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tv   [untitled]    June 17, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm +03

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the neglect and the top stories here on al jazeera and hong kong, largest pro democracy newspaper as well as the cities press. freedom is hanging by a thread of the 5 of its executives were arrested under paging national security. nor are accused of colluding with what the government calls foreign enemies to hom, china. adrian brown has the latest from uncle earlier on the coast. there was plenty of action when in coordinated rate to cross hong kong, police arrested 5 executives from the apple daily. they were led from their homes in handcuffs, then at the same time, please poured into the headquarters of the apple daily. they moved into the new room, co journalists to get out, examined computers and notebooks. during that time,
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all the stuff had to remain in the canteen for several hours. the heavy police presence in ivory coast ahead of the return of former president learned by prob, it's 10 years since he was arrested for crimes against humanity. the international criminal court eventually acquitted him, had refused to step down after losing the presidential election in 2010 is expected to get a warm welcome from his supporters, but he remains a highly controversial figure. japan has announced its easing corona virus restrictions one month before the thought of the limpid games. a prime minister heat is to go says a state of emergency will be lifted in tucker and other areas, but the government will replace it with what's been called a cause i state of much in the days he has reported its biggest increasing curve at 900 infections in january with more than 12000 cases, president, yoko, without a, has ordered the authorities to speed up the vaccination campaign. he wants the number of people not today to the day to increase to 1000000 by next month. the
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african union is launching an inquiry into lead human rights abuses. and if you have just a gray region, if you can troops launch a military offensive last november against a group controlling reason to grow opposition party, say 50000 people have been killed in fighting. and more than 2000000 displaced. the 1st crew to be sent to china is news space station doc to short time ago. the sions . 12 mission arrived after blasio from the quin lawrence center nearly 7 hours. the 3 extra notes on board will stay for 3 months on the floating of our tree headlines. more news coming up here on al jazeera. i witnessed a fight for greenland continues. the news
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up progress in school and having to join us. but my mom helped us explain all that clearly a p assumed on of them by about how does a little the tall by gone in the back can saw mom, mia, inventor, or city the come me to pull out the enemy so they can come for biblical for a voice and um i need to come and show where they stand by the funding to spike a low bid political lead. i did know mrs. vin. yeah, that could be mistake. we got this dave in ma'am, we wanted their post. great, scared. then if the piece we got we provided, then system, the vine, all modal wouldn't get good news of the end of the mosquito. so really high
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a photo, of course, the polish and the new content, dpi, bike, now, mr. o, issues for full cheer. her lucy or sterling show. good me for the truck watched by greenland. i guess my 1st recipe was joking. can we buy greenland? actually it's a large real estate deal. a lot of things could be done not would be shown and shocked. i'm sure i'm bad, elena. mark in the book, still israel, so don't know how to help a couple of dollars from school. if we cindy wednesday in by trump shouldn't have to contribute
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con in a script storage for at least for this game. so for then, for news by this and we have a whole new young company we were getting killed, i'm sure i'll talk in case because of course i get to several the very dense. gonna see that the lived at, but they put us in a pink horn at the bottom. as legal. phil said, are newman's the go. me all dance, gonna be with them. don't trouble comes
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out and says he'd like to buy greenland. how did that go down? how did people react? it was a very, very big job. yeah. it's very difficult to take it serious that he actually wants to buy green. and how would you describe what you've been doing us company if i feel we're slowly making a change by sticking up about the rooms and especially about suicide and social problems and child mix. do you attribute those higher rate of suicide to the problems that you're describing? i mean that companies all of them, but yeah, everything, everything is linked. we are a generation of parents who are having a call his parents. but we are the new generation for bridging this very
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unhealthy cycle. and we are slowly feeling myself was going on in your parents generation. they tried to make this danish, my, my mom was into the lock when she was 11. to become a dane. yeah. ah format. now like i said, should keep i good for somebody to share on the bigger one . ask me new a new to chain money or some deceptively sell more mission plan. and then my check us by the dash
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no not that won't be any good on the ring. you know, if the football is, i'm going to fight this is, dawn says migraine, and i need to know should we meet at the doctors and the missing you don't want to go up and emit to noon. should continue in the meeting at noon up. but notting answering last it regarding best if i seen him dentist and dean and i
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in history is forgotten. better pero yet in spain state imposed them easier was enshrined in law. diminishing the plight of countless victims of franco's 36 year dictatorship. put a group of survivor has launched an international law suit hoping to bring those accountable to justice and force the country to acknowledge its fascist past. the silence of others weakness on al jazeera. ah, ah
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ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, nice to see you. we've got a lot of ground to cover 1st. we're going to begin in argentina where some of these clouds produce snow for the 1st time. in 14 years, look at that frolicking of round looks like a lot of fun. and we know chilly air is in play here, montevideo, 11 degrees that is below average toward the top end of south america. we've been talking about the flooding in guyana and we scooped up about another 130 millimeters of rain. and same goes for equity, are pretty close to about a 100 millimeters. and once again, that rain will be falling through friday. across the caribbean, we are getting some sand industrial didn't hear from the horror. so that's giving us hazy conditions. but we've got our eye on this disturbance in the gulf of mexico . it's going to have a major impact as we head toward louisiana, mississippi,
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and alabama. all of these are states that do not need the wet weather. we've had flash flooding in louisiana. rain total is well above the average. now if we look across north america, we've got some disturbance. so whether pulling across the great lake, but the big story is the heat as we look to the west. so i'll show you some these temperatures that the world record. temperature is in depth valley, california. when say we got to 54, that record temperature, by the way, is pretty close to 57 degrees sponsored power cut on airways, a global pandemic, social unrest. a world under locked down, brought to a nice by the buyer. but now we have a window to like the past to a brighter future. coming to you live from doha. we bring together leaders from all corners of the globe, and across all sectors of society. chalk away out of this join at the top. you
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cannot make forums powered by blooming ah, this is al jazeera ah no clock. this is in his own life and coming up in the next 60 minute. i attention ahead of the return, the former president acquitted of war crimes. please 5 gas it protest is in ivory coast press freedom is.


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