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because the people who were shot they came into the wrong entrance, the nightly pyrotechnics of the funny to turn to the camera man. so that's good al, out of here, sorry, a vo holiday. and we'll hold on our jazz era o cater. and under the top stories are under era, the us and russian presidents have described the summit as positive and constructive. the meeting in geneva was the 1st between vladimir putin, andrew biden since he moved into the white house. it comes at a time when relations between the countries have been the lowest for years and free for the anticipated. shortly after the 3 hour session behind closed doors, the u. s. lead to said they were talks in excruciating detail, cybersecurity, human rights and expels, diplomats, we discussed already president put in, i had
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a share unique responsibility to manage the relationship between 2 powerful and proud countries. a relationship that has to be stable and predictable. and it should be able to, we should be able to cooperate words in our mutual interest and where we have differences. i want to present, put and understand why i say what i say, and why i do what i do and how will respond as visits to specific kinds of actions that harm america's interest. the option 3 nysha asked the overall assessment, i believe that that has been no hosted the thing. on the contrary, the meeting took place in a constructive spirit. we have very assessments on a number of issues, but i believe both sides expressed willingness to understand each other to seek ways to bilateral reproach. talks quite constructive bind yet that when you
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incidents between israel and groups in gaza, hamas link activists are continuing to fall in century balloons, across the gaza, border into israel for the 2nd day in a road. lately for new 5. broken out on these ready side. the resumption of the balloon attacks trigger is ready as strikes early on wednesday. the 1st strikes on garza since a ceasefire came into effect less than 4 weeks ago. a column inside a colombian military base is injured 36 people leaving 3 in critical condition. the defense menaces as the national liberation army, which was the country's largest remaining rebel group, is likely to be behind the attack. and the town is on the border with the venezuela, where several criminal groups have been fighting ever drug trafficking. reach the top stories to stay with us. witness continue. next, i'll be back with a news our shortly after that i for now
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social among all the to not be child with me, let it a lot in the saw dylan, tom apollo, the dumping gauze, shooting sock myself up with him. so come in milton. some hail of apple o dense. so the denmark, gentleman was 6 tonight before the oil. let me call him. no, no, no, and i'm going to go off the keys in the mom, she steaming her last name as soon as he seems to go to school with the living. and i'm told paul enough to know a soft mind that i should knock off. thou
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us in mind for us and we'll click and you know, in a clinic, if we can. so more in follow, give me a list of live foreign stuff they know instead and because they, they put in a cannot advocate certain way. they can divide and sell more than suck. welcome to america. another many of them are better to buy their bar. how fast the fall into your cable. them. some pretty good thing among
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them huh. or dignity. so she gives cuz she's supposed to push on the la la mang romantic with her own grow the she said her own opinion, shalem was a fun coffee, she will autumn, taylor vienne, i'm solice paley, middle in signal noise labeling. i've been invaluable to learn some hardy, some photos in the height edmund holiday isn't worth the to do the legal, bob sure. totally fall towards funding. so if go nordic over, sco, lived for this middle omega, he'd been buying a buying for taylor cinnamon if and your skin 10 minute and 30 by
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for under them to legally scott char, personal known, all my men is going to be more the i so my biggest thing is that when you get a living in it and a nice kitchen, bye in europe, i figured that to make i'm not when you go to, you know, for sure. nice. i mean, the only good you go to, you know, i mean in, in the,
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in the going on. i was a, don't know, i see it. and it was, i mean, i know this or the good good. the my the stomach too much in naples. ah joyce, and that's what they come out of some me ah ish, he'll leash newton. you will show the new e a g. well in the in it's up to lansing you we less games. there we go. and fosgate for land or or devil hi. should info familiar with them and we can
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q them for them. they can police hard. some i always see desk meaning, or you employ. you heard the mean, median. i'm those got the passport has some, i mean meaning across. meaning schools been talking, you got to my call today and so i don't have an own hovering over the goal of the school. wanted to having to draw a spot among help this extra and all that clearly a p assumed on of them for about how does a little value, tall by gone in the back can saw mom, mia, inventor, or city the come needed allow,
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been bestowed if you can so biblical for loss or damage nist, a company can show where they've been buying the funding to spike a low bid political the lead. i did know mrs. vin. yeah, that's be mistake. we got this updated then ma'am we wanted their post credit scared. then if you can, please call me up via then system the vine. all modal. wouldn't get good at that back. no cap knew of anything. so really high a voted towards the polish. it's the new content. manipulate bike. now, mr. oh, yeah, for for her lucian or german. good me
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to watch my greenway. i guess my 1st of your life is joking. can we buy greenland? essentially it's a large real estate deal. a lot of things could be done not would be shown in sure or not just bad. elena mark in them are still is we'll still get the help of the daughter from school. if we cindy wednesday in l. e l i trumped shouldn't have to contribute con, in a script to settle stories for at the p coordinator for this for this gave a for then for new says by this and we have the whole 4 of us and we'll stall folk at the new young family we were getting awfully young,
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tall case really got excited for that. it gets a set of the very dense gonna sit down and vent the loose at. but they put my boss in a pink corner ball by noon holy goal to fill with it or knew what to go. mean, dance gonna be with them. don't trouble comes out and says he died by greenland. and how did that go down? how did people react? it was very, very big job. yeah. and it's very difficult to take it serious that he actually wants to buy green then. how would you describe what you've been doing us company
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if i feel we're slowly making a change by picking up the approves and especially about suicide and social and child mix, you attribute those higher rates of suicide to the problems that you know describing. i mean, companies, all of them, but yeah, everything, everything is linked. we are a generation of parents who are having a call his parents. but we are the new generation who are bridging this very unhealthy cycle. and we are slowly healing myself was going on in your parents generation. they tried to make the danish, my, my mom was sent to the mark when she was 11. to become a dane. yeah.
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ah format for now, like i said, we should keep i good for some of the bigger ones could help new and new to chain money or some to share sell more clinton and then my chit chat shop by the dash. yet you surely highest value. ah me ah
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got enough. you know, you don't need to be the the you know, so we know someone who would someone like to know we know you guys get to know who the company. i see
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i aston, call the hoof. i mean, it thing baby asked pontoon and unless she trump mister de lo saying yeah. but for squint 2 of us when i was office when the 1st year with then i did, you know,
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the 1st nations appellate when you plug deeply up a handle our such and such will be hard. it looks just mate, that's going to help me further than my and de la my become much else. it's about when i go, god alone. healing interesting. all she could. sure. it's for alice tell if there was a student the custom in addition shamal with their grandmother. oh me me
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me and i think bounce up. been involved to kinda get started on the on in the a, in a single point. when again, no, actually, no, no, no, no, no, no, not the teacher won't mid simply be any testers on the ring. you know, if a bowl is, i'm going to fight the dollar says migraine and i
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meet, you know, should meet at the doctors and the guys should be seeing you don't want to give up you moment mid to noon should continue meeting at the social financial at noon, notting after last they were coming best if i seen him dentist and i in news
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news in february 2021. the crippling storm took down, texas is power grid. 4000000 people plunged into darkness with no heating. many died from hypothermia with hundreds suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, as they tried to stay with them any way they could plunge investigates where the use of the regulation and prioritizing profits led to the state's power grid failure. the texas blackout on jesse era who's here's where the story across the street layer on thursday. we've got some what, whether it's worth the southeast of the country and we're getting that's cool air
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from the bite. so that's keeping things fresh. and we've got this disturbance over the tasman, see, but watch what happens as we head toward friday. it's going to brush us with some coastal showers for new south wales and also victoria where we go to new zealand right now and that disturbance it is in the tasman. see, it's going to creep closer in the days. come so by the tail end of the weekend. what and windy weather on tap, but for thursday i just some scattered showers across both islands. here's your weather story. as we head toward asia pacific, this weather maker in the northern portion of china, it's flinging down some weather, but it's also picking up the wind so that impacts b. j. 32 on thursday. those gus about 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. but we're going to crank up the temperature and beijing, maybe up to $38.00. some models want to put it at 40, and that is the count them. we've got lots of sunshine here after india and our monsoon. really doing a lot of damage toward the west coast of india ma, harass straw. some parts of this state have seen $1500.00 millimeters of rain,
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a meter and a half, and are heaviest concentration of brain will be to what the south, the buffer roster rate to careless states on thursday. the 3rd should be about raising prices. this entirely down to the government, we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in time in that setting that i don't have to has the task of fixing a war torn economy. counting the cost on al jazeera to start to cheerfully in front of the next museum in amsterdam. hundreds of protesters scattered to demand. the government is locked down restrictions and lift the curfew. the 1st in the country since world war 2, the threat is that we lose our freedoms. the protest us who are not following social distances, rules or repeatedly ordered to disperse by police. police are trying very hard
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friends. the scenario that happened last week, when thousands were right in sitting to us after some protest and started throwing stones. and that's why you were police on horseback moved in to clear the area. ah, this is al jazeera ah lauren taylor. this is down there and use i live from london coming up to boston. and let me putin wrap up and historic summit which bozeman described as constructive on key areas. differences remains more in century balloons sent across the gulf border after the 1st israeli strikes last month. the fire the you.


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