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it would be great and the story needs to be told. algebra has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary and life needs. the discussion here in iran is moving away from the presidential election to questioning the system is really no way that they can sort of think serious economy is collapsing on and online me nearly 100 people are still missing hours after a residential building collapse in the us state of florida. ah. you're watching your life from headquarters in del hi. i'm getting navigate also aheads hundreds more unmarked graves are found at a former residential school for digital children in canada. it's the 2nd such
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discovery within a month. no winter mowdy old talks with prominent politicians from engine administered kashmir for the 1st time since revoking the regions autonomy the u. s . company that's promising to take humans to the edge of space and a gigantic balloon. but it comes at a sky high price. ah hello, thanks for joining us. nearly 100 people are missing in the us state of florida after part of a beach front apartment building collapsed. at least one person is dead to the local may or fears. rescuers may not reach anyone trapped in time. you're looking at a live picture from florida right now where a wing of that 12 story building in surfside that's near miami, gave way and fell to the ground early on. thursday. cutting had died reports from miami it took just seconds for about half of the 12 story beach for an
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apartment block to come crashing down. most residents inside were asleep at the time. the sudden collapsed spark to frantic search for survivors. some like this, young boy were pulled to safety while one woman reportedly needed her leg amputated to free her from directed. a massive search and rescue is under way. and we know that we're going to do everything we can possibly do to identify and rescue those who have been trapped in the rubble. more than 80 firefighter unit to call to the seen as nervous family members and neighbors and friends stood by him to help him like the whole morning calling them not started just trying to ring their cell phone as much as we can either. i mean, to help the rescue or just just to see if they could hear her cell phone,
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but we have no clue right now. we're just waiting on everybody else. an entire community is now in the state of grief and shock. officials and volunteers at this family reunification center. i've been doing everything in their power to help those who are looking for their loved ones, but many are bracing for more bad news. built in 1981, the champ plain tower south is home to mostly families, and so called snowbirds residents who spend their winter months in florida. the us president joe biden has been in contact with local officials and says, help is on the way. we are ready to move from the federal resources immediately, immediately about 80 of the buildings. 136 units were reportedly occupied. and while it's unclear how many people are inside at the time, the death toll is expected to rise, the problem is the building has literally pancake. it is heartbreaking because it does it mean to me that we're going to be successful as
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successful as we would want to be to find people alive? it's not yet known what caused the collapse authority scene investigation is underway. but that won't call the nerves of family members, desperately holding onto hope their loved ones are found to live cattie and had that al jazeera miami, florida. indigenous leaders are calling. it's a crime against humanity. a canadian 1st nations group says more than $750.00 unmarked graves have been found at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children. it's the 2nd such discovery with it a month. prime minister justin trudeau has called it a shameful reminder of the racism and injustice faced by indigenous people. then bas ravi reports. for canada's indigenous people, it's another tragic but not unexpected moment. less than a month after the remains of $215.00 children were found in british columbia. more
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unmarked graves uncovered at another catholic residential school in this sketch. one province. we started our radar, penetrating research on june. the 2nd of 2021. as of yesterday, we have hit 751 unmarked graves. one survivor said indigenous people were labeled heathens by the catholic church. and nuns told the children, they didn't have souls. i'm 80 years old and i went to boarding school down there. i had, i was taken by my parents to go at that time. if the parents didn't want to allow their children to go to boarding school, one of them has to go to jail. when ordered to be keep the family together.
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we went to boarding school, they brought us there. we stayed there, 1st nations, leaders and canada are now demanding the pope apologize for atrocities committed against them in the name of the catholic church and help them identify their dead country wide protests. vandalized churches calls by activists to cancel kennedy. all part of the fall out earlier this week at the united nations, china itself often under the spotlight for human rights violations, criticized canada. over 150000 children, canada were reported to have been 1st taken away from the parents. that is 4000 children died of disease, neglect, accident abuse. while at school, we call for a thorough pain partial investigation into all cases with crimes committed against indigenous people, especially the children international condemnation that prompted an angry response from candidates prime minister in canada. we had
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a truth and reconciliation commission. whereas china's truth and reconciliation commission, where is there truth? where is the openness the canada has always shown and the responsibility that canada has taken for the terrible mistakes of the past. and indeed, many of which continue into the present indigenous leader say school deaths were under reported, and the actual number of children in unmarked graves across canada could be in the 10s of thousands. they want to find them all. but even if they do poor record keeping means bodies may never be identified. so the families who still remember the children who went to school and never came home, may never have closure. zane basra v o g 0 or earlier elders there. i spoke with katherine dolores who you just saw in our reports, and he explained the impact these residential schools had on indigenous people know
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the chief i manage poverty, mental emotional, physical loss of control in our governance, loss of control in our economics loss of control in our social loss of control in our spiritual religion, loss of control in our language, the residential school did it's toll and impacting our colonization on our minds. today, over a 1000000 people in canada of indigenous descent, are walking around still trying to be that proud indigenous person. but at the same time, the challenges are real. there are many that are successful day. they have persevered . and we need to learn from how they persevered. so being in canada is a great country. i don't disagree with that. i have a canadian passport. i'm proud to, to live in this country,
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but being an indigenous person, sometimes i feel like i got approved myself a little more. and i got a 4 year old daughter and i don't want her to grow up trying to prove herself. i want you to focus on growth in dream, just like everybody else should. in this country, a group of republican and democratic senators is announced a rare agreement outlining how to spend more than a trillion dollars on infrastructure upon championed by president joe biden. while the president has held the agreement on upgrading roads, bridges on highways, it's not clear if enough votes can be secured in the full sentence. we have a deal, and i think it's really important. we've all agreed that none of us got well we all, when we want it, i clearly didn't get all i want it. they gave more than, i think maybe there were client given the 1st place. but this reminds me of the days we used to get a lot a lot done up in the united states congress. we actually work with 5 part
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bipartisan deals, maybe compromise our white house correspondent, kimberly hockey has more on the agreement. what we know that is in a divided america, where democrats and republicans rarely see i tie when they do. that's a reason to celebrate. that's exactly what happened here at the white house, somewhat unexpectedly, as a group of bipartisan. that means republican and democratic senators were meeting with the white house on really key piece of legislation that joe biden was to see. move ahead because create job, but also repair it. probably bridges in the search for the united states did appear that the 2 sides were closed, but then surprisingly they came out and said the thing, in fact kat sounds of agreement. now if you hear those helicopters buzzing behind me, that's because this was all done just before the present, or the set to head to north carolina, where he'll continue to sell the aspects of the steel along with some of the
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aspects of fighting cobit 19 and getting people vaccinated, but if you think this celebration is a little bit premature, well, it might be because here's the deal. it's still have to be voted on. it's not officially yet. that doesn't mean this is all cut and dry inside feel delivered. in fact has to be voted on in the senate and it has to be voted on in the house. and here's the hitch because how speaker nancy pelosi, who is in charge of that chamber, says that they're not even going to vote this piece of legislation. everyone's excited about unless they get a 2nd piece of infrastructure legislation, that's a lot bigger in terms of the price tag. in other words, there's no agreement on that one yet. political leaders from indian administered test to me or demanding the engine prime minister, restore the region statehood. they've met in orange or modi for the 1st time since the disputed area was stripped if it's autonomy in 20. 19 thousands were arrested in a subsequent crackdown including some of the politicians at the talks. kashmir is mostly
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divided between india and pakistan, but as claimed by both in full modi called for measures to speed up elections for the area. elizabeth, for on him. how's the latest from new delhi was heard from one of the cash media politicians, altuff bacardi, who was invited to speak to prime minister and moody. and he has said that prime minister, at the end of the more he said that the government is committed to restoring state code to judge one, push me now when the indian government revolved the regents autonomy in august 2019, not only did it remove that special status, that general push me that ended administered push made had but it also downgraded, you can call the region from a state to a union territory. a union territory is something that is governed by the central government here and deli. so also because he's saying that prime minister in the morning has said that they are going to restore statehood and what they're doing now, what the government has been doing this year is a process of drawing,
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parliamentary and state assembly constituencies and the prime minister or the politician fair to take part in this process because he also said that there was a good atmosphere and that prime minister modi heard what everyone had to say. but it is true that what all of the politicians who are coming from muslim majority push me to valley wanted, was not just returned to state hood, but a returned to their autonomous status, which until 2019 gave them their own constitution. a separate flag, freedom to make most of their own laws. but that is something that is an absolute no go for problem this and that in the moody and for his hindu nationalist about a jump, the party who for a long time have promised to remove that special stashes. they've already done that . so it seems like what they are going to do is working on restoring statehood and
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holding state elections and push me to where people will be able to once again as they had in the past before. 2019 elect regional leaders still had al jazeera, an admission of air strikes. but if you can, military denies, hitting a busy market, and they've been away for 6 months. but anti government protesters in thailand are back with as much passion as ever ah well the loud weather in the us, the mountain and the plane stays in the midwest. it's quietly hot, very further north west, particularly up in idaho, washington, oregon, and across the boulder and british columbia. where attempts to this sort are not normally seen. so we have so for example, 36 in kamloops were approaching record values might even reach those records in
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vancouver. the record stands about $30.00. we've got a forecast for 30, for the next 3 days with a heat wave boarding vancouver and a good part of british columbia. but as i said, the lived with the thunderstorms on the central plains states and running. take me through the great lakes. she cargo is a focus because that rains going to be waiting in and out. it's not a straight line disappearing. east was it just doesn't want to move the humidity producing an awful lot of rain down in florida. but i think locally flashed plus or equally or more likely. and for example, chicago on saturday, saturday night, especially, and sunday things improve from monday who the go for mexico in the caribbean. it's a particularly wet time, the, the bourbon, daily showers, or persistent right and off the coast of mexico near acapulco, a hint of a circulation. we had one of these a week or so ago said look, particularly wet in that part of mexico. ah. whither
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bag me, energy and change to every part of our universe. the small change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill. ah, the me again the top stores on l 0. this our life pictures from florida where we're now
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learning, at least one person has died and nearly a 100 others are still missing. after part of a beach front apartment building collapse, rescue workers have pulled out dozens of survivors from beneath that rubble right there. but it's still unclear why that 12 story buildings funds to the ground. more than 750 on my grades have been found at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children in canada. it's the 2nd such discovery within a month. political leaders from indian administered customer demanding they're promoting, restore the region, statehood. they've met the indian prime minister for the 1st time since the disputed area was stripped off. it's upon me in 29 teams. there's been a 10 stand off between protesters in the occupied west bank and palestinian police . demonstrators were attempting to march following the death of an activist and an outspoken critic of president bus. he's out of an ass, died on thursday after being arrested and beaten by palestinian authority security
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forces. he's accused the p a of human rights violations. he's also called on western nations to cut off aids to the group. stephanie dexter has more from a lot of criticism, reacting to the death of new zod bye now to prominent critic of the palestinian authority. according to his family, around 25 members of the palestinian authority security forces entered his home in the hebron area around 3 30 in the morning, beating him, dragging him out of bed and dragging him screaming from the house. now, according to his family, he has no known pre existing health conditions. he's been arrested in the past. he's been threat made against him in the past. according to his family, he was very critical of the palestinian authority, calling it a sub. and tractor of israel accusing them of corruption. and just around 2 months ago, shots were fired by an identified gunman at his home. so there are now calls for an
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investigation and the timing of this also at a time when the palestinian authority is suffering from popularity here in the west bank, people very critical already of how they are running things. and certainly the use of one of its most prominent critics now dead. what many people here accusing it at the hands of the palestinian authority security forces. if your peers defense ministry is denying that want to fits military or strikes, had a busy market in the northern te gray region. but it admits attacking tea gray regional fighters in the area. local health officials say at least 64 people were killed, while dozens of others remain unaccounted for. what i'm going to do reports from this out of the hospital in mckelly capital of the gray region doctors through the wounded witnesses say a busy market was hit fan. if you have been asked, right, would kill dozens of people including children. they see up in defense force denies a market, was the spokesman,
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kind of getting that done. i said they talk to gathering all fighters from the to grey defense forces. the p d. f in the town of to go got 25 kilometers west of mikella out open on which actually are planes of eyes that can identify who are civilians in are a combatant. so it is the year of technology. it was a great success harrigan fullest. carried out a successful job in order magento asked who had killed and injured children. senate footage from the scene of that kind of dentist said that the grand defense forces were good at faking injuries. the united nations was called for an ident investigation into the strike. while the european union condemned it called the deliberate ticketing of civilians. this is yet another attack, adding up to the horrific series of international humanitarian law and human rights violations atrocities, ethnic violence combined with serious allegations of use of starvation and sexual
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violence as weapons of conflict. it said in a testament, the courage unfolded as the rest of the european visit, counting the ball of paper costs in full lametre election held on monday. the conflict in gray prevented any voltage. heavy fighting has broken out in several parts of the great region and rest and they they see a piano has dismissed claims by the tv that does says about pounds, including undergrad, 40 kilometers from the editorial border. we did he appear. if true, that puts to graham fighters within striking distance of a trail whose troops have been helping. if the pin government forces, the un is demanding access to the region to take right, defense forces continue their involved is could, should they continue to capture major cities. and we will face the challenge of how international aid can be flown into those area. and well, the e c o p, an air force continues. it's reprisals which will be can carry down some as we've
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already seen by area. bon hoffman. the challenge will be who controls the scott? thousands of people have been killed. millions displaced in the war that started almost 8 months ago. according to the un around 5000000 people in today are now in need of food aid. more than 350000, living in farming. how are the well just either a sub, a few appear, a massacre in northeastern berkin faso, in which at least $130.00 people were killed. this month was mostly carried out by child soldiers. the government says arm 12 to 14 year olds, open fire on people in the villages, so hon and burned down homes on the 4th of june. it's the worst attack the region has seen in years, even though it's been plagued by armed groups. moving across the health official say over the past year or more groups have been using children in these attacks.
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protestors have returned to the streets of thailand to demand the prime minister his resignation. they also called for more transparency from the monarchy and an overhaul of the constitution. it's the 1st such demonstration. after a 6 month break due to cover 1900 restrictions. tony chang reports from bangkok getting the protest season on the way with a sacrifice. in this case, a copy of the constitution. after a low protest, it took to the streets of bangkok again on thursday. they go to mark the anniversary at the end. that absolute monarchy and call for the resignation, the prime minister prior channels. but since the end of last year, the protests have lost their rhythm. covered lockdown have made gatherings more difficult, and many of their leaders have been jailed, openly, arguing for reform of the monarchy. they tell him right now, they're out on bail, but still facing lengthy jail. tim's crowd. i hope you're well, i've put
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a lot of thought about joining this protest after i got bail. i'm not worried. one of the conditions is i can't bring any shame to the monarchy for those still cooling for the government to step down frustration. so no one seems to be ready to stop that on my part, i won't give up and i will come out to keep on fighting. the people who win. if you claim that the people gave you your power, you should listen to the people outside government house, a tent, stand off as one group of protest is threatened to smash through police lines. with a truck of debrief negotiations, commonsense prevail, the protest is all slowly forcing the police back towards government house. can they bring any real pressure to bed last year? despite all approaches, the government didn't move in and this does fill. they gathered in the downtown shopping district. the crowds was substantial, but unlike last year,
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they didn't bring the city to a halt. dissatisfaction with the government rises. these protests will be hoping that drum beat brings new followers to the cause. tony chang al jazeera bank of a company in the united states is planning to fly passengers to the edge of space and a high tech version of a hot air balloon space perspective is taking reservations on it. space neptune for flight and early 2024 tickets. cost a $125000.00. the inaugural test flight took off last week from florida to discuss this with jane points her who's the founder, co seo and chief experience officer at base per se perspective. she base at nasa kennedy space center on merritt island, florida. joining us right here in georgia 0. thanks so much for speaking to us and i'll 0 1st of all, talk us through the test flight. how significant it was and what a told you being why net to wine, why?
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why of a home series of bites that we're doing? wherein net particular case we were flying the we were testing b and complete flight using a full scale capsule going launching from florida. going up to $100.00, a 1000 b, which is the target altitude of next year. we then trans, across the florida to our way to be back down in mexico where the ship was waiting to pick it up. and so we were really testing the entire, the entire life of about 6, which is exactly the same by duration of light that our customers will have when we fly them. i mean, was really significant for us because it was a big light on team as well. so with this test flight done, what happens next?
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well next we go into another cycle of design and building. and then next year we will be doing a whole nother theories of why we have the ability to fly the vehicle without the crew on board. so that allows us to do a lot of testing. we're to help in making, in an extremely state line his brain. and then in 2023 really thought in crude fly around in 2024. we plan to take off the rate. so once that starts in 2024, what will that explore experienced aboard neptune be like i think me gentle and i think you probably think about the pitch of the rocket launching. that's not how i would describe that right there. like geez. bed is completely the so you're going to spend about 12. 1 miles an hour, you're going to space at the speed of cycling that i love,
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the bank will be very smooth and gentle. and the capital itself is very roomy. i'm sure you take all right around dawn you go up and it's beautiful vehicle where you'll be able to post the a why 5 people on the ground and you will have what actually really call the quintessential astronaut experience, which is being our again, the backdrop of the space this incredible black sky with the sun is shining through the been blue line of our atmosphere, which no, i'm going to really talk about for them. many of them it's actually been transformative because it's such a moving experience will look. there are other companies, obviously in the running like blue origin. there is virgin galactic, as you know, there's a space axel, what do you think about the commercialization of space, and are there any risks or challenges to it? the monde is huge. so we did our own study where
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a wall are now company, market research company, big market or, and the kind of like what we're doing is on the order of 250000000 cal. and i've done their own studies for this kind of like their thing and by 100, been in the 100000000000, whatever the buy number is, the market. it's huge. and we're seeing that reflected in the reservation that are being had by people. so we just put tickets on publicly public yesterday. we've been selling them privately just for a couple of months just to kind of get a walmart food dining, telling them publicly i'm. we've all ready sold over 200 tickets and not to families and friends. you know, really well them. so i'm very excited about where we always base tourism and the future on this. and i can tell you that the demand is gonna strict all of our ability to provide enough light for everyone. be all right,
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thank you so much. jane. pointer for speaking to us from florida. thank you. thank you. now the last super moon of 2021, also known as the strawberry moon, is lighting up skies across the globe. a super moon occurs when it's all and it's at its closest point to earth in its orbit. so it appears slightly bigger and brighter than usual. and this happens $3.00 to $4.00 times a year. the current one did not earn the nickname strawberry because it's red. but the timing marxist start of the fritz sees in which signals the beginning of summer . the hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, at least one person has died and more than a 100 or michigan, florida, after part of a breach front apartment building collapsed, rescue workers are still pulling out doesn't a survivor.


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