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possibly on the table as part of those discussions was how much, how much would be agreeable to stopping building tunnels and so on. is that something that is likely to have been agreed in this this particular stage or not? we're not sure. i mean, i have always negotiated very, very hard. they have some bogging chips, but the new not a huge amount, but the tunnels have always remained open. and whether this is part of that remains to be seen. let's see, the details of this piece agree of the sci fi rather, are going to be kept fairly tightly under wraps. we're going to have to be very, very careful. in terms of the people that we listen to, they'll be a lot of noise coming animals, particular from the right wing israeli media, who will see this as like i'm asked capitulating m. s defeated. they'll be supporters of math and goes the thing though. we've defeated these ratings we've, we've done this, but the actual details i think are going to be incredibly difficult to get to
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certainly within the next 12 hours or so. but we do know is the objections of negotiated this agreement with both of them, given the fact that the americans have actually put pressure also on netanyahu, depending on who you speak to, to say, well, actually the americans didn't put that much pressure on netanyahu. it looks like this is the 1st step. now we've seen this before in 2000 and 1st of 14, and they took the 1st step. let's see how long the sci fi hold place. he, if i stick to it, let's see if israel actually sticks to it as well. but in terms of actual technical detail, that's going to be very difficult to get. and in previous agreements as well, it's always been very difficult to get a non count. thank you. very much that's go live. now you saw me a booster. i'm a palestinian journalist living in garza and in spite of this talk of a sci fi, understand there's been more firing sometimes as a build up a farm before as far as and the best to actually according to
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the experience of the journalist in gaza and specially with ex 3 wars against gaza, every time just before the deadline. but before the time of that cease fire, we used to justify intensive via so please don't any as a father or as a john on these, i am happy answered this fight that we are going to have to seize fire at 2. but from now to 2, we really are living in the very worried because we expect that there would be more or intensive fire just because before your question i have here the and it's like from magic fight that we have no detail so far. basically we expect that people will see the bread with to do on into air for that and 3 and according to
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their description. but i talked to people just before the interview. i took to some people asking about the about the 2 o'clock. they said they are in more and more fear because they're all so used to use to witness intensive play out of just before that time. the deadline to tell us a bit more you hearing any more details of how the negotiations went and, and what the chickens. how does leave us to try and get based on start to agree to this actually, to people who are following can use by all means is especially in the shortage of electricity by, by more buys the following up. but then negotiations, especially with the jeep and the legation and the eyes. now, it took a little expecting any, any, any glimpse of hope to 45, just to,
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to keep their children alive. people in general, following up politically news. yes, just looking for looking for a tooth looking for a is he's in to get rid of fear which is poor investigates of gaza. fear in the eyes of that kids fear, fear in inside the bedrooms. so they would like to get rid of this fear and to make sure that they would not be separated from their beloved. i myself as a father, as a john is i am eager to hear about with deceased via i'm following the news. for 2 reasons. number one, to make sure that there is a fuse fire and i will go back to my kids to have them and to play with them again and not to make sure that i will not lose my kids to make sure that that we will join to get that again, number tool for then use as, as my work as
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a john and i have to follow up and to update the news for jersey or english or for any other news agency. thank you very much indeed. joining us that, and we now can join fundy of shamela in who's the gaza outreach associate for just the vision notation that tells stories of past indians and is really working to foster piece in the region. you joins me now by skype, from con eunice, in gaza. thank you very much for being with us. what's your reaction to this news of a sci fi starting at 2 am? thank you so much. i am the in fact, as we used to have been in the previous conditions and more the last night is the hardest part is what we have been bomb dobbins of their normal lives. and so we are so scared of having more and more and more heavy sites over
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gotta sit tight and we supposed to be happy for this because a, the war against the medicine and got a frame would be ended soon in and a couple upcoming couple hours but we are still worried and we are scared to go to the again the upcoming hours. and we do believe that it would be hard for dependency and how hopeful i use it and that this might be kind of the start of something new. i mean, clearly, garza has been in this situation before and then it seems that the, the political resolution doesn't happen. you. do you think that there's a different mood about this time and that things might be politically in order to head towards some kind of lasting settlement or, or do you think that you're going to be back in the situation? you know, in a few months or years time, in fact, i do believe that we are and we will go back to the, the normal tuition. where do you buy this? you know, would be,
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i think sees where they have no single of the material needs. i mean, it goes on people and about 15 years of being under how system stances where one of the property line as to high interest over dance. in addition to being perceived that many of the almost of the that was, are not willing to be imported since the israeli attribution or controlling be present borders. and i'm talking about the, on the present border where the, again, some people are importing into whose, which is kind of satellite in addition to dollars system situation as a sense that the, again, they've been under such and such as the i haven't got sort of that exist orders and stable economy and at least i normal life over the i mean
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as the people over the word living i'm talking about a very normal and very simple as christ such as a game the to do to move into the life. so they have to have a symbol circumstances and right, and is there any kind of frustration politically in gaza with the leadership there and the palestinian leadership more generally that that that, that you all back in the situation. i mean, is it, did you feel that they are responsible in any way? i'm very sorry. i have a bad connection and the blinds is interrupting. yeah. can you just, i just wonder if there's any frustration when you talk to people who us, who are during these conditions and these cycles of violence is clearly they'll be frustration with, with, with israel. i understand that. but what about with the palestinian leadership? do you think that they need to improve their leadership and the way they operate to
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read a team goes above our living feeling frustrated, annuity, all days lately. procedures on the ground and day to day m. d. and the by the senior leaders was because they are seen by their mother of the ice . what, what is your doing for, for, for, for the me in the since 1914 and my name to set up some and some medicine. ready is funny that evacuated from the village in 1948, which is to us since 19 port date and before that back. and i guess i'm going to go to, to tell you that this story is, but i'm talking about more than 17 y b, but it's, you know, living and this level and hard situation goes on, people now with the they had to replace the 4th war. and including
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killing of hundreds of the benefit and more than $100000.00. and so the work of the provision and more than the $1500.00 by the sea and were added to the end of the business. i don't think that the ship are going to blame the dealer to color factions of the r c thought of the predicting dam. i do believe that the, the infections do not have the capacity to, to predict the depressing and gather up and you do the trunk of a city that has the balancing and where am until after the 11 days, where living hard to be in strike till today. these are making forces to do with military vision in the state for him,
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it has been decent while they have mentioned is there any military under this morning? by the way? has been to the metal don't of 272 billions, including them and 65 children and 39 women into the job and the 100 others 3 days late. also, conventions falls in the room. she answered medically, target figure. the answer to this bitterly is it into the heart of okay to an in libra religion neighborhoods was with the a marketing, childrens and women vision, display thing, thousands of companies and equipment to be material to where there's been environment and of these facilities. and also, you know, we haven't got, i mean the both you guys have a strong tradition pulse is pump punches desperate gas. i'm not sure
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about any damage to the experts. but as when i would use as a witness who has been up and decide my a home just on i think 6 meters, i smells weir, this meant so we have sufficient that the really bumps the better areas and goes to spread up on solution. we're also will be out of these areas during the be the same story. we have many hearts tuition, like i mean they really are your hand in and in this i mean at dice and 2 by 2 periods and in both collected punishment in which there was a concern with bonzai youth and which also lead to a closing one spread destruction in that i could very similar to an air think with which may indicate the use of liberals and technology to cause changes and the
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limits of the environment for the shamella. thank you very much. indeed for taking the time to talk to us just to bring you up to date. so we're watching your what you're not coverage of the truth or sci fi that's been announced for garza, we now have confirmation from a cabinet statement. these really cabinet confirming. there's a truce and the hour has yet to be agreed, according to them from ha sally, we heard that it would be a 2 am for that to cease fire as soon as some details continue to come in on the framework and have a see. so i will actually operate gabriel is on to his in washington dc for us. we are not hearing anything at all from the the u. s. administration on this. not yet so far. it's been radio silence out of the white house. we have not have heard from the president or the spokesperson in the white house about this cease fire yet. however, we are hearing that the white house, or biden himself, should be making
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a statement shortly as soon as they get official confirmation from their israeli counterparts, which should be momentarily. but as of now, no statement from the white house we did, we do know that from the white house to advice present couple of harris did speak in a call with jordan's king of dula earlier today. we just got word of that. we're in that call. the vice president reenter reiterated the u. s. commitment to a 2 state solution to these really in palestinian conflict, and called for a de escalation. we know that the white house has been working throughout the week, putting pressure on israel and on prime minister benjamin netanyahu to reach a cease fire every day. they've been ramping up the pressure, and the white house has been working throughout the week with the egypt. jordan and cut our 3 key countries that the white house views are key to potentially reaching this cease fire. we should hear from the president or a statement from the white. how soon?
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but as of now nothing. tell us a little bit about the difference in tone compared with the previous administration on what the future of the region should look like coming after all. and the issue that the, to the foreign minister, the past, the new pharmacy was raising some of the core issues like the future of jerusalem and, and the occupation. are there any signals from the white house in the last few days about what they see as it kind of future beyond this? this particular complet? no, there's not quite frankly, i mean, the last administration over under donald trump basically gave me carte blanche if you will, to the israelis to pretty much do whatever they want to got. trump made no, no secret about that. joe biden has taken a much more pragmatic approach, but as he came into office, he did not want to focus on the middle east. he was focused on and is focus primarily on domestic issues. the economic issues in the u. s. the roll out of the
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coven, 1900 vaccination vaccines. and then in terms of foreign policy, was focused on russia and china. that's where he wanted to keep his focus. this white house, the situation in israel and gaza, was unexpectedly put on jo biden's desk. and quite frankly, he waited a while before he really turned his attention to it. and he came under criticism for that. it was just in the last few days and we're now and day 11 going into day 12 of this conflict that we're now seeing. it was just in the last few days really this, this week that the white house has started to ramp up its pressure on the israelis and primarily benjamin netanyahu to reach some sort of ceasefire, slowly inching in that direction. and it comes as there was more pressure from progressives within the democratic party, calling for joe biden to take a more active role in this. i should also mention that the, that the,
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what were the, the scenes that we're seeing out of gaza now on the 11th day here. terrible scenes of the death and destruction there are really dominating the u. s. media cycle much more than you might normally think. normally for foreign policy issues, don't get a lot of attention in the u. s. media, but this is constantly been one of the top stories here in the united states. so joe biden, his administration has not been able to run away from this. and i reach that realization early this week in terms of the bigger picture about the region 2 state solution. but beyond that, it's unclear if now joe biden is going to turn more of his attention to medium and long term potential piece in the region. or if he's got just wants to simply reach a de escalation and a ceasefire, and then he's going to back out for a while. that's the part that is still quite frankly unclear. gabriel is under.
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thank you very much indeed. and just a reminder that we're talking about this sees fall that's been announced for garza and between israel and, and i'm us and israeli cabinet saint said the cause of truth was proposed by egypt and will be quote, mutual and unconditional. the statement goes on to say that the hour has yet to be agreed. although we had from a previous statement from us that it would be at 2 am our senior political, endless to melinda shar lived on last mentioned also in the meantime that have been more explosions happening and gaza tomorrow. and what's your impression here of what might be contained in the sci fi and how much it will achieve? well, clearly it's, it's, it has come under a lot of pressure by the international community. one can notice that there are 72 hours. there's been a gathering storm of pressure on the united states to put more pressure on israel. and hence the idea of, you know, that,
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that she's fired is no longer is no longer to be the game if you will. and as you said, now we're talking about a mutual she's fire now without precondition. and what does that mean? it means that one, both parties agree to it. to cease fire by nature is temporary unless it says permanent, sees fire, it does not say per minutes, use fire and not attached to any deadline. so this is what we call an immediate cease fire. that will probably be conditional on some later on consultations with dejection, the americans and others in order to see how to make it more permanent. i think the and conditionality is also very important because as you ask your guest before there was a notion on the part of is there an ad on the part of how to make some conditions
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for them to be able to accept a cease fire for israel don't want it strategic parity, they don't want us to reject tie was harass. that's what this concluded from the last war, from 2014 that they could not accept a ty with him. but apparently they did. because even if they win the battle for them to accept that mass maintains what it has in terms of stockpiles in terms of position in terms of power structured in gaza, that means that the israel is accepting the reality. it's the same thing for her mash again, it remains to be seen what comes next. but her mom had, as he spied, conditional on israel abiding by certain rules in jerusalem in terms of the hands of locks or moscow and hands of the neighborhoods in the city. so none of that is yet to be detailed on what we know is the 3 things we mentioned mutual,
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no conditions and justice use. why are not permanent or anything else? tell me we've heard to the tell us vice president to come on. harris is in a cool to jordan's king abdullah reiterate, reiterated the u. s. commitment to a 2 state solution to these really palestinian conflict. we had also from the palestinian foreign minister earlier saying, we don't need just to see why we need the kind of conditions improved and the permanent settlement in future. do you think that we're any closer to that and a permanent settlement to be issue than we were after the previous garza was frankly, i don't think we are closer to that, but we what we might be closer to. he's taking the issue more seriously because as we know, the issue has been basically on the back burner for i don't know 1015 years now. i mean, no one has been really engaging any serious conversation since mom with our bus.
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and it was all my met sometime in 2005 or 2006, which means more than 15 years since there has been any real engagement about the 2 set solution. clearly the united states under obama did not go too far with it, that simply give up on it and nothing happened under trump if anything, everything wrong happened on the trump, in terms of authority doing the 2 state solution because of the so called deal of the century. so now what we have are the pm's and others, including the chinese and the russians by the insect, in many countries coming on board them saying look, this cannot simply be handled by seizing fire that the international community needs to address the so called root causes of why this happens and why it continues to happen because those of us who've been following know that this is the
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4th not why not do not 3, the force israeli offensive on garza, of course. busy with a very high price for civilians and for the civilian infrastructure that so addressing the root causes in as far as the international committee is concerned. apparently including the united states is still the 2 state solution, of course, from an unethical point of view. those of us who follow the what's been happening on the ground in the occupied territories, in terms of the $700.00 plus israeli settlers in over a $150.00 settlements and occupied territories. the idea of it to say should you should, meaning the idea of an independent palestinian state that is contiguous sovereign and, and, and livable is on as far as i'm concerned. very, very hard to reach. it's not impossible to dish,
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so how they're going to be able to package that. it's not clear to me. what is clear to me is that we are all now more concerned done before. that just simply cannot just be managed as nathan. yeah, i would have liked it to be, it simply cannot be pushed under the rug that, that the political solution is indispensable. and that addressing that has become a priority perhaps for the international community. tommy mentioned the political side of it. people have argued that based netanyahu has political reasons for had political reasons for this to go as far as it did. and also i had political reasons for being involved in the conflict at this particular point. so what, what those 2 elements and intermission, yahoo, or whoever ends up in power in israel, and have us stand to gain from the sci fi was sent again from building anything beyond the seas for, i mean, what,
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to be honest, just looking at the, at the at the store, you know, if we take a stock of what has happened, we see this incredible horrifying destruction in gaza. and we see the, the p doing of israeli deterrence capacity. it's clear for me that neither how much nor is has one much out of this particular complex or one could spin at different plans. they both have one in the sense that is destroyed every possible portion of life in the gaza strip. and that mass has basically once again distorted israel's determine skip ability, it was able to simply render the state hostage to its missiles. that's rockets. and that is there. i could do much about it aside from
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pounding because the strip and that did not help very much. so one could argue that both of them last and one and they could get both of them one but days and weeks and months ahead. of course, would show us a bit more about what this all means in as far as prime minister method now is concerned. that's of course, sort of the most cynical and the most disturbing part of all of this escalation and destruction. is that for many in israel and for many of us out there in the international community, it has been clear that none of the violence has been coincidental. certainly none of the escalation has been coincidental. even is there a position leaders like i did ask? how is it that whenever the prime minister at the now is in trouble of violence, breaks out well, clearly prime minister at any hour has benefitted personally from the situation. why? while for the simple fact that he's been trying to put together
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a college and government and fail, he is been on trial and israel on a number of very serious charges, including fraud and corruption and so on. and judging from what happened to his predecessor, it would all mark who faced the lesser charges. he would definitely definitely end up in jail if he does not maintain the promotion. so for nathan, no, it wasn't garza, it wasn't isn't security. it was his own personal security and future in the sense that if he could maintain the premiership, he could change the laws or he would simply be able to stay away from jail. now the 2 smaller right wing parties and is, and i've already said that they are not interested in joining the opposition anymore. and they are thinking and considering and engaging in possible coalition
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negotiations with nathan l. that means that for the time being for the time being, we don't know what the justice system is going to do later. for the time being. nathan, you might have secured just future for at least 5 more months. my one but just wasn't out there for the geopolitical picture for the middle east. more generally. there's also the other issue on biden's in buttons in tray of iran and how to revive the iran nuclear deal. it do thing with any of the support that body has given israel in this particular instance might be a car, but he can play in terms of resolving the iran issue at all. now this is an excellent question. and if i have a thought about anything but as 2 weeks i've been thinking what could by didn't get out of this because he has been humiliated by nathan. yeah. how. once and again
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over many, many years. and clearly he is no friend of nathan. you know, even though he's a friend of israel by didn't see nothing, you know, someone who was a stab him and obama in the back on a number of occasions. and that he could be a party pooper if you're well, if he wants to. so the fact that by didn't gain time for nathan, you know, he bought him time over the last 2 weeks in order to finish the job. a despicable turn be that as it may. but he did give not any time to bombard and to gain more political clout in israel. now it should be, it should be the time to pay up. you would expect by then someone who serves some 48 years in politics to no one or 2 things about how to get something back for the the compromises and for the sacrifice is even that you make
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for someone like but i mention at the now i now would expect 2 things. one, nathan. yeah. how silence on the question of iran or at least to keep quiet in the sense that that he might not be happy and he might express his happiness in his role. but you're certainly not going to come again to congress and talk, you know, over the american president against iran nuclear deal and to i would expect the buy them to try to. busy get more concession order, nathan, you know, to begin or read the get or restart the so called peace process. in the sense that what has been stuck on block now for something like 15 years, that by there would be able to re engage once again in some form of improvement in the situation for the palestinians and occupied territories. giving them some
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horizon of a possible freedom and sovereignty and in the intermediate future. and that is.


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