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the me ah joe biden and vladimir proteins wrap up there some aid and hailey as constructive and positive, but differences remain. ah, hello, this is al jazeera live from bill. i'm fully back. people also coming out police in hong kong rate, a pro democracy newspaper and arrest 5 executives. they're suspected of endangering national security. launching into all bits 3 astronauts.
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the 1st rule for china is newspapers, station, and ivory coast prepared for the homecoming of former president on back both 10 years after he was arrested for crimes against humanity. ah, the 1st face to face meeting between joe biden as president and his russian counterpart of vladimir protein has ended with both leaders, calling the talks positive and constructive. the for our meeting in geneva covered several issues. the 2 leaders agreed to resume talks on august control and send their ambassadors back to each other capitals. the us and russia also committed to further discussions on cyber security after biden demanded moscow crackdown on ransomware attacks. but there was no hiding some differences on human rights bite has warned of devastating consequences for russia if jailed criminal critical x in
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yvonne the died in prison. atocha butler has more from geneva, an elegant 18th century villa overlooking lake geneva, was the setting for the high stakes meeting. russian leader vladimir putin arrived 1st. he was greeted by the swift president who then welcome joe biden. the 2 men looked 10th as they stood for their 1st official photo handshake. bailey broke the ice relations between washington and moscow. at the lowest point in decades, the face to face talks were aimed at improving them. as i said outside, i was always off to several hours behind closed doors. there was some agreements pledges to repose. some buses extend an arms control treaty and disgust . cybersecurity both said the meeting was positive, but there was little progress on other issues, including the conflict in ukraine and human rights. who tim dismissed biden's concerns about the leg siena volley calling the rush opposition leader,
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a law breaker. ignoring the rules of law, this person went abroad for medical treatment. he arrived back in russia deliberately trying to be arrested. he knew what he wanted to fight and was clearly unimpressed by putin's attempt to compare russia's treatment of opposition activists to the u. s. capitol right, i response is kind of what i communicated. i think that's that's ridiculous comparison. one thing for literally criminals to break through cordon, go into the capital, kill a police officer, and be held accountable. and that is for people objected marching on a capital one said you are not allowing me to speak freely. there were no major breakthroughs in this summit. and clearly, little common ground to put the return of us from russian on buses to that is clearly a step to reopening communication between moscow and washington putin. this was
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a moment back on the world stage. likely to play out well is home for fight and it was an opportunity to put down red line and distance himself from his predecessor donald trump's approach. often accused of being soft on russia bite and maybe closer to the more stable relationship. he says he wants with moscow, but he's still unlikely to be a predictable one. natasha butler jazeera geneva joe biden tour of europe was his 1st overseas trip as president. he used it to tackle over 19 and climate change at a g 7 summit in the u. k. before re establishing relations with nato. diplomatic as a james based report on that from london. the, from the moment he touch down in the u. k. on this, his 1st international trip president biden was laying out his central message.
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we're going to make it clear that united states is back. and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future. that we're committed to, lady was strength, defending our values and delivery for our people. at the g 7 meeting and comal, a range of issues were discussed from kobe 19 to climate change. but what was most noticeable was the tone after 4 years of tweets and tantrums, in brussels, at nato. and that the you, other nations were appreciative. they no longer had to 2nd guess what their most powerful ally would do next. where is the president? yes, so please to western in brussels, you have back in i'm very much on the global seen the scenes of unity a so very different from the trump era would have been watched very closely in
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moscow and beijing. no one has gotten more satisfaction out of all the disharmony that donald trump has sewed in the united states than the leaders of russia and china. so i think that they kind of view this as a, as a precarious point. and they do need to be mindful about kind of democratic regimes standing up to some of their kind of increasingly authoritarian impulses if president putin is. and he wasn't showing it when he met the u. s. leader for nearly 4 hours of talks. there were no concrete outcomes from both sides said was a constructive meeting, just a commitment to try and work together in the future. among the u. s. is closest allies here in the u. k. and in europe, there's a real sense of relief. after the trump years does now predictability and stability in the trans atlantic alliance. of course,
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there are differences among the allies about how to deal with russia and china. but those differences will now be dealt with diplomatically and away from the cameras. james base, i'll just era london in other world news, hong kong police have arrested 5 executives that the daily newspaper in an early morning raid. among them is the editor in chief of the pro democracy outlet. it's the 2nd time the newspapers been targeted last august. police arrested, it found the media mobile, jimmy ly, who's now serving a 20 month for jail sentence. while the on kong government has warned journalist not to break the national security law, the suspects have been arrested on strong evidence that they are conspiring to endanger national security. it is your choice. whether you regard them as part of you
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who globally, your journalists, work lawfully and properly. let's be to adrian brown in hong kong for us. so adrian, an early morning rate, at the office of the apple daily newspaper. tell us how this all unfolded and why they're being accused of breaking the national security law. well, we heard about 7 30 am local time here in hong kong. did a major police operation was underway. that's when 5 executives from the apple daily newspaper behind me were detained in their homes. the editor in chief of the paper then brought to the headquarters. and those are those who have been arrested . also going to be questioned. in the offices of the newspaper. the police then moved into the apple daily office. they swept into the newsroom. journalists wanted to leave that desks, and the police are now examining computers and presumably,
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notebooks. now the whole day, the newspaper has a very pro democracy editorial stones and in the past it's also being very critical, not just about hong kong government, but also the leadership in beijing. it's also been reported that the aspects of the apple daily have now been seized on those of the parent company next media a few weeks ago, the assets of the owner, jimmy light, what also frozen jimmy lie. of course, the well known be the media about here in hong kong. one of the best known thinkers of the pro democracy movement is himself now in jail serving a string of sentences. and he of course, was arrested later charged on to the national security law. following the police rate on these premises in august last year, when some $200.00 officers took part in that operation. because the scenes you see here now, raise a major question mark as to whether hong kong remains one of asians for your cities
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. that is always been exposed, but to many people. so looks like another attack on the media, although the police insist that is not the case. adrian, thank you very much for that. adrian brown, live force in hong kong. the 1st crew to be sent to china as new space station is on its way the the send, the 12 mission blasted off from the con launch center. it's taking 3 men for a 3 month stay in the floating laugh. jonty horner is professor of astrophysics at the university of southern queensland. he says this launch is another win for china space program. it's incredible. the advances that have been met and i think china has, in the last 12 months or so really put itself front and center in space exploration . it's doing some remarkable things. and i think the thing that should come to me more than anything else is how successful it's being at the 1st attempt of doing everything we have. just last month. the arrival of china is mission tomorrow,
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which is the 1st time anybody's taken alonda and all the relevant together on the very 1st mission and go all of them working at the same time. fact. it's only the 2nd time to wonder the romance and how it work. but just seen it really well getting everything right. and the 1st attempt, which is incredible, but certainly the ban on us people, a lot of people interacting with people in china, poses challenges for research and challenges for ration. it is part of the reason that there was so much confusion concern when they rocked, re entered the chinese rocket. the launch, the model that these people are going to right now. because there isn't that line of communication to discuss things that he thought played out through the media, lot of discussion and people trying to work on what's going on. and i'm sure that the technology that china develops in this will go into chinese products in the same way that the technology developed by the us by not so go down into technology developed. and so by us companies,
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one of the big reasons that master gets as much funding, if it does, isn't really about exploration excitement, but it's about a return on investment. not that has been incredibly profitable for the us since it was formed. because every dollar that they put in they get $10.00 of value back to the economy. and i'm sure i'll try looking at that and hope and get exactly the same thing. still ahead on al jazeera, the bill is past recognizing generations of pain and suffering in black communities. the u. s. congress voted to commemorate the end of slavery by making a june teams a federal holiday platform. here have a long way to get a really approval for a palestinian id is dividing people from their families for more than 2 decades. ah
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hello nice of fear. we do have some temperatures pushing that 50 degrees threshold in the middle east. so let me show you, we find this toward q 850.5, so we round that up to 51 degrees. here's what it's looking like across the middle east. as we head toward thursday, temperatures a bit lower than where they have been, for example, in riyadh. but the big story is really that sham mall a blow and down the golf. and we'll see, wink, us potentially up to 70 kilometers per hours. so that swirls around the sand in dust, and that does impact our visibility off to turkey. and we will seen improvements in conditions by and large across most of the country. but we'll keep the risk in there for some scattered showers, and it's stumble with a height of 25 degrees and antalya sunshine in 26. but this is below average, the tropics of africa, look like this, some heavier pockets of rain, central african republic. so that's pretty usual where we can expect that bulk of the activity to bubble up toward that south temperature as are above average in
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butts. wanna habit are only $26.00 degrees and then took 20 to cape town just a bit of drizzle will be dealing with on thursday. 17 degrees. but if i show you the 3 day forecast, r winds are going to come from the northeast, and that is going to bump up your temperature on sunday to 26 degrees. the, the in the next episode of science in a golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval atlantic period. in the field of engineering. the height of the vista cation and mechanics at the time, was the extravagant elephant clock written around $85080.00. the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contractions, science and a golden age. with jim alkalinity on al jazeera o.
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a welcome back to reminder of our top stories on august 0, this our us president joe biden and russian leader may have hands what they call a positive and constructive meeting. they agreed to resume talks on arms control and cybersecurity, but still disagree on some issues. police in hong kong have arrested 5 executives at the apple daily newspaper in an early morning rate. hong kong government says there is evidence they were conspiring to endanger national security. and the 1st grew to be sent to china. us base station has taken off on board the ship through 12 mission, taking 3 men for a 3 month stay in the flows. and now the pandemic has fueled
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a global rise in civil unrest and political insecurity. according to the think tank, the institute of economics and peace in 2020 the world witnessed almost 15000 violent protest spend rise the damage the cause came with a. the price tag nearly $15.00 trillion dollars, or 11.6 percent of the world's g d p. the most violent protests were in bella. ruth, myanmar, russia, the us and care is done. but of galveston has remained the world's most violent country for the past 4 years. it go free, followed by yemen, syria soft to don, and iraq on the opposite side of the scale is iceland is held, the position of the most peaceful country in the world since 2008. you zealand, denmark, portugal and flo vignette, make up the top 51 for me on this report, let me speak to steve caliah,
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who is the founder and ceo at the institute for economics and peace. he joins us from sydney via skype. thank you very much for being with us. let's start with the picture. yes, looking at the global picture 1st. where do you see an improvement in piece and where has there been a decrease both in terms of geography and issues? so we start to look at it globally, what we find, there's been improvements in the number of deaths from violent conflict and also the intensity number of apartment complex going globally. so on the opposite side, what we've found is that there was a very slight decrease in pe smallness in 2020 and that was mainly caused through an increased number of violent demonstrations, rises and they'll have levels of political instability. and as he mentioned in the intro, that was really part of that was peeled by the lockdown from the 19 and then the economic issues to follow. there is also an increase in militarized nation as well
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. that's important because in the last 2 years we're seeing an increase in militarization. however, if we go back over the last decade, it had been improving. and this is a trend which is likely to continue the next couple years, unless we can get to better international political relations, particularly between let's say, the us, russia, you, russia, then china and it's neighbors. in the us. we look at the world globally with the 9 regents. we cover 3 improved the other 6 deteriorated. so if we look at the largest deterioration with north america, but it only consists of 2 countries, canada in the usa, canada increased slightly. whereas the us tense, substantial drop mainly caused by increased his levels of political instability gets weaker. st reflected in the last election and rising number of demonstrations, which can say because the occupied just ation of capital hill. and also the black
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loss matters news, right? that's quite interesting. talk to us a bit more if you can about the impact the current of iris pandemic has had on peace and violence around the world. where has it had she was negative impact here? well, it's interesting a, we're looking at globally a what we find it's had some positive and some, and then number of negative effects as well. so initially we saw drops in homicide and violent crime outlets. the lockdown were put in place globally, but this, this changed after a period of time. and then i came back to the pre tobin to levels what we found as we looked like when they were about 5000 different incidences. related to what kind of measures india was the area which had the most demonstrations against the lockdown. so we can see that reflected in a high number of deaths which recorded in the country. we also find that the other
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areas with the mass demonstrations and such a lot of a lot in western europe and down in the united states as well. the more authoritarian countries in once with the list of levels of coverage, such as history, your canada had very, very few incidences. thank you for talking to us about the thank you very much for the interesting finding. steve's kelly lee, founder and ceo at the institute for economics and peace to columbia. now, where the car bombing inside a military base has a to 36 people, the government suspects the country's largest group was behind the attack. lesandra p, a t. re for some time the, this is the moment, the 2nd, the 2 car bomb explosions that to needed at a colombian military base in google on the border with venezuela. having a cloud of dense black smoke in the sky. at least 36 people were injured.
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on wednesday, one, colombian soldier remained in a serious condition in the intensive care unit, the united states military personnel, part of a team of 11, assisting columbia military in anti drug trafficking operations, also sustained light injuries. colombian president the van duca, visited the bass, calling the attack cowardly. he said the f. b, i is participating in the investigation phase. personal now to compensate in, in a reward for a $135000.00 has been offered on the authors and persons responsible. so this is a criminal search group has been created to investigate and traced things. and i would like to thank our country's national police for the special support they had provided the f. b i of the united states in this person lives special investigation . look at this video shows the moment the suspected car bombed, entered the base to the main door without much security screening the driver with able to get out and detected before the explosion. outdoor,
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it does say the national liberation army, or elaine columbia. the largest remaining rebel group, was likely behind the attack, but then exclude the participation of other groups. some of the former reject reproduce this violent terrorist act which sought to attack the soldiers of columbia. the initial hypothesis is that the e l. n is behind this demented and via the involvement of fog dissidence is also being investigated in the city of computers located in an area where several arm groups are active fighting for control of tens of thousands of actors of coca planes. as well as control of unimportant smuggling route to venezuela. be stalks with the yellow, were suspended back in 2019 when a car bomb killed to 21 police cadets here in the capital vulgar. but the government, a month ago announced
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a restart of an exploratory dialogue with the group. but if elaine is indeed behind this late, there's that tack. it's unlikely that those stocks will continue. i listen that i'm get it. i'll just see what the 10 years after he was arrested for crimes against humanity, ivory coast, his former president no harm by boys said to return home on thursday. the joshua criminal court acquainted him of those charges which date back to 2011. that's when he refused to step down after losing the presidential election sparking months of violence. i'm at 334 to be jump in. the predominantly provide district if you up a call. activists opposed to the former president are working on ways to frustrate his return. they want him held accountable for stocking. what they say was an unnecessary conflict that killed 3000 people and just thousands more. but i keep coming noodle. we don't want him to receive here as welcome because he sanction killian's in this country. if anything he can come home like any other
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vote, but support to say he is no ordinary i've already and, and he's coming home to hear once we don't like people who want to use our pin i what i walk back to your pan dependable compared to your to monday predict going for a particular reason for that. do want to manipulate. there are no we, we are, we cannot come up, but we're not pan from because by boat is he struck 70 feet taller sound whatever the current president elections 20 years ago. there was a full month stand off that sparked a wave of violence. thunder, nope. will med. i'm beauty equally. body korean says his leg was blown off at close range by government soldiers under the former president in the post election crisis . a calamity about us for reconciliation to happen. truth must be told. there must also be reparations. my little girl keeps asking me what happened to my missing leg
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. that hurts. it's hard to forgive. this man must be held accountable to the ivory and nation. the government is restoring certain privileges, a former president just entitled to these include a decent tool and personal security bubble and an h to trial of the international criminal court for the late role in the post election violence which included murder, rape, and persecution. there were kid of crimes against humanity 2 years ago by allowing loring by vote to return. the government is taking a huge gamble. the former president is popular among many i borders and he decides to join active politics that could fall the charge of volatile political scene by the government says because of the existing divisions in the country, not worth the risk. some political analysts have little doubt, the former president can have a positive effect with an opportunity. his coming back is also good for reconciling, not only the country, but his divided party backbone is
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a politician. that's what he knows best. he could run in 2025, he's eligible but was very unpopular front party is in need of reification after the formation of a break or function during this abscess. unless it's government and civil society for 10 years, try to unite dave audience, and field, where the web was return. we'll have the reconciliation effort or divide it further remains to be seen on the trees. i'll do 0, i'll be job. the us will soon have a new federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery. congress has voted to make june 18th, or june 19th, a national holiday. it marks the time the last and slaves african americans learned . they were free. here today is racial divide, crumbling, being crushed this day under a momentous vote. that brings together people who understand the value of freedom.
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and that is what your team is all about. it is a journey, a pain, brutality separation. and the races, hand of people held in bondage palestinians married to foreign nationals, demanding israel approved their residency permit, as it controls the population registry. and decides who gets the palestinian id tens of thousands or waiting some for more than 2 decades. neither abraham reports from the palestinian side of the river jordan in the occupied west bank. do you, do you know me? do bus elaine from the occupied west bank is asking her niece enjoyed here at the jordan river, the family i meters apart, but been separated for years. luba damien citizen, moved to the west bank with her past union husband 11 years ago since then she
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hasn't met with her family. this is as close as we can get to her re union and of us from other than not telephone here. but i see them usually on the phone, but it's not like seeing them in real. i still can't touch, kiss or hug them better than nothing less than a lay out a bit. ruba is a palestinian descent, but that doesn't help her get a palestinian id. many for nationals like her are waiting for israel to approve the request. while they can leave the westbank, israel might prevent them from returning to their families. while you're sophie applied for a palestinian id more than 25 years ago, she came so close to getting one. but the process was frozen. she says, you probably wouldn't have married someone from the occupied territory. if she knew it would be that difficult to get her residency, she told us one of her hardest moments was when her mother wanted to see her before she died to say packet and over doubtless,
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i told her it's not up to me. if i leave a won't be able to come back and i will lose my family. she's fed up of the weight and became a regular and protest. i mean, as part of the movement, demanding family unification. they're trying to block the street in the hope of getting there going to her are ripping the post date coming here as they passed through different sections from cities in the west bank. paulson you look for them to be a born during go she sions with the house. anyone is really allowed reunification to thousands of tombly royal deal with this file as a political issue. but it's our right amount of the signed agreements allow us to grant id papers. but israel took that right away, is ready,
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authorities say family reunification is only possible under special humanitarian conditions. spouses and children do not qualify some couple of those. they had to leave the country to remain together. those who opted to stay, we'll have to do for now with meetings like this across the river. neither abraham l just it or the occupied with bank. ah, hello again. i'm fully back with the headlines on, i'll just 0 u. s. president joe biden, and russian leader not me. 14, have held what they call a positive and constructive meeting. they've agreed to resume talks on arms control and cybersecurity, but disagree on human rights rush and the u. s. will return ambassadors to each other's capitals, president food, and i had a share unique responsibility to manage the re.


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