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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm +03

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put them on air and to really engage because we know that our audience, who's interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. ah, i get adrian. and again, hearing how the headlines on i was a 0, a supporter of expanding illegal settlement is on the verge of ousting benjamin netanyahu. as israel as prime minister far right leader nationally, bennett would take the took the top job for the 1st 2 years on the power sharing agreement with 8 parties. for the 1st time, it is ready history. the coalition includes a palestinian israeli party. the parliament still has to approve it harry force. it has more from west jerusalem of already heard from benjamin netanyahu today. and
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he's been having in many eyes legitimize the role of months or of us. and his rom, or united armless party in forming a government. because he himself was in talks with him. when that's in yahoo had the mandate to try to form a government off the election. he's now trying to de, legitimize them again by saying that the, the coalition that is trying to be formed has sold out in his words, the negative. the southern does it area to the rom party. dearly crossing point between egypt to the gaza strip is being reopened. to allowing construction equipment heavy duty machines are needed in garza to clear daybreak. following the 11th day bombardment by israel, at least 2000 buildings were destroyed at 15000 an hour usable, spent an explosion in the african capital campbell. a small van was targeted with improvised explosives. police say that at least 4 people have been killed and for others injured. salvage experts are running out of time to contain
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a maritime disaster off shoreline because coast a cargo of chemicals and plastic pellets from a burning container ship as blue to beaches and waters. they are colombo fi crews, in iran, say that they've contained ablaze that broke out at an oil refinery on wednesday. the officials say the fire at the tone, guy and finery, was caused by a leak in a liquid gas pipeline. a plant managers have ruled out sabotaged a cargo ship has hidden overhead crane at a time when he's port sending it crashing into a stack of shipping containers. the 86000 ton vessel was preparing to dock. when it hit the crane causing a domino effect. nasa has announced to new missions to venus, they'll be the 1st us lead missions to the atmosphere of a plan is more than 3 decades nasa hopes to map it's rocky surface and there's the headlines. now let's get you back to witness
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we get you here. all right, so the quote, it's a book this book or how would you been in berlin chest, gasha her home,
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would you call you because i like and brought it to social call somebody because all my check with the check so if you could let me know that i would be in the morning to go to the global shore. double dock who me
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mr. chicka, can you call me? i sure i need to ship the cushion between children. born in jewish,
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did he have trash discover the beauty of music in the ugliest of places? ah, when a chance to play for the world turn ariana teeth into a dream. ah, ah, landfill, harmonic witness documentary on ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello there. we've seen some really wet weather across northern areas of central
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america, and there is more rain to come. we've had flooding across brazil's amazonia state after the rio negro reached record levels. we could see more flooding breaking out there is that rain persists, and diana has also seen flooding across 10 regions. those flood waters are going to continue to rise as that intense rain continues and intense down ports are going to affect parts of columbia. we could see them effect affecting parts of southern venezuela for the finer and dry weather we have to head to the east coast of brazil . rio coming in at 29 degrees, the plenty of sunshine here. as we go into friday, we could see a few funder storms across southern parts of brazil, affecting paraguay, and you are a grice and sharp foundry showers here. but for the wet weather we have to head to southern areas of chile and argentina. we've got a weather system brewing here, kicking in, some really risk winds and heavy showers, snow across the andes,
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the santiago, 24 degrees. the temperature does dip as we go into friday, and it's a pretty wet picture for much of central america with heavy showers in panama sponsored pay cut on airways. be part of the debate itself defeated and closing in the us or in the u. k. because it will just come back again when no topic is off the table. what we wanted to talk about were the one white man touching a loud dream, where a global audience becomes a global community. jumping to the comic fraction and part of the discussion there are like, if it's connecticut efforts to silence fell opinions on the online, based on al jazeera. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah, al jazeera, i went down to the pit. me this is al jazeera ah, hello, i am adrian again. this is that he's on line from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the far right peter now being called israel is kingmaker. natalie bennett is poised to become the next prime minister, ending benjamin netanyahu is 12 year grip on power. the rush to contain an


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