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i 2021. i'll just say english se across europe will only be available on full 51241828000784 further information. visit our website. ah . build back better world g 7, latest announce plans. the global infrastructure projects to rival china's belton road initiative. ah, hello money side. this is out there a life and also coming up. no trust, just 30 percent of those. just show our files, your 1st parliamentary elections since the 2019 pricing. philip has
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gone battles and all the sudden coven 19 infections on a day before americans matching brazil players and then as well as team has positive coven 90. ah! uniting against what they view as a resurgent china g. 7 leaders, a backing a global infrastructure plan to compete with beijing belton road initiative. you now spend came on day 2 of the lead us summit, but with the un secretary general at the table, global health was still a major discussion point. shown hall report from cornwall in england, described as a historic moment. d 7 leaders pledge their collective might to plan to fight to future pandemic. the carpet bay declaration aims to develop black scenes in under a 100 days to build better scientific surveillance techniques and to beef up powers
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for the world health organization. but some were eager to stress that the current pandemic is not yet over. we didn't really, those was the power to come together and to organize an effective response to the corporate. and the only way to be effective in both of it is get an idea that everybody will vaccinate the sooner rather than like the key thing to remember how far is it the damage is reject. right now, people need to right now and crucially, countries need financing right now. and every single, i think we've seen from this g 7 so far come to that any extra money on until we see the money. none of this unfortunately can be credible big promise. his sometimes empty are often a feature of big summit. this one though, had something to offer that does feel substantial. the united states, i said before, we're back us back. we feel very, very strong about cohesion of nato and i for one think that the european
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union is incredibly strong and vibrant entity biden's administration, once g 7 allies to support a global infrastructure project to rival china's belton road initiative. it's a returned to us leadership that many of his fellow leaders have solely missed, even if warm words with the e. u won't be entirely to the taste of the summits. host maurice johnson said at the outset that this g 7 summit would be an opportunity to reaffirm the values that bind these 7 developed world democracies. and yet, at this very summit, he stands accused by the european union of failing to honor his own commitments on breaks it. in his series of meetings, you leaders have told johnson the better relations will only come if he abides by the terms of post briggs in trade arrangements in northern ireland and the u. s. president with an irish roots appears to be on their side. i think that will have
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some pragmatic solutions and if we don't, then i think that what our friends have also understood is that it's the prime gc of the u. k. government to uphold the territorial integrity of the united kingdom, which is the sound of a prime minister no matter how isolated and however disappointed that breakfast has cost a cloud over his summit, nevertheless, refusing to back down jonah hole al jazeera cornwall. let's take a closer look at china's bells and road initiative, which the g 7 plan aims to counter. it's been on the way for about 8 years and is estimated to include $1.00 trillion dollars, where the foreign investments around the world. more than a 100 countries have signed agreements to construct pipelines, ports, railways, and other major projects. but it's left many developing countries in debt. the republic of congo debt, for example, is increased from 14 percent of its gross national income to nearly 39 percent. and
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goal as seen its debt to china rise by at least 13 percent kinsman moratti's, the founder and ceo of pen g at y group is geo political consultancy. he says the g 7 needs to do a lot of work to convince low income nations that they will benefit from its infrastructure plan. china is built in addition to the new one sort of piece of the puzzle in china's wish to be the dominant nation in the world. now g 7 have come up with a proposal without any legs on it as yet, but it's too late in the making, i do believe and also what they need to be thinking about is the funding aspect. no . so the wider vision aspect, which they haven't already solidified other funds, i think go back better is a good slogan. i think it's a slogan that means something to those nations which created it for the issue that they're going to have is buy in from other nations. actually, what does this mean in practice for this in bobbies of the world for the venues of
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the world and for the developing economies, which may hear this message, but don't know how they can be part of the development of it. and also what they have to gain when they build back. that's right. yeah. because right now what we have to build the better and really all every nation for themselves. so if this build back better were to actually be successful. the nations which promotes it need to show in reality, what tangible benefits of the nation will have if they do by enters into this idea . and this is a role of the complaint jury as electro commissions, as just over 30 percent of voters, took part in parliamentary elections. the pro democracy protest movement known as heroic had called for a boy called the election that held weekly demonstrations for reform until being effectively band. last month. the vote is the fed elections and long time president of the disease which was forced to step down presidential election in 2019 on the
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constitutional referendum last year was also marked by low turnouts. hasha had about a, has more of the story. the crucial test for the legitimacy of president of the machine to boon who was elected after mass proto, forced out president of the last 2 years ago. his government has been asking people to show up in huge numbers for saturdays parliament revote. its biggest concern, a lo, we're turn out that could further deepen the country's political crisis. algerians remain widely skeptical about reforms promised by the president, the protest movement that galvanized the nation in 2019 against the ruling class is now calling for a boycott. owners who, unless there's some people or party is trying to impose their dictates on us without us knowing who they represent. not just one person to or groups can impose
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their dictates on 45000000 algerians. the people wanted elections. and today, we see the turn out for them as 80 to boons. those pressing task is to revive an economy battered by a declining oil, revenues corruption, and coven. 19. he wants to restore confidence in a government tarnished by decades of corruption to the country. to keep going and to improve our situation, we have to help each other with good deeds. algeria president recently told al jazeera his country was run for many years, but what he called a left talk rossi. but despite his assurances to crack down on the management, many on the streets still insist the ruling elite should go opposition party such of the secular socialists forces bronze or f, f. s. and the valley for culture and democracy,
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boycotting the election. both parties are popular in the northern completely region, a focal point of the sense the decades long governing parties, the national liberation front, f l n, and national democratic riley, aaron de, could lose support the conservative ben up party and the movement of society for peace or m. s b brace sticks and the political influence according to analysts. but whoever comes to power was faced the daunting task of convincing algerians that change has come. hush my bottle al jazeera. let's bring in richard trustee. he's a professor political science at george washington university, joins us from washington, dc. many thanks for speaking to us on out there. you won't change cost your balance . was this year's election slogan by the government out of 30 percent 10 doesn't
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look like many people believe that the election will bring change. well, yes, that's true. and the basic crept, the matter, revolves around 2 different standpoints with regard to the, the selection there. those who believe that participation in election will lead to change. and there are those led by the rock moves. and which is a leader list differentially, which argues there should be structural political reform and change in terms of promoting transparency and accountability both for elections happen. so the problem is, of course, is if you have a low voter turnout now estimated to be around 30.2 percent. this, what it does is affect the distribution of seeds in the legislative assembly.
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elections, which are about $400.00. there are $407.00 seats that are being contested. so that independent candidate and the islam as parties could make a really good showing here. and what drives it's important to realize what drives the as long as paul parties are concerned that revolve around the economy and corruption. and it's not about integrating show real law into the constitution. also here i had some very nice pieces written about this, and i think that you know, in a way, there are 2 important drivers here in terms of broader observations. the 1st is that many scholars point to the residual effects of the arab spring in terms of unrest and demands for inclusion and accountability and transparency.
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and i think this is a very good example, of course, the other primary dimension here is the legacy of the 199-1991 national elections that peace. these block salvation frontwards in the process of winning. but the elections were ordered by the f l n. and the military. and of course, that one style jury into civil war that led to a split within the spit form the armed slavic group, the ga, which committed horrible atrocities in algeria during that civil war. so the question is, in effect, how one approaches the standpoints in terms this standpoint, in terms of involvement in the election, to the many thanks for your thoughts. richard test a professor political science at george washington university and go
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over the death of a young man in police custody spelling on the streets of to mrs. counsel thousands of youth class with offices in a working class district of the city and has been growing since a video is posted on line, showing police stripping and beating the man who died on tuesday. the offices involved have been suspended still ahead on al jazeera, but we'll, we'll take it back. see that you are a 2020 stage play. christian ericsson collapse is on the pitch. and how much would you spend to fly the space with jack? the founder of amazon, an auction being held in the winning bid in details coming up. i, i, it's time for the journey to with the sponsored by kettle airways.
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hello or so to us. monsoon has advanced to just the south of gujarat state. this is a few weeks ahead of schedule, and we know already the monsoon rains have been intense, moved by over the past 5 days more than a 1000 millimeters of rain. typically for the month of june, we should see about $530.00. of course, we've been dealing with flooding derek. now on sunday, i think the most intense monsoon range will be toward go. we do have bread, weather alerts in play here, could see upwards of about 600 millimeters of rain. then a lot of weather, as we head toward otisha and westbank, all states and still the heavy bond soon rain spilling into myanmar where we have seen flooding in and around young gone asia pacific looks like this. our plum rains moving across the east trying to see we do have what weather as we head toward tissue. and by monday we'll start to see that weather left into han shoes. so tokyo, what day ahead for you. okay, for the south china sea, we do have
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a tropical depression. it may turn into a tropical storm, but this is going to have a direct impact to areas of vietnam and louse, a lot of rain and the winds will whip up as well. and then for the philippines, we're still dealing with that intense rain manila. what day on sunday 30 degrees sponsored power cut on airways. something was going to change. has anything really changed? this is systemic violent that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the variance know what to say. so we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just there i'm, what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here and we believe everyone has a story we're hearing ah
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the me. and are you watching out the 0 mind top stories this our g 7 lead is meeting in the united kingdom. i've agreed on a global infrastructure plan to rival china's influence the details on how it would be finance on the summit. also discuss the plans speed up the response to any future pandemic. they want to reduce the time to develop vaccine strengths in the world. health organization on the reinforce juries, electrical commission is just service center versus to mention election pro democracy protest, movement known as iraq had called for boy. next some of turkey's top government figures are in libya for bilateral talks. the one day visit
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is led by the turkish foreign minister of chose show you among the delegation of the turkish defense interior menaces. as well as the chiefs of general staff and intelligence on car has been a staunch ally of tripoli, government and has provided it with ministry support against forces loyal to walla . holly for hafta, brazil's president has been fined for not wearing a mask while leading a parade of supporters on motor bikes in south powder tables and our son and 3 government ministers were also slapped with penalties equivalent to $110.00 each. on the local walls, mos all compulsory and public places both and are told crowds that most useless for those already vaccinated. a claim that's been disputed on those public health experts. now at least 12 members of the venezuelan delegation to the copper america football tournament have tested positive corona virus.
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several players were among those infected. the nice comes just before the team is due to play, the opening match against host country brazil on sunday. a schedule of corresponding monica. yeah. q is live now from rear diginero monica. this can be good news for the tournament. what more do you know? well, no, it's not good news. of course this has been a very improvised tournament. it was decided at the 11th hour after argentina and columbia decided that they could not host the cop one because there were protests in columbia. and because there were there were infections in coby 19 infections in argentina and president both. so now then decided to host this cup. and of course what people will very worried about was how safe would that be?
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because brazil is the country that has the 2nd largest cold, the 19 death toll. so having team players and delegation, 65 percent people per delegation coming back and going back and forth was something that was decided at the last minute and, and the result was that the 1st game. now, par, why has to summon, are 15 other players because they had all of a sudden the surge of infection. there are reports that have not been confirmed about the bolivian team. also having some people supposedly tested positive for coven 19, the health minister here has said that this is part of the game. this is what was expected, and yes, it is safe. but we spoke to doctor earlier, who told us that this was a risk. he's been telling people that this is the risk,
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and these events should have been cancelled. the glow desilva has been selling football souvenirs for 25 years. always in the same spot. in front of re edition nero's iconic monica no stadium, which used to fill up with fans and tours, not anymore. last year, when the corona virus pandemic hit brazil, this stadium was used as a field hospital. infections are still spreading, and the number of coven 19 deaths is about to reach half a 1000000. but america now will open its doors for the final game of the cop america, which begins on sunday. i made a harsh criticisms from brazilian players and had coach teachy over risks of corona virus infections on saturday, a day before facing brazil in the 1st game. 12 in his will, and players and staff tested positive for covered 19 and had to be quarantined in
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the capital. brazil, you cannot us us. i would like for us not to have these problems, not just with venezuela, but with anyone. this is a messed up organisation and this is not a political point of view. this is a direct criticism to the south american football federation constable and the brazilian football confederation, who decided to have the corporate america here. yes, the decision was backed by brazil is president zabel. so now was parking outrage in congress for ma. this will be a decent championship. we need a vaccine championship. the matter ended up in the supreme court, which allowed it just 3 days before kickoff. but the could wait about holding such a big force event in a country with the world's 2nd largest cove in 1900 death. it'll continue. in brazil, we had the percentage of people infected into football business was equivalent to the front line doctors in hospitals. the same percentage. so doctors are
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subjected to a very high viral concentration density. right? well, soccer players in brazil were infected at the same rate, which is incredible is or is the scary even close to who makes the living selling t shirts and flags to football fans. does this year's tournament is too risky? very nice. brazilian government wants to come by america. political reasons, it was popular involves a lot of money and our election. thanks dear, but what about the rest of the country? not even 11 percent has been fully vaccinated. i'm 51 and i haven't had to 1st of any vaccine. he's been staging a lonely protest for the future as that pass by the american nor his banner says, we don't want the copper america. we want vaccines, monica, not us all jazeera, we're diginero a spring and burner free to see
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a sports unless danny joins us from south palo many thanks for joining us on al jazeera, bruno. let me start by asking you about these rumors about the bolivia team, about some of the members that contacting the virus. can you comment on that at all? we know currently that legation has one issue there i was about as well. and. busy a matter of fact that one day before the call, nobody knows what's going to have to get organized this week. we have sort of bubble, we've test every 40 hours and we legation is almost wrapped in by the belt was last year. but even so they would have to have trips going placement and everybody in the concert and was the one about what's going to happen.
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what reaction has been to this news in brazil and also by other football teams taking part in this tournament about these venezuelan teams testing positive. so this will give the news that america will come to the country with great surprise. everybody knows the do with one of the was from then at almost half bath and what pollution late are about 11 preparation. and we've been hosting a domestic government game appealing to national game. but everybody thinks that will not be the right time due to the national team because he is not ready for that kind of with off ability given. that's how the
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public feel about this torment. why is the president so keen for it to go ahead specially for the government, but then trade was when i made a big backbone on the tournament with the previous good. before the kickoff, we have a national election in 2022 of the total amount of the we crucial or will it will future again, many thanks for your thoughts. burneff recess sports unless speaking to us from south palo money. denmark football star christian ericsson is conscious, unstable in hospital after collapsing during a you or a 2020 game against finland. the mid field is reported to have suffered a heart attack on the pitch. that stokes, as this report as distressing scenes in copenhagen leagues fans and players watched
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on in horror as denmark, star christian ericsson collapsed in the euro 2020 game against finland. his teammates formed a human shield around him, as he was given cpr on the pitch for several minutes before being taken away on a stretcher. the match was suspended with those left in the stadium, failing the worst time to come, but then more positive news. a photograph emerged showing them in the field of raising his hand as he was carried off. it was been confirmed by the torment organizes that erickson was stable and conscious in hospital denmark's football association said that players were able to communicate directly with erickson. and the decision was taken by both teams to restart the game, which finland went on to win. one mill, gentleman nation to be the death report that it was the case and that exam himself that gave is getting light to clear that said, please go on the play that game erickson is 29 years old and plays for the italian
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champions into milan into the team physician has said eric, for never contract, had copied 19, has no medical conditions that he's aware of. and his past every medical exams, it's joining from tottenham. in january last year, erickson remains in hospital and he's undergoing tests. david stokes out his era there have been memorial marches and visuals across canada to remember and muslim family killed on sunday. people. march near the sports in london on tara with a family, was deliberately hit by a half con truck almost a week ago, for people kills finding 3 generations only a 9 year old boy survived. the killings have been described as a hate crime by canadian police. prime minister just intruder called it a terrorist attack. now a seat on a space ship with billionaire jeff bezos has sold for $28000000.00 during a live auction business company. blue origin plans to carry humans into space
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aboard. its new shattered rockets for the 1st time. next month. shawl about us reports 29000000. well, you know what they say they say going once, this is terrorism for the rich bidding to join. amazon founded jeff bezos in a 10 minute trip to space. thank you, and that is sold $20000000.00. number 121 . this is the rocket. you ship it launching for his flight. in april basal space company blue origin. it will carry its 1st humans into space aboard and ship it on july 20th. and we have got new shepherd go inside the capture we bagels, his brother, the yet to be named auction winner and a 4th anonymous person. let's get into what the flight itself is going to be like about 10 times higher in altitude than your normal commercial jet. flights know up
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there over the carmen line. that's when we're going to let our passengers on buckle get to experience. about 3 minutes of weightlessness. the freedom of 0 g, gazing out of those gorgeous windows, the largest windows that have ever flown to space worth almost $200000000000.00 space. also the world's richest man. he founded e commerce, joined amazon in 1994. but enough, this month, his last day ceo will be on july 5th. fazel is now everything toward space. this is blue moon. we've been working on this lander for 3 years. it's a very large lander. it's time to go back to the moon this time to stay space race between one palace 2 decades ago. bilinear investors have joined in recent years, phase offices and competition with virgin collect ticks,
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richard branson and spaces elan musk for the space tourism market. they source and branson and developing short sub orbital flights, meaning they do not reach speeds required to remain in earth. orbit mosque wants to do multi day commercial space strips and has already st. astronauts to the international space station for now. phase also scheduled to be the 1st of the 1000000000, is to take the trip itself. charlotte bellis al jazeera. ah, this is out there. are these top stories, g 7 leaders meeting in the united kingdom of agreed on a global infrastructure plan to rival china's influence. with details on how it will be financed on clear james bay's is out the summit in cornwall. this new us.


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