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sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah ah ah, these things are just a quick reminder over stories the star around the president elect abraham. right. you see says that only options that signed the 2015 nuclear deal was returned to the agreement for me as president donald trump pulled out of the deal in 2018 by
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sales. real day to meeting with joe biden. media's prime minister has won the sunday snapped parliamentary election. he called pershing and party got nearly 54 percent of the vote. was main rival for president robert kush kush ryan is in a distant 2nd place the 21 percent. the fuel kins. if it was a crucial parliamentary election prime minister, 1st electoral test to increase the pressure of the humanitarian crisis in the northern t drive region. well, burn bear. honda nigga is an opposition leader with the feel p and citizens for social justice party. he believes that this election is credible plane, it was on the whole. so just not today, as you know, s was promptly the places where the problems
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what would it be would have a chance to choose, but the others are expected to see 4 months before the next government. these forms. therefore, the water is going to matter what it is to be after the selection. i also opinion that the credibility of an election in a country which is not going to be dependent on whether they can union observe issues right now. there are $5000.00 from the city, so it's like institution's, i think the collections very important in providing credibility to whatever is the government. yes. and security problems. and this is, but part of the reason why this,
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this election is going to be precisely because it gives government address all of the issues and the credibility of the election is not going to depend on, on those. maybe the, the case where you can look and we're going to take this now i hope the election is going to take place into brian and other places eventually. but you know, the, the reason why this election was part of the close the, the problems related to being with a completely different places. but these are, these are relatively small number of places is really satler groups are holding flag rallies in the occupied west. thank cities as hebron and nobilis, and in spite east jerusalem to, they say they're protecting their countries, lunde's, the palestinians. he events like this. a settlers flaunting their sovereignty over
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illegally occupied territory. let's get war from stephanie decker. she joins us live from ramallah in the occupied west banks. the stephanie, why is this valley going ahead? while it's supposed to get under way. now i think we're going to have to wait and see when it comes to turn out. it's specifically being cold here in the occupied west bank 40 marches, according to the organizes calling for settlers and right wing activists take to the ground against what they say is palestinian take over of areas. see in the west bank area. see is of the, is under full israeli jurisdiction when it comes to the occupied west bank it's, it's divided into 3 areas, a, b, and c. so this is the reason for those marches. i think again that's wait and see how that pans out on the ground. the supper is, are known to be in a tourist. lee violent certainly also gets journalist against palestinians. they're armed, protected by the army. so certainly policies will be staying away from any form of
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these kinds of watches if they do take place. and also interestingly, it does come at midst a moment of this morning. we had the rejection of an appeal by an illegal outpost called via tar. that is under an eviction order from the government. that's why you've seen these protests in beta village in the occupied west bank at nightly, also increasing on fridays after friday. prayers for probably seniors have been killed by life fire. in the confrontations with these radio, me, when it comes to protesting that output was interesting about that when it's really, it's sprung up over the last month to a very fast extent. now around 15 cabins on a hill that is surrounded by 3 palestinian villages. now the routing this morning was that it is ballasting and land, or at least it's not clear that the output is illegal and should be evicted. it's seen as a major challenge for this new government. but what from what we understand, the settlers now may still have records to go to the supreme court with their
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appeal and while any legal appeal is pending, the eviction cannot take place. stephanie decker in ramallah. thank you. stephanie, hong kong poodle chrissy. you pay for the apple daily is reportedly stuffing both in print and online operations by wednesday. most of its employees sets of resigns company's assets, have been frozen by authorities on the hong kong, controversial national security loan that he had unable to pay staff or cover expenses. 2 executives have been charged after police raids, only newsroom last week. things prime minister says he plans to pardon 9 jailed council and separatists leaders federal sancha says he intends to release the group on tuesday. he was processed in barcelona supporters of the separatist movements accused the government of using intimidation to hurt their cause and limits their freedom of speech. services for convicted of sedition in 20. 19,
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for their rule in the regions sales 2017 independence bid. it's really southern island of lump reduces, experiencing a rise in migrants and refugee arrivals. 50 people arrived on sunday evening and were taken to a holding center being moved to mainland, literally every few days to make space for others with an 18 fans and migrant speech. it to me, as so far this year, compared to few of them $6000.00. this time last year. me with cove in 1900 varian spreading quickly around the world. governments are responding more aggressively with vaccines. india is now offering them free of charge to all adults, but the bigger challenge is reaching the majority of its people who don't live in cities or in towns. elizabeth per on a reports. health care workers track through the pine forests of the indian administered push me to reach the village of docks,
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whom the remote himalayan region is home to the nomadic bucket. while tribe in the summer, the cattle herders move in search of pastures for the sheep and goats in between the seasons. the nearest healthcare center to duck soon is a 3 hour trek on the red amalgam. we came in april and we'll slowly go to a different area from here. we are a bit far so no one could go to get the vaccine and everyone was scared of it. but now the doctors had made us understand that the fax is necessary. so that's why we got it 2 days after months of vaccine shortages and uncertainty about supply, the indian government has announced vaccines will be free for all adults from june 21st, many people in dock, so i'm grateful to have these health care workers. i'm a thought about those we live very far away in the mountains. no one from the health department had come here until today. and luckily i got vaccinated for the percentage over the others need more convincing. vaccine shortages aren't the only
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challenge facing the indian government hesitancy, fueled by misinformation and mistrust is common in rural and remote areas. people often are very reluctant about this scene. so our theme and we are doing best took on these people each day. we go to these nomad which are residing here in the b for a week gunman, them, and he de, we almost 40 to 50 people. state governments has gone campaigns to convince people and ascending teams to villages a devastating 2nd wave of the corona virus, which killed more than 180000 people in april and may, has tape it off and cases have declined. but health experts say vaccination rates must increase significantly to protect people. and that on this vaccine hesitancy
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addressed it will put in the it's fragile gains against covert 19 at risk. elizabeth per item al jazeera new delhi in the us and europe thank scenes are being tested more widely on children. pfizer is sent to an ice clinical trials involving infants age 6 months to 5 years old. but there is already testing in that age group . but as heidi joe cancer reports, parents remain hesitant wrong. it takes a tough 5 year old to get go through a blood draw didn't go very, and not even flinch when he gets a shot containing either the pfizer by on tech vaccine or a placebo. to leal charges helper in is among the $4500.00 children participating in visors, late stage clinical trials for kids under 12 taking place across the us and europe at one test site in louisiana. doctors at austin or health medical center or asking
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parents to prepare kids for the vaccination, having your child vaccinated, protect them from getting to that wall as unlikely that they would get a serious illness. more serious impact. it is possible. and you know, we're here to tell you that there are children in our children's hospital to this day being cared for because of the poll shall one in for american parents say they will definitely not have their young child vaccinated against cove. it no matter the trials result, it doesn't make any sense to take a vaccine. but i can't be sure of one way or another for something that if i get it, i'm most likely going to survive and they even more so are more likely to survive. lia richie says her 11 year old son will not get the vaccine, she thinks the development was rushed. the kaiser family foundation reports another
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quarter of american parents say they will have their young child vaccinated as soon as the f d. a authorizes emergency use. jennifer gibbons daughter is 8. she's been high risk when she's been there for more so and i would love for her to be that's new today. pfizer is vaccine already has emergency authorization from the f t a for children, 12 years and up. the company says it's trials for that age group showed 100 percent efficacy again to cove it with minimal side effects results for younger children are expected by september. heidi jo castro al jazeera washington and in brazil of vaccination experiments. astonishing on a small island, the b diginero, most of the people living on packets are expected to be fully and julie to interact 2 months. one k, you know, give, explain. so it's part of the bigger brazilian study. just 15 kilometers off the
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shores of rio, diginero lace packet done in the island of tranquillity, where time seems to have stood still with its colonial buildings in know, cars. he used to be a favorite spot for tours, not anymore. i had with some guy, with the pandemic, the number of fairies going back and forth from the island has been reduced most here, live off tourism, which has taken a severe blow you stuck with. this will hopefully change the next couple of months when back it will become brazil's 1st totally vaccinated island on sunday, the entire population over 18 or so, and received the 1st dose of the corona virus vaccine, brazil's health minister, my some kid aga, promise that 8 weeks later they'll receive the 2nd one in the mid bucket that was chosen as part of a pioneer study on the effects of the oxford astrazeneca vaccine, which is being produced in real by brazil's leading field. who is institute
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researchers. juliana, i hold the jan mathus says the idea is to measure how effective math vaccination has been. stopping the virus from spreading surgeon what she respect your biomedical when you guys we chose pockets because it's a very stable community. it's an island. so there's less human interaction, contrary to what happens among the 7000000 people living across the bay in rio. they also have a strong family health system. here with a lot of information on all residents. soft a geographically small area which makes vaccinating everybody simpler. it takes around 40 to 15 minutes riding a rig shot on this 8 kilometer dirt road to go around the whole island fucking around. 4500 people live here. and they all know each other reuse me or said the experiment would allow the island to celebrate its famous carnival in september. while the rest of the country is to waiting to see if there
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will even be one next year. what packet does residents are not keen on the idea? no. there's no way we can do this having a test event to see how well mass vaccination works is one thing. having a carnival is totally different. we cannot control the frivolous besides, this is not the moment to party. brazil has just reached the milestone of 500000 debts by over 1900. 84 year old man said his mortar. so she's hopeful, but doesn't think the pandemic will be over any time soon. not even for bucket us fully vaccinated population. she says she'd rather wait to see what happens to the rest of brazil and the world, and dance alone in her paradise island. monica, now i'll just 0 bucket that coming up in sport with pizza. allison feel expenses bought at her fits olympic games. former teammates is left in tears
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after missing right there with us. the news news news with
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me. oh, a welcome bank. italy's population has dropped one of the $400.00 funds and since the pandemic began, so the governments is offering cash benefits to families, hoping to encourage them to have more children at a rainy reports than her parents are responding by italian standards. sahara maloney might be said to have a big family,
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13 month old and that is her 2nd child of them i started up, but his problem is that my husband and i have had unsteady work for 14 years. the decision to have a 2nd child came late only after we both got a steady job. we have relied on our parents to help us pay for the house and take care of the children. postponing a family is common here. births have been declining since the 2008 crisis. italy has the world's 2nd oldest population, and it is shrinking to last year. it fell by more than 380000 people. that was due to a historically high death rate with the pandemic. and a historically low birth rate. italy's fertility rate is $1.00 children for each woman. the government is trying to boost birth rates with a new family plan, a major infusion of direct cache payments that increase with the number of children
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a family has. demographers, elena and bro, set the says the family plan is a good start, but any increase in the birth rate can take decades. there are more immediate steps . italy could take now. immigration can be a solution, software for aging population because we have an injection of young people working in the working age population. but immigration is a thorny issue in italy. we asked a member of parliament from the center left democratic party. how political leaders can convince italians of the need to take more non italians into the country. you'll also see got a lot. i can explain all i want to italians at a certain level of immigration helps italian society. but as long as they keep saying immigrants big for handouts on the street, i won't convince anybody we need to integrate them into italian society and need help from europe. with the pandemic evening and summer temperatures rising,
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there's been an increase in the number of migrants crossing the mediterranean and landing in italy. that's only further fueled anti immigrant sentiments, divided over immigration. italy will rely then on mothers like sahara to choose to have multiple children. a choice many italian women are unwilling to make. adarine al jazeera rome was tied to the sport. here's peter, allah, thank you very much. just 10000 local fans will be allowed into limpid venue when the thank you. games begin next month. organizes of kept attendance in venues at 50 percent, but there will be under strict rules, are not allowed to cheer must weigh mosques and go straight home afterwards. the decision contradict the country thought medical advisor who recommended last week, that the safest way to hold the games was without fans. overseas fans were already banned from attaining several months ago, but japan's prime minister is not ruling out banding fans altogether from the games . digitizing in lucky in the case of a state emergency,
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it is quite possible. naturally safety and security are the top priority for safe and secure games. i would not hesitate to have no fans and integrated allison phoenix has punched her ticket to a football game. so after finishing 2nd in the 400 meters of the u. s. trials, the 35 year old could win a 10th olympic medal to become the most decorated female track ethnic in the history of the olympics. and the american say is becoming a mother spirit or on society tells us a lot of times you have a child in your best moments are behind you, but that's absolutely not the case. i am representation of that quintanera is there . so many women across industries who are out here who are doing it and getting it done. and i hope that you know, when they watch and they see me that they see that it's possible. and without a doubt, we're going to keep fighting. but missing out on a spot is 5 time and then pick champions spent adjusting gatlin. the 39 year old
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pulled up lame halfway through the mains, 100 me to final and with straw to afterwards. we put a heart a blessed when tears in this moment. some of them last for 3 job. 3 throws from the glass 9 2nd, something last 5 to lapse. but you gotta realize that the performance that we all put out there is athletes is a heart heart. and you never realize it after that is going to be in till the end comes new zealand and select a transgender waitlist. laurel hubbard, for their team hubbard lifted $185.00 kilo thing to lift to qualify for the women's super heavy weight division. had the transitioned 80 years ago at the age of 35 and since met all of the requirements that by the international olympic committee on trauma, athletes and fair competition. just over 3 weeks ago, spanish gulf john ramos at the positive for the corona, vargas, were leading
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a tournament by 6 shots. now we recovered 21st major rom had to withdraw from the memorial tournament of the getting the news, the side of the green. but he bounced back on sunday in the final 2 o 3 pines to shoot the 467, and finish a shot ahead of louis with se than the victory also moving for the room. number one, i believed from the biggest setbacks you can get some of the biggest breakthroughs, and that's why i stay so part of positive. that's why i kept telling kelly when she was devastated about what happened in my family and everybody around me. something good is going to come. i don't know what the something good is going to come and i felt it today out there on the golf course. ah. some news just in from the euro's scotland. smithfield. billy gilmore has tested positive for corona virus. so they'll have to isolate for 10 days, which means he'll miss their final group game against croatia. and if they make it
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through, you'll also be out for the last 16 game. you will play from scotland to make golden straw with england on friday. on mondays action now in the netherlands, we'll look to confirm the top spot in group see when they face north macedonia. the dutch are already assured of a place in the last 16 of the failing to qualify for the last euros, as well as most recent will come of the beating ukraine. 32 in their open again, the needle and then beat austria to know as the north, macedonia they have lost both of them at just so far. this is the 1st major 2 that qualified for and will be looking to end on a high. they have managed to school in both matches, so for being unable to stop the opposition from scoring its confirmation then of groups. the fixtures on monday, ukraine and austria playing in the game with a guaranteed lost 16 place for grabs. of group b, belgium will be looking to make it 3 wins from 3 when they play finland. the friends who are appearing in their 1st major tournament could reach the next round with a drawer or an update when russia and denmark me thing,
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the other group match on monday a draw should be enough to fin the russians into the next round. will nothing less than a win will do for the danes? over the copper america period of resurrected bay chances of staying in the tournament and own go in the 64th minute by year re mena secured them to victory of columbia, who now for food and group. a behind lead is brazil, and the colombians are in 2nd position. meanwhile, 14 tom couple america champions, argentina play, paraguay later. they all leading group be alongside chile with full points from 2 matches. macy and the theme decided to hold a law practice session before the match at a local stadium in brasilia instead of at the main venue. meanwhile brazil of thank because tito for putting up with them for the 5 years they market anniversary with a special surety in 55 games. under the bay. the brazilians have 141 through 10 and
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only last on 4 occasions now to a one. the goal in major league soccer, the philadelphia union with to one down against the united and saw the 1st time when you walk up. blessed miss leslie. oh, really reco wanting to study 5 yards short so powerful little because 3 times it risky to point 4030 will have any conference. so m l a class ever won the famous push cast goal of the year award, but surely this one would be a contender. watch i strike the atlanta hawks are on their way to the eastern conference finals of the victory in game 7 against the philadelphia 70 fixes on sunday. kevin hood hood school, 27 point seminar for atlanta, tre young school, 21 to ensure 10396 victory as the top. seated 76 is the hopes completing a 43 series. when off the trading to one early on,
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they will be up against the milwaukee bucks in the finals. that is starting on wednesday. sure. elsewhere, the phoenix suns are in the lead in the western conference finals meet the los angeles cap is $12114.00 on sunday and game one paul george top scorer with the full points for phoenix. devin in the n h l, the semi final food vegas golden knights and montreal, canadian viz. locked at 22, nicholas ra, scored in over time to hand the golden knife at 21. when in game fortify the theory, they will be hosting game 5 on tuesday. that's all i have to say for now most, both me on the way again later. thank you very much indeed pizza. before we go, fortune speakers in south africa. i've been disappointed to discover who for diamond boom has turned to boss and identified jens refund in the field and quizzes in italy province last week from sped you diamond minds,
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but it turned out the stones are just courts not worry, we'll have more diamonds. a few stories after this, ah, i talked to al jazeera, we were attacking ringer, and now they're attacking everyone in me on my do you regret words like that? we listen. absolutely. nigeria with a woman present, it would be great. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. resulting from one is a home will cup was what rooms were made. it turned into a nightmare of a rest in torture by johnson footballing legend, eric tend to introduce his cloud. your temporary, one of the special few stood up for their beliefs. whatever that cost football
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rebels on al jazeera each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our patients. for the better the for we could do this experiment many of us could increase just a little bit that would be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, is incredibly rough. asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituency assembly here in getting this pick up to collect the segregate, to say that this is extremely important service that they provide the city we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind
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me in a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of our networks, journalists on al jazeera, the news. if you, if you had to post it between a conflict and t gray and no violent papers in other places, some voters will be left for now. for one group, the won't be taking part as the to grow and refugees who fled to see done. have reports corresponds and ah, hello hey, this is al jazeera life from dough home, also coming up there on.


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