paid some attention to the fact that there is. violence going the other way too very well documented but he's saying that the preponderance of it is coming from a roiling arab street but i mean he is or other. arab communities alice in israeli communities with inside the country there he is also the prime minister who just a couple of weeks ago was campaigning the in the election to get the far racist right of israeli politics descendants of a party that had been kicked out of the knesset the israeli parliament for anti arab racism trying to get a marriage between them and another very right wing party so that they would both
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together if they came together across the electoral threshold and give benjamin netanyahu more chance therefore of staying in office at the same time he was appealing to palestinian israeli politicians in a way that he'd never done before having just a few years ago really. vote saying that to his right wing israeli supporters get out because the arabs are coming to the polls so there is i think a recognition among many people about the really dispiriting nature of that the sort of very cynical politics that have been going on for a very political reasons which have contributed very much to what we're seeing and also on top of that is the fact that for years now almost the whole time i've been here certainly palestinian israeli areas in this country have been riven by crime gun crime inside those communities they've been crying out for more intervention by the israeli police for the israeli government to take it seriously again pre-election benjamin netanyahu made all sorts of promises about that but with all
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these guns these organized groups already in there there are politicians saying that you know you've ignored this was such a long time and now it's coming to the jewish israeli community now is the time you were threatening force against it our ethos that they're giving us an overview of the situation a very complex situation that has to be said none of the starts it's. no of course great sabrina's that context harry thank you very much indeed for such joining us there from damascus gate in occupied east jerusalem let's explore this further now with. xara she's a senior lawyer at a dollar the legal center for are of minority rights in israel and is currently joining us from london by sky but am i correct in thinking that. you are an israeli palestinian you live in one of these communities normally when you're not studying in london there is no being torn apart spy the sense of
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community violence i want to start watching that from a far seeing your communities being torn apart i mean how does that make you feel and how do you explain it. yeah i mean it's important to put things in context and describe it accurately we are talking about organized right wing mob violence against palestinian citizens and their properties we're talking about the newspaper brutality and action of the israeli authorities stewards. violence and all of this should be put in context of what's happening in israel the systematic human rights violation and discrimination and what's happening in occupied territory certainly in gaza and. now a days we have talking about oppression of iran syria sions arbitrarily
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mass detentions or very palestinian citizens demonstrating and protesting against these policies all of these are backed by some ministers incitement. against the palestinian citizens and the prime minister's netanyahu statement from 2 days ago basically telling his security officers and troops that don't be afraid knowing clearly committees will be established not investigations do it ever you need to do. this and he has and against these citizens and it's really. outstanding and devastating and we have seen that on the ground in the past 5 few days and now it's interesting that you mention the far right mobs who are attacking people because those words were very close to the prime minister the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu actually said he said
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people were being attacked by mobs but that the mobs were palestinian israeli so he you have the. the phrase 2 sides both sides but that was the israeli prime minister who was addressing the media who was telling. the public the mobs who were doing the attacking or the israeli palestinians. yeah i mean it's right by benyamin netanyahu the prime minister binyamin netanyahu to explain and justify basically not explain. the violence happening. 2 words dependence and yet innocence is including the police said protester to include. in the past few days as you have seen increasingly using live ammunition yes said they encourage cannot engineering. and severely
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injuring. tens of protestors and the lead we have seen and to children shocked last night also so it's basically trying to justify all of these actions by. the israeli police troops we have obtained and tenant communications between jewish extreme and expects islamists revealing the need to enforce to bring masses that do good us to the cities including simplest from the west bank. so i tak and to are going to rise against palestinian citizens and neighborhoods we issued letters to the israeli attorney general to top israeli police commanders over the past several days with these evidence calling on them to act immediately to end police and jewish mob violence 1 and israeli police in action against and in some cases we
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have seen in a quotation with the support of the mob and violence by the police had been going on of these evidences from the beginning of the week and the authorities have failed so far to stop this nation right organized violence and unfortunately the lack of response to our daily and because of the affair it is are i'm willing to do so and it seems. that it's it's reasonable basically to conclude that there is a very high ranking decision a decision has been made to implement and this is a policy we have seen over and over and there are a lot of videos where you see police officers are roaming the streets with their mothers not taking any action to stop violence happening in front of their eyes and in some instances as it took an active part and the violence and
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then action of the police is bringing this condition over this organized violence as we have seen yesterday and you have 5 throwing a cocktail. ok and injuring civilians children. ok i'm sorry to cut you off there so i had to shout a bit creates a get your thoughts thank you for explaining the context surrounding that intercom you know violence and i have for years to our listeners just joining us let's give you a quick recap of the events that have developed in gaza in the last hour where israel has blown to building that high is a number of international media outlets this is the movement a direct hits on the offices of the al-jazeera media network in gaza brought down the building. to be. a dead heat and hot on the border
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and hot on the border. come out the economy leyla. yanni he can the same logic. to keep a saudi government and the. well let's get more now from around he is out to syria senior political analyst and has said joining us by skype from doha marwan that's a bit of a difficult watch is it not as an employee of the al-jazeera media network as a journalist for all to see or indeed as a journalist from anywhere watching a building housing not just civilians but media organizations telling the stories of bearing witness to what is happening inside gaza to see that getting pulled. it is a difficult what is it not. absolutely and it's not for being al-jazeera
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it's for being a journalist for working in journalism because that building does house a number of. around a number of media outlets more than a few. and i would say the attack is not only not just on al-jazeera or large as it is a main or main out for many many years i would say that that does not and journalists because of the journalists were warned to leave the attack is on june alyssum the attack is on information the freedom and flow of information the attack is or knowledge that that is on transparency the i guess on democracy even israeli democracy because some of the images coming out of gaza are very important for israelis to make up their own mind about what their government is doing so it's
4:47 pm
really essential for us to understand the the wheat the the tragedy of an israeli attack such it to to shut down coverage by international news networks. covering a war that is unfolding covering the destruction and the best that is happening every day for the last week for them to do that with the most ridiculous of justifications what did the justification from these your army amount to that the international news networks because there are human shields product the terrorists can you believe that i mean here all the us already all the news networks the associated press is a human shield for the terrorists intelligence network what were they going to say
4:48 pm
next that we're shooting missiles at israel. it is preposterous that we are today watching the death and the destruction and that that's the both in gaza and on israeli cities we're trying to cover that from both sides of the borders we have such as iraq from 2008 to 2012 and 2014 and today we covered the story from both sides of the border unlike most other western networks only cover that when there is reg's like we have long covered this conflict these wars from both sides of the warders. shutting us down shutting down international news media from gaza the way this has happened with such a tragic imagery if you will shocking imagery if you will does bring none with it all of israel's month rose about freedom of speech about democracy by
4:49 pm
human rights about former permission about the freedom of information because when it does that during a war time against an entire complex that horse entire media networks and civilians they're just basically what it seems to be out of sadism. and. it's it is quite dreadful and as we said before we were showing our viewers some images there of. stuff what we have now managed to find to the camera they're busy trying to set up near some rubble or other colleagues. had to come to the hospital in a bid to make sure that that attempts at getting the news didn't get bones either these these are distressing images it is particularly distressing for this network to see our offices targeted yet again. in this area but it's taking
4:50 pm
a why it's a look can't say it is this likely to to work will is still succeeds at something images coming out of gaza still the stories being told or do you think there is a chance that this could backfire. but that's what is so crazy. that it's what you so crazy for some of us who've been working on this issue or been covering this story or decades now you definitely conclude that this is one of those examples of repeating doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. that's why there is certain idiocy to it all because that have bitten off more of the same and the attempts at curbing information. at this sort of a war against basically a big prison or full of refugees and then to try to shut down information and coverage and flow free flow of information and to expect but that does what
4:51 pm
exactly improves israel's image in the national community helps israel win a war against gaza heads it strengthen and tighten its grip on the palestinians expand and improve its control of the president doesn't of course it does not but they go back in again that's what is so crazy because in fact and here i'm going to have to say things in its favor i'm talking about the israeli government does allow. journalists to cover wars like someone be other colonial powers or other because the ship has not a lot of not a lot it does but just when it is so sensitive just when the coverage is getting done and the images of its destruction and guys are coming out to the world it decides to destroy i mean you networks as i said with every such destruction as
4:52 pm
i see every one of the last major buildings in gaza for. i see the major failure of the implosion of another over israel montrose and today with the fall of the building i see the improve of the idea that israel respects. democratic freedoms and the free. flow of information notably free coverage over its own war in gaza ok marlon bashara that very has analysis live from doha marwan thank you very much indeed. a well process are underway in the palestinian territory and around the world to assess your continues to bombard gaza from the air and the grounds this was the scene and i'll be in the occupied west bank her anger over past and present injustices has been building stand ins are marking nakba day over the catastrophe
4:53 pm
the 750000 palestinians were forcibly displaced from their homes in the wars that led to the establishment of israel in 1948 you know abraham is in ramallah in the occupied west bank leader what's happening. we're hearing live ammunition being sought by the protesters by the israeli army there are more than one confrontation points in the occupied west bank and their eyes to a temple students who are being injured 9 of them are in close or a village south of nablus which is a side that is. usually. subject to a lot of attacks as you said to help palestinians are commemorating neck back and for many here they were telling us that they believe that it is not just a point in history that they were able to move past because the israeli practices on the ground is another neck but or is did a good going back but as far as these protesters have told us and joining me here
4:54 pm
today to talk more about this is the code of arafat's she's a psychologist and doctor we have seen generations and generations of palestinians live under israeli occupation we have a generation who doesn't have any idea of what it is to live in a free country without occupation how do you think that affected cassidy i think it affects them like any other population would be affected i mean these children are now growing up the being in a war condition and the majority of our population are children and 25 percent are women so over 3 fourths of our population are either children or women so these attacks the violence that happens they impact their day to day lives what we're seeing in the neck but people talk about it as happening 70 years ago no it's lived on every single day people are denied returning to their homeland to their own country some of them only live kilometers or miles away from land that now they cannot access their enclosed imprisoned in gaza are not allowed to move water is
4:55 pm
denied to them electricity everything is cut off even the airwaves that are used is not under their control so when people say how does it feel to you know not live under freedom they know what it is but they can see it everywhere else they see the whole world as living free they see other people enjoying liberties that are not theirs and then they see the world sympathizing with israel so i think that for many children they are their alert they know what it is to feel undignified and humiliation may face what that happening today is may be a. compilation of what's happening to day to day when these children go to school they're attacked on the way going to school this searched on the way going to school by the israeli military forces they cannot go to their jobs without being attacked they cannot live in their homes without fear that if something happens they could be bombed so there isn't a sense of freedom but there is a sense that we do want to be free and we're willing to resist we're willing to
4:56 pm
struggle to live free because this is not a life that is worth living otherwise thank you dr it. is a psychologist and she's been telling us about the effects of living under occupation on these children on these palestinians who we've met some in the past few days and who are telling us that they want the world to see what it's like to live under occupation and they want to confront that after they feel that they've been left out by the arabs and by their own leaders ok maybe abraham there live from ramallah thank you need. just quickly let's cross to washington d.c. . is life before seen those images of the old to see our offices being blown. has there been any reaction at the stage. so far not from the biden ministration we have heard from. democratic congressman rashida to leave
4:57 pm
she's tweeted out calling netanyahu apartheid in chief. netanyahu saying that this is so the world can't see war crimes that israel is committing this is going to create increase the pressure on the president to say something he has so far been steadfast in his support of israel but this isn't just the al-jazeera offices this is the associated press let's go back to what the biden ministration said he was going to make the centerpiece of his foreign policy and that is human rights democracies need a free and fair press and it's going to be very hard 'd for israel to justify bombing me. that's obviously something that the president says is a fundamental part of democracy so this will likely increase the pressure we expect to see many protests across the country today in favor of palestine thank you very much it's a it's a particle here in their life form a washington d.c. this is our news are wrapping up at the moment but we will be bringing you
4:58 pm
continuing coverage after the latest strike in gaza where the tower which houses the associated press. or several civilian offices put us residential apartments house. by the israelis as part of their on going assault on gaza here and i'll just 0 i'll be back with you with more after this very short break. a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from main street to street journalism and maybe object is to get reach me to send it to the wall to show you what's going on exposing real world threats to objectivity often of our neighbor tons for monsters 11000 people who
4:59 pm
were arrested the listening post covers the way blues is covered on a jersey about. cultivating food is the foundation of human civilization but food today is a global commodity if the industry did not make money how many people would be at work and how it's cultivated a contentious debate public interest in the public safety is definitely not taking precedent and in-depth examination into agribusiness and the conflicting interests at play industry doesn't want any regulation it just want to put the products on the market the price of progress on al-jazeera the u.s. is always of interest the people all around the world this is been going on for a number of hours with tear gas being used to push the fight back. to the reporter story from an international perspective to try to explain to your local audience why it's important how did it impact your life at the height of the storm the water would go high it would have been above my hey this is an important part of the wall
5:00 pm
people pay attention to what we're going here now does it is very good to bring the news to the world from here. oh yeah oh lord. place . the israeli army bombs a building housing al-jazeera and other media outlets in the gaza strip after giving those inside just an hour to get sides. claim. on how long he's in and this is al jazeera line from doha also coming up here.


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