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the ah an overwhelming win for iran's new president, ever him. right. you see, but a limited choice results in the lowest epa voter turnout. ah. hello and welcome adobe you're watching. i'll just hear a live from our headquarters here and also coming up anger on the streets of brazil . protest is called for action against president bolton out of the nation's corona
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. virus. death told passive half a 1000000 rival process improved by supporters of 2 opposing presidential candidates. 11 election result held. the other is demanding a re comes i also had wiping out ebola guinea plains victory and fighting a 2nd outbreak of this deadly disease. the results was never in doubt ever him racy iran. hartline head of the judiciary has won. friday's presidential election, but frustration with the election process meant fewer iranians went to the polls. the voter turnout was the lowest in the history of the islamic republic and races. victory will give the conservatives full control all over all the leave as of power and iran for the 1st time. as i beg, takes a closer look. now,
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at the man ushering in a new chapter in iranian politics that everyone in iran knew the outcome with no real prominent opposition holds predicted conservative clerical brain, right? you see would when and when he did in a landslide victory, he's closest opponent receiving 14000000 few votes. right? if he 1st gained prominence amongst the religious faithful. when he was appointed as custodian over the shrine in the city of mush at frequented by millions of pilgrims a year, he was praised for removing cropped officials from the shrines administration, and serving pilgrims and ayatollah considered to be a hide religious authority. and she slammed his religious title, hold wait among the countries religious, conservative base, right? if he had failed in his bid to win the presidency in 2017, he lost by 8000000 volts to hassan. ronnie, during that campaign, he was criticized for his pastoral as a judge on election day. once again,
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our people announced their decision and rejected those who in 38 years didn't know anything but execution, an imprisonment. as a young man, he was part of a committee that oversaw mass executions in 1988. an audio recording was leaked during the 2017 election where i had to le montessori, condemned gracie and others on the committee for their role in the executions general. yeah. i think the worst crime against the atlantic republic that history will condemn us for has been committed by you and your name will go in history as a criminal. and amnesty international has said race. he should be investigated for crimes against humanity. as a judicial chief, he's seen as tacking corruption, a fundamental concern for many iranians. his appointment by the supreme needed to key roles has raised other questions, some feel his presidency is setting the stage for him to become the next supreme leader. but he still has to serve as president and make life better for many
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iranians supposed to shut down for us. and i'd like to offer my gratitude to the very dear hon and vigilant people. i thank the almighty god for the dear people's trust in the serving seminary students. i hope i can respond well to the people's confidence votes unkindness. during my turn, he's surrounded by what many consider to be hard line as opposed to the 2015 nuclear deal, right? he says he supports it. mom be about a young man studying again. we are committed to the jcp away, as it was approved by ayatollah how many, but you can't implemented a strong governments should be in power to be able to implement. but unlike president tundra honey and the moderates who saw the dia, that's a foundation for broader discussions and relations with the west. rafia he's cap, see it as a ceiling with deep mistrust of the united states. but his real test will be how he serves as president, and what change can bring to the country? i said big jazz era there on. well, this is the 2nd time abraham racy has runs the presidency. now he has the job. he
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faces some uphill battles. the main issue, the economy, unemployment is up, the currency has collapsed and with international monetary fund projections of 39 percent inflation rates this year. prices have sort much of that is linked to us sanctions that makes foreign relations and important issue. the 2050 nuclear deal relations with the u. s. and regional rivalry with saudi arabia a, some of the dominating factors. there are already some positive signs though with the foreign minister job. it's a reef saying he's ready to reestablish diplomatic links with re add. and then there's the corona virus pandemic, officially more than 82000 people have died. iran's population is about 83000000, but fewer than 5000000 vaccine doses have been administered. the state department says it regrets that iranians were denied a free and fair electoral process, but negotiations on the nuclear deal will continue. president joe biden, however,
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has yet to publicly react to the results. kristin salumi now from washington. this has to be a concern for the united states. they're striving to get a renewed iran deal in place before he takes office in august. we know another meeting is scheduled to happen in vienna on sunday. the u. s. of course has not been directly engaged with iran in these talks instead, leaving that to their counterparts in the deal, but by joe biden. the president of the u. s. is very eager to make progress on this front and as far as easy as concerned on the one hand, this man is a hard liner. that's a concern for the united states. amnesty international has linked him to death squads in the 1900 eighty's that oversaw the killing of thousands extradition extra judicially of political prisoners. and as the head of the judiciary, racy over saw other human rights abuses. according to amnesty international,
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including allowing government officials and security forces immunity and their crackdown on protesters and dissidence and so forth. so this makes right, you see actually the 1st a ronnie and president sworn into office under us sanctions in 2019, when he took over as the head of the judiciary, the united states level, personal sanctions against him. so that is a complicating factor in the relationship here. and on the other hand, he has also expressed support for getting the iran deal done. so there could be some impetus to move things forward. now that he has been sworn in, the challenge for the united states is that president biden wants to take the iran deal even farther and include ron's ballistic missile program. that was never going to be an easy agreement to come by. this may make it even harder. most analyst expect a pivot from iran away from the west,
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even furthermore towards russia and china. now that he's in power, kristen salumi reporting that lets go live to james patterson. mr. patterson is formerly a us diplomat. he joins us from washington. james patterson, welcome to to 0. where does this election when leave the relationship between washington and t, ron? i think it greatly complicates the relationship. a few weeks ago i spoke to the state department said that there were the regard to saudi over kingdom of saudi arabia. that america is foundational values are going to be paramount in any and any good talks with saudi arabia, so that must also be applied to iran. now, with president raising and his background, i think it makes it very difficult for the president united states, the state department to have negotiations with racy. but we also have to see how
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this works out. the idea of treat is coming to washington tomorrow. to discuss the regional challenges that israel faces. and i'm sure this will be a very important topic of that conversation. mr. i sees domestic agenda, of course, is dominated by turning around the economy. much of that depends on sanctions being lifted or sanctions being east. so that aspect of what he has to do kind of comes down to joe biden. no, well, it does. and mr. biden has understand either some sanctions already to the dismay of middle eastern countries and, and it gives them more money to be militarily adventurous and to disrupt the peace and several countries. so i think that again mister bi needs to consider america foundational values in negotiations with president easy. and i
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know that some other countries are involved or i believe some of the countries are involved in trying to set the stage for the u. s. re entry with a ran over the jcp away, but it's a, it's a, it's gotta be a complicated to very complicated situation right now. could be one positive aspect to this and it's more of a regional aspect, i guess. so perhaps it's not on the radar of the white house, but it would definitely be on the radar for the state department as well. i suppose . and it might be that if relations between tyrann and re add are going to get better if they're going to improve and we might see photo ops we might see summits we might hear about behind the scenes conversations. maybe that means that the conflict in yemen has to at least sort of less than its intensity. and that would be a step in the right direction because you can't have what's going on in yemen,
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carrying on ad infinitum, it t, ron and re add are not be f, f se, but, but heading in the right direction. yeah, that's right. you have to get the human situation resolved. and i know that there's pressure on saudi arabia. the talk with ted ran. this is common, this is a news. and hopefully that will result in some piece and yemen because the poor people in a human really has been devastated because of the internal conflict. but for the past 56 years or more and to bring taste again, that would be a significant step of but we don't know what this will lead to and other areas miss patterson, really interesting conversation. good talk to so thank you very much, james. passionate for me, us diplomat. joining us from washington were behind the scenes in direct talks, but in iran, in the us to save the nuclear agreement are continuing in vienna. iran for
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a minister job is there. he says it is going well and they can reach a deal before mister c efficiently takes over in august. there is a good possibility that we will reach an agreement before the end of our tenure as as how soon. so we are supposed to leave office by mid august, and i think there is a good possibility that we can reach an agreement way before mid others. the talks are going on right now as we speak. i just read the latest text editor that is being discussed in vienna. the text is getting cleaner and cleaner. the brackets are being removed. saudi arabia says it's intercepted, 6 armed thrones, launched by yemen. swift rebels. most of the drones with fire towards hamish machines in the kingdom south west saudi state, tv says air defense is intercepted,
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17 roads in total. over the past 24 hours. the who's have been targeting oil facilities and airports in southern saudi arabia over the course of humans. 60 a long war well than 500000 brazilians have now died of the corona virus, and people are angry and they are demanding the impeachment of the president, julia bolton aro, over his handling of the pandemic. oh, these are the scenes in so paulo where mister bolton, otto was fined last week for not wearing a mask. at randy, the president has repeatedly played down the threat of the virus activists according to a nation wide protest across 300 brazilian cities and towns. both nero took too long to buy the vaccine. heard immunity won't do any good. the only immunity you can get is with the vaccine. there's no early treatment. i've lost millions of friends, almost lost a cousin. millions of people are orphans,
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fatherless, motherless and childless. he's genocidal. we are protesting against the genocidal both in our government that did not buy vaccines and has done nothing to take care of its people in the last year to me, the feelings, one of indignation, we can't stand it anymore. the government is worse than the virus. maria laura kennedy, you is the brazil director of human rights watch. she says, protested, have every right to be angry, very clear that the response by the press then has been disaster instead of minimizing the effect of the damage. he has made things worth his retiring could have led to an aggravation of the crisis. half 1000000 people have died almost 18000000 people have being packed, and he has done played the crisis instead of invest in vaccines to save many lives . he has invested in treatment that has not even be improved scientifically. so it's very,
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very clear that his entering of the crass has been tragic in put them in the government to be led by science not politics. and that's what has, has president both of them to think politics instead of public health, especially when it comes to guaranteeing vaccines for the population. not, not more than 10 percent of the nation has been back in so far. still to come here on al jazeera libby, as warlord holly for arthur and his forces launched their 1st military offensive since the cx 5 last year. and an emotional reunion, but only for a few minutes at the us mexico border. ah, hello, they let start in north america and all eyes are on the gulf of mexico. as tropical
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storm. claudette makes its way inland, after touching down in louisiana. now that brings a really heavy rain with being sustained winds of 70 kilometers per hour. and this is the 3rd name storm of the hurricane season. this year. it's going to make its way across to the northwest, bringing that what, whether to georgia and to the carolinas. it is going to we can, but once again on monday it picks up speed in the western atlantic ocean and it's not just wet weather along the coast there. there's also gonna be more in land some storms ranging from the eastern areas of canada all the way down to central parts of america. we could see some really heavy rain, some hail, strong winds, and one or 2 tornadoes, particularly in oklahoma or cancel the great lake, seeing a lot of wet weather and toronto seeing a storm or 2 as we go into next week. but for the west, it's very hot and dry pictures. temperature is continuing to climb. we've had excessive heat warnings for nevada, utah, arizona,
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and california. and those are expected to last well into next week. the central america, it's a wet picture for mexico. the remnants of tropical storm dolores, bringing wet weather to the west coast. the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah
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the me welcome back. let's update with the top story. so it's all the top iran hotline chief of the judiciary abraham bracy as one friday's presidential election. however, to turn up was the lewis in the history of the atlantic republic, the us take the bobbins as iranians were denied a free and 5th electoral process, washington will continue negotiations to state the 2015 nuclear. the protest is rallied and dozens of cities across brazil to denounce president valuables. and i was handling the pandemic more than 5 of us and brazilians now died of corona buyers. rival demonstrations is taking place in the peruvian capital, lima by supporters of the 2 opposing presidential candidates. petro castillo has
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claimed victory in the run off 2 weeks ago, but his right wing opponent kickoff would you? maury is refusing to concede defeats the count, ended on tuesday with cassius, just over 44000 votes ahead, put you. maury is claiming, elects from fraud, with little evidence to back that up. live now to lima and al jazeera was marianna sanchez. mariana. describe 1st. what the atmosphere is like there on the streets right now. well, there's a lot of tension because both sides voters, i think the support is, are in the center of the capital, not too far away from each other, protesting. and also there's a whole for march throughout the country country. why the people behind me that this about a long way money support or if you're saying that ron has been committed, which is what, what do you have been saying along these days?
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they say they're, they will not allow rod to be committed. they said that he might have said that is that the, what just the madison plan and that has been committed in some tables around the country where the some signatures were falsified something that international monitors and the electoral officials say it, does it say it's a common thing but not fraudulent. on the other hand, feels supporters say that after the local officials have finished already that 100 percent count with giving you more than 44000 both ahead of the money. they do not understand why electrical official cannot already whole new york presidents of redo. but in the meantime, there's a lot of pension searching around. because if there is a letter that has been sent from retired military,
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about 300 kline letter the record to the military, it, she's in the country to 3 then it, it'll get you to be named the president of the country. they are calling for a school this time. president sounds you still sorry. the have said that this is a very serious and he, yes, hands that letter to the judiciary to take action because it could be looked as a case of edition. so there's a lot of tension in the streets of the country at this time. peter marina, thank you very much. marian, essentially the report in life was dozens of families separated by the us mexico border had the chance to hug each other. but for just a few minutes, the hugs not walls event reunites families separated by immigration status, allowing them to physically embrace then return to this side of the border. the us
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authorities usually monitor the event, but they do not intervene. let's bring in gabriel elizondo in washington. where decisions over border policies are made, gave, i mean incredibly bitter sweet for these people who get to see close family members . and then they have to say good bye again. yeah, it is. it's heart warming to see that. but it only lasted a little more than 5 minutes. and this is about the 8th year that this has been done. it's organized by immigrant, human rights organizations there on the board are particularly el paso, texas. local clergy plays a role as well. it is heart warming, seems there and organizers do this because they're trying to, they say bring attention to what they feel is in their words, a cruel policy by the u. s. government and immigration officials along the border in the us to keep families physically apart on both sides of the border. the big picture of all of this and what's basically as this is happening, the backdrop,
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if you will, is there is a surge of migrants coming up from south and central america to the southern border . and the last several months. on one hand, you have president joe biden, who, one of his 1st acts after becoming president, was to end all of the border wall contracts, or the contracts to build or rebuild parts of the border wall that were central to the immigration policies of former president donald trump, but on the other hand, in recent weeks and days really, the very conservative republican governor of the state of texas has basically been saying that he wants to give money to rebuild part of the wall in texas. he's also been speaking a lot of anti immigrant rhetoric, calling the, the movement of migrants to the southern border in his words, an invasion, and even went so far as to reference migrants as the reason why last week, the governor of texas said that he signed
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a bill to allow texans without a permit to carry hand guns. certainly inexplicable. but a lot of a lot of immigrant rights advocates are saying, rhetoric like this on the border from elected officials, certainly is making the situation unsafe for many migrant families. nevertheless. so certainly, heart warming seems there on saturday, seeing families able to embrace for the 1st time in a very long time. it thanks very much. gabriel and his onto the join is live from bureau in washington. staying in the state, americans are celebrating a new federal holiday tomorrow at the end of slavery. more than a 150 years ago. the june teens is a day of celebration and education, especially in galveston and texas. for the last group of slaves, people learned of the emancipation on june 19th, 1865. following the end of the civil war was after nearly 250 years of the legal enslavement of black americans. with african leaders have agreed to
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a plan to launch a single currency for the 15 member block in 2027 member nations of the economic community of west african state. so echo was wrapped up a summit and the gun and capital on saturday. c, piracy trade, the pandemic, and the conflict. and molly also being disgust guineas, health ministry, and the will health organization have both declared an end to the bowl outbreak that started in near ends. the acore 4 months ago, while more than 11000 people died in the outbreak and the same area in 2014. this time the death toll was far lower. charlotte bellis picks up the story. the it's been $42.00 days since guinea had a confirmed case of the bowler. meaning guinea can now be declared ebola free. we're all happy and i'm so happy to declare solemnly on behalf of the president and
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at the end of the ball. if a demick in guinea authorities traced this outbreak here to 0, cory the same region where the devastating 2014 outbreak began. the 1st case was lucy. she was $51.00 and a nurse. some people who attended her funeral in february also dies. her uncle told al jazeera, he alluded sources because he didn't believe lucy died of natural causes. lucky this, miss. lucy was starting a grandmother who had fever and was bleeding from her nose and everywhere. we tried to get blood clotting medicine from the nearest town, but eventually she died and lucy, constructed to eunice learning from previous ebola outbreaks. can a health officials and the world health organization responded swiftly. they flew in $24000.00 vaccines and inoculated health workers and residents in the area. they traced close contacts of the dead and disinfected homes. jimmy was able to interrupt the transmission of a boy in
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a bit more than 4 months. this is very different from the previous outbreak in 2014 to 2016. the determinants of success. the time where very swift and proactive action signed his sequence, the bolus strain from this outbreak and discovered it was closely related to the strain from 2014. they believe a survivor harbored the virus for at least 5 years before trans. missing it. previously the record for a survivor passing on the virus was 16 months. a lot of loading, something brought together implemented in west africa. the disease came back again and we were able to contain it. we were able to make show about their business for nothing on the problem. in guinea, ebola haunts than thousands died here between 20142016. while authorities have been
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commended for red casing. the virus quickly, there are still 12 more grace and the community of quick a. charlotte bellis out 0 malawi has run out of corona virus vaccines because of delays and shipments from india a u. n. shipment of 900 1000 jobs was expected to arrive by the end of may, but that's delayed as india whole 2 major event exports to combat its own covered 19 crisis. in april, milan, we destroyed nearly 20000 expired doses because few people were taking the jobs, covered 1900 vaccines, and compulsory for some health transport and education workers in moscow to combat, assert, and infections bear. for a 2nd day, the russian capital has reported a record 9000 new cases. the mess as the contagious delta variant is behind the increase restrictions, including a ban on large gatherings have now been extended. a big military force loyal to the libyan warlord holly for half says it's taking control of
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a border crossing with algeria now on thursday. after an answer to an operation in that area to expel what he called mercenaries and extremist faces, images posted on line show dozens of armored vehicles positioned in and around the border crossing. it's the 1st military operation by half or forces since signing a ceasefire. deal with the government in tripoli last year, and a new unity government in march. the use top diplomat has won the blog, could impose sanctions on those responsible for lebanon's political stalemate. joseph burrell, met the president, michelle. i own to discuss the countries worsting economic crisis. leaders have failed to form a functioning government since august. the council of europe. the union has been including other options, including targeted sanctions. of course, we prefer not to go down the road and we hope
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that we will not have to do but it is in the hands of the live and his leadership to palestinian teenagers, had been arrested and occupied east jerusalem. they were protesting against insults made against the prophet mohammed during a recent is ready flag, march hundreds of israeli far right nationalist march through the old city this week. johnson races, anti arab and muslim slurs, meanwhile, is really security vehicles was set on fire after a raid on a wedding in the palestinian israeli town of deborah law thought police that they were responding to reports of gunfire at the events. witnesses though, said the situation escalated by an officer fired his gun. one palestinian israeli was seriously wounded. as was one is really officer. ah touch after 23,
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c g. these are your top stories so far today. iran hartline chief of the judiciary abraham racy has won friday's presidential election. however, both returned.


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