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i swear this won't work them among all the. others a bitter over the voter turnout especially among young people which was much lower than expected and. they just don't believe that anything will change we fought for this institutional change but too many people don't believe it can happen and the hard work begins now to draft a constitution over the next 9 to 12 months that can build consensus instead of even deeper divisions you see in human al-jazeera. past the hour let us take you through the headlines israel continuing its offensive in gaza despite international calls for calm monday morning in gaza as these live pictures show that is relatively quiet but there have been airstrikes previously this morning israel saying it is targeting tunnels military facilities and
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residences used by palestinian factions 197 palestinians including 58 children have been killed meanwhile israeli troops remain massed along the border and we have seen them in just the past hour firing artillery into gaza prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the strikes will continue at full force the same time as hamas has launched more rockets into israel towards ashkelon and their shiba 10 people in israel have been killed over the past week. has been monitoring developments overnight into monday. the southern just. 55. shake the city we have learned the targets included several military bases security bases. empty. and the city also behind the main compound of shifa hospital which is the biggest
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hospital in. india's health ministry is reporting 4100 deaths and more than 291000 new coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours that is the 1st time daily recorded cases have fallen below 300000 since late april health experts however say there is still significant on the counting the daily number of. corona virus infections in thailand has reached a record high around 9600 cases reported on monday 2 thirds of them from prison inmates and people in turkey are allowed to move more freely from monday as tough lockdown restrictions are eased the government had tightened measures after the daily infection numbers there soared above 60000 in april. you are up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera the latest inside story is next. it's a very bleak picture for
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a lot of americans out there of white supremacy in fact all of our beaches your pretty little money into the hands of some workers taking money out of the hands of other workers and everyone goes to their camps and becomes a us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is the in. the media under attack in gaza israeli air strikes flatten the tower containing the offices of al-jazeera the associated press and homes for palestinian families but in the age of social media can any side take control of the message this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on how much i'm jerome one of the main places for
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journalists to report on what's happening in gaza is now just a pile of rubble israel is being condemned for carrying out airstrikes on a building that houses the offices of edges into the associated press and other international media staff were given just an hour to get out of our families and 60 apartments inside also scramble to collect what they could israel's military said how mass operatives were using the 11 story building but hasn't provided proof that building is where al jazeera is offices are there we are another strike or not terror and that terror has come to. the destruction was broadcast live around the world al jazeera called it a clear act to stop journalists conducting their sacred duty to inform and the associated press said the world will know less about what is happening in gaza because of what happened. but the idea. isn't. on the ground people recorded and shared their footage online social media has
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transformed the flow of information about the conflict but activists have accused sites like instagram of blocking their posts israel's defense minister urged facebook in tick-tock to remove content that he says incites violence and terrorism a palestinian activist told us recently why social media is so important to people like her israeli media is really poets and israeli propaganda israeli poet for. stories couldn't reach anyone in the world today. many people on the roads because we. could use our study need could use the story we take the photos we took take the footage we take the stories and share them to the world and this is why they started fighting against our stories and fighting against. press freedom advocates have accused israel of targeting the media since
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the start of its airstrikes on gaza over a week ago several journalists have been injured arrested or attacked and dozens of media offices have been destroyed reporters without borders condemned what it called israel's disproportionate use of force against journalists saying they should under no circumstances be treated as parties to the armed conflict in 2014 a palestinian rights group said indiscriminate attacks on media buildings have been a significant feature of israel's military offensive 5 years later amnesty international accused palestinian authorities in the occupied west bank and gaza of arresting torturing and violating people's rights to freedom of expression. a 2017 law in the occupied west bank imposed tight controls on media freedom anyone who posted criticism online faced up to 15 years in jail. all right let's bring in our guests in ramallah nor are they a political analyst in tel aviv arson ostrofsky c.e.o. of the international legal forum and also in the ramallah saga has you as the
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deputy regional director for the middle east and north africa at amnesty international a warm welcome to you all nor to let me start with you today press freedom groups have condemned this attack on the tower they accuse israel's military which claims that the building housed house military intelligence of trying to censor coverage of what is happening in gaza what's your reaction. i think what happened was a war crime and there is really no room to kind of debate that it was a building is a huge building it's not doesn't just caus media organizations including and as you know a.p. it also had many many holes it's a huge building in the center of gaza a very prestigious building and it's the 3rd building that israel targeted this round of escalation of course targeting and killing a palestinian journalist is not new to the way israel operates during rounds of
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escalations it lost many friends and colleagues along the years while they were doing their jobs because they were doing their jobs in different circumstances and in different years arson from your perspective when it comes to these rights groups and analysts who call this an attack on journalism that this is an attack on freedom of information and the free flow of information what do you say because i don't think this is an attack by any means on the media this was an attack to you in squarely on hamas the question we have to be asking though is what i would these media companies companies brands to an internationally recognized terrorist organization we know for a fact now that hamas had operations within that building we not for a fact but hamas had the research and development and the technical units that are planning and carrying out terrorist attacks and all the time under the noses of
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al-jazeera a.p. and the other tenants presumably that were building so the question is why were they there and did they. and how did they not that hamas was not under their noses the entire time at the end of the day. israel is entitled to the right of self-defense israel is. and trying to live in freedom it is that some us that is responsible for placing a big piece of their terrorist operations in there in a civilian building an infrastructure and therefore making an immaterial target any country know what would have done the same sense with this threat but nonetheless israel did still give tranced notice in mourning to all tenants but at the end of day the responsibility for this is so he was a must for putting the media and jeopardizing the media in civilian areas which is in so an egregious violation of international law and arson let me just follow up
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with you very quickly about something you mentioned because you know the i.d.f. of course we know says that the building contained hamas military intelligence assets but you know a.p. c.e.o. gary pruitt he's called 'd on the israeli government to put forward the evidence that they have he said that a peace bureau has been in this building for 15 years that they've had no indication hamas was in the building or active in the building my colleagues up at the capitol it in gaza is said that there was no indication that hamas was in the building is it not a reasonable thing to ask the israeli government to produce the evidence that they have that they say show is that how mass was in that building. i mean i find it very hard to believe that someone of the a.p. stature would not have not and that they're operating right and. right by us from us as nice as 'd i must has been there for a number of years now the questions we should be asking is why any jonathans of the questions that any decent professional journalists also do not ask is why from us
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was operating and why were they willing to try quis so that for their sons i believe there is ample evidence evidence that that israel has certainly i believe shared with the united states administration but it is known for fact that this was a place in which for months had planned terrorist attacks in which they had been taken to a unit in which the carried out research and development and again all under the noses of bikes al-jazeera and pm the question is really going to be asking is why even an american company or to be renting. from any internationally designated and u.s. there's a major terrorist organization from us and i just want to add again that both the and the a.p. have have denied those allegations that you were making against them nor i see that you are reacting a lot to what arson is saying so i'm going to give you a chance to respond and they need it's just outrageous outrageous to find a way to continue just repeating a spending line to justify targeting not just media organizations again i want to
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remind the audience we're talking about scores of apartments scores of families that were made homeless by his bombardment there is such a thing that is you know called proportionality in international law even if we were to believe israel's allegation which i again say is false and as of yet unproven and israel never needed proof to attack journalists in the past. who was killed at a reuters. journalist there really just cameraman who was killed a few years back was killed while he was filming he killed his own democracy he wasn't in a in a building controlled by a hammer that had mass or anybody else he was doing his job and yes that what it does and so many others so you know to to entertain with this line is just really beyond. beyond bearable there there should be no circumstance when
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attacking journalists and crippling the work of journalists who are there to do their job to tell the story of a people under siege and under occupation this is inexcusable and any excuse to do it is really just completely outrageous sought to have let me turn to you now amnesty international has over the years documented what it calls a pattern of israel restricting and attacking the rights of free expression do you consider what you saw yesterday the attack on the edge of that time. our in gaza to be in violation of international law absolutely and we think dicey should look into it as a possible war crime. follows top upton's the 1st is a pattern of collective punishment against the palestinians in gaza according to whose own human rights organization working on the ground there are at least 51 residential buildings and high rise towers that have been destroyed in the recent military operation the other part than is silencing those who want to report than
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and express what is happening in terms of the pattern of violations let me remind you interviewers here that on this international has been prevented by israel from entering and the like by the gaza strip since 2012. this also fits in that into that pattern and indeed. we were what is happening currently in gaza we see it has happened before in that 1014 military operation and since then in the dog by the west bank in newsrooms with also attacking peaceful activists and attacking the price so it definitely puts these 2 very very worrying patterns arson you heard there mention the international criminal court and this gets to a point i wanted to ask you about because the i.c.c. opened an investigation into possible war crimes in the occupied palestinian territories the top prosecutor for the i.c.c. fatou bensouda said that the i.c.c.
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is now monitoring current violence closely and that the evolution of these events could also be something that they look at is israel not concerned about all this but israel is very concerned about the situation. its concern about the loss of life its concern about the fact that we have had over 3000 rockets raining down on civilian areas in struck by the some i suppose 7 islamic jihad terrorists there been at least 10 people that have died there been hundreds stead of injured. thousands upon thousands of families including my diary are in that have been forced to run to bomb shelter your previous guest spoke about proportionality let me ask what is a portion of the response here when arbitrate 1000 rockets have been there's surely more israelis should been killed i'm sorry but any time there are an innocent civilians to die that is a tragedy but israel will not and shall not defend or justify why we're defending our citizens from this exceptional tremendous waitress tara from gaza at the end of
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the day it is this from us that is committing a double war crime yet on the one hand by hiding behind palestinian civilians including a civilian structures like the media building here whilst they are targeting innocent civilians in israel no country in the world not israel or any country in the world what's to stand by that and will defend that and the i.c.c. for it's going to be prosecuting if it's going to be investigating and when it ought to be investigated by the from us and the palestinian islamic jihad as well as the best sponsors iran for initiating inflaming and carrying out these incredible waves of terror that we're experiencing right now no arson of course just pose a question to you about those remarks you made regarding proportionality so many give you a chance to respond if you like. well i mean you know this this is a an old line that we've gone the whole used to a specialist in eons but let me just remind the viewers palestinians have been
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under israeli occupation for over half a century our daily reality under a foreign colonial military occupation it is violent every detail of it is violent palestinians in the gaza strip live and have lived under siege for 15 years under any israeli siege every detail of their life is controlled by israel their basic rights are denied by israel so when we talk about violence we need to put things in perspective and when we talk about israel defending itself we need to also remember that israel is the occupying power it actually has obligations towards the safety and well being of palestinians not just israel is it certainly has no right to traumatized brutalized this process and that kill palestinians at will why is claiming self-defense much must maintain an illegal occupation for over half
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a century that's the context of the story the story didn't begin with how much firing rockets it didn't even begin with the hamas creating rockets or manufacturing rockets or even importing rockets if you will if that if that was the case it began with israel's occupation it persists because of israel's occupation because of israel's impunity because there are countries that are still willing to provide israel with cover to bankroll its violations and to provide it with military assistance that's why we're here we're not here because there's an organization a palestinian organization that suddenly woke up and decided to bring terror on israel as your guest would have that we're here because an entire people is denied their basic rights crushed brutalized this process and then he you. not by the kind of rhetoric we've heard by yours so it's you know we keep going back at this and we
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won't tire me out by reminding the world that we are. human beings entitle to the same rights as a lot of theirs and to have the colonizer claim the high moral ground this is simply not possible arson to look like you want to jump in go ahead. yeah except perhaps that some people think that hamas is some kind of civil society it's organization or just operates a soup kitchen hamas is anything but terrorist jihad a civilization so i'm remission and that is being sworn to israel's very destruction and i want to remind of a very very simple fact israel who left gaza entirely $1005.00 every person every settler every soldier left gaza completely we had hoped that gaza would be a big peace but instead some us took over and it has now had a stranglehold over the people of gaza as well as the people in that in the south
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of israel right now instead of stockpiling covert vaccines hamas has been stockpiling rockets and rocks and tunnels to carry out terror attacks against israeli civilians are holding the very people of gaza hostage as well so we go to respect what people want gaza and israel serve a better future but it is not some must but is holding by the people hostage and that is a basic fact that we must recognize saw the human shit earlier that amnesty international is not allowed to work on the ground in gaza obviously that is an impediment to your work at a time when it is so critical to get those stories out of gaza and at a time when israel is being criticized for this attack on the other so that tower i want to ask you how important it is for rights groups like amnesty international and others to get those media reports out of gaza not just those traditional media reports that we've seen t.v. outlets but also now more and more of the types of videos that are being shared on
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social media by far 'd younger activists you know stuff that's being shared widely be they video is be they info graphics about what's going on how much to groups like amnesty international and others rely on that to do the kind of work that your doing. first of all it is really crucial for us to be able to be on the ground and investigate allegations of crimes on the international law and human rights violations by both sides i mean when israel prevents us from entering gaza they're also preventing us from being able to investigate violations by the palestinian on groups then to your question about videos posted they are especially when we don't have access and even if when we do have access they're very crucial at this time we look at these videos we invite we verify the information that geotagged information behind them and then we're able to cross match them with that's the morning and pictures that we take from elsewhere this is how we monitor the situation and this
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is how we're able to document especially when we are prevented just from israel well let me if you'll allow me to come up just to go back to your on some of the comments that your guest from israel made a pretty things 1st that if you would be investigating bustin on groups and see international otherwise groups have condemned the rockets indiscriminately rockets are a war crime and i.c.c. would be looking into this 2nd issue of proportionality that test of proportionality is very specific to that into that it says 1st we need to be able to tell whether there there was a larger building a legitimate military targets and a 2nd that that's a personality applied to that one incident not just that the target the of what's happening in the conflict sir the issue of gaza and israel pulling out let me remind everyone that gaza has been under an illegal located 15 years since 2007 controlling every single bit that comes in the house in and out of gaza limiting
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how much fishermen can go into the sea and farmers can farm along the israel gaza border this illegal blockade is collective punishment as well as fatah how me just follow up with you very quickly about you know we've been talking a lot about the i.c.c. during this discussion the specter of the i.c.c. in all of this and you had said that perhaps they will use you know these videos that are emerging as part of their investigation do you think that the attack on the edge of that power is actually going to factor into the investigation you know in the long term. so i just said factors into our investigation you know. it doesn't it i see it go you know they have their own question of ways of doing that but but i believe that even as a as a rights group but as a rights group that's documenting this and you know as a rights group that's you know alleging the war crimes were committed and saying that it's important the i.c.c. looks at this do you think that it will factor in in
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a major way into an investigation at some point what that's what we're going for we're going to for that to be factored in as well as the other 50 residential and high rise towers that israel has destroyed says this military operation plus all the attacks that have caused the videos to lose their lives and that has started to civilian infrastructures indeed we call on the i.c.c. to have a comprehensive investigation into a thing that is happening at the moment and going about since it started its jurisdiction into those which is joint 2014 so we certainly hope that it does addition will be as comprehensive as possible nor there is as we mentioned before in the program sort of a new dimension to all of this in the fact that social media is playing such a large role in how information is being disseminated right now and you know we've spoken a lot in the past week to palestinian young palestinian activists who are really frustrated with political leadership of the palestinians and really feeling like it's ineffective and that they basically need to take ownership of their stories
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and get them out to the world in a way that makes the world understand their plight better so let me ask you do you feel that at the moment these videos that are being shared widely these info graphics that are being created that are being put on sites like instagram and shared so widely do you think that this is changing the perception around the world is it changing the narrative is it changing the coverage. i think they're there you know paramount significance what is happening on social media was a long time coming for posting eons it took them years decades to be able to crack open a small opening for their and their aunts of and their voice to be heard by mainstream media but when social media chain it was it was heaven sent it was an a and a porch and a few for the voiceless to be heard not just and but all of palestine but in other
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places that do not usually invite media attention and focus and quite frankly that you know these platforms provided the list in eons with a chance to connect with the outside world to tell their story their personal story not just their you know the story of what was happening and the politics of it of the gruesome details of it but just on a human level and to see that being censored and curtail the deceit palestinian voices being used to is really worrying because at the end of the day that free space that we thought we were you finally able to to you know reach out to the world through an end and receive solidarity through and offer solidarity to our others through is now being you know that space is shrinking of course before that we've seen palestinian journalists also detained or harassed by israeli intelligence because of their posts on facebook
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a colleague of ours i met him out he was recently detained and sentenced to more than 3 months in prison administrative detention that is not charged no trial and he was specifically told this was because of his journalistic activities on social media at the time it was related to the elections so that space is very important and it has been on the you know under assault if you will but now that assault is far more comprehensive and sister. not take and i think you know these platforms should be ashamed of themselves for doing what they are although the hiring they are kind of. told a story before it began all right we have run out of times we are going to have to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all of our guests new to our day arson ostrovsky and saw the hejazi and thank you too for watching you can see this and all of our previous programs again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com
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forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from the whole team here bye for now. from the al-jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation the struggles that we see in the global south have come not because of our health but because of the harm of little dark with no host and no limitations that's the story of climate change it's not that we're all in it together the people of the most impacted in the 1st impact to there in the global side that's always how it is hard to us as your ball but and that's a great fast fashion syfy actually regulated just like cigarettes studio b. unscripted. each and every one of us have a responsibility. to change our personal space for the better.
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yet we have to find our character and we could do this experiment and it's part of us you could increase just a little bit and that would be worth doing and woody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly raspy she's not there are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly hearing these people pick up to collect the signal good to say that receiving this is extremely important so is that the break the city. we need to take america trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who are left behind. oh it's one of the most recognized sites around the world famed for its support from far and wide but for the families back home it's more than just
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a football club and i want to tell policy should be left out of football you know football is new all politics and this is you stop one of. the passion and the politics of liverpool f.c. the defiance joint. part of the fines who make football series on al-jazeera. who'll. families wake up to another burst of israeli air strikes and water and fuel supplies and are running low. on canal santamaria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera and my administration is going to continue to engage palestinians and israelis and other regional partners. the u.s. president job.


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