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show must go on and it's definitely done ah, with the 20000000 euro budget that madeline has gone out of its way to try and make the estimated 200000000 viewers worldwide. forget about defend damage. some. it's more about the costume student than the music. that's fine, some al jazeera route to them. ah, what channels are there with me? so rom, the reminder of all the top stories. the united nation says $800000.00 people in garza no longer have regular access to clean water of the half of the pipes damaged and israeli strikes. humanitarian aid is beginning to trickle in to thousands left homeless by the 11 day bombardment and didn't elevate. there was a rad demonstrations for all the palestinian people. hundreds took part in the
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rally, organized by left wing and palestinian israeli political parties. thousands of people have also gathered in bay route. the march of squire demonstration was held in support of the palestinian people and to denounce israel's attacks against media organizations during the conflict. many palestinians who fled their homes in the past, decades of settled in lebanon, of volcanic eruption near the city of game, or the democratic republic of congo has full thousands of people to flee for safety . at least 5 people have died in a car crash in the panic. we don't know what to do and we don't even know how to. there's no information, even on the national channel. people are panicking them and we don't know if we should stay in the house. we've come from the village fling the fire from the volcanoes lava, looked into the sky and we saw the red color from the volcano. we are looking for a place to shelter. if you already stretched hospitals in rural parts of india,
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reporting a rise in a rare and deadly infection among some crow virus patients, notice black fungus talk to say it's difficult to treat you to a severe shortage of medicines. and the pulls president has dissolved parliament and set a date for new elections and the growing anger over the government's handling of the pandemic. prime minister katy shut them. i only lost a vote of confidence in parliament this month, rescues in china now searching for a missing athlete after 20 others died in extreme weather. a 172 runners were taking part in the mounting cross country res, near china's bailing city, and the northern gunshot province rescue coordinators say a section of the 100 kilometer course was hit by southern hail, freezing, rain, and gale force winds. the race was stopped after athletes went missing for the mornings and the clock in half an hour here on out there. next it's the listening post. we'll see very soon on kindly because china is in
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terms of millions of wiggle, has less than company scrambling, plus wine supply chains off the huge job losses while well, the tourism industry recover cloth and how robot could transform the big trade. counting the old al jazeera, if that building is where our fear is, officers or another strike or not will know less about what's going on in god's us . because that building was level and we will continue to respond force to the security of our people. stayed by some of the communal violence that in several years. hello our mentor gisburne and you are at the listening post where we don't cover the news. we cover the way the news is covered here or the media stories were examining this week. journalism comes under israeli fire in gaza and inside israel and quite on the airwaves, is only making things wise in ca, tar,
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a kenyan who blogged about life as a migrant worker finds himself in custody. but the authorities have yet to produce a charge. they jing get some help with it's propaganda push on sin, jazz from a band of western influences online. and what do we call home up tele? she had, we had a schedule, the viral video that shows the meaning of dispossession in power. 2 weeks of intense, devastating israeli bombing has overwhelmed the gaza strip. 2000000 inhabitants, high rise buildings, housing civilians, and news organizations. this network included have been reduced to rubble, still the israeli government and its military enjoy a kind of diplomatic impunity. some of that has to do with israel's traditional ability to dominate the media space to focus the narrative on anti her talking points. but gaza is only one part of this rapidly moving story across israel and
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the occupied territories. palestinians have wrapped it in protest. israeli cities like lid and aka have seen more violence, most of it directed at palestinian citizens. and it's organized often with the cover of israeli security forces, some voices on the israeli airwaves who call themselves journalists have been guilty of incitement. the images of inter, communal violence, so close to home have shaken the israeli public in a way that the video from gaza and the west bank failed to do. that's our starting point. this week. the gaza strip, where a ceasefire has just come into effect. trying to return my after 11 days of bombing, god brought to an end by a feast on the it's really government is still all in on the information among the stories. it is asking the world to believe that god has only cobra. 1900 testing
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facility was a legitimate target, along with its biggest book shop and a metric factor. the that the leveling of this 12 story building had nothing to do with the palestinian news organizations and international ones that had offices and intelligence offers for the palestinian tariffs, organization. how that building plots and organizing the terror attacks against israeli perfectly legitimate target and the associated press and algebra. 2 key players in documenting this latest war on gaza work the target, they just happened to have bureaus in the build collateral damage. nothing. there is really narrative, really what you call it, claim that was a movement that covering the got the had a military assets within the building, which justifies and what evidence is that you believe about building? how come out?
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everyone knew the secret, so to speak, a p, f, p l, just 0, sorry that they all well know can to the my, well i submitted the critique when you pull human scale, which is to hide amongst the neighborhood, to deter from targeting at the reality is that there has been cancer investigation into the claim about human behavior and there have been no way to verify these planes. now imagine if it was the other way around. a mass destroyed a high rise and television unused the justification that it was housing, israeli military officials. and indeed, many israeli military buildings are in central tennessee building with international gosh, i all can say for the us because i presume that joe playing bomb them. but the sad and devastating reality is that there is reading
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a safe space in gaza. how long can you say israel has the right to defend itself? enough of that already against journalist really in fire tower being flattened. that's the message that we're not going to let you control the narrative. we want to control. the israel also targets news content on the middle east. for example, have you watched our report on god's last week? the version posted on youtube. it might have been preceded by this at, from israel's ministry of strategic affairs. media organizations like al jazeera and a p have the resources to fight back to find new office, replace equip, but small palestinian media outlets in garza do not their vital sources of local news. and they've been targeted repeatedly. and they also have to rebuild their offices, scrapped by expensive equipment that was low and replenish. all clubs have been
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totally destroyed. and the smaller policy media outlets have played a vital role in telling the world what is really going on in gaza. israel invest a lot of money and communicating with the outside world. there's a term in hebrew for this it's called has a broad, has broad means explanation. and that's really what someone like mark reg as who is a professional diplomat is being sent to do when he goes in is interviewed and are we didn't what this conflict on the country we took a number of steps exactly. we could about the for the ser, up to, to try to deescalate the steps of the u. s. government price the small, but unfortunately how much withheld berries on initiating is called his job is to explain to the broader world why israel is doing what it's doing. but i think that what we've been beginning to see over the last few days is that the talking points aren't really working. and the story that was shut off in east jerusalem with the
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protests over the me expulsion of palestinians from their homes to make away for jewish rabies. and then in gulf, gaza, when the bombing beginner has had a poisonous effect in israel itself. in mixed cities like lynn, aka, and just the communal violence, the public lynch captured on camera. some of them broadcast live on is really television. have gone both with michigan. but there is no palestinian equivalent for the mobs of armed israeli settlers that were bust into those city. allowed him by israeli police. israeli reporters are free to hold power to account . and on domestic political matters usually did. but their journalism on palestinian issues pertaining to the occupation is far less reliable and much more part of the country on
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a war footing and many will tow the line. and then we be talking have my dog the heart of the state on channel car, because palestinians, the enemies who just prior to interviewing college indian journalist, rama eunice, asked repeatedly on the air. lucky for me, if it was time for the israelis to reload. good. got it, but i'm on my hooks up with it. i get a little bit of guinea. might've been that much as the doctor who saw i say like lately. so when i confronted him about that, he said that no, but the all for me was a question. now we know these fixed right. there is a question which is a fair question. and there is a way to type under the guise of among full mental should for him you would deem shuttle cream,
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but theme and machine machine with of so they are some type of cream, but it dumb barometer of it below that them loma didn't get that the joy side is the one with the weapon, the video officer, i think on the screen in malcolm and see if you look it up. a block of you that out . look, pete, they will do some looking for the off the headway. it's an inflammatory kind of coverage, a way of justifying violence and repression of palestinian protest. i name and finish the 3rd simple on monday, i must say that that much. i think she sent me lawsuit in detroit. so it was really generally when there is a war reporter, sort of falling line behind the government, which i know of what elliptical mission of a team of be will be by the middle of mostly reproducing the talking points that the idea spokesperson has given them. but they sort of go the extra mile and begin to call for military actually installed the for me going to go, do i get, make sure we get the money.
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oh, israel is up against some inconvenient facts and figures about its occupation and the palestinians. it dominates across their historical usually when israel, wages war on god, these fires can taken weeks to go into effect even months. this one took just 1111 days of death and destruction brought to an end as power steering and c, y mass mobilization. and a general strike inside israel and across the occupied territories. the trophies in stone is the wrong that fell on god could not stop back mobilize ation because palestinians don't need to be on the streets to do. not anymore. all they need is a phone and they're cut my blaze ation across the colonized palestine from the
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ribbon fi is really important because it's unprecedented suddenly in my generation in the midst. so if it's ready presentation of the palestinian people, we're still able to come together for rich had cool against ethnic cleansing, against satler colonialism divided by the ology is all about jewish. you have been fighting against women in mind and hush month and and chrome, the tv present. those are fighting against my father. that is where the police officer sees that is where the budget is. when the pilot says that and what do they do after they after they see that they take prevention? what we're seeing now in the proof that we haven't been a struggle, the palestinian cause, it's been a much alive and kicking and it's being led by us. you don't need the world to come in 3. all right, we can do it ourselves. all we need from the world is to be aware of what's
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happening to us and to apply a little bit more pressure on is when you stop with crimes against me. in the air of golf state of guitar, a kenyan security guy who also blogged about life as a migrant worker in guitar was arrested earlier this month. he's still in custody. joanna, who has been tracking this story. joe, what do we know about this case? while the security guards name is malcolm the dolly, as you said, a kenyan and one of the many foreign workers who make up the vast majority of guitars, population and before his arrest. the dalai under the pen name, noah about migrant workers in katara. on may, 5th, a category official conformed to all desert that quote, but ali was taken into custody and placed under investigation for violating guitar security laws and regulations over no details were given on his whereabouts at his well being or whether or not he had access to
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a lawyer in the absence of those details. what do we know about what he was blogging about? well, according to human rights groups, amnesty international. but ali was quote on the front line of the fight to reform guitars, labor laws, and his blogs focused on issues like long working hours, low wages, poor working conditions unsuitable accommodation. again, at this stage, we do not know whether or not his arrest was in any way related to his writings. but the critics have said that this case is a clear example of the limits to freedom of speech in a tar, which also funds this network or does era in particularly the sensitivity around migrant workers. and the football world cup is coming up in guitar next year. so all eyes are on that country. yes. and, and have been numerous media reports about that among migrant working on the construction of the stadiums for the world cup. but katasha has said that he has introduced a series of reforms to it's labor laws, which an international labor organization has called historic,
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including minimum wage from migrant workers. but human rights organizations say the car still has a long way to go. and with the tournament just over a year away, it seems very likely that this is going to remain a contentious issue. ok, thanks joe. it's been nearly 5 years now since the chinese communist party's campaign of mass internment, and 4th labor began in syngenta. we reported on pages propaganda over stories of an estimated 1.5 to 3000000, weaker muslims, and other minority is being sent to internment camps. beijing started with a strategy of denial on the existence of the camps, producing documentaries, showing happily reformed wiggers. then came a more aggressive approach strictly controlled access for foreign journalists. threats made against critical reporters. it is clear that a new phase of official spin is now underway. china's adding some western faces to
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the mix. white ones online influencers who contend that the thin jang story is being overblown by the western media. that reports of all those people being put away are either just flat out false or if true, represent nothing more than a proportionate legitimate response to a national security. the listening posts mean actually robbing now on the western voices, contesting claims of a genocide infringement. what's up, guys? i'm coming at you from china. and in today's episode i'm going to be talking about like china and right. you said that this is a new america thing and it has 1400000000 people, and it has a very vibrant internet. it's a fascinating time to be a sign of file. there's been a spike, an interest in all things, china, your office, all china is that where the new log indian media has
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erupted with chinese sentiment sweeping invasion today. the for, along with boosting, journalism and academic study about the country is also given new prominence to a nice group of china watch it. aiming to understand the country from the inside. when you hear the word time. what the 1st thing, the counselor and who did known the mainstream western consensus on china, china for the past couple of months. these particular voices have all been speaking about one topic. what's guys coming out you from cash. our ancient city in shin jones, there's a we make a reason why west america like for slave concentration camps and genocide, we're talking about exchange and china. everyone has finally arrived at the cotton farm she was, she's young. but the 1st thing i noticed about the video from ross, or is the there are a lot of propaganda messages and right up this is great in visit
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a cotton farm and king john, they're using drones to sprinkle pesticide on the field, like all of the stuff to kind of prove that, you know, there's no slave labor here breaking you guys. they're forcing drones to work here . the cause to feel as if she's young. if you didn't know anything about was happening and she's young. you think, oh great you farmer family, they're pretty prosperous lenny willis and no money. i shall use for julio to call the new machine for them to show you. so there are a number of foreigners, many of them, based on china that post these videos, some on chinese platforms such as c, b, but many on youtube as well because they do want to target audience outside of china. you know, one of the things that strange about being a foreigner who loves china is when i go to the west, i become an unofficial spokesman for china. one thing i want to highlight is that it's very hard to say how much of the feedback that is actually paid for by the
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chinese state itself. because managed online commentators, systems that the parties that employees would also send out task people to know amplify something. you post something, comment on something influences like canadian, daniel dumble israelis, ross gallow, or the british father, son, jewel, me and all the bad it have fall was in the millions on the video shading site billy billy picked up and we will china's version of twitter. no one has provided any evidence that the chinese government has directly paid these influences to turn out their videos. the blogger themselves, recently, in a curiously simultaneous bush boston videos refuting allegations that they are paid by the chinese communist parties. the ccp know, we are not paid by the ccp to make specific positive content about china. what is clear, however, is that being approved of these messages. while with these commentators be getting
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air time on state onto tv channels. danny, very much. you're welcome to the show. thanks very much for having me. i have been approach recently by quite a few media outlets and this is the only one i chose to go on because the message daniel requested an interview, get a response. he appears to be his feeble broadcast. he's also been endorsed by china's ministry of foreign affairs. at the end of march, an online discussion, he hosted about accusations of genocide and in john was plague at one of the military press briefings. we have a precedent for fake propaganda created to serve american political interest. that video was been treated by spokesperson watching one of the most prominent pieces of the chinese government. i think there are a couple of different reasons why the chinese government is pushing back so hard in recent months on what's happening in him. john, 1st and foremost,
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we're starting to see some more serious steps in the pursuit of investigations into what's happening in young you through a body like the un human rights council. and i think the chinese government feels an overwhelming urge to push back against that. there's been more of a coordinated western effort the u. s. e u u. k. the canada they've issued sanctions against chinese officials. several western countries have openly called what's happening to the weaker of genocide. so as we see a level of coordination, dr. among western allies, china is ending up their propaganda. so the idea that the chinese government has to have certain points conveyed by foreigners rather than by saying it themselves is actually a pretty old one. you have directives from the 60 used by him out to don't himself
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to say, you know, we all know china as the center of the world revolution. but we have to have foreigners say it for us because that way it's going to be more credible. and this basic logic still hold me. that doesn't mean chinese officials have retreated media. on the contrary, as pressure about the situation in saint john has intensified in recent months, beatings counter attack has become more forceful to the primary thing that the chinese communist party wants to sit in more human rights activists, journalists to do is to just shut up. so any kind of leverage they can use on people they will. there was the case recently where 2 weaker women were interviewed on the b c. and they talked about, you know, the rape that happens in the camps. and the chinese, they run media went and found the family of one of these women. and they made her family essentially denounce her on camera. the chinese government and its
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allies push back head against organizations like human rights watch or researchers like adrian zan or vicky. she was always going to sure to do that. she put an order high yet, but i have to say that i think for human rights watch, the single biggest frustration is that, you know, nobody from the chinese government has the guts to sit down and talk with us on the fact. instead, president, season things government plays the what about ism card on human rights abuses and legal double standards in the western world? to magician the let's look up when he talked to jack shit, it's a tactic that it needs rather than informs but western states sanctioned crimes, was illegal imprisonments give aging and its influences of choice. a lot to work
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with. this is a very weird point that i hear a lot of anti chinese people pushing china, very aggressive. and this isn't very bizarre to here are coming from americans because while the united is in multiple wars simultaneously, they, china is in 0 wars. they're taking legitimate harnesses from the us government and trying to say just because the u. s. government has these issues. nothing. nothing that has been so far reported about the weaker. so can possibly be true. it's fairly ironic because it can be angry at what's left and you can also be angry at what china does. these don't have to be usually exclusive, but there are course the parties they does now discover at these groups and trying to integrate them into their messaging because they're bringing it across the message. don't look at us, look at america. ah,
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and for those who insist on looking at china, there are videos out there. just don't mistake what you're watching for journalism job. so the best way to go and live like a cause and farmer. and actually i think i'll fit in quite well because lot of people tell me i look like she's young. if it was in journalism is going to be leading would be looking to control it or not promoting and finally, last week we ran that video. the one that went viral, of an israeli man telling a palestinian family to leave their home in east jerusalem, telling them that if he didn't steal it from other israeli would given everything that's happened since it is worth remembering, that's where this current story, the bombing of gaza, the communal fighting, got it, start on the notion of home palestinian filmmaker, omar rommel, has produced a simple, powerful video on dispossession. and what it means, depending on which community you call home,
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in the holy 6000000 views and counting was the next time here at the listening post account with the levels of backing up in the mouth 30. no. i know who has been oh you for to not been the most house i should be good enough or actually she had been had done
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a surgery patient. i see the lay of humble, i wouldn't have done anything that we did by the only thing that had them knew will as well as a mental seen the doctor. now, with a, the special covered 19 has compounded the homelessness crisis and abandoned impoverished families of force a radical jane decided to say, hey, we're going to spend the human rights by claiming property left vacant by the state . the 1st thing i did was change the law. my duty is to get my daughter safe. that means breaking the law that i'm willing to do that for shelter in place l. a spite for housing, owner to 0. in the 1st episode of science in a golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval slamming
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period. in the field of professor jim alchemy brings the videos of a pass to light point incredible, so much doesn't the real all we've done is block out them like from a room and then allow it to come to the school episode. one of science in a golden age on al jazeera, ah, international aid stars. tricky, and there is the un warns almost a 1000000 people cannot access clean water. the following is randy strike ah, 11 o'clock this is out there a life and also coming up mass evacuations after volcano erupt and democratic republic of congo, forcing thousands to flee east towards the border with rolanda.


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