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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2021 4:30am-5:01am +03

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sd across europe will only be available on 45124182800078. for further information. visit our website. oh, ah, this is out there. i'm getting obligated with a check on the world headlines. the us has condemned in a legit airstrike on a busy market. and if you're going to grow i region, which reportedly kill dozens of people, health workers in the village of to go. that's all the associated press. but soldiers blocked medical teams from reaching the scene. people in hong kong are flocking to newspaper stands to get a final edition of the pro democracy newspaper. apple daily. its been under pressure since basing national security last payments for us. apple daily's top executives have been arrested and assets frozen, civic, paul,
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and the latest from hong kong. very emotional morning year in particular, for supporters or for apples daily and supporters of democracy. apple daily was the san democratic newspaper. it was critical of the authorities not only here and in china, it was, it would boldly make headlines where other papers were often afraid to because it's censorship because they may lose advertising. but apples really never had any of those issues. and it became one of the most popular papers in hong kong for years. libby, as for ministers, as thousands of mercenaries could leave the country within days, which governments representatives have been meeting world leaders in berlin to try to establish security elections. in december, brazil's environment minister ricardo solace has quit place a criminal investigation is taking place into whether he obstructed a police probe of illegal logging in the amazon rain forest. it followed federal police raids, tor getting him,
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and other officials who allegedly allowed illegal would exports. deforestation has served since president general scenario took office in 2019, also in brazil, a record daily rising. cobra, 1900 infections. health ministry saying more than 115000 new cases were confirmed on wednesday in almost 2400 people died. us president joe biden has outlined plans to stem a rising tide of violent crime. he's cracking down on gun dealers that fail to meet federal laws that will revoke their licenses. the white house says homicide in large cities rose by 30 percent last year. the anti virus software pioneer john mcafee, has been found dead in a spanish prison cell. the spanish court had approved his extradition back to his native us on taxable evasion and fraud charges. the 75 year old invented one of the 1st anti virus programs and the 1990 s. it's back to al jazeera world up next. me. ah
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i don't know why i usually don't do it. i'm not going to give money because you probably see that one. if it's something from them, i think that on both of them are good. they don't put me under dungeon and they wanted only thing but on didn't know. but on the white glove they will go they will go, they'll go do the sort of the given us, you know, they didn't get there. i don't know. didn't know the people guy not even us. you know, they don't list, don't you don't it was but
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i wanted to jump over the washer for on a video said if you could just always use it for a couple of minutes. so we'll jump into the call the super integrate center. please don't say that for a moment. don't embarrass. i want you to look for figure this out. the local social phobia. do you feel very simple the other good? well, as they said that to me i took care of you 0. but you
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and i'm gonna go on to the front of it to a little guy. says he date of the same proposal normally soon as you got him to be eligible to you for the month aggressive use of the news and a minute or 2 fresh unless they do see that you need to know that you don't want to be the one i need and then for sunday, sunday, when i view the why do you want to go with my son is going to be going and what yellow, how to ship some like it didn't,
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but he didn't even use this thing. but you know what you would that's a good can you help with that in my room there my films. my right to leave last on there. but our legal law my it's about my, my medical my job. i don't mean better yet. i don't my love into the the weight. so it was approved with me. says he, a bunny percent was you you see fit for true for a put them on the sushi for a few months job and then
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a young proposed available to tailor to jim knew that function was going to be the made it i i got to do like i said, get up with those one a plus convincing. when the call is need to 1st to to should be a jewel assembly. got
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a bill in the wrong, the bulk of the little got a bill below is about going full bill to us for tomorrow. i'm going to be i mean, i don't sound that yet. i'm going up. yeah. yeah. was wondering about give us do bolona drop i knew by on the drop off all your locals on there to see all like i said lot, but much money will legally be mark vicky ms. lee, pretty much all of them for how much
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my pleasure to pick those boxes. i'm gonna see a little bit of the rest of these are the last 3 months but yankee did the one or 2. we got to do this. i'll get it looked at in the suckers indic, rushing the water, giving us more conscious glasses tonight as well as the move on the new the new ones. i don't well those you might not be the
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one i know they're going to similar new i'm seeing sewerage, no one knows what i'm not going to want and this is ampio realty could you call me have a dip? i want to do it, but isn't that if you want to do, you know, did you know, let me see be come moon. yeah. to go like you need to hear some of the local move brother in richard if i may be totally forgot to be a person name is this number. there was
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a job but longer on sale. yeah. but i one of them was a mini office, a press do you know, go on thing. mean to do the one in there. and then what i was in particular is melissa to the monitor. there are the, the big ones emptied. been, you know, they, but it, do you want to g level on a journey? i think this is really to them on the phone. they don't want to think, you know, going to love here. there was a job on the recession, place in a way to in the me on any unit number is 400 . the julius or was it politically?
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it gives you negative. but if i do it, what are some the pentagon? a b on euro b, a voter. yeah, they are not available to them. one of them is not the one on the bomb level on sunday. play me nice shift less mom lamp. it said that the bid from that is our feel must have somebody on the lake. if not, you're not in the daily. that would be just good to me. got both already be a fee, but i'm not, you're not listed yet fit. the report that you want to do to belong ah
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the the the the president of the season i do that and tell him i believe. yeah. yeah. would you give isn't nature much, but a thought, i think i'm in a moment the what are the what is going to be done before you this ambivalent cellphones is
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just what it is, is all. but it's not that you just, you can see under the sun. but what i'm not most of them there's a cup before. so that's why military throws us different quarter. they're one of the 4. it was you're never sure. sort of castro phones. listen. could you see the upgrade since the minnesota recently? so you know, i was, it is one of them for you to live in. additionally, you to live going to keep us with just the appraisal. you can fool a message and he says be you pay us and so they say you on the name of deliberately to, to, to that invoice you. soon as i live at all from what i want this month monday,
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just pick a maybe me something you see fit. so it's an invoice you you feel feel for me that he said to them and send that just to get them to simulate. if you need them, made it super easy. is it consumption? well, i don't know why she don't want those things. you need a new fund. don't. don't want to meet with them nearby to asia, but nope. and the capital mean a new one political isn't for me. will new plessy may, if you are going to come over the office, so we're going to work even a bit more so you know, the eviction notice. so if you look, i will hopefully will that we will build on doing the gwinnett daily ginny on the central figure, which will need to make no super luca simpler seek. you see,
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let me can you can pull when again the the the mother them the l m a, we're going to agree we will do the little one when you go to the black
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blue what, what do you use in the welcome when it was like i don't know when the, when i got down with the, you know, i was that though you got to go to be the in, in, in the do it over tell you what was the wrong things. well, it was the one the same, the same. you know, i mean them and what it was was we got a new soccer new to the other. and it had been, if you know to do something to do that and i was in the was on the what i was very
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you know, what will be there monday through me? i the other the other one is what you got. i'm going to got on the go with because he doesn't a but i think that on monday that that, that none of the other ones who got to do that. i wanted to go through, you know,
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much of it, but the need to run for it is for the medical does it go live? we'll go to champion underneath the good bit of love the, to the what it was. it was for c n d, it's casey is if you the but it much empty. and the thing thing, i don't want to middle of a buffer to remember when we move on some submitted to a thing, a c, but from the for
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when she won't grow, suddenly sees is it for me to read to you? because she does the more difficult it, is that the book on beginning into the g i if you will, the person who said, who can you book that for me so i can do what i heard and go go some bear with you. what i meant to melinda for me to come to susan, you know, let me
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just do, she was approved. i can feel it through the phone if you call or shoot, but i put us on the lumen, wants to play location. if you just literally will see, to play a lot of the open up a new to say everybody knows you knew what you're not running on the other was the, who's
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know the the the, the the the the the
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i can it says joe give a might it is the money of let him was this i feel like, you know, you're going to be you're going to go so no money no, no, no, no drug says i've been a lot of a lot of phone books. i good money but even know what other
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oh no no. me. ah i oh i ah . the latest news as it breaks
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a significant number of the 32 attacks carried out in the quarter of 2021. happened in nigeria, $740.00 and walk as with detailed coverage president buying this policy is to buying close allies and partners and then with the united position deal with problems from around the world. the government says they are in the 70 percent of the population by the end of the year. ah, ah ah ah.
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now the weather in florida continues pretty humid. these thunderstorms which are on a frontal system and are edging out of the most comfortable years. we'll hang around and produce more thunderstorms in florida. otherwise it's pretty fine weather until once again, you look to the midwest in the central plane states, and to some degree up the mountain west as well. but these orange top showers on developing and they fatty sloan. we've got, i think, a pretty decent torrential downpours, therefore probably flooding chicago as a case in point b. route through buffalo and eventually eventually towards toronto . as well as forecasts for chicago with lowering temperatures. torrential downpours for friday and saturday sling leaving sunstone rather bright a day on sunday. now throughout the gulf of mexico and the caribbean recently and now it is pretty much daily showers all thunderstorm from the small islands to well, continental parts of the us and cuba. the blue is obviously the showers can,
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could replace. you might want to go to escapes these and have fine sunshine. now i'm afraid not. thunderstorms a thursday, friday and saturday for the south where the season is different. there is tremendously wet and cold weather in europe. why the no place, and so i go on with say the press brit treated of the car about a media hub and vital vantage point during the 1st truly televised war from the roof. we could see the declaration at the american embassy, where the most iconic images of the conflict and vietnam were transmitted to the world. this was the front row seat to the final stages of the war saigon, caravel, a new episode of war hotels on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. no matter why you call i'll
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bring you the news and current affairs. ah, ah, dozens, a reporter, they killed him and i was trying to get a marketing issue appears to region. the government is accused of delaying medical access. ah, was life from headquarters in delphi and getting obligated also ahead. thousands at hong kong rush to buy the final edition of apple daily as beijing's correct on forces, the pro democracy newspapers to close. brazil reports
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a new record for over $900.00 infractions, raising fears if another wave of the pandemic former presidential candidates ingrid bettingcourt.


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