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home was what dreams were made. it turned into a nightmare of a resting torture by johnson footballing legend, eric tempted introduce his cloud. your temporary, one of the special few stood up for their beliefs. whatever that cost. football rebels on al jazeera ah ah, celebrations in ivory coast, former presidents and overall go returns home nearly 10 years after he was extradited to face charges of war crimes. ah,
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i know about this, and this is ally from dell ha, also coming up zambia morris. the death of its founding president kenneth colander, regarded as one of the fathers of african independence. this is a really, really, really important moment in our history. the us president out americans to learn from history as the science law, creating a federal of holidays commemorates the end of slavery. a general striking 11 people are fed up with an economy which is getting worse than the delay in forming a government. ah. in 10 years after being expedited for war crimes, former ivory coast president, our home got back boat has returned home. it was tried and acquitted of crimes against humanity the charges day back to 2010. when he refused to concede defeat
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after a presidential election that spawns months of violence, it's not clear if his returns gonna bring reconciliation or renew tensions. i'm going to dress reports from other john elated crowds. finally get a peek, a little bubble as he touches down in junk airport to them. he's a hero coming who to the ivory coast after vicky the next. but many of us consider him a war criminal. not far from felix who had bony airport st field with talking kick as a report of gunshot as police clear area for bush raton. they are stopping us from going to the airport to receive our president. we want reconciliation. they have been mistreating us since this morning. anger surprise from the street was party. the volume popular front dance you put us through yesterday we came as the council ministers meeting and the spokes person for the
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government indicated very clearly that the government no longer had any active prohibition of gatherings, which we are sales to the level of organization have never been told, we are surprised at the moment people who are about to welcome the president, our guest in the strait with tear gas. for my history professor has been a devices to guy in the west african nation. he served as president from 2010. he was defeated by rival and a son or tara in 2010. when bubble refused to accept the result, crowd march through abbey jones. by march, the crisis escalated into a full military conflict between forces loyal to bubble and water supporters. although the war was brief, more than 30000 people, perished. bubble was found by government forces hiding in a bunker. yeah, he's who he was arrested, exiled and handed over to the international criminal court. acquitted of all kinds
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in 2019 he still faced challenges at home after the government charged immunization to 2 decades in prison for stealing funds from the central bank. one prison water has allowed for bus return. it leaves many questions about the role he may take in politics and reconciliation for the victims of the war. it will bring the, the existing divisions in too much clearer sight. i think. the, the, the party oblong by both the f p. i has been divided down the middle ever since his arrest in 2010. and there is a need for sort of an internal hopefully dialogue, but at least some kind of reckoning within the f. b. i party in relation to the ruling party and their supporters. you know, there's been a sustained critique that allison water hasn't really taken national reconciliation seriously enough. but before questions there will be celebrations from
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a strong base of supporters is return is touted as an important step to heal old words. and i guess i don't know how much would achieve reconciling? i typically divided country more close to see if the realize that could be $1.00 to $103.00. i was never say considering his long absence and give distrust among many a board that job shouldn't be left to the former president and all the rest. i'll give you that. i be job. ok, let's bring in mary jose below. she's in african affairs analyst and she's the president of the africa international media group. she's joining us by skype from paris. good to have you. back on al jazeera is long back bows, return going to split ivory coast or united you know, as he's reading,
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said he, in the air force. he's been really crazy. and yet what i mean, so today is the power he's feeding along. he supported a very, very long period of time then you, when he was a week from the gotcha. and i shot to remind that aid we've seen the day for years and years, dollars of supporters when drilling their support outside of the court and that. so that's the kind of man was coming back that we can of the candle paula. paula was you have so what we see is that to day he had to speak. she was not reading. why don't deny he didn't say brain important things is that he will he need time to go and heal and more people who died where you,
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when he was not my train and he said that we call them back again. and then we got the issue more more, more deeply, but be something stronger than himself because that he's now 7576 years or he was way sort of and he's not the laura all we use. if you read the fire man and been silent. totally silent, didn't you? but he's older people and we see the support that they sort of frightening because i did a bit. i'm at 6 to the government. so today for the goldman d, they were not re into the attic in,
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in accepting what the back was to return home. but it was difficult to do to stop that being and took 20 pm out by the criminal court does not let you important that. so they love you for a 2nd because there are going to be people in ivory coast on there who still blame long backbone for the violence that happened after elections in 2010. what is the list? do you think that those grudges are going to remain and we may end up seeing more violence in ivory coast? yeah, this is possible. i. ultimately, i am not very optimistic because i have a day that sort of a tight, stronger rolling stronger that. and i don't know during the day the gate and that and coming as you send a message and there will be some confusion. but you don't feel
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that the khaki so divided and who feels both sides a lot of that and me and she own with the bad advice. and you see on the part of the government handling this thing, you're not re, property, you know, you don't have really power to handle that. and the one of the game now it's more so we will see what we decided to do to money wise or below. we appreciate your joining us analogy there. as always, thank you very much indeed for your time. i'm thank you. up zambia has announced 3 weeks of morning after the death of its 1st president kenneth colander has died at the age of 97. it was considered one of the fathers of african independence and let his country for 27 years. count a champion, the countenance fight against apartheid and h i. v aids. i don't. what charter has more in his life in politics?
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it was 1964, zambia gaines independence from britain for many who were they, it was the time for new beginnings. people had high expectations from zambia, the 1st president kenneth calendar. it was an exciting time as one by one liberation movements in africa, gained independence from the colonial masters colon the rules ambia for nearly 3 decades in what was effectively a one party state. as life got tougher for the poor, many became frustrated and angry. some blame the struggling economy on colon does socialist policies as a puppy. that as he waned, zambian had had enough after 27 years and power that be as founding father was defeated at the polls. then he did something that still very ray in africa. he accepted the seat and willingly stepped down. he had been forth from the political arena through the ballot box, but he didn't disappear in the years that followed. he had a troubled relationship with subsequent zambian government. at one point, he was
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a keys approaching a coo and they had to fight to retain his ambient citizenship. in quarter. later, he became very much the elder statesman engaged in numerous charities, and gradually winning back the trust and the fiction of meanings ambiance, many se they'll always remember his trademark white handkerchief. but also the fundamental role played helping of a neighboring countries gain the independence for years than be offered refuse to african national congress members during a party in south africa. the am radio freedom was allowed to broadcast from the capital. the sucker it was under code is protection that the ac wait for an arm struggle when a diplomatic one against the apartheid regime. zambia also helps bob again, it's independent from white minority rule in 1981. and after a long life spent at the center of politics cohen, there lived out his final years at home in the country. he loved the zambia. he had helped lead to freedom like you it states has created
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a new national holiday to mark the end of slavery in the nation. president joe biden has signed a bill to commemorate june teens. alan fisher has more from washington d. c. we are gathered here and a house built by a slave people in a ceremony at the white house. it became official. the de slavery ended in america is now a national holiday. june 19 10865 was the day union trips fried the last slaves in texas. 2 years after president lincoln's emancipation proclamation. a day that has become known as june 18th. this is a day of profound and my profound weight and profound power. day which remember the moral stain, the terrible toll. this slavery took on the country and continues to take.
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it's the 1st national holiday approve since the 1900 eighty's for some, it's something but doesn't address real issues of today. it avoids one of the major issues and that is the human rights of african american. people across the country took to the streets in the past year, advocating for racial equality, demanding i didn't reforms to the justice system in recent months. many states of past due voting laws, which activists have claimed, make it more difficult for people of color to vote. and there's growing cause for some form of reparations for slavery itself, for the generations which have suffered the consequences. but for the protesters, they know, have a national holiday. lack people want their full citizenship to be recognized not to be infringed upon. and while they are so many efforts to do so, some of the same senators who are trying to take away voting right, won't pass police reform and won't do many other things,
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you know, trying to change a cation are the same. people who said, yeah, i will give you a symbolic holiday and you should be happy to biden says this is a big deal. currently. there are discussions underway on capitol hill about justice reform. senators are coming under pressure to do more to protect voting rights across the country, all say many bites supporters much more important than approving a federal holiday. alan fisher, i'll just see it up at the white house. so had an i'll just 0, a choice of 4 to hours until pose, open it in the run with a hard liner who backs new to itself is predicted to win the presidency. 3 days of heavy rain check or flash floods in nepal. next, i'd say climate change has contributed to the devastation. ah
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hello there, let start in north america and relentless heat continues across the west and 3rd of the u. s. temperatures here continuing to climb, particularly across california. this was the scene in death valley where they recorded 54 degrees on wednesday the 1st time this year. and that's 3 degrees shy of a record set in 1913. so we're expecting a lot more heat and not just across the western areas, but more centrally, it will also edge its way to the east temperatures. continuing to climb, denver sitting around $33.00 degrees, could come up to for the wet weather. we have to go to the great lakes and the disturbance that rumbling around the gulf of mexico making its way up north and it's expected to hit louisiana ringing. so really torrential rain some strong winds . we could see coastal flooding here, we've already had flooding. so there's likely to be more damage when that does make its way inland, moving across, not just louisiana, but alabama,
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mississippi likely to be impacted as well. and as we move to central america, we get a closer look at that disturbance. it's been brewing away in the bay of can patch it, moving its way north, and it's likely to hit louisiana. by the time we get into saturday rings. really heavy rain and strong winds the weather bag. energy and change to every part of our universe. more small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business.
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ah ah, your reminder of our top so is this our former ivory coast presidents? low home button bull has returned home 10 years after being extradited for war crimes. it was try to the course of crimes against humanity, the charges due back to 2010 when he refused to concede defeat after a presidential election. not clear if it's your turn book here or the new tensions in the country. zombie as finding president kenneth calendar has died 1897. after a short illness, he led zombie from independence in 1964 until 991 condo posed apartheid south africa and white minority rule in rhodesia. now symbolic way president joe biden
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has signed a bill making what's become known as june teams. a federal holiday congress voted to market june 19th as a day to commemorate when the last slave to african americans learned that will st . iranians had to the poles and just a few hours to pick the next president. but i'm worried about how many people will actually vote. the suggestions, and many people are disillusioned because several candidates have been blocked from running for people vying for the top job. ever came icy as widely seen as the front runner is the head of the judiciary. and has the support of hard liners, molson reside is a former chief of the revolutionary god, and he's a critic of the 2015 nuclear deal dub the perennial candidate he's run and last 4 times. the candidate is, i mean her seeing that because he's either hash amy was the speaker,
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the deputy speaker of parliament and us, although nasa kemati, the former governor of iran's central bank, he supports reviving the nuclear deal with western powers. i said, beg him to run and says voter turnout is expected to below. well, so far, if you look at the polls carried out inside the country, it's not going to be very high. now. the lowest turn this country ever had in presidential elections is around 50 percent back in 1993. now some of the polls are saying that it will be less than that, but well, i can tell you is last year's parliamentary election here had the lowest turn out since the revolution in 1979. it was 42 percent nationwide. and here in raleigh province, it was right 25 percent. so if it is less than 50 percent, and a brian right, you see the lead in this election and you who is also the judicial chief, the conservative candidate, if he manages to get just under $16000000.00 votes like he did last time, he will become around next president, now many here think that it's already a done deal, that there was no real opposition to your brain, right? you see?
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so he would definitely be the next countries present. that's what many people believe. so the question is, how many people are going to turn out? what percentage of the vote is going to get? and what is going to do to make the daily lives of iranians? iranians better, but if you'd be watching state tv here, they've been pulling out all the stops to get people to come out to vote. they used a religious arguments, the political ones, and the nationalistic ones. but while we were been out on the streets at least here and there on, there were many people telling us that they're not going to vote. they don't see the candidate that they want in the election because of those disqualifications. and many people just feel let down over the last 4 years because of the present test. and ronnie, government and the handling of the economy in africa is experiencing a 3rd wave of corona, virus infections, as millions across the continent remain unvaccinated. it's 1300000000 people are con, for 18 percent of the world's population,
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but the continent is received only 2 percent of all vaccine doses administered globally. the ted wave is the reality. as i said earlier, 15 countries across african union members, it's now experiencing that. we would anticipate that more countries will be in that at the logic for how long it will take for us to peek. we don't know you or depend on behavior and collective actions that probably had measures that will be taken. my lab has more from nairobi, the director of the african union incentive, a disease control john and kanga song with speaking to the press. the said, the 3rd wave is he said 15 countries in africa are experiencing it now. and that number is just going to go up in the weeks ahead. 13 countries of recorded a presence of the delta very, that's a very and that originated in india and some health care. but
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a concern that africa is yet to see the kind of coven crisis that was recently seen in india. but that here it could. in fact, the potentially much worse in life to the fact that africa, people in africa have, on average, much less access to health care than any other continent in the world. and there's also a great shortage of medical workers compared to every other continent. the cdc earlier said that just point 79 percent of people in africa have been vaccinated. health care activists say that it's not just a delay in the roll out. i mean, the doses that were meant to come here from india that were held up following india coded crisis just a few weeks ago. but they were saying that the whole program for vaccinating africa is locally inadequate. even if you include the nearly a 1000000000 vaccines that were played by the g 7 nations in the summer last week,
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i forgot, has about 16 of the world's population, but it's only received about one percent of the world's vaccines. so far japan is using corona virus restrictions one month out from the start of the olympic games. prime minister yoshi, he, the saga says a state of emergency will be lifted in tokyo and other areas. but the government's replacing it with what's being called cause i state of emergency, which will limit the sale of alcohol and the opening hours of bars and restaurants . the supreme court has rejected a challenge to the affordable care act, also known as obamacare. it was one of former president buck obama signature policies. the judges rolled $7.00 to $2.00, rejecting the republican challenge. it's the 3rd time the zip code is preserved below, since it was introduced in 2010. a bomb care is widely credited with helping millions of americans have access to medical insurance. that's been neil let up. and the violence in me in law video was posted on social media show. most of chemo village
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and mug way regent burned to the ground. villagers accused the melody of firing out them for burning near all and nearly all 200 homes and capital on tuesday. most had already fled after receiving a trip off the soldiers were looking for a group opposing the military takeover in february. or most of the fighting was taking place in border regions for minority ethnic groups live the can any national defense force says conflicts in kaya state started again breaking a ceasefire. tens of thousands of people are fed the states taking refuge in camp. scattered across the regions forests. tony chang reports from may hong song of the ty miramar border. this is some of the a that's been hastily pulled together by renting organization and be sent across the border. and to me and we're still more than a 100000 people sheltering from fighting with very little shelter themselves and very little food or drinking water. they've got blankets here to protect them from
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the cold rain jackets. it's the monsoon season, the water medicine and food up at the front, but also big plastic buckets for storing water and cooking pots. because they think those people are going to be there for some time. that have been some c spas announced in certain areas, but many people are reluctant to return home. those that have have found bodies lying in the streets where they were shot many houses destroyed by heavy artillery fires set by me on mommy and a lot of people are concerned that well, the thing now is a repeat of what the mommy did in the 990 s when they conduct to the policy of sports. for thing, the car running out of their homes, burning everything behind them and posting them across the border into thailand. 30 countries have agreed to provide aid to lebanon's military to pay soldiers wages and prevent its collapse. a currency crash has wiped out much of the value of their
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salaries. it comes amid worsening economic and political crisis. on thursday, business is close across the country as part of a general strike, calling for the government to do more to help currents. he's been in freefall for months. another one's been without a fully functioning governance since august. so i mean, aiden is director of the levant institute for strategic affairs. he says agencies must change the way they deliver the 811 on. yeah, and the only way to go out and t this money to the cheese and all the poor people is to ensure that this money is to be transferred in cash. and you as dollars or for an because that even ease found is losing its value. volume today because of the problems we are listing that is an enormous pressure on the by knees found that that has blocked up to now 90 percent of its value. we are facing
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the dwindling of the chasing power of the new fitness. and so the only way to guarantee that this money achieved its objective is to make sure why the you contract with anybody is government that this money is to be given in you as dollars. this is why that was bank today is not reaching a finance agreement. with anybody in government because anybody is government and does anybody is centered back out and it's just being that this money is to be channeled to deli beneath people in need different program. this is the similar logic they want to, the channel it's ebony is found and the pre defined exchange rate. a state of emergency has been declared across parts of russian annex crimea, after a heavy rain cause widespread flooding, rescue workers say about 300 homes and
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a hospital have been flooded in the city of coach. entire sections of the city are also under water with streets fully submerged. nepal has deployed soldiers and helicopters to rescue people, stranded by flash floods in the himalayas foothills. after 3 days, a monsoon reigns rivers of burst their banks and washed away homes. at least a dozen people have died in nepal and neighboring blue tongue for more than 50 others is still missing in basra, but has more the monsoon comes to nepal every year. farmers rely on heavy rains to revitalize rivers and their crops. but no flesh floods and landslides made worse due to the loose soil from past earthquake for people living in the foothills of the himalayas. the perils of the wet season have only just begun. yet to think about making a new start,
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all the riches that we are in lie in that house which is now covered in mud and it's not accessible. we don't have anything now, not a thought about way to go and how to go. soldiers have been air listed in and have rescue dozens of people, but many more remain at risk. and since paul chuck, district and heavy rains are expected to continue for at least the next 2 days, the situation is being compared to an earthquake 6 years ago. somebody bought it, they do this. flash flood is attributed to heavy rainfall, an upper lying areas, incessant rainfall, and movement of masses underneath the glaciers ran down hill. these have dumped into low lying areas here. we suspect it's a glacial outburst. survivors are streaming in to make shift shelters more are likely to come, was approved for us, but took away our land properties and all had documents of value. our family of 4 must survive either by doing labor or any other means of the conditions. go back to
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normal, villagers traditionally go to the highlands this time of year to escape the summer . heat with climate change and soil erosion from urban development have made the impact of seasonal rains more severe every year. more than $200.00 people died during the pause, monsoons last year and a season that once symbolized the renewal of life is now associated with hardship. and then basra, the audience here. ah, listen, these are the top stories, former ivory coast president la home bug bull has returned home 10 years after being extradited for war crimes. it was tried and acquitted by the international criminal court, the charges day back to 2010. when he refused to concede defeat after presidential election comedies has more from john for the last one.


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