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inside story on jazeera, in the african capital calling me, i've been really maternity killing pregnant women need wives and baby one when he trouble to afghanistan or even newborns are targets on al jazeera. ah, the united states is back and democracies of the world are standing together. turbine begin to tour of europe aimed at mending time following donald trump's presidency. ah, 11 o'clock, this is out there a life and also coming up. russia is condemned for bending political organizations linked to opposition leader lexi developing the core to classify them as extreme as
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the risk of a potential human tragedy in eastern men mother do. in ward, that could be a massive loss of life as a military crack done continues with 19 concerns to the corporate america football torment into a political battle in brazil and caused some top responses to stay on the sidelines . ah, we'll start with breaking news and to palestinian intelligence officers have been killed by israeli forces. it happened during an incursion in the city of janine in the occupied westbank. there are also reports and israeli officer was killed in an exchange of fire during the operation. a 3rd palestinian was injured and in a critical condition we will bring you more on that as we get it here at our desert . use president joe biden has arrived in the u. k to begin his 1st overseas trip of his term trip. he says it's about america rallying, the wells democracies. the
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a day visit to europe will take in g 7 and nato summit's as well as talks with the russian president vladimir putin in switzerland. it's a johnson biden to show otherworldly does that. the u. s. values, it's partners and allies after 4 rocky years under donald trump. hello, fisher reports from washington, d. c. 8, a 3 countries for summit. your bike has a busy agenda for his 1st trip as us president a trip which will mark and you faith in the crew and a virus pandemic. and us relations with the rest of the world. ah, landing at any for space, primarily used to support us. your operations, the president, i lined what he hoped. the trip would deliver. this my 1st overseas trip is tracy united states. i'm heading to the g 7 then to the nato minister, and then to meet with mister potent to let him know what i want him to know. ok. after you see the virtual meeting,
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the heads of the leading 7 global economies will meet face to face in the u. k. and this time there will be a us president who has life deliberately disruptive. donald trump repeatedly confronted other wild leaders of a trade climate change and even the prospect of bringing russia but into the g 7 group. what happened under the trumpet ministration is that it really shook a lot of countries. views of the united states as a partner, as an ally and part of biden's job is trying to restore those ties, restore that image of the united states and the eyes of those countries. president biden will also meet with nato leaders and alliance. donald trump talked about leaving, the argued he was ready to purchase the traditions and fellow leaders to deliver on his agenda. a trough, spent 4 years tearing down nato criticizing. other countries in europe, suggesting the united states would be better off without it. why are we tied down
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here, et cetera, et cetera. and so, i think biden sees this as an early opportunity and an early public opportunity to demonstrate his personal diplomatic skills. the trump presidency questions challenged up ended many traditional american political and military positions. joe biden might be able to smooth over the cracks, but he can't guarantee that things will be that way after the next election. that relationships that were taken for granted will continue as they always have white. and the biggest challenge will be his summit with russian president vladimir putin . a man, he suggested, is a killer, a man. he believes that behind recent cyber attacks on the u. s. a man who says america should prepare for some uncomfortable truths. at the summit. there are no illusions about the state of the us russia relationship. so the number one priority will be to these put this on a stable and predictable track. need to show that there are real costs and that this is an administration that will stand up to russia's d, stabilizing behavior,
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or leaders, hope they're gathering will send a message. things are getting back to normal job and believes he has to send the same message after 4 years of donald trump. i would for sure, i'll just see it at the white house. but present biden says hill announcer values him plan for the world. he has medias reporting the country will buy 500000000 doses of the 5 the cove at 1900 job. and they would go to more than 90 low income countries in the african union. biden's national security adviser says the president wants to show that democracy can best deliver solutions for people everywhere. now, a russian court is outlawed. political organizations linked to the jailed opposition lead lexi nevada, the laboring them as extremist. it means in the valleys allies cannot run in parliamentary elections in september, but the criminal critics says he will keep fighting and will not retreat from his goals. he serving a 2 and a half year prison sentence, a pro violations related to an embezzlement, conviction. but smith is more on what this means from the valid these opposition
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movement. this was a mammoth all day long court session, 13 hours almost. in the end, an indication that the authorities were determined to have the court deliver its ruling in one hearing in one day in the hearing. it means effectively the really the final blow for lexi navarro and his organization of political organization. he spent years building up to try and counter flooded mer puts in. it now means that anyone with a leadership role in this organization can face up to 10 years in prison. anyone who found this organization could face up to 8 years in prison at nevada. and these organizations in the same category here in russia, alti to far, far rights groups. and even the jehovah witnesses was a russian government for the may putins government, as essentially doing has been using the courts and parliament to block off every avenue that the house be in russia to legitimate opposition to the ruling
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government. plotting putin has elections his party. there are parliamentary elections, but i beg your pardon. here in september, vladimir putin himself remains popular. but as united russia party is not so popular and there were concerns that it would lose seats, this is another attempt to head off any threat to them. and to just cut off vocal opposition. but let's bring william courtney. he's an adjunct senior fellow at the run corporation and the former us diplomat joins us via skype from washington d. c. william courtney. welcome at the timing of this saying to biden, you know, what i do domestically is my cold that used to your nose in well, the timing is a little bit interesting. it's possible to some coincidence here, because for several months now the kremlin has been tightening the political environment. one reason appears to be the upcoming parliamentary elections in
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september, appear to show that putin's party, united russia is not so popular. most recent poll gave only 27 percent. busy support for united russia. there has been more unrest the last couple of years because real wages, real incomes have declined. there are some concern among people about the lack of freedom or reduced freedom. i think the relation that russia has experienced from the west or the last. busy couple years has also taken a tom, this a lot of russians, especially young russians, will like to see better relations with arrest. so for these reasons or perhaps others are probably typing the domestic political. seeing this later faction will prevent any one associated with an avowed sponsored organization from running parliamentary elections in september, getting pretty heavy direction. sure, judy joe biden will try and apply any pressure on this when he makes pieces.
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puzzle biden, as he has been saying publicly, will emphasize reports or restructure him, right? because russia has obligations under the helsinki final act and other agreements to respect cameras. there is a consensus in europe and the united states that are concerned about human rights are respected in russia has been declining. and so people would like to are there in the west would like to see russia is up on that repression for human rights. but in terms of specific political activities or political oppositions, i think president barton will go lightly on right. but there's little he can actually did it rather beyond verbalizing his disagreement with the policy there is, there is little he can do directly. but there are some interesting things recently
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you may recall or turn about i was poisoned, spent 5 much in germany recovering chance or anger. merkel visited him on the hospital in berlin, which is a sign from germany that they cared about him a roach. then nevada went home, was promptly arrested. the authorities would not let him see his own doctors and his health worse and the west raised a big cry of concern about this. and then suddenly, a few weeks ago were criminal, allowed the county to see as doctors. so i think some of the outside political pressure on human rights. ok, some dividends. finally, what do you think it means for the valley and what opposite groups altogether in russia? well, russia, russia's undergoing period, a greater political unrest. and we've seen really and 2 tens time at office,
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which is where we're going for 20 years now. so we're trying to clear where this is going to go. we're kremlin seems to be trying to use oppression as a way to squelch descent about the economy is not a proven living standards has declined in recent years. the criminals are willing to undertake to perform or prove living standards. so the couple of may be pushing too hard on too many frogs. that's not clear how that's going to turn out. i just great to get your perspective depreciate. that's willing, quoting, thanks a lot. you're welcome to the iraqi army says a base at bank dies. international airport has been hit, but least one rocket. the base near the capital is used by u. s. military aircraft in a separate tank. military official said at least 3 rockets hit by. lighter base where us contract is housed the united nations is warn even the major loss of life and isa, ma'am, or if no media action is taken, it's accusing security forces of indiscriminate as strikes against civilians and
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voice as mass deaths from starvation, disease, and exposure could occur and kaya state, where more than 100000 people fled the conflict, nor burden manly, this pony lo hopes the small underground bunker will shelter her from the expected air strikes. when the military moved in with bombs and artillery far in march, hospital schools and public buildings were attacked. more than 100000 people for me and must pay in state, fled their homes. many escaped to nearby for now they're working to protect themselves against what they expect to be more bloodshed. i go down below that without burnable, like, soldiers are going over the line using them too much secret people live comfortably and safely. but right now, we have to leave our homes and hide from the world. these people from keynes,
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internally displaced camp it to her. tar, tried to fight away along the banks of the solving river to safety and thailand. neighboring kaya is one of several regions where armed groups are fighting back against february's clue. when elected leader on foot, sushi was deposed. we believe that there blockading this area. this is again something they do on a regular basis. they will deny humanitarian assistance to any area where they believe there is resistance to their rule. so, you know, food is not getting through the potable water medicine, other things that people need. the un envoy says mass deaths could occur from starvation, disease, and exposure. the hunter is blocking roach that could provide to 8 organizations and those who are trying to get to them access to these people. and i've also heard
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a report, a credible report to just to day. but landmines are being laid on the road leading to the forest, where these desperate people are with the wet season about to begin malaria and danger. fever could also spread quickly the redo the one in the law l middle. some of the women are pregnant and were closer labor which make it hard for them to travel. some have newborn babies that need a lot of supplies. you 2 plus has been in a tooth to come to 15 years and lose what it's like the face hunger and the constant threat from the military to new or new order. but he told us all, everyday i had to follow the news and what the soldiers were doing and how they were going to come in. so we'd know all the moves for now people have no choice but the barricade themselves into what a very flimsy shelters,
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and hope they'll be enough to keep them safe from the next air, strike. lore by manly outers thereof sled heron now, desert taught us diplomats accuses and make her arguing. president of being a dictator to more potential challenges are arrested. united states revokes the ban on tick tock and we chance the white house drops a trump executive order to outlaw chinese. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello there. china's install for more wet weather. we've got may you from bringing that rain to southern and eastern areas on on thursday. it's looking pretty well defined, bringing with it some of the showers to beijing that does clear up as we get into
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friday and it'll be the korean peninsula that gets a real focus south korea, seeing some of those heavy rains there, the yellow peaks. and as it go into the, we can have a look what that does to the temperature. it'll dip down on friday before things to pick up. but quite a bit of cloud on the way. and it's a wet picture as well for hong kong. but even wessa as we move to india, that monsoon has now reached mon bye. so it's not only the western coast where the rain is particularly heavy, but also in the northeast scenarios. and that's going to affect bangladesh and mia, mom. and as the one soon winds kick in, we're going to see some really torrential downpours. we could see land slides, flash flooding there, but up in the north, things are looking a lot finer and dry. the heat is building daily at $41.00. so similar story from northern areas of pakistan, the whole coming in at $43.00, much of the wet weather is going to be in the south with storms in sri lanka, colombo at $31.00 degrees celsius. cooper,
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sponsored po cattle airways. al jazeera, well talk to pirate radio station, radio caroline, on 11617 boise, the station radio power line of the english coast has a big road. you know, the baby c network combined and within earshot of israel. the voice of speech is there's no propaganda for, for change or transience, movement rebel review ships on algebra. oh, i
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want you out. is there a reminder? our top story is this. to palestinian intelligence officers to be killed by is ready forces during an incursion in the city of jan in the occupied west bank. also reports and israeli officer was killed in an exchange of 5 during the operation. president joe biden has a right to the u. k. of his 1st official trip abroad since taking office during his visit to europe, bike will take part in jesus in nature. stomach will also meet with russian president vladimir putin. a russian court is outlawed political organizations linked to jailed opposition. the election valley nathan extremist events developed allies a band from running in september parliament treat image gives me mongolian former prime minister cannot colonel soak has been voted in the country 6 democratically elected president. unless a this will consolidate the power of the ruling mongolian people's party, kozsuch was forced to resign earlier this year, forming protests company beat his rival from the democratic party. the incoming
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president was stopped from seeking a 2nd term after controversial changes to the constitution. crowds in peru have taken to the street the money, the final results of the presidential election, its neck jeanette grace between $2.00 polarized candidates with 98 percent of the tale left. us. kinds of petro castillo, holds a slim lead over his right wing rival cake which maury, maury has claimed voter fraud as concern the tight res could take a long time to confirm leading to civil unrest. the top us diplomat for latin america says continuing cracked down on descent in nicaragua, bruce at president daniel, take it, is it dictate him for opposition? politicians hoping to challenge the president to november election have been arrested. alexia bryan, has this report heading into a meeting with prosecutors before his arrest presidential hopeful, felix not at the aga was defiant, saying his dedication to life, to the future of freedom,
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and wouldn't back down. it's out of the look at that spot. everything that might come a way the regime is the true minority compared to a nation that once work, a nation that wants freedom of peace and justice. and that's what we're doing in the mud. jaga is accused of terrorism and backing international sanctions in the mac, raglin government. but as the courses say, the allegations are part of an intensifying crackdown on descent. and if it's my president, daniel ortega to eliminate any challenges for his office. my daggers lawyer says the opposition politician has been beaten and custody would pay for a strong blow with the fist in the face. then another blow to blows and my youngest face and is rather stuck there. the acts of aggression carried out by the police when they were taking us out of the vehicles. but at the aga is the 4th potential presidential candidate to be detained in recent days. on tuesday, police also arrested one sebastian tomorrow, and when february accused to police abusing surveillance to intimidate him. last
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week, his cousin christiana tamara, was put under house arrest, just hours after she announced plans to run against the president of november's election. the sparks protest outside her home last month, her brothers, independent news out late, was rated by police. another candidate, our total crews was detained on saturday for allegedly conspiring against nicaraguan society, the detention to being called a clear infringement of the freedom of expression. not arbitrary, are they all of this is a desperate attempt by the dictatorship is to make us give up the electoral road to peacefully resolve this deep economic and social crisis that they themselves have provoked. the tomorrow families deeply entwined and daniel will take his mystical korea, christiana, his mother. the letter became president in 1990 ousting ortega after his 1st rent and power since his return to office and 2007 rights groups have accused president ortega of authoritarian rule and leading to brutal suppression of anti government
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protests in 2018 which more than 300 people were killed. ortega and allies say they're defending nicaragua, sovereignty against hostile foreign influence and sanctions. now protests, a band and most opposition parties disqualified ortega and his wife, who his vice president had been sanctioned by the us in the european union. the top us diplomat on latin america, julia chung, has called for international action. the latest arrests a further proof, ortega's disregard for democracy. alex here brian al jazeera me a credit of ours variance, which was 1st attempted in india, is believed to be 60 percent more transmissible, transmissible than the one found of the u. k. for department of birth, johnson is warned that the rapid spread of what is now known as
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a delta variant could delay plan to lift, locked down, measured tough restrictions have been imposed and possibly going to stop it spread . alright, panica, india is a senior clinical lecture at the university of extra medical school and he says, countries must do more to reduce the risk of new variance. i'm very concerned for planet her. because whilst the united kingdom and united states and parts of europe are racing ahead with immunizing the population and therefore, and think what i would call a better safety net. the rest of the world is not immunized. nothing united at all or very, very superficially, marginally and what's this wireless which is more infectious, it will definitely spread, as we have seen the way it has spread in india. therefore, i'm very concerned, especially for other parts of the world where we haven't immunize the people, people like myself and many of us have been saying for
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a long time. we are not well until everyone is well all over the world. and therefore, we need the richer nations not to race. i had an immunize there population, but to also assist other nations to have the vaccines and one way around it. and president joe biden has come around. it is to relax the patrons and allow the manufacture of the vaccine in different parts of the world so that we have more supplies, and more people can be immunized at pace. otherwise, new variants will keep one emerging, brazil's national football team says it will take part in the upcoming corporate america. routing to boycott for the team is expressing humanitarian concern. after the games were relocated to brazil, countries really from cave at 19 with the wealth 2nd highest death told to major sponsors of pulled out of affairs brazil's top court could band the championship on thursday. one of the kia has this report who nobody else who does
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the cup america is supposed to be sports event with 10 south american teens competing for regional football cup. this year, it has turned into a political battle between major players, none of them professional. lastly, like brazil's vice president general emilio model, this was when the national squad suggested it, my boy caught the championship, he lashed out against the head. coach, teach you the sort of feel. i come from a time when football players would consider it an honor to be part of the national team. now the head coach doesn't want them to play. he should leave the president's son, sen, flexible scenarios spoken defense of his father's decision to host the cop america . despite brazil, having the world's 2nd largest cove in 1900 death toll, syracuse teachy of licking the boots of former president with the national lead us
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to run from brazil, left his work party with a strong contender against both so natural in next year's election borders must be on this because this discussion is not about health teach. i kept silent when the co for america was to be hosted by a judge and tina as soon as the venue was changed to brazil. he took a political stand to hypocrite. that was right when president jade will. so natalie took on the copper mating after columbia. argentina withdrew as co host arguing they were facing deadly protests. and corona virus infections. the opposition cited with doctors and scientists who said it's not the right time for place to hold such a large avenge to the presidency center. this is a different camp. can we need a clean champion chart? the more the national team said it was and satisfied, but would hold it stung until tuesday, just by days before the cop america's kickoff. there,
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silence fuel the war on social media between both financial supporters and opponents. teach appeared and means as a staunch communist, a follower of long dead leon trotsky while critics doable. so now to dub the copper america cove, it america sports commentator, mount a sense of pity into his politicians in south america have always use football to promote themselves, or it's a distraction from an ongoing crisis goal. with that, if you love the cup, won't bring any money to the brazilian economy, because there will be no public in the stadium. the government's interest in hosting the tournament is merely political. we've seen this happen before in the seventy's military regimes here and in argentina, use the world cup as a smokescreen to hight their atrocities. now it's being used by both sides for other reasons. if the organizers of the copper magic i have their way, the final game will be played here. and we addition needles like conic monica now.
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stadium with a small public. but many brazilians are weary of promises. that safety rules will be respected. the south american football confederation on the ball is more worried about the millions of dollars it has already invested and would lose if the games were suspended. its priority is to make sure the ball keeps rolling. no matter what monica and i give, i'll just 0 readmission arrow at the us prison. this is rebecca to trump, the executive orders we sought to ban the popular chinese apps, tick talking, we check. biden's administration says it will conduct a review of several foreign controlled apps to determine if they pose a danger to risk to risk to americans. before president don trump had issued the orders, citing national security concerns, wasn't jordan as more from washington d. c. while this was signaled back in february, when the administration 1st indicated that it was not going to try to pressure
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the sale of tick, talk to while u. s. companies or u. s. owners, instead of having it owned by the chinese, that is what the previous administration had wanted. this revocation is now in effect. and the ministration is now ordering the commerce department which deals with all matters that are fine. commercial, not just the financial part of the economy to actually look at how all these applications owned by other countries, including those owned by chinese interests are actually managed, how they actually handle people's personal law information sensitive information, and then try to devise a set of policies to make certain that americans, personal information is not inadvertently used or more important abused by these
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apps are owned by foreign interests. this does not mean however, that we chat and the app tick tock, which is very popular here in the u. s. are off the hook, as it were, a review could determine that these apps are not respecting privacy norms, laws of the united states, and they could still then be permanently banned from use in the united states. but for right now, they are continuing to be available while the u. s. government conducts this review . the me this is out there are, these are the top stories and 2 palestinian intelligence officers have been killed by israeli forces during an incursion in the city of janine and the occupied west bank. also reports and israeli officer was killed in exchange of jury.


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