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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2021 4:30am-5:01am +03

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and beacon, or if the world will expose to greater danger on al jazeera ah al jazeera, when ever you ah, all me, ah, ah, hello, i'm down, jordan down the tough stories here on our jazz era. thousands of mullins of gathered in the capital by marco to show support for the military gentle. it's the 1st about the some kind of let me go to the power last month. nicholas hawk has more now from democrats. what's interesting is that most malia and didn't come out in support of the military gentlemen chose to stay home. and that's because in fact,
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since the military to into took power, the security situation has gone from bad to worse just this week. we thought attacks from the acadia affiliate germonti and thought it was the mean in the south of the country, not in the center in the north. we saw a tag on the un base just a few days ago, perhaps orchestrated by the slamming state in the greater so hard to groups. there are gaining ground and gaining areas where the molly and army are retreating and losing control. israeli forces a 5 gas and stun grenades, the palestinians taking part in mouth and bodies, jerusalem. it was held to show solidarity with families under the threat of losing their homes to his rainy settlers. the run began in check dora and ended in still one protest, as were also held in numberless and the occupied westbank is ready for his fire tear gas and rubber coated steel, but it's at least 20 people were injured. that facebook says its suspension of
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former us president donald trump will last for 2 years. the social media company says he was banned violating community standards in connection with a capital hill riots on january 6. witnesses in london have been giving testimony on alleged human rights abuses against china's weak muslims. the hearing is taking place of a 4 days and what's been called a people's tribunal. it's not backed by the but his government and has no power to sanction china, but organize hope lens by international pressure. china denies the allegations. the un humanitarian chief as warning the parts of ethiopia on the verge of famine, la lo caucus, urging an end to the fighting in the northern too great region. he says, food insecurity is reaching levels last seen in the 1980 s. find out some health ministers from g 7 countries or in the u. k for today, summit coded 19 vaccine distribution and economic recovery is high on the agenda. a plan to tackle tax avoidance by big companies is also being discussed. those,
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the headlines news continuous, jo, now just 0 after the war in june state you thanks for watching bye. for now. the cairo, the morning of monday, the system june, the 1967 a day that will change the history of the middle east. the plane is waiting to take off toward sinai. marshall, i came on, the deputies supreme, commander of the egyptian armed forces is making a morale. boosting visit to troops deployed on the borders with israel for the last 3 weeks. ah, how many of the ship was? carry, you know, the csc and what the blue might be,
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and we have a la la malaya camera. and when and how that is in a more theme of the i but this gypsy show its strength was put to good use by is really media memories of the holocaust were invoked to persuade israelis. they were facing a threat to their very existence the difference where the nazis come up. the nasa was never mentioned by name in the he will media at that time. what caused the gyptian tyrant? that was his name. ah, in washington, us president. lyndon b. johnson issued a stock warning to whichever side should start the war it with
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a thinly veiled threat to the egyptian leadership. how am i? how about how about you? come on. i've them also by you. low summer. he'll be in the room, but not about the what to go. we thought, when an allotment has a door a little before the initial and hulu, but better, but all i will have m rico saw you not a lot of thought about who had it in for me. in fact, israel, though, apparently the underdog was far more prepared for war than any of our opponents. ah,
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ah, israeli chief of staff. how can i be to the front line to me truth, waiting for a green light? ah, and the action of my go ahead to mommy line only quarter all in order the and on total thing that we should try close and liking 1st was in the eyes of the lately action the what we thought on collective action of the the opening attack would be the much for hust operation focus. ah, an aerial strike to destroy the egyptian apple on the ground. ah. in the early hours of the 5th of
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june, $967.00. these really afterwards prepared to deliver the 1st blow. when i wake up in the morning and came to the fishing room brought on the black boat, our which was the 745 on the 200 is really jets. took to the air the they would arrive ridge, ips and fields and exactly 7 45 am. to avoid radar detection. they flew 1st north, then west of the mediterranean turning south. the plains came in from the north,
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not from the east, as the egyptians had anticipated. oh but they don't normally, i would look at a given the fuel because it's an apple but turns out on my back hold wave. know everything is very easy. as you trained many, many time before, he's located very easy on the ground, not far from around. this was not a big problem to strike then immediately
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you're so big torches with smoke over all those airfields get into my hands. i'm a g late layer, submitted a bunch of go ahead of them. why had can says if that of to move on to us. i let my daughter going to madison has made me a call in the house and i'm calling for the black. the rights by mid day, these really had successfully attacked 18 fields via gyptian had lost 80 percent of the air force. more than 300 planes. destroyed on the ground. oh, that kind of stuff in my thought. say my thought is the keys on this
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leadership. but if i go with the fish that are always good for, but i'm a go a lot of the fact that on the fact that ironically, cairo radio was carrying false reports of the total failure of the enemy's air attack. with the news coming in of egypt for parents success, jordan, syria and iraq now launched their own as strikes and he's of hers. and she, when she moves, they have a shuttle shiny that, you know, the sangreal, then it took cream. it's there to for sure. that's a little played when i show is in those, nor the holly middle to him to say the me live on the
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ineffective though they were. those attacks gave the israelis a pretext to widen the scope of the war. operation focus was extended to cover fields in georgia and syria and even a key base in iraq. phase 3. well, the only base for mistake would reach is low. and the only base in which we could have each the laptops, the appeal it my cell flight to the day i pick a mother base not far from damascus. when i made my 1st turn over the city of the merciless people, climb on the roofs and waved for the people. in the midst of the caught off guard, the syrians lost craft c h 3 field and iraq was put out of
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action. and jordan's air force was totally destroyed by sunset on the 1st day of operation focus had guaranteed israel total as to every origin and disguise of the middle east. the the arab armies would now be fighting with no support. ah, the outcome of the war had been field anything that is no example the history of the world of the asian of such a total like and the total tank may be the only time that they can compare it to the bill. hubble that they called japanese on the hub or winter months or greater
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part of the thing which almost decimated been company in the pacific. the, on the ground, the egyptian pulses was very much better. they had succeeded in holding up. he's really on the phone and to sign the gyptian deputies supreme commander marshall i'm it was about to take a disastrous decision. it's routes lay in his attempt to the visit to the frontline, the day before the mid to see me slightly to view the gus golf. i should be see night bill
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this month. more. that's mythos meets week in gun. assume it's ryan. how about shall i mirror vehicle? i'm a day actually i me to be the best stop him much. so it that's mom. caffeine. them it was. they could obviously the miraculously, the plane was able to return to cairo. ah, but marshal, i'm it had been shocked by witnessing israel as supremacy at 1st hand. ah, the next day, i'm a oh, did an immediate withdraw as a gypsy truth from sinai an order which led to the total collapse of the egyptian front? the customer, the payment says shim shave it, li the mean?
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it was a hustle. but we are very similar. um, i mean the issue we have but we are looking at the i mean we can shop, i think i saw lead to last it call occasional know, last year it caught up by your vent left for some bull shit. i need to home, i got big lunch and saw we had that slow up moving based totally on the truck. they saw him get, we'll need ship, come more and lie. law hadn't been stolen by the 4th day of the war, israeli troops reached the eastern bank of the suez canal. they had occupied the whole of the sinai peninsula and the gaza strip.
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to live if he has a cast. lemme artificial, let me know if his own, but it's bad because she'll know how many has given husband the the previous day. these really had also taste of success on that. it's in front ending the short lived was launched by jordan's king crusade by 11 o'clock in the morning the 1st day virtually after we destroyed the junction policy, but the whole 10 in no, into the time. on the contrary. and also called him up and said will when well women go your own chair. he didn't know a needle fancy,
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they wouldn't and unable to do it, but he conquered the hill around the government, calls it endangered. and part of them in his forces were only by now if you're on the yard away from the harvard. so this isn't the on the afternoon of the 1st day of the these really began there were sold again to joe damien. ah, the battle soon escalated and 2 days later, the whole of the west bank, andrew sent him, felt the israelis mister g d my other than i was leaving this again, that the whole up and give you the law calling as lethal our we had
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a lot of people actually on the news about linda, how they have been the caf lloyd national by graham, the commercial call you another one with the wall. but over on the egyptian angel, damien france and ignoring you and cool for a cease fire. israel high command now decided to secure its borders with syria. ah, on the 5th day of war, israeli troops began to climb the strategic golden heights ah, on the projection of any. but it's more than welcome, dinah, how do you know be a little more of a modicum, most of the many ah amendment
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and i left and i just want my father call me on what he said. he said that the but on the 6th day of the war, damascus radio made an unexpected announcement. syria had accepted the un be file with no warning given to troops fighting on the go abroad, cars fatally undermined syrian resistance. the man blamed for the collapse was the minister of defense, a man who would eventually rise to power in syria. half of me these really pushed on and occupied the whole of the golan
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heights. ah, let me uh, once we get to the cfo and let the and, and see that he can walk, walk up the clock. not. but he is. yeah. but i do have a little angel at the end of the 6 day of fighting, and only when attend achieved all its goals. israel accepted the un ceasefire. the guns fell silent. the arabs had suffered a humiliating defeat. ah, what a towel in a corner been a while,
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a t p as in many dad, dad didn't leave how message earlier to come look at it, the 140 the home demi on and to say to and then i had amendment went ahead and i'm a, a mom for the rest. me why you were in years he when our day last before feel here the word, the my have a up in an under heavy popular prussia. no sir rescinded his decision to step down from the presidency and attempt to regain the lost. our
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territories began. israel had tripled its size, capturing the sinai peninsula. the gaza strip, the west bank east in jerusalem and the golan heights. the we tried everything who entered the united nations. we tried mediations, we tried to contact 3 different countries, and it was clear that all this was to know of age. their mood was list, give nothing back if you don't have to. there were songs written, there were victory albums. there was a huge intoxication of victory. this huge unique mon record of victory of these lily army in that war were the greatest tragedy in the history of
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his live. these railways basked in an aura of invincibility. but the victory was just the start of even greater complications which still plague the middle east to this day. israel found itself governing and being responsible for a 1000000 palestinians in the newly occupied gaza strip. westbank and jerusalem took about 6 months to rome, around the newly helped territories hosting the west bank and gaza. and they came back and they said the local, there was other people there and they have a national movement. so what do we do?
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he said we conquered them to create a sort of a part of the state or we have the low into predominant jewish state called israel. and the west bank and gaza should be a basis for future. growth is erica tradition of their rights to have a state of their own environment staple that all in the west bank and gaza. ah, what israel chose was and still remains the 1st option. in the aftermath of the war, israel declared what it called the unification of jerusalem. the entire holy city was placed under israeli jurisdiction, including christian and muslim holy site. the
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me we the government and the only government. and that is to say that we have obligations and privilege and their obligation and to maintain law and order and to provide people with services and with suitable standard of living as a government, like every government was a citizen. furthermore, and in defiance of international law, israeli settlers began to move into the west bank, the territory they called judea and samaria. the lands which they wanted to settle in were the core and heart land over the jewish people. in biblical times, this is where judaism emerged as it was natural that there would be this messianic
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urge to settle those areas. even perhaps you can clear out arabs from the here is it, this didn't happen, but the jewish settlements were placed there. and this is made things much more complicated for peacemaking here. in addition to the west bank settlements was spreading in the gaza strip sinai. and on the go on high ah, and as these really tightened their grip on the occupied territories, it became clear they had no intention of returning them. ah, me how to solve, easy to get a holiday for them? my, most of them are gone of a lot of when he got assess an electric and new law to full time, and the in my hoping be will come to my office all there's
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a home telephone clinical on one of them. multiple poll. where is the willingness to give me a call when you have a mattress in october, 973. after just 60 is the arabs aiming to restore their territories and their dignity would launch another war. a israel was about to receive a sharp reminder of the fun rehabilitate it thought it had conquered forever in the war of june. 1967. ah ah
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news news news. news. news news. hello there. temperature that really ramped up across much of north america. we've got some sherry raina around and presently just around the eastern seaboard into the deep south. little bit of wet, whether to just pushing in across the pacific northwest. but the heat really is the story reco breaking heat for many over towards the west coast. central air is look at when he paid 36 celsius 36 celsius minneapolis as well. warm enough in calgary
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at around $26.00 degrees. it is 6 or 7 celsius above the seas. labrenz calgary cools down a little as we go. 13, west at day 14 degrees cloud and rain rolling in, but it stays very warm in 2 central parts of north america. some decent walk over towards the east coast as we go on through the we can, we'll see the sherry way and then pushing into western parts of canada, one or 2 shells into eastern parts of canada and also just around the carolinas, across the deep south. and heavy burst of rain coming through here. as we push on into sunday rod across the mississippi valley, we are likely to see widespread flooding one of 2 spots. he could well see as much as 100 millimeters of right or more. so some heavy and sundry downpours coming through russia find the re showers to across the great around to keep seeing some heavy right along with jamaica. and charlotte, but east ah, the living in a was then is a risk not worth taking for most but for a 10 year old boy,
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there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents, his grandmother dedicate herself to his upbringing. never knowing whether the next explosion or echo one step closer to the place they call home the distant barking of dogs, a whitney stocky mentary on al jazeera. ah, molly's ginger received the support on the streets from an influential carrying that becomes increasingly isolated with the world bank pointing payment. ah, hello, i'm daren jordan. this is out there. a lie from coming up is ready for his fire
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stun grenades activist, unoccupied, east jerusalem running between 2 neighborhoods palestinians on the threat of.


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