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archie, the symptoms, the problems keep getting worse. mister low call has in recent months warned of the possibility of 2 separate famines in ethiopia, the country where he began his humanitarian career, dealing with a famine of $984.00 and in yemen, a country his successor. in the job, martin griffin knows very well, having served in recent years as the us special envoy. james bays al jazeera london . ah, hello again to check the headlines on al jazeera, armenians supposed to get a tight snap parliamentary election. prime minister nicole push indian resigned and triggered the vote, hoping to renew his mandate after last year's defeat, the conflict that they bring as a by sean for re challenge reports from armenia, capital the out of them. it's supposed to be another 2 years and said elections happen in armenia, but because of that conflict because of the last because of nicole passion,
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yann's plummet in support, he brought this forward. he wants to basically see this as a way of reaffirming his popularity and giving him another mandates to pursue the reform agenda that he has been trying to push through over the last 3 years of power. israel's new prime minister, natalie bennett, says described iranian president, elect people to him races when a final wake up call the world powers before returning to the 2015 nuclear deal. but it made the comments during a cabinet meeting. i've got us tom's president ashe, rough gaudy, has replaced to talk ministers in charge of security. as taliban fighters escalate their advance to take more territory general dismissal. con mohammad. he has been appointed defense minister. he previously held the defense minister and interior ministry positions and also served as army chief of staff after the fall of the
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taliban regime in 2000. and one of kennesaw is recorded $92.00 new corona virus, deaths of the last 24 hours the country seen a surgeon infections since late last month. 10000 few cases were recorded in the last week. i've kind of stone began. it's vaccine wrote out in april, but so far, not even one percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. the us as tripling the number of vaccines that it's sending to taiwan more than 2 and a half 1000000 doses of but done, i should arrive there on sunday. the u. s. donation signal support for taiwan. and the face of pressure from china, which claims, self governing taiwan is its territory. malawi, meanwhile, as one as a vaccines, a big un shipment is delayed because of india is decision to suspend vaccine exports. really 400000 people have received that 1st shot. but there have been very few 2nd doses of those headlines for these continuous analysis era. after stays inside story coming up next.
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news. news. news, news. news. first, they love the color cover by the by john. now the news lead is a struggling, the survival of people goes to polls and early general election. so how will love, jazz will shake the boat and come the outcome and the political crisis in armenia is inside story. ah, the welcome to inside story with me sir. hill robin on sunday, armenians will vote in
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a 2nd parliamentary snap election in less than 3 years. for political blocks and 22 parties, the going up against caretaker prime minister, nicole pushing young who stepped down in april following months of protest, demanding his resignation. money call him a traitor for signing a p. steal that ended 6 weeks of fighting in the color car, a bar, but return swathes of territory to armine as long standing rival as the by john for former leaders are running in sundays vote, including robert hardy and who's seen as an opposition from trying to really challenge reports from younger than of what's being described as the most competitive elections in armenian modern history. this election should not be happening for another 2 years, and there's only one reason why it is, and that is, armine is devastating defeat last year in a conflict with as a by john had it. i turkey over the disputed region of the go and carry back the
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prime minister nicole passion, and thought that the only way out of the suing political crisis was to call early elections. there are a dizzying array of candidates, some 26 different parties and blocks, but basically it boils down to a to horse, right. between virginia and, and his main rival, the former president, robert cherry. and now you might think that any prime minister who lost such a devastating and humiliating war would be political history. and the polls are tight, almost neck and neck. but most of the people that we've been speaking to here, the analysts are expecting nicole passion to win. now karen is trying to rally and galvanize the mc pasheti and vote. but regardless of who, when the election, the challenges that face the victor are daunting. there is a traumatized nation. there is economics, various development, there is security. yes, an election might solve some of these issues,
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but it's certainly going to be no kind of. well, let's take a look at recent key developments in the lead up to the election. last november, a russian broker, sci fi, and the 6 we conflict between as airy and ethnic armenian falls is in the enclave. off nicole, cordova, that you're locked into rhetorical games for as a by john. in january, russian president vladimir putin hosted the 1st post war talks between the leaders as a by john and armenia. analysts say russia's peacekeepers thought it a strong military presence from turkey. the banks as a by john and in april armenian prime minister nichol passion, young step down over criticism of his handling of the conflict. he said he wants to return power to the people, so they can decide the government's future through free and fair elections. and last week, back in 100, over 15 prisoners of war and exchange for a map, detailing the location of land mines in the region, seated by armenia. but tensions remain in the color, canada with sporadic fighting between as
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a by johnny and armina in troops. the, let's bring in august for this edition of inside story some yerevan had a minute can, who's an election systems consultant for transparency, international or media. and from moscow, vladimir so that call a political scientist at the russian academy of sciences. an author has not yet is an our media analyst and former adviser to the armenian prime minister, nicole pushing the i'm thank you gentlemen, for joining us on this edition of inside story heard 1000000 again. i come to you 1st. how much of the selection is about the aftermath of the recent conflict with as the by john, and how much is it about the issues of the economy, education, and health care? i should say, it's all about the aftermath of the conflict as you be john. so after the cease fire agreement was signed on the night of november 9th,
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immediate re protest and even that night, in fact, there are some instances of violence with government buildings being broken into. and those protests continued afterwards for several months. and really the trigger was an announcement in march or started in late february where senior military officials had joined calls for the resignation of the prime minister. and so this early election, so this is ahead of the normal 5 year term for armina armina as parliamentary elections. and the reason this early election was called was basically to get a new mandate for the new called passion on civil contract party government. and so we'll find out tomorrow if it will be in the we will find that out. but, you know, without getting, it will go into all of the symbol detail. i mean, in terms of the lead up to the war was the satisfaction, in your opinion, mister man, you know that mister passionate was doing a good job,
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or was the always discontent since the start and continuation of the velvet revolution? i would say leading up almost to the very end of the war, there was wide satisfaction with the results of the revolution was wide satisfaction with anti corruption reforms that had been taking place. there was an electoral reform process with which i was personally involved for the last 2 years . and really it was, it was the result of this war that kind of broke the back of that process and had a young in washington dc. your man very close to the prime minister as he, as he sits for the time being as the, the standing until the elections are concluded. what you generally pression of the situation of the country up to this particular point and mister passion, the ends not just behavior, but his record up to now from bringing the people with him to now having
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a large majority of them. not so supportive. thank you. thank you for having me on insight story before i get to the question which relate to our previous speaker, i would actually like to disagree with your heart on whether there was a wide satisfaction. i mean, we're all part of the society old. so, and we've been following how slowly reel fundamental reforms were taking place or need no reforms were taking place in this more didn't necessarily have to do with the political will. i believe that the pre, the passion administration did have the political will. but the reality on no serious area like the judiciary reform, like the bedding of the judges, like many other areas of the security forces, police and other areas we haven't seen actually much of the reform. and that actually created a lot of that. i would say a police discontent. discontent might be a strong ward, but
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a lot of concerns among especially civil society players, especially those who have been very active in pushing forward the reform agenda. did several factors, definitely play dean and both internal and external. a lot of the problems with the fake news, the media not that are owned by a lot of the previous regions, but also or larger players, both regional and global. we not much engagement with people or groups that might be on the forefront of the reform agenda from the outside players. and of course democracy spoilers that have been pretty much a sport trying to, i would say disqualified the results or the very, very fact of the revolution of 2018 if it was a quarter to 100, if i can get and i missed it before you know, because i'm trying to expand the conversation if there was not much discontent,
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was that just another reason for the way you say other groups such as the military civil service, we were not very happy with the way the government were performing. and this was an underbelly, a chance for outside forces to do what they did not. i would still agree with that . the, the reason why these collections are happening is really the war, the devastating award that we had last year. the aggression by their budget and turkey with the mysteries fighting against me as being car about this was definitely the largest. i mean, one thing we have to realize is that the car about conflict as much as we want to talk about it or not, has been instrumental in shaping up the new identity of currently armenia. and i think the realization of how important it is to address car about conflict in order to be able to move forward. i don't think was fully relied but, but the military and the behavior by different government agencies was not directly linked to watch the passions ministration was doing. it was of course,
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also the result of the war, but also issues with regard to governance. a promise that was given in 2018. the good government governance in general as an institutional approach. and as the reform agenda that i don't believe has been really addressed properly. okay. it's not to be something in moscow, i think on the list, not just in moscow, but globally would be very interested in what's going on in the courses right now. how is moscow in terms of viewing what's going on right now? reacting maybe not. right now. they will react and draft the, the result itself. but how have they been reacting to armine as plight in the last 12 months and what is had to go through? thank you very much for having me in this show inside story. thank you. what i would like to say before answering fully a question is that from the very 1st of days, also the last cultural between those that about john in the media. i mean,
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those are my job, whatever more school was spending for the integrity for media and trying to get a media and the more scripturally i had the broker of a good deal. this is fire between between, i mean it does my job and so, and it's very important for moscow useful neighbor neighbor in the caucasus and moscow also would like to see more stable relationship with the media. what channel the results would be on the tomatoes election. and another thing which i would like to, to, to note is, sorry, sorry, i just told my thought ok. and another thing which ma school would like to see is the because it doesn't have any preferences for any candidate. but i would like to say that the actual prime minister in the boss made some unfair credit on to moscow sentiments. and that's why the average of the j a lot that you
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at the crumbling is at the soft mistrust to the present authority. so indeed, let's go about 200000000 in yet. and obviously, you know, the big question is whether pushy she and patricia and can actually hold on to power. when there are many of you might say, the old guard and those as even mr. salt nickel. perhaps alluded to that that may be some in armenian politics that favor a much will close relationship with russia. and this is going to be the real dilemma for the voters on sunday. certainly of the $25.00 political parties that have been registered in the election and obviously only a few of them will make it into parliament. really, the consensus is armina doesn't really have alternatives available. other than a strategic partnership with russia. as mentioned, certainly pushing on represents this concept of color,
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revolution type of movement. however, the reality is that after the war, he's firmly even before the war. the question of our participation in the region economic union, the collective heat security treaty organization, these, these never came under question and sort of there is this consensus that are, you know, will be working with russia. and frankly, as a result of the war. a lot of army and saw that type of response from european and north american partners during the war and, and they saw that there, there is not going to be a possibility to rely on them in the, in the security sphere. and currently there are real threats. there's or as a b, johnny soldiers have crossed the border into the republic of armenia. i, i believe the last number was there was about a 1000 troops, several kilometers into the borders of i'll, we will, i think,
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touch upon that later in the panels. we just wanna focus just on the election 1st because the g, a publisher see fits into that very, very neatly also and how to be on it in washington, d. c for the electra did. armenia is, is a choice between sort of arrogance and corruption of the past versus you might see the politically not even the reckless nature of the current administration is a real choice for the electorate in armenia on sunday. i think the polls that we've been following have shown it and i think over 40 percent nearing 50 percent of the people are undecided. and i think that choosing between basically the 2 evils right now for many people that i know it is also about giving a 2nd chance to pushing young. i don't know how much is going to happen. the polls the poll results will show, did the elections from show to morrow. i really hope that the elections will be conducted in the best possible transparent way. and this is
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a key thing for democracy, united media and for pushing in administration to begin with. no administrative research is being used. we've been following different processes already, but the big, big, big, big picture will be more visible to morrow. and i do hope that there will be no post election, a negative developments. i would have to the state here that probably in the 90s, this is the 1st time when armenia will have really the most unpredictable election . nobody can really say what the outcomes of the elections will be. but i do really want to touch upon a point by vladimir, our colleague in moscow. we think that, well, yeah, russia doesn't go, doesn't really have any favorite. yes. directly, let me 15 or others in the kremlin are not showing any favoritism but proclaimed in hybrid media. organizations have been demonized administration for years now. number one, number 2, i agree that there may be some sentiments that can be considered as anti criminal by pushing young. i believe that this is mostly because of a lack of experience. there have been mistakes made,
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but there have also been fundamental decisions that have been made like, for example, right after the revolution, sending armenian doctors and the miners to syria, which was not happening before on the bigger picture. i think that pushing himself into rhetoric, or by making mistakes he might have in a way degradation relations with moscow. but i think in general, within the army in public because of what happened as an, as a result of this war, how russia behaved in this war. yes, it did come in at some point dr. $44.00 days to broke her, a deal, an announcement that stopped the bloodshed, but it also did not really come to the expectation levels of darwinian people where the strategic partnership for over 3 decades now with russia were expected to, to, to gain much more, to have different level of engagement that at least the perception of the armenian public head, i think, in general, and i'll allow stopping the fact. in general there is a lot that has been discussed within the army in public. and i think that one thing
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that we should be very careful about is that armenia and the armenians, you know, i mean, yeah, not really haven't i, russian sentiments, though the puting crumbling should be very careful in going deeper in creating the sentiment that i don't think is going to result in anything positive and i missed a mistake and it's not agreeing, but i want to get back to me as something to cough in moscow because it does suit, perhaps russia's needs right now to have a neighbor that is slightly pro moscow. but also has been democratically elected in a world at the moment where democracy in the issue of democracy is so hotly debated, especially when it comes around elections. this is sort of a win win for moscow. really, isn't it? yeah, it's actually a criminal doesn't have anything against the democratic. it's really a democratic election is actually more i would like to say that to my mind was even fortune, the russian leader. actually don't want to have any gratian or,
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i mean the situation off of that is also the election. we, we actually, we stand for the matter about what some of the results will be. we will have to see what will be there to, to offer the media. and then you all the, all the media authorities to the development of relations with russia and between the, between the elected leader of the media people and between a russian president or whoever will be in our rush. so i would like to say that my prediction is probably in the 2nd tour of election i. it seems to me just regularly that the robert could checked on good reason. but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean that the nicole of watching on could take could take check the necessary amount of boats and you will be again, the leader of, i mean it's all this by thought lisa elections. i mean, this is very important for people, and i would like to say that russia actually,
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traditionally, i agree with my american colleagues that russia, traditionally, all, all the support that, i mean, it caused me that i mean, the amber, all the problems with my going to come back, this is they had be then from this other bullshit. ok. actually i think that for, for, for moscow, whatever the choice of, i mean in people will be more school would like to develop good and stable and probably again starting partnership with, with you all the for the so thank you. ok. that's bringing her to attend a new can bucket. and yadda, yvonne, i mean one of the candidates this up for the election is all but chatty. and as mentioned by my colleague where we challenge president between what 98 to 2008, he had the armenia block, he's pro moscow. but also he had a very interesting statement. he said that he wanted to rebuild national security and regain last territories. it sounds like he might want to go to war or might to
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start or might want to start controversy again. it's not a real concern to you as a, as an armenian and to maybe some people in the electorate. so one of the slogans probably cause i official slogan of the army airlines that robert coach needs is everything is going to be okay. and the implication of that, although although it was the 1st president of army, there was also running and election level. and john said that cultural you on statement implied a restart of the war coach out on was heavily involved in the negotiating in the peace negotiations. during his tenure. his, his implication that he is saying with that statement is that i have the standing to negotiate the return of the hard route. and she,
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she areas which were part of the nagondo car park autonomy or blustering sophia times, but are now under control of azerbaijan. and sort of that, that was a new development as a result of the war and so called charlie on is, is implying, not really not really explaining how he plans to get there other than just standing with, with the players around the table. i'll see how to at the on, in washington dc earlier how route over at yahoo and did mention the global political scene and their attitude to the war. there was a noticeable silence or thought of acceptance of what was going verbal condemnation of what was of the conflict itself, but not much more from the u. s. not much more from the e. u, as if, you know, we need this to play out and get it over one thing for all because you know, we're not going to get involved in the caucuses. let russia and turkey thought it
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out. it's not the sort of general impression you got. well, we have to bear in mind that the war was happening under a different administration in washington. the trumpet, nutrition, which had very different type of relations with turkey and with russia. number number to the overall u. s. foreign policy, whatever it was under the trump administration, i think it was quite an ambiguous one, but was about disengagement from many regions including the middle east and the caucasus and elsewhere saw the silence or whatever. i think among other things definitely was because of the different political administration here as soon as the power changed in america. and i think that's part of the reason why the timing of the attack by us there by john into was peak. it was right, the election time it was, it was the campaign period. nobody really was going to be very active in foreign policy. and of course, the pandemic and many other factors that play dinning the timing of when did the attack happen? so i think that was very carefully calculated for you. i do think that you had
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could have done much more. there were several statements by the european parliament than others, but it was mostly of the humanitarian nature when it comes to the international law . in other aspect, i think we have we armenians 1st the will probably have to go back and retrospectively analyze, where did we go wrong with what we were talking or doing with regard for not going to go above and not only ministration, but the predecessors as well one quick comment on robot could try the and agreed with on or yeah, i'm going to, it's all going to be ok, but also very clearly talking about deeper level of integration with russia. whatever that means and just facts. i mean, yesterday, at his rally quite a large rally and a, the, if you wish, a demonstration of power, you could feel that rational lack. so nobody is hiding from wherever. and i think our colleague from russia has been talking about the 2nd tour. it's interesting
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that i would like to hear why you think there will be a 2nd tour, although the 2nd round of elections, it might very well be. but it's interesting how, how all, all of the, i mean, pretty much every party that has a chance to get into the parliament has not been doubting the overall strategic nature of armenia, russia, relation. it's about how we're going to move forward, dr. des, and what are the lessons learned, especially after the devastating order we had last year? ok, we all coming to the end of the program. the final question really to her route time and again in yerevan very quickly. so can this election draw a line under the issues and can one candidate really offer long term peace and prosperity that the public in armenia so daily deserves? i think the most important aspect of the election is going to be fixed concession by whoever does not win. and it's not clear at this point who that's who
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that's going to be. but in past elections, we've often seen in armenia, a lot of post election protests, and that kind of instability might draw out political issues and instability. and my hope is that the electoral system has leather and mentioned there is this ability to have a 2nd round. there will be a majority insured at some point. it might take until july 18 for that to happen. osha, see what happens. so then we have to leave it that gentleman. thank you very much. much her route. many again in yerevan vladimir stopped me. cough in moscow oss and had gone in washington dc. gentlemen, thanks for joining us on this edition of inside story and of course thank you for watching as well. you can see the program again anytime by visiting our website that i'll just have it dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page on facebook dot com forward slash ha, inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle. there is
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a inside story from me. the whole rahman on the inside. so we think thanks very much for your time and your company. ah, news news, news, news, news in allegations of torture emerging under the military track, down one on one east investigate the secret detention center i make on the defective to reveal lines optimal. one out of the in 2020 new york city was the global at the center of death. and in this, from the corona virus. like many cities,
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the pandemic has altered. the metropolis is very fabric. hundreds of thousands have fled the celebrated concrete jungle. those who remain know that restoring its my policy will be easy. people in power asks whether the city can bounce back to its former glory. saving new york on our jazz ah, $1200.00 gmc here are now to zeron. come all santa maria, and these are the headlines armenian voting in a tight snap parliamentary election. prime minister, nicole passion, young resigned and then triggered ban vote hoping to renew his mandate following last year's defeat. and the conflict with the by john, the reformist is up against the former president roberts custodian re challenge with more now from yet of the it's supposed to be another 2 years until elections
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happen in armenia.


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