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says well, coming back, visit is 8 months after the pandemic forced at the close, but hugs are still banned. mickey mouse and all the characters and st crowds from safe distances management called the reopening of watershed movement for francis struggling, tourism, and hospitality sector. francis national night fund fuel ended 2 days and faced moscow will no longer be required outdoors. ah, a check on the top stories on al jazeera iranians. supposing a presidential election that's widely expected to be won by a hardline judge, judiciary, chief abraham racy cost, his balance and southern to the wrong opinion. polls show that enthusiasm among people is lo, outgoing president has under honie who can't run again due to turn limits, urging people to get out and vote. i want to let these elections are very important,
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and i invite all citizens to participate. we must not allow the problems that we witness, since people applied to run for candidacy to affect participation in the elections . citizens must realize how important these elections are to their destiny and the fate of the islamic republic. popular participation and broad participation in the elections will lead to the disappointment of the enemy. for the ivory coast president warned by bo has returned home 10 years after being exercised for war crimes. he was late to acquitted buddy international criminal court. the charge of stem from post election violence in 2011. when he refused to concede defeat after presidential both gunman in nigeria have reportedly kidnapped at least 80 students in a raid on a school. in the northwestern state of cabbie police said that 5 teachers were also abducted, and an officer was killed in the attack. is the 3rd mass kidnapping the in 3 weeks . gangs of men described as bandits. often stage inductions,
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seeking ransoms. war violence and human rights violations drove another 3000000 people from their homes last year. according to the u. n's, new report which says the cumulative total of displaced people has reached or has $82.00 and a half 1000000. it's risen for 9 years, running israel as long as dan strikes on garza for the 2nd time in 2 days. it says the targeting of my sites was in response to incendiary balloons. being sent into southern israel for a 3rd day. it's related to escalation in fighting, putting pressure on a cease fire between israel and thomas that came into effect almost a month ago. zambia has announced 3 weeks of morning following the death of its founding president kind of calendar who was 970 years old. he was considered one of the fathers of african independence. others the headlines. what do you see here? 0 after today's inside story coming up, thanks. the whole parliamentary elections on june 21 more
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at stake than the result. the countries ranked my troubles at home and beyond its borders. can this vote set back on the road to peace and stability? ethiopia, parliament reelection on al jazeera, they exchanged handshakes and praise, but joe biden and vladimir putin 1st meeting ended with little agreement. so have they missed the chance to recess the russia us relationship? this is inside story. ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm daddy navigate on the us and russian presidents both acknowledge relations are at their lowest points since the cold war . there one day, some it in geneva was an opportunity to set out their differences. joe biden and
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vladimir putin exchanged highly choreograph handshakes on words of praise for each other. they agreed to resume talks on nuclear arms control and return ambassadors to each other's capitals. but there was little agreements on other issues, dividing the 2 nations, such as cybersecurity, the war in ukraine, on political repression in russia. natasha butler reports from geneva, an elegant 18th century villa overlooking lake geneva was the setting for the high stakes meeting. russian leader vladimir putin arrived 1st. he was greeted by the swift present who then welcome joe biden. the 2 men looked 10th as they stood for their 1st official photo handshake. bailey broke the ice relations between washington and moscow at the lowest point in decades. the face to face talks were aimed at improving them. as i said outside, i was always better off to several hours behind closed doors. there was some
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agreements pledges to repose them, buses extend an arms control treaty and disgust. cybersecurity both said the meeting was positive, but there was little progress on other issues, including the conflict in ukraine and human rights. putin dismiss biden's concerns about the leg seen a volley calling the rush opposition leader, a law breaker. ignoring the rules of law, this person went abroad for medical treatment. he arrived back in russia deliberately trying to be arrested. he knew what he wanted to fight and was clearly unimpressed by putin's attempt to compare russia, treatment of opposition activists to the u. s. capital right, i response is kind of when i communicated, but i think that's that's ridiculous comparison. it's one thing for literally criminals to break through court and go into the capital, kill a police officer and be held accountable. and that is for people object eating,
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marching on a capital one said you are not allowing me to speak freely. there were no major breakthroughs in this summit. and clearly, little common ground to put the return of us from russian. i'm buses to that is clearly a step through reopening communication between moscow and washington, the putin. this was a moment back on the world stage to play out well at home fight. and it was an opportunity to put down red line and distance himself from his predecessor donald trump's approach. often accused of being soft on russia, why didn't may be closer to the more stable relationship. he said he wants with moscow, but he's still unlikely to be a predictable one. natasha butler. i'll just sarah geneva. ah, let's bring in our guest. joining us from brussels with theresa fallon, who's the director? it's the center for russia, europe, asia studies, and also senior fellow at the chicago council and global affairs in moscow. pablo
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fog in howard defense and military analyst, and joining us from as low as glen deason, who's a professor for international relations at the university, southeastern norway. welcome to the program. thanks for joining us on inside story . teresa was this some disappointments or was it a success for you? well, i think because there were such low expectations going in that it didn't matter but was perceived as a success because nothing was expected. and i think that one of the big successes though, for the buyers in administration, was that when they initially asked our president put in to meet at the time of the ukraine crisis, pretty much that he put it in who has been in power for so long i didn't anticipate this type of g 7 1st than the, the nato summit, and the china summit. and then the meeting with putting was the final piece. and this is carefully choreographed diplomatic ballet. and i think that it showed that by didn't had all the support, he had this growing momentum,
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and i think that that was a really key when in that sense for president biden. in addition, it was very respectful put and showed up on time. the meeting actually ended a little earlier than expected, but i think it just shows that these are 2 world leaders. again, putting a lot of faith in that sense that president biden and his 1st trip to europe wanted to meet with him. they have many issues to discuss in regard to nuclear disarmament . and also we saw in the comments of the very end president biden's press conference. he mentioned that russia's beings weak by china when he was trying to feel him out and see how you know, russian relations really were. yeah, we're going to drill down into the specific topics in just a moment. we're going over to you tourism was just mentioning the timing of this. interesting. so joe biden going into it with momentum. having come out of the g 7 meetings in the nato meetings, do you agree with that assessment and also for you?
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what are your take away messages? well, i think it was necessity from the united states because previous policy has reached an end. but i would like to add that i think the, the meeting should be considered success because there was an agreement now to restore corporation in area of mutual interest at arms control, cybersecurity, or even returning ambassadors to their posts for the sake of diplomacy. so like to point out that this agreement between the us and russia have not changed, not a bit, but there seems to be an effort now not to let the areas of disagreement undermine corporation in areas where mutual interests are important even for the world. so i think how we reach this is because over the past, so near as ever since 2014, the u. s. a, the maximum pressure strategy against russia in which washing suspended operation area such as arms control. and even though it has been a mutual interest there, so i think i've been hoping it could cost more pain to moscow than to washington,
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and thereby negotiate from a position of strength. but it hasn't been successful towards it. and then i think you've reached the end of the line and it's now seeking to reach out to russia and try to fix some of the area for at least where there's the common interest. so again, the next success. okay. pavlo i how would you describe success if indeed you see this a successful and also there's a lot of talk online about who came out of best better was a biden, or was it put? and so what is the reaction in russia in particular? and for putin domestically, was it successful? domestic? yes, but we were successful in that it's being projected that the successful summit and actually the russian state to me get propaganda machine is also kind of not kind of pressing the push in one of course, which was wonderful. but the message is, this was a success, glimmer of hope,
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so both sides actually buys and boots in our projecting success. the bravo, of course, said that there was no real success practically no real progress only practically or nothing. one of the chief, yes, there will be working groups and cybersecurity nuclear arms, which will be trying to work up agreements. and that will take years of rest may even if they anytime fear, just simply to resolve the problem of the diplomatic missions that are right now handicapped by the tit for tat expulsions and not issuing visa even. that's a big problem. again, there's going to be mother working group lead state department and russian foreign ministry. but russia is demanding that to begin with, the american should return the resort. the country retreats the batch of
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in long island, maryland that the american seas done their bomb. i ministration accusing russia using their for spying for bite and to give them back. that's going to be a big problem internally for him. so i mean, the real issue actually, the issue that about war or piece, the issue, you create your aspirations to join nato was not practically address. that's all. that's what the grandma says. a great was not really discussed at all. right. when you did you expect something different rates on ukraine, on the issue, a few crating, the russian leader said in fact, there was nothing of substance to discuss. and, and as you know, he accused kiev a breaching agreement when it comes to the ukranian government forces and progression separatist in the east of the country. so he had a very bullish tone. did you expect anything different?
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well, today actually there was additional comment on that by the graphics show. graham and spokesman, nature test coff. who said that it was not much discussed, especially made to aspirations of ukraine. and he said that is a read. why? because for russia that's a cause. it's barely actually, and that's why a russian forces are still mass on the ukrainian border today and will bit some. i actually succeed in preventing regional war and europe happening this summer or not. we'll see it will last by and said in 6 months we'll see ok. success, right, let's look at the other issue. cyber security for one, which was a big one. how significant was it that president biden's announcement that the u. s . in russia will task experts in both countries to address the threat of ransomware attacks? i think there's an important, well, so far it's not an achievement is a statement of intention but, but nonetheless,
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i think it's significant because russia for a while offered united states to develop corporation on this issues. however, so far the us us formulated the problem more as being preventing russia from doing any sondra activities which are not considered legitimate now. but like most other issues, there's always been this restraint on the american projects idea of mutual constraint. instead. if i did that one side should be constrained. so again, the united states should, i think there's a police rush which is not acceptable to them. so they have to have this agreement come together not to at least discuss the rules of the road by i think it's good development. again, it's a small, small, extreme, but it's, it's progress much less teresa way and on this issue for us. because putting denied any responsibility by russia and the attack on a particularly on the colonial oil pipeline that took place in may, which the american say, well, no, this has the hallmarks of the russians. so is it clear to you which way the future
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of the cybersecurity issue is going to go? well, this is a huge issue for the us. and in addition to the cyber hacking of the pipeline was also solar winds, which was very serious and cyber attack in the us. so i think that there is growing evidence that from russian entity was behind it. it's hard to pin it down which cannot be responsible for people in russia doing this, at least that's the russian narrative from what i understand. but i think that this is a great concern. i think that in the talks, i read that president, president biden 16 areas and they don't want to have any form of cyber hacking. so they want to come up with kind of the rules of the road to guard rails, which are really important for this issue. and this is, you know, the new type of warfare that we really have to come up with better agreements on. so i think that as president biden, he wanted to meet in person to, you know, they have met each other before. but i think that these issues are so important
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that they, they really did require a personal meeting. and i think it's a good start. but it's just a baby stuff, but it will introduce a new period of a lease discussion on these types of very serious areas that could lead to frictions in the relationship. right. and probably the issue for human rights, i mean, president proven didn't budge at all when it came to alexis of all the he also suggested as you know, washington was a no position to lecture moscow on. right thing. he was trying to avoid the quote unquote disorder off popular movements in the u. s. this is, i suppose not what the opposition and russia wanted to hear mo, most likely mosque or no one else was no one's really expecting anything else from butcher. and actually, he said, accused the west and america financing acquisition movements in russia. apparently an american bidding one to overflow his regime and said that america
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considered him and present day russia, men and us. i mean both sides of packed. we came down to that. they are kind of random is, but there's a mutual designer to avoid the rec, crash, and direct direct military clash anywhere in, in the middle east in syria. and the brass drain, you know, are anywhere else. so yes, there is mutual interest to try to stabilize and escalate and serial as mentioned as a place where they are russian military, american, military. but the escalation regime, i've been working for several years rather successful if they're not shooting at each other. and that's really good enough right now. can, that should be escalation regime re, we'd be established by this summit. right now we're going to have just working
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groups. how will those work in groups work? this thing out. we right now, i don't know for sure, but it's going to be quite an uphill job. theresa, the president, though, president biden. as he left, he did say this, we will respond if russia doesn't do what we want on cyber on human rights and the rest of it, but respond how, you know, that's the bit. that's a little bit unclear what approaches biden actually going to take with putting going forward. i think it was wise for president. i did not say that. out loud in front of the journalist. i think that he probably had this conversation with put in and it's better to keep quiet because he saw the experience of drawing red lines under the obama administration. so i think it was actually a wise choice. we don't knowing everything that they said behind closed doors, but i think that they had an exchange on a gun. one area that there was agreement on was the restoring, if a bachelor,
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so just to return it from bassett or a signal, a sort of restoration of relations or was it just the easiest thing to agree on at this point? that's probably one of the easier things that show good faith, but also an effort to keep the policy alive. and also it is when it comes to one of the area with a mutual interest to have a diplomatic presence. but i would agree that the, the main area of conflicts which is tearing away relations the issue of human rights simply because isn't on the gospel for both sides or the us. well, mike said this is where we are. it's non negotiable. it was on the table and for russia, it's also unacceptable that human rights is treated as a monic norm. something to promote sovereign inequality simply because its rules which are applied only to one side, which is why i put in push this idea stuff about time. we inflated so, and it's very critical of this idea that under human rights to, you know, the us can interfere in russia by the way around us can public governments as the credit revolutions to invade countries by calling it the military and intervention
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and effectively accept itself from international law. so this is why we're the really the way the russians are pushing back against this. so called values that the united states pushing simply, i don't think your court suggest either has to be work in under the concept of solving the quality which you initially want. otherwise it has to be scrapped from international security. this course becomes except the way by pushing it now. so this is really the area where most conflicts will come and that it's possible to protect that punishment against each other if you should. what the rules area for corporation, even though there is mutual interest, terrorism. what about the issue of china? you mentioned this at the beginning of the program on china. a president biden said this. russia isn't a very, very difficult spot right now. they are being squeezed by china. what do you think he meant by that statement when you're trying to exploit the current sort of russian discomfort with china and pull russia more towards the west or what's going on there? well, military strategist,
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they cannot fight 2 front war just cannot fight a 2 front war. so most people think that they have to either pull russia back in the us orbit or china and russia, china attacks us. it will be impossible to fight a true front worse. so i think that this is kind of the usual thinking, but i think rather it's not the soviet union. the economy is the type of italy, it's much smaller. but as we know, some analysts sometimes, you know, they're, they're superpower is to upsize the liberal international order. so i think and to, to disrupt. so i think that i think by having kind of put up a test balloon to see how china, how russia would respond to this. because let's face it, they are a junior partner to china, chinese economy, a huge. and as they corporate more and more, i mean it, china doesn't have any allies. that's their narrative. but it's kind of a front of me is type of alliance. and i think that russia and china actually have a lot of common cause. the that they don't like the us together and they work
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together closely in the united nation. so it was a way, i think, were providing to test the waters and put in fields because at the end of the day, you know, they, russia and china have a massive border. they have a lot of issues between them. and we've seen their past history, how things worked. so i think it was just kind of a test like, you know, things, how often would feel about that problem. how do you think we felt about that and to what extent do you think the us administration is trying to refrain from policies that dr. russia and china closer together, was not only the us administration. and now is the fact that there western nations western diplomats when the western ministers and leaders had been constantly. 4 prompting russia explaining to the russians past, we did refuse to understand that china is a huge threat for them potentially. and russia ship kind of begin moving away a bit from china. not getting too close,
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early golf by china. that's really not working right now at all. russia, china relations are getting even stronger and stronger. and just several we, couple of weeks ago it was announced that russia is transferring all to dollars the cat and the sovereign fund. and that's well, quite a lot of 1000000000, tens of millions of dollars into chinese currency, partially into europe, but the out of dollars. so russia is kind of putting the money there and most likely this conversion of, of these, of this fund. i mean, the central bank will continue to have dollars and russian exports bring 80 percent of the export is paid in dollars. so converting it into a chinese young is not very a business operation. right. but knowing all of this because he's doing this because he wants to or because he needs to. and specifically after the american and
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european sanctions that were imposed on russia for the annexation of crimea. this is a fear that they'll be said further sanctions. and there may be confrontation in europe, may be so severe that russia will be russian sovereign government funds may be frozen in western banks, especially in american banks since they are in treasury. and that can be frozen. and you lying or gold in walls and moscow cannot be frozen. so there's, and there's a problem. there's no rush in the finance. institutions are preparing that may be a swift won't be working for russia. there's a rush is actually bracing for a possible downturn, as, as very tractor traffic down there. and it may happen, this summit was about maybe preventing that. but that's seen as a serious possibility. i mean, that's big money and big money losses, right?
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russia is not mobile right now away from john and at all. okay, glenn, what do you think about the, the china issue? i mean, the, some reports seem to suggest that the u. s. is seeking to sort of, quote, unquote, normalize relations with russia. mainly because of china, do you agree with that? well, the united states open about to decide to travel, which between china and russia, has to be points out that the russia now only given up the goal is to create the effective date. great through europe. the china has now become its name and most important partner in terms of creating a new economic infrastructure coming everything from autonomous, the technology of transportation for those banking and across the board. and obviously the sanctions against russia has increased or intensified this development to great extent, but i think it's open the top rated that concerns the rosshouse about china. so far,
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china has been pretty much in the deal park before russia. this idea that his tears being the junior brother, i think that's also saturated, because the russian doesn't really have any hedge him on the conditions across the, the ration space subtle. and also when china enters a lot of these regions, such as central asia, it's always cautious to turn to harmonize the interest with russia. and this is very much as our contrast with the europeans and americans often always tried to peel away in russia, the neighbor. so again, ukraine, george, i'm also about the central ations turkey, and every country has to be, feel the way from russia. so the chinese are really pushing this strategy, which is why russia, he's not really uncomfortable with being smaller economies to all right, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much to my guess theresa fallon, problem volga, how're and glen dees. and thanks for joining us. thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for the discussion. you can go to our facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. so in the conversation on twitter or handle as
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a j inside story for myself and the whole scene here and how, thanks for watching bye bye. for now, the news no range for months. our cause, once lush vegetable garden has turned to dust, she says it's as if the land has given up on her, but she has not given up on the land. in this land you could grow not just to biscuits, but carrots, potatoes, onion, cauliflower, if only we had water during the rainy season. it's another story. the land springs to life. the state pays. i won others to plant trees as part of the great greenwald project. an initiative to stop dessert if occasion from east to west africa. because of the rising temperatures and the lack of rainfall, most of the trees planted are either dying or already dead. and while polluting
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countries have recently pledged billions of dollars more in funds for the project, people here say they're throwing money into the desert. they say they don't need more trees. but more access to water in me and allegations of torture emerging under the military. 11 east investigate the secret detention center i make on the defective to reveal laws opting out of the in the next episode of science in a golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval slamming period in the field of chemistry. they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his chemical procedures are those which make the today. oh wow. science and a golden age with the professor, jim and please. and i'll just 0. in february 2021. the
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crippling storm took down, texas is power grid. 4000000 people plunged into darkness with no heating. many died from hypothermia with hundreds suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning as they tried to stay warm anyway, they could plunge investigates where the use of the regulation and prioritizing profits led to the state's power grid failure. the texas blackout on a jesse era award winning programming from international. so make it one quick. so it's straight on the back side of the global discussion. what guarantee that liberty the right typically life giving voice to the voice here in california. it's almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program that open your eyes to turn it if you well today, this is what the picture looks like the the world from a different perspective on out to
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me, you want to help save the world, needs into your own ah ah, the rooms, hard line, judiciary, change votes and a presidential election that many believe has been tilted in his favor. ah, hello. this is i'll just hear a lie from don't also coming up and otherwise on the number.


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