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use of the regulation and prioritizing profits lead to the state's power grid failure. the texas blackout on jesse era. the range of stories from a course that goes from the perspective of a network gen and analogy era ah, the radians vote for a new president to succeed. how sondra honey questions over the future loom, as the country struggles with an ailing economy on a nuclear deal in dow? ah, i on money side, out there live from. also coming up. i'll do there obtains a copy of the you and report that says israel committed violations against children in the occupied territory. thought failed to go any further. the current of ours,
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the very 1st identified in india is blamed as several countries see infections rise sharply. and we'll have a report from a remote jungle camp in the mall where people are hiding, fighting between the military and alms. great. is just gone. 1700 gmc that about 2130 in iran where the voting and the presidential election has been extended. the judiciary chief abraham racy, is widely predicted to when he faces to other conservatives of one moderate candidate turn out is expected to be low opposition parties called for a boycott. office several candidates were excluded. we surely will speak to a correspondent asset beg, who is in teheran, profess. let's get this report endorse that jabari. a test of support for iran
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political system. the 1st person to vote, the highest authority supreme leader, itala alley harmony. shortly after, almost 67000 polling stations opened across the country with nearly 60000000 people eligible to vote. but it is clear this time around the presidential elections are different. compared to previous selections where the results were very much on known. and the people you'd like me to jordan even more on the all the more under dog during those action in the corrective action, i think many people as well as many hannah was already predicted. abraham raised the points when the 60 year old, conservative candidate, abraham bracy is the head of her on the sherry. he has been under you sanction since 2011 and us sanctions since 2019 for legit human rights violations.
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here, none of these things seem to matter to these voters. the only issue for them is the economy job. i'm voting for a fee to improve the conditions in our country. our problems are many, but mainly that are you don't have jobs and inflation is very high. i think he can do something for us. 2 his only main rival has been this man up to nasir him. mattie the only mater left in the right. the former head of iran central bank has been using his background in finance to try and convince voters he is the right man for the job. can pay me a demo. i've come to defend the very last piece of democrats. he that remains on voting for him. i to you the most important issue right now is our economy. i hope you can fix it. i've come to ford so we can retain our democracy. by the way. the unemployment rate is an all time high in iran and inflation. at more than 40
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percent in vienna, members of president has found ronnie's team are in talks with the united states and other members of the un security council. to get us back into the nuclear deal known as the joint comprehensive plan of action, j. c, p o, a. and they're hoping a positive outcome will deliver the results that people want to turn out as a major issue for official fear, hope they can rally de electric compared to when how sandra was elected 8 years ago . and a president may prove not so popular when he takes office in august sources, safari out 0 live now to bag into ron observers happen, predicting a low turn out in this election. what is your sense of how voting is going on? where you are? where in the south of the honey show, a this pulling station as we set up in the courtyard of
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a shrine. now what can tell you is we've been here for about 5 hours when you 1st arrived. there weren't that many people here. and now it's filled up, the 100 the people in the courtyard. but here's the thing. well though, the 100 the people here, there's not that many people voting. there's more people visiting the shrine than the voting and the levels on those ballot boxes haven't really gone up that much since we've been her. now i'm not going to make a prediction about turn out or speculate, but if this is the situation here in the size of the ron where it tends to be more conservative, then we just don't know what the turn out will be. yes, post polls are predicting it could be way lower than it has previously. not the previous lowest bolt to turn up for a presidential election was 50.5 percent. now, some polls a thing that could be even lower, but everyone that has voted here that we have spoken to has told us that they voting for the election front for it brought him right. and one of the main issues for the people who voted that you've managed to speak to in particular,
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the younger generation now we've spoken to people not only in the size of their own head across the city, but also in it's behind the 3rd largest city in iran now every single individual the i spoke to everyone mentioned one thing that's the economy. inflation is high, unemployment is high, and many people just want it to be fixed. many people are disappointed at the present husband ronnie and his government over the last 4 years that haven't been able to make the situation better now for the husband, ronnie, and his government have blamed sanction, but many people say that there's been mismanagement of the economy. we spoke to shopkeepers who said that the price of goods are going up a day to day living is getting difficult for many people. so the next president faces a massive challenge that is to fix the economy and increase the standard of living for many iranian many thanks for that update asset bag that for us in tech, ron let's take a closer look at the candidates, as we mentioned, abraham racy is predicted to when he has been the head of the judiciary since 2019
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. he's close to the supreme leader and has support from hotline as then we have more sen reside. he is a former chief of the revolutionary god and a critic of the 2015 nuclear deal. he's run an last 4 times already. another conservative is a mere hussein because this study has jamie, he is the deputy parliamentary speaker, and then there's the only moderate canada left in the race who is billed nasa. nazi he's the former governor iran central bank. he supports the nuclear deal and has called for greater social reforms as go to med, miss avi, is professor of political science at the university of to ron. he joined us from that via skype. good to have you on the program permit. we don't have exact figures on turnouts, but as the correspondent was saying, the predictions are that turned out will be significantly lower than previous
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selections. what is your sense as someone into ron? why do you think people are not as enthusiast? take to come out and vote well, definitely compared to the previous selection, there's going to be less turn out 4 years ago to turn out was almost 73 percent, which was high even by uranium standards. now it is predicted, the turn out will be somewhere between 40 to 50 percent still don't know the exact figure, of course, but that is going to be if that happens, that's going to be the lowest. turn out in uranium history for presidential elections. now people are upset about the economy and right the so and this has been the result of donald trump's maximum pressure campaign. yes, there has been mismanagement, but never do that. even the government of sandra honey was doing quite well before the americans that the nuclear deal. but after that date,
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the economy has been doing very bad. and the people essentially see it as a result of the honey and his cabinet and him, matthew, being one of the members of those of that cabinet is going to suffer in the selection. and we've talked a bit about abraham, right? you see being the front runner, is there a possibility that any of the other candidates could win or is it pretty much guaranteed that it is going to be abraham racy? well, the only scenario where brian you see is going to do is if, if the participation and the turn out is very high, and that's what him mattie is actually betting on. he wants the uranian masses, young people who are not voting this time around. he wants them to turn out, and if these people turn out, which of course we don't know if they have, but it seems unlikely they are much more inclined to both towards the markets being
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met, t as the representative than towards abraham right e c. but as things stand right now, i think the likelihood of abraham rate you see winning is very high. many thanks the analysis, how med miss miss savvy professor political science at the university of to run out zara has seen an advance copy of the u. n. report not yet made public on children, an armed conflict, as men as a blacklist naming parties that commit gray violations against children. a key access have been left off diplomatic edison james base has more on the story. this is always very controversial when this is published every year. it's a report on children living in conflict zones and then in an amex, the report, a list of those countries and groups that are responsible for maiming and killing
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children. now in the report, the certainly criticism of israel it talks about more than a 1000 grey violations against children in east jerusalem, the west bank and gaza. and the report says, i quote un remains deeply concerned by the number of children killed and maimed and continues to urge israel to investigate each case where live ammunition was used. that's in the body of the report. you turned to the annex, which is supposed to be the blacklist the u. n. a supposed to provide this every year to the security council. and israel is not listed on the blacklist look to yemen. and that the who the rebels are this state for killing or maiming, more than 250 children on the saudi led coalition is responsible according to report for killing or maiming 194 children. but you will find that the who sees are in the annex on the blacklist bought the saudi led coalition on not on the amex, the former list,
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we believe has now been circulated to the security council. it's still private. it will be published in the coming days and the security council will discuss it in about 10 days time. still ahead on al jazeera, dozens of palestinians, all injured israeli forces fast demonstrators and occupied easter with them on the west bank. armenians off the people in mourning off the last year. devastating defeat. so as by john, hundreds of prisoners of war still to come home this weekend as snap elections brought on by the crisis. i'm returning not more lights from the program. ah, hello nessie, we have been talking about that shem all through the gulf states. it's had a big impact swirling around the sand and dust. so this is in don't actually move
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sale and we'll see the doubts just be picked up and dragged into the sky. there, and that's really had a big impact on our visibility. the good news is those winds are starting to back off as we head toward saturday. but this is also limiting our temperatures. so in don't have 40 degrees. that is actually just a touch below average. and we'll look for gus on saturday to be about 40 kilometers per hour just a few days ago. they were about 70 kilometers. now for turkey, a disturbance over the black sea. it's going to swing some what weather across the boss 1st. so it's stumble. we've got to keep the risk of some scattered showers in the forecasts for you over the next few days. the good news is your temperatures are above average here with a hive 27 degrees on tuesday. through central africa will have some storms come and go through this area, which is fairly common, but heavier bursts of rain, ethiopia through parts of south sudan on saturday, off to southern areas of the continents. we've got some what weather for the east coast of madagascar, southern areas of most and be spilling into
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a bob ways. so bill awhile, 90 degrees will be the high for you and look at the temperature and keep town on saturday, up to 24. the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah
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ah, you're watching out a 0 mind a thought top stories this our pricing has been extended in iran's presidential election opinion polls are predicting victory for the judiciary chief abraham right . turn off is expected to be low office, several prominent candidates excluded to 0. seen an advance copy of the us latest report on children, and i contacted you and has failed. but israel on global blacklist that despite the report documenting more than a 1000 grey violations against children in the occupied territory. and israel u. k. current of ours cases surging to the highest level since february, more than 10000 new infections were recorded on friday, that's down slightly from the day before. authority say the delta variance is
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responsible for more than 90 percent of the new cases, mostly in unvaccinated, younger people. and in moscow, there has been recorded more than 9000 new cases in the past 24 hours more than half the day. the total for russia on record high, almost 90 percent of the new infections, again are due to the delta variance. cases have tripled in the last 2 weeks and the city's mayor has extended restrictions including a ban on large scale gatherings, early clothing times for restaurants. in germany, there's also been an increase in cove in 1900 cases linked to the delta variance. the strain that now makes up about 6 percent of cases about 60 percent of the population is vaccinated with health officials, all concerned the new varian could few more infections by routes. but pine canyon is a specialist in infectious disease control and senior lecture at the university of exits, his medical school, he says, the vaccine based is,
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will be introduced later in the year to provide cover against dominant variance. the case fatality rate, which is a really important item to also look at is no different from the alpha variable. so that's the good news. the other piece of also positive news is that the vaccines protect against alpha, beta gamma and the delta variance. so that's very, very important. also know that the vaccine, irrespective of the variant are effective in preventing serious illness and that so with respect to boost to vaccines, this is something that we will have to consider later on in the year. the bigger emergency right now is to immunize as many people as possible as fast as possible. and in the u. k, we are immunizing people, 18 and above. we should really be immunizing 12 and above, and as soon as the vaccine supplies become available,
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we will do so with respect to giving boost as it is something we will consider and do late in the autumn this year to cover to provide cover against any other dominant variant that may be there in safety, lation and may be bypassing the vaccines. israeli forces have injured at least 11 palestinian protesters in occupied east jerusalem. it happened after friday prayers . the accent must compound 14 people were arrested. they had gathered in opposition to the national flag march, which was held on tuesday and in base and the occupied west bank at least $47.00 palestinians have been injured during protest against and illegal settler outpost israeli soldiers. 5 gas and rubber coated bullets to disperse demonstrates his own to friday press. this week marks 54 years since illegal occupation of east jerusalem. a ceasefire between me and mas,
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military and armed groups. last and betty 3 days before collapsing. more than 100000 people have fled into the jungle with few supplies. tony cheng reports from the ty, me on my border. a single mind, a bird perches on a temple roof and thailand and o men for those the believe it brings bad luck. but just down the road, no time for superstition, people are packing up supplies to send across the board to mamma. they have to operate without the tire authorities knowing and with no guarantees. the aid will get through contin. it's very difficult to get access to the displaced people. some of the aid workers were arrested and some of the donation items were destroyed and burned by the me and army. the supplies, the loaded onto a truck, blankets, medicine, top, poland, and food. this consignment will be driven across the borders. elsewhere. it must be carried by hand. on the other side of the board and the correct army is in control
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. it was one of the ethnic groups that signed up to a cease fire and man mar until the military coup. in february, the aid is unloaded from the truck and taken to a makeshift jungle camp. it's the monsoon season and conditions a tough. nonetheless, a steady flow of new arrivals. these people had trek through the jungle the 3 days from the most township that has seen the fiercest fighting. but here is elsewhere. covet protocols, prevail, temperature has taken a mask, warn, they must remain isolated for 14 days. despite the conditions, however, every one is grateful to be away from the fighting. doesn't know for, for them now we were sleeping in our house when the me am, our soldiers came near a village. we were very skewed. we can't stay in the village anymore, or the artillery hit our village late at night we were very scared and hurried to get up and ran to the jungle to hide from the shell. fighting and kaya state has
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been fierce men, most army has unleashed the full might of its military machine, helicopter gunship, jets and heavy artillery firing the civilian neighborhoods. its troops have left a trail of destruction in the towns and bodies littering the streets many decomposed beyond recognition. in the tropical heat, some believe this is a deliberate policy forced the cur, any from their homeland. everything the region has a very specific purpose or purposes that is to, to drive people away from their homes and to make it possible for them to return. some people daring to go back, but with so many homes burned to destroy. there's a real concern. the arm is intention, is to push people back into the jungle for long periods of time, or even worse, to push them over the border here into thailand. but thailand has shown little interest in taking in tens of thousands of refugees as it did in the ninety's,
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the memos john to enforce a similar policy on the carini. that means that these children could remain in the makeshift camps for months or even years forced from their homes by military to the may also have robbed them. the future. tony chang l to 0 on the time me on my board . nigerian 4th is have managed to rescue 2 teachers, and 5 students from kidnappers. they were part of a group, abducted earlier on friday after a raid on a school in the northwestern state of cabbie. it is be mass kidnapping that in 3 weeks. gangs of men described as bandits, often stage duction seeking ransom payments, schedule fidelis and bob, who joins us now lie from a bu, jeff dallas. good to see you. first me tell us about the rescue of these teachers and students from can napa. how did that come about while the
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major military statement in boucher said that the troops were chased after the doctors and during that process, the waiver to force them to split the those they adopted into 2 fights. and within that period, the teacher and some of the students were one side, and then the other students, the large majority of the other students were on one side. so during that period, the able to also closing on them and i failed hot exchange of gunfire. they let go some of these to them, which is the 5 students and 2 teachers. and they're hoping that they'll be able to close in on the band aid and be able to rescue more of them. but so far, we still don't know how many students were picking from the school because the government has not announced or made public. the number of those we're picking is
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going to occur. it is also not issued in the statement confirming the number, but the witnesses had said that at least a t as students were picking from the federal government college in gary and fidelis. the fed mass kidnapping that in 3 weeks. is this an isolated group of bandits, or is this part of a wider problem? well, it before now it was a tax on small villages, sometimes towns, kidnapping, people along major highways. but in recent times we've seen band, the step of our tax owns is to show of higher learning and also now in secondary schools. so it's actually not really surprising that this has a step step up the path, because in recent times, the military has been overstretched. and the more the taking part in internet security, trying to contin rising cases of violence across the country,
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especially in the south west where they are battling had us who are clashing with farmers and in the south east. where sufficient is engage in the military also. but also the military, me, overstressed, give me a room for more branding goes to attack institution. and this is actually more like a fed back to school enrollment, another nigeria, where they've been a campaign over the years to encourage especially female students to go to school. many thanks for that. fidelis and bob efforts live in boucher victims of post election bought and in ivory coast say the return of the loan bag bow is an opportunity to revive a court case against him. the former president arrived and not be john on thursday, after 10 years abroad. he was acquitted of crimes against humanity dating back to 2010. when he refused to concede defeat in an election more than 3000 people were killed in the fighting that followed. the i'm have you been back and ivory coast in
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africa because i know that i am from ivory coast but in prison. i knew that i belonged to africa. all of africa, all of africa supported me as well as my people. zambia has announced 3 weeks of morning following the death of its founding precedence. kenneth calendar who was 97 had pneumonia leading his country for 27 years. cone was considered one of the fathers of african independence, he will say, championed the continent fight against apartheid and h i. v aids found the government house own flags to fly at half staff and banned all entertainment during the morning period. china says it's discovered a 1000000000 ton oil and gas field in the north west and john thomas region. it's in a desert area which is already widely drilled and believe to hold up to $18000000.00
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tons of oil. i'm going to say the energy boom is contributing to human rights abuses against jim jones. indigenous we get population by chinese authorities. beijing has been accused of force labor for sterilization and all the atrocities actions have been caught in armenia, but whoever wins will have to deal with a national psyche deeply wounded by the feet in a war with us or by john last year. but 2 sides force over the disputed region of the going to come back. i'll just there is worry challenges in the capital. he sent this report. the fighting may have almost completely stopped. but for aman and armina, the war is not over. the 19 year old son hamlet, isn't home yet, and this there sure is him being captured by, as a, by johnny troops last october. since then they've heard nothing. by john denies holding him. in consulting they said, during these months we've seen too much pain. we've lost our faith in the
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government in the elections. i won't participate. i will not vote. we're far from politics and all we want is our children to muslim last week as a by john return 15 armenian military prisoners. in exchange back, you received a map showing landmines in an area they won back in last year fighting. although the numbers are disputed as a by john still hold 60 to perhaps 200 armenian said, calls terrorists, prisoners of war. just one of the damaging consequences of armenians military defeat, losing war psychologically puts a society in a deep advantage of situation. but society feels more stressed when imminent humanitarian problems are not being result for for the society.
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officially nitty 4000 dom meanings were killed or disappeared when as a by john took back territory last to our menia during the 1st war, however, disputed new going to kara back, which ended in 1994 on this hillside overlooking year of and you really get a sense of armenia is loss. this is the main military cemetery. and each of these soldiers fell in last year's war. many of them barely after that teens. so armenia is morning, it's sons, it's brothers, it's father's. but it's also morning, a sense of itself as a country on the new borderlines russian troops keep an uneasy truce. and armenians have been displaced from their homes like as by johnny's were nearly 3 decades ago . didn't i miss my house every day? i come here to gather time. i look at my house and i cry. you blood, graham, the crisis has triggered early elections. do this weekend. candidates are blaming
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each other for the defeat. but this analyst says the real problems, years of military over confidence and squandered internationally mediated peace negotiations are being ignored. the absence of a diplomatic strategy, the failure of military lessons learned. none of these are being addressed by any candidate, neither from the opposition nor the government. no one has been able to articulate either what they would have done differently or what they will do differently if elected armenia will soon have a new parliament. but how and if it can bring this country out of its trauma, is far from clear. rory helen's al jazeera yerevan. ah, this is out there. are these all the top stories facing has been extended in iran, the presidential election opinion polls the predicts in victory for the judiciary.


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