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richard branson in space 6 is eland musk for the space tourism market. mays austin branson, developing short sub orbital flights, meaning they do not reach speeds required to remain in earth. orbit mosque wants to do multi day commercial space trips. and it's already st. astronauts to the international space station. the, the for now phase also scheduled to be the 1st of the 1000000000 is to take the trip itself. charlotte bellis? oh, to 0. ah . let's take you through the headlines here. now just here, now g 7 leaders of declared 2021 should be a turning point for all planets in their final communicate. really to say they committed to what they call a green transition setting targets, the con gas emissions and boost funds to reach climate goals. our diplomatic get it to james base has more from nist and times in cornwell,
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not far from the summit venue from the communicate with regard to both cobit 19 and climate change, the g. 70 does say that this should be a turning point for our planet. they go on and communicate to say we commit to a green transition, cut emissions, we commit to accelerating efforts, greenhouse gas emissions, and keep the $1.00 global warming $1.00 degrees global warming threshold. winning reach, we commit to mobilize finance, endeavoring leveraging innovation to rich climate goals. and they say to me that they commit to ambitious efforts to reach net 0 greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible by 2050. the latest israeli politicians are due to hold the vote of confidence on a new government that could unseat prime minister benjamin netanyahu. after 12 years in power. it's an alliance of a policies including the right to the left. and for the 1st time a palestinian israeli party. i'll jury as parliamentary elections saw its lowest
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turn out in nearly 20 years after calls from protest is for a boy called. the electoral commission says about 30 percent devoted in 22500 fans are expected at london's wembley stadium later in england kick off a euro 2020 campaign with a match against croatia. it's the largest number in the stadium. since the start of the pandemic. danish football player christine eric said, is regain consciousness off the collapsing on the pitch and the euro 2020 game against finland. 29 year olds is given cpr before being rushed to hospital supplies . india has recorded its lowest number of official daily covey, 900 cases. since april death remain high with more than 3000 recorded in the past 24 hours. as a headlines, it's inside story. now, news
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news news will elections in algeria leads to really change the opposition groups of cold for a boy called yes, the government says the vote will build a new g area. is that possible in the country where the army has substantial influence? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm peter w. algeria has held its 1st parliamentary elections since mass protest force president abdel aziz put
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a free courtesy step down 2 years ago. the boat was initially scheduled to take place next year, but it was moved up in response to recent demonstrations. the protest movements has been supporters to boycott the vote at once and overhauled the political system and an end to the military's influence in politics. the protest movements leaders say, until that happens, elections won't change much. we'll bring in our guest in a moment. first, this report from hash m, i hope barra, a crucial test for the legitimacy of president of the machine to boon who was elected after mass protests forced out president of the last 2 years ago. his government has been asking people to show up in huge numbers for saturdays parliamentary vote. its biggest concern, a lo, we're turn out that could the deep and the country's political crisis. algerians
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remain widely skeptical about reforms promised by the president, the protest movement that galvanized the nation into 1019 against the ruling class is now calling for a boycott. women who knows there's some people are parties trying to impose their dictates on us without us knowing who they represent. not just one person to or groups can impose. there are dictates on 45000000 algerians. the people wanted elections. and today, we see the turn out for them to boons. those pressing task is to revive and economy battered by a declining all revenues corruption and coven. 19. he wants to restore confidence in a government tarnished by decades of corruption from the country to keep going. and to improve our situation, we have to help each other with good deeds. algeria president recently told al jazeera his country was run for many years, but what he called
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a left talk rossi. but despite his assurances to crack down on the management, many on the streets still insist the ruling elite should go opposition party, such as the secular socialist forces, bronze or f, f s, and the valley for culture and democracy, boycotting the election. both parties are popular in the northern kabibi region, a focal point of descend. the decades long governing parties, the national liberation front, f l n, and national democratic riley allen de could lose support. the conservative been our party and the movement of society for peace or m. s. b brace to expand the political influence according to analysts. but whether comes to power with face the daunting task of convincing algerians that change has come. habitable al jazeera
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ah, there we are. here we go. let's get going with our guest in robot. we have new fall, our board director of the nordic center. if a conflict transformation in london, we have tin hand on l copy and associate fellow in the middle east and north africa program at chatham house and in montgomery, alabama. we have rusty louis and independent middle east, and algeria analyst, a warm welcome to all of you. new file aboard in rebecca coming to 1st. if these elections won't change anything, if these elections won't improve anything, what will the question is basically whether the regime and the system may not, julia union. so reforms, or rather as a just submit mechanism for change, a key indicator to answer this question, question the key indicator is to look at the previous reform for interviews after
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the election of the car president and, and including also the referendum that the constitution have led to any changes or they could be considered as having a bald be demand in the process of the iraq in jerry. and the question to this is, know the answer to it is no with the idea that actually iraq hazardous view it with force and transfer even with challenges to come to the corporate my team. and then my answer would be basically that these elections are coming up as a way to divert, again the are getting people from meaningful reform. the region has, has been known by the people that use 2 different kind of diverse, one into one back introduce. and so the reforms elections and so for that,
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but also external reforms by escalation, conflicts outside julia, especially with neighboring country. like for example, morocco recently. okay. allow me to force you to a new follow. we'll come back to that point in a moment. 10, hannah and l county in london to boons credibility here is clearly on the line. that's what everyone is saying to day. does he not know that or does he not care about that? i think it's rather the 2nd option, his credibility was already severely challenged. after the presidential elections of a 2019, we saw about these elections had the lowest turn out in a jury of history for a presidential election. and so he's the president without any significant social base, the present and election had he contested of the time. rog,
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purposes, where on the streets confessing this election, which was argued decided by the military and not the time warmer chief of staff gates. and after that we sold in 2020 the regime decided to move forward with a new constitution. the constitution did not emanate from the people that was no cause to trend assembly or process that took into account the voices of the jury and people. the process was very much top down to she was brought to by some of the same ex says, who drafted constitutions under us era. and so the vote was also heavy. both potted. we only registered 20 percent participation rate, among which only 13 percent durians approved the new constitution. so it's extremely low race. and so someone is already suffering from an extreme like
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of legitimacy. and it's very likely that today's legitimate elections will result in a similar outcome. and the legitimacy is not said to results to parliamentary elections . rusty louis, the alabama give me a sense, if you can, within the, the, sort of the urban flow of power within the establishment. in algeria who pulls all the strings, is it to boon, or is it the security apparatus of those? because they're they are in the same boat and whatever is going to be to gain lose to missy will gain power as well. so it's not one person, it's, it's reductive to see to, to read it as one group pulling the strings and the other is following deaf fake is link the military establishment. faith and faith are both linked. and the way to
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look at this election to frame it is they meant to be to book and the transition period with that started with books, flicker departure, and then kicked. and then we have the best selection referendum and this legislative election. usually this is the sequence in any will retain state that is moving, forming the talk prosy. so democracy to follow. however, the speak with, you know, jerry is not going to book and the transition towards democracy is going to book and transition to the same. because in these 3 elections we've, you know, we've seen that the turn out rate was absolutely extremely low, but in standard and this election will also have a really low turnout rate so days, the crisis of legitimacy and the boons know that. and the military foundation and
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institution know that as well. and i would like to different lively with your last guess. i don't think they don't care a day do care very much the bidding care they, when you go through this to reactor, it show putting on putting on elections and going through all this theater. they do care and they will collect to have some kind of legitimacy and when they would like to like k somehow, iraq. but they can't del log into a logic where it says they will some lovek in their mind if they give up power a little bit to the street to iraq, they lose it. ok has been some game logic. we are stuck in the same place, no fall of food. is that a valid point when we talk about the systemic elements of this?
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because both tina and russia with an alibi, ma, making the same point in a different way. record low levels of turner and stop me got this wrong here. but in algeria there is no lower threshold of turn out where it's kept. so in theory, one person can vote in parliament re election and the powers that be can say, oh, we've got a majority of a 100 because only one person turned out to vote. exactly big problem during the day. not exactly, i was going to be no matter what the result of the election power would stay with the military. it would, they would, we didn't with the same men of the systems no matter what have been experience and that they know exactly the new generation of jerry and who are forming that they know exactly the mechanism, the methods and the out of the mechanism. for example, you know, you cannot run an election for the arguments without having
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a clear ideas about the process that the districts in have it in time for the police campaign, let people know their candidate and also be explicit about the financing of the political parties. none of that have happened even worse is that because of the pressure of the process in iraq and the president has developed the date of the elections, which is everything. elections also means that the chamber, the department and the chamber has credibility in the gym. se in among the people, not even in constitution. and the reason offer tuition that is due to differences in terms of power between the executive machine and the representative of the people. one of the demand ok,
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less one of that point on $200.00 calorie in london. could this be the beginnings of this is not coalescing around a high rock leader or leadership. but could this be the beginnings of a generational shift in algeria and as much as one in 7, only one in 7 of the people who voted voted for the new constitution and those people, the majority of the population is under 29 years old. i forget what the percentage is, but it's a big percentage. and they've seen 60 years, they've seen their parents talk about 60 years of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. yeah. so these elections are happening against the backdrop of the name, socio economic crisis. the people know the dreamy economies having the dependent on hydrocarbon. and in recent kids, especially since this is 1014 all swap. you have the,
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during the economy has not the capacity to, to reduce tributes and guarantee subsidies of public goods. and this constitutes a significant problem for the regime because historically we distribution and buying social. he has been born on of a jury regime survival strategy. and the storage unit thing is the problem. now, to answer the question on generational change, what we're thinking of the moment is the regime roadmap to regenerate itself. so we might see a new generation of musicians emerging from the new parliament. however, it just a generation of people who are willing to be the facade of what is in military regime. we're not seeing any genuine change. the roadmap, imposed by, by, by the regime has consisted and electro like presidential election in 2019. then the
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constitutional referendum in 2020. and now we're seeing the last step with the parliamentary election. but none of these election was free and fair. and we are not witnessing any meaningful willingness to, to engage in regina change and moving toward a more democratic form of government and to move people in the head. i have opposed the selection. we haven't seen any major figures from the opposition entering the election. actually more important opposition parties in adria are boy coughing elections. so it's very unlikely that this would need to any generational change power still very much lies in the hands of old military generals curia, rusty louis the in alabama. is that a valid point? because if you look or if you drill down into the back story of people who self
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identify as being quotes, opposition they've had in the past. associations with the f l, n and the r and d point number one. and point number 2, at some point, somebody either in the military or in the government always goes down this road of saying, well, we were involved in the liberation fight. that was almost 60 years ago that, that unemployed, younger generation they've moved on. they want to move on, so this kind of, that might be an explanation why the campaign so far has been so well lat cluster, i guess. yes, that's one reason. but the other reason is that the outcome is already known by the people by this young generation. they know that the outcome is going to be more of the same. and the blue dilemma and the jewish and the law is how to create they are dying and speaking to create some level of popular lives. missy,
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because there are serious economic and social want to be introduced. and these walls, especially the economy and financially phones are very painful, such as reforming the pension system reforming the with the heavy welfare states, reforming the banking. you can out introduce this heavy reform, gray and popular without having a social and popular base. so to whom did i might find himself, lack english to see the military? no, that therefore for the sake of survival because i always seek a way of surviving all the christ. your day will jenison from one day or another. and if he becomes a heavy weight, you becomes an albatross around the military family, some mic. so the period that has come in this new generation that is coming, this iraq, that is not also blameless. because then miss an opportunity to read the propose
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and organize themselves to propose a serious political character. day. here i succeeded in the 1st period in between april and june, 2019. then it went through a summer of 2019, just before professional lecture and what it last momentum instead of structuring sales instead of organizing these instead of setting up a direction spokesperson, a collegial leadership, or just one leader to propose. as soon as tentative political, a kind of a representative soon as little horse and journey political environment day miss that, that fortunately so ok income. i'm here right right now. ok if you do that, as we doubt it, we are going to something that no one wants a confrontation between the street and the military. and that plays into the hands
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of the actual rigid novel abode. and robot is her rack. in that sense, its own worst enemy because there are internal divisions, there are internal squabbles. they don't have a designated leader or leadership. and every so often, the past 2 years in algeria has been punctuated by to boone or people close to him, accentuating and illuminating those divisions within her rack. yeah, when the truck is lead, unless yes, it's actually a challenge in, but it's also a strength of iraq. that's what made iraq, you know, last longer until today. and they've had been, you know, ways from the regime to try to dismantle the iraq various ways. but until today they couldn't, because no matter what the division and, and how can it is in
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a way to look at popular mystic and diverse the feel like it. but they stick to the main claims on demand, which is actually that the system needs to be met the law that the military should go up completely, but the military should not be controlling. this was the life of a jury and, and also there have been that stick into the demand. so regarding these are problems that exist in last year. yeah. and this is all about corruption, unemployment, and so forth like that. okay, so i'm going to interrupt you that because we are trotting quite quickly towards the end of the program. so forgive me for that posting you there. i want to go back to 11 on l, cardi in london. we seem to be saying 10 turkeys, don't vote for christmas. the military wouldn't go for their own extinction. a lower turnout seems to push us towards realizing that there probably will be more
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demonstrations on the streets. might that turn into se, and i'll jury in summer along the lines of the arab spring, perhaps. is that a possibility in the us ability because what we've seen is that processes within the head are very much committed to continue purchasing. and so meaningful political change is achieved. so many are viewing these elections as just another ruse or another attendance for, for the ministry to, to keep paula. and i think the country is reaching your real political deadlock. in the sense that we've seen that the government was unable to move forward with any real reform, whether it's non mate or social. the headlight is really the political situation in general. and the country is an a soulmate. and this cannot continue in such challenging times. well, as i mentioned earlier, there is a really kind of
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a crisis call that my, to from them it came to further deacon, very structural crisis. and we have extremely high unemployment rate. in recent months. we have the number of young children crossing the middle journey and to reach the southern shores of europe has increased significantly. and so i think that it's very much necessary that true power holders in the country sits around the negotiating table with political liter. it's one of the, a position with representatives from the head and try and find a consensual political solution. could the situation as it is, isn't a very can untenable situation whereby there are no freedoms, no, no democracy of the same time, the machine is unable to achieve. no freedoms and no democracy roster. louis and alabama algerians haven't had democratic elections walk 3 decades,
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30 years. on the one hand, we seem to have a country that's got lots of hope. on the other hand, we have a country that has lots of repression and we have a country run by the old guard where the still want to talk about legacy. we have a french president emanuel mac wrong born in 1977. i mean, he post dated the call events that gave us algeria as we recognize it today. should he go close to this, or should he just stay well away? because he is tilting towards, you know, former french colonies in africa at the moment. i think it's this is a loaded question because there is no easy way of ever in it. i think it would be really not helpful for algerian opposition, as in iraq to have them open and, and loud sports from any french friends. because dad would play into the old
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narrative of the external hand beforehand that the military stopped listening to navigation have been turning out the sixty's. so yes, you can support, hey, rock, he asked, you can support it through transition. so or democracy, but to be outspoken about it, to be out loud about it and to be open about it could backfire. and i would like the june p o position and leadership in iraq to do it themselves. yet they need help. but it is important for you to do it itself. that is the question of logistics. because that comes from the algerian people to push all out a competitive well to retain. stayed there are usually very resilient. we just have to look in europe, russia and hungry. all righty. so i'm going to have to interrupt you because the
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clock has bitterness here on inside story for that i apologize. the very interesting fire compelling conversation to thank you so much to all i guess they were neufeld a boot teen hannah l. connie and rushed to louis and thank you to for your company, can see the show again. anytime be the web site out of here dot com. and for more discussion, go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story can also join the conversation on twitter. we are at a j inside story for me, peter toby and the team here and i'll catch up thanks for watching. we will see you same time, same channel tomorrow until i news news, news, news,
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who bring you the news and current affairs g o. i hello, i'm adrian for to get into the top stories on out of here a g 7 lead us of declared 2021. should be a turning point for our planets and final communique, the leaders say that they're committed to what they call a green transition setting targets to cut gas emissions and boost funds to reach climate goals on diplomatic, it's a james base has more from near the g 7 summit instant ives from the communicate with regard to both coby 19 and climate change, the g 70.


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