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the political organizations, links to jails, opposition leader, lexi, and evolving. if approved will ban of all these allies from running in parliamentary elections later this year. and albany, as parliament has voted to impeach president matter, and follows an investigation that concluded he should be removed for violating the constitution. the president's role is considered a political. the method has regularly clashed with prime minister eddie rama me now the e u has endorsed a vaccine certificate for travel within the european block. it comes as france opens its borders to foreign taurus, as long as they've had a corona virus vaccine there. the government has also removed the need for the 1900 tests for vaccinated europeans, as well as the so called greenness countries. other visitors, though, will still need to provide a negative test. it's hope that these new rules will help boost tourism was that will mean it sounds like we see this as a renee suddenly after a year and
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a half when we've practically been in a coma, this announced reopening is an extraordinary ray of sunshine. what's an extraordinary is that we've moved from an excessive pessimism to an optimism that could also be a bit success in math, extraneous, 2nd largest, if you will end its latest proven 1. $900.00 locked out on friday. people in melbourne will have spent 2 weeks inside. some restrictions on travel and home gatherings will likely remain there for another week. almost 70 people were infected after returning travel to quote the virus in quarantine. this is a good day. it's a good day. everyone should be absolutely proud of what we've all achieved together . but we know that this is an eye they get an until we have widespread vaccination, cross victoria, and across the country. the virus will still be with us. so we cannot make complacency, crepey in. and i'm asking everyone to keep doing the right things straightly and
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it's neva new zealand success and handling. harvard 19 has put fix of their cities and the top 10 most livable in the world. new zealand. biggest city of oakland, to top honors. and that survey by the economist intelligence unit, the pandemic defines the list this year with cities in the european union tumbling down the rankings. 2 cities, each in japan and switzerland, rounded out in the top 10, the venezuelan, capital caracas booth deemed the least livable or columbia. as capital said, he is lifting tough curve at 19 restrictions, including and night curfew, and also reopening bars. but it all comes as the number of infections and deaths continues to remain high. and it's happening often more than a month of antique government protests under ron pierre to you before the day and bar owner, heavier cruise is excited that the prospect of reopening is listening by and why waiting much longer could be the end of the road for business as it has been for many others, i went, oh, it was
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a spade angel. we are full of hope now that we must do this with great caution and awareness, keeping many safety precautions in place because we are still in a critical moment and we need to take care of each other. and that's what the government hopes most colombians will do as it bets on reactivating, all sectors of the economy to try to respond to growing poverty and unemployment. despite being in the midst of the worst speaker defend damage. more than 500 colombians are dying every day. record numbers of infections are being broken and intensive care units are f capacity. you know, major cities, even field hospitals set up to ease pressure on the system are full almost, but it's, i'm honestly when i met with them we, we've been at a very high plateau for many weeks wedding for a reduction. but instead, the figures keep climbing for both infections and dis, money. we're seeing major clusters due to the social situation in the country. so
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things could get even worse because the numbers show an exponential increase. ah, much of the blame for the stubbornness of this sir. just focused on the ongoing and take government protests, outer eighty's or using them to explain the paradox of opening up. right when conditions are at their worst body, i must get out of us incurring why he could stay at home in strict quarantine throughout the city of infections have already occurred with or without opening. we will have 2 to 3 weeks with high occupancy and the government, this confidence that a faster pace of vaccinations will help improve their health situation in the country and coming week. but a number of doctors associations say that the decision to reopen now is reckless noise going in. the government's decision isn't based on science. many doctors in academics have been studying the decrease. we kind find validity to their argument . that's why we're asking for it to be repealed. it's
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a paradox. we're pushing our society towards an even worse tragedy than the ones we are already living. concerts in dance clubs will remain closed until i see use of cubans default on the 85 percent. the rest of the restrictions are now gone with colombians left wondering if they will be able to strike a balance between the need to work and the need to save lives. i listen that the anticipated gotta. meanwhile, human rights watch says police officers in columbia are responsible for the recent death of at least 20 pro testers. 16 of them were killed by live ammunition. the rights organisation lists evidence of arbitrary detention, sexual abuse and beating and says, these are not isolated incidents but a systemic problem. the unrest started either proposed tax increases bank in april and then widened into abroad movement critical of the government. well, the top us to promote for latin america says the crackdown on descent. nicaragua
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proves that president. daniel ortega is a dictator for opposition. politicians hoping to challenge the president in november's election have been arrested alex here. brian reports heading into a meeting with prosecutors before his arrest. presidential hopeful feeling met at the jago with defiant, saying he dedication to life, to the future of freedom, and wouldn't back down. it's out of the look at in a spot everything that might come in a way the regime is the true minority compared to a nation. that one's work. a nation that wants freedom of peace and justice. and that's what we're doing. a lot of the ada is accused of terrorism and backing international sanctions against the nic raglin government. but a supporters say the allegations are part of an intensifying crackdown on descent and efforts by president daniel ortega to eliminate any challenges for his office matter. the ag, his lawyer says the opposition politician has been beaten and custody would be a strong blow with a fist in the face then another blow to blows and margie august face,
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and it's rather stuck there. the acts of aggression carried out by the police when they were taking this out of the vehicles. but at the aga is the 4th potential presidential candidate to be detained in recent days. on tuesday, police also arrested one sebastian motor, and when february accused police abuse and surveillance to intimidate him last week, his cousin christiana tomorrow was put under house arrest. just hours after she announced plans to run against the president of november's election. the spark protest outside her home last month, her brothers, independent news out late, was rated by police. another candidate, arturo cruise was detained on saturday for allegedly conspiring against nicaraguan society that attention to being called a clear infringement of the freedom of expression. in arbitrary rod, they're, all of this is a desperate attempt by the dictatorship is to make us give up the electoral road to peacefully resolve the deep economics and social crisis that they themselves have
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provoked. the tomorrow families deeply entwined, and daniel will take his political career, christiane, his mother, the later became president in 1990 outing. ortega after his 1st denton power since his return to office in 2007. right. groups of accused president ortega, of authoritarian rule and leading a brutal suppression of anti government protests in 2018, which more than 300 people were killed. ortega and allies say they're defending nicaragua, sovereignty against hostile foreign influence and sanctions. now, protests, a band and most opposition parties disqualified ortega and his wife, who his vice president had been sanctioned by the u. s. and the european union. the top us diplomat on latin america, julia chung, has called for international action. and the latest arrests are further proof, ortega's disregard for democracy. alex here brian al jazeera. now israeli forces
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have ordered a health organization in the occupied westbank to shop it's operation for 6 months . the offices of the health work committee were rated and then forced closed by a military decree. some of our organizations senior employees have recently been arrested. the injury operates several clinics in the west bank and gaza. its have over 400000 people, needed me to abraham has one from the occupied west bank. this is the military order that was put up by the israeli army that raided them will not. early on wednesday it says that this headquarters of the organization of the health work committees should be shut down for 6 months. the citing security reasons. now this is the headquarters of the health work committee. it has been around since the 1980s. it offers health services as well as social development services, all across the occupied west bank in the gaza strip. and we know that senior members and employees of the organization has been arrested lately. and joining me
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here to talk more about this is the director general of the organization, mrs. sure. the oh the how do you expect to go on with your headquarters is being close? really? it's a difficult military order that, that they will shut down the, the quarter office because you know that it's a quarter of a very the perform more of the admin financially procedures. and also the, the procedure that the control of the, the issue of our employees, the main main, the procedures out of the bill from the public relations, the advocacy issue. so this would be actually the, by this order, it would be closed or it will be stopped. and this will of course, it will affect that the, the work of the nobility of the work and our centers and development centers and our hospitals. as we work in this area now for that i
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b, because today we work with this or that it's hard to think about the identity if we need to 1st to consult with our lawyers. the palestinian health minister has visited the office here. she saw the damages and she says, this is an attack against palestinian organizations that are offering how services, specifically in remote areas. now there are lots of other palestinian organizations that say that they are being targeted. why do use radio army for the work and for their political work? and because they are exposing the violations under the israeli occupation. and microscopic one has come back to life after being frozen for 24000 years in siberia . scientists dug up the animal from the soil of a river and the northern russian region of the can, known as the best way rushes. the multisite organism is able to withstand extreme
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cold and earliest study and 2018 revived frozen ones from another area in siberia. that with 30000 years old. well, that's now speak to timothy bartlet is a professor of evolutionary biology. moreland, college and oxford. he joins us now from the. okay, timothy, i'm going to stop by asking you just to say the name of this was probably the best way rush of what makes it so haughty and so special it said dental a drug was silent and these animals they, they live in extreme habitat. so they live in places where they have war to dry down occasionally where it praises occasionally. and so they do have a very high ability to survive those kinds of stresses. i thought knowledge to live without having sex and millions of years house that even possible as far as we know, they're all pretty male. so they, they lay eggs, a direct copy of the,
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of the mother. borrowing a few mutations. it's very unusual. it should put them in a big disadvantage, but somehow as a, as a big group with lots of species, they appear to be able to do this. that's one of the question. so scientists are interested in understanding about them what, what it is. look like, what life, what it looks like back in the day i read it would have been living under the face of willie rhino. yes, i think they were, they were a few narrow extinct mammals. around the, at the time in those areas, so they would have been coexisting with, with those large mammals, like, well, he rhinos and so on. so, habitats that they, that the roach goes themselves live in, were probably fairly similar back then to they are now they, they would barely notice a large animals that many, many times larger than them can other organisms survive and conditions like this
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for as long and can we potentially land from organisms like this when it comes to technology for humans that well, this is one of the surprising and fascinating things about they study that pays to show that they've survived in the ice for so long. i mean 5, they are all some other possible explanations for this one is that these, these tiny animals, they do disperse around very well and it's possible that they arrived even more recently into the ice or that they somehow arrived in the samples after they were taken out from the ice. now the off has tried very hard to exclude this possibility, but because these, these animals are microscopic, they flow around in the wind. it's quite difficult to be sure about that. so i think at this stage, i still have some, some skepticism. i suppose or some interest in following this further and see whether they is it really that they survive so long?
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can we exclude these possibilities? given that i know there are concerns around climate change, for instance, and melting ice. could we find other surprises in these ice? will these ice areas, perhaps ones that aren't quite so friendly? in principle, i suppose. i mean the difficulty is cellular life. i mean, it breaks down cells and so most things you would expect that after this length of time, they would not be viable anymore. and so that shouldn't be too much risk from that . but i mean, certainly the, the, the pam across this is melting in these areas. they really are organisms that are being able to survive for sexual periods, then potentially would be releasing more of those. i think at this point it still seems likely that most animals would not be able to survive. and, and i still have some questions whether these, whether these rights have actually survived for this long. very interesting that
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timothy bar cloth, a professor of evolutionary biology for more than college. ok, so thank you so much for sharing your expertise here on out there. and thank you. now moving on and mongolians are choosing their 6th democratically elected president. unless expect the ruling mongolian people's party to consolidate its power. following a campaign hampered by curve in 1900 restrictions, mama john drew report voters in mongolia going to the polls to choose their new presidents. this is the 1st vote to take place after constitutional amendments stripped the presidency of some of its powers, restricting office holders to a single 6 year term, and the nation's 3rd election to take place in the shadow of the cobra. 1900 pandemic. at a polling station in the capital voters had their temperature scanned and observed, social distancing. saw the mean sunk double home. i really hope that the new president i chose today will never economy back on its feet is due to the corona
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virus pandemic. the mongolian economy is really struggling. it almost fell on its knees. we'll see if to hook up to an employment of an urgent matter that needs an immediate solution. so in order to do that for an investment is very important. so i really hope the new but i didn't, i chose today will improve mongolia, reputation abroad and bring in more for an investment. the ruling mongolian people party is looking to consolidate power with former prime minister grill. so widely considered the front runner in a campaign speech, he emphasized the importance of self sufficiency for mongolia. it each year we spend around $1500000000.00 american dollars on buying petrol from outside our country. if this money stays in mongolia, the u. s. dollar exchange rate will drop tremendously. the to grit, currency value will strengthen. we will not need to worry about petrol pace. another concern is political instability, which continues to be a problem for
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a young democracy. that after decades of communist rule passed its 1st constitution in 1990 to amnesty international, his voice concern about ongoing depression of the sent saying the election will take place amid a worrying human rights situation. sentiment echoed by the opposition democratic party presidential candidate at a campaign rally in the run up for the vote. your those of about today's mongolia, in spite of being a democratic country is now seeing a new oppression taken place. political abuse has become too much, that is why the democratic party being the main opposition for nationwide has decided to bring forth the idea of mongolia without depression or mongolia with democracy. some political activists believe the elections aren't even legal. no longer mom julia has been a democracy for 31 years, but nothing goes as it should fairly nothing in a real democratic way, according to laws. the laws are just not implemented to mongolia which often find
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itself in a political and economic tug of war between china and russia. has a population of around 3300000 people. with inequality being a major concern among voters and the country battling a resurgence of corona virus infections. a key question will be just how much a new president will be able to turn things around. how much am drop a 0 el salvador congress has approved a law making bitcoin legal tender. the latin american country is a fascination to adopt a crypto currency for every day years. normal transactions and tax contributions can now be paid with bitcoin. president labor, kelly, things that will generate jobs and give more people access to financial services. also ahead here on out of here and for england's manager makes a bold statement ahead of the euro's all those details and just the
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the with me
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ah ah, welcome back. it is now times of support here. summer. thank you very much. your brazil football team has decided not to boy call the corporate america, which kicks off on sunday. on tuesday the team were woke up qualifying action against park live with me. i'm also going in a to know when for sale were installed as emergency host for the copa, tina were dropped due to this surge in coven 19 cases there. for the slight agreeing to play, the plays criticized the decision switch the tournament to brazil. given that the country has recorded more than 476000 colon of our players putting
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a joint statement saying we are against organizing the corporate america. but we will never say no to the brazilian national team. they added that we are not satisfied with the way the corporate america has been handled by comparable while it was a bad night for argentina and woke up qualifying this quantity to nail and lead and were held to a draw by columbia and the to, to you the colombians getting the equalize, the deep inside stop is time. the result leaves argentina the 2nd and the group 6 points behind brazil. and these were the scenes outside the stadium. angry demonstrators clashed with police during about much of the protesters threw rocks and petrol bombs at the police, who responded with tear gas and water can be demonstrated that we're angered by the game taken place. came in that the event showed indifference to the nationwide the anti government demonstrations. ingram manager gauss,
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south gate has published an open letter to england fans to reaffirm his support against racism and discrimination. last week, south gate supported that taken the ne, despite the anti racism, gesture being met with booze from, from england support. this recent games now just phase away from the european championship, which is being hosted by several countries including england. south gate has expand his belief that he and the england players shouldn't just stick to football. and this is what he said that i have a responsibility to the wider community to use my voice. and so do the players. he added, it's the juicy to continue to interact with the public on matters such as equality, lucidity and racial injustice. oh, been speaking to international football. jonas gavin hamilton. he believes south gates move will put pressure on other managers to speak up. mid south gate is
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a very principal man and he's been there was a player during tournaments and he's been on the receiving end of heavy criticism. remember, he missed the penalty, the knocked ingle down the european championships in 1996 of wembley and germany. and he received a terrible backlash from, from the public of certain members of public to that. so he understands the how, how the media can be negative towards play. and he's trying to protect his place and he's trying to stick up his players. i think they will probably will be other managers who for his leave. he wrote this article for a website where he would have had full control over what was published. and he clearly wanted it to be published and to be published yesterday and the findings and also he clearly feels that he gets his message across. and it's rare for a manager to, to take such a stand. so i think you have to church south good by his actions and he clearly feels that more action is needed. and players want the receiving end of
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a booth on tuesday, they took the need before their friendly guess hungry and with the pastor, which is one of the host cities for the years island coach stephen. can you describe the incident as incomprehensible to the french open? were alexander's video of his heading to the semi finals for the 1st time, the german made a light work of unseen spaniards alejandro. that we do hope you know, dropping to 6 games. that is the step closer to maiden grass and title is us open, run rob has now $115.00 consecutive sets at all on golf. 6 up, a blockbuster, semi final, i guess the final well, if it's a bus, was in a superb form and his go to final match the greek and how will number 2 dynamic for this in straight sets. wash and the feet also ended his bid to unseat novak joker, which as well, number one, if you have french open staging evening sessions for the 1st time on the broadcast
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agreement, it was streaming time to amazon and would have been happy with the master schedule fence unable to attend due to cope with my team curfew or match was definitely a match of the day so wrong. garris preferred the amazon to to people. i see that and actually i want to say that i think is good when you have sponsors and everything because that's how we tennis players can make money. that actually we have more people this year and wrong garris. we have amazon, i don't know if they knew they had it last year and we get 15 percent less prize money. so the question is where there was no money in the women's draw tamara. the then chick was the 1st of alien woman to reach its grand slam, called the final. and now she's gone one better. the well number 85 beat that holla by dosa in 3 sets. then she had never previously gone beyond the 2nd round and
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major and feel overwhelming. can it's hard to take it in like this fast. you know, it was a great opportunity for both of us, you know, to get into semi finals. but i guess i managed to keep my composure today a little bit better than her for the 7 file that no one predicted that she will stay on a says yeah, publishing, cobra, russian came back from a set down against elena. nobody wanting to decide that 97 are missing for will line up and her 1st grandson semi having lost in the quarter finals on occasion. and that's always well, we'll have more for you later, but for now it's back to the study. thanks so much fellow. well that is it for me and it's all you have for this news out, but don't go away. i'll be back in just a couple of minutes with more of the days news here on out there. say, well,
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i a reporter's retreat in a brutal civil war. if a commodore hadn't been there, the israeli invasion would not have been so well reported. the commodore had become a journalist center. you could be in the safe enclave and then you went out into civil war. i started off leaving this other grand street condo hotel. the next room i was in was underground and a tiny prison. so as a hostage, a route to commodore war hotels on al jazeera, ah, welcome to portal your gateway to the very best to volunteer there. an online content that you may have met. a new program that this through our platforms makes the connection and present a digestible, seeing each the award winning online content on their
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audience. portal with me, founder gotten on out there ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera, the health of humanity is at the stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments and the vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs w. h. making a healthier world for you. everyone ah,
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seeking a united stand against the current of a stirred biden's goal as he sets off to europe on his 1st foreign trip as us president. ah, there i missed, you pay him. this is out of their life and also coming up with the latest on a court hearing aimed at permanently batting an organization in jail. russian opposition, politician election evolving job was.


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