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trying to deal with people who left behind. ah ah, armenians vote and stop election cold by prime minister, nicole passion the and then been growing anger after the defeat in the war against as a by john. ah . hello, i'm darn jordan. this is sarah ly, from dell are also coming up the celebrations in iran, not landslide, when abraham bracy giving conservatives full control for the 1st time,
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the brazilians raise their voices against president both scenarios. handling of the pandemic that's now killed half a 1000000 people under reunion for just a few minutes. separated mexican families of the us border meet at an annual event . ah, welcome to the program. the voting is on the way in armenia is snap parliamentary election. the prime minister nicole passionate and was forced to call an early vote following protests over the country's defeat and a war with as by john last year. analysts protecting a tight race ruby challenges, joins us live now from the armenian capital year of unruly. so how important is this election for armenia because it looks set to decide the country's future offer it's war without the by john? yeah, i mean, the hope amongst many people is that this is going to confer on the victor some
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degree of electoral legitimacy and a 5 year period of stability, at least on paper in armenian politics, in which the winning candidates can sit down and really start to tackle the country's long and daunting list of challenges. now they stretch roman eminence, best security issue, following the aftermath of the war last year, that all media loss humiliatingly. but that's also economic problems, development problems, refugee problems, prisoner war problems, whether or not any candidates can get grips of those. i think that's a, that's a difficult ones. ross, a political scientist we've been speaking to say, it's not much chance of athens at any candidate that wins this election is going to be on popular within half a year. there are also nerves, i think, growing because of the tightness of this race. and because of the invective, the,
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both of the front running candidates have used that there might be some unrest and they have classes on the streets. what it boils down say will though there is a long list of 262526 parties blocks, etc. it boils down to essentially a 2 horse race and that is between nichol passion and the current prime minister and robert cherry and a former presidents in the eyes of the electorate. this is a previously popular reformist, the prime minister against someone from the old god who to many is tainted by the corruption scandals of the past. and i think a lot of people here are not much infused by either of these 2 men, particularly families who might have lost a brother, a son or a father in the recent fighting, who are still deeply in a state of trauma and loss. and think that both of these 2 candidates bear,
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some responsibility for what has happened and armenia over the last, well, 5 and 10 years or so, leading up to that devastating war last year. yeah, rory and russia play peacemaker in the latest conflict. how does moscow then fit into this election? yeah, this isn't an interesting question. i think a lot of people assume that because russia is that the former master of the what was the, that the, the, so the space and all media is a former soviet country that russia is going to be putting the strings in the background here. and russia certainly does have interests in armenia when the war was going on. last year. analysts were looking at this and saying that the way this is planning out was actually bad news for moscow. and that moscow was being out played by turkey as it trying to spot actually most giving it up in
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a fairly decent position that has peacekeepers on the ground in and around. no going to care about it is certainly kept both as a by john and armenia within a tolerable sphere influence from moscow perspective. so we're not really seeing as we have to unsafe and ukraine, the kind of black operations or, or influence that moscow is trying to do in the background or that data to in, to, to make sure that this election goes its way. and perhaps that's because i think moscow would be happy with either contrary and or passion the end of india. and when he came to power 3 years ago on that waivers popular protest was at the time experiencing some quite empty moscow lines. but the 3 years of power he's had since then, those have pretty much dropped away. so i think for moscow's perspective, armenia, more or less is going to stay in its fear of influence,
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or at least tolerably so. and therefore it's not particularly bothered. which way this election goes? alright, i really challenge live 1st day in the armenian capital, van rory, thank you. the roms, conservatives are sent to consolidate their group on power off to hotline abraham racy was declared winner of friday's presidential election. turned out was the lowest in the history of the nomic republic, underscoring the challenges that lie ahead than the former chief justice takes power in august. i said, beg report from tara, everyone in iran knew the outcome with no real prominent opposition. polls predicted conservative cleric ibrahim, right you see would when and when he did in a landslide victory, his closest opponent receiving 14000000 few votes, right? if he 1st gained prominence amongst the religious faithful. when he was appointed as custodian over the shrine in the city of mush at frequented by millions of
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pilgrims a year, he was praised for removing cropped officials from the shrines administration and serving pilgrims. and i are to la considered to be a hide religious authority and she slammed his religious title hold weight among the countries religious. conservative base, right? if he had failed in his bid to win the presidency in 2017, he lost by 8000000 volts. to hassan ronnie during that campaign, he was criticized for his pastoral as a judge on election day. once again, our people announced their decision and rejected those who in 38 years didn't know anything but execution and imprisonment as a young man, he was part of a committee that oversaw math executions in 1988. an audio recording was leaked during the 2017 election where i had to le montessori, condemned gracie and others on the committee for the role in the executions general
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. yeah, i think the worst crime against the atlantic republic and that history will condemn us for has been committed by you and your name will go in history as a criminal, and i miss the international have said raised he should be investigated for crimes against humanity as the judicial chief, he's seen as tacking corruption, a fundamental concern for many iranians. his appointment by the supreme needed to key roles has raised other questions, some feel his presidency, setting the stage for him to become the next supreme leader. but he still has to serve as president and make life better for many iranians supposed to shut down right now. i'd like to offer my gratitude to the very dear, honorable and vigilant people. i thank the almighty god for the dear people's trust in the serving seminary students. i hope i can respond well to the people's confidence votes unkindness. during my turn. he's surrounded by what many consider to be hard line, as opposed to the 2015 nuclear deal, right? he says he supported mom be about a young man study. and again,
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we are committed to the jcp away, as it was approved by ayatollah how many, but you can't implemented a strong governments should be in power to be able to implement. but unlike president has general harmony and the moderates who saw the dia, that's a foundation for broader discussions and relations with the west, raphael, his camp, see it as a ceiling with deep mistrust of the united states. but his real test will be how he serves as president, and what change can bring to the country. as i said, big jazz era, there are. well, the us, as iranians were denied a free unfair vote in the presidential election, but it pledged to continue negotiations to save the 2015 nuclear deal. kristen salumi has more. this has to be a concern for the united states. they're striving to get a renewed iran deal in place before he takes office in august. we know another meeting is scheduled to happen in vienna on sunday. the us, of course, has not been directly engaged with iran in these talks instead,
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leaving that to their counterparts in the deal, but by joe biden. the president of the u. s. is very eager to make progress on this front and as far as easy as concerned on the one hand, this man is a hard liner. that's a concern for the united states. amnesty international has linked him to death squads in the 1900 eighty's that oversaw the killing of thousands extradition extra judicially of political prisoners. and as the head of the judiciary, racy over saw other human rights abuses. according to amnesty international, including allowing government officials and security forces immunity and their crackdown on protesters and dissidence and so forth. so this makes right, you see actually the 1st iranian president sworn into office under us sanctions and 2019 when he took over as the head of the judiciary, the united states level,
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personal sanctions against him. so that is a complicating factor in the relationship here. and on the other hand, he has also expressed support for getting the iran deal done. so there could be some impetus to move things forward now that he has been sworn. and the challenge for the united states is that president biden wants to take the iran deal even farther and include ron's ballistic missile program. that was never going to be an easy agreement to come by. this may make it even harder. most the analyst expected a pivot from iran, away from the west, even furthermore, towards russia and china. now that he's in power anti government protest as have taken to the streets of brazil as the number of deaths from corona virus, past half a 1000000, opponents blame the world's 2nd deadliest outbreak on the president's response. monica, you know, i can report somebody additional now who's rarely depressed dozens
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of cities in brazil to denounce president jadem ball. so not his handling of the pandemic marching through the streets of rio diginero to the sound of drum beat. the angela chant of indigenous try in the capital brazilian. this is called trouble, so not as impeachment, accusing him still down, playing the cove in 1910 demik. despite brazil's death toll being the 2nd largest in the world, when the protest began and real, the corona virus had already killed more than 490000 brazilians. as the day were on brazil reached the tragic milestone of half a 1000000 dead. this governments responsible for genocide, it delayed the vaccination roll out. we cannot continue to be governed by a president who doesn't care about brazilian lives just last week both. so now was fine for leading a motor bike rally. and so without wearing a mask,
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he's already on the campaign trail for next year's presidential election and continues to promote hydroxy cora wine as the cure for the corona virus. i'm 65 years old, was infected by cooper 19 and took druck the clerk. when the next day i was cured. so not his opponents had been reluctant to take to the streets against him, arguing that people should stay home in the midst of a panoramic. now they said risk you to remain quiet as if you were here to fight for our lives. the virus is less deadly that our president we want him out. now this is happening while the senate committee is still investigating the government handling of the ban. demik sen, doctors and scientists say this effect, the government has tried to hurt immunity by infectious dis, suspicion that every scientist in brazil now has. and the president of brazil is
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doing everything he came to convince us the best strategy since the beginning. when he goes have a that and says dad immunization produces a protection that is smaller than if you have the disease which is not true. meanwhile, an average 2000 brazilians have been dying every day. and many fear that at this rate, for the me soon surpass united states as the country with the world's largest covered 1900 death toll monetary. and i guess i'll just 0, we're diginero from personal break here. and i'll just say when we come back, rival protests in peru by supporters of 2 presidential candidates. 11 election results up hell. the other is demanding a recount. displaced and relying on today the plot of refugees from ethiopia to dry region living in neighboring for that more on the state. ah
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hello there. let's start in the middle east and strong shamal winds continue to blow down from the northwest, taking up quite a lot of dust for the gulf states. we seem strong gust of wind in queue weight and car temperatures of did slightly as well. in visibility is pretty poor as that dust kicks up, creating a lot of hazy sunshine. the winds are going to die down as we go into monday. visibility will improve and the dust will settle, but it's still a very hot and dry picture for much of saudi arabia. slightly cooler for a man, we've got that wind keeping coastal areas rather cool. and if there is any way, whether it's to the west of yemen, there's also some rain brewing across western areas of ethiopia. and as we go into monday to be kenya and tanzania that see the rain coming into coastal areas. but
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it's relatively quiet across the central bound of africa in the gulf of guinea that we are seeing those storms brewing bringing some severe weather to northern parts of cameroon. we've seen flooding there, we could see more. but for the south, things are looking a lot. fina enjoy a plenty of sunshine coming through in south africa. little bit of rain coming in to southern areas of mos then be. but the sunshine comes through for cape town with 26 degrees celsius. the, the a city defined by military occupation, there's never been an arab state. he with the capital of jerusalem. everyone is welcome. but the default sexual that meant and they could only project. that's what we refuse. was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of juice and to the eyes of its own people, segregation, occupations, discrimination, injustice. this is upper side in the front, the 1st century, jerusalem, a rock and
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a hard place analogy 0. ah ah, welcome back. a quick reminder about top stories here on al jazeera voting is underway in armenia is not parliamentary election. the prime minister nicole pashley on was forced to call on the vote following protests over the countries defeat and of war with the by john last year. analysts are predicting a type rate to government protectors of rallied in cities across brazil as the number of deaths from corona virus, past half a 1000000 that demanding the impeachment of president jambo road of his handling upon the dentist and iran. conservatives are set to consolidate their grip on power
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after hotline and abraham and ac was declared, the winner friday's presidential election. the u. s. since iranians were denied a free and fair vote attached to continue negotiations to save the 2015 nuclear deal. well, those talks are happening in vienna, iran's foreign minister says they're going well and the deal could be reached before res. he takes power. there is a good possibility that we will reach an agreement before the end of our tenure as as how soon. so we are supposed to leave our office by mid august, and i think there is a good possibility that we can reach an agreement way before mid august. the talks are going on right now as we speak. i just read the latest text editor that is being discussed in vienna. the text is getting cleaner and cleaner. the brackets are being removed. rival demonstrations have been held for the 2 candidates in
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peruse disputing the presidential election. socialist contender, federal castillo has claim victory in this months run off, but right wing opponent keiko for maury is refusing to concede defeat alleging food marianna sanchez was at one of the protest. they're both supporters of pick up of somebody just a few blocks away from your support is gathering here in the center of the capital . people on both sides. very anxious about the result. many people here are the supporters of food, or you're saying that after school, electrical officials gave 100 percent of results with more than 44000 volts. and he should be called russia and why they say, why are officials waiting? and they feel that they would you, maurice montgomery feel the election on the other hand support is up. take off with your body. feel that there's been a fraud. the frog has been committed in the tables with falsifying didn't approve,
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among other and they feel that there have been fraud white rhythm. his amount of money in reality is that he has not provided any real evidence. and electrical officials have said that there has not been evidence of a systematic fraud. international monitors have also said that there has not been a fraud. however, been a very small campaign in favor of the pro fraud narrative if you will, where politicians are saying that a new election should be held, of course will favor people who marty. and also there's a climate of very of a lot of instability because former retired military, how find them better? i mean, hundreds of why and those other asking the media, sorry to prevent your from being sworn in the president. they are asking for us who
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saw the moment or do you think is of a lot of political instability being seen here in the lease of the capital. a large military force loyal to libby as warlord. l. e for half. tom says it's taken control of a border crossing without jerry or on thursday, half time announcing operation in the area to expel what he called mercenaries and extremist fighters. images posted on line show dozens of armored vehicles positioned in and around. the border crossing is the 1st military operation by half towns forces since a seaside deal with the government and tripoli last year. but testers are calling on former israeli leader benjamin netanyahu to leave the prime minister's official residence in west jerusalem. they say he should have moved out by now and are threatening to take them out to court. israel parliament now he approved a new coalition government last week, ending netanyahu's toby as a power. he's on trial for corruption. west african leaders that agree than
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a plan to launch a single currency for the 15 member block in 2027 member nations of the economic community of west african states or echo was wrapped up a summit and gone as capital on saturday. c, piracy trade. the pandemic and conflict and molly, but also disgusting. that either way that attack some groups linked to al qaeda and i still could spill over from molly the neighboring countries. guineas, health ministry on the world health organization have declared the end of any bonus outbreak that started in a southern district 4 months ago. while more than 11000 people died in outbreak in the same area in 2014. this time the death toll was much lower. charlotte bennett's report. the it's been $42.00 days since guinea had a confirmed case of the bowler. meaning guinea can now be declared ebola free. just, we're all happy and i'm so happy to reclaim solemnly on behalf of the president and
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at the end of the ball. if a demick in guinea authorities traced this outbreak here to 0, cory the same region where the devastating 2014 outbreak began. the 1st case was lucy, she was 51 and a nurse, some people who attended her funeral in february or so dies. her uncle told al jazeera, he alluded authorities because he didn't believe lucy died of natural causes. city lucky. nous, lucy was treating a grandmother who had fever and was bleeding from her nose and everywhere. we tried to get blood clotting medicine from the nearest town, but eventually she died and lucy constructed eunice learning from previous ebola outbreaks. can a health officials and the world health organization responded swiftly? they flew in $24000.00 vaccines and inoculated health workers and residents in the area. they traced close contacts of the dead and disinfected homes. guinea was able to interrupt the transmission of a boy in
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a bit more than 4 months. this is very different from the previous outbreak in 2014 to 2016. the determinants of success. the time where very swift and proactive action signed his sequence, the bola strain from this outbreak and discovered it was closely lace to the strain from 2014. they believe a survivor har, but the virus for at least 5 years before transmitting it. previously the record for survivor passing on the virus was 16 months. a lot of learning, something brought together implemented in west africa. the disease came back again and we were able to contain it. we were able to make show about it doesn't spread out in become a problem. in guinea, ebola haunts than thousands died here between 20142016. well,
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authorities have been commended for read a casing the virus quickly. there are still 12 more grace and the community of quick a. charlotte bellis al jazeera. if the o p o is preparing for parliamentary elections on monday, the vote comes as tens of thousands of people from the te gray region seek refuge across the border and sedan, more than 2000000 non internally displaced in many more need food aid. even morgan reports now from got a reef in sedan, near the border with the pos. this was once i get highly maria shelter in this refugee camp before went and heavy rain brought it down 2 weeks ago. a farmer from whom at our in if you stick the region, he says, he said, despite the fighting that started last november, but when his livelihood was threatened, he was forced to leave his farm and come to the dance kubat. if the date, the latter held, the horror militia came and burned our farms. if we planted and we're waiting to harvest and they stole everything, i wanted to stay, but there was no food,
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and they were preventing aid from reaching us. so i came here to seek security and to get food. and again, i think he says he believes the branding of farms was done to force the grand like himself into starvation. the conflict between the government and the regional take great people's liberation front, has skill thousands and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 months. 350000 people in the region are facing famine, according to the united nation, which says that barbados is being used as a weapon of war. the united states has described the conflict of ethnic cleansing against the grands, at least 70000, to grant, have fled to sudan since the thoughts of the fighting, the number of refugees arriving in camp here in food i have reduced compared to the conflict, broke out into gray, but those who managed across the border say it's not because conditions have improved back home. they say it's going to continue to be targeted because of the city and many atrocities are being reported. and while they come seeking refuge conditions here are far from ideal. so gothic light was one of the 1st to arrive in
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this camp which opened at the start of the year. the shelter she was given like hundreds of others, has collapsed as a result of terrible weather conditions. she says she shared accommodation with other refugee families. and while she receives a not enough for her and her family, she is now suffering from malnutrition and is unable to nurse her 16 month old daughter. hard to find a mallet were given flower and oil, but it's not enough for us. my daughter keeps crying for milk, but i don't have any to give her. so i give her rise to keep her stomach full, but that's not enough to cover the nutrients she needs. and i worry about her health. 8 are going to station see hundreds of severe and moderate malnutrition cases have been recorded in the for refugee camp established to accommodate the refugees and camp authority see access to health care to create now nutrition as well as other diseases is limited and with the rainy season starting, they are concerned about the welfare of the refugees. like you to get them. i will have someone doesn't want to go. those who are suffering from
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a shortages need to make sure all their needs are met with the rainy season. starting. we've already seen shelters falling, and many people left off to the open again. with some suffering from malnutrition, we can see more and more refugees getting sickness. the situation is dire and we need it organizations to step up. i guess as he'll work to fix his shelter until he gets a better one. but he says looking at the life his living now he wishes the conflicts back home with. and so he can go back to his farm and to the life his left behind. he but morgan onto the iraq the made by camp a cathartic state. dozens of families separated by the us mexico border had been given a chance to hug each other for just a few minutes. the hugs not wolves event reunites families separated by immigration status, allowing them to physically embrace and return to their side of the border. us authorities usually monitor the event, but don't intervene. deborah xander has more now from washington. dc. organizers do
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this because they're trying to, they say bring attention to what they feel is in their words, a cruel policy by the u. s. government and immigration officials along the border in the us to keep families physically apart on both sides of the border. the big picture of all of this and what's basically is this is happening the backdrop, if you will, is there is a surge of migrants coming up from south and central america to the southern border . and the last several months. on one hand, you have president joe biden, who, one of his 1st acts after becoming president, was to in all of the border wall contracts, all the contracts to build or rebuild parts of the border wall that were central to the immigration policies of former president donald trump, but on the other hand, in recent weeks and days really, the very conservative republican governor of the state of texas has basically been saying that he wants to give money to rebuild part of the wall in texas. he's also
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been speaking a lot of anti immigrant rhetoric. americans have been celebrating a new federal holiday tomorrow at the end of slavery. more than 150 years ago. the june teams a day of celebration and education, especially in galveston, texas. that's where the last group events lay, people learn to their emancipation on june the 19th 1865, following the end of the civil war. ah, i tough a quick check of the headlines here. this allen voting is on the way in armenia, is not parliamentary election. the prime minister nicole passionately was forced to call an early vote falling protest over the country's defeat. and it was with as a by john last year. analysts are predicting a type race where we challenge as more now from year about the hope.


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