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feel serious. and. impartial we tell your story we are. going. to al-jazeera. think. palestinians go through another day of death and bloodshed as israel continues pounding gaza with all tillery and strikes and. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up from all spittle beds to electricity to water people in gaza real on the shortages. almost bad the u.k. is taking
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a major step towards normality as coronavirus restrictions are being eased across england wales and most of scotland. jailed hong kong media tycoon jimmy la is in court for a new trial is facing charges of inciting pro-democracy protests. at 17 g.m.t. and 8 pm in gaza where yes not a day more than 2000000 palestinians are living through what they describe as days and nights of terror and carnage. this is the immediate aftermath of an israeli airstrike there for the 2nd week homes clinics factories and roads have come on the fire 200 palestinians have died among them doctors 59 children have been killed.
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in the past few hours israel destroyed a building where gaza's religious affairs ministry was located and in another airstrike a senior commander of a slum mcjob was killed meanwhile hundreds of mourners gathered for the funerals of 2 other members of the armed group who were killed in an israeli drone strike in rafa on sunday and israel has warned it will attack 2 government schools palestinians who were made homeless by israeli airstrikes have been sheltering them. across gaza hospitals are overwhelmed as they struggle with a crippling shortage of electricity water and other critical supplies. meanwhile how us and allied factions are continuing to hit israeli cities with rockets 8 people were injured in asteroid and 9 around the city of bashir and hamas says it will target tel of even if israel continues to bomb safe houses and residential
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buildings. well we can speak carry forces here is live in west jerusalem in a moment of fast let's get the picture in gaza we can speak to stuff watch out. another day is ending but for it could just be the beginning of very violent nice if we go by what happened yesterday what is the latest in gaza tonight. well the latest now as most of gaza's 3 days now are empty because it's almost dark here it's dark actually. normally most of this 'd collation starts tonight so that's why people prefer to stay home. those who want to buy or meet the needs of their families they go in the daylight and now most of the of the gazans are staying home because there are no shelters to stay in case of israeli. fire. in the last hour of the strength of the fire from both sides is list done earlier
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today. military wing of hamas also warned the israelis from continual hitting the residential and the think building otherwise they will hit tel aviv so far we have not seen any longer range rockets fired from gaza into. 'd tel aviv or other cities also islamic jihad said that they will retaliate for the us that's a nation of of the commander of that wild card get it under $138.00 and by the israelis ever going back to another explosion i was 3 and they were they are assuming. this is from the sea we could we could win it coming from the sea direction here in this school we have hundreds of families. who had to leave their homes from different places all over gaza city on the north of gaza strip 'd fleeing from the bombardment. hilary that suddenly started in
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the last few days. many people came and asked me if i knew about any thieves fire or on the. temporary ceasefire the humanitarian crisis here are increasing 1st of all because people had to stay 8 days for at least 8 days now in their homes no war. is completely stopped me stopped completely the crossings that provide gather with the essential needs also. the god is also closed completely so that the focus of the concentration now is. on the humanitarian 'd crisis on the humanitarian mission. the international humanitarian organizations they said that the situation here is. getting
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worse because of the supplies. they're essential supplies that are running out from the stores also. the power company the municipality of god the all there really is the statements today today they said that the israelis or the israeli fire destroyed either completely or partially the electricity the sewage networks it made it more difficult for them to provide the houses with their essential needs of power more and other of other things needed from including local for the mere roads that were also bombed so that you money to the concentration now is only you money terry and prices and humanitarian issues after 8 days of escalation. many thanks for that update safwat. bringing us up to date from gaza as take each of west jerusalem harry forces is live for us
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and we understand now the situation the very latest from gaza and what is the situation in israel. well right now the prime minister and his top security team the defense minister the internal security agency head the head and the chief of the army they are and other officials meeting at the moment to discuss next steps now there has of course been talk about the possibility of a cease fire for sundays now but not coming at all from the israelis coming from other players like the egyptians and in the last few hours as well more broadly from the americans the national security adviser jake sullivan talking about talking to his opposite number here in israel also to the egyptians a white house statement just now talking about the state department statement i
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apologize about talks with jordan and about the urgency that both countries felt for trying to get a situation of peace in israel and gaza so there are efforts it seems underway but the israelis so far have not shown any public at least urgency or even acceptance of the idea yet of a cease fire. as things stand the rockets are still coming out of gaza most of them in the area quite close to gaza as far away as ashdod and as well but the military spokesman for hamas was recently saying that if israel continued to bomb residential buildings then central israel television would come under bombardment from these garza rockets too as for the other violent actions which have been taking place in israel the racial violence we've seen there was another death today that was the death of a jewish man who had been set upon by a group of palestinian israelis the day after
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a palestinian israeli had been shot dead in the city of la he'd been to the hospital for several days and was pronounced dead today. how he forced at their 1st question. well as the humanitarian situation in gaza gets more die by the day pressure is growing on the united states to ask its ally israel to agree on an immediate cease fire imran khan reports from west to receive them. with neither side backing down israeli and palestinian officials are using tough language that presents a problem for a diplomatic solution on sunday the un security council was reportedly unable to issue a statement due to a u.s. veto it's the 3rd time that has happened this week one person involved in the talks told out is there that egypt jordan the u.n. and others are all pushing for a breakthrough but it's unlikely anything to happen in the immediate future in
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ramallah palestinian prime minister spoke to reporters urging the u.n. to act and asking friendly countries to withdraw all ambassadors from israel. speaking enough. to have declarations. must be. described. in the must mean there again as. but with no breakthrough the u.s. has reiterated its position with the secretary of state and to me blinken insisting israel has a right to defend itself palestinian politicians say this isn't self-defense if you ask the residents of gaza they would say what the remains to be done is to drop
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a nuclear bomb into gods the amount of attacks the scale of before cities the amount of ammunition that's being deposed in gaza is beyond belief beyond imagination but there's israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued a warning time as we're trying to degrade hamas as term stability and to degrade their will to do this again but with no breakthrough in diplomacy the conflict has carried on the question now is not whether all parties involved can get diplomacy back on truck but whether there's even a hope for a long term diplomatic solution. how does a westerner slow has been more than 48 hours since israeli asteroids flattened a building used by media outlets such as al-jazeera and the associated press the u.s. secretary of state and the blinken says he has not seen any intelligence yet from israel suggesting that hamas was present in that building israel has a special responsibility to protect civilians in the course of its self-defense and
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that most certainly includes journalists. you said that you requested additional information have you received that have you seen it and did you find it credible i have not seen any information provided and again to the extent that it is based on intelligence that would have been shared with other colleagues and i'll leave that to them to assess. that's kosova top white house correspondent kimberly hall kit kimberly the white house press secretary has been talking about the palestine israeli conflict in the last hour or so wanted she have to say. well she certainly wouldn't comment on that intelligence that may or may not exists only saying that the secretary of state haven't seen any intelligence that the israelis can claim that supports the fact that there were. offices inside that building that israel toppled that of course housed our own journalists as well as they sociate of
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press and others what she would talk about was the ongoing diplomatic efforts to bring about some sort of resolution well 8 the administration has repeatedly called for a cease fire from hamas firing rockets they refuse of the by the administration to call for a cease fire on the part of israel instead what she said is that there are diplomatic efforts underway to reduce the level of violence overall here's what she had to say what our role is is to play the most be as constructive as possible in deescalating the violence bringing an end to the conflict we've done again more than 60 calls over the past week with a range of partners in the region so our objective here our role is not to do political analysis or or or provide motivation for any actions but to take steps we can take as a leader in the world as a as
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a country with deep relationships in the region to discuss the escalate the violence on the ground. the white house also wouldn't comment at all about the disproportionate number of casualties the number of palestinians killed versus the small number of israelis that have been killed in this conflict best far in fact many asking in the white house briefing room whether or not this amounted to war crime something the white house press secretary refused to answer but i can tell you that there are members of both the president's democratic party as well as republicans on capitol hill that are pushing the bind of ministration to do more particularly when it comes to using its leverage in terms of weapon sales to force israel to come to a cease fire there has recently been approved by the by administration more than 735000000 in weapon sales to israel 2 the congress notified about that earlier this month many saying that that should be halted until israel stops firing on gaza but
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again this is something that the white house did not want to comment on so we're watching very carefully as u.s. president biden takes to the east room in the coming hour to see whether he might have anything to say but so far the messages have been carefully controlled coming out of the white house with one coordinated message that overall they're looking for deescalation and using their diplomatic channels to try and achieve that many thanks for that can be held for us at the white house still ahead on al-jazeera. not giving up some desperate villagers in rural india take makeshift steps to cap the cave at 900 patients. and more have an update from tech which is emerging from some tough cave it restrictions.
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there was all the energy from the atmosphere being expelled from the eastern side of arabia with a tropical cyclone making landfall in gujarat throughout iran arabia than things are quiet that's been very hot recently in iraq and kuwait it's entries hitting $47.00 there is a bit of a breeze which helps i suppose it's very dry heat couldn't stand it otherwise and the breeze is a hot wind but it's there all the same and if i show you the forecast for baghdad good idea typically it should be read about 3730 is time of year so about 10 degrees higher is not a record but it's pretty high all the same there's no real relief in sight for 8 jumping through the seasonal rains down to southern africa and with blue skies for most spotting the rain is a difficult affair. dry in cape town 21 degrees and it's dry and 22 the few showers on the coast of mozambique a madagascar probably welcome but the picture is a bone dry when i have to say for the next few days with temperatures in the
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twenty's so i'm sure it's very pleasant unless you want the rain jo'burg 22 and most of botswana we're talking about the middle twenty's even when hook it's only 24. most people will never know what's beyond this store. inside 100000 films how it feels to touch. it. live and know what it's like to work with every breath expression. with. but we're not most people.
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you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour israel is continuing its bombing raids across the gaza strip despite international calls for calm the military is warned the un that it plans to bomb 2 schools used as the combination for refugees 200 palestinians including 50 children have been killed in the past week. 17 israelis have been injured by rocket fire from gaza buildings were hit in ashdod and beersheba 10 israelis have been killed since the escalation began. u.s. sector state and city blinken has reiterated washington stance that israel has a right to defend itself against rocket attacks from us but he has called on both
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sides do more to deescalate the situation and respect international. well people in gaza taking shelter wherever they can to avoid the israeli bombardment al-jazeera as correspondent while dudu has this report from a school where many are taking refuge. them at the saudi hundreds of missiles have been used and destroyed numerous houses some of these houses were destroyed while the families were inside this classroom was changed to be a refuge for these families in our tough truck district here we can find old people and children as well young men prefer to stay outside these classrooms we came here to shed some light on this grieving family. of hello what is your name i mean i mean you are a lot. what is your story. i'm in there in the lower we were shocked when they demolished the house of my daughter while she and her children were inside we did not manage to rescue the whole family her father is
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a member of a rescue team but he could not save his daughter we called the ambulance and everyone who can help but they could not arrive on time we all were in shock because of the demolition and we couldn't do anything but come barefoot to the school may god punish them for killing my daughter and her children. and i have been. so your daughter and her children lost their lives for the model. yes the house was demolished and they were inside they didn't give any warning. was the house was doing militants or people like that the world had said and while at the edges of no definitely not they were nor militants at all inside the house even her husband was not a member of any faction they just demolished the house with herself her husband and the children there's nothing we can do god will punish the aggressors they killed my daughter and her children they killed innocent children who are not guilty at
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all her husband and her brother in law were not members of any faction god will punish them for killing innocent people they didn't even give them a warning before demolishing the house they didn't even give her a chance to take her children leave the house 3 floors have been demolished over my innocent daughter and her children god will punish israel yes i lost my daughter and her children but they are not more precious than the resistance god will punish netanyahu god will punish israel. indian prime minister narendra modi is being accused of cracking down on criticism after dozens of people were arrested in the capital they had put up posters asking why i could have 19 vaccines were sent abroad earlier this year instead of being used in india police say they were arrested for defacing walls. meanwhile a top indian virologist has resigned from
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a government coronavirus advisory group that looked into new variants so he jamil accuse the government of not paying enough attention to a more contagious strain despite being warned about it in march and he wrote in the new york times says scientists facing stubborn resistance to evidence based policy making have any metals following the story from new delhi you are seeing is a significant dip in numbers you know just 10 days ago the fresh case count was hitting 400000 but still at nearly 300000 cases this is not a situation where india can or is being complacent so you are seeing many states extending lockdowns you know western gone one of the states that held elections in april has announced a fresh 2 week strict lockdown and in terms of deaths more than 4100 deaths in 24 hours and this is in line with the trend you see with the virus that is the deaths spike follows the spike in cases now what we are also learning is
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a huge focus being given to rural india and the situation there so one of india's poorest states is now starting is sort of it announced that it is going to be ramping up testing and trying and getting a better sense of how many cases there really are the more the government has also announced that there will be it 3 tier medical system in the local villages and towns so really getting primary health care centers and schools to start helping with isolating and treating milder covert cases. the number of new daily coronavirus infections in thailand has reached a record high around 9600 cases were reported on monday 2 thirds of them among prison inmates thailand is battling a 3rd wave of infections and has reported 110000 the number of deaths has also risen to more than 600. people in turkey are loud to move more freely for monday as tough lock down restrictions are eased the government has tightened measures
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after daily infection numbers soared above 60000 in a pool all people will be able to go out during the day a nighttime curfew will remain in place until the beginning of next month or so said a has the latest from istanbul. this is the 1st day of the reopening of the country after 17 days of a complete lockdown coffee is a restaurant or so will be a costumer's and strewed when there is are back in business selling souvenirs and food is. something the business is not at the level we want to get back to that level the restrictions must be completely lifted cafes are not fully operational and people are not feeling comfortable outside yet turkey and to the food lockdown after all 29 after a surge in corner various cases with daily cases topping around 60000 after the complete lockdown simply this of the complete lockdown the cases rule all around
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the country and the works nation rule out continues and many in the country are hopeful that that was the last lockdown they have endured and with the reopening of the country it will have an economy recovery as the business has been remarkably attracted by lock down well i guess it almost will hoping the business gets better soon once restrictions are all gone there will be more people around and business will recover and of course more importantly tourists they're the ones who feed our business the normalization will be gradual as limited logon will remain in place until june 1st but now people are expecting a reduced measures with more mobility will have their business especially out of the tourism season as turkey heavily relies on tourism revenues which had suffered from a significant loss last year. much of the united kingdom is taking a major step towards no malice this monday coronavirus restrictions are being eased
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across england and wales and most of scotland bars restaurants cinemas and sports twenty's are among the businesses being allowed to reopen their doors a complete lifting of heavy 1000 measures to take place in jane jane hall is in manchester where many people are making the most of their new freedoms. people have been able to do this for months very good news of course for business owners and for customers alike and it's not just hospitality all indoor venues are now allowed to reopen so that students cinemas galleries museums sports stadiums of course international travel is back on albeit on a pretty limited basis but as is so often the case with this corona virus there is a catch and ministers are watching all of this with fingers firmly crossed behind their backs that's because of the variant the new variant 1st discovered in india the so-called indian variant considered way more contagious albeit they don't know quite how much more contagious now it's present in localized clusters in various
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parts of england there are containment measures in place but the real concern is that this reopening provokes a 3rd wave of infections particularly if that but very very and is able to escape those localised clusters and it would put at risk this time the very young and those unvaccinated all those who have decided for whatever reason not to be vaccinated so some cause for concern there the prime minister boris johnson warning people on monday morning to you know go out and enjoy these newfound freedoms again but to do so he said with a heavy dose of caution in other words don't enjoy the war too much. jailed hong kong media tycoon jimmy la a has been back in court for a new trial along with 9 other pro-democracy activists that charge for their roles in a $2900.00 protest as a proceedings began says in lies company was suspended from trading on hong kong stock exchange katrina you has the latest from beijing. activist and media tycoon
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to light a p.t. court on charges related 282-1000 pro-democracy protest all of his assets were frozen and says from his company next digital the largest listed media company in hong kong were suspended from trading on the territories exchange a notice of the freeze was issued on friday. it also applies to the bank accounts of the 3 companies owned by him the pro-democracy activist and billionaire is in jail serving a 14 month prison sentence for taking part in add to government protests his newspaper apple daily has been fiercely critical of beijing hong kong police say lies assets being used to fund an independence movement it's the 1st time authorities have used the national security law which criminalizes subversion to target a listed firm and that's worried investors in the asian financial hub i think this will be another nail in. business and. more than
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100 people including some of the territories most prominent democracy activists have been arrested under the law many have left since it was the borders last june and a recent survey by the american chamber of commerce found that 40 percent of its members were also considering relocating it's not the 1st time beijing has targeted the businesses of those personal of its roots the companies and financial and ali bought that were punished by chinese regulators after found and billionaire jack ma criticize the country's financial system the moves received as a ruling to rule chinese companies not to cross the communist party. jimmy lie and 9 others pleaded guilty in court on monday to charges of an authorised assembly in october 29000 supporters say the law is being used to silence all those who dissent from the government not to hong kong but the whole world is watching and people are very concerned. law is also under investigation for colluding with foreign powers
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and endangering national security charges that can carry a maximum sentence of life in prison katrina you al-jazeera beijing. 2 of the world's largest media companies are set to merge in a deal with $43000000000.00 u.s. telecom giant 80 n.t. says its warner media business will be combined with discovery it will see major brands including c.n.n. the food network and h g t v come together the new deal is expected to close by the middle of next year. this is al-jazeera these are your top stories israel is continuing its bombing raids across the gaza strip despite international calls for calm the military has warned the un that it plans to bomb 2 schools used accommodation for refuge.


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