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put a lead on this situation to try and ease some of the problems for palestinians for now, but for now, they're also not going to actively try and solve this complex sammy alright, thanks so much. senior diplomatic edits of a james base. ah, well let's take you through some of the headlines here now just here. now, as we've been covering and telling us is reopening. it's considered in occupied east jerusalem for palestinians. the previous u. s. trump administration had closed this in 2019. it was part of an attempt to downgrade ties with the palestinians. us secretary of state antony blink and made the announcement. after meeting palestinian authority, president moved on bath. they also pledged millions of dollars of aid for garza all
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insisting amass should not benefit from it. i informed the president boss and earlier prime minister netanyahu that the united states will notify congress of our intention to provide $75000000.00 an additional development and economic assistance for the palestinians. in 2021 will also provide the 5 and a half $1000000.00 in immediate disaster assistance for gaza and a little over $32000000.00 for unrest. emergency humanitarian appeal. hurry or in the day he met his rouse, can take a prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and reaffirmed us support while he didn't mention a 2 state solution for the palestinians. he did say the 2 sides deserves to live safely and with dignity. we too will give me the french president demanded. my call is calling for an urgent un security council meeting in molly. it comes a day off,
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tamale's prime minister and president were removed from office in the military coup in through vice president colonel a see me going to says they're being held in a military facility near the capital. iran has announced 7 candidates approved to run for president in next month selections. those making the listing include iran, you dish, or re chief ibrahim, e. c. he ran unsuccessfully in the last election. several high profile figures were barred from running, including former president mac mood. after deena john and a former parliament speaker, a finger poor flag vessel carrying several chemical containers as burst into flames . off the coast of the shoreline, capital, colombo, $25.00 tons of nitric acid from an indian port on board. some of the containers fell into the water. it's inside story. now. news,
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news, news. news, a major hurdle fears to get the on you to the talks going on and the world and you feel watchdog extend an agreement to monitor atomic sites. and this help to put an end to some functions on iran and revise the 2015 deal. this is inside story. ah, ah, ah, i'm madison. this is inside story, a 5th round of negotiations between european powers and the run to save the nuclear
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deal that underway in vienna on tuesday, just 24 hours before that time trying to agree to a month long extension to a deal which allows the international atomic energy agency or a, as it's known to inspect a runs nuclear facilities that packed, had originally been agreed back in february for a 3 month period and was a way to get round. a bill passed by around parliament to suspend surveillance. the bill also set a february deadline for european signatories to give relief from oil and banking sanctions. this is like an emergency device that we came up with in order for us to continue having these monitoring activities while at the same time recognizing the fact that as you all remember, there was a law passed by parliament of the republic of the run suspending a number of right, so we had to find some, some way. let's let his concession coincides with the selection of candidates
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eligible to become a runs new president. and next month selection, i said, begun to explain the significance of the step and what a wrong hopes to get out of the talks. not the extension of this deal with the i a comes at a time when raining negotiators have returned to vienna to try and revive that 2015 nuclear deal. although it's important to note that this extension with the i a is only for a month, unlike the 3 months that it was agreed back in february. now the government spokesman has been speaking about disagreement, and this is what he had to say. in that, did you get official from was i cannot master where p, sheffield, tell me the temporary deal between iran and the un. your agency was extended by the supreme national security council for a month. because report suggested talks in vietnam progressing. this is a signal of iran seriousness and good, good gesture. we hope it can find to the p 4 plus one the united states and the i
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am the a that you run is adamant to reach an agreement. the only response to this good will is the return of all parties to the j, c, p u, a, and implementation of the commitments on the you and resolution to, to, to one. this is a limited opportunity and we don't plan to get engage in talks of attrition. lee, do nice in can do the for her seductive. now we know the parliament here which is dominated by the conservative opposition. we're never happy with that 3 month agreement. in fact, that she's present happened hong and government of going against the legislation, the only back tough once the most that the supreme leader to the how many had given that 3 month deal. his blessing president hasn't ro, honey, and his foreign minister of all the reef have been public about the opposition to that legislation. that legislation call for restricting i a inspectors on certain nuclear sites. and also for recordings video recording to be turned off that they said that it wasn't helpful and the parliament should allow diplomats to do their
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job. but time is running. got presidential elections are less than a month away. and the united states and the european powers may be faced with a president and a government that is far more hostile to negotiations than the current government led by president. ronnie, that the government here has said that an attempt to revive that 2015 nuclear deal and have those us sanction lifted is close. but the question is, how close? because any agreement reached or any news of sanctions been lifted could be used by candidates. want to be iran. next president i said, bake in slice story the wrong. let me take you back a bit to how all of this began in 2018 former us president donald trump pulled the us out of the nuclear record, calling it the worst deal ever negotiated trump reimpose sanctions and their crime, including on a foundation controlled by supreme leader, ayatollah from the need to ron, responded by scaling back its commitments to the deal and enriching its uranium
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levels. beyond the green cap, european secretaries, along with china and russia, are trying to maintain both deal and business with tech. ron iran, one sanction lifted before it, fully comply with the accord. but the us says iran must curb some of its nuclear nativity before it's prepared to rejoin ah ok, let's bring in guests into crime. we have hammered most savvy. he's a professor of political science at ron university in washington dc. henry man leverett is a former national security official and diplomat and in vienna. telegraph is a form ahead of verification and security policy, the coordination officer at the international atomic energy agency. thank you very much. indeed, all of you for being with this topic, i'd like to start with you. why else do you think has a ground iran agreed to this extension, although done just a willingness to hold the talks?
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well, i think the senior officials are the comic energy organization of iran headed by dr . stella, he who also has is also the vice president of iran. they understand that providing cooperation to the i a e. a as regards nuclear verification is in their hands on interest and that we're the agency to report that it is unable to verify that would play very badly. so the eli has been cooperating with the i. e. a. and i should add that despite the media talk, the idea is not running blind. iran is still implementing fully. and without any restrictions, it's comprehensive safeguards agreement under the nonproliferation treaty, which is the bedrock of inspections. and even though they have restricted some access that nathan sent for dough, under the fiscal agreement, the spill is able to verify. and next week we expect to report whether i will
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provide details. and let me just mention that 2 weeks after the sabotage at nathan's, which took place on the 10th of april, the year reported that there were about $8300.00 centrifuges, enriching at nathan's at the birthplace where the sabotage took place. 5060 i r. procedures are in the same configuration that's from 2015. so it suggests that the sabotage was not successful in either disrupting the enrichment program, nor in disrupting the vienna talks. i want to ask you briefly about a statement that was made by the head of the i e, a in the last 24 hours or so. when this agreement, this extension was, was put forward. he referred to the fact that it was very significant. the data collected up to this point would not be deleted, but there had been
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a risk that it would be under the previous agreement. just for those of us who don't really understand the final parts of this. why is that so important? well, that different electronic devices that are installed in enrichment launch such as nathan's on for dose. they measure, for example, in real time the level of enrichment. this is called the online enrichment monitor . and this part has been in a sense, iran has said that this particular data will not be provided to the i. e. a. on the other hand, is still has the obligation to verify the level of enrichment and the quantity of nuclear material. and you will hear about this next month. so what iran has done is it has sort of provided some obstruction to the i in collecting some data, but not all data hammered. we're solving some parts of iran's liter leadership have made it clear that they think the 2015 deal was
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a bad deal for their own reasons and, but it was bad for iran. how surprising is it that this extension was granted? i think it shows that it did the deal is actually supported by the highest levels of the range of government and not only talking about the ro, honie government because decisions made in the uranium national security council has to be approved by iran supreme leader. so essentially this extension was approved by the leader on never the less, i think the fact that it was only extended for a month and not 3 months like before. i think it shows growing impatience, especially from the conservative circles you on. many of you don't want current lawmakers were very critical of the deal in 2015. and we have to remember that we had the wrong presidential election in less than 4 weeks. and it's very likely that i to a lot of rate is going to win and he has been very critical of the deal from the
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beginning. so i think the clock is ticking in as more time passes, it will actually become more difficult to reach an agreement. hillary man leverett, the by the ministration has been criticized particularly by iran far, seemingly not to do anything about sanctions in the 1st 3 or 4 months that it has been in existence. is that an argument for suggesting that the biden administration is actually been playing a long game? we have the elections coming up. one would imagine that a sanctions were able to be agreed to some degree prior to or during those elections. that would make it easier for an eventual president to sell the deal to the iranian people is that is a menacing within that suggestion that this is actually a strategy by the, by the administration. well, i think there is a strategy by the, by and within about administration, and there's not actually consensus for it, but there is a strategy and it has to do much more with us domestic politics than iranian domestic politics. the iranian domestic paradigm where the,
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the issue is coming up really soon at the end of june. but here in washington, the focus for president biden from what i understand and within the i'd, him ministration is on the mid term congressional elections here in the united states. next year in 2022. the senate here is almost evenly divided. if the democrats lose just one senate seat than the democrats lose control of the senate. and biden's, entire domestic agenda is in jeopardy. and from what i understand, that is the focus abide and has not wanted to in fact, rejoin the iran new killer deal as it was in 2015 because it would have caught on the united states to lift not just wave, not just suspend, but actually lift sanctions on iran, with a cooperation and implementation done by the us senate that was not going to happen . and by didn't, did not want to waste. in his view, his domestic political capital here, pushing through in iran,
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new killer deal that only has loop warm support. and so what you see on the us side, it's very much a focus on doing almost as little as possible to contain the status quo. the problem was that iran wasn't being contained, israel was killing iranian scientists with blowing up the new times, new killer and other facilities. there was essentially this hot conflict percolating and even put potentially exploding between israel and iran that president biden was afraid would backfire on the united states. dragged us further into the, into the persian gulf and again ruin the president violence domestic agenda. and to the extent he has the foreign policy interest at this point, focusing an emerging conflict with china. and so those are the calculations here. it's very much of a lukewarm embrace of, of the iran nuclear deal. one they bought, administration is pursuing with, with some real reluctance because of u. s. domestic politics. it's very different than it was under the,
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the obama administration. i want to talk to you more about the role of israel in this because we're seeing us, it's secretary state antony, lincoln obviously. and in israel, at the moment he's been holding a press conference with his ready prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who took the opportunity to really reiterate israel's determination that check around that a iran should not reach a been not become a nuclear threat, given the strength of feeling that israel has about this that it would take the opportunity during a sense of he talks about the israeli palestinian conflict to raise this matter. again. how difficult is that going to make these negotiations with israel very strongly on the sidelines? i think it's very important and it's central the role of israel in the us. israel relationship is absolutely central to what's going on with iran. secretary st. lincoln in israel as, as we speak. and he is talking about iran. it's not so much what happened in
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palestine. it's really about iran and the israeli prime ministers determination to continue his very aggressive militaristic campaign against iran. and again, it comes back to the u. s. domestic politics. i cannot emphasize this enough, president biden, unlike president obama is a creature of us master context. he spent nearly 40 years in the us senate and as the us vice president for him, it really comes down to us senators, the senate majority leader. chuck schumer is absolutely a pro israel hawk in u. s. domestic politics. the chairman of the u. s. foreign relations committee and the senate senator manenda is a get a very hawkish pro israel member of the senate binding. it's focused on israel and u. s. domestic politics and to the extent that he differentiates himself from the obama administration, it's about israel and that is central. i want to just add to this former secretary of state mike from pale from the trunk administration is also on his way to israel
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because he understands that for bite and having us israel relationship in a good place is critically important for biden. and it's critically important for secretary palest prospects to run himself for president in 2024. i know this gets into a lot of nitty gritty, but in terms of what's driving the u. s. agenda here with the rod, it is very much, much us your best, your projects and the u. s. israel relationship. very rob, i want to ask a little bit more about the nature of the deal itself. the u. s. it says iran needs to dismantle some of its neutral devotees, before the us is going to rejoin the deal. what do you think the u. s. would need to see to get it to a position where it would be willing to rejoin that deal? well, that's a very good question because it's not only the united states, but also the, the 3 european powers. what i understand is their view is that since iran stepped out of the j. c. p. o, a limits on enrichment. starting in the summer of 2019,
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it has gathered a lot of experience and expertise, and operating the centrifuges and enriching to 20 percent, and now also enriching up to 60 percent. and that somehow this experience and expertise needs to be rolled back as well. not only that the extra refuges are multiple and taken offline, but that the data that has been accumulated over the past 2 years or so is also erased. and this is something very difficult because there's no way of verifying this. i understand iran is not prepared to do that. it is also arguing for maintaining some of the advances that it has made and operating, the more advanced centrifuges. and it says, this is an offense compensation for the economic damage suffered by iran as a result of the comp, sanctions and also the human cost to the iranian population. many of them apparently have suffered and died because of lack of medications for cancer. go bit
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and so on. so it's a very complicated agenda on both sides. and finally, iran also says that the last time around in 2015 the j. c. p o was front end loaded . iran had to take all the technical actions and then the, the j. c, p o, a came into effect. now they want to see us sanctions removed, the benefits to flow to iran, and then they would be prepared to take more significant steps, enrolling back than richmond program, to the 2015 levels. i'm a massage, do you have any impression of how far back if you like that rollback to go within iran, in terms of raising data and essentially unlearning expertise that it has over the last few years? that seems a very tall order. yes, i think the expectations from iran are very high from the other side. i mean unlearning the expertise they have gained in the past 2 years is almost impossible
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. i mean, they can raise the data perhaps, but the expertise is going to be there on. nevertheless, we've seen very little flexibility from the other side regarding your on demand. as was mentioned, there's the issue of choreography. i mean, who takes the 1st step and how is that verified you on is worried that the biden administration is only going to remove the sanctions on paper. and you're on is not going to read the benefits you want to wants to actually be able to solve its oil and transfer the money from foreign banks to you on. and then be able to take it side of the deal to implement its obligations under the deal. and so far the buy in administration has not accepted that there's also the issue of all the sanctions that were implemented during the trumpet administration. apparently over $1000.00 sanctions and some of the sanctions, they're labeled under
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a terrorism or human rights, etc. and you want to position is that it wants all of these sanctions to be lifted . and the reason for that is if some sanctions remain, then essentially that's going to muddy the water for foreign currency and foreign investors. it's going to be very difficult for them to tell if there are abiding by some sanctions. and you know, other sanctions that have been removed, it would be a very complicated picture. and again, on that from on that front, what we're hearing is so far the by then administration has refused to take out all of the tensions up. there's also the concern from the iranian side that if some of these sanctions remain, are they are going to be use add leverage for, shouldn't negotiations. i mean the by then administration has already talked about a so called bigger and better deal. and that's not something that your own really wants. iran feels that when the u. s. a thing a better deal, it means a better deal for them in a worse deal for you wrong. hillary,
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you were talking earlier about the fact that the biden administration is essentially seeing this through the lens of domestic politics. in your experience, how far do you think the administration would be prepared to go without jeopardizing the domestic politics element that you have been talking about? it varies from administration administration, you know, i've served, i've served in several, i served in the bush administration, the clinton administration and, you know, i've watched all of these, these administrations up close and i think for, for president biden, he is really the most knowledgeable politician in terms of the us political system, what he can get done and what he thinks he cannot get done. so i think comments concern or his point about a u. s. reluctance to lift sanctions that were be designated or double designated under president trump and current related or human rights related. it's
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a very important consideration for president biden. it's going to be very difficult to say that he's lifting sanctions, or waiving sanctions, or even temporarily suspending sanctions on iran if they've been designated under the rubric of terrorism or human rights. that's going to be a difficult sell for him domestically and one that from what i understand the, by the ministration is very reluctant to take on. again, i think president binding is looking to contain iran as much as possible. and i also think hamid's point is important about the, by the ministration, looking forward for them, it's almost a necessary evil to get the j. c, p. o, a back, you know, back on the table and everybody signed up to it. because the real goal for the by an administration is to move on to the next step to try to what they call contain iran nefarious or malevolent behavior with regional parties outside of iran and on it's human rights situation and it's miss okay. publicity,
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those are the real focal points for the buyer and ministry. and they do want to have what they call as much leverage as possible. going into those future talks. in my view, they're really going to undermine themselves even having the opportunity for future talks. if they don't, more realistically engage to come back into the j. c p, o, a. but that's the calculation within the, by the administration. 100 percent political, 100 percent focused on the next. the next categories of talked again because you have to metric politics because in u. s. domestic context, that's what they care about. iran relationship with math, with, with the palatine it's, i make you had with iran missile capability. that's where the american domestic politics are. and that's what biting needs to contain in order for him to pursue his, his domestic political agenda. huh. just very briefly, we only have a couple of minutes left. be the only leverage around 2 outside as opposed to have is the threat of ramping up its enrichment progress process and working towards
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eventually weapon zation of the nuclear process w. c. that is a concern that nobody outside of the process wants to see happen. but is there going to come a point, do you think where if these talks fail or they're stalled and sanctions are not lifted and nothing moves that iran is going to have to use that leverage. and we could see a point for iran is almost forced into weapon ising, its nuclear capabilities. and then of course, opening itself up to the risk of attack from outside countries such as israel. well, at least at the moment, there's really no talk. he meant, even among the most extreme, conservative circle is any wrong regarding weaponized ation. and there has been a clear fact wall or a islamic ruling by iran supreme leader against section. and it will be very difficult even from a public relations perspective, to reverse that a never to that's what they are talking in. conservative circles is for you want to
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put the deal aside. and instead to become closer to the east, especially to china, on your own, is already selling close to $1000000.00 barrels of oil per day to china, even though the sanctions exist. so, so their solution, if you'd like, is not to actually build a bomb. but go towards the eastern camp and essentially build your own power through relations with china and with russia. have them with the thank you very much indeed. well, i want to say thanks to all i guess terry craft, hillary man, leverett and hammered, massaging and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again, any time by visiting our website. i'll just see dot com. and for further discussion, go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter. handle is inside story from me,
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