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me there is no channel that cover the world news like we do, we revisit places the state are really invest in that. and that's the privilege. as a journalist. ah, me still disagreement on issues like human rights, but the us and russian president say talk, have been positive and constructive. i think that the last thing he wants now is a cold war. ah, the whole rahman, you're watching all they were like my headquarters here and also coming up executives as a pro democracy newspaper and hong kong, arrested and accused of colluding with foreign enemy ivory coast prepared for the
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home coming of the form of present law bank the 10 years after he was arrested for crimes against humanity, the men on the last mission, china's 1st crew is on the way the boarding playstation. ah, welcome to the program, a promise of greater diplomacy. after the 1st meeting between the us and russian presidents showed by blood ma putin se talks of in positive and constructive. including resuming discussion of arms control and returning on bassett as to each other's capitals. but the still disagreement on key issues like cyber security, ukraine and the fate of opposition to alex in the valley. latasha butler reports the from geneva, an elegant 18th century villa overlooking lake geneva was the setting for the high
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stakes meeting. russian leader vladimir putin arrived 1st. he was greeted by the swift president who then welcome joe biden. the 2 men looked 10th as they stood for their 1st official photo handshake. bailey broke the ice relations between washington and moscow at the lowest point in decades. the face to face talks were aimed at improving them. as i said outside, i was always off to several hours behind closed doors. there was some agreements pledges to repose them, but it is extend an arms control treaty and disgust. cybersecurity both said the meeting was positive, but there was little progress on other issues, including the conflict in ukraine and human rights, who tim dismissed biden's concerns about the legs in a volley, calling the rational position leader a law breaker. ignoring the rules of law, this person went abroad for medical treatment. he arrived back in russia
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deliberately trying to be arrested. he knew what he wanted to fight and was clearly unimpressed by putin's attempt to compare russia, treatment of opposition activists to the u. s. capital right, i response is kind of what i communicated. i think that's that's ridiculous comparison. it's one thing for literally criminals to break through court and go into the capital, kill a police officer and be held accountable. and that is for people object eating, marching on a capital one said you are not allowing me to speak freely. there were no major breakthroughs in this summit. and clearly, little common ground to put the return of us and russian on buses to that is clearly a step to reopening communication between moscow and washington. the boot in this was a moment back on the world stage to play out well at home fight, and it was an opportunity to put down red line and distance himself from his pre to
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fester donald trump's approach, often accused of being soft on russia, white and maybe closer to the more stable relationship. he says he wants with moscow, but he's still unlikely to be a predictable one. natasha butler. just sarah geneva, hong kong. so i'll just page markers. he newspapers says press freedom is hanging by a thread after police arrested 5 of its executives under beijing's national security law. now those detained include apple daily's, editor in chief. they're accused of colluding with what the government calls foreign enemies to home china. the secretary for security has worn journalists not to use their work as tools to break the national security law. adrian brown has the latest from hong kong. the police operation appears to be over the media of now left outside the opposite of the apple daily. earlier on the course, there was plenty of action when in coordinated rates across hong kong,
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police arrested 5 executives from the apple daily. they were led from their homes in handcuffs. then at the same time, please put into the headquarters of the apple daily. they moved into the new room, co journalists to get out there, then examined computers and notebooks during that time or the stop had to remain in the canteen for several hours. of course, this is a 2nd time in less than 10 months. this office has been a crime scene in august, jimmy ly, the owner of the apple daily, was arrested, and of course he subsequently been charged under the new national security law. he's currently so in jail setting, a string of sentences for taking part in a number of unauthorized assemblies in 2019, in the past few hours, we've been hearing from the secretary to security and hong kong john lee. and this message with essentially this journal to play with fire, we'll get burns in hong kong. the suspects has been arrested on
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strong evidence that they are conspiring to endanger the national security. the action is taken against the criminals who make use of journalistic work as a tool to further their criminal activities. now be the arrest today come at a course at an interesting time. the timing is always interesting and these sorts of occasions because in just 2 weeks time the communist party across the board, it will be celebrating it's $103.00. and the one thing the party wants more than anything else. right now is stability. and that includes stability in hong kong. i re coast full of president lower bank that was about to leave brussels to return home nights 10 years since he was arrested for crimes against humanity. the international criminal court eventually quitted him by refuse to step down after losing the presidential election in 2010, setting off
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a 4 month civil war. emitted reports now from operation. in the predominantly provide district of your local activists opposed to the former president are working on ways to frustrate this return. they want him held accountable for stocking. what they say was an unnecessary conflict that killed 3000 people and just these thousands but again, you know, we don't want him to receive here as well. come because he sanctioned killian's in this country. if anything he can come home like any other board, but support to say he is no ordinary gordion and he's coming home to here. once we don't like people want to use our pin i what i walk back to your pan dependable compared to your to monday predict in for a particular reason for that. those who want to manipulate, there are no, we, we are, we cannot come up with not from because by boat, if he struck cept,
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if he told us and whatever the current president elections 20 years ago. there was a 4 month stand off that sparked a wave of violence. met because i'm p t coolie body kareem says his leg was blown off at close range by government soldiers under the former president in the post election crisis. calamity about us for reconciliation to happen. truth must be told, there must also be reparations. my little girl keeps asking me what happened to my missing leg. that hurts. it's hard to forgive. this man must be held accountable to the ivory and nation. the government is restoring certain privileges, a former president you entitled to these include a decent home and personal security bubble and an 8 to trial of the international criminal court for the late wrote in the post election violence which included murder, rape, and persecution. there were kid of crimes against humanity 2 years ago by allowing
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loring by vote to return. the government is taking it who to gamble. the former president is popular among many borders. and if he decides to join active politics that could fall to charge a volatile political scene. but the government says, because of the existing divisions in the country, not worth or risk. some political analysts have little doubt. the former president can have a positive effect with an update if he is coming back is also good for reconciling . not only the country, but his divided party bag boy is a politician. that's what he knows best. he could run in 2025. he's eligible. but most i've already and popular front party is in need of re and if occasion after the formation of a break or function during his abscess, lessons, government and civil society for 10 years, try to unite dave, audience and field. what about was return? we'll have the reconciliation effort or divide it further remains to be seen. army
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degrees algae data. i'd be jo. well, the 1st crew to be send to china's new space station is docking right now. you shouldn't do 12 missions last bill from one launch into early months ago. now it's taken 3 for a 3 month thing and it's like 2 moments and the time over the 5th and a half to complete that instruction. katrina, you, it's always been from beijing, of course we've been waiting for this potential docking to take place. how close really are we now? well, according to state media, the restaurants are just minutes away from docking onto the chinese space station. they left local time about $922.00 a. m. here in china from china is going to be doesn't in the north west, it's taken them about 7 hours to reach this point on board the ship to 12,
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the spacecraft of 3 astronaut. they're led by your high showing who is a veteran, chinese astronaut, and the age. 56 is the oldest chinese astronaut to be sent into space to date. now they're expecting to be on board the chin goal, which is chinese for heavenly palace for about 3 months. and the main tasks involved maintenance, some basic construction will conduct at least 2 space walks while they're there. and really they're making sure the space station is running smoothly and they'll be living a boat the can her, which is the cool model of the space station which itself was only sent into orbit about 2 months ago. and before they went into space, the astronaut really described the main task of setting up house. it'll be another few months before the space, the whole space station is completed. this is expected in 2022 and it will take at least another 7 emissions in all. but once it's completed that colleagues will be sent into space to live aboard the jangle for 6 months stance. and this will really
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lock china's continuous presence in space, says beijing for at least 10 years. so it's very practical mission that's happening right now, but also it's groundbreaking in its own right. this will be the longest space mission attempted man space mission attempted by china to date was always significant for the chinese government. they want to make it sound very important for their own public as well as the international audience. but ultimately, and having their own space station in space has reasons, an ultimate goal. that's right, so she didn't ping the government here. and agent has made no secret of the fact that they want to become an international space power. and they've poured billions of dollars into this. and so china 1st man in space in 2003 fairly late to the game after the us and russia. but in 2011 the u. s. ban china from being involved in the international space station. and since then,
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beijing is how the plans to build this, the chan go it's or in space station, and it's completed some other missions as well. quite successfully in 2019 china became the 1st country to send a rover to the fall side of the moon. in may, it became the 2nd country to send a rove to laws it earlier this year, announce that it was teaming up with russia to build a research station on the moon within the next 2 decades. so trying to definitely has big plans for space and for aging. this is a very key part of local propaganda. the chinese government, especially in the lead up to the chinese communist party is 100 year anniversary. wants to use these achievements in faith as proof of the communist party success. so those astronauts up there in space right now must be feeling the pressure for them. there really is no room for errors. katrina, you in beijing, thanks very much for the update. well still ahead here on i'll just 0. so place i'm yes, so far away we look at why some palestinians are struggling to get the id they need
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. they can be reunited with their families and welcome back to the happiest place on the parents. this the laundry happens. it's tools after an 8th month closure. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cattle airways. hello, no sir. we've been talking about the high heat for parts of england when a shake up the weather powder and a bit, we do have some rain moving through. but 1st let's talk about that heat. we didn't quite get to 30 degrees, but it was still the hottest stay of 2021 for london at 29.2 degrees. there's that rain as it moves through. we'll also see another pulse on friday. and if we track where this weather is, we can find it hanging out toward iberia, impacting western france rate through the u. k. and pushing into scandinavia, this will impact western parts of norway. much of the same can be expected. on
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fridays, we've got some storms bubbling up in iberia as they lift further to the north, some heavy pulses of rain, and this will impact the low countries as well. disturbed weather across the black sea region will see some heavy bursts of rain for eastern sections of romania and mil dover and unsettled across the bulk. and so you know, it's stumble. we'll always keep the risk as some showers in there thursday, right through into friday as well, but plenty of sun on talia 28 on cra hiv, 27 degrees in for north africa. you know, it's been particularly windy for areas of morocco. central areas when guess a 100 kilometers per hour and we'll dial up the heat as we head toward algeria and tunisia. sponsor cut on airways. talk to al jazeera, we can, the army were attacking ringer, and now they're attacking everyone in me on my do you regret? well, it's like we listen. absolutely. nigeria with a woman presses,
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it would be great. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on sera play, an important role, protecting human face in, ah, the the me back, you're watching out there with me. he'll run the reminder of all top stories. us president joe biden and russian leaders wanted me to to know how, what they call a positive and constructive meeting. they've agreed to resume talks on arms control and cybersecurity, but disagree on human rights. also hopefully the rest of 5 executives on the daily
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planet, apple daily newspaper, under the national security post by beijing, the accused of polluting with what the government calls forward enemies to harm china and transcript to be sent to china as the space station is due to arrive shortly, invitation through 12, but she lasted all from the field, one launch center. take the transitional for 3 months. stay in the floating lab. not around strictly. economy will be on the minds of voters when they go to the polls on friday to select a new president, unemployment, and inflation as an all time high me. and one of the new presidents 1st task will be to bring those costs down as a bag has more from the capital to her on on the streets of iran. there's one topic that everyone is talking about, the economy hit by some of the toughest sanctions iran has ever seen. as well as what some believe is government mismanagement, the coven pandemic has caused the economy to plummet further in 2019 the country.
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so widespread demonstrations after a fuel price, like, according to the iranian government, more than $200.00 people were killed in violence, the still unrest, but it's not limited to fuel prices. the muslim social goods, we saw our basic necessities since last year. prices of some items have gradually increased by 30 to 50 percent pastor, noodle salad dressings, tuner tomato paste. everything you can imagine has had a 30 to 40 percent price rise in just one year. it rains the carpets, a famous around the world, but even this trade has been hit hard long. they blame it on many reasons, but usually it's the sanction we have to live, but we're struggling economically. certainly the main reason that these, thanks and but management has a significant role to the new president will have an uphill challenge when it comes to the economy. when i'm sure was that we didn't have a room in the chronic problem with always faced as inflation. it's always been high
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in the past decade was 40 percent on average. we had 2 inflation shocks in the last 4 to 5 years. inflation in the short term, could be controlled by interest rates, which in turn leads to recession. we can't continue going on with the card 40 percent inflation anymore. the government should philips budget deficit and implement reforms. and the size of thereon many people earn less than $150.00 a month. the woods here have adverts for laborers, usually paying less than the minimum wage and get the cost of living is very high. it's very difficult. people have many problems, rents, and other miseries. you don't know whether to pay the rent or do shopping only god helps us. officials should think about us renters. the youth in the future. i just feel ashamed when i can buy something for my kid a times. i can't really buy what i want for her that it cannot be. conditions are very bad. the price of cooking oil used to go up once
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a year. cooking or butter went up 4 times last year. we could make ends meet, our condition wasn't good, but it wasn't very bad either. now i can't buy butter or cheese. i expect from the new government to make goods cheap. in this poor neighbourhood, some still hope things can change its working class areas like this one across iran . the picture stablish relies on for it course supports the working standard of living must be improved if the new president is there any sorts of success? vague, i just, there are there on so there's reluctance amongst people if that conflict in me, miles east to return home after the correct national defense full said it would stop fighting in the higher state, the humans office, the humanitarian affairs is calling for more assistance as come for the displaced a short of food and those signs of disease spreading. penny chain reports from mayhole sown on the tie me in my border. this is some of the a that's been hastily pulled together by a current organization and trying to be sent across the border. and to me,
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where it's more than a 100000 people, a sheltering from fighting with very little shelter themselves, and very little food or drinking water. they've got blankets here to protect them from the cold rain jackets. it's the monsoon season, the water medicine and hit food up at the front, but also big plastic buckets for storing water and cooking pots because they think those people are going to be there for some time. there has been some funds announced in certain areas, but many people are reluctant to return home. those that have found bodies lying in the streets where they were shot many houses destroyed by heavy artillery fires set by me and mommy and a lot of people are concerned that what they're saying now is a repeat of what the mommy did in the 1990 is when they conduct to the policy of sports for thing, the car, ready out of their homes,
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burning everything behind them and forcing them across the border into thailand. preliminary findings into the causes of a deadly subway glance. in mexico city. last month places blame on structural deficiencies, investigator, se poll wells, not enough studs and defective concrete calls. the elevated platform to collapse, to subway. cars are brought down on may. the 3rd calling 26 people. now the government has defended how the line was built and is calling for a broader inquiry that includes supervision and maintenance work. a car bomb inside the colombian military base is injured to 36 people, 3 of them critically. the government suspects countries largest army group was behind the attack. it happened in computer town, bouldering, venezuela, and went several criminal groups operate drug trafficking roots, alessandro, p s. he has more from bug at all 3. this is the moment, the 2nd 2 car bomb explosions that to needed at a colombian military base and google on the border with venezuela being
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a cloud of dense black smoke in the sky. at least 36 people were injured. on wednesday, one, colombian soldier remained in a serious condition in the intensive care unit to united states military personnel, part of a team of 11, assisting columbia military in anti drug trafficking operations, also sustained light injuries. colombian president the van duca visited the bass, calling the attack cowardly. he said, the f b i is participating in the investigation. j is placed on a complaint in, in a reward for a $135000.00 has been offered on the authors and persons responsible for this criminal search group has been created to investigate and trace things. and i would like to thank our country's national police for the special support they have provided the f. b i of the united states in this person lives special investigation llc. and i this video shows the moment the suspected car bombed,
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entered the base to the main door without much security screening the driver, with able to get out and detected before the explosion. outdoor, if you say the national liberation army, or elaine columbia, the largest remaining rebel group, was likely behind the attack. but then exclude the participation of other fun group . some of the former, reject reproduce this vial interest act which sought to attack the soldiers of columbia. the initial hypothesis is that the e l n, is behind this demented and via the involvement of fog dissidence is also being investigated to damage. yup. the city of computers located in an area where several arm groups are active fighting for control of tens of thousands of actors of coca planes, as well as control of an important smuggling route to venezuela. he stalks with a yellen were suspended back in 2019, when
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a car bomb killed to 21. police cadets here in the capital vulgar but the government a month ago and danced a restart of an exploratory dialogue with the group. but if elaine is indeed behind this late, there's that tack, it's unlikely that those stocks will continue. i listen that i'm just with the now the us will soon have a new federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery. congress has voted to make what it's calling. june 13th, june, the 19th, a national holiday marks when the last enslaved african americans learned that they were free. the bill goes to president joe biden, who's expected to sign into law palestinians, married to foreign nationals, all demanding israel approves their residency permits. tens of thousands awaiting some for more than 2 decades. israel controls the population registry and decides who gets a palestinian id card that abraham reports from the palace to the inside of the
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river jordan in occupied westbank. do you know me to buy a name from the occupied west bank is asking her niece enjoyed here at the jordan river. the family i'm meters apart but been separated for years. luba damien citizen moved to the west bank with her past union husband 11 years ago. since then she hasn't met with her family. this is as close as they can get to her re union and of a sure from other than not telephone heck, but i see them usually on the phone, but it's not like seeing them in real. i still can't touch, kiss or hug them better than nothing but less than a layer. ruba is a palestinian descent, but that doesn't help her get a palestinian id. many for nationals like her are waiting for israel to approve the request. while they can leave the westbank, israel might prevent them from returning to their families. while you're sophie
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applied for a palestinian id more than 25 years ago. she came so close to getting one. but the process was frozen. she says she probably wouldn't have married someone from the occupied territory if she knew it would be that difficult to get her residency. she told us one of her hardest moments was when her mother wanted to see her before she died. packet and love adult life adulthood. not up to me. if i leave a won't be able to come back, i will lose my family. she's fed up of the weight and became a regular and protest. i mean, as part of the movement demanding time later unification. they're trying to block the street in the hope of getting them going to her or risking the post date by coming here as they passed through different instructions from cities in the
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west bank. paulson you look for them not to be a born during go. she sions, with the house in israel allowed reunification to thousands of tombly royal deal with this file as a political issue. but it's our right amount of the signed agreements allow us to grant id papers. but israel took that right away. it's already authority say family reunification is only possible under special humanitarian conditions. spouses and children do not qualify from couples, told us they had to leave the country to remain together. those who opt to stay. we'll have to do for now with meetings like this across the river. neither ibrahim al jazeera, the occupied west bank. well let's just bring you some breaking news. coming out of japan where the prime
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minister has just announced that take a state of emergency will be lifted on sunday a month from the start of the limpid games. daily cases have been falling recently, but how the experts have warned that swift action needs to be taken. if they start to rise again. now searching current of ours cases in the media pushing its hospitals close to clamps. one of its biggest struggles has been trying to vaccinate all health care workers. in south africa restrictions are being tightened . following a rising cases. a long time care if you will be extended and the sale of alcohol limited, new daily infections have doubled over the past 2 weeks. and was 450000 people at hong kong have signed up for a draw aimed at boosting. the city's sluggish inoculation rate items included the $15000000.00 lottery included a one bedroom flat, only those who are fully vaccinated by september. the 1st can register about 24 percent of hong kong population of received their 1st dose. jackport follow similar incentives offered in the us vaccinated people have been given beer,
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sports tickets and marijuana. a little bit of magic is returning to disneyland paris after reopened for a month closure. a special performance by disney characters, welcome families and taurus to the popular theme park. it's in place since october because of chrome of iris and we're putting plans have been canceled twice since then. but the easing of restrictions in france has allowed the self appointed happiest place on earth to open its doors once again. ah, there with me the whole rob, reminder of all told stories in breaking news just coming out of japan. as we just mentioned, the prime minister there has announced that token state of emergency will be lifted on sunday a month out from the start of the olympic gains bars and restaurants will still have the evening hours restricted daily cases of being falling recently.


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