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the divinity, ethiopia, elementary election on al jazeera. ah, hello again, peter will be here and how you top stories from al jazeera. the us says, iranians were denied a free and fair vote in the presidential election. one by the hardline chief justice abraham racy turn. i was the lowest in the history of the islamic republic . however, washington pledge to continue negotiations to save the 2050 nuclear deal. kristin salumi has more from washington. this has to be a concern for the united states. they're striving to get a renewed iran deal in place before he takes office in august. we know another meeting is scheduled to happen in vienna on sunday. b u. s. of course, has not been directly engaged with iran in these talks. instead of leaving that to
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their counterparts in the deal, but by joe biden, the president of the u. s. is very eager to make progress on this front. saudi arabia says it's intercepted 6 more drones launched by yemen who fee rebels. most of them were fired towards the city of hamis mas shaped in the south west of the kingdom. saudi state media is saying air defenses of intercepted 17 drones over the last 24 hours. anti government protest is rallied in cities across brazil as the number of deaths from corona virus, past half a 1000000 that demanding the impeachment of the president j bowles and aro, over his handling of the pen demik rival protests to being held for the 2 candidates and peruse, disputed presidential election, the socialist contender petro castillo, as claim victory in this month run off, but the right wing opponent of his kicker for humanity, is refusing to concede, defeat alleging fraud. armenian said to the polls later on sunday and
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a snap parliamentary election, the prime minister nicole passion, young, was forced to court an early votes after protest with the defeat in a war with a brush on last year. analysts some predicting a tight race malawi has run out of corona, virus vaccines. the major un shipment due to arrive in may, has been delayed following the suspension of exports from india. nearly 400000 people have had their 1st shots, but only a fraction of bows have had their 2nd dose. americans are celebrating a new national holiday to the end of slavery more than 150 years ago. june 18th was already recognized in several states, but was officially made a federal holiday on tuesday. those top stories back out to portal more news in 30 . ah, i
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hi, i'm sandra gottman. welcome to portal your gateway to some of our busier as best content online. this week we're focusing on syria. it's been 10 years since president bush, our last i launched a war against protesters, decade on hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, and half the population has been displaced. the fighting is still going on, while outside remains and power will take a look at how the conflict started and where things stand now will also meet a woman who has dedicated her life to helping syrian women and children overcome their trauma while dealing with her own and we'll hear from the syrian activists who haven't given up fighting for change or not more about who each other is, who the regime and who the rest of the world is.
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at the end of may, syrian voted in a presidential election. it was dismissed as a shown by the u. s. e. u and others. only people in government held areas could vote, and there was never any doubt over the outcome. but the election helps to cement the sharp loss of control, even though he's presiding over a country shattered by war. on a digital show start here, my team and i looked at what started the war and why there's no end inside. but 1st, a warning. this video contains pictures you may find disturbing. the me, let's talk about the war in syria. the entire city's flattened hospital bombed ancient bytes,
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low enough, 13000000 people forced to leave their home. at one point, the un said the battlefield. chaos made it impossible to count the dead. so they stopped. but the fighting hasn't and people are still dying. the little fema doing suffering in syria is just beyond imagination. i think nobody expected that 10 years later, we would still be in the midst of this conflict. so who's fighting? who? where are serious millions of refugees? and why does this seem like a war without end? for years the syrian war was the biggest news story around today. not so much, maybe it's media fatigue. maybe people think it's over and that president bashar la fontose, one of the syrian government seems to think so the cities and railway,
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they're being rebuilt. domestic flights of started up again. they're even letting travel bloggers and why in the city. it's not what you think we, how far and through tame is changed. in reality though, most of syria is still in ruins. me me if you compare the amount to few compared to the money to a need to get the impact of before on the syrian, the people left the end of august crisis. it's dated. it all started back in 2011. the arab spring was happening, and leaders in new jersey and egypt had already been overthrown in syria. some children had been watching all that on tv and decided to send their president,
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a message for the children were arrested and tortured. and people started protesting. the government responded with force in the syrian uprising was on demonstrators killed wild clashing with security forces in what appears to be the most serious threat as families 40 year rule. protests have now spread from the southern city to damascus, hammer, homes, and other cities prove this movement was, starts me. i mean, it shook the regime to foundation the all sod regime had been in power for more than 40 years. starting with our father. many people were tired of things like corruption being repressed. they wanted a law set out when the war started, it was very much a civil war author and forces against the syrian opposition that included people who defected from the military. and opponents who picked up a gun,
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then other players piled in the us turkey and others cited with the opposition pretty much from the start. the syrian president had allies to russian warplanes bombed from the air and militias backed by iran font on the ground. but there were other enemies common to them, all i saw on those are front and other groups. consider terrorist took advantage of the chaos to take control. then syrian kurdish fighters got involved. they joined up with air militias to push isolate out and stake their own territorial claim. turkey though, seize damn as terrorists and didn't want them on a southern border. so they went to war with the syrian kurtz. it's been a messy battlefield. and over the course of those 10 years, the syrian people have suffered the most the people who weren't part of that war with barrel bond by the sod regime. i attacked
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with chemical weapons blockaded, starved and detained, mainly by outside forces. victims of filed allegations of war crimes and courts all over europe. finance does even more. i'm at the albany, haile behavior. things were bad during the peak of the war. the right now the economy has never been worse. nearly 90 percent of syrians live below the poverty line, their currency, the pound is that its lowest ever level against the dollar, making everything expensive. costs are under janet and show from the phone. as of last, there are shortages of fuel food. some places only have electricity for a few hours a day out to not a covered 19 epidemic that no one knows the real scale of, even without the conflict being at
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a high level. they're still aren't services deficient enough for people to have jobs and send their kids to school and receive adequate health care. okay, so where is the war at right now? these days the government has control of about 2 thirds of the country, but they are still fighting for parts of the north, where all kinds of groups are still hanging on. some syrian rebels are in one part where turkeys basically and control. and then there's a lip, the last opposition stronghold. ah, it's a complicated place. syrian rebels are mixed in with lots of groups. consider terrace. millions of refugees are living there in camps. ah,
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an every so often syrian and russian forces attack they say they're liberating inlet from terrorists. couple condemned in lieu has a metal can hygiene. and meanwhile, syrian curds control this region. hundreds of us soldiers are still there, 2, mainly protecting oil fields. but there are other groups roaming around, including malicious, backed by iran, like had below. you'll notice though there's no sign of isis anywhere. it took a while, but eventually they were pushed out. their leader of bucher alba. daddy was killed by the u. s. in 2019, and most of their fighters were either captured or killed. but i thought id. ology of survived, and it's spreading and camps were fighters and their families are being held. i says build on several things including cairo's, lack of a grievance in the division, the people in need for jobs. and i think it's been that they're recruiting. so
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that's where the conflict of that. but you can't talk about a nation without talking about its people. and half of a syrian people are refugees, me more than 6000000 or internally displaced. but another 5 and a half 1000000 are living outside of serial. turkeys taken in the most, followed by lebanon. jordan, iraq and egypt over the years there have been countless peace talks and all of them have failed. right now the un is put together, a committee made up of both opposition and government people. it's to try to turn the page on the war by writing a new constitution, but it's not really working. meanwhile, there are all those external players still using syria to settle their scores. and can we see the externals confront each other directly rather than on the steering ground? i don't see an actual and to the shooting. there's an argument to be made that this
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war really is over a b s on regime is one. if that's true, it's come at an enormous cost and 10 years on things in syria have never been worse . that was we just heard a live is one part of syria where many displaced people of ended up and were many are trying to build new lives. people like a be to far as who helps widows and children deal with the trauma of war. here's her story featured and the online documentary series close up me how
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the on that please, i mean, and that was one of my heidi information on ah, and she told me, how did she know? like a lot of people? yeah, i mean, i, i back in 2011. that dream of a free, serious, old so close for thousands of young syrians protesting against the government.
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there was a sense that change was possible. but after all, the horrors of the last 10 years is there any hope left. 80 plus spoke to 3 syrians who took part in demonstrations back in 2011 to find out how they feel about it all . now. the, the, the, the, the pretty difficult to imagine a future for very soon. but even if i don't enough for me, but they come one well the after the solution started, when i just i remember nothing. i only remember myself being on one the crowd and
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just looking around and just healing. but it's actually happening. like in this day, i mean i can feel it now it's time years later. i mean, i don't feel it. it's seems like it was in a different world. suddenly so many people that were we live together. we are actually separate your nathan to the your neighbor, but felt like, you know, you could say something wrong and you would be imprisoned. there was so much distance, but when the protest began, everyone was so close that would just unification. people of all different backgrounds coming together for many people they will tell me quite a 1st time out truly just and i think people really weren't aware necessarily of not having that until until
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sunday is actually what makes me survive every day. so the very the not only with others, also with all the human share, our pain and blue shield there was ambition to have freaking crackers to be let me the office done here. and that is not treat them is very difficult and low, but i feel bad i can say about after 10 years, it's clear that there are still people who want freedom. when this uprising began 10 years ago, we did have hope. and if we didn't have hope,
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we wouldn't have participated in protest from the very 1st moment, very dangerous hearing stories. that book is not closed. i think you know, your pastor, you know, maybe act want this saga. so i don't, i don't know how long act tune actory will be. we kind of had to go through this phase because otherwise it was never going to really show it can without it or people are not going to be just about of, of any of the sort of all, all believe. i remember at the beginning i was with my dad watching on tv and i saw tears in his eyes and i asked him like, are you bad? and he said that this is like tears of happiness. and he said that even if i do not witness the moment, the solution is enough for me that i witnessed this moment me
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when i finish. christie disappeared now for 7 years and 9 months typically we haven't done. we don't even know if a life or not very gene is actually using this detention and enforce the syrians and not only to empower those who are in detention and in prison, but also to this empower there. ah, ah, the very 1st agent damascus that i saw with my own eyes, people that philip here today and they still have that hope. okay, we did this. it looks like, you know,
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what i'm just trying to are not about who each other is, but the rest of the world is when i am in a row with other theory and i still have the same feeling. i'm excited. i am empowered, but at the same time i'm sad and i'm because every time i'm inappropriate, i see the faces off my bad and those many others whom we are close. i very for those me if you want to find out more about, well falling the staff of campaign to seek the truth about what happened to her father. you can hear more on algebra podcast the take. they put together a really powerful episode about syrians looking for justice through the german
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courts. you can find that on our website or wherever you get your podcast. that's it from portal for now. we'll be back next week, but until then you online ah, june in to do english and h t for the best experience out english h d 's available across europe on satellites. usually the 13 sci astro, one chaos. and asked her to g, starting fast to july 2021 algebra english sd across europe will only be available on 45124182800078. for further information, visit our website. news,
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news, news, news, news. hello there. let's start in north america and all eyes are on the gulf of mexico. as tropical storm, claudette makes its way inland, after touching down in louisiana, now that springs really heavy rain with seeing sustained winds of 70 kilometers per hour. and this is the 3rd name storm of the hurricane season. this year. it's going to make its way across to the north west, bringing that wet weather to georgia and to the carolinas. it is going to we can, but once again on monday it picks up speed in the western atlantic ocean and it's not just wet weather along the coast there. there's also going to be more in land and storms ranging from the eastern areas of canada all the way down to central parts of america. we could see some really heavy rain, some hail, strong winds,
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and one or 2 tornadoes, particularly in oklahoma or, or console. the great lakes, seeing a lot of wet weather and toronto, seeing a storm or 2 as we go into next week. but for the west it's very hot and dry pictures. temperature is continuing for klein. we've had excessive heat warnings from nevada, utah, arizona, and california. and those are expected to last well into next week. the central america, it's a wet picture for mexico. the remnants of tropical storm dolores, bringing wet weather to the western coast. the who's on the coast, china aged population. the country will become the 1st nation in history to gold speak for become switched on. the finance industry isn't living up to the phone, bring credentials, legal traffic jams. so people turning to the waterways,
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come to the call on, i'll just say for the overwhelming wind for iran's new president apprehend bracy, but a limited choice result from the lowest epa voter turnout. ah hello and welcome. i peter w. watching else is here alive from headquarters here, and also this half hour anger on the streets of brazil protested. call for action against the president, julia bolton out of the nation.


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