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getting a little lost $30000000.00 was a terrifying experience how to fish an intelligence has raised the stakes and risks on the money markets as markets go faster and faster and we are opening up the possibility for instability for no. money bugs on al-jazeera. israeli air strikes continue into the night after a day of heavy gossip bombardment hitting homes clinics and government buildings.
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hello i'm a very emphatic in this is al jazeera live from doha with continuing coverage of the israel palestine conflict now into its 2nd week the latest round of rocket fire from gaza into southern israeli cities has injured at least 17 people. international diplomatic efforts are intensifying but they get to make much headway the u.s. has blocked of a u.n. security council statement which condemned israel's military response and called for a cease fire. we are ready to lend support if the party seek seek a cease fire. the conflict between israel and hamas as now into its 2nd week is mounting asterix push the death toll past 200 mostly palestinians in gaza there's no end in sight to the cottage for gaza's 2000000 residents with diplomatic efforts to reach
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a cease fire all but stalled. this is the gaza skyline we just saw this huge explosion from an israeli airstrike just before we came on air that also been sporadic bursts of palestinian rocket fire. earlier israel destroyed a building that housed gaza's religious affairs ministry and killed a senior commander of islamic jihad 15 kilometers of hamas as tunnel network were also targeted and there was severe damage to council as red crescent office in central gaza israel threatened to attack 2 government schools in gaza where people are sheltering after being made homeless by previous airstrikes the military
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delivered its warning to the united nations 212 palestinians have been killed in the conflict including $61.00 children more than $1400.00 people injured hospitals in gaza are overwhelmed are running low on critical supplies some people are being sent across the border to egypt for treatment there are severe shortages of electricity and water. and palestinian armed groups of more rockets from gaza into southern israel injuring 17 people residential towers were struck in the cities of ashdod and beersheba sending people wanting to nearby bomb shelters or than $3000.00 rockets fired towards israel many are intercepted by israel's air defense system and hundreds of foremen inside gaza. will have made reports now on the increasingly desperate and dangerous situation for families in gaza. they fled their homes for safety leaving behind all their belongings not knowing if they
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will ever return to live there or find their pile of rubble instead for the loss is immense. for. we were sitting at home my wife children and i almost sitting in the same room we have 3 children one is a 9 month old baby all of a sudden the house was hit we couldn't get out then came another strike and the house crumbled. they were trapped under the rubble i started screaming but couldn't find them the ambulances could not reach the area for power now on but it was too light my wife and 3 children died. his is a story that has become all too common in gaza this video shows people running for their lives after multi-story building was hit in central gaza on monday people visibly shaken shocked and in fear. israel says it targets buildings used by hamas
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or other armed groups claims that often go unproven sometimes residence a warrant evacuated the premises by a roof knock which amounts to an initial small explosion indicating that israeli forces are planning to destroy the building but warning shots are not the suffering caused to civilians living there is on told. us a base journalist jim no sayed narrowly escaped death when a car in front of her was targeted in broad daylight without prior notice that there were 4 people in the car 3 of them came out in pieces embattled prime minister netanyahu has warned that the fighting will continue in full force and it will take time annorah the united nations relief and works agency has opened 50 schools across the gaza strip for palestinians seeking refuge tens of thousands of
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people already sheltered there crammed in the classrooms. another motive. it's not only the war what we have to be careful of the coronavirus how can we protect ourselves and our children. the u.n. agency is expecting more people to come. in the blue from makes it more secure and. i think at the moment norway and gaza is secure but hopefully all actors involved in the fighting will respect the blue collar of the united nations but safety here is not guaranteed during the 2014 war several un facilities was shelled 44 people were killed including 10 staff. honey al-jazeera in west jerusalem. a father in gaza who filmed his efforts to calm his children has been killed by a strike nonces video was widely shared on social media in the days leading up to
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his death he could be seen comforting his distressed daughters cheering on bobbins telling them not to worry and to keep playing. 11 how if you would how it is an absolute power what you've been hurt and they have been to hell as you would have if you suppose for them to have a ticket and i think. that the bad guys. the better for the money. will come a whole lot of. as the situation within gaza grows more dire pressure is building on the u.s. to encourage its ally israel to agree to a cease fire washington has been blocking efforts at the u.n.
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security council to even come up with a joint statement on the violence there was a man calm reports now from west jerusalem. would leave the site backing down israeli and palestinian officials are using tough language that presents a problem for a diplomatic solution on sunday the un security council was reportedly unable to issue a statement due to a u.s. veto it's the 3rd time that has happened this week one person involved in the talks told out is there that egypt jordan the u.n. and others are all pushing for a breakthrough but it's unlikely anything will happen in the immediate future on monday french president of on your mccraw an egyptian president of the c.c. met at a conference on sudan for the egyptian president events that were firmly on his mind saying that he was urgently working on efforts to resolve the conflict. for the current situation we are working urgently and clearly for the return of calm and the end of violence and killing that is taking place we are exacting efforts
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and will do so there is always hope and hope with all of us moving together to end this conflict in ramallah palestinian prime minister spoke to reporters urging the u.n. to act and asking friendly countries to withdraw ambassadors from israel. speaking enough. to have declarations. must be. illegitimate again this. must be there again as well. but with no breakthrough the u.s. is reiterated its position with the secretary of state and the blinken insisting israel has a right to defend itself palestinian politicians say this isn't self-defense if you
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ask the president of gaza they would say what the remains to be done is to drop a nuclear bomb into gaza the amount of attacks the scale of before cities the amount of munition that's been deposed in gaza is beyond belief beyond imagination but there's israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued a warning to a mass we're trying to degrade hamas as term stability and to degrade their will to do this again but with no breakthrough in diplomacy the conflict has carried on the question now is not whether all parties involved can get diplomacy back on track but whether there is even a hope for a long term diplomatic solution. wester slope turkey's president typo to one says that joe biden has bloody hands for approving weapons sales to israel and the us president is coming under more fire from members of his own policy to house democrats. simply roads truth she retreated an activist
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claiming that by his cheering on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the committing of war crimes alexandria ocasio contests she had video of the destruction of the al-jazeera office in gaza wrote that it was happening with the support of the united states and iran omagh because it independent senator bernie sanders saying that it was illegal for the u.s. to support human rights violations but white house press secretary james psaki insists that they're working hard behind the scenes. what our role is is to play the most be as constructive as possible in deescalating the violence bringing an end to the conflict we've done again more than 60 calls over the past week with a range of partners in the region so our objective here our role is not to do political analysis or or or provide motivation for any actions but to take steps we can take as a leader in the world as a as
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a country with deep relationships in the region to discourage the escalate the violence on the ground but speaks was there was john hendrick his live for us in washington president biden has spoken to israel's prime minister netanyahu in the last couple of hours by phone what do we know of what was said in that call. well the president has changed his approach in that earlier today he was asked about the potential for a cease fire he said he would be talking to netanyahu but he didn't throw his support behind it at that point but apparently in the call that he held with netanyahu the president was explicit according to the white house the president expressed his support for a cease fire and discussed u.s. engagement with egypt and other partners toward that end in other words getting together a group of countries in order to pressure both sides to come to an agreement to end that conflict until now the president hasn't been willing to say that and what he
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has said has been largely pro israel saying that he supports israel's right to self-defense which is how this statement begins he continues to say that and consistently condemning the rockets coming out of gaza and striking israel but the president has received a lot of criticism a lot of it from with own within his own party and one of the biggest critics of the president has been omar a democratic congresswoman who once the president announced this to the white house statement she said finally our delay in supporting a cease fire has caused the slaughter of children and destruction of lives now biden has to push for an end to the occupation so a little bit of excitement there among democrats who've been criticizing him also interestingly in the senate where cooler heads are said to prevail a majority of the democratic senators issued a statement calling for a cease fire so this appears to be president biden responding to that pressure in
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addition to what's going on there in the conflict zone itself john thanks for that jon heder of the live in washington d.c. . m.c.s. is an assistant professor of law or queens university and a former official who served in the occupied palestinian territory from 2002 to 2014 he joins us now live from ottawa. canada good to have you with us. i am a stance nationally says that israeli forces have displayed a shocking disregard for the lives of palestinian civilians by carrying out a number of airstrikes targeting residential buildings in some cases killing entire families including children causing one certain destruction to civilian property and that this pattern of attacks must be investigated as war crimes is israel committing war crimes is hamas by launching rockets into israel. obviously sitting in ottawa it's impossible for me to say one way or the other with certainty
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that more crimes are being committed simply because there is always an intent elements to the commission of a crime that needs to be proved by an independent court however based on the information before us now available. we have reasonable grounds to believe that war crimes are indeed being committed by elations of international humanitarian law primarily through the lack of respect for the principles of distinction proportionality in precautions in attack primarily from the israeli side but not exclusively. you talk about proportionality with israel warning that it's going to bomb government schools where civilians are sheltering and with i'm reporting the bombs of hit way too close to schools where people are sheltering does israel have any recourse to the principle of proportionality is it adequately balancing the perceived military advantage with the risks to civilians and their property. certainly based on the information that we see coming out of the strip and
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elsewhere and all else fine i think it's reasonable to say the answer to that is no that would be consistent with the historical record of israel's engagement from the skies land sea air. elsewhere as elsewhere in the rest of the occupied palestinian territory going back 2201420122009 so forth the israeli has these are in the government has a policy that whenever they're engaged in armed combat with who they believe are terrorist elements or in this case armed groups from the palestinian side they deliberately used it disproportionate force to impress their policy positions on the palestinian side this is among other reasons why the international criminal court is now investigating the situation in palestine including the events that took place in 2014 and i have every confidence are going to be taken very careful note of but what the israelis are doing you know palestine now what why have none of the previous escalations in violence in gaza led to to war crimes investigations
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or prosecutions. well in order to do that you need a willing court and certainly the domestic courts in israel who are best placed to deal with the matter often i mean theoretically are not willing or able to do it because they're just not independent historic record there is clear as well so the good news is that the office of the prosecutor announced few months ago that she decided to launch an investigation into the situation in palestine after concluding her preliminary examination which lasted about 4 years this was at the behest and request of the state of palestine that she do so she's decided that she's going to be looking into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the israelis or indeed by palestinian groups but in relation to the territory of the state of palestine and that includes events that are under better happening right now in occupied palestine including in in gaza and east jerusalem and elsewhere but it also includes events going back to 2014 it includes investigating the settlement by
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the occupying power of israeli settlements in in the occupied palestinian territory which is a very very big deal for the israelis and one of the main reasons why they don't appreciate what she's doing ok one final question as a former u.n. official in the middle east oil sorts on the inability of the security council to agree even on the release of a statement of concern what is the point of the u.n. if it's powerless to prevent massive alien casualties of an escalation of violence such as this. well i think we need to be careful about questioning the point of the un the un is is a number of things it's more than merely the security council with its 6 principal organs which include the general assembly the international court of justice and others and so far as the secretary of the security council is concerned because they have primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security where they're blocked from acting by the acts of a permanent member such as is happening now with the united states that hampers
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their ability to move but then other organs can and in fact the general assembly i'm given to understand will be taking up this matter on thursday to consider what what needs to be done i suspect they'll call for an immediate cease fire they certainly will call for accountability for war crimes crimes against humanity and other such and like the issue a resolution to that effect with overwhelming support to the palestinian side but this does not mean that the u.n. doesn't matter the international court of justice is there there is currently a case before the international court of justice that the state of palestine is brought against the united states for its move illegal in the view of the palestinians it's movements of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. and there is also the international criminal court which is affiliated to the united nations in which is east of the matter so there are there are options internationally really good to talk to so many thanks to the t m 6 that it also will thank you thank you the u.s.
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secretary of state says that he hasn't seen any intelligence from israel to justify saturday's attack on a gaza town housing media outlets including al-jazeera as bureau the israeli ministry claims that hamas was operating from within the office building. israel has a special responsibility to protect civilians in the course of its self-defense and that most certainly includes journalists. he said that you requested additional information have you received it have you seen it and did you find it credible i have not seen any information provided and again to the extent that it is based on intelligence that would have been shared with other colleagues and i'll leave that to them to assess thousands of yemenis are gathered to show their support for the palestinians they're demanding that israel stop its attacks on gaza are also calling for a boycott of israeli out american goods the rebels who are allied with hamas called for the demonstration protesters also burnt israeli flags while chanting death to
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america death to israel. and the palestinian issue is a humanitarian political an essential issue for arab and islamic nations and therefore it is why it must be supported by all peoples in all countries over the world so our message is to stand and support the palestinian cause and its resistance in gaza. the head of the world health organization has described the disparity between vaccine rollouts and wealthier countries and poor nations as a form of apartheid its director general to address years us says the gap is huge he's called our manufacturers to make jobs available to the global vaccine sharing scheme sooner than planned there's been a supply shortfall after indian vaccine exports were disrupted. the world is in. as you know i got interest. in the nation but for the vice
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president of the world. and lo and norm. almost the world is for leisure but this is the the huge affair cyclon has blasted ashore and western india disrupting the country's response to its devastating covert biotene outbreak cyclon talk to cross the coast states where it's being described as the most powerful storm in 20 or 30 years coastal towns reported sea levels swelled as high as 3 meters and winds of more than 130 kilometers an hour at a compound pressure on hospitals that are overwhelmed by coronavirus surge that's killing at least 4000 people a day experts are partly blamed india's deadly 2nd wave or the new local variant that appears to be more transmissible the variant is now causing concerns in
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countries like the united kingdom where covert 19 restrictions have been eased in some areas of serious job hole reports now from the english city of manchester. another big step in the great reopening of england scotland and wales with northern ireland to follow the resumption of gatherings indoors breathes new life into restaurants bars gyms theaters and cinemas dormant for much of the past 14 months we lost about 53 percent of our membership base through the lockdown but today's been fantastic we actually had 4 members in the classes so the gym today actually seems nice and busy so that's been a really good reaction to it to reopen properly fans can return to sports venues and limited international travel is allowed it is almost as if life has returned to normal things that we used to take completely for granted like meeting up around a table indoors now feel new exciting and hopefully long lasting but as ever with
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the coronavirus there's a catch a new variant 1st discovered in india thought to be far more contagious threatens to derail britain's unlocking plans if it spreads beyond clusters in the northwest of the midlands and parts of london the early evidence suggests that the $1617.00 is more transmissible than the previously dominant that the early laboratory data from oxford university corroborates the provisional evidence from both the hospital and the initial observational data from india that vaccines are effective against this variant and willing to delay the reopening the government has its fingers firmly crossed that surge testing and localised vaccination campaigns will keep the so-called indian variant in check as scientists warn of a possible 3rd wave of infections. that means effigies freedom to start can't let was actually but the day after day thursday so with. told
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a better start than anything so yeah it's great not been on the outs for god knows how long. so it's been it's been out on me but now my. so. what remains are social distancing squaring and hand-washing the final hole marks of the pandemic set to be abandoned in late june but the new variant brings new uncertainty and prime minister boris johnson has urged people to embrace their newfound freedoms but to do so with a heavy dose of caution jonah hill al jazeera manchester hundreds of refugees and migrants rescued off the coast of libya by the coast guard have now been sent to detention centers in tripoli that's according to the un refugee agency the refugees were spotted by the aid ship c.i. for as they try to make their way to europe more than 500 people have died so far
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this year trying to cross the mediterranean. hong kong's government is denying that stifling press freedom by freezing the assets of media tycoon. has been a leading voice in the territories pro-democracy movement training your reports from beijing. as activists and media tycoon jimmy lie appeared in court on charges related 282-9000 protest all of his assets were frozen and shows from his company next digital the largest listed media company in hong kong were suspended from trading on the territories exchange a notice of the freeze was issued on friday it also applies to the bank accounts of the 3 companies owned by him the pro-democracy activist and billionaire is in jail serving a 14 month prison sentence for taking part and to government protests his newspaper apple daily has been fiercely critical of beijing hong kong police say lies assets being used to fund an independence movement it's the 1st time authorities have used
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the national security law which criminalizes subversion to target a listed firm and that's worried investors in the asian financial hub i think this will be another. business and. more than 100 people including some of the territories most prominent democracy activists have been arrested under the law many have left since it was employers last june and a recent survey by the american chamber of commerce found that 40 percent of its members were also considering relocating it's not the 1st time beijing has targeted the businesses of those personal of its rules the companies and financial and ali baba were punished by chinese regulators after found and billionaire jack ma criticize the country's i matched the moves received as a warning to all chinese companies not to cross the corridors. jimmy lie and 9 others pleaded guilty in court on monday to charges of an authorised assembly in
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october $29000.00. supporters say the law is being used to silence dissent from the government not just hong kong but the whole world is watching and people are very concerned. ly is also under investigation for collusion with foreign powers and national security charges that can carry a maximum sentence of life in prison catrina al-jazeera beijing the un general assembly is to lay the votes that were shuttled for tuesday on banning the sale of weapons to military it would also call for the german to to end a state of emergency and stop violence against anti who protest has their reasons been given for the delay on monday the u.s. u.k. and canada revealed a wave of do sanctions on high ranking military officials and firms connected to the generals. the us state of south carolina will now require death row inmates to choose between the electric chair or
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a firing squad the state's primary method of execution is to lethal injection with drugs have been unavailable which has prevented the death penalty being carried out for the last 10 years the u.s. supreme court has agreed to consider a major challenge to abortion rights the state of mississippi is trying to ban the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy al-jazeera as mike hanna reports from washington. well it's deeply significant because it's the most major case dealing with abortion in decades what the situation is at the moment is that the issue of abortion is has been governed by a 1973 decision roe v wade which held that the woman had a right to an abortion up until the point at which the fetus became viable that is could live outside the womb doctors estimate that to be between 24 to 28 weeks now this mississippi court has restrained this period to 15 weeks saying that after 15
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weeks both ins can only be performed it with medical reasons where medical health is threatened but does not include for example rape or incest now judges in lower courts have already thrown this out both a single federal judge and then a full bench of the 1st circuit court have rejected this particular law but now it has come up before the supreme court the supreme court has transformed during the period of the trump administration widely seen as a 6 to 3 conservative court and it's significant that the court has not chosen to hear this particular case it's been around for a long period of time since 2018 but it's only now that the court has chosen to decide on this issue. this is al jazeera adrian fitted with you here in doha the headlines.
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of the conflict between israel and hamas is now into its 2nd week as mounting airstrikes pushed the death toll in gaza to at least 212 israeli attacks destroyed a building that housed garces religious affairs ministry and have kill.


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