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go on into monday, could touch 29, maybe 30 degrees celsius. lots of fine weather. lots of hot sunshine coming through will be a little humid. having said that, those temperatures will match up with the temperatures we see across northern parts of africa, showers developing nicely across the gulf of guinea and moving further west. ah, the children born in jewish did he have trash discovered the beauty of music in the ugly of the places? ah, when a chance to play for the world 10 mariana t into a dream ah, landfill, harmonic witness documentary on al jazeera vaccines, a promising pause out of the panoramic. but the implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world. already
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a clear gap has emerged between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geo politics to the pure economics. the misinformation, the latest developments. what's going on here is very different. first off, the back thing comes in the form of a nasal spray. special coverage of the colona virus pandemic on a jessina. oh, i. again, adrian for the hearing though. how the news from yours, good to have with us, the headlines, double vaccine, access and content recovery, a sense dominate talks on the 2nd day of the 2nd summit. leaders will later sign
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a declaration, agreeing to prevent a global pandemic from ever happening again. act us show one of phone calls, most prominent activists has been released from prison. she served for 6 months in jail for her role in an unorganized antique up in the protest in 2019 and jerry of the voting. and the 1st part of entry elections since mass protest force president, he's put a flicker step down for essentially those of us versus the boy cost the poll looking more closely. now, how the g 7 plans to prevent pandemic? so in the future, joining us from robot is as it in, if the heat director of bed biotech, a medical laboratory in morocco, good to have with us. so the g 7 is giving away 1000000000 cobit vaccines to lower and middle income countries. and it's looking to future proof the world's panoramic response into eradicate outbreaks within the 1st $100.00 days. what do you make of that? well, thank you for having me,
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andrea. and i think we are intending to give $1000000000.00. that's the glad actually. but i think the question that will be here and we have to raise it's enough. the 2nd thing is it's past them not or so to get rid of this one demick. and they think that to think that they are talking about the post school with i think it's too early, maybe to talk about that and how to prevent as a crazy because for poor countries on low income countries, we are still in the middle of the panoramic and i think that we see how to come out to come also with i think it's a step in the right direction, but they think it, it's been we have to know how to implement that because so far we have $5000000.00 that the u. s. is promising 1000000 though, this of britain, that's our promise and but the rest, we have no clue how we're going to go. what you're basically saying is that all this is too little to lays why i think it's a, it's
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a harsh judgment. the don't be make and i think it's if the right step in the right direction, but i think we have to have clear the thing. i think what we have to do is to strengthen the procedures. johnson, the initiative on the call back. it's very important. bother, think it's strength and the position of of w. i sure, i think that's the 2 main things that we have to do because the w h will, has all the tools to have low incomes, country, and poor countries. and it's really scary to give you this number. actually, when you see all the vaccination happening in the rich country and how we are thinking about vaccines in children in africa, if you'd say customer or less than one percent of the population is vaccinated, i think maybe it's good to think locally, like the rich country but i think coming out of the, the funding make, we have to think globally, because there is this huge risk that everybody know if there is some countries left
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out of can you have some mutation come in new new orleans. you maybe we will be playing a catch $22.00 and maybe we'll come back to square one that will hunt all of us. i think the best thing to do is to globally bring everybody to 20 percent of the population vaccination and go that made the best strategy that, that figure 20 percent. i mean, as you say, that there's this little point in talking about how to prevent future pandemic while we're, we're still in the midst of one that's, that's raging around the world at the moment. what will it take to eradicate well and truly this pandemic? well i think the 1st thing that we have to do to address needs to be fair, actually we have to forget about selfishness. i think when we see countries get into 60 percent, i'm thinking so vaccinations. and on the other hand, you have people in africa that we didn't like it even the angry and people much risk and they think about not span. i think that the w a show what the strategy was
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clear was saying every country should get to 20 percent, at least in this pace, will have all the embry and the vulnerable people protected. and i think we need to do that by doing that's actually what kind of protects the population. the next step will be increasing or lower in the age of the vaccinated people. and maybe we can reach some kind of global community, not just a local one, like what we are saying right now. but i think the economy explains the growth because all this country is rich country, but trying to come out of it because they want to be more competitive economically . and i think it's not good because maybe maybe thought if it's going to real, if we live up lift up this country, maybe the super volume will be coming from africa and which will be really bringing everybody to square one. really good to talk to somebody if x b as in every have me that and robot. thank you very much. lockdown has been
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imposed on chile as capital, despite more than half of its population being fully vaccinated. santiago's reported some of the worst curve at 19 case numbers. since the panoramic began up 25 percent over the past 2 weeks. 98 percent of intensive care beds are currently occupied. thousands of protest as a boston brought us out as to demand better government support. as the country faces a steep, economical health crisis, infections of sewing and argentina, the government has extended restrictions and approved. china's can see no vaccine for emergency use, but many say that they're struggling to survive without work. i'll just hear stories about reports now from us, not as the they are demanding vaccines salaries and jobs. thousands of protesters converging on central when a fight is on friday. felina worked as a waiter but lost his job last year. he hasn't been able to find another job since
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thursday, but i was trying to finish high school even though i'm 33 years old. i tried to do everything from cleaning windows and the streets to selling food. i'm worried about the future of my children when the father of 3 says his children have not attended school in the past year. and he can hardly afford to pay for an internet connection . and then he has had a huge impact in latin america in argentina, the economy contract it almost 10 percent last year. there's a storing inflation rates and poverty is affecting around 42 percent of the population. the government is trying to find a balance between preserving health and economic subsistence, but it's a challenge, especially when millions of people are struggling to make ends meet argentine, as government has extended pandemic restrictions for 2 more weeks to contain. despite of the virus, an average of 600 people are dying every day of coven 19. and there are more than
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$20000.00 daily infections. you know. so what it though, is that the, even though argentina struggle to get vaccines, president elevator, the for amanda says the situation has started to improve with vaccines coming from russia. china and the united kingdom come up when i don't really know much of it. we are vaccinating at a faster speed. all our efforts are to do it even more so, and we will rest in peace. when everyone has a job. the virus exists, the virus mutates and it complicates the life of humanity. now there's a triple mutation that's appeared in india, but in some countries in the region, vaccines i know, guarantee that the number of infections will go down soon. on friday, she li announced they're locked down in the capital santiago and the rising core with cases even though nearly 60 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. the main reason government critic say loosening of corona virus
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restrictions to soon unemployment and the economy are the main reasons why locked down, have proven to be unpopular in this part of the world in for my workers. psych pena and azure cannot afford to stay home, even though the government has increased cash handouts, most people here say it's not enough to be. i'm working in a cooperative cleaning parks among other things. i can't afford to stay home. we need jobs. i have an 11 year old son. that's why i'm here today. the pen demik continues to expose the regency inequalities and it's chronic economic troubles. both a major barriers in the fight against covey. 19. they will defeat up when a fight is covered. 19 cases arising in russia, particularly in big cities like moscow, but it's met, is rooting out any new loc downs. russia recorded more than 13000 view cases on saturday. that's the highest single day number. since february,
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moscow accounted for nearly half of those in sections. the man believes that the peak could come next month. a nation wide locked out malaysia is being extended. schools and universities will remain closed and gatherings benz for at least another 2 weeks of measures for portion of the start of the month of the daily number of new infections topped 9000 things have improved enough yet. technology from apple. it says that it did not provide the emails of democratic legislatures to the trumpet administration. the u. s. justice department is launching an investigation into a subpoena delivered to apple in 2018. it was part of an inquiry into leaked information. apple says that it complied with the order but limited the information provided. top senate democrats of court, on format attorneys, a general jeff session attorney's general jefferson sessions and william bar to testify before congress. now did here as well as on the reports from washington.
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yeah, it's important to put this in a little bit of context here. this all goes back to around 2018 under president. then president donald trump and the justice department that he essentially oversaw them. what the allegations are is that the trump white house ordered the justice department. perhaps the allegations are to get phone records in meta data e mails and what have you from political rivals and journalists, as part of the white house's attempt to see who was leaking damaging information about donald trump. but the problem with this is that the justice department is an independent body. it's not supposed to be doing get involved with political things such as this at all, and trumpet whitehouse. no secret had it had always made no secret of the fact that it was using the justice department to do some of the bidding if you will. that's
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not necessarily a secret. there's been all sorts of allegations for a long time. but these are just new and democrats right now are outraged on capitol hill. that these new allegations coming to light that perhaps in 2018 to 2019 that the justice department was seeking records, emails, phone call, records, and such and alike from to prominent democrats on the house intelligence committee, or 2 democrats that were particularly vocal against donald trump, this just goes completely against the norms and perhaps even breaking laws. and so that is why there is so much outrage about this by democrats right now. politicians from both political parties in the u. s. a. put forward a bill that could break up the world's largest and most powerful tech companies. it's the product of a 15 month investigation by anti trust subcommittee in the house of representatives . they argue that companies like facebook, google, amazon at apple,
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have too much power. and often destroy small businesses. if past the bill would boost powers for regulators and make it more difficult, the tech giants to acquire competitors. deforestation of the amazon rain forest has risen for the 3rd consecutive months. the number of trees destroyed in may was 67 percent higher than the same time. last year, brazil's president's gyal sonora had promised to increase funding to protect the emerson in april. but as yet to follow through, one of the young kias reports from rio, fled to brazil feast the worst forest fires in a decade. the 2021 could be worse, according to data released by brazil's national institute for space research. during the 1st 5 months of this year, more than 2500 square kilometers of amazon, rain forest have been destroyed. it's an area 3 times the sides of new york city.
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and half of it was destroyed and made with charts showing some of the worst damage since 2015 compared to the same month last year. deforestation has risen by 67 percent, who, if nothing changes this year can be even worse than 2020. besides the sergent deforestation, brazil is facing a drought, brazil's president james will. so natalie has never made the amazon a priority. but after his ally, donald trump was defeated by joe biden in the us presidential election. so he bowed down to international pressure. at a pros, climate change summit hosted by biden, also not a pledge to invest more in environmental enforcement, but many in brazil worn biden, that the brazilian government would take no action to stop wildcat miners, loggers, and farmers from destroying the rain forest among them 90 year old,
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indigenous tribe leader. how nice, what if this bad president says something to you ignore him? he wants to allow for us to be destroyed by encouraging invasions on land. and i don't like it. so now does government has been accused of weakening institutions and legislation protecting the rain forest and the indigenous people? the 2021 federal budget further cut environmental spending and brazil's environment minister, he called the scientist, is being investigated for allegedly obstructing a probe into illegal logging results. vice president mil tomato says we'll send out a we'll deploy the army once more to protect the amazon. but environmentalists say the government must act fast if it really wants to prevent a disaster. meanwhile, when grabbers are losing no time may more than 1300 kilometers of the amazon rain forest was chops down. what most of the destruction has been caused by speculators
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who have a government own learn to clear it. they hope to legalize it and sell it at a good price for capital and farmers for land grabbers. the chances now next year brazil will hold presidential elections in both so not or may not win a 2nd term monica, you know, give, i'll just 0. ria diginero gala has started a nation wide tree planting initiative to save it's rapidly disappearing forests. the so called green got a program, a mr. plant. 5000000 trees to reverse damage caused by illegal logging and binding . the government just been handing out free seedlings to celebrities officials, traditional leaders and school children. the us food and agriculture agency says that god has one of the world's highest rates of deforestation. panamanian authorities are investigating oily substance that's contaminated waters and beaches . the oil is found off the coast of tub olga islands near the panama, come out canal. environmental teams have been cleaning the area since wednesday,
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using containment barriers and absorb and towels. are investigating vessels in that are anchored. net by us feed news. just want to pull it surprise for its investigation into the mass attention of weaker muslims in china. the full power series built to last used satellite images to demonstrate that china had secretly built dozens of prison. i didn't turn that camps since 2017 feet. also interviewed for the detainees to identify more than 260 newly built structures on pulitzer judges. also gave a special on to the teenager who recorded the matter of george floyd. don fraser filled his death at the hands of a police officer in minneapolis on her mobile phone. footage from may last year, sparked a global outcry and mass protests which helped to secure a conviction, one from our zeros westland jordan in washington. pill enterprises are perhaps the
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most prestigious in american print journalism. and this award for darnell of fraser, the 17 year old at the time, who used her cell phone to record the murder of george floyd. at the behest of derek show, then the former minneapolis police officer earned her a special citation essentially because she performed as a journalist. she recorded that moment and she said that she suffered great emotional trauma because of it. but she also was said recently that because of what she did, it was possible for derek shogun, to be convicted of george ford's murder and to be sent to prison for the rest of his life, a pending appeal. it's also worth noting that her home town newspaper, the minneapolis star tribune, did win the breaking news prize for its coverage of george floyd's murder and of the immediate impact on the twin cities community in the state of minnesota. and
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indeed, nationwide that is the 2nd highest ranking fuel. it surprised the number one prize went to the new york times for covering the other major story of 2020, here in the united states. and of course, around the world, the cobit pandemic. it's worth noting that most of the awards either dealt with the cobit pandemic, the institutional, as well as the personal impact or dealt with the very difficult question still of race relations here in the united states. just ahead in sports with the santa, another chunk of it shows the world why he's still number one i it's one of the biggest clubs in south america. but it's greatest rival is just a few blocks away. a mutual dislike between fans formed from
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a class device sustained over generations. most vocal junior support is a born into these club colors. in an epic feud of rich versus poor. the fans who make football. when i was just the europe tune into our to do english and h t for the best experience. is there english h d 's available across europe on satellites useful stop the 13 sci astro chaos and asked her to g, starting fast to july 2021 out of their english se across europe will only be available on full 512418, be 28000784 further information. visit our website. oh, ah ah,
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hello again. the bypass ministration is returning more than $2000000000.00 to the pentagon, which was diverted by full president, donald trump, to help pay for his border wall. construction has been on hold since joe biden took office, the firms will now be used as originally intended for military projects in the us and overseas time for sport, his son. thank you very much, adrian. well, novak joke of is through to the final of the french open. well, number one that pulled off, one of the biggest wins of his career against 13 time on golf champion rough on the se malik has more roughly on the down. this is no joke of which is a match up that rarely failed to deliver. and there be a show down friday's french open semi final was no different nador looking for 14th
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parents. title, look sharp, early on, and race to a 5 love lead on route taking the 1st set, the 3 but do york of which wasn't about to fold. sure, he don't. he beat in the spanish one from a previous attempt, the roland girls. but he produced some magical shots as he leveled things one set all the much really cool fire. and 3 fans in attendance retreated to one of the rallies of the tournament on a night that they were allowed to stay until the conclusion, despite and 11 pm curfew. in the french capital and while both players were giving everything, it was clear that momentum was shifting in one direction which
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would get the better of his opponent in the tiebreaker to move one set away from victory. i was number one then dominated the food with noodle, looking to be running out of steam. it was simply a joke which is night. and after more than 4 hours been caught the sealed a memorable victory. the definitely the best match that i was part of ever in rolling arrows for me and top 3 matches that i ever played in my entire career while them for him had been am i would fight out there i i tried my best and today was my next step for jock of which is deaf in the past. in the final, who have malik julietta, who's
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now the biggest sporting events since the start of the pandemic has finally kicked off after years, delay 11 are hosting your 10 channels of games and it all started at beside your, limpopo in rome, italy, we're up against turkey. in front of 15000 fence, it was a goal for you to control the game after the break. they went to front thanks to an own. go from moody had the mass italians double their lead. were the rebound go from price to movie and it wasn't long before he got another to make it. we now feel when i'm beaten, run to $28.00 games and their faces as one of the favorite. when he mentioned it is when in rome gave the fans a night, they had been craving for a limited number of size is missing. admitted that for the opening game,
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due to comb with 19 restrictions, hundreds of support has gathered outside the lim fiasco stadium. to celebrate their teens victory for to be free to tear or the national on saturday wells will take on switzerland in their opening match him back. who this is the 1st time as john is hosting a major international football tournament. elim pic stadium will host 3 group games and one quarter final up to 50 percent saving capacity is being allowed for the games. very nice people are very nice. backer. i'm not so happy to be there for 4 days. only 4 days. when the new printer will fit for lunch, a, the a, be a phoenix are one, went away from reaching the western conference finals off the beach in the denver nuggets, 116200. to take a 3. nothing serious lead the win definitely spoil the nicola. you'll get to the
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big night that the thought was the sense of the least most valuable award that before the game, we are likely to need some good performances from him. avoid elimination or counselor, philadelphia 76 has moved to one head in the eastern conference. semi final series will be the sod for the fixes was $27.00. we bounce 8 as visitors and be like hawks 12711. are giving us everything and you know, as you know, i never asked our guys feeling because they may tell you, you know, so yeah, what he's doing has been incredible. he is going through a lot. i'll tell you that. and it's been great to watch and buffalos ball from. we'll have more for you later on, but for now it's back to adrian. somebody. thanks indeed that'll just about to set
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for this news. i'll be back with another in 2 hours from now. it's 13 hours gmc family back with you next. update you on today's top stories again. ah ah ah ah, ah, ah ah, oh dear world child pirate radio stations, radio carolina, 11617 voice the station radio power line of the english coast has a big audience. old baby c network combined and within earshot of israel, the voice of peace speeches. there's no propaganda for change or transient
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movement. rebel radio on al jazeera, a city defined by military occupation. there's never been an arab state. he with the capital of jerusalem. everyone is welcome. but the default spectrum that meant in the call on a project, that's what we did was one of the founders of settlement with this and the story of juice through the eyes of its own people, segregation, occupation discrimination, injustice. this is cited 21st century drew for them, a rock and a hard place analogy 0. it's the case, biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covet 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are underway. the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised
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researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah, the future proofing against another pandemic, g 7 lead us discuss how to stop global disease outbreaks within a 100 days. ok . i'm sammy say that this is al, just they're alive from the hall. so coming up prominent hong kong activists, agnes chow is released after serving a prison sentence for the 2019 protest algerians, those in parliamentary elections,
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democracy activists say in one change the.


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