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inside story on our jazeera, ah, shoot a set of the documentary films across the network on al jazeera. ah ah and you reports is 350000 people are face and famine and e p o p as t gray region we're fighting has been ongoing for months. ah, how medina and this is al jazeera life and also coming up the great great
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president musical for great years. b, u. k. 5 minutes devoris johnson welcomed us president joe biden, in their 1st official meeting a heads at the g 7 summit pension square and occupied east jerusalem after foreign rights has really politicians threatened to march to the oxy compounds. the delta barriers now comprises 91 percent of new cases in the year and an alarming statistic from britain. the prevailing of the cooper at 1900 variance 1st identified in india. ah, you and humanitarian chief is demanding that the world step up and deal with the famine affecting at least 350000 people. in the c o p s t, gro region my glucose excess every chance it will get much worse. fighting broke
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out in te gray in november 23 o p, as government found the regions, former women party, and 5 and a half 1000000 people in the grip of food insecurity. with that urgent help, un believes to 1000000 will edge closer to famine. there is famine now there is famine now in t gray, the number of people in farming conditions in ip c 5 conditions is higher than anywhere, anywhere in the world at any moment since a quarter 1000000 cost their lives in 2011. there's another 2000000 people just to step away from those extreme situations where the u. s. a basset or to the un says the security council is ignoring the disaster. security councils. failure is unacceptable. we have addressed other emergent crisis with public meetings,
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but not with this one. so i asked those who refused to address this issue publicly . do african lives not matter? it's time for the security council to have a public meeting on this issue. it's time for the counsel to take meaningful action to address the crisis. or all to serious kristen salumi has more from the u. n. and new york linda thomas greenfield. the us ambassador says this is a man made humanitarian emergency and the source of this emergency. according to this report that was compiled by 15, un agencies, non governmental agencies and regional organizations found a very dire situation with conflicts at the heart of the problem. the conflict, they say that has led to massive displacement of people in the northern areas of ethiopia. it's conflict that caused people to lose their livelihoods,
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to ruin infrastructure and also to ruin crops. they talk about food sources being purposely destroyed, seeds burned equipment, destroyed crops, burn, and also about the fact that on over 100 occasions ethiopian or era tray and troops have stopped aid workers from getting in to help people. and this is of grave concern to un officials who have been sounding the alarm in recent days and weeks. thomas greenfield decried the fact that the security council has yet to hold an open meeting on the situation there. she says that's something that has to change. job eisen and boris johnson have stroke a cheerful toe and during their 1st face to face meeting as you, as president and u. k. prime minister. they're looking to highlights their nation's fame special relationship ahead of the g 7 summit in cornwall. you case 5 west where there are differences between them, particularly over breakfast and the future of northern ireland. after the g 7
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version will attend nato, a european union talks then needs russian president vladimir putin many times. but this is the 1st time i've ever ever way through. you control the prime minister of something in both, mary. i'm not sure i'm not going to descend from that disagreement or you don't have to be. oh, well, let's get more from it from africa. from magic. mr. james basie jones's right side forgot to cancel near since eyes james, rather cheerful. start to the meetings between joe biden and boris johnson, but make no mistake. there are very important things to discuss during that, bilateral, or the not very important things to discuss. yes, jovial tone. 2 men have not always seen eye to eye in the past. president barton
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before his president biden was somewhat critic critical of the u. k. prime minister saying he was just like trumpet, of course he was opposed to breaks it. but now serious business because the g 7 is coming up in less than 24 hours time. you have the u. s. president and the host of the meeting, i think trying to work out the agenda for the meeting and unify the positions ahead of that agenda right at the top of the list. of course, the reason that we haven't had a g 7 last year, we haven't had one for nearly 2 years, and that's covey 19. and they actually sat down and looked at an old document from the dark days of world war $2941.00, something called the landing charter that paved the way for the treaty that created data, and then the char. so that created the us, the world order. they believe that this time is perhaps not quite as challenging, but pretty challenging a needs new direction for the world, particularly with regard to coven 19 and the economic build back after code. 19
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important announcements coming out. president biden's saying that half a 1000000005 vaccines are going to be bought by the u. s. and then the native to low and middle income cost countries including african union countries. so certainly, cobit 19 issue number one, but so many other concerns for these world leaders, remember there is climate trying to get the climate change, the pushing back on what, what has happened to under the trump. he is trying to get the whole world working towards fighting climate change, but also how to deal with complicated issues and complicated countries like china and russia will certainly a lot of common purpose there between the 2. but there are some sticking points, james, between bio and johnson, not least on northern ireland. well, remember joe biden, when he was sen, bye. know not was one of the issues he really did care last about. and also vice
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president in the apartment administration cared about no, non and, and he of course, originally comes from arash heritage. so it's interesting that he has made it clear through his senior officials that they have deep concern about the current tension between the you and the u. k. over the trading arrangements in nor not been put in place after breakfast. they had to come up with some sorts of fudge that because they wanted to keep the free movement of people and goods in all the island of ireland between the u. k, which, which is northern ireland and the u, which is the republic of ireland. but that meant that had to be some border controls for goods going between parts of the u. k. england, scotland and wales and northern ireland. and that is cause real difficulty for prime minister johnson. he now, or certainly members whose party want him to withdraw from pulse of that agreement
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and the fear among the biden administration is that could start to derail the stability that has been the hallmark of no knowledge in recent years. ok, james base live 1st form and ties in the u. k. with a g 7 summit kicks off tomorrow. thank you, james. the far right is really politician who threatened to march through the locks a company despite orders forbidding his visit. as night left, the area, it's all my bank here. listen, the office gates, the old city to protest against the decision to bar him. several palestinians, he demonstrated against the politicians presence were arrested. and israeli police use stun good aids to disperse palestinians. i'd side the damascus gate and as i've seen earlier, officers are calling for both sides to leap. when palestinian flags raised stone grenades, trees re lease, and at least 6 palestinians have been arrested with force. it has more from
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occupied east jerusalem. the law. it's a mother and we came here i think, to make his point and also create a bit of tension. he wants to see attention on the fact that there has been a decision by the security establishment to not allow a right wing. he is a far right member of the israeli connected israeli parliament. he was facilitated, has been progress into parliament last election by the prime minister. benjamin netanyahu was looking to shore up right wing votes, and he has come here to make the point that the security mate has prevented a religious nationalist, right wing flag march from taking place on this day through the muslim quarter of the old city unoccupied. east jerusalem through damascus gate just behind us here. it's been a flash point weeks in terms of the tensions inside jerusalem. his own present here was met with a, a wall of israeli security forces. he wouldn't,
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i didn't get to damascus gate. he spent a little less than an hour repeatedly making his point to reporters, also clashing verbally with palestinians here, think it pointing on waving and shouting. he was saying that the decision to not allow this march today and postpone it till tuesday. some sort of compromise route that is giving in to terrorism in his words, giving into us, allowing us to dictate what happens inside jerusalem. during his presence there was some shouting, there was a bit of shoving there, a handful of arrest off the left. then things got a little bit more tense between palestinians and security forces here, some 7, some going to use. i get a few scuffles. nothing on the scale of what we saw a few weeks ago here, but a sign of just how these tensions can erupt. and also perhaps a precursor of how things might go on tuesday. that will be the real test for whether this much is going to be allowed. and if so,
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and in what degree that could explain as to as to the level of tensions and potentially violence as well earlier say who the border and filled streets in the oxford westbank city of jeanine. they attended the funeral to tape city and intelligence officers. were killed with another palestinian during the rates bias really forces on thursday. stephanie decker half more from the occupied west bank the body of j. c. i a saw 33 years old lives in his village, just outside of genie. and he is one of 2 members of the palestinian intelligence that were killed in a shoot out, which is really special forces. overnight. the villages come out to more than the body. members of the palace being in forces. the other flags, the flag it been shooting in the air and the body is now going to be taken just further up here before it gets buried. we received the news with sadness,
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and i can say we were desperate. a young man like him with his wife, pregnant in her 9th month. imagine the situation for us, his friends. we spend our lives with him and now we lost him. this is something that we suffer. his past indians arrested, getting killed all these things. thank god, we still have patience. we know that any of us can face a similar fate. pray that the most finished the body to the cemetery here in the village to be buried. now kind of tell you that these kinds of things and you talk to me on streaming comments, they happen on a daily basis. what is unusual and promising in exchange fire with each other that there is something and they are tight security cooperation when it comes to israel . and usually when you see these kinds of res, important will not get involved. there's been condemnation from the policy and government 1st and condemning the re, quote on the international community to do more. israel said trying to erect it
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mean for a shooting at his soldiers at a junction in the west bank just a couple of months ago. so there is an investigation on going, but certainly a lot of anger hear people saying that they don't believe they'll be justice for the and then it's really cool spoon, the hearing and the case of for palestinian families facing forced displacement from their homes in c one neighborhood and occupied east jerusalem. israeli forces moved in on palestinian protesters who were demonstrating outside the courts. the case has to do with homes in a building claims, a jewish trust. but the weather up for you next and then france confirms pulling troops out of africa. regions undercurrent of our side break in southern china casks, more dates locally made vaccines. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello, here's the thing in our southwest monsoon has now made it all the way to mum buys over the past 24 hours. what a deluge more than $200.00 millimeters of rain fell in the financial capital. turning roads into rivers, certainly difficult conditions to navigate. there are so heavy rains along the western guardsman by 2 coaches, and we're also dealing with just a disturbance in the bay of bank. all that's going to swing about a 100 millimeters of rain for states like o disha and westbank golf. and still the monsoon rains for me, m r, which have caused flooding in young. gotten okay off to china and you know, really heavy pockets of rain can be found toward the south. that's going to impact hong kong and are, may you friends moving across the east trying to see impacting korea. this is also
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going to have an impact for q issue and the days to come and will get clipped with some what weather for hawkeye to to. but by and large honshu will duck in dodge this lot of moisture falling across the philippines. davos toward the south over the past 24 hours more than a 100 millimeters of rain. and i think we're going to see the same as we hit toward manila in the days to come. we've got you in for a high of 30 degrees and we're dealing with high humidity elsewhere for this southeast of asia or heavy rains across tomorrow. are starting to peter out on friday. sponsor cut on airways. a face compelling story without uttering a single word. and knowing going can guide a simple informa young convention, manatee, of life, witness through the lens of the human. i want him by as a witness documentary on our era.
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oh, the me this is just a quick reminder that help stories, sr a reports by the us and other agencies since that see 150000 people. and if you see growth region for the facing or living and famine area has been in conflict since november when, if you've been government forces into the region to confront local leaders. joe biden has had his 1st and meeting the 1st trip. he was president at the g 7 summit on friday, he told one on one with the british prime minister force johnson industry. the
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police use gun grenades to disperse palestinians as they were protesting against the far right is where the politician was threatening to march through the ox a competent despite portrait and forbid. since less the area of palestinian campaign group is renewing its call for people to boil products made in israel. it says are, and 16 percent of profits from israeli goods go towards the country security forces and it says many products grown in illegal settlements set up in the occupied palestinian territories. human science has more on this from gaza. according to the policy you nationally kind of $4500000000.00, it's the volume of the import between because the strip and the west bank, $2000000000.00 are for the gaza strip alone. 60 percent of the $2000000000.00 are the consumption of cooking gas and fuel,
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while the other 40 percent is divided between real material and foot stuff. i'm here in one of the biggest and largest different markets in the gaza strip. and as you can see, more of the foot stuff here are ease of really products because 70 percent of the foot stuff the do enter the gaza strip or is really good at only 30 percent. are from other countries like cherokee egypt and other countries up the world according to this differ market, most of the consumption if it's just that is due by the palestinian or gaza population, or the dairy products that range between heavy cream cheese milk and ya, great. and then comes the clean things like detergent, chip, food cells and others. but it doesn't only amount to put detergents, or even feeling god, but 70 percent of the reconstruction materials in other room materials used for industrial purposes. and because the strip enter from israel,
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which means that only 30 percent are allowed to enter through their crossing border overall. so use railey good event, the policy marketing because it's trip ranging from cooking gas room materials you'll and push stuff. and this shows the importance of the policy and market for these re, lee economy. in the u. k. government says almost all new covered 19 infections. there are from the delta variance, which is 1st identified in india. how factory met hancock and i the statistic co facing questions and fairly politicians. right. his handling over the pandemic response. the rise of the variance could delay england's plans to lift grown vars. rules later this month. amazing drive a 3rd wave despite high vaccination res. the assessment that i saw from
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last night is that the delta varied now comprising 91 percent of new cases in the u. k. and china is worried about night break in the southern province of con, don't some of those contract to departments have received at least one dose of china's vaccines with more questions about how effective they are. katrina, you reports strict lockdown of infected neighborhoods, travel restrictions, and the mass testing of entire cities. chinese authorities have returned to the pandemic control strategies of last year. as the southern province of gong don't harm to 120000000 battles the country's most serious outbreak in months, it seems safe to take the most resolute, the most decisive and district as measures to control gatherings and travels in high risk areas to block the spread of the damage dozens of tested positive with the delta variant of course, 19 a highly contagious form of virus. first detected in india. 30000000 people in the
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region have been tested since may police have attained 6 people for breaking virus prevention. roof official safety outbreak has been traced back to a woman living in the provincial capital one, jo, food and entertainment venues. there have been ordered to close doors, wanting to leave. the city must produce negative virus tests. taken within 48 hours, the neighboring cities of sin, gen 4 shot and mal mean are also on high alert. expert say it's the 1st local test of chinese vaccine efficacy concerns raised after port workers who were already vaccinated. caught the virus to go up into the virus case evolving the so the older version to the vaccine and maybe not very effective for this new strain. but we are now saying the vaccine is useless against indian strain. none of the infected people became serious ill. the protection isn't perfect, but you can say they are not working in bahrain. a new wave is infectious, has prompted authorities to author booster shots of the size of vaccine to some who
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have already received 2 doses of china's sign a farm job vaccines by sign a form and signer back has been approved by the w h or the chinese regulators have given 5 vaccines, the green light locally, children as young as 3 can now receive jobs in emergency circumstances. 800000000 doses have been administered nationwide so far elsewhere in china business as usual except the international problem trying to voters remain mostly close to for aging is under pressure. does that make most of the population and he's restrictive before the beginning of the winter olympics next february. katrina you out a 0 day gym. president emmanuel, my crew has confirmed france, will reduce the number of troops deployed to fight on groups in the hell region of west africa. france has more than 5 fences soldiers involved in the operation. it intervenes in molly, in 2013, to help push back ida and iceland fighters. it over runs parts of the country. one
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of 19 natasha butler, who joined me from the eliza in paris. natasha, why? this decision from the french presidents? and if it's final the, well, the french president then gave too many details. what he did say though, was that it was time to rethink from says, military presence in the south region. at the moment the ball candle friction ball count has more than 5000 troops deployed in the saw how region to fight to group. they've been there since 2013 when they was sent to 1st intervene and help them all in or forty's fights. and i fooling griffin. but what micro says is, the situation is changed and that it is time to bob's rethink the model of that french military present writing, given you any details as to what this new model will be. but what he did say was a fraud would be there to support support government government and socrates in the
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region that wanted from his help to fight what he called terrorism. he said that would be very much the focus of frogs, his military presence. and now, i mean, it is clear that the timing is a significant amount of michael talking to few days before he will meet nato allies in brussels on monday. also, of course it comes off to the recent qu, in molly frog so withdrawing suspending. it's joint military operations with malia notorious. he's in process if you like it that falls. also, suspending some assistance to the central african republic accusing authority says helping to fuel anti french than come and say it's awfully been a very difficult region for faults to be an over the policy is and look, there is a presidential election and fraud next year. operational dot com, this presence in the saw how has become increasingly unpopular, in fact, more than 50 fold to the died since 2013, more than 50 french soldiers. and therefore, there is no doubt that man, oh, my call is very aware. the french public opinion is turning against it. okay.
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natasha felt that life from paris. natasha. thank brazil. supreme court as you to decide on thursday weather, the troubled cooper american to bowl tournament can go ahead. it was moved from brazil to brazil rhonda from corona virus bastard argentina. but of factions are also so high in brazil itself. when i cannot get reports from rio de janeiro. nobody else who does the cup america. it's supposed to be sports event with 10 south american teens competing for regional football cup. this year, it has turned into a political battle between major players, none of them professional athlete like brazil's vice president general emilio model . this was when the national squad suggested it might boycott the championship. he lashed out against the head coach to teach you the sort of feel. i come from
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a time when football players would consider it, an honor to be part of the national team. now the head coach doesn't want them to play. he should leave the president's son, sen, flexible sonata spoke in defense of his father's decision to host the cop america. despite brazil having the world's 2nd largest cove in 1900 death toll, syracuse teachy of licking the boots of former president master lula, the tumor from brazil, leftist workers party is a strong contender against both so narrow in next year's election board is must be on this because this discussion is not about health. tito kept silent when the co for america was to be hosted by argentina, but as soon as the venue was changed to brazil, he took a political stand to hippocrates. it was right when president jade wilson took on the copper america. after colombian, argentina withdrew as co host arguing they were facing deadly protests. and corona,
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virus infections. the opposition cited with doctors and scientists who said it's not the right time for place to hold such a large avenge judea. so presents your to say, this is a dis champion. we need a clean champion chart to them what the national team said it was. and satisfied, but would hold it stung until tuesday, just 5 days before the copper america's kick off their silence fuel the war on social media between both financial supporters and opponents, chair peered in means as a staunch communist, a follower of long dead leon trotsky. while critics doable, so now to dub the copper america cove, it america sports commentator, mount a sense of pity into just politicians in south america have always used football to promote themselves or it's a distraction from an ongoing crisis goal. with that, if the gym is the comp won't bring any money to the brazilian economy,
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because there will be no public in the stadium. the government's interest in hosting the tournament is merely political. we've seen this happen before in the seventy's military regimes here and in origin. tina used the world cup as a smoke screen to hide their atrocities. now it's being used by both sides for other reasons. if the organizers of the cop america have their way, the final game will be played here, and we addition, nero's iconic monarch and stadium with a small public. but many brazilians are weary of promises. that safety rules will be respected. the south american football confederation on the ball is more worried about the millions of dollars it has already invested and would lose if the games were suspended. its priority is to make sure the ball keeps rolling. no matter what monica and i give, i'll just 0 re addition, narrow the canadian developer behind the controversial keystone excel oil pipeline
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is ending. the project is largely expected after president joe biden revoked his permit. the pipeline would have carried oil from canada to the u. s. cancellation as major set back for oil producers and the canadian governments. but environmental activists are celebrating, what they say is a huge victory and people in parts of the northern hemisphere have been treated to a particular solar eclipse, particularly those in the arctic, canada, greenland, and northern russia. the ring of fire is seen than the moon moves across the sun, but doesn't completely look at the light. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines report by the u. n. and other agencies. is that 350000 people in the field, b s t gray region, or the facing or living in famine area has been in conflict services november when
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you open government forces and to the region to confront local leaders. there is famine. now. there is famine now in key gray.


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