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austria cobit 19 cases are declining, which means and ends months of silence for musicians who are back performing for live audiences. ah . ready vienna philharmonic has held its traditional summer night concert. this year the audience was mostly made up of medical workers and teachers, soul of whom had to provide a negative test. the theme of a concert was yearning for different places. it included compositions by debussy verde and rachmaninoff ah, type of quick check of the headlines here on to 0. iran has voted in the presidential election expect for the 100 power to hotline judge abraham racy activists, had called for a boycott after several candidates were excluded. a crippled economy and high unemployment with some of the issues dominated friday's vote. still for jabari has
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moved from tara while the number one concern for the general public has been that they don't believe it. they government can really do much in terms of turning the economy around. that is the main concern. now whether or not abraham racy, the front runner will be able to do that is what people that voted for him are hoping for now. just a short while ago we heard from one of the conservative candidates most and read a who has written letter letter congratulating the head of her on the sherry abraham right. you see in his when, which we still cannot confirm because the interior minister has yet to announce official results. we are waiting for that. but human general assembly has passed a resolution calling for a hold to flood weapons into me. and mom, if you went to bassett, who represents the austin, civilian government, says the measures don't go far enough. a chief editor and chief executive of a pro democracy newspaper and hong kong. i've been denied bail after appearing in court. ever accused of colluding with a foreign country,
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they were arrested on thursday out of the city is sweeping national security. all the u. s. is pulling equipment and 100. the troops out from the middle east. the pentagon confirmed reports. the anti missile batteries are being removed from the rock, q 8, jordan and saudi arabia for tokyo. 2020 chief says she wants to explore ways to whole next months olympics with spectators, japan's talk medical adviser as the games would be safer without the fans. a band would cost organize with hundreds of millions of dollars and last ticket sales. the palestinian authority of council of deal to receive more than a 1000000 cove in 1900 vaccines from israel under the deal. the same number of doses will be given in return from shipments. arriving late in the year augustinian say the vaccine sent from israel, but due to expire earlier than agreed so those were the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 after war, hotels, sorry, a the holiday in state. you. thanks so much bye for now. 300 years of
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danish come and i think an international interest in the philippines way. a young generation emerging, determined, and nephew to meet him and he'd be on faith as jude and a politician as they tackle a child issues with that powerful fight for greenland. a witness documentary on al serra the holiday and the war herself was our house. people were shot dead on the entrance to the hotel. i do remember time, the hotel was a shelter and started burning his immune black.
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i had turned to the camera. man, i said look, let's get out of here. how have this place continued to function? shooting 3 and a half years of age again was the best to tell the people on the world what was happening in the i i. ready o. ready sorry, a bo city of love art and music. ready but on the banks of the 1000000 go
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river, the lifeline of bosnia herzegovina history has also been carved in the heart of the balkan. this place has given birth to civilizations, and people, and witness was that of shaped europe. but this historic city where races, religions and ethnic cities have molded together was torn apart in 1992 by a bloody. it lasted for 3 and a half years and took the lives of thousands of bosnian, muslims, and crow at this distinctive yellow building on the front line. saw the siege and bloodshed closer, but also became a fortress for the world's media. this is the story of sorry, a bose infamous war hotel. the holiday in
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me in 1982 sorry eva was preparing to host the 14th winter olympic games. 2 years later, the holiday inn designated for v i. peas and senior olympic committee figures was under construction before the hotel was built. the land was called circus plat, because visiting circuses used to set up that kenneth morrison is a professor of modern history. at less does de monfort university in the u. k. he's written for books on the balkans, including one about, sorry, a bose landmark holiday in the design of the building was quite controversial. that was designed by this thought able architect, events that i was through buildings. you can find all over the city, the skill model, the original skill model of the hotel was and was built in yellow was constructed
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of yellow plastic. but when the builders were working on the building actually started to construct the facade, and they saw that the facade was actually yellow. even that i said that they came quite a short, they didn't expect the building itself actually to be mostly an architect. even stress came up with a new hotel concept what he called a city in a hotel which you have no need to leave. busy floors and corridors which will open into a spacious lobby, giving the illusion of greater size. the holiday in the grand opening was on the 6th of october, 1983 with the president of the international and pick committee one antonio summer ranch and attended one of the few people who worked at the hotel since the start is high row rough channing, he's now the hotels executive director dan plans are in p k, very small center,
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see at the southern dentist below that below the hotel, whatever it was built for a moment to skip to sit near below, sir ga they are not sure if they're not. she said no, no, no, no. what's your favorite? what's on the ship, the navy bobo liz deck work to the translator for foreign media. and he's very familiar with the holiday inn. she and kenneth morrison visited the hotel while he was working on his new book about the reporting of the siege of sorry, april for me, the hotter holidays was always very important. first for the olympic games, i was really young girl who worked for the for the guess, how was translator in hotel. and in fact, for the 1st time when i get to the heart of holidays was during, during the game. it just goes over all the you for your really sorry a winter was short, little tito as it's 0 and your zip cross. tito had
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led the socialist federal republic of yugoslavia since 1944. his death in 1980 left, a political vacuum, a worsening economic crisis, and led to a wave of nationalism in the early 19 ninety's good to be a croatia, slovenia, bosnia, herzegovina, montenegro, a macedonia. pulled themselves violently upon after the 990 elections in bosnia herzegovina, 3 main nationalists parties share power. the muslim s. d, a led by elia is a vacovich, the serv, sds, under rather than courage. and a branch of from new tokens, croatian h, d, that the s d a n h d 's ed wanted independence. wellness serve as d. s. wanted to remain in the realm of yugoslavia along with serbia and montenegro
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. so the relationships between these 3 parties soon deteriorated dramatically. on the 29th of february, 992 above me and independence referendum was held. the muslims known as both the x and the croatians took a full part. but the bosnian serbs largely boycotted the vote and rejected the yes result. on the 1st of march, the same day a serb wedding party was sporting the serbian flag in downtown san diego when it was fired on by a bosnian muslim gangster killing the grooms father. the family made for the holiday inn where a number of rooms had become the temporary h q of the bosnian serb leader rather than carriage the bloody wedding episode may have offered the bosnian serbs the opportunity they've been waiting for that
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same night. they began implementing what was effectively a dress rehearsal for the siege of sorry, a bow. barricades appeared. an armed masked man stalked the streets from his hub, but the holiday in red yvonne carriage over saw the action. this room room 5 studio, the suite was all seized by brother on cottages, the leader of the serbian democratic party rest. yes, he lived here with his family in this sweet cottage, his wife and his 2 children. and they stayed here until the shootings on the 6th of april, at 1992, where after cottage escaped from the hotel with his family. the sign monday, the 6th of april, a large but peaceful protest for balls in the in unity had made its way from the parliament towards the holiday inn and carriage there. but snipers on the upper floors open fire was the engine list. semi courage was near by when the shooting
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started. i remember when the shot came from the holiday and actually we heard craigs, we heard some noise and then we so people, you know, falling down study to running everywhere, you know, hiding behind trees, find some small buildings and everything. the site better place. civilian hotel was not in a proud sol harlem and so forth. sally financials name are going to get. my name is spelled parliament up front to suit your property, but it will be with swat. it would run. 6 civilians were killed on that 1st day of the siege. carriage it. she's gods and family escaped from the hotel, but both the police arrested subs snipers in the lobby of the holiday in which then remain closed for several months. from here, the 3 and
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a half year war, erupt it and spread across all above the governor. in april and may 1992 dozens of journalists had arrived in sarajevo among the experienced mountain bell to be here tomorrow. negotiating from this very hotel, i don't see that. he and his crew 1st stayed here at the hotel bozeman, in elisha, near the martin bel lives in north london. he left the b. b. c. in 1997 to become a member of parliament. and is now a unicef ambassador. but to those who knew and in bosnia, he'll always be the man in the white suit. we arrived in
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a great rush because the wood already broken out. and frankly, we were a day late. we drove in from belgrade, and the obvious place stopping place was ojo wasn't in elisha. the 1st major battle of the war took place on the 22nd of april 1992. in an around the hotel between the bosnian serbs and yugoslav, army on one side and the emerging bosnian muslim groups on the other. it lasted for 10 days. one camera man was wounded. another tv cruise rooms were hit by snipers, and shelley martin bell and his crew were trapped inside the hotel with all the journalists, guests, and stuff. these red pitches shot by the bbc's, eric powell show balance crew doing
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a live link with london. with may have going on around the morning so we were on the balcony of the hotel. and while we were there, a huge battle erupted all around us as they have done in the past to me. but it is, it is difficult to see that working at the moment because it is not as you around me, the real think spock in a sometimes things happen and i filled the air above my head. somebody was happening to it. a bulletin whistle bind and suck air out of it and it hit the wall behind me. if it, excuse me, i just want to break off because we had somebody i don't want to endanger the crew out here. and at that point, i turned to the camera men, and i said, look, that's good. they're loud of you for our own safety. and we just closed down and
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went inside. and that was the last time you did alive to way in a public space. in bosnia, for the whole of the more on the 15th of may. 1992 margin bell and all the other journalists left the hotel both and set up the new base of the holiday. in the summer of 1992, the subs were tightening the new surround. sorry, a vote. and the shelling and like this were relentless and indiscriminate. the holiday inn had become the permanent home for hundreds of correspondence, photographers and crews. among them was poll low and a bosnian journalist and an average age who had become his wife after the war. hiero rough channel welcomed his old friends back to the holiday, and i think maybe the holding became the war hotel in, sorry, because of
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a kind of accident, but also by design because of its unique location, the sensor, the city almost like this kind of fortress, that you could look out from all sides on to the rest of the terrain, somehow or other. we don't have another quite sure why the hotel managed to keep the supplies of food coming in. and it managed to keep itself relatively safe. sheldon shot out on occasion. but in general, it was seen as there's kind of safe haven in the central city. hotel was very strange place. i remember, and i came here for the 1st on it. it was just amazing. that was all this journalist that was, you know, lots of them are experienced. it was like a little town in itself. by the time i came back, which was a but the 2nd week in june, the holiday inn was more or less put together, but i stayed and a flat which actually had a better view on the holiday. and of the nightly pyrotechnics of the fighting.
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ah, that i felt i needed to be closer to the gothic the prescott. so i also took a room in the newly reopened holiday and told me about the 22nd of june. and that's how i 1st came to live there. and i loved the people in san diego consider the 22nd of july, 1992, the fiercest and bloody day of the siege. more than 3500 shells were fond across the city that day. most pictures and video of the bombardment of the city were filled from the holiday. the hotel was hit directly several times by heavy fire from sir posts and go to bed and mount treble ridge. the side of the hotel that you can see behind me was very badly damaged by shell and sniper fire. it was completely uninhabitable. journalist didn't use that side of the hotel
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but his m, your thought, your competitor below the stock line, us with the front gallery of the building. these red pictures filmed in may $993.00, showed the scale of the destruction inside the hotel, where the main entrance and reception were the most dangerous areas. here was the 1st floor restroom, directly facing the front line. and here, an exposed side entrance, a virtual no go area. the basement garage itself, which shelton and so was packed with press carson armored vehicle. but getting in and out every day was extremely dangerous. so there was a sense of his being concrete cocoon,
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which was completely false because people were shot dead on the entrance to the hotel. but you know, they're kind of setting on sudden unwritten rules. you didn't come in through the front entrance and that was what happens. the people who were shot, they came into the wrong entrance. basically, i thought to myself, i've got a better chances surviving. if i don't enter the hotel through the main door, which was in the line of fire from the serbs opposite, and i had a further superstition as i was always walk to my room in the clockwise direction. however long it took rather than the anti clockwise direction and it sort of helped to keep your life on the night of the 13th of november, 1994. the hotel was hit by a barrel shells and smelling around causing a huge fire. and terminal in among the journalists, i do remember time in hotel voice was a shelter and started burning. at the time i was in the rotors office and very thick smoke, basically over took the whole floor before on the 5th floor and managed somehow to
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crawl out for me myself. i spent a little time outside anyway, you know, so i felt safer when i came to the building on the 3 of the river. but the no, no, we didn't feel safe. there was no, no way we could have sold ah, the main street between the holiday inn and the parliament building became known as the night behind me if my or both me or the dragon of boss, now it's the name of the street, the 25 years ago this was known as a sniper alley. this is one of the most dangerous intersections in inside able the hotel sat immediately on sniper alley. and of course, the journalists were living in trucks imitate much of the sniper fire, which is one of the reasons why so much footage amity from journalists around this
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particular area. they were located in the hotel. the snipers were particularly active in this area. according to 995 un figures, 225 people were killed here, 60 of them children, and over a 1000 injured during the siege, the foreign correspondence and photographers became a part of people's daily lives in san diego. on the ground, the conflict was relentless, but the world became increasingly de sensitized to people's pain and suffering. some like march in bel pull marshal and bobo liz dag stopped wearing flat jackets and helmets, while reporting amongst civilians. nita pulls on myself, works like jacket during the war on our regular work missions during the day.
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because for him, as for me, was really decent to wear flag jacket in front of the unprotected people from who were in the street and who will completely exposed to snipers and selling every single day. me keep this, keep a cnn unami for a minute, which you know small and yet. so to go there, donna donaldson, set up the course key. i live its hope. soc, vicious gala computer are many so little cardoso we are currently merely asked me oh, i still photography toll no also captured moments of great power and poignancy.
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his prime location was at the notorious night per intersection by ali pasha mosque on marshall tito street. here he took one a v i konig, pictures of the siege of, sorry, a bow where we're standing now is probably the most dangerous place me entire city to sun. so when people want to come join the war to get into the main parts, the city, they had to cross that intersection. and the only way you could do that was to sprint for your life. otherwise you would have been killed. the so i start from exactly this position because i was protected from this night that in the hills. if i move forward just a couple of centimeters, then i could have been shocked. but from here i was protected by the the tomb and
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by the rule. and i could stay here relatively safely and shoots it shoots, it shoots and shoot me stories abound involving journalists and the people, i'm sorry, even church schalk was an american journalist, whom every one of the holiday inn knew well me. one of the most dramatic scenes of the siege took place at lyon cemetery on the 4th of august, 992 shook with a team from roy covering the funeral of 2 children killed by noises. despite the shelling he tended to a badly wounded woman. then got her into his agency car and took her to the hospital. kurt shook reported on another tragic story. it took place close to the holiday inn of the notorious for benya bridge,
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and became known as the sarajevo romeo and juliet. schalk heard about 2 bodies lying at the bridge and he and semi courage went to get a closer look. we went to the scene, we had to, we had to hire because it was on the front line. very, very frontline. and we so 2 young people laying next, each to other hogs and obviously that there was the same as very well known story of survival, romeo and juliet bush and a mirror. the couple who won, they decided they want to leave for siege survivor. he was a sort of, she was a muslin. they loved each other very much and they decided to leave. somebody probably told them that's safe to leave, you know, they were killed oh curt short became very emotionally attached to the
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families of boscoe berg kitch. and at near the eastern inch he died with death again, 5 years later, when he and 3 roaches and colleagues were ambushed by militiamen and sierra leone in may 2000 shore and his camera man, producer, were killed instantly. at his request, half of shocks, ashes were buried in sarajevo, the city of his beloved romeo and juliet. the main road to the airport is now named after him. ah, the siege of sorry over last in 1425 days. $11541.00 citizens were killed and many more injured. the siege was lifted on the 29th of february, 1996,
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following the signing of the dates in peace agreement that ended the bosnian conflict. the holiday inn is still standing under new management and with a new name and remains a landmark and rejuvenated fitting, a symbol of the endurance and fortitude of the people of sarajevo, remembering their iconic war hotel holiday. and sorry, even though it was the ultimate was in the hotel, is south side blown away by shots and shell. apparently the lodging place from hill . and yet away from where the motor's fill. it did not just survive, but cost it spell. it was refuge and it served as well as he ran away to send a crest like ground zeros and a place of rest. by normal standards, it was quite the worst, but to us was and folk, it seemed the best we,
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the believers, they, the infidels in this most dangerous of all hotels. and those who stayed that were uniquely best. ah, ah, i no place. and so i gone, was se press retreated at the car about a media hub and vital vantage point. during the 1st truly televised war from the roof, we could see the recreation at the american embassy, where the most iconic images of the conflict and vietnam were transmitted. to the world, this was the front row seat to the final stages of the war, saigon, caravel, a new episode of war hotels on al jazeera. ah
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al jazeera. when ever you ah all ah hello, i am dire in jordan in the top stories here and i'll just era. iran has voted in the presidential election, expected to hand pilots, a hard line judge abraham racy. all of his rivals have congratulated him. although there's been no official result activists had called for a boy called up to several contenders. excluded from the race many arabians, a weary and frustrated with the state of the economy. and that seems to have effected friday, 10 out of a beg reports from tehran. it's a tale of 2 elections, a part of society that feels disappointed and that don't.


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