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a thick toxic song, those forms from a steady stream of pollution flowing into new dandies, young river, regular rated is one of the world's most polluted waterways. despite being the source of 60 percent of new delhi water, industrial waived, and most of the cities, untreated sewage ends up there because of poor infrastructure. the government found the use of some thoughts and detergents to help clean up the river. ah, i'm kinda now with headlines now on al jazeera, thousands of workers, they're leaving the bangladesh capital darker. i have a nation wide lockdown from thursday. most people will be required to stay at home and only essential work will be allowed to search in cases of highly infectious delta varying 1st identified in neighboring india tablet. channel 3 has more from duck now on friday,
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the government and now that district locked down and it will be in force. that's when the people got panic and thousands of people are leaving the capital city. the buses, right, restrict on the trains are shut down. so they're going by any means of transport. some people are actually walking because from july 1, there will be a complete shut down and it will be enforced by law enforcement agency, including the military will be applied. so people are panic. they want to be with their family. they want to be in their home display guarding their rural villages. thailand is also tightening restrictions in bangkok and other provinces. the new meshes, beginning on monday will last for a month. construction sites will be shot and into dining and gatherings of more than 20 people. band health officials blame the increase in infections on a lack of compliance among migrant workers. a 4th day protests following the death of an outspoken critic of the palestinian authority has turned violet. these are bonnet died after being arrested by palestinian authority security forces on
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thursday. the family says he was dragged from his home in beacon protest as a demanding the resignation of palestinian authority. president, well hold of off. dozens of people have been killed this week and fighting between him and the government forces and to the rebels and the gas for the region of markup. the area is the internationally recognized government last north and stronghold. the iranian back to these have been battling, i'm going to treat coalition lead by saudi arabia. more than fix. the us says fighting and murray is a serious threat to achieving a truth. the death toll off the collapse of an apartment building in the us state of florida has risen to knowing more than 150 people are still unaccounted for. thursday's incident earlier, cruise managed to contain a fire burning inside the ruins of the building. both headlines don't go away. it will be more news for you here on al jazeera run off a one. 0 one east. see you soon. bye bye for now. ah, ah,
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ah, ah. ah indio, the call. the 1900 on demik is an unfolding catastrophe. tens of millions and hundreds of thousands dead behind the statistics. citizens are battling beyond to provide hope and comfort. a husband and wife team nursing the sick saw from the baby daughter and the situation my hand. i didn't bug manipulate me is crucial moments. and the woman and they have a doctoral boss to make life or death decisions every d. b, i think would be better days to put on regulated. we don't, those decisions are not even an aggrieved ego. they're willing to fallen with
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dignity. i'm not gonna be familiar with the big one and one spends a yeah. with those risking it all on the front lines of india. corona virus, the, the jolly mossey and her husband. i know since that max in india's capital, i mean it's been 2 months since the 1st school, the patient was admitted he'll ah, the to be my, my 1st loan, a model hospital was northern pickle, written a heap of the patient that information over to the hospital he was february march,
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which was pretty cool. we'll get we followed dolly and couple as we move into a hotel close to the hospital and start working round the clock. each d brings extraordinary new challenges. division me. i will, gala de leon. i've been resolved to get the sugar is low back in the plane. i'm
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gonna go and check. i should check over the way they get picked up is going to be all over the gate and you get you get the good patient and would that be good to do to maybe of us it came up. was it up to you? came up with him up on the patient department man regarding bus need to make watch called you can manipulate me is crucial moments ago. the woman and the
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father, dolly and captain, are making many sacrifices among the hardest, missing their daughters zions both both seem to be having a belated celebration. i came up again. dian has been living with dollies model. it's the 1st time they've seen home in almost a month in the couple on medical video. don't get to know honest goodbye sign. good. if somebody will give us, i'm local here, machine begins. our family can go alone a full time with at the time. but we have a few precious hours of work to meet her at a local park. but even here,
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the fun demik, hasn't we of intervening them in the modern do i set it up for you? was i supposed to? i said, i didn't realize well, there's a lot of it for that person to decide what we need to know. what's in my let's, i was going to give me the holiday and they go on with me for what was going on. why they weren't able to go to the go because you need from you guys are buying new media from nissan as i bring it down because i know they're leaking as a primary and again, he just thought they will bought. appreciate a phone call. me 9 monthly.
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india has been hit by devastating 2nd we've of course 90. but this time stream is much more infectious and dead. inside the hospital, medical staff overwhelmed and exhausted. we are prepped and ready, now we're going to going to be i, i don't read one this morning just the last one hour. i talked to john the intensive care unit at holy family hospital for weeks he and his team have been operating breaking point. i mean, he has granted us special access to the want me
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new regulator. last night. we didn't do the motor. and usually what is the i $4456.00. and they took a little more, but more thought it would be nice if you just come from the morning, just drag them out. i is like a have because it's been nonstop many days. it's not just me, most hospitals. ah, the doctrine supplies dropping down was, i mean, along with the constant back or for other things like ventilators,
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fully cool. in fact, i used to pull down regulator who we don't. those decisions are not even me. we've been heal. dennis and i told lady so overwhelming because like the doctor said beyond the just you walk into the aisles and the doctors and nurses are doing everything that began to see the patients. but the infrastructure is feeling the short, lindley doors or sort of oxygen and some of these and we've just been here to be clear, then you don't have been dealing with situation for weeks. now. every d dr. team must make incredibly tough decisions. who sees and who to let go. it comes down to the availability of life saving equipment and deliver thanks again with
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the division. it's gotta get rid of it on the well i get. i got a good job leaving his focus. if he tried to save those who are salvageable and just give comfort and care to those who probably will not, then we have a chance of saving on many breaks all these things. other difficult ones, it's a constant. it's not just what you have to explain to your team who have never been exposed to this, but for yourself, the back to not lose hope all is very difficult is back in as the days by. know dolly is also struggling to maintain the
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hard listed under situation. my him, i could be good minutes. good to meet mottos was and back now or too many, including her aunt and her brother infected. ah. should you say muslim morning? name was going diction. good. good, good big deal. but now the dog take your bus, me a little positive patient on phoebe on google. i. we need dolly after she finishes her shift, but her d is far from overall. oh,
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she needs to find like seeding steroids for her family. the they asked for limit on sunday. so even before the end of school, i'm just wondering, jessie, i didn't maybe goes fast on a regular basis because you know what they gave me would all be my pharmacy job. you know? morning 8 o'clock. it's been on the line with, you know, he knows he's, he's leaving 1st yard politician just man, man. it was been a little bit finish off on me or do you make your boss name and i was fear behind the pharmacy for my guys, a 1000000. finally
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tonight she was laughing, but tomorrow she'll have to do it all again. ah, not a lot of was taken but he was just like, you really do want to do that. so these are so they didn't because the one on the card it's not just medicines that are in short supply. cities across india, visa, chronic oxygen, shelton's. by only mean the official debt had reachable and a half 1000 people body. but it feared the number is much higher, few fires on day and night, and the desperate haunt oxygen never stopped. collier on the let's look at
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just me seen has helped on the seek temple into a place of refuge patients who turned away from overcrowded hospitals. can get fee oxygen. he'll live out of jobs, and so moderating, in medicine know the feeling of it. but it's not going to get with only you know to me it's a constant challenge. just me must find more oxygen every night to refill be empty cylinder. ah, medical oxygen isn't stuck short supply that describing black market has emerged. ah. ringback ah, you didn't know it didn't even they didn't
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give it to me has heard of the police oxygen tanks been hello isn't another vision then? so gotta be ready. i'm going to get we'll get to the log. yes. but it wasn't the leg we tried be on the outskirts of new denny to a small town in her honesty. okay, so. 2 we can actually go for the inside because just meet the ones that kind of attention with a camera. it's also kind of unclear as to how these oxygen cylinders are being filled in the date of the night. because i is a fairly industrial area and it seems like these factories probably supply oxygen
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involved. but it's possible that during these times they open up the back doors for a special request. ah about 19 minutes. little just means you don't immediately call waiting anxiously after them. oh, the me. me as the sun rises, the camp begins filling the patient, desperate flocks,
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engine, journey. we're going to get a lawyer for the love of you got a number of little people up above you got to go. it almost was going on with the city gasping for breath. hospitals under immense special health care workers can only try to see what will be under their care. for donnie, things have gotten tougher on the home front to her worst feel have become reality . is also sick. i'd love
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to think faith hospital is what is a normal talk music went out traditionally. was it the for 7 be assisting me to get by the way they can get good vision. got people making the condition is critical with their hospital overflowing with patients. got to had to travel 300 kilometers a week to another state, to seek treatment about the company. nothing. no vial is out there made it was time for the life of me he let me say good me to literally stand. oh, dolly says it's especially tough because the couple caught their lives were slowly improving. jokey support spot come to got very
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february man. so not only patients come on the heels of the water over. ah, it's something we feel over and over again. no one he'll expected the damage to come back with such force. not even know how much i mean a code generation under the vehicle. i knew daddy's largest burial ground already covered the car and i just started a car door. the job you can give it gives you all can i know what about another dolly and they can make it a job on i'm, i will be doing reasonable a deep and articles. good to go. would anybody go out with my level via gun lamps?
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most of it probably wound in malays holding the gradually, the overcame they feel now every morning starts with a familiarity to as body started arriving at the i it's a little and other than i did mention the labels of why does not as many oh no, i don't know that it will going to go live on a lot and i look, i really got it didn't get me out a little older than that. i was told i was, i don't either. yes, i'm the vellum linear and i could be familiar with other men. i had put the limits in any they to us or to i with each passing the show mean
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feels that the scale of the tragedy mean never fully and much good to know me today he was a 100000000 out of a ton of money. nicholas gilson. how do i i the, and running out of space, he'll show me how to clean new ground on the edges of the symmetry to make room for mobile plot. like going to love it was going to, going to have me and i was all the guys. i'm gonna
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the gate behind me so fast. that family is having a hard guy. and even in the many of the people they've lost me 3 weeks have passed since don't these husband coffee contracting, golwood and travelled across the country for treatment. his condition remains precarious. unable to help him, she puts her feet in a higher authority city mahogany another 50 for living. joe had anything. but then he could, would you want to hear the phone book an article well indicate that it was going to be the big one in the name of the room
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today is her daughter zion's 2nd birthday. and dolly is thinking of how much her life is changed in just 12 months from last year to memory because i do show that you feel last to me, which made it personal. good. thank you. it's a totally changed totally me up the good that he did it in a mosque in a mock jon at ma, spending me dolly child to make up forgot his absence by giving her daughter as normal, ability as possible. the
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you good the her did to you look and like i phone good call at all. maybe bob knew who we that thank you. condition was to thank you. give me everything that's taking up your condition will switch out the end of the month. my phone mail tied to peak and the bob ok. if you could, if you did they give you the wrong your bubble all papa or then dick tina be you'd
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be filling up the a u g. 's. maybe some loop with me. medina or what miss? i am going to look, she's my strongest part in my life would be if you were on a mac, a record of that one for me. oh, i think i know what the thing you do this me ah
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me. when the koby 1910 demi q and board is close, there is a friend of bob from heine. 11 east investigate has some, has been abandoned out of size and out of mind on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, across the was young activists and organizers around them are motivated and
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politically engaged. we were the one who had lights on what was going on, and the way the move means to me did the generation change is al jazeera, as me series, looking at the fresh ideas for the transformation of global politics. the day we do the work of making sure that our voices are heard coming soon. phone al jazeera history is forgotten. pero yet in spain state him post them easier, was enshrined in law. diminishing the plight of countless victims of franco's 36 year dictatorship. with a group of survivors has launched an international lawsuit hoping to bring those accountable to justice and force the country to acknowledge its fascist, passed the silence of others. weakness on al jazeera, on counting the cost of focus on nigeria to recessions and for years growing and security and unemployment,
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oil companies packing up and leaving even the threat of piracy in the gulf of getting that could just what nigeria needs to do to confront multiple challenges counseling to call on al jazeera. ah, the whole grow for the resignation of the palestinian authority president of the day for the leading critic ah vanelle. this is officer law from dell ha. also coming up. thousands of migrant workers, flea dock faring, job losses, bangladesh and other asian countries type of corporate 900 restrictions of the surgeon k.


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