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and said that the head coach should go with, he didn't want to play. and so politics got involved with sports and, and this is pretty much what happened. also we must think that were prisoners re, both matters practically on the campaign trail for next year's election. so you have his opponents trying to show this as a depth championship and both so now to himself trying to show this as you know of football which, which has always brought popularity to politicians here. ah, hello again. i'm fully bad. people with the headlines on al jazeera right, we nationalists, natalie bennett, has been sworn in as israel. the new leader, after parliament approved a new coalition government by a narrow margin. it ends benjamin netanyahu 12 year, grip on power. and it leads the correlation of 8 parties with vast ideological
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differences, but it's promising to bring unity to a divided nation. and the come surely, i mean the, we are the started talking to days, hardships me not an exaggerated wordiness. k, much in the hardships of establishing the unity government is behind us. and now the people of israel, everyone is putting their eyes on us and the burden of proof is on us. we will work together in partnership with responsibility in order to man the resting the nation with any mediately bring back the country one normal functioning one after a long period of paralysis and quarrels. bennett has spoken with us. president joe bind in calling him a great friend of israel 5 and says he's looking forward to strengthening bilateral tie. another news trying to be on mars, the post leader on france, which is due to begin in the coming hours. this is just facing several challenges including illegally accepting gold and payments. so she has been under house arrest since the military took over. in february. malaysia has extended
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a nationwide lockdown for 2 more weeks after a sharp increase in daily news. coffee 19 infections. an average of more than 5000 cases have been confirmed every day for the past week. gatherings and non essential travel will still be banned. schools and universities will remain closed. and nato leaders are hoping to reset, transact, plan, pick relations at a summit with us president joe biden on monday. washington says a new strategic concept will be discussed at the meeting in brussels. it includes action on china's going military presence and cyber threats from russia. the g 7 summit in the u. k. ended with a commitment to increase action on climate change. on sunday, they renewed a promise to provide $100000000000.00 for year to developing nations to cut emissions, leading environmental who say the plan lacks ambition. those are the headlines coming up next. on all jazeera, the fans will make football on counting the cost agenda. inequality,
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it's always been there when it comes to employment. and now the pandemic made it worth, we've got the numbers on just count disproportionate job loss of the theme. and the discussion on what needs to happen to reverse these troubling trim. counting to come on out to 0. the i this is level bonita, the chocolate box, home to book a juniors or simply book or just the most successful football winning 69 official title today. players who began their career at boca include international stars like any gym. and then of course,
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there was the late great diego model today, almost an incredible 40 percent of all crazy country. if they're in egypt to book here at the museum of passion for boca luciana manji, a lifetime supporter is teaching her daughter julietta the history of her beloved team. when i'm on my team, bilateral gave me most of you all but i mean, i feel what are, what am one the all guy and say yeah,
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think i am a martin palermo became part of the book of folklore playing and what is generally recognized as the biggest match in the clubs history. the final of the inter continental cup in japan against one of europe's most famous teams, re madrid, it out. thank you for the last one they have on, but i will be a 1000000 questions. it's all they they more show now, but i will find the will be one of the feel you that have been day think you might you know you to the one of the month and then that i have me died out thanks to martin paulette was goals booker defeated the european giants to become world champions. so i was just,
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i wanted that no more. oh, no book, a juniors was founded near the ports of this historically immigrant neighbourhood. the point of cyrus, after which is named argentinians, loved their football. it permeates all parts of the society and these colorful streets in this traditionally working class suburb or the foundation of any book offense, i assure you have nothing to have it. let me know in the single, i guess young the little boy, single more chat shows, the sequence single coffee they made and they won't trust your fina her see really?
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no, it's no more want to get that. i don't see it. when am i follow the master code? it must be made out of it. we should. i mean, did the i know so you know it's, it's doable. leels or that go see, oh yeah, i the money. see how it was written in that garza? yeah, i was going to see my son. you know, the where it on the on for me. yeah. i guess in a 40 me to, you know, don't pay. i'm assuming you guys bring down to day this restaurant close to lab on benita is a popular hang out for book offense if they come in the know see if you know, say mike montoya for john lee, but since i thought though, monday he went, oh boy, b. a dinner. good ilario. that's ation. a lot of the content of your study guide.
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you are good to go on. you know, the power marine corps moved from northern ocean tina to lives in what she call her spiritual home. ah, for her, the book of football club, the neighborhood, and it's working class routes or what distinguishes this clump from any other in argentina? i why don't you know 30 percent on we learn. i was throw on your 330 are going to fina can, as i don't know a lot down there you were. so did he did or they don't. how annoyed you're wondering of come up with that will be done unless you will. i got a great day, but i don't president that on who as why peter looked on happening, takes the 2nd president, him under president one on elected 3 times in the 1900 forties fifties. and then again in the seventy's football was politicized
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the. recognizing the importance of the working class of both and the enormous drawing power of the bulk of it targeted their support with populous proclamations . calling himself the 1st sportsmen of argentine or a device of figure, he would later become infamous internationally for his use of torture against opponents and his support of fascism. whether or not he truly supported boca. no one knows. yet many fans still see their own as their little hero. he's our status update on isa. so important to show it, but also in the another argentinian possibly more famous than paran himself. was diego mar donna, who had to spell. ah, i mean, i got a low don't you?
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when you are in the us and i didn't going down the study. i got, sorry. i mean under a lot of money. don't go know what is getting married. donna was revered across argentina. but at boca this month's stature, one remind academy is even higher. he devoted almost his entire playing career to the club, winning 10 leak titles. what about ever since i got mark seymour and his study, i got a warning from them. i mean, i mean i'm, you know, i recall me spent a total of 13 successful seasons with the club when he could have earned much more in europe during that time. his murals stairs across the trucks at madonna and
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these 2 greats were in fact, decades long rifles culminating in a feud. were academy successfully beat methadone and securing election of the new club chairman and was himself elected as vice president of boca now given i guess, i don't know when a line, you know, like what a deal was sunday people like you know what a 1000000 job. 30 the when assayed us has one of the largest concentrations of football clubs in the world and 70 percent of all argentine support either boca, or their great rivals. river play. the darby as seen as the ultimate battle between
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rich and poor. both clubs originate from level can neighbourhood, but river moved to a more affluent area of one aside as earning them the nickname, the millionaires look at juniors remained, but their support is nationwide. in the suburbs of bonus iris lives a true fanatic maximilian who cancel. he lives 5 minutes away from his local club, but his heart is with bulger. you mention that there are the window. so yeah, guy, real e. know been so now like a frodo, man, and i have a satellite satellite does that allow me might have less than what you put him away, but in the fall i got it kind of all the way out but i don't know what i mean,
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but i don't i don't know what she let me tell you. i'm going to go to the b and you said no in the single can i go so i live on the real. i mean, see, i see, i said our get tired of him in there, but i little the ot us when he shall. i then drag. he said they, whom was she doing it? i am, but i get our i see just a little says here to hit i went allow, know, but oh, and i gotta ah, diego, madonna, may have become a multi millionaire in europe. but he grew up in poverty and this suburb of status, of what i like best i then foremost someone come on the lease and then the number. so call me when you go in, they're going to why do you this is jonathan. the son of go show carried so
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madonna's best childhood friend and football buddy low. and you see, for me, i like in target any more than not any so yeah, now she'll get it on zillow and then you can go on your show. but it's not going to give me a bug that'll go bustle. why should the night go moon better? lo showed me baba so you don't know what us so that means we shall go in and manually come because only i don't mean let's allow the madonna's childhood home is in a dangerous neighbourhood. outsiders are advised not to hang around initially when able get a session diner. sage can going assumable. you are your book, what we've done,
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the sort of you're considered a yoga not below. did doug are now will she does forney, i bailey alpha hardy? well, let me go show and mariah doner started playing on this barren pitch near their homes when they were both just 8 years of age go. she signed for another bonus service team argentina's juniors, renowned throughout the football world for its academy. it was he who recommended his best friend diego to the youth manager. there both were destined for star them but their paths diverged when at the age of 20 an injury ended go, she was career. you may go some bogus. the lord envoys shaw did the return. your do and i brace young of him, but i a cordial gig is when you know the ill be on id know the you are the media
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bug simpler you than when i went to amelia. he gave me, let's have a real just when you are in california. we're done. i'm a lawyer. go for the valley. i go. no, i don't. and i'm on all go show now trains young footballers. while madonna went on to international stardom, but drugs, sex and alcohol addiction became his demons, leading to his death at the age of 16. ah, it's not only at the book and museums at louisiana is schooling julietta. ah, she's been taking her to lap on benita, ever since she was a baby, just like her mother did with her child. and i see what a company called me my mom michelle. i find
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a guy feel free and i can tell you the flute that a 20 years ago. she married her love of boca with her career, starting a fan web site that now has 3000000 followers worldwide. so they're all good on that. i lost my deaf and so no study and a lot of the social e v show our sona bank and he said it was so and you know, you could okay, we want to be in or get out of here. but i'm going to go on following her team. her vocation has taken her to all corners of the earth. can i get that any way getting child but a way from the beauty of the game and the ordinary fans. there's
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a sinister code to argentinian football. something that has played the sport for decades. a cancer prevalent in most clubs around the country and all too evident in the rivalry between boca juniors and river plate. it's a rivalry that has come to the fine south american football and illustrate argentina sinister marriage between hooliganism and organ. the people in the, in the 50, let me look it up for luck. on sequential left, you're going to go to cindy. got those. he said, you're on those foolish. i'm what i what i what every club manager tina has. it's about us brothers, which translates as fighting gangs. and they provide much of the color and energy
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and matching at boca, there's sometimes referred to as lead dosing. the 12 member of the 11 man team, but there is a dock aside to these groups. the violence of about us progress isn't just limited to hooliganism financial, but if you come in yeah, mostly hello most you know, the more sort of any so civilian, just want to plot that 2nd, 2nd part of the thing. yes. a thank you to generally so michael morning, just with the most daniels i see though. when he says she ended up cabinets and look out on it's the source years. well, don't be in latin throughout the whole body and reset muscle. ok. but i get a sense of that, but i in there last year. so when i go, when you're going home, you get when, if you hear they won't do it. as you know, they're making money out of the club is potentially very lucrative. and where there
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are a vast sums to be made. allegiances get blurred, missouri daddy, i'm in the last case in the able to for your interest. cl interior, a little wider than dennis on in the us. and i want a clue, a fit in the youth about bus a border log with you on the the like going to me the board of don't clues here what are some that in going to some professionalism liter here in a full while we're on the of dinner important this later. it turn it out. but if you're really not doing what, i can tell you a lot of good. so i think about it as soon as i know what us, sally, and i got past the data, lynn to do face and moon, the cobra. and what is what she does your in argent tinian football is deadly. almost a 150 people have been murdered. over the past 20 years,
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and in recent times, the numbers have increased. the culprits are usually about us in their alleged links to the police, the justice system and politicians ensures that the families of the murdered seldom give justice. well the thing, i mean not mine off what though not what i mean, who is m? i will double if way says you know, law maskeen growth or gun to going to than that it's on you know middle bonnie: on a long what are you all up in the been the forgive me what i guess. yeah, me, but let me go in. so i'm going to go to the sign. you ask me what the douglas jo katie again marietta gale the full data may i got that? let me. oh, the rivalry between independent
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a and racing is almost as intense as that of book and river playing. to stadium 2 clubs, the same neighborhood, and only a few 100 meters from each other. and know that there are other than that you wanna throw in in the, in the model for me in a moment. let me know what i rushing on anybody on them, but they're not the ones that are not big on those who who did it. but i'm going to suddenly tell you there was just one person murdered alberta, robeto's 22 year old son gustavo, in front of the stadium. he loved laura e,
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not the 30 am on i care what i'm saying in the end there is nothing more just a man. what? 32 monsieur. no. he says how is not one thing or another one? no one was ever charged with gustavo murder. if you stay on the candle for the last part of the day, will you see if it was at all because in their own their own ways. no, none of us have gotten had been out here in la barbara and i see a little boy political a father probably do a boy who is here. he says on, well, no,
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it'll probably be eligible for the let me the sheer importance of football in argentinian life was crystallized when mauricio mercury, the multi millionaire, former chairman of boca became president of budget tina. he also became a figure of hate for fans of other clubs who accused him of using presidential influence to favor buck. during his stewardship, at lubbock bernetta, the butler brothers had brutally attacked visiting fence leading to a court case. the judge requested information from the club in concert, but he and they will come over to show marketing never on the with keith or the socio they will got no say they put in the agreed and what i whatever was nobody to
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find it. so they might dennis, when a kimberly co, more temporary horse foreman told him, i said there's a clue where now you think it was a ball in recent times, the river play boca rivalry, has even seen players forcing the authorities to take the unprecedented step of relocating the continent most prestigious cup final, the liberal, the daughter's 7000 miles away to madrid. when i'm in there, my nephew nearly local. but even though the phone with l. my people in the game who left, you know, go by the funny eyes and margaret if i stand the symbolical augustine poolgan was recently given the job of head of national security for stadia. an
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argentine in an attempt to reduce the violence away fans are now banned across most of the country. that the, i mean, then i receive done this in the for work and the, you know, will get them out. know who we are, not the monitor message. i'm what your son years you should, i mean then i will not probably see us see it, but i meet them political. we see tundi and plenty of show and i said if what, if not better, meet the paid. okay. just let me know so that it will catch up on that i will catch, i'd probably call you guys have 10 people, you go to god bogus and what is the time of in the event of all if you want to tell me what kinda log out of yeah ah ah, it's the 1st day of the new season, bocca are playing against independent it. and their fans are ecstatic that their heroes are back. morgan, the me and what about?
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i mean, money, the new l. d. i mean, yeah. you know, some your, it at all would buy a whole, you know, part of the walk. i know yet, i'm either you know, by that and yours may illegal. what again, joe boyd, the soon as you know, go get my motor the left. i mean, the last time you or that i will get, you know, simply here it, olga the the quote that was really is a mighty day when that, even julietta is learning the ensign well, on her way to joining
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a new generation of book. yeah, this is a the despite all the corruption, the violence and the depth. no continued football for these book offense. the game still means the world. yeah. they don't even from one is a cup was what rooms were made. it turned into
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a nightmare of rest and torture by argentina's little johnson. footballing legend, eric tempted introduce his cloud. your temporary, one of the special few stood up for their beliefs. whatever that cost. football rebels on al jazeera, the joggers in new delhi take advantage of the relatively clean air. after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harbor a pollution is leading to more severe cases of the corona virus and more depth from it. and no way in india situation worse than daddy, the number of cases auto record. and when in a desperate situation, the indian government set up a new commission to monitor filters of and pollution across 5 north indian state health experts and environmental had been wanting for months so that even the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those because 19 in the african capital calling me and i've been really maternity
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clinic killing pregnant women need wives and baby one on when he traveled to afghanistan where even newborns are targets on al jazeera. ah, oh oh, he's really celebrate as the for john coronation takes george ending benjamin netanyahu 12 years in power team, the former prime minister to topple the incoming government, calling it bad and dangerous. ah . are you watching al jazeera ly from with me for the back people.


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