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see more, but for the south things are looking a lot finer. enjoy a plenty of sunshine coming through in south africa. little bit of rain coming in to southern areas of mozambique, but the sunshine come through for cape town with $26.00 degrees celsius. ah ah. armenian votes and snap election cold by the prime minister in an attempt to heal divisions after last. he has war with as a by john ah, hello. busy i'm a 3 and again this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up the supporters of iran as president elect people embrace. he celebrates his landslide victory, but critic say the vote wasn't free or fam. processed more than 40 brazilian cities
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against president jaya, boston out of the country, punches half a 1000000. recorded coded by team tense and treated intense. a 3rd wave of infections gathered space in south africa, where only one percent of the population is fully vaccinated. ah, armenians deciding whether that prime minister deserves another chance. the defeat to neighboring azerbaijan had lost his war. nicole push indian resigned in april and triggered the snap parliamentary election, hoping to renew his mandate. the forest is a type race for the former president, robert could surely on those is being closely watched by armine as ally, russia, and by turkey, which backed as a by john and the conflicts related to the disputed. now going to come back, reach and let's go live that the out of and i'm just worry challenges that so polls
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are opened, rory, tell us about the importance of this election to our media after the war with as the by john. well, i do. and whoever wins this election will have to tackle a long list of problems that armenia faces. you have a traumatized nation after that. defeated in the war. you have a polarized electorate. this has been a pretty bruising election campaign. you have refugee problems, you have prisoner of war problems, you have economic problems and development problems, etc. getting round to even 10 percent of these is going to be a big ask for anyone who wins this election. what i think people are hoping for is that this on system questions essentially. and that you get a degree of political legitimacy for the victor. and 5 years of political stability in which the winning candidate can actually start to knuckle down and
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take some proper work. there are people that are worried that because this has been such a invective, filled political campaign from the 2 main candidates, that there might be some unrest in the aftermath of this election. we'll have to wait and see. there are, you know, a long, wide list of candidates and parties who are contesting this 26 parties or blocks. but essentially it boils down, so it's your thrice. you've got the, the encumbrance. nicole passion in facing off against robert cherry and he's a former president. there are people who don't like either of these candidates, particularly those. i think you've lost someone in the recent fighting who have been pretty switched off from politics altogether. concentrating on their grief and lost them for them, they say often that politics is finished for them and that the country just needs some stability and peace in which to re gather itself. russia played peacemaker in
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that latest conflict out of moscow fit into this election. yeah, that's a really interesting one. and i think a lot of people have been asking which is moscow's horse in this race and what it doing to further the aims of getting that horse into office? i think the short answer to that is it? well, it doesn't really mind which one of these candidates wins, and therefore it's not actually doing that much. yes, moscow considers rebecca cherry and a friend of russia and yes, nichol pasheti. and in his early days when he came to power on a wave of street protests looking much like one of the color revolutions that moscow pours, they were very worried about what nichol passion yan was going to do. but i think the 3 years that he's been in office, been a bit of a reality check for him about how independent armenia can be from russia. and also you have the outcome of the conflicts, as you say,
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which has left moscow with peacekeepers on the ground in the going to carry back and, and other parts of that region. and essentially both candidates, knowing that the con, diverge too much from being friends with moscow, and therefore moscow is pretty comfortable with both of these candidates. i'll just say we're, we're each helen's reporting live from the event for the mother already. many thanks. indeed, supporters of iran's new president of celebrated his victory on the streets of ron . hardly, not. abraham r e. c was declared the winner on saturday and an election marked by voter apathy, that economic hardship. he went around 62 percent support just under half of eligible voters took part the low turn out underscores. the challenges ahead when the former chief justice takes part in august. how does your asset beg reports from 10 from everyone in iran knew the outcome with no real prominent opposition?
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polls predicted conservative cleric ibrahim, right, you see would when and when he did in a landslide victory, his closest opponent receiving 14000000 few votes, right. if he 1st gained prominence amongst the religious faithful, when he was appointed as custodian over the shrine in the city of mush at frequented by millions of pilgrims a year. he was praised for removing cropped officials from the shrines administration and serving pilgrims and i are to la considered to be a hide religious authority and she slammed his religious title hold weight among the countries religious. conservative base, right? if he had failed in his bid to win the presidency in 2017, he lost by 8000000 volts to hassan ronnie. during that campaign, he was criticized for his pastoral as a judge. on election day, once again, our people announced their decision and reject those who in 38 years didn't know anything but execution and imprisonment as a young man, he was part of
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a committee that oversaw mass executions in 1988 an audio recording was leaked during the 2017 election where i had to le montessori condemned. right. you see and others on the committee for the role in the executions general. yeah. i think the worst crime against the atlantic republic and that history will condemn us for has been committed by you and your name will go in history as a criminal. and i miss the international has said raised he should be investigated for crimes against humanity. as a judicial chief, he's seen as tacking corruption, a fundamental concern for many iranians. his appointment by the supreme needed to key roles has raised other questions, some feel his presidency, setting the stage for him to become the next supreme leader. but he still has to serve as president and make life better for many iranians supposed to shut down right now. i'd like to offer my gratitude to the very dear hon and vigilant people . i thank the almighty god for the dear people's trust in the serving seminary
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students. i hope i can respond well to the people's confidence, boats, unkindness. during my turn, he's surrounded by what many consider to be hard line as opposed to the 2015 nuclear deal, right? he says he supports it mob a about a german man studying again. we are committed to the jcp away as it was approved by ayatollah harmony. but you can't implemented a strong government should be in power to be able to implement. but unlike president has central honey and the moderates who saw the dia, that's a foundation for broader discussion and relations with the west. rafia. he's cap, see it as a feeling with deep mistrust of the united states. but his real test will be how he serves as president, and what change can bring to the country. as i said, big 0 there are. well, us says that iranians were denied a free and fair vote in the presidential election, but it pledged to continue negotiations to save the 2015 nuclear deal. kristen salumi reports this has to be
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a concern for the united states. they're striving to get a renewed iran deal in place before he takes office in august. we know another meeting is scheduled to happen in vienna on sunday. b u. s. of course, has not been directly engaged with iran in these talks. instead of leaving that to their counterparts in the deal, but by joe biden, the president of the u. s. is very eager to make progress on this front and as far as easy as concerned on the one hand, this man is a hard liner. that's a concern for the united states. amnesty international has linked him to death squads in the 1900 eighty's that oversaw the killing of thousands extradition extra judicially political prisoners. and as the head of the judiciary, racy oversight, other human rights abuses. according to amnesty international, including allowing government officials and security forces immunity and their
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crackdown on protesters and dissidence and so forth. so this makes right, you see actually the 1st iranian president sworn into office under un sanctions and 2019 when he took over as the head of the judiciary, the united states level, personal sanctions against him. so that is a complicating factor in the relationship here. and on the other hand, he has also expressed support for getting the iran deal done so that there could be some impetus to move things forward. now that he has been sworn. and the challenge for the united states is that president biden wants to take the iran deal even farther and include ron's ballistic missile program. that was never going to be an easy agreement to come by. this may make it even harder. most the analyst expect a pivot from iran away from the west, even furthermore, towards russia and china. now that he's in power,
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in the thin protests across brazil, which is recorded more than 500000 cove at 19 deaths. as a 3rd wave hits demonstrates a say the president gyal scenario is responsible because he continues to play down the outbreak. monica young kid reports from you now, who's rarely depressed dozens of cities in brazil to denounce president jaden. also not his handling of the pandemic. marching through the streets of rio de janeiro to the sound of drum beat, into the chant of indigenous try in the capital brazilian. this is called troubles and out of the beach meant accusing him a still downplaying the cove in 1900. ben demik. despite brazil's death toll being the 2nd largest in the world, when the protest began in real, the corona virus had already killed more than 490000 brazilians. as the day were on
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brazil reached the tragic milestone of half a 1000000 dead. this governments responsible for genocide, it delayed the vaccination roll out. we can not continue to be governed by a president who doesn't care about brazilian lives just last week both. so now was fine for leading a motor bike rally and don't bother without wearing a mask. he's already on the campaign trail for next year's presidential election and continues to promote hydroxy cora wine as the cure for the corona virus. i'm 65 years old, was infected by coping 19 and took i dropped the clerk when the next day i was cured. also not his opponents had been reluctant to take to the streets against him, arguing that people should stay home in the midst of a pen damage. now they said risk, you are to remain quiet. we have to fight for our lives. the virus is less
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deadly that our president, we want him out. now. this is happening while the senate committee is still investigating the government handling of the panoramic. senators, doctors and scientists say this is the government has tried to keep her immunity by infection. there's the suspicion that every scientist in brazil now has and the president of brazil is doing everything he came to convince us the best is a strategy since the beginning. when he goes and say that and says dad immunization produces a protection that is smaller than if you have the disease which is not true. meanwhile, an average 2000 brazilians have been dying every day. and many fear that at this rate, for the me soon surpass united states as the country with the world's largest covered 19 death. told monica,
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and i give all just 0 radio diginero coming up after the weather. what are pena has learned from its initial curve? it's 19 response and the challenges that its health care system is still facing and rival processed in peru by supporters of 2 presidential candidates. one wants election results upheld the other, is demanding a recount. ah, hello there. the heat continues to dominate across europe this weekend, but things are going to change as we go into next week. and things are going to get cooler as the wet weather kicks in. for now, those unsettled conditions dominating across western areas of europe. we seem to be a thunderstorms rolling across northern areas of spain, affecting france, we seen flooding from those thunder re downpours and it seemed the source of
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luxembourg and belgium. does he go into monday? we go to weather system working its way further east, and that's going to bring even more wet weather with it. was he northern areas of germany and denmark affected by those 2 wrenching downpours and areas of southern england in 20 a cloud and some showers? well, in look what that does to the temperature, we look at the 3 day for london, when nestling in the mid teens as we go into next week, so well below average for this time of year. but centrally, the heat does continue across poland, bella, ruth and western areas of russia, the temperature continuing to climb in moscow. the weather continues across the black sea will have showers in turkey, but for grief, things do dry up. we'll have plenty of sunshine. athens coming in in the early thirties and plenty of sunshine coming through for italy. ah, the frank assessments is an argument suggesting that no ministrations
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playing a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace. the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions. schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their policy then their life has been shaped by vitamin in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera. oh, the me. again, this is, i was a news, this medians of hosting a type snap election. nicole pushing the and resigned a triggered the vote,
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hoping to renew his mandates. how to last year to feed the conflict that they bring as a supporters of iran. new presidents have celebrated his victory of rom hotline. abraham racy was declared the winner on saturday. and an election by both apathy and economic hardship. and protest across brazil, which is recorded more than 500000 cove at 900 deaths. a 3rd wave, his demonstrators say that president gyal scenario is responsible because he continues to play down the outbreak in south africa. the government has tightened. coven 19 restrictions to fight a 3rd wave, which is expected to be was the last one in some areas. there's robin smith's reports now from cape town. coping with the virus largely depends on where people live and how much money they have. south africa is in the grip of a deadly 3rd wave of cove at 19 infection. the army has been deployed to
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assist doctors in the most populous province of haunting, almost 2 thirds of the countries active cases have been reported. their hospitals are under pressure and supplies of oxygen are becoming short. the situation was similar in the western cape during the 2nd wave at the end of last year. but experts believe that province won't be as hard hit this time around. hard bay in cape town is often described as a microcosm of south africa, informal settlements, skirt, the boundary of sprawling estates, mcmercer lives here, and contracted cove at 19 in december last year. i've never felt as sick as in my whole life as i, as i did fax, those 10 days. so it was quite scary for me. but luckily for me, we live in my big house and i had a i see you doctor looking after me. so we had things like, you know,
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we had set monitors and the monitors and the letter just a few 100 meters away. thing is all very different people living here. she also toilets and full social does something is not easy. and families can into these tiny sec, do not have the luxury of isolating in the provincial health department says poor people are at greater risk and blames those better off for spreading the virus. the 3rd way in this province as primarily been driven by people that live in su interior. so the people that can isolate the people that can quote and other ones has not been at the adding to the behaviors. south africa cove at 19 vaccination program has faced several obstacles and only one percent of the population is fully vaccinated. it still does a lot about equity and things in the world. we could have prevented quite
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a lot of data that will come out of the said way. if we had access to vaccines earlier and fairly, when you again have to stand in line, it just kills just kill. and it's, it's the most real feeling of they've been a, do you do? many here on our waiting anxiously for more developed nations to respond. robin smith, i'll just 0, kept on the us is tripling the number of vaccines that it's sending to tie one more than 2 and a half 1000000 doses of the mcdonough vaccine should arrive on sunday. the island of 24000000 people, which was relatively unscathed, by covey 19 has now been caught off guard by rising numbers. the u. s. donation signal support for taiwan in the face of pressure from china, which claims, self governing taiwan as its territory. milan, we meanwhile, has run out of the vaccines. a big un shipment is delayed because of india's decision to suspend vaccine export. nearly 400000 people have received that 1st
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shot, but they've been very few 2nd versus well i'll be was hoping to inoculate around 11000000 people. 60 percent of its population by the end of the year. albania says that it's achieved. heard immunity through infections, cutting corona, virus transmission, drastic dramatically, but it came to a terrible cost for under resourced and overwhelmed hospitals. and the resulting death toll may have been far higher than official figures suggest jobs. replace reports from tara, this is covered one, the 1st of 4 public hospital wards at the heart of the obedient government's pandemic response. from november to february, it was overrun because of the government policy to concentrate all the countries covered 900 cases in toronto. at the very beginning, we were thinking it would be a lot with a time by the time run around by we were thinking it's much easier and economically
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and political logically and medically, thinking to get those services much closer to that people by then would had go around the hospitals were under pressure. ariens can de named journalist of the year for his coverage of the pandemic. witness to the problems no case. there is no agenda case that patients have to wait 6 to 8 hours just to be on load from ambulances. because there were no beds available, they were very sick and needed to go to intensive kevin mediately some died in the ambulance in the overcrowded and undisturbed words. some patients committed suicide by jumping from the windows. hearing these stories, many patients were afraid to go. some went to private clinics, many of them to turkey through a special charter flight. and many stayed home. yorkie pudgy says he spent $5000.00 on oxygen and nursing it up over from the bus. and i had many friends who went to
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hospital and never got out alive. so i decided to stay home. at 1st it was easy. i thought, is this the great cove it everyone is talking about. but then i got really sick. i thought i died and came back to life. the prime minister eddie romer, says, albania, as early locked down initially saved the country from the soaring infection rates of western europe. what happened in italy scared us a lot. so it was a bit like running home and we were if you recall, well the 1st country after italy to impose love, now our liaison was very, very heavy. then we did the many things faster than others because of the, of the table. fear that if we would not control the this would be a disaster, but albania didn't have the resources to keep workers at home during the 2nd wave
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of the virus. herd immunity was achieved through infection at a high cost. officially 2 and a half 1000 people died of curve at 19 in albania. but the u. s. based institute for health metrics and evaluation estimates, the figure nearly $16000.00 because that's how many more people died here over the past 9 months than would normally have died in the same time period. we've heard immunity achieved infection rates plummeted in time for a general election in april and 17 percent of the population has now received at least one vaccine chart. far above the global average of 12 percent. helping prime minister at a rama when a 3rd term jumps out hopeless al jazeera, tirana, 3 children are among 4 people, shot and wounded at a birthday party in canada. the youngest was just a year old. they've been taken to the hospital in toronto to one of the children is said to be in a life threatening condition. police are looking for several suspects. one person
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has been killed after a truck drove into a crowd of spectators with a gay pride parade in the us. but the driver and the victim will part of the fort lauderdale gay men's chorus in florida, the local ness. if the truck driver suddenly accelerated, when told that he was next in the parade, lisa investigating if it was an intentional attack. supporters of both through his political rivals. i've been out in huge numbers as tensions rise over this month's content contested election. the socialist contender pedal casteel, narrowly leads the official councils claimed victory. but right when canada keiko footboard, he says, has been fraud and is seeking to get votes and old. there's been no evidence of this. i'll just here is mariana sanchez, is at one of the protests in lima. there are people supporters of pick up of somebody just a few blocks away from here. and support is gathering here in the center of the capital, people on both sides. very anxious about the result. many people here are the
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supporters of food. i see you're saying that after school, electrical officials gave 100 percent of results with more than 44000 volts. and he should be called president. why they say, why are officials waiting? and they feel that the would you, maurice montgomery feel the election on the other hand support is uptake off with the body. feel that there's been a fraud. the frog has been committed in the tables with falsifying kids, among other realities that he has not providing any real evidence from electrical officials have said that there has not been evidence of broad international monitors have also said that there has not been a fraud. however, there's been a very long time saying in favor of the pro broad narrative, if you will,
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where politicians are saying that a new election should be held. functions of course, will favor people who west african leaders have agreed on a plan to launch a single currency within 6 years. the 15 member block, members of the economic community of west african stays on. echo was wrapped up a summer in gone as capital on saturday. see piracy trade, the pandemic, and molly's latest qu also talk discussions. they worry that molly's instability will give armed groups more opportunities launch attacks across the region. scientists say that guinea of the world health organization of set an example for the world like quickly containing and ending a 2nd abolla outbreak. it started in the southern district 4 months ago, which is where the devastating 2014 outbreak began to 0. charlotte bellis reports. the it's been $42.00 days since guinea had a confirmed case of the bowler. meaning guinea can now be declared ebola free.
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we're all happy and i'm so happy to declare solemnly on behalf of the president and at the end of the ball. if a demick in getting authorities trace this outbreak here to 0, cory the same region where the devastating 2014 outbreak began. the 1st case was lucy. she was $51.00 and a nurse. some people who attended her funeral in february also died. her uncle told al jazeera he had little thor, she's because he didn't believe lucy died of natural causes. lucky. nous, lucy was treating a grandmother who had fever and was bleeding from her nose and everywhere. we tried to get blood clotting medicine from the nearest town, but eventually she died and lucy constructed to eunice learning from previous he, bola outbreaks, can a health officials and the world health organization responded swiftly. they flew in 24000 vaccines and inoculated health workers. and residence in the area,
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they traced close contacts of the dead and disinfected homes gimme was able to interrupt the transmission of a boiler in a bit more than 4 months. this is very different from the previous outbreak in 2014 to 2016 determinants of success. the time where very streets and proactive action scientist sequence the bolus strain from this outbreak and discovered was closely related to the strain from 2014, they believe a survivor harb with the virus for at least 5 years before transmitting it. previously, the record for a survivor passing on the virus was 16 months. a lot of loading, something brought together implemented in west africa. the disease came back again and we were able to contain it. we were able to make show about it doesn't
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become a problem in guinea, ebola haunts than thousands died here between 20142016. well, authorities have been commended for read a casing the virus quickly. there are still 12 more grace and the community of quick a. charlotte bellis al jazeera. ah . a check of the headlines on al jazeera, armenians of voting at a time snapped election to cold push indian resigned and triggered the vote, hoping to renew his mandate to last year's defeat in the conflict with neighboring as by john bore, he challenged reports now from the out of ever wins this election will have to tackle a long list of problems that armenia faces. you have a traumatized nation after that. defeated in the war, you have a polarized electorate. this has been a pretty bruising.


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