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introduces cloud your time breathing. one of the special few stood up for their beliefs, whatever that cost. football rebels on al jazeera. oh hello, nick lock into the top stories here on out 0 and president joe biden invited me put in a meeting in the city of geneva approach and says he's hoping for a productive meeting or by and says it's always better to meet face to face both sides said us, russia relations are the lowest points in yes and a play down expectations of any significant developments. a bit of a chaotic scene as things got underway. what we have heard in terms of the experience by reporters as they saw that photo opportunity of the 2 leaders flanked
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with their secretary state as well as foreign minister, was a lot of pushing and shoving and jostling between the us media and the russian media in fact, what we're hearing is that it got so chaotic at one point that the swiss security had to essentially kind of break it up if you will, and threatened to keep both sides of the reporting teams out from being able to cover this event. so not a very good start, at least in terms of media relations. let's hope the things in the closed or session of between the 2 leaders and the foreign minister goes somewhat better. israel has turned out the 1st strike some dollars us and to see if i came into effect less than 4 weeks ago. military says war plane to tact mass target south of garza city. and in con eunice, that's after ins. hendry balloons were flown from garza into fields in southern israel. a palestinian women has been killed after an alleged attack on israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank. israel's military says the 29 year old tried to
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drive her car into a group of soldiers that the village of his mother. she was then shot by soldiers after getting out of the car. while holding a knife, the red crescent says it's ready, forces prevented their teams from treating her as a 2nd candidate has dropped out of iran's presidential race on the final day of campaigning. conservative res connie says he's throwing his support behind the front runner able to him writing earlier today, reform is most in met. liz also pulled out, but without backing anybody else and on group and me and opposed to every military cave has announced its halting attacks on government forces more than 100000 people and kaya state have been displaced by the fighting state headlines, more news coming up here, oh now it's a 0 right after our 0. well, we'll see that the
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who's in november 2020 i'll just, you know, arabic contacted the top is really cybersecurity official to find out more about data and cyber cooperation between israel and the u. e. the official refused to speak on camera, but said he had just returned from an official business trip to the us be designed to promote high profile official coordination between the 2 countries. according to lead to a port is really moratti's cyber cooperation developed significantly around this time. the arrangement seemed to be that full security coordination between the 2 countries allowed and exchange of information. while the u. e invested millions of us dollars in the israeli spyware. the benefits were allegedly governed by rules set by the israeli intelligence services of carlo yob,
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blair casino. mean the gleam of the lot. so she had was it as a corner subject, gave me the national hon. him double. couldn't zoe me ever the whole ever hooley shove she is. she has english me any money? she will not be loot. a gold darling now said the medical c. mine is a gum. let them at your solution. the longest aly bullshit. mission will hell. loggia love a so deep or like me, a lot, all in the hallway or limits, you know the hill ball gum. she ish hush. ah she, she said because she was in a good novak la cove. l. a r e z. my name's zelan. yo yolanda, and i got say she was, they gave me she was using the v me bite of a little bit of dark matters and immorality
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company that is seen as the main player in the u. a cyber security market. dark matter. it's very interesting case. this company, based in the united arab emirates, and they do sort of both defense as well as often there was this great reporting from both foreign policy as well as reuters, which looked into their offensive operations, meaning hacking. so what, what these reports were able to establish is that there was this group of n, s, a former, an essay and former cia intelligence officials from the united states that went to go work for the u. e. government, under the auspices of this company, dark matter and just to fall into that and be clear, dark matter was not employing former and say officials to spy on americans because that would obviously be a federal crime in the united states. we don't do that then it's, it's not within our room, our mission. i would like sort of distress this point is to enable the societies
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and economies to sort of pursue the agenda of smart and safe digital. so the way it would be contrary to our mission, and you can categorically say, that doesn't spy on you a citizens. we don't do that. that's not within our capabilities. so kathy corey, we don't do this work. lion, they're lying. it's the only thing that can handle massive data for them. i design these mathematical programs. we had no upper limit on the capacity to handle data. not there was no, no problem at trillions, quadrillion of data, doesn't matter. we had no mathematical limit that i could see the american investigative website, the intercept published a report and it took me 2016. based on the experiences i'm going to tell you in cybersecurity, research approached by dark matter. the report claimed that dark matter had discussed plans to hack any device it wanted to in the u. e. at the press of
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a button. the report also cited a number of dark matter. employees who were former u. s. s a and intelligence officials. the employees said they were asked to carry out offensive operations under the banner of protecting u. e. z. national security. dark matter dismissed. the research was allegations saying it preferred quote, talking reality not fantasy tom on this home at the author of the report, jen mclaughlin, who has investigated the work of dog matter extensively around 2015 the u a b. and it's company essentially linked pretty closely to its own defense defense services. dark matter. wanted to get some of those employees into their own roof. so they could do a lot more things more freely because some of those u. s. contractors were restricted by us laws. they were drawn by massive salaries promises of staying in beautiful places, pool villas,
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yachts even some time. so once some of these employees arrived in, in dark matter, they were sort of ask questions about how to use those skills in an offensive manner. in order to do that, they would also have to have their see, the corner it says would be held by, by that contractor in a skiff. but the approval for those the clarence would come from an essay that was against the if it was human. and so on, so that agencies would approve it. so that implies that everything that they're doing with his contractors is approved. i think cyber security firm in the regent. dark matter, we're covering the whole of the security. we've also grabbed a lot of people all around the world, not allergic to dark letters, and don't know where i am in santa ana for who and how the center module that supply d v. d. then to summer i didn't mind the senior monitor within
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the last few years i returned to i would be for a defense conference and i got the chance to speak to some of my sources and others that i've met since. and they told me that all the negative attention on dark matter for my reporting and subsequent reporting from writers and others really drew a lot of attention that the royal family was not interested in. and as a result of that, members of the royal family, extremely high ranking officials sort of went to dark matter and said, you need to change the names of this, remove it, get it out of here. be a lot more discrete. i think from my perspective, ok, having a contractor, us contractor working for a foreign government means they are now an agent that, that foreign government not, not a u. s. agent. and having them come from a place like in a say where they're dealing with classified activities and then going over in
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assisting and classified act, similar classified activities in another country, means their foreign spies. now they're not us citizens. in a couple months after i felt publish my 1st story in between publishing my 2nd foreign policy magazine, i was contacted by sort of mysterious source to offer documents that i was never able to verify and who had been telling me that within the company they had already been debating whether or not to hack me, but i mean years later the intercept, after i had left confirmed that the intercept was a target of view, a government, according to a number of reports dog matter, try to hack the intercept website. a report published by the intercept in june 2019 said that dog might have brought x national security agency hackers and other us intelligence and military veterans to compromise the computers of political dissidence at home and abroad, including american citizens. according
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to the intercept, dog matter headquarters is located in this building in abu dhabi. they had a problem analyzing data on us citizens from another country as a us citizen. see. so that's, that is illegal and i'm sure, under title, 18 laws governing, you know, classified material and classified activities. later on, citizen lab demonstrated that dog matter was the main operator of the israeli pegasus spyware. in the u. e. z. besides it's american staffers, dog matter, also employed ex israeli officers in branches in the u. e. cypress, and singapore. the company is reported to have paid millions of dollars for their services. both i'll just hear arabic and odyssey are english, contacted dark matter and offered them the opportunity to respond to all the
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allegations made in the film. they declined to comment to either request. i say more, the michelle violent me slay the telephone, total thumb, michelle. me them or must gold gold know can this? yes kim level did love the little molly, the tv on the multi 6 image the machine but the nozzle, so you'll select tv via me start via me still am bowman, los sham shoe. but all nozzle negative, negative, negative the always be my police, shallow zeal, my torture, legal politician, mark of a machine. but all, we certainly do see that israel as a hub if not in the world, and certainly in the region for the sort of cyber technology. and i think one of the things that we're going to see more and more countries like the u. e that have these big ambitions in cyberspace are going to try and replicate that sort of
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talent pipeline in their countries. it's very scary, especially when the targets are journalists, civil society, dissidence, these sorts of people being spied on by foreign governments or their own government . in some cases, it's really shocking, and i think it's an abuse of the spyware. the reason that the governments are interested in spying on them is for intelligence purposes, to figure out what they're up to, what they might do next. and if they can figure out what someone's doing, what they're about to do, then they can put a little bit of pressure on people and try and influence and shape the way that events unfold. ah, i'll just be contacted. many alleged victims of these spyware facts. they declined to appear in film for fear of their and their family safety mcclellan, me, me a lawyer and ronnie, a greedy, he's a london based journalist working with a lot of the tv. her phone was hacked by pegasus spyware. between october 29 and
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july 2020. there had been a lot of d. j here. how about it is been the mom lead to dr. hate. she was sunni when i went to love them a bit and it looked it up for some mom musson. and one of my heavy was on the for a minute in the bucket fall on me and walk off to talking with them. what about the ban? says you don't want to leave the torn ligaments and exit. if it's sealed up in the home button. in the bottom is just as biggest truce jani. my family stood up like him, a fooled min mclean. what's going? it's in front of you in a half a year, but this is a lot of spanish. if you look in oxford. oh and phil manage, i'm sure. listen, he may,
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if i'm shocked among allah. com the car bigger than the shuttle. but why not? because then a fearful in one of the home mother, there's lots of journalists that get target isn't hacked, but for fewer of them are willing to come forward and tell their stories. so i think that, you know, if you were to look at some of the top media organizations in the world, maybe you'd find other other instances of people getting hacked or targeted. you know, we had a case of course, back in 2018, where the bay route bureau chief of the new york times been hubbard received a text message linked to pegasus spyware on his phone. my how did the on the yet and what, what fixed it up. so the question is, with this advanced technology, how can people ensure their devices a safe and wish pegasus for? for example, it would have been very hard to find out that your phone had been hacked. the best thing you can do is keep your phone up to date. if you have always install the
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updates, when your phone says it's time to update. if you get a text message with the link that you're not expecting, don't click on that link. if you get an email with a link or a file that you're expecting, don't click on that link. don't open that file. if you do have something very sensitive to talk about, the best thing to do is to leave your phone at home and go on a walk. oh, fun has but sees on them. and they said no, they will get patched by apple, an android and so on. but there are going to be fun abilities on those devices that are unknown yet. and therefore any device is will have a weakness. so it can be exploited don't, i'm sure there are organizations away the world looking for those funds to exploit in the future. and no doubt it won't happen again. is the case when electronic frontier foundation e f. f is
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a us based organization whose goal is to technically and legally defend journalist from civil society activists who faced cyber crimes committed by governance e. f. f has documented a rise in the number of pegasus associated cyber crimes against journalists and activists. working on sensitive cases. we fight against a government, a view of surveillance and uses that are inconsistent with human rights. and that was using mexico. the thought of it like coming, say, which is a very famous embassy in the country. and we have seen also the use of sale, pay gases in mexico targeting activities who were fighting corruption and who are fighting for a campaign against corporations for the use of of shook our so we have seen these also against many other job monies who are doing get their
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work in my work, we have studied similar mobile phones against journalists in conflicts and human rights defenders and opposition moses in conflict and civilians in lebanon, and on the border of lebanon in syria being spied upon by their various governments in israel loya, my husband represents a number of phone hacking victims who have decided to file lawsuits against the israeli, an esl group, probably on a fair amount of money, a biggest source can get him and, and hopefully only mom, i'm but he got a couple in fenway her father, lee huck c, a y e n, and either they and then i had them a dad that i have a little seo had
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a little am okay, and what are the well, what the mean had the a show to kia a should again leo colonial camera and the lady come in this lee and whoever vicki lee and with diet i'm and i can dial s s e leddy to have the shuttle who are not coming up. i'm going to be head of a way to live with that can be the opposite. and that way, a hello miss. leah almost wanted to know by the legal liability towards victims of hacking, lies with the manufacturer on the purchaser of the spyware. just this companies are saying that they only sell these to government and that they
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only sell it to investigate thoroughly organized crime. but as they don't sell it to the governors who don't respect human rights, but that's the true, you know. and that in go systems, it's late, i learned national law is inconsistent, in our opinion. also with a constitution only needed cancers. we have to review the, the law. i personally know it doesn't solve events. the tell a bill tell us the texts low interest only yields to the availability of such intelligence. capability name can see of a little court. i just emer letty. it's a legitimate vehicle, commercial thought book in san juan, looked for half a year with that of on them on the scene at the sub to what all that and then i have got down the living. oh my home, a bad man. you're going on and i know a little talk about it in 2020 and it really caught banned the media from
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publishing any details about these cases in the interest of protecting israel's national security. odyssey or arabic, contacted the n. s a group requesting an interview with senior management to give them the right to reply to allegations made against the company. in this film, the company sent a short reply, declining the interview request. how's your english contacted b n a. so group to give them the right to reply to allegations made against the company. in this film, they did not respond. will come into play, lead shut to get in this only so leah hannibal, however, with the output with all feel, the connie or the biggest was a doll f e l l. i'm doing it in the most buck woman will also call a doctor, sees me because i will not develop a few minutes. i live for the daily equal file with coma to be heavy shut again. my a the la p l. allen. house a lot, almost all the called one wall forgot the formerly. so leah moment we're going to
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develop amnesty international also to legal action against pegasus. dick used party this time was the israeli defense ministry itself being the official body that approves and authorizes the selling of spyware. we are disappointed. we will have to see what the court decides with the ruling on the case itself. now we hope that the court will decide the way it should and revoke and security like this. and his reading court dismissed the case. amnesty international said, quote, a mountain of evidence was ignored and called the court rubber stunt to the defense ministries, impunity to human rights violations. my reaction to the court's decision was obviously disappointment. it was a, it was a very strong judgement that didn't take into consideration the evidence that we
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put forward, or the legal arguments that we felt were important. and, well, we are disappointed in the judgement. we still think it was a very important case. in the growing evidence of those misuse of technology or the misuse of those technologies by our client. and we hope that by bringing this case and supporting this case, we're bringing to attention the very serious issues and potential human rights impacts for technologies like those pegasus and others that are being used with impunity around the world by repressive governments and governments who have a terrible human rights record a c clean late. let's be all to neg id. bought bagels. bought in this old burglar now. should be on the goofy, misaligned liam school to them on him. by no means more amnesty. i will tell alia squiggle on the spot. they slid him key, but there on the spot, they saw him w. you'll move all below me calling lenny ashley. so on the lava foothill been more
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responded to the old gala or the mod medium lose the bishop. she's a michelle. that thing to be the whole low michelin do not belong to me, but not least of a y in yon. how does your english contacted the governance, israel kingdom of saudi arabia and the united out of emmett and offered them the opportunity to respond to all the allegations made in the film. they did not respond. i actually would also like to know a little bit more about what happened in the rejection. i think there's a few different things at play here. one is that it's very difficult to know the relationship between the ministry of defense and, and i, so there seems to be a lot of crossover at high level staff. the ministry of defense in israel is the, is the ministry that approves all exports. and basically, our case was saying either the ministry of defense is not giving export licenses in
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line with international human rights standards. or they are giving exports in line with international human rights standards. but they have, they have a company in their jurisdiction who is acting outside of the legal export license compton. because we leon for tom on this are and others whose phones have been hacked. the question is, what recourse if any, do they have many stock hardy? this sort of evidence does show that your phone was hacked and shows that there was a connection to n s o group. if you wanted to bring a legal action, i will say that there are other targets that have been engaged in legal process in israel, in cyprus, and most recently in the u. k. of a b l call arguing la la la la, in this elaine this over to the national ames is totally collegial. and beggars lose the bio today because all the laws of lead leak not loyal to
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legal casualties. escape done. big la a future. lam bigler, shamal asi. a fellow who blah, glued gala. she moves, but no bigger source lay. lip beef. now gabby's quilt. and so he'll take law and come to me as a mo lama via the money i can hold him. a whole bill would be called bunny for lots of money and a social, the milk a v, because the russians aggregate shaving the national hon. if you're going to come in, miss livingston, tell me, ah, i was smart. phones have become an, an inevitable necessity of modern life. however, they have also turned into a window through which security services can access our private information. they can become a weapon, used by unscrupulous governments to spy on us. with little legal on mob
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determines there was still much to be uncovered in this secretive world of hacking an advance spyware. for tom, on this, on this investigation into his own phones, hacking has been both revealing and alarming. ah, ah ah, it's too late for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello, nice to see. we're going to start this fun off in patagonia and temperatures pretty well where they should be. point to rain is 4 degrees. let's talk about that
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precipitation story. rio de janeiro, make it clips with some showers 23 a. so paulo, it's just going to be a cloudy day for you toward the top end of south america, heavier pockets of rain toward the southeast to venezuela, southern areas of certain non into french gayana on thursday. you know, the caribbean, some hazy conditions and that's because we're getting sand and dust straight down from that's a hard desert in africa. and then we're also watching this, the bay of can, peachy, we may see some tropical development. going to take out a few days, right. now and we'll see this move up the gulf of mexico sphere rate into louisiana . a state that certainly does not need this has been dealing with flash flooding lately. for the west of the us. 50000000 americans are under excessive heat warnings, phoenix, the other day. you tried to record 46 will nudge up to 47 on thursday, some what weather for the plains into the midwest then, you know, canada had somewhat weather with from thence of tropical storm bill impact the newfound line. but by thursday,
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quite an improvement in conditions. st. john's 22 degrees and toronto. we've got you in for a high of 27 on thursday with a mix of sun in cloud sponsored cattle airways. in the next episode of science in a golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval atlantic period in the field of engineering. the height of sophistication in mechanics at the time was the extravagant elephant clock written around $85080.00. the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contractions, science and a golden age. with jim alkalinity on al jazeera, the disability is no connected to the main grid. so interesting, i'm back cooling. how brilliant. so everyone's data voice and video course can be sent up to us back down to the service provider.
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the exactly, i love keeping people connected is what we do best sat space to deliver your vision. ah, this is al jazeera ah, there, i'm clark. this is a new line from the coming up for the next 60 minute hearing the a cordial thought to tough talk to the russian and us presidents meet against the backdrop of strained relations. israeli strikes on guns or in the 1st attack since the seas.


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