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has tightened restrictions and responds to dozens of new infections that have been blamed on the highly contagious delta vary and testing has increased, but the new south wales premier says there is no need to look down further on khaki is tourism industry. meanwhile, is hoping for a much needed boost staff, the russia lifted flight restrictions, hotels in the entire region on the mediterranean coast. on our reopening following months of setbacks caused by this pandemic visitor numbers dropped daily. 70 percent last year, resulting in losses of more than $20000000000.00. ah, this is l 0. these are the headlines. if you're a p, as military denies, it hits a busy market in te grain, an air strike, killing dozens of civilians. but it doesn't meant targeting p grey rebel fighters in that area. the u. s. on the un. what a full investigation monitor has more from the european capital, addis ababa,
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the spokesman for the if you're from the fence office, who are the among the targeted just the home button and not to video. and he said they did not tucked up the market. it's all propaganda by the great defense force, as he said that a talked on events about had been attended by competence. he said the event was to muck the muffler car of how then which happened in 1988. during the redeem of men gets the highland muddy m targets had to get a malicious or rebels and had killed hundreds of people, mainly civilians. russia has warned the u. k, that it will target any foreign war shits testing its territorial claims and waters of crimea as follows. attendance, confrontation on the black sea on wednesday, russia says a british warship entered its territorial waters while british prime minister bars, johnson says the u. k. doesn't recognize russia's annexation of crimea and was
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pursuing freedom of navigation and international waters. 35 people have now been rescued from a partially collapsed apartment block in the u. s. state of florida. at least one person died when not building collapse to me in miami beach in the early hours of thursday morning. the cause of the collapse is still not yet can an indigenous grief. and canada says it's found hundreds of unmarked graves at the size of a former residential school. the group says, this is a largest discovery of its kind. last month, the remains of 215 children were found in a different location from the philippine president, benito, a quino has died of renal failure as a result of diabetes at the age of 61. and he knows that one time from 2010 to 2016 and presided over a period of steady economic growth. while those are the headlines, rob matheson will have one years after the stream. i am sorry,
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i should be about raising prices and harley down to the town down there. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in prime in that says, adult who has the task of fixing a war torn economy, counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, i have him, he okay today listerine we are going to take a little bit deeper into 3 new stories affecting you occupy westbank. now i know you will have opinions. put your comments into you chief and you can share and i will share some of them with me. let's meet the gas highlights of optima, angel. and oh la, really nice to have you on today stream back to introduce yourself. hello audience . you are what you do. hi, my name is falk mab cream. i'm
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a journalist. i'm based in drama and palestine. i've been covering the region or covering basically palestine for the past 15 years. 5 recently joined the fabulous team of christian science monitor, and i'm very happy to be joining you today at english. our so happy to have your angel. welcome to the stream. introduce yourself to our global audience. well, my name is on tomorrow. thanks very much for having me on the show. i'm a journalist, busy be rude. i'm also called initial foreign policy magazine i have right on the middle east about the region essentially. and recently have of course all to be inviting on the israel palestine conflict. so nice to have you. thank you for making time for us and welcome home is an alarm from the stream. it's so nice to have you. i'm on now. you have a different role. tell everybody who you are and what you do. i know it's interesting to be here on the other side of this, but i am omar, but dar, i'm in a policy and american political analyst based in washington,
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dc. and in addition to offering analysis, also some do some work on advocacy for a change in american politics towards palestine. and israel gets back on this team . so we are going to start gas in the occupied east jerusalem neighbourhood. a picture of the the dog in the for longer to start review, that was eastern them a monday,
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one of our producers posted that video to me tells me that the news doesn't stop in east recently. it may not be the 1st new story. it may not even be in the headlines, but it continues. what does that video tell you? this video is about the daily lives for palestinians all across the palestinian territory. everywhere they live, there is this direct of it's either sanctioned testers attacking palestinians that are sanctioned by go on punished basically by the state or it is the israeli military or the trying the police a for me this video is, is a, is a picture our daily life for palestinians who feel at risk every moment of their lives every day. they feel the risk not only of addiction, but also harming the personal security at their own home. the periphery of your own
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personal space is act is at risk. and it's highly volatile situation where israeli police or israeli a hard to do nothing to prevent the best situation. so it's not just that the news doesn't stop. it's the daily conflict for palestinians who are trying to say that we just want to live here, that a who are being attacked by either sectors or israeli authorities and their different bodies every single day. i have witness. until can you even tell the story of the protest in east jerusalem? is that a week when, when once to the protest happen a week when another set of protest happen? is there a narrative that you can even follow angel? well, i think there are sort of 2 important things that i like to mention now to picking up from what fatima said. there is obvious discrimination in systematic
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discrimination or play. if you look at the events of just the last 15 days or just the last month when the recent clashes flashes between hamas and israeli forces took place, we saw that the israeli forces arrested a lot of palestinians and they said that they were arresting, right? hold on gold and not protesters, which is what palace the news on the ground of claimed the people who were arrested and b know they were active as like bahama, the court, and his sister more not to actually work, just protesting to save their homes, who were also picked up, but when off to the sci fi, i was agreed upon when these really authorities on the, the new prime minister, natalie bennett, allowed for the flag march a to be carried out by the israelis. and many of them are all rocks jews as well. we have them chunk deaths to arabs, and these are sort of despicable things to say and offensive to anybody who gives
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us a chance, even if you're an, even if you're not an arrow. but we did not hear of israel making any arrest then. so this is sort of obvious that there is systematic discrimination and i don't know what my group on the think about enough. dolly bennett being the new prime minister . but i suspect, and i've been talking to a lot of allison in intellectuals who feel that it might actually get worked. we're going to get to that. i want to play a video to you and then i'd love to hear your response to the end of it is, is dolly as she's an independent john and she's talking about shakes euro. this is her take. i'm going to have your take, just thought you hear it. the israeli authorities have also effectively cardona off if eastern part of shifts how they're saying they're trying to de escalate things. but effectively what's happening is that a supporters of palestinian of palestinians in the neighborhood are not being
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allowed in yet. israeli settlers and supporters and their supporters are being allowed into the neighborhood. what this is meant is, is that israeli authorities are trying to suppress the mass mobilization that has, that has been sparked because of what's happening in cetera. look, what that is saying is, is absolutely spot on. and i think to take a quick step back and set the context for this a little bit more when we are talking about east jerusalem, we are talking about occupied palestinian territory that israel has no right to be in. and yet israel is effectively the authority there are there by force, and they've created a reality in which they really have an ethnic cleansing project that is effectively what we are witnessing. international law is very clear about the fact that you cannot throw people who are unoccupied people out of their homes and occupy territory in order to bring
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a segment of the occupiers population to live in their homes. and that is precisely what israel policy is. the deputy mayor of jerusalem admits to it openly, are you a king? is the person i'm referring to, who basically says that the policy is really policy in east jerusalem is to reduce the number of palestinians and increase the number of is really do in order to achieve demographic dominance. nice jerusalem. and we're looking at shifts. we are really looking at a situation in which the indigenous people who belong in those homes are afforded, are essentially living under all kinds of restrictions and violence. and yet, the israeli settlers, who are intruders and jets of our enjoy, complete and total freedom of movement, it really is a situation of apartheid. there is no other way to describe it. and every major human rights organization has been very clear about the fact that israel imposes apartheid rule on palestinians in which they don't enjoy the same right. as israelis to michael alex, gee, he's on youtube, and alex says what reactions should major western countries be having to the issue car and shake your all to think directly we getting involved commenting with the
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situation. you have 30 seconds to respond to that? absolutely. i mean, look, it's really no different than what's happening in south africa or that happened in south africa during the apartheid era. what is really needed from the international community is an imposition of sanctions, is creating consequences for israeli, a race of policies that impact palestinians in order to ensure that the to not continue enjoying western support. at least i mean that we certainly see that a lot of this is happening of american aid and diplomatic protection that should not be happening and there should be consequences for alex you had your staff and oma, right. i want to move on because until port they are in israel, where a new coalition government has just been sworn in. this is the prime minister, naphtali bennett, at his 1st cabinet meeting on june the settings float. let me, let me, let me, let me. we are at the beginning of new days, the hardships and not exaggerated word in this case of forming a unity government are behind us. and now the citizens of israel,
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all of them are looking up at us and we must deliver this. so i'm just looking at my laptop. anton story that you wrote for audi 0 dot com will israel? it's been it be worse than b. b for pallets the news off the question, did you, did you ask that question? was it a genuine question? did you already know the answer? go ahead. well, i suspect, i mean, i think i knew the answer, but i just missed you sort of have to approach it in a way that, you know, i mean, of course, a lot of other people who been working on this topic so much longer. and i had to speak to them and i listen in intellectuals, you know, they were pretty honest in their assessment and they said, look, there are several scenarios that could play out. one is nothing happens because bennett is going to be prime minister for 2 years. and the coalition that he's having is very fragile and they don't really want to rock the boat to why talk about palestinians anyway. if you do go to israel, you see that inside israel palestinians and their well being is sort of not an issue. it's a non issue,
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they have their internal issues and that's what they talk about. one possibility is, is, is that nothing happens with the other possibility is that mr. bennett actually carries out the policy that he's always promised to carry out, which is pro settlements, which is against a 2 state solution. and what worries a lot of palestinian thinkers is that this prime minister has actually said that he wants to go on carry out more in legal settlements. and he actually thinks that there is a palestinian state. he things. but israel has already given palestinians of state in the form of gaza and he claimed 60 percent of the west bank all of area see if you know, off the floor plan to occupied rest band concert of c a, b and c. he claims all of area c. so if you now look at just the last week and all the things that are that these really government has cleared up. they cleared the
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demolition of the house of a man that they said attacked israelis of collective punishment again, imposing against the family of that man. even if that man you know, did commit the crime that the israeli authorities are saying that that, that he did. the 2nd thing that they've done is for the 1st time in 6 months, they've cleared construction in west bank. now we do know that the biden administration had off nathan the o for an unofficial freeze on the legal several months. but now just today, it was reported in the papers that construction band has been lifted. so we already sort of see these moves in $11.00 does. if mr. bennett is actually going to be worse than even b b if that's even, you know, possible. i'm just living in fatima, that's about the best. i'm a researcher, john is called dahlia mastery and she's wrestling with the idea of say, what does this new government even mean? his her take an income off the back and share yours. essentially
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a new government actually mean anything palestinian because every is really government has been worse than the other. in palestinian too well that liberation won't be achieved by a specific government. you know, the problem isn't just bad. the problem is the whole entire, the runs that we're colonial project, you know, and i'll tell you about it himself, wants expand jewish settlement and, and it's more land in the west bank which is going to be even worse for palestinians than we've already seen today. we've seen the law had in the south. so palestinians need the end of occupation. they need liberation, lifting the feature and the rate of return for all right. and that's not going to be a to you by asking your occupier to your for you. well i think dalia has a point here in saying that or is not through the not a court empower in israel. it's a part of the question of who, what is this power or what is this person willing to do?
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are they willing to undo laws that institutionalize discrimination against palestinians, whether they are palestinians, who are citizens of israel, whether public, they are palestinians who are given the status of a permanent refugees, quote unquote, inside east jerusalem or palestinians, living in the west bank and gaza. because what we're seeing here is the same discrimination, the same end goal, but at different levels. whether it's the police brutality, the housing situation inside israel at the, at the discrimination and the ethnic cleansing inside jerusalem as is as described by international or human rights organizations. or the ethnic cleansing an area see which is over 60 percent. as angela said, of the west bank. so the question is, are they willing to undo or how are they handling the legacy that they
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inherited from the business? and yeah, who's 10 year in, in about 12 years the decade of nest them, yahoo has just ended. and how can i, can you ask that question to our laws? he will, i will have to say, i'm a go have picked up. you know, really what do you think? what do you think? sure, really what you're describing is really spot on. i mean, when we're looking at benjamin netanyahu or net 30 minutes or anybody else that changes matter to israeli politics and domestic sentence. but when it comes to their relationship to palestinians, really nothing will fundamentally change. we are looking at 2 prime ministers that change from nathan yahoo to bennett, who believe in israeli apartheid that is their platform, they believe in settler expands a settlement expansion throughout the palestinian territory. they believe and not. and then i post me their rights and they don't really see palestinians as equal human beings who are deserving of the same rights that israelis enjoy. that's fundamentally the issue. i mean, really, the difference is, is that bennett is even more overtly racist than anthony anthony,
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who was warning about arabs voting and draws during the election and engaging and all kinds of anti rhetoric and bennett takes that takes up to the next level. he bragged about killing arabs the thing he sees no problem with that. he favors killing palestinian prisoners rather than taking them prisoners. he talks about how palestinians were quote, unquote, swinging from trees. when jews already had a state and were civilized, that's the extent of the racism that we're dealing with. and the fact that you if i mail marianna since you are in washington d. c. how do you see bite in administration? actually sort of gearing up to deal with it if they do intend to deal with this intractable issue at all. because we've sort of seen off to the reason classes the, you know, big sort of the things that we want balance needs to be secure. but it's also, we also want is really secure israelis to have a right to launch as strikes, to maintain their own security. you know that how do you see sort of direction is biden administration going to more because i think that's key. absolutely. look. i
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think the binding administration is trying to bury its head in the sand when it comes to this issue. they want to pay lip service to their rhetoric of peace and equality and equal rights and freedom for everyone. but when it comes to actual policy, i think there are would rather avoid placing meaningful consequences on israeli policy. they want to pretend that the reality that we're all describing at this point is not actually the case and to just talk about perpetual negotiations. but clearly, fundamentally, nothing will change until there is a change in american policy on this. because when we talk about the u. s, giving $3800000000.00 every single year to israel and offering endless vito's at the united nation to shield israel from accountability. then there's not going to be incentive for these really government to change his behavior. and so when you see these models taking the streets in jerusalem and elsewhere, chatting, death to arabs growing in numbers and becoming more brazen. that's really a reflection of the fact that is really politics is shifting more and more to the right. and there doesn't seem to be an acknowledgment from washington, although that is changing here in the united states because they're include
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increasingly progressive members of congress. i mean, the states and celebrities who are willing to speak up and placed meaningful pressure on by them to check. i guess we have, we have some, some, some comments on youtube i want to put for you so that you can discuss with our audience as well. and i'm going to squeeze in one more story. this is a story to ask what happens to a palestinian town when our legal settlement moves in? we'd have a look at this video from alice railey settlers group and then omar. you come off the back of it pays welcome to the new settlements. i ah, we try time again again. but we finally returned to this hill and we returned with a lot of strength with men. if many families 40 families are already waiting to settle this land that has been waiting for us for 2000 years in all of them. to happen,
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we need you to join us in the importing mission. so there are some basic details that are missing from that video. we only shed a crate by what's the whole video? that's a very basic details are missing. tell our audience what he's missing from that video. that is a promotional video. i think come, come live, it's a beautiful place to live. what is miss day? look every single settlement that israel built in the occupied palestinian territory is illegal under international law. and this particular statement of your tar is even illegal under israeli law. these really government has not authorized the settlement to be built and it's built over the farm land of a palestinian town called beta that is just south of nablus. and even though the settlement does not, is not authorized even under these really government. yet when palestinians protest the presence of the settlers on their land, that this land stuff that is unfolding, these really military shows up and shoot at the palestinian demonstrators. and then just the past few weeks, they've already killed at least 5 people who are demonstrating and beta,
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including 2 children, a 15 year old and a 16 year old were also shot and killed for protesting lance after that is actually illegal under israeli law. so it's really hard to describe how infuriating the situation is, where it doesn't really matter that the laptop did not approved by the israeli government. they're still willing to defend it by crushing any palestinian resistance of that, including with lethal force that targets children. it's really unacceptable, and it's a shame that the international community does not really react in a more forceful way that to the occasion, to the magnitude of the crimes that we're seeing on. all right, so i guess you also so so plugin to what is happening and impacting occupied westbank. i want to ask you questions on behalf of our audience. this is a speed route. i need your immediate full and fast. this is brad fatima. this is for you, how likely is it to work in a settlement concept based on duplex is occupied by israeli and palestinian families? is that even possible?
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fatima good. i don't think that the issue of coexistence is relevant to palestinians. now, policies have living in the economy of either or for so long either or a one state or to state the peaceful resistance or armed resistance, right? of return or compensation. this is no longer relevant, especially to the new generation whose voices are heard. the coexistence is a myth i'm telling, frowning through. it's a speed round moving on, and why you find the articulate the frown. go ahead. what i agreed to talk about today, it was just sort of, you know, feel that it's, it's a really tens atmosphere, especially in homes where palestinians and jewish settlers have been forced, i would say to live together. and we've seen that and you know, so many with deals that have been published by palestinians in east jerusalem and invest bank. and you can sort of search for tension and you hot out for both people
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really to see that these. they should be having a good time to get the neighbors. well, actually there is a lot of tension. why won't that be? you know, because i mean, somebody starts to live in my house. i'm bound to be upset with them. oh, that's an understatement. his use, if an on youtube usa says this, this one is for you, i'm a no one is going to act like we've done all the stories. you've seen the pictures, you've seen the pain. the west will always support if israel ally that is a huge noise ation. oh my, you got 30 seconds reply. you know, i think things are beginning to change the are changing very slowly. it's infuriating that you have this level of support. but i think now increasingly for the 1st time ever during this latest assault on gaza, progressive members of congress were taken to the house floor denouncing israeli apartheid and demanding a change. i think there is an awakening. i think people are becoming more aware. and as that awareness growth there is going to be more and more pressure on governments to ship their policies. so i'm optimistic about the fact that the
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changes eventually come interesting a song for them. i'm gonna give a sods question to you. thank you for watching us. what can be a practical solution to end this israeli style of a party? wow, that's a sort of noble laureate, sort of christian. can you? i'm sure it's not through. what is the solution? well i think that for israel to manage it's policy level is essential to each is essential, dismantle everything that that brings that brings back up race against democracy. so if, if there is any solution that has to be with equality for all residents and eventually all citizens enjoy human rights. all right, an easy one, an easy find one for you until this is test lima. what should be the start of the palestinian authority regard enough dolly? oh well i think 1st about it's already must start to speak up more for the
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palestinians and try and have some sort of a truth with hamas. because as long as that's not the case is really, they're always going to be using that division as an excuse to not sit on the table and even talk about the death stance towards the tale should be a tough one. nestali does not actually recognise them as a profile, a government, he says they've got some sort of autonomy and that's as far as i'm ready to go are, there's not going to be a state for palestine in the west bank. and they already have one in gaza. so i would imagine that that policy was necessarily should be a tough one, but they should try to get some sort of a juice working with her mom. and i tried an on their side to start the daughter did a good job with that really tough question. youtube, as your questions were. excellent, thank you for co hosting with me today. my former co has law. thank you so lovely to have you back on the screen and show fatima big topics you rest with them so
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well, thank you so much for being on the train today. appreciate you. i will see you next time. take everybody ah a face compelling story without uttering a single word. and knowing a simple touch, informa the young conventionality of life. witness through the lens of the human eye. if morton, by a witness documentaries on out, is there the latest news as it breaks, a significant number of the 32 attacks carried out in the quarter of 2021 happened in nigeria, 740 and walk as with detailed coverage president buying this foreign policy is the buying close allies and partners and then with the united position deal with
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problems from around the world. the government says they are aiming the 70 percent of the population by the end of the year footballer and a pie in the very sports. he lost the chance to play for his country. won a legal battle south paved the way for a generation of brazilian players. footballing legend the eric counts and introduces one scene of penalized bias club for his political beliefs. he took power into his own hands and plays the trails of players, writes football rebel on al jazeera. in the next episode of science in a golden age, i'm exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval period in the field of medicine. science tend to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. office
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such as like a magic open. the more i learn about the more iris pictures science in the golden age with professor jim kelly on our jazz either. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm about to send him. this is the news i live from. coming up in the next 60 minutes . rescuers search for survivors as dozens are missing, after the residential building collapses in florida. and other grim discovery, a canadian indigenous group says it's fund hundreds more unmarked graves at a former residential school admission of air strikes. but military denying,
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sitting a busy market in the quarterly.


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