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4 lines investigates where the use of the regulation and prioritizing profits lead to the state's power grid failure. the texas blackout on our jazeera ah, ah, ah bill, back better world g 7 leaders announced plans the global infrastructure project to rival china as belton road initiative. ah, was money by l 0 line and also coming up. no trust, just 30 percent of just show off. jurors 1st autumn entry election since the 2019 uprising hospitals fell off as i've got
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a bottle. another surge and covered 90 infection. on the day before cobra americans opening matching brazil players and then as well as team test. the coven 19! ah! uniting against what they view as a resurgent china g 7 lead as a backing a global infrastructure plan to compete with beijing belton road initiative. the announcement came on day 2 of the lead a summit, but with the us actually general at the table, global health was still a major discussion point. jane hall reports from cornwall, right described as a historic moment, d 7 leaders pledged their collective might to plan to fight to future pandemic. the carpet bay declaration aims to develop maxine in under a 100 days to build better scientific surveillance techniques and to beef up powers
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for the world health organization. but some were eager to stress that the current pandemic is not yet over. we didn't really know who the poet to come together and to organize the any response to the corporate and only way to be effective in the rest of it is get an idea that everybody was vaccinated sooner rather than like the key thing to remember how far is it, the damage is reaching right now. people need to right now and crucially, countries need financing right now. and every single we've seen from this g 7 to far comes without any extra money on until we see the money. none of this unfortunately can be credible big promises sometimes empty are often a feature a big summit. this one though, had something to offer that does feel substantial. united states, i said before, we're back us back. we feel very, very strong about cohesion of nato and i for one think that the european
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union is incredibly strong and vibrant entity biden's administration, once g 7 allies to support at global infrastructure project to rival china's belton road initiative. it's a returned to us leadership that many of his fellow leaders have solely missed, even if warm words for the e, you won't be entirely to the taste of the summits. host morris johnson said at the outset that this g 7 summit would be an opportunity to reaffirm the values that bind these 7 developed world democracies. and yet at this very summit, he stands accused by the european union of failing to honor his own commitments on breaks it. in a series of meetings, e u leaders have told johnson the better relations will only come if he abides by the terms of post br exit trade arrangements. in northern ireland and the u. s. president with an irish roots appears to be on their side. i think that will have
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some pragmatic solutions and if we don't, then i think that what our friends have also understood is that it's the prime duty of the u. k. government to uphold the territorial integrity of the united kingdom, which is the sound of a prime minister no matter how isolated and however disappointed that breakfast has cost a cloud over his summit, nevertheless, refusing to back down jonah hole al jazeera cornwall. let's take a closer look at china's belt and road initiative, which the g 7 plan aims to counter its been on the way for about 8 years and his estimated to include $1.00 trillion dollars, where the foreign investments around the world more than $100.00 countries have signed agreements to construct pipelines ports, railways, other major projects, but it's left many developing countries in debt. let's take the republic of congo debt, for example. it's increased from 40,
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but 14 percent of gross national income to nearly 39 percent. and go, la has seen its debt to china rise by at least 13 percent. please mon moratti's, the founder and ceo of peggy, why a group a year political consultancy. he says the g 7 needs to do a lot of work to convince low income nations that they will benefit from its infrastructure plan. china's built, in addition to the new one sort of piece of the puzzle in china's wish to be the dominant nation in the world. now g 7 have come up with a proposal without any legs on it as yet, but it's too late in the making. i do believe and also what they need to be thinking about is the funding aspect. no. so the wider vision aspect which they haven't already solidified other funds. i think go back better is a good slogan. i think it's a slogan that means something to those nations which created it for the issue that they have is buy in from other nations. actually,
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what does this mean in practice for this in bobbies of the world for the venues of the world and for the developing economies, which may hear this message, but don't know how they can be part of the development of it. and also what they have to gain when they build back. that's right. yeah. because right now what we have to build the better and really all every nation for themselves. so if this build back better were to actually be successful. the nations which promotes it need to show in reality, what tangible benefits of the nation will have if they do by enters into this idea . and this is a role of the complaint. algeria is electro commission says just over 30 percent of voters took part in parliamentary elections. the pro democracy protest movement known as he rock had call for a boycott of the election and had held weekly demonstrations for reform until being effectively band last month. the votes is the 3rd election and since long time president of dallas, the book was forced to step down presidential election in 2019 on the
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constitutional referendum. last year were also marked by low turn out. hashem headboard has been crucial test for the legitimacy of president of the machine to boone, who was elected after mass proto, forced out president of the last 2 years ago. his government has been asking people to show up in huge numbers for saturdays parliament. revote is biggest concern, a low. we're turn out that good. the deeper and the countries political crisis. algerians remain widely skeptical about reforms promised by the president. the protest movement that galvanized the nation in 2019 against the ruling class is now calling for a boycott. owners who, unless there's some people or party is trying to impose their dictates on us without us knowing who they represent. not just one person to or groups can impose
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there are dictates on 45000000 algerians. the people wanted elections, and today we see the turn out for them as 80 to boons. those pressing task is to revive an economy battered by a declining oil revenues. corruption and coven 19. he wants to restore confidence in a government tarnished by decades of corruption to the country to keep going and to improve our situation. we have to help each other with good deeds. algeria, president recently told al jazeera, his country was run for many years, but what he called a left talk rossi. but despite his assurances to crack down on the management, many on the streets still insist the ruling elite should go opposition party such of the secular socialists forces front or f, f. s. and the valley for culture and democracy,
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boycotting the election. both parties are popular in the northern kabibi region, a focal point of the sense the decades long governing parties, the national liberation front, f l n, and national democratic riley allen de could lose support the conservative ben up party and the movement of society for peace or m. s b brace to expand the political influence according to analysts. but whether comes to power with face the daunting task of convincing algerians that change has come. hush my bottle al jazeera. yes, men has noey as a north africa specialist and board member of the institute of harm studies out on duluth. she explains why many algerians boy caught the vote. oh dear. yeah, it's government governance since 962 i to newly created state 262 by
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a military apparently. so admission to boon is the current president and its quest for legitimacy from the heat to boot regime at barron plan. 23 b. elections, the resolved as a stamp approval is complicated by the expected, the low voter turnout. many algerians have the boy guarding the the elections in the recent years. i mean, we saw that in the 2019 the presidential election had like a 40 percent turnout while the 2020 referendum to the constitution had that low records. both your turn out of 244 percent at the same time. delete them the sheet. rock review the inter into any dialogue, because there was simply no response to their to their the men. just few days ago, we saw that more than 400 citizens,
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including political accident journalists and lawyers didn't find a petition rejecting the current election scheduled for today. and the now the repression of the active is just 2 days ago. 3 are permanent figures of the iraq movement work and arrested that they were released release the just yesterday . but that doesn't change anything. and also, and as i am speaking now, there is little enthusiasm for both in not in the, in today's election. of the death for young man and pennies custody, spilling onto the streets of to nicea capital. dozens of youth class with offices in a working class district. of the city and has been growing since the video was posted online, showing penny stripping and beating the man who eventually died on tuesday. the offices involved have since been suspended and i've got to start at least 7
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people were killed by 2 explosions in the capital. couple of glasses similar to all the attacks that appear to be targeting an ethnic and religious minority country. lopez for the young has more a commuter van reduced were burned out shell and was campbell. it was destroyed by a bomb. 30 minutes later he had another transport van was hit. 2 separate attacks on one road, a few kilometers apart. one morning, unfortunately, the minivan was targeted. when i got here, i saw today victims and dead body. we then took the inter to hospital 5. we got out most of the people who live in this neighborhood of cobble from the dora ethnic community who are predominantly shia in a largely sunni society. armed groups linked to ice, will have declared war against them. oh, there have been similar bombings in the area. further, this one,
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several civilians were killed when for mini vans were bought. and in may about 80 people, mostly girls were killed when their school was attacked. hundreds of afghans are killed or injured every month in attacks like these people who live here are bracing for more violence to so i don't know from what i can see. the situation in the area is very critical and the number of casualties in this attack. i still haven't been able to find my friend as a cell phone appears to be despite the smiles and violence of kenneth sanders in the middle of a peace agreement, the usaa will withdraw all the forces and that of nato's my september 11th. because it's the plan this led to some tension among the allies in recent weeks, negotiations between the african government. the taliban and other parties have resumed in carter. but the violence back home appears to be escalating. cutty, a little bit of a young al jazeera till ahead on al jazeera turkey sends one of my senior
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delegations yet to libya, days for crucial terms. football takes a back seat at your 2020 hour danish black christian eric them classes. ah hello will start this weather story in canada where across the canadian prairies we have been dealing with drought conditions. so then when you get to rental rain, this happens the ground can just not absorb it. inundated this motorists had to be rescued from his car. now, the bulk of that energy has moved toward the ease. if we look toward the west, we do have a pocket of rain for british columbia, bumping into the pacific northwest, giving a wider view right now because i do think we'll see some storm clouds dump
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a lot of rain toward the gulf states of florida. panhandle, up through the carolina's, into the mid atlantic and the north east were temperatures have cooled in new york . you're up to 24 on sunday, but we have a heat film toward the south west phoenix. we've got you in for a high, a 46 on sunday. you know, there is the rest. we could see some tropical development in the gulf of mexico. as we head toward the end of the week. that is something we're watching. and across the caribbean, we're getting a lot of sand and dust dragged in here from africa. so that's going to give us some hazy conditions. the top end of south america are continuous rains fall where they should, but we're starting to see them lead up a bit in places like diana where we have been inundated with rain and for how to go near. we do have some cool conditions for southern areas of chile, the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. or
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small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your ah ah, you're working out as a reminder of our top stories. our g 7 lead is meeting in the united kingdom have agreed on a global infrastructure plan to rival china's influence. but details on how it will
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be financed, unclear. you can come in to though we could discuss the plan to speed up the response to any future pandemic. they want to reduce the time to develop the vaccine strengths in the world health organization and reinforce global surveillance. algeria, is it actual commissions? it's just over 30 percent of those just took talk to them entry elections. the pro democracy protest movement known as carol had called for a week on the election to taki. now where some of the techies, top government figures are in libya for bilateral talks, the one day visit is led by the turkish foreign minister metal over. sure, lou, among his delegation, all the turkish defense and interior ministers, as well as the chiefs of general staff and intelligence anchor has been a staunch ally of tripoli, government and has provided it with military support against forces loyal to wall load county. for hafta. let's get more on the story we can bring in sasha top rich
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. she's a senior vice president of trans atlantic leadership network. he joins us ma, shipped in dc. many thanks for speaking with an outage era. could be with, you know, there's been a lot of international pressure on turkey over its military presence in libya. and this visit is just the head of the nato summit. do you think anchor is going to heed that international pressure and port troops out? i don't think so, and i hope that the nato will actually use a turkey that is extremely best position to how the u. l. s. table is ation processing lead. be following a disastrous military campaign by the renegades, general holly for huff dar, that literally stop the war and to actually implement what is washington and e u and a u. n. desire to have a general free december of $24.00 elections. the within the nato countries have
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such leverage, such a power of such a position to enter they, they, they do. and why are your chief? why are international powers so threatened by turkeys mostly presence in the region? well, i think it will go down to a french president's macro, who openly supported at least a half star, illegitimate and sudden war a tech on the west of libya. and it has create internal lift, possibly the french aspirations in the mediterranean. unfortunately, friendship is not part of the mediterranean coast as a country plays a role, i think. and i would hope that the nato led by the president biden, will 1st and foremost to make sure that turkey can help gets about. 20000 mercenaries still present in libya and about 2000 russian wagner. group troops that
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have only further entrenched their position in a certain jewel for a region. that is the result of a half star failed military adventure that unfortunately france supported. what do you think techies intentions in libya? well, the apartment and you know, business interesting relations, maritime agreement that turkey signed with the media. i think it is in an interest of turkey to stabilize the flow of them ignorance and the refugees. at the end of a day, turkey has swamped the day a millions of of them ignorance and refugees and is barely coping me the such in flux. i think stabilizing the country and enabling their democratic expressions for the lead, the people something that these great nation has been trying since it's a 2011 evolution is, is in turkey's agenda. and i really hope that everyone at the nato summit,
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next week we'll look into the prospects of turkey playing the major role in securing free elections in december 24. many. thanks for your time. sasha top rich senior vice president of the transatlantic leadership network speaking to us from washington. thank you. in iraq, the 3rd and final presidential election debate has taken place and the theme was people's concerns. as iranians prepared to vote in next week's poles, as a bag followed the debate from ron job or candidates addressed issues of the economy from the rising unemployment inflation as well as the iranian reality, losing value daily, they would increase the number of jobs as well as the budget for the government without giving much detail of how they would actually do that. and just as previous debates, the attacks continued with the former governor of the central back of the north at him at the attacking election from turnaround current district chief abraham. right . now he said he was elected that there will be more sanctions against iran and
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also questions are female judges and the moral police him at the very much trying to place himself at the opposition to conservative it. right, right. you're trying to get those supporters of the markets and reform it comes to vote for him. now those haven't come out to say that you will be backing a specific individual's, but this was the last chance that these candidates had to convince people that come out and vote or vote for them. but the good for these debates haven't been great with many here, saying that the debate had been boring and liking the game show. and he's 12 members of the venezuelan delegation to the corporate america football tournament, have tested positive for corona virus. several players were among those infected. the news comes just before the team is due to play the opening match against host country brazil. on sunday school to correspond, monica, you have a q who is a live now from rear diginero. this cannot be good news. the tournament,
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what more do we know? no, it's not good news to start off. a very improvised tournament this way with vanilla. will i having to change a team members? because well, many of them were 6. call me ball, which is the south american football confederation. organized this tournament, changed the rules at the last minute and, and took away all limits to, to the number of players that you could change and turn on that because there were limits before. but now, as they're seeing that there may be possibilities of other genes also having infected members. they don't want to be tied down to rules that will already make this difficult organization more complicated yet. so it is a very strange moment here because brazil will probably reach the half 1000000 dead
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by the 19 either during the terminus, turn them into or shortly after. and we spoke to earlier, we spoke to a doctor who had told us, listen, we've been warning all sorties that these tournaments should have been cancelled because whole teams can be infected. glo. desilva has been selling football souvenirs for 25 years. always in the same spot in front of your dish or near psychotic, monica no stadium, which used to fill up with fans and tours, not anymore. last year when the corona vars, pandemic, hip brazil, this stadium was used as a field hospital. infections are still spreading, and the number of coven 19 deaths is about to reach half a 1000000. but the america now will open its doors for the final game of the cop america, which begins on sunday. i made
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a harsh criticisms from brazilian players and had coach teachy over risks of corona virus infections on saturday, a day before facing brazil in the 1st game, 12 in his will and players and staff tested positive for covered 19 and had to be quarantined in the capital, brazil, you was not us. i would like for us not to have these problems, not just with venezuela, but with anyone. this is a messed up organisation, and this is not a political point of view. this is a direct criticism to the south american football federation constable and the brazilian football confederation, who decided to have the corporate america here. yes, the decision was backed by brazil is president zabel. so now to the parking outrage in congress for ma, this will be a decent championship. we need a vaccine championship. the matter ended up in the supreme court, which allowed it just 3 days before kick off. but the debate about holding such
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a big sports event in a country with the world's 2nd largest coven, 1900 death toll continued. in brazil we had the percentage of people infected into football business was equivalent to the front line doctors in hospitals the same percentage. so doctors are subjected to a very high viral concentration density. right? well, soccer players in brazil were infected at the same rate, which is incredible is or is the scary even close to who makes the living selling t shirts and flags to football fans. does this year's tournament is too risky to brazilian government wants to come by america. political reasons, it was popular involves a lot of money and our election. thanks dear. but what about the rest of the country? not even 11 percent has been fully vaccinated. i'm 51 and i haven't had to 1st of
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any vaccine. he's been staging a lonely protests for the future as that passed by the american nor his banner says, we don't want the cop america. we want vaccines, monica not give all just 0. we addition ero, the european championship football match between denmark and finland and copenhagen have finished being halted for almost 2 hours by serious medical emergency. then each player christian eric's and collapse on the pitch just before half time receive cpr from medical staff. he was treated for half an hour before being taken to a nearby hospital. westoff say he has regained consciousness and then went on to win the game. one, no respect to be in school correspondent and credit mary who says he had never seen anything like it. because phonetics and collapsed on his own enough in a situation that we learned in the past,
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we saw probably mom by premier league and it happened to him. it happened in italy to model. you will didn't survive that. it was nice with you. for example, the treat phone, publish mama saying i hope from the playful golf. and the thing is that the big fear was that immediately there was no movement, no motion from attics, and absolutely nothing even when the medical while landing on the fish, one of the situation that we have learned, we see the faces over seem it over the often ends so while the, the and so in harvey to call for the help and these last the why some time be perform cpr, the by hands and also by electrical le how. and to be honest, i never seen that with electrical out on the beach. little quite something and also the, the ground that they were playing the pumpkin stadium. copenhagen has no fancies
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between a stance and peach and quite close to the beach. and the wife of creased and dixon was that we also saw the sending to the ground. and the gold keeper of denmark, and kept in the car fish. michael was consulting ada and memorial marches and visuals across canada. to remember a muslim family killed on sunday people. march near the spot in london on tara with a family was deliberately hit by a half ton truck almost a week ago. 4 people were killed, finding 3 generations only a 9 year old boy survived. the killings have been described as a hate crime by canadian police and prime, and the just intruder has called it a terrorist attack. a mystery better is paying 20 a $1000000.00 to fly to spice. with the american found the amazon founder jeff fizzles. the winning bid was reached out of private charity auction held by his
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aerospace company, blue origin. and the shop and rocket will fly on the 20th of july. it will take for passengers, including vessel and his brother. and finally, the incredible story of a lobster diver in the united states. he says he was working off the coast of k cold on friday when all of a sudden he had a huge bump and everything went dark. here's what happened next. just thought did i just get eaten by a white shark? and i said no, i don't feel any teeth. and i said, oh my god, in the mouth of a whale, with his mouth shut. absolutely incredible miko pack of things. he was in the whale's mouth for about 30 seconds before spat him out. been released from hospital with only minor injuries. ah.


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