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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm +03

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and discrimination injustice. this is cited 21st century jerusalem, a rock and a hard place analogy 0. what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here as we believe everyone has a story we're hearing. ah, president joe biden pushes g 7 data for an alliance against china. if they unveil plans, the mega projects to compete with the belt in rhode initiative while protest is gather and london calling on g 7 government to deliver justice, the full palestinians. ah, hello again, i'm kimbell. this is ellen to the law from dover over coming up,
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paperless, st. trolling ballad in the garbage. ben, jerry with family, anyone is turned out to vote in upon them and tree election. moscow declares nearly a week of non working days in short and restaurant, aus is that tries to bring rising, covet 19 infections under control. ah, g 7 need is focusing on foreign policy and the pandemic on day 2 of their summers from the british seaside village of convers space on foreign policy, the uniting against what they view. the research and china agreed to support plans for us proposed mega infrastructure initiative. it would rival china as belt and road, and then looking at an agreement designed to prevent another pandemic. this would include working to spot disease outbreaks early and stem from out. within 100 days,
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lead to the medic editor james base is near st. i've not far from the summit venue, enjoying this now live. so james talked about this new infrastructure initiative. will it actually rival china's while china's belt and road was conceived 8 years ago and is very advance the spokes of the belt and road go all over the world, particularly in africa, latin america, parts of europe. so the idea that there should be a rival infrastructure plan, china, it covers all sorts of things, ports and railways and roads is a very ambitious one. it's a u. s. idea. they say that what china is doing is not transparent. it's not environmentally friendly. and they say actually the countries that have signed up for help from china and not in the end, going to get anything out of it. they're going to end up with a lot of debt to china. the americans say there's
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a new plan which had been backed by the g 7 will be very different. the problem, of course, is we don't know many details about it and how they're going to get the financing us officials saying that it is some 40 trillion dollars of infrastructure that the count gap between now and 2035. and they planned to plug that gap, but where is the funding and come from? certainly, president biden is doing his own infrastructure plan in the u. s. and he hasn't got it even improvement permission for that from congress. so there are big question marks over this, and as i say, the chinese plan will start date years ago. so they're very, very well advanced. one of those is attending the g 7 today is the un secretary general antonia good terrorist. maybe wes, reminding you of some of the things he said in the last couple of years he's talked about the world, possibly splitting into rival camps, saying that that would be
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a nightmare if the rival camps. he called it the great fracture. some might say that's beginning to start right now. sounds like a bit of a disturbing prediction. so that's the plan to try and counted china. what discussions have there been in terms of russia? well, there certainly have been discussions because russia, but we don't have many details. most of these meetings are behind closed doors. the president of the commission on the line though, has been treating, saying that russia continues to undermine european security order. we know behind the scenes that we've been having discussion on this subject, particularly with regard to ukraine, probably with regard to cyber as well. it's something that does concern all these leaders and all of them. i think we'll be discussing it. but many, i think, will also be any private words they have with president biden. they'll be talking
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about this because president biden is going on from here to meeting natalee as in brussels. then european union leaders also in brussels. and then on wednesday, he has a face to face meeting with them in approaching. i'm sure he's getting some tips on how to handle that. and j, because one of the big issues for g 7 needed for the world. the covered 19 pandemic . how to build back better as it were. i believe the health session has gotten on the way. what if we heard on that front health session? i think he's coming to an end actually now. they've been brief by doctor ted dross the head of the world health organization among others very different from last year. of course, doctor ted ross was completely frozen out by the u. s. then by the trump administration, and the well health organization had its funding cut by the, by the chunk administration. very different. now, with the biden administration,
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they are endorsing this new plan. they're going to call the cobb and bay declaration. and the idea is to find a way for the world to move on from this pandemic and prevent future one look at all the lessons to be learned over the last year or so. and see if they can have a plan in place. so if there is another pandemic 1st self spot very, very early, and they'll have the mechanisms in place to get a vaccine in place very, very early to protect the world in a way that obviously wasn't the case in 2020 james base there. thank you very much for that. the medic editor will staying in the u. k, where thousands of people took part in the demonstration and supported palestinian writes the religous part of the resist g 7 day of action for international justice . i marched through london toward the prime minister's official residence in downing street protest as demanded and to what they say is complicity and as well
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as war crimes and palestine by the u. k. and other g 7 governments. i needed the g 7 countries. if this stuff pulled international law is due and says, the national law is a fundamental part of one country to feel that it can be a long time to be to think what we say is how does that mean with the continued ethnic cleansing continued disposition? the latest effect on obviously they've been doing the 73 years waiting for those to be in. and i think it's time for those seated thoughts about the end of the feed and had to had to be b, as in boy grady said to me, and i'm to the mans israelis. i'm still complicity the on the deals with the, with the, with israel in the palestinian territory protest is gathering in the settle on
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neighbourhood of occupied east jerusalem. as with previous rallies, the denouncing the threat of force displacement against palestinian families. the expulsions are expected to make way for israeli settlers. i'll desert stephanie deka is at the protest and joins us now. live. stephanie, what's happening there now? well, what do you see behind the family? eye freedom. basically some of the family, the one from their home neighborhood, one to one, very close to 2000. did you go to the did you see some of the ready flag? so already some of the home here they have the years over the years. and these
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cages that we're talking about now been going on for a very long time. at the moment, the people here feel that the international site is on the issue, and that's why you will see these protests here in the neighborhood. i'm trying to keep up with the mentor. i'm trying to keep on the dialogue, let's say the international life on what kind of thing and say very our policy really box up by is really all saying that they don't have the right recourse to stay in their homes. the jewish hustlers that came in the line over on monday we have paperwork to show that we were 4 hours to say might to return to the stiffening given as you say, this has been happening for decades. how is that momentum being maintained? the while it really depends on the situation on the ground,
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the fact that we're still talking about it now we have of the last month i think interesting social media, traction, sister and brother, that she had to manage it over a 1000000 followers on social media and instagram on facebook, documenting what life is like a lot of these families can. you probably can't really sometimes have to actually share a home or family sharing one or 3 family sharing another. it is incredibly difficult protected by private security that are paid for by the state. and what part of the thing is that this is pretty much supported by the state. they're pushed away out of their homes. what they thing is, the process you try and do you guys use the 435, each one has any future capital of the pallets being in the certainly these kinds of advantages, but actually now they're moving away. so i have to say there's been,
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there isn't this really police presence here. there are a little further up the hill, but at the moment there is you can probably see a couple of them standing around there, but it's been very quiet. you have seen in the past couple of protests that even a call person like this will be disbursed at some point. but certainly here at the moment, everything is pretty calm. they're allowed to be protesting peacefully. all right, thank you for that update. stephanie decker there and occupied to east jerusalem. some algerians have been dumping ballad papers in garbage bins during an election where banding, anyone has been voting. the electoral commission says, turn out so far has been around 10 percent of pro democracy movement, which lead math anti government demonstrations. 2 years ago, edge supported to boycott the parliamentary election as a whole body has more a crucial test for the legitimacy of president of the
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machine to boon who was elected after mass protests forced out president of the last 2 years ago. his government has been asking people to show up in huge numbers for saturdays, parliamentary vote is biggest concern, a low, we're turn out that good. the deep and the country's political crisis. algerians remain widely skeptical about reforms promised by the president, the protest movement that galvanized the nation into 1019 against the ruling class is now calling for a boycott. willis, who knows, there's some people or party is trying to impose their dictates on us without us knowing who they represent. not just one person to or groups can impose their dictates on 45000000 algerians. the people wanted elections. and today, we see the turn out for them to boons. those pressing task is to revive an economy
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better by declining oil revenues, corruption, and coven. 19. he wants to restore confidence in a government tarnished by decades of corruption computed for the country to keep going. and to improve our situation, we have to help each other with good deeds. algeria president recently told al jazeera his country was run for many years, but what he called a clef talk rossi. but despite his assurances to crack down on his management, many on this we still insist the ruling elite should go our position party, such as the secular socialist forces, bronze or f, f s, and the valley for culture and democracy, boycotting the election. both parties are popular in the northern kabibi read a focal point of descent. the decades long governing parties,
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the national liberation front f l n, and national democratic riley, aaron de could lose support the conservative ben up party and the movement of society for peace or m. s. b praise to expand their political influence according to analysts. but whether comes to power with face, the daunting task of convincing algerians that change has come. hush my bottle, al jazeera, amuse ahead violence instability. and now a 3rd wave of corona virus infections off the world for help. a permanent hong kong pro democracy activist is released to serving jail time to protest. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways.
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hello. we got more, very heavy, right? and so central and southern parts of china, northern parts also seeing some live down pools, the cloud very widespread. some very disturbed weather coming in across much of a stager. also showers as eastern powers of china up towards the north, facing at around $35.00 degrees celsius and west. the weather will continue to push its way further east was there will be some live showers into vietnam for time, confidential space, fine and dry. that's the good news. southern parts of china on the other hand, also seeing some rather wet weather, which should join up with some very heavy rain that we have just around the south china sea. we have a trouble with depression here. it's moving pretty quickly at around 25 kilometers per hour. but in terms of the winds, not too much of a concern is all about the rain. there will be flooding into north vietnam that will be flooding to across suddenly passed all allow we same flooding to into western areas of in the i'm and by has seen huge amounts of rainfall. recently,
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the past 24 as 268 millimeters of right, but take a look at this. over the last 5 days, we've seen a staggering meter of rainfall coming through round twice. the tune, average rainfall after that western side of in the place is so much bye. get something of a relief over the next couple of days. but plenty of rain for the western gas sponsored pay cut on airways abuse. and then accused by the government of failing to safeguard their families. and the fault lines investigates, institution, life victim blaming that is leading to survivors of domestic abuse being separate from their children. how many of those removal do you think were absolutely necessary? probably like 510 percent of the cases in most the abuse or needs to be held accountable. not the mother failure to protect on a jazz. ah
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the me, you're watching al jazeera reminder, our top story with all to 70. do you have agreed to support us proposed make it project plan designed to compete with china? is felton road initiative, part of president joe biden, efforts to form a unified front to compete with banking in the u. k. people have taken talk, demonstration to support palestinian volume, demanding an end to what they say is the g 7 complicity and israel's war crimes in the occupied territory. some algerians have been dumping ballad papers and garbage bins during a parliamentary election. we have barely, anyone has been voting. the electoral commission 1st turn out sofa has been around
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10 percent. saudi arabia is borrowing foreign pilgrims from attending the house, move in pilgrimage for 2nd year due to the pandemic. all citizens and residents will be able to attend. the number will be kept at 60000. normally, more than 2000000 people would travel to make it to take part in what's seen as an obligation for muslims to perform at least once in their life. coven 19 infections are again spreading faster in russia, particularly in big cities like moscow, and respond small goes man has declared that people stay away from work for much of the next week. rush recorded more than 13000 new cases on saturday. almost half of them were in moscow, but it's mate has the license details from us go. although restaurants and bars will have to close at 11 p. m, you are still supposed to wear masks in door. the problem is that it's not
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particularly rigorously portal rigorously observed. you do see people where am i saying doors? but they're often on the nose is all there under that chain or people just don't wearing them at all. and the difficulty seems to be hasn't been a concerted nationwide campaign about cove it. the last lockdown was in russia. total locked out ended 12 months ago. and it only lasted for a couple of months. the mayor of moscow, he says it's remarkable that hospitals are filling up while vaccines are readily available. consider this about 12 percent of russians. i've had one dose of the corona, virus vaccine compared to the united states, the canada, to the rest of your and your talking between 45 and 60 percent that people have had at least one dose. first of all, it seems to be that people are generally vaccine skeptical here, between 60 and 70 percent of people say they're not willing to get a backseat. and that seems to stem from
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a general distrust of what the government is trying to get them to do is despite the fact that rushes vaccine next 5 into internationally recognized as being very, very effective. more than 391 and 93 percent efficacy. nevertheless, russians are reluctant to get vaccinated. i've gone to stones government is asking for international health. is it grapple for the 3rd wave of infections or the fraction of people have been vaccinated against covert 19, and hospitals once again filling up with critically ill patients. frank, a group that has more side. alicia was gasping for when his wife brought him to this hospital and cobble. he spent 4 days in intensive care. his doctor says he is covered 19 like other patients around him. but in have gone, a son, doctors just fight the virus, but also fear, and stigma will hold on. i'm not infected by the corona virus. i have
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a chest infection and cough ice cream. the weather was cold and so i got a chest infection for a 3rd wave. the pandemic is pushing hospitals still breaking point in a country of 39000000 people. they are barely enough. i see you beds are oxygen for patients. the kaufman says the next 4 weeks will be difficult. so i mean, i told also the private hospitals are not taking care of us as well. they take money from us and send us back home saying they don't have any oxygen. they don't have the ambulances. several 100, a few people are seeking treatment or even a green took over 19 test. even though the number of infections and deaths arising fast, the official figures don't seem to reflect that. the number could be and distributed because the most of the hospital who have the capacity or does this need to do the p c. r, testing of the corporate vision di did. they are not like that to just all the
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people who are coming to them or they cannot do that content crushing. i've kind of son has been able to vaccinate, fewer than one percent of its population in a country where life is ever uncertain. under the constant threat of attacks and political instability, the virus is pausing a challenge for a government which was barely prepared for the pandemic. let alone its worst waves so far. beyond the 0, at least 7 people have been killed and cobble to commute events blew up within 30 minutes of one another. they were in an area where many people from the minority has our community live. 12 people were killed in a similar attack in the neighborhood last month. for afghan asylum seekers have been sentenced to 10 years in prison. this burning down europe's largest migrant camp. a great court room that they intentionally set fire to the moria camp on the island of 13000 people,
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including pregnant women and young children were left to sleep in the open when it happened. last september, 1 of hong kong that prominent pro democracy activists has been released from prison agnes charles of more than 6 months in jail for her role and an anti government protest in 2019 the 24 year old was convicted along with activists. joshua wong and ivan lamb from unauthorized rally near police headquarters. both agnes chow and joshua long face other charges on the patients national security low. as adrian brown reports from hong kong may not be an accident, the child was released on the same day. the g 7 is discussing china. it's very rare for people to be released from jail on a saturday in hong kong. yet that is what has happened. so, coincidence or no coincidence. we also have the fact that this is the anniversary, the 2nd anniversary of the 1st really violent protest here in hong kong that happened outside the mini parliament. that was when legislators were due to get the
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2nd reading that controversial expedition bill, which set on hope chain of events, leading to months of unrest outside the jail, where agnes child walked out on saturday morning. there were plenty of umbrellas because it's the monsoon season. here, but also those brothers were symbols of the continuing resistance against chinese rule. agnes childhood. so certainly looked a lot sooner than she did when she was sentenced. almost 6 months ago. she said nothing to the media when she left. and i think that that is possibly because she was also arrested before has sentencing and arrested on the new national security law. so i think she really wants to keep her comments to the media, to the absolute minimum at the moment she is, as we know, the sort of one of the globally recognized spaces of the what's left of the pro
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democracy loop. and here in hong kong, and let's not forget, she was only a team 1617 years. so when you set up the demo cisco political party with joshua wong and make the law that was back in 2014, when the umbrella movement began, president biden is calling for a swift end to the conflict. and if the o p is northern to gripe region, it is the strongest comments from the united states and follows new visa restrictions on senior officials. but if your government has warning, it will reassess its ties with washington. if the us continues to interfere and its internal affairs, mohammedan reports from an example sites on the streets of the european capital or the suburbs. seldom pro government demonstrated cutting slack of some something slogan against the united states. keep your hands off if you appear. if you appear doesn't need a caretaker. they turned in last month the u. s. impulse functions on the mommy consecutive assistance. if you, if you're due to the conflict into guy,
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washington also said it will block current and former european and editor officials from entering the united states. if they're deemed responsible for cutting out. that was, it is in the region since then the public sentiment against the you. as soon as you appear have been growing into the data, you need dependent and sovereign states that should deal with its own issues on its own dog. do not need the u. s. meddling and interfering, you know, the issue prevent aqona your we are now facing challenges in terms of inflation and the high cost of living. and if the pressure from the u. s. continues, things would become even more difficult for us if your opinions the functions of visit is to present a tonic point in relations between the 2 countries of solid. since the conflict of the more from region of the grey head up that last more than its lead to reports of atrocities must violence
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a lot of nic lines and war crimes been committed against civilians. but if your opinion of friendships, the issues are very much important, they need to resort to dolls. issues of humor arrives, atrocities which are being committed in figure. i should investigated. people who are being responsive and should be, should be, are planned. it, i don't have any doubt about this, but the confrontation kinds of relationship between the 2 of and the us might or the agent take ethiopia to the east, which could be counter productive. they've been governmental dismissed criticism of its handling of the crisis integrated in the interest of your bills in japan. reverend, as well to people who don't define it. and we don't think it's right on the part of us leadership to work,
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to splitting the student's relationship because this relationship to the benefit of your bills and americans both countries it's, it's also interesting regional pete in this can be if you received a more than $5000000000.00 from the u. s. government over the past 5 years to humanity and project and development. top does not include additional funding for security, which hasn't been disclosed, limited from a few years. global data for is estimated at 4600000000, with most originating from the united states. where about a 1000000 it's europeans live. for many years, the united states as your country, with a great potential, a country with a large population on a rapidly growing economy that often played on outside role in peacekeeping missions in africa and beyond. what were the shifted us foreign policy in africa, which is now more about checking the rights of china and russia?
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i'm not terrorism on at least say my pub lost its favor of where the united states mohammed, the august data base its democracy day in nigeria when typically people celebrate the end of military rule in the 900 ninety's this year. though nigerians a protesting security type and of all just city of legal people have been gathering to vent their anger against a failing economy and attacks by groups. iran has regained its right to vote in the general assembly of the paying fees that it over to the united nations. it says it was able to do so after the u. s. allowed to use funds frozen in south korea. there on says it's been unable to access $20000000000.00 worth of oil revenues abroad. and finally, a lobster. dive is incredible story. he says he was working off the coast of cape called in the us on friday. when all of a sudden you heard
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a huge bump and everything went dark, here's what happened next. just thought did i just get eaten by a white shark? and i said, no, i don't feel any teeth. and i said, oh my god, in the mouth of a whale with his mouth shut. michael pack up thinks he was in the whale's mouth for about 30 seconds before it spat him out. he's been released from hospital with only minor injuries and a wail of a story to tell i this is algebra. these the top stories g 70 does have agreed to support a us proposed mega project plan designed to compete with china's belton road initiative. as part of president joe biden's efforts to form a unified front to compete with painting in the u. k.


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