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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2021 9:30am-10:01am +03

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cross 5, north indian state health, the experts and environmentalists had been wanting for months. so the evening of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those causes 19 ah surely back to the in del, how with the headlines on al jazeera candidates, prime minister says the catholic church must take responsibility for its role in the abuse of children in residential schools for indigenous children. that's after the remains of $215.00 students were found at one of the former institutions from the $1880.00 to 1996, an estimated 150000 children were forcibly taken from their homes as part of an assimilation program. run by the government and the church. now before we have to
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start taking the catholic church to court, i am very hopeful that religious leaders will understand that this is something they need to participate in and not hide from that forgiveness. and redemption is a path we all are told we should be walking on to our faith. and i am confident that the catholic church is hearing these calls very clearly. and his understanding, the kind of dismay and grief that many canadians are feeling right now at seeing the continued lack of action. thousands of molly and have gathered in the capital obamacare to show support to the military gender. it was the 1st rally since colonel se me going to see our last month. the demonstration was organized by the influential opposition and 5 movement. it was behind mass protest last year. and its leader has been put forward to become the
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new prime minister. israeli forces of 5 gas and san grenades that palestinians taken part in math on in occupied east jerusalem. it was held to show solidarity with families under threat of losing their home israeli settlers. the ecological impact of a slowly sinking cargo ship ensure lanka is getting worse. authorities are preparing for the possibility of an oil spill supported by international experts. the ship was on fire for 13 days, causing an environmental disaster. the u. n. c. about carrying chief is warning that ethiopia, northern te gray region is on the verge of farm, and mark lo cock is urging a ceasefire to allow aiden, he says food insecurities reaching levels last seen in the 1980s. no, council says there's no evidence to cause concerns directory and soldiers in the region are using starvation as a weapon of war. witness continues next, phonology 0. stay with this june on jessie,
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who will take half honeys plate will bring you the latest from ron's presidential election on june 18th. the bottom line returns to discuss current developments in us politics and how they affect the world member state to gather in the u. k. on june 11th for talks on key issues at the g 7 summit, a new series portal brings years award winning digital content to our tv audience. and the sentencing of derek children will be handed down on june 25th join us for loans coverage. at this historic us court case reaches a conclusion june on our jazz either me
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him. so if you could let me know that i would be in the morning to go to the global shore, double dock who me was told to cancel
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the ship. the cushion was children born into a city of trash discovered the beauty of music in the ugliest places. ah, when a chance to play for the world 10 mariana t into a dream. ah,
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landfill, harmonic witness documentary on our holiday . we've got some slightly showers just around the caucasus, sir, ga armenia, azerbaijan, seeing some sundry down post from time to time elsewhere across the middle east. drive pretty much sums it up hotter than average though we looking at temperature still touching 50 celsius and q weight close enough to that to into baghdad. woman up here in dough. however, the next couple days with a high around 45 celsius, but don't you somewhat cooler into a man was scott, now what? around 34 celsius south west. the wind started fade in the south west. the monsoon calls making its way into south asia, but that represents something like a 10 degree drop or more for parts of a man of the sort of values that we saw earlier on this week is try to across the
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horn of africa, we have got the showers continuing just around the highlands into the riff valley. we'll see some wet weather coming through here. just wanted to coast to shout to for time. eastern air is attention here, and also into kenya, the wet weather. as per usual, that's going to continue just around the gulf of gainey, southern parts of nigeria saying some torrential downpours, thunder showers, continuing to come through here. but push further south. it is generally dry. was a good part of southern africa, so long showers just drifting into were eastern parts of mozambique and she was to, for medic, aska the o. welcome to portal your gateway to the very best volunteers there. an online content that you may have met. a new program that through our platforms, makes a connection and presents a digestible scene, each the award winning online content on their audience.
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portal with me, sandra, gotten on to 0. me ah, a burn tout thinking ship this sail, pausing a grave self because self sri lanka, cruise worry about the hazardous chemicals on board. ah, no, i'm fully back. you boy, you're watching algae 0 live from to also ahead. catholic church in canada is silent, is not stepping up cabinet as prime minister calls on the cat.


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