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had taken the hotel, this was germany. we loved it when it was built and read it even when it was a major target of the conflict in northern ireland in the late 20th century belfast europa a new episode of war hotels on al jazeera. ah, me after the destruction and gather the united nations human rights council meets urgent talks on the middle east crisis. ah, hello everyone, i'm him off santa maria with the world news from al jazeera. i touched my face, my left hand is full of blood. we will hear from palestinian,
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blinded by israel use of rubber coated steel bullets. also in the news you as president joe biden, orders an urgent investigation into the origin of covered 19 and the french presidential mannion microns in rwanda. to reset the ties as both countries remember, the 994 genocide. ah, the fighting stopped, but there is still so much fall out from the conflict between israel and hamas in garza. this thursday, we've got the you and human rights council convening a special session to assess the situation across the occupied territory. in fact, life pictures here from geneva, this meeting conveyed by pakistan as coordinator of the organization of islamic corporation. it once a permanent commission of inquiry to report on human rights violations. so before
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things get going, that's talk to i didn't america to, to james faces in west or is the morning james, israeli and palestinian leadership ought to be watching this one very closely. what sort of reaction would you expect from either side? room 18 in the pile. a in geneva seems a very long way away from here. that's the room where they're going to hold this meeting because of cobit, they don't have it in the main human rights chamber. but there will be a lot of people watching this, not ordinary israelis and palestinians. i don't think they watch the details of an event like this in large numbers, but the leadership will be watching this and it will be important from the israeli side. israel does not like the human rights council. it doesn't light what it's done in the past. and it was like, i'm sure where it's going to go in the next couple of hours. israel is so opposed to the human rights council. it was very key in pushing the trump administration
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because of the human rights councils attitude towards israel, of the occupied territories, to pull out of the human rights council. and remember that the us did just that, and he's only with the biden administration that they have said that they are now going to agree to follow the human rights council and be on the human rights council potentially in the future after the election of joe biden. and he don't know, gratian or january 20th, one of the speakers that you're going to hear. speaking of the human rights council, michael links, a special rapport, the independent expert appointed by the human rights council, look at human rights violations in the palestinian territories. he's been in the job since 2016 and yet israel because it controls access to the palestinian territories. does not leslie mean to do his report? so that's his re the attitude palestinian attitude. well, but in the past, i think they've obviously been very supportive of the human rights council. what it does, but they know things have changed radically since the last conflict in 2014,
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this is not just going to be a meeting and reports that go and get stacked up on the library shelves. and this is evidence that potentially will appear in court because the significant thing that's happened since 2014 is the palestinian authority applied for jurisdiction of the international criminal court. the international criminal court said yes, under the rome statute, the palestinians had a right to be represented and jurisdiction would be over. ready the policy and territories, the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court said she would consider an investigation. she asked again to the the governing board is, could she definitely investigate this? they said yes. and then earlier this year, she formerly launched her investigation. new crimes can be added to the file. in other words, crimes committed in this 11 day conflict. this is not just a dry debate about human rights violations. all of these violations could end up in
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the international criminal court if it goes beyond james. and correct me if i'm wrong, it goes beyond the 11 day conflict, doesn't it? i mean it's, i was reading a court this morning talking about the grave human rights situation. in the occupied palestinian territory including eastern discipline and other words, the big picture. absolutely, absolutely. what's going on with regard to evictions of palestinians. what's gone on in terms of the way ordinary palestinians are treated in the west bank in occupied east jerusalem. and of course, what's going on in garza, but of course, the garza crimes of the ones that could potentially because there's a principle in international law called proportionality. and is it proportionate to use force in civilian areas? so those are the ones that could potentially be could become war crimes. and so very, very serious stuff. and that's why
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a very big weight falls on the shoulders of a gentleman called korean khan, who's currently in charge of the un investigation into the crimes of isis, iraq, and syria. there's no actual court there, but he's gathering, gathering evidence of his un body. but his new job, which is a bit elected to about start, is the new chief prosecutor of the international criminal court. he takes on this file of forgot to been suitor, who is only just started her investigation. and his role will be absolutely key. james bay's that diplomatic added to the man with all the context for us as we wait for this meeting to begin at the you and human rights council specially conveying meeting to discuss what has been happening. not only during the latest conflict in garza but the ongoing problems in the occupied palestinian territory in gaza for us today. harry force it to report on what's happening there. and i guess, harry, the, among many things, the sake of the, of the sci fi that that's right. well, i mean,
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which is fine, does continue to hold. i think people are internalizing the fact that this latest thout of fighting has come to an end. and indeed, the addictions, inviting israeli us and the party to cairo to try to talk about a longer term basis for more long lasting ends of the fighting than we've seen in recent is however, we've also heard from the top leader of hamas kit and garza and the language is somewhat changing the hours of the sci fi. there was not how the victory had stayed the hands of the israeli inside jerusalem. now it's becoming clear that this was a, an unconditional sci fi i'm us is still calling for more pressure on the israelis given what you seen further activity. is there a security forces on the alex the most compound and even more tightening of the
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situation inside shakes your he is calling for more international pressure where the fighting could start again. if the whole world doesn't move to stop and put a limit to the practices of the occupation and alex, a mosque shake gera, and the holy city in general, it will be a reason to ignite a big religious war in the region and bring in a state of worry and widespread chaos in the middle east and the whole world. now that doesn't mean the time is necessarily with its finger on the trigger. very keen to start the conflict again. i mean, sometimes you get the very much the opposite impression here. so that could have been more about sound in theory than the real threat of imminent biting. however, as far as the human rights council meeting is concerned, there is plenty from the most recent round of fighting for them to be looking at the use of these very large concussive strikes on very large buildings to bring
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them down. israel, of course, bringing up the residence of those buildings, but in terms of the impact on the civilian infrastructure home was created because these are residential buildings. that is one thing they can look at. they can also look at the sheer number of civilian lives lost inside gaza. that was that terrible collapse of what is just that. just strike on the tunnel system in the st. 44 lives last. so other strikes in northern israel, which city and just checking out kind of the warning whatsoever using live up there and pretty large numbers too. as well as that very, very, very heavy intensive garages of rocket coming out of something unprecedented on major connotations in central israel seen while it talked about that as well. it is use conference on wednesday saying that a they had been given, giving kind of general warnings about what they were intending to do be israel has
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the, i am done, system is totally natural and justified form of resistance against a much stronger enemy. the human rights johnson will have to get into that. i'm just saying and he still uses what is said today, what, what comes from this most recent conflict in the international criminal court investigation that will be looked at as well. thank you, harry, for this in garza on the screen now the opening of this special meeting of the you and human rights council in geneva, the president just opening proceedings. once we get into the 1st speakers, we will bring you back to the agent either into some other points on this story at the moment, carter which has pledged half a $1000000000.00 towards gauze as post war reconstruction. the gulf nation regularly contributes millions of dollars in humanitarian aid to gaza, and was part of the mediation efforts to secure the sci fi broken by egypt. the
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prospect of more palestinian families being forced from their homes, continues to threaten to destabilize the si, fi, and occupy these jerusalem and is ready. court adjourned, a decision on forced evictions in the neighborhood of phil one. but remember, it was just less than 3 weeks ago. that a similar case happened and check off and sponsor of violence that eventually saw him acid. israel fighting for 11 days and we're in town. has a report from occupied east jerusalem more used to force by israeli police on the streets of occupied east jerusalem outside the district court protest as we show the move behind the security barrier. inside the court heard the case of 6 families living in 2 houses on the threat of forced expulsion from their homes in the nearby . so one neighborhood, israeli settlers, they jews own the property pre the creation of the state of israel. and since the states came into being previous property rights are null and void, the georgia postpone the hearing, saying he would seek further legal advice. the lawyer for the family says despite
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the fact that palestinians have little faith in the legal system, representation in his ready court is crucial. we don't have the luxury engaging as lawyers. we have families. the families are at risk of eviction. we wish we had international people, not that we could go to and that international people, not dodge to get the case. but since the cases are being filed to court, we cannot leave this field without any response from our sites. outside the court, a protest is made clear, they see the fullest explosions as the legal. so as you can see, emotions are very high. the police move, the protest behind that barrier. just take a look at humanity, take credit over all limits the message really need to be gotten rid of
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a policy need. this is still one and the neighborhood does that. the center of the court case tie it is a member of one of the families fighting to keep their home. they were forced out by the state of israel from their home in the old city in 1965. and we'll re housed here. he can't fall a court case to get his old home back, and now he might lose this one. and i don't believe in the israeli a legal system because in 1967, our house was confiscated in the old city. if there's any justice in the course, they should return that home to us. when the settlers come, our life becomes miserable. they arrest our kids, they harass our women, and our elders and life is just hard. all of the houses on this narrow street are the threats the court has violent has brought them some breathing space, and they can remain for now. but for how long? those who live here don't know him on con, audi 0 salon occupied east jerusalem. the conflict was marked by something else as
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well. the protests in the occupied territory as well as within israel and critics of accused israeli police of using excessive force to disperse. busy the crowds like using rubber coated steel bullets which have caused permanent, i damage in more than 20 protesters. hold up till homemade as i report. because there let the head, it was a day tension between palestinians and israelis boiled over in occupied east jerusalem. the war in garza had just started, but at columbus had gone to l as some most put adorn prayer. when israeli soldiers term to compound and effect worshippers with p again, rubber coated bullet and stuff. when they were at try to escape through a side we have recently we've that will leave that report back to take you to the you and human rights council. the president michelle bachelor speaking, i'm going to be here is very mine by my to hand. according to me,
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i was killed by the security for is live on the south. if you want to use in the would be putting in plenty and be good in my children. killed 24 main name time, broken lounge, my another chill chinese way and residency putting picture 1000. this is felicia to progress. and i have been responsible for the entire territory and israel to my issue to the right,
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the eminence evictions, families in the neighborhood of shame is just to make way more on the deployment of shackle pound. good thing about worship we're getting around based on the use once again, these problems are one of the location. as flashes, they will go to crowd control means utilizing accepting more including physical violence which inflamed punch. but i'm rusted on when i'm out of the street demanded the shade.
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when did it not cheer. another bearing is okay. we'll put it with me and the you know, actually only up to the buyer and i'm gonna kill an engine real young. i'm call significant damage the house or another inspection is my mom that with striking be getting shelling me my a fighter and an attack scene although reported to be targeting members. and then we have a instruction in inexpensive city and then injuries as well as larger scale, traction, civilian, all those buildings, national,
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building, international nations. my media connecting civilian center has partial action. this by bringing name is building. we're hoping our or we use more we, we have not seen evidence in this regard. although it could not caution such as the warning about time in some cases as we saw the high level of quality behind a mission high commission. i'm very sorry to interrupt, but it seems that we have an interpretation problem. yes. could i ask you just to pause for a 2nd while we sorted out? thank. apologies for that. so that's how it works in 2021. obviously. so much of this done virtually. michelle ashley speaking on the webcam there. we had
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some audio problems a little bit earlier and i apologize for that. but apparently there are audio problems within the human rights council itself. and they are struggling to actually get translation for those who need it. i might just bring in james base. in the meantime, while we were to begin, i actually, i think maybe you doing a report on this at one point. james, at the start of the pandemic about the aging sort of technical system which the you in had and how it perhaps wasn't fit for purpose. yeah, the un conference services have really had to struggle with this. because in the past, they just occasionally had someone joining a meeting remotely. now everything has been done remotely. it's been very, very difficult, difficult. as you can see, the human rights council is actually sitting in person. but they've been encouraged as many people to join us remotely as possible in the high commission of human rights. michelle boshoway is joining this meeting remotely. i'm not sure where she
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is. she may be in her home country chalet, where she of course used to be the president. i know i'm not clear where she's joining from, but it does make things very difficult. interesting that this very subject, what has happened in recent days in the middle east, in the 11 day conflict in gaza, is going to be the subject of the un security council. later on today. they are starting to meet in person again for the 1st time. preparing for monks was also telling you something that's on the table here that they, as they have this discussion, there is actually a resolution on the table from the human rights council. now human rights council resolutions are not like security council resolution. they're not binding, but they can do things. and the main thing that this resolution wants to do, which will eventually be, would be decided on is to urgently established an ongoing, independent, international commission of inquiry to investigate new occupied policy inter she including eastern reason of and in israel, all alleged violations of international humanitarian law since the 3rd of april
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this year. so a new commission of inquiry. i think it's probably likely that israel will not cooperate and involve itself with that says it's not done in the past, but certainly that putting pressure on israel if the human rights council does decide that. remember the human rights council is a body that israel and israelis do not like they think it's biased against us. they think the whole us system is boss against them in terms of the human rights council . and for that matter, the general assembly, as the general view of the majority of the 193 members of the united nations, is, is not particularly pro israel in terms of its activities in the occupied palestinian territories. it's different on the security council because of course there, there are 5 members that have a veto, and one of them is the u. s. and normally, israel can expect the backing of the us. so the idea of this resolution, james and the word which i picked up most of you said there is,
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is to establish an ongoing commission of inquiry, recognition of the fact that this can't just be treated as flare ups when they happen, which then gets sent to the security council, they should actually be a you in body, which is looking at this all the time. yes, although there are parts of the us that are looking at this very, very regularly. it is under close analysis by the you and the question, i think many observers who would say is what actually, you know, they come up with a reports and there's a gentleman called mike link who's going to be speaking later in this meeting, who's a special rapport the independent expert on human rights violations in the palestinian territories. he's been in the job since 2016. he produces reports very regularly, but he doesn't get any cooperation from israel. in fact, the way he does his work is remotely, and then he goes to jordan, where he meets with palestinians who can travel to give evidence to him, but he is not allowed access. so this would just be another inquiry,
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but i think it's putting on pressure on israel. as i say, israel, it's is firmly of the view that this human rights council is bias against state. and that is why prime minister netanyahu persuaded president trump for that matter, that then ambassadors the un, nikki haley to pull the us out of the human rights council. and you remember one of the very 1st decisions by president biden was to re engage with the human rights council. ok, james. i feel we could keep talking for quite a while, but we really don't actually know when this is going to begin again. so let's take a little break and come back to the you and human rights council in geneva, when they thought out bear technical problems. now when we started this live coverage, we were actually in the middle of her report from her a bill how made. so why do we go back to that? this is about the conflict between the palestinians and the israelis,
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the process that were ongoing and the criticism of his ready police using excessive force to dispel the crowds using things like and you often hear this the rubber coated steel bullets. the fact is, those have caused injuries to a lot of people, not just injuries permanent. i damage in the case of more than 20 protest. i think we've got that report for you now. because it let the head, it was the date tensions between palestinians and israelis boiled over in occupied east jerusalem. the war in gaza had just started. but at columbus had gone to l. as some most for the dawn prayer. the when israeli soldiers term to compound and effect worshippers with he again, rubber coated bullet and grinning rad tried to escape through a side with about the little room. no one was throwing rocks we were trying to leave. i remember seeing a soldier very close up 2 or 3 meters away. he fired a rubber coated bullet at me. i knew i was wounded at my face,
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but i didn't know where my glasses were gone. i touched my face and my left hand was full of blood. i closed my right eye and it was all dark. i couldn't see anything. at this point i fell to the ground. is that the hospital that murdad was told his left eye was lost. hundreds of people were injured that day, doctor se many of the serious wounds were to the upper body and eyes. if we think it is, by chance, you will find one case, 2 cases. it's a serious cases. you have like 30 injuries in the eye with data trauma to the forehead, to the eye or between eyes to the nose. i just can think that this is organized and clown action to take the i out and to cause severe disability to policy. and in an email, as books meant for israeli police told al jazeera,
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these railey police uses a variety of means to prevent fiction, violence, and conflict. the use of these measures depend on the occurring event and situation analysis. we will continue to act decisively against violence and violation of order of all sorts, all for the safety and security of the public on some of the fact excused by the security forces go against the rules of engagement. and there's little palestinians can do in terms of legal action. many will also tell you that those same security forces have double standards when it comes to dealing with israeli citizens. the right group says that security forces act differently when it comes to jewish, israeli for the police regulation that specifically saying that you should only point to the lower part of the body. but as you have seen,
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probably here job is to get recklessly, no matter what the situation is, there's no way on the other side. well, why? why, why? she said you were standing. the police was very toto and no one was arrested and nothing was done to them. critic se excessive use of force against palestinian is systematic for many living here is part of a policy aimed at silencing their voice. heard of the meat al jazeera and occupied east jerusalem. take you back to the you in the human rights council. it's never listened. they're still having technical problems, i think. okay, we'll find out. okay, that's amanda. thank you. thank you so much for your patience. thank you. so apparently michelle bachelor, who is joining remotely, and we did hear her just saying, i use zoom every day and we don't have problems, maybe the problems at your end. but clearly there are some issues in getting this going. and i think you've actually been asked to pop a headset on if possible,
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so that we get some clearer audio. as james said, we don't actually know where michelle vasily is, but she is joining remotely. so many of these meetings from the highest levels at the u. n to well are here at out of the are and probably you watching as well. so much of your life has been moved online, and this is what happens occasionally when the technology fails. we'll check in again, just briefly with james by. oh, hold on a 2nd, let them listen. adam. hi commissioner, we can hear you very clearly and i'm told it we're ready to start. i know you got a job, but i do ask you madame high commissioner to start again from the beginning because the interpretation was not coming through to all delegations. so i do ask you to start again, apologies both to you and to all delegations, bottom transmission that you have the flow. thank you about impressed them. but i'm precedent, excellencies appalling events in gaza and the occupied palestinian territories have once again called this council into a special session. we have recently witnessed the most significant escalation in
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hostilities since 2014, according to figures verified by my office. 242 palestinians were killed by the israeli security forces. the i s f in stripes on gus i including 63 children, thousands of others have been injured. why it is estimated that over $74000.00 policy period has been displaced in the west bank, including is jerusalem. 28 palestinians, including was killed as of 24 may. thank time rockets launched by hamas and other on palestinian groups. killed 10 is wally citizens. and residents, including children and force thousands into shelters. this is calisha was directly to protest and
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a heavy response from east where the security forces 1st in east jerusalem. then spreading to the entire occupy polishing and territory. and also within israel to many issues led to the rise intentions. but even in evictions of palestine and families on the 4th display slant in the neighbourhood of shandra in occupy is still selim. to make way for settlers and the ice f deployments at the oxer compounds restricting access to thousands of war shippers during the last day. so from then on separate locations, the i s f use force against diesel crop, and worshippers inside us camels. on other occasions, as demonstrations turn into crashes, they resorted to crowd control means utilizing excessive force including physical violence which inflame tensions, modern precedent. the late, this is collation between israel and palestine. an armed groups erupted on 10 may
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when i'm asked of the fact the.


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