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problem is together, as well as they are so important. we make those connections. ah . after 8 months of fighting a si size announced him to grow ethiopian troops pull out of the north, the country. ah, hello, jordan, this is out of their life and also coming up the u. s. defends that strikes on iranian bank fighters along the iran border, but i remember your groups about to seek revenge for the attacks another day. and i hope of finding any survivors tracked in the rubble of collapsed florida. apartment building often major gains across parts of africa and international coalition. meet discuss, come to the back of the rise in iceland, ah,
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up in any 8 months of fighting and displacement, the conflict and ethiopia is to grow region has taken a new turn. in the past few hours, the federal government has announced a unilateral and unconditional sci fi with immediate effect. while dr. rebels are claiming victory and say they're in full control of the regional capital mcclay. if you help us federal troops and officials have reportedly abandoned the city, the interim administration into dr pointed by the central government says it was farmers to work on their harvests as the region is facing a devastating family. letting them knock on the rustle, as we all know the time we are in right now is the rainy season. the locust swarm destroyed almost all the produce and to gray last year. and they couldn't collect the remaining projects because of the war. and after this comes to pass, if they can cultivate the harvest, this rainy season, the problem for the community is not an easy one. they will not be resolved easily and the community will have problems for years to come. get her, she read a is
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a senior member of the t p left. he says president obama has no moral authority to call a c star. we have and we did john coffin to the 1st outside of our conference. you want to go and we have been destroyed units after units of how much we should throw this units of so each of the national defense forces and today it's becoming increasingly obvious that these courses we're not going to put up any if i want to call to the sick joke, joke we are, we didn't have any one of those 45 because governments has been requested by the international community,
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including us government appointed to because you know the 75 and he's been pending. wanted that he had no stone, save us for most mona, from malcolm web, who's monitoring those developments from the kenyan capital, nairobi the gray and people's liberation front began an offensive about a week ago. we had that just a few hours ago. there was heavy fighting on the outskirts of the city around the airport, on the edge of the city of mckelly and other places on the out. the 50 dollar went on for several hours and then people we spoken to that say the c p l f forces took control, they came into the center. the city took control of key road junctions around the outside of the city that the government forces left. now since then, there are been people cheering along with the fighters in the st. the city shooting fire government administrators from the federal government appointed administration
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has been there since this conflict began in november. they said just in the, in the last few hours or in the last couple of days needed jubilation at the moment . people on the street to the mckelly, the regional capital. we don't know yet what it means. this is going to be stability across the whole of the rest of the region. a lot of the conflict has been for quite brucely in the small towns in the villages when there would be numerous reports of massacres over the last month of civilian, particularly young men and boys seem to be fighting age, been reportedly killed by error tray and ethiopian troops that certainly mckelly is the big prize here and everything suggests that the p l f. have taken control of it . once again. well, area eunice have said its officers were attacked in 2 guys main city maclay, on the spectrum for the us. second, the general is calling for strength. number of you asked me about reports of
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attacks or on humanitarian assets and mckelly. and i can tell you that we condemn any and all attacks on humanitarian workers and assets. and remind again, all parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law. all parties must ensure the protection of civilians and that all humanitarian assistance provided by the united nations is provided according to humanitarian principles. the safety of our staff is a priority and we are doing everything we can to ensure it. so let's take a closer look at the conflict between the european army and to grow and rebels and it goes back decades. the t p l. f partied dominated if you have been politics than any 30 years until the prime minister abbey ahmed, to power in 2018. i'll be all that a military operation against the group and to grow in november after he said it attacked on the basis. the t p left says it was unfairly targeted to grow
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opposition party say more than 50000 people have been killed. but you and says more than 3 than 50000 face risk of famine. let's bring in william laurence is a former us diplomat and regional security. officer in west africa, he's also a professor of political science at the american university. johnson via skype from washington. d. c. william, good to be back with us. how surprised are you that this sci fi has been declared because it came very quickly, and is it like the whole, do you think i was a little bit surprised into some degree in ethiopians fire in defeat by the government and it sort of appear in victory by the degree in rebels who took one city but really aren't in a position to take over their whole area. but it did come precipitously and not needed quite fragile. the to grains are surrounded by pro, govern, malicious to the west. ethiopian government forces to the cell. every 3 forces to the north. so they're not going to get too far. but this does open up the very
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important space for humanitarian assistance by dealing with the family and dealing with taking stock of this war that operate months. and so it's a positive step forward in that regard with federal force is being pushed out of michaela does this show that the parents in government was paps on the pressure on the ground because of the military situation? they were under pressure all over. there was not only, not only to me, not only the to grey and rebellion that is going on, but they were 2 other rebellion gone. that model going on and to other areas are on a roomy and another. and there was the sanctions by the us government's incredible international pressure for the government to stand up. and then recently the attack on the markets, which were quite devastating by being claimed. and of course, the tax on humanitarian workers, some of whom were killed and others who had their equipment grant that you reported all of that was creating
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a great amount of pressure on the government to just step back and abandon this offensive. and that's exactly what they've done, how long the c bar will last. if anyone gets to be seen, they'll be out as long as the harvest season takes. and that means there's time to negotiate, which is what should've happened all yeah, william, just the final thoughts. i mean, as innocent civilians who continue to pay a heavy price in this conflict. urines were wanting for some time as you know, but 5000000 people need food date and threatening 250000, a facing famine in northern ethiopia. yeah, you know, there are these phases and during the $50.00 and faith 5, i mean they're in famine, they are starving and there's another over a 1000000 that are paid for and on down the line, there's 1700000 displaced, population flung over several borders, so the humanitarian situation was becoming quite dire and starting to resemble the manner syria that type of situation. and that's why the national community started putting so much pressure on here being government and this rebel victory created
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the condition for them to step back and stop the conflict for now. william laurence always good to get your thoughts. thank you very much and have a talk talk to 0. now us forces of come under attack in syria after some days air strikes targeted iran backs militia station close to the rocky border. at least 8 missiles, a father, the coalition military base near an oil field in syria's darren saw no casualties. a report in the us military says several lots of rounds fired in defense for the u . s. is defending its decision to target the pop up mobilization of forces. it's an umbrella group of iranian backed fighters. at least 4 members of the group were killed iraq's 5 minutes to condemn the rates as a blatant violation of the country sovereign g. but us president joe biden is justifying the attacks brand will never get a nuclear weapon on my watch as they say. and, and i directed last night air strikes,
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targeting sites used by the running back lecture groups responsible for the attacks on the us personal rack. and i have that authority in your article too, and even those up in the hill who are reluctant to acknowledge that have acknowledged that's the case. so let's go live now to our pentagon correspondent roles in jordan in washington, d. c. ross, president biden. they're defending these as strikes as necessary and appropriate what more as the white house been saying, while they are also saying that this was definitely a self defense mechanism. they pointed to an earlier attack on us forces inside iraq earlier this year as part of the justification for sunday nights, bombings on 3 locations, 2 in syria, one just inside the rocky border. and the u. s. is also arguing that doing so
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should send a message to anyone, not just the iranian government that the us will not stand by and allow its forces to be attacked. a right to rush jordan there in washington, dc ross. thank you. now tens of thousands of soldiers and starve are pools in from around the world for mission of peace in regions of conflict and devastation. these are the un peacekeepers also known as the blue helmets. it's inexpensive mission and needs funding with billions of dollars this year talks in the budget are in deadlock, and people that say an agreement is unlikely ahead of those days deadline out to 0 . diplomatic editor james bay's reports. the us has 12 peacekeeping missions from the central african republic to the golan heights, from cyprus, to the democratic republic of congo. but all those missions and the nearly 100000 troops and other staff that work in them may have to stop all their operations in just a matter of hours. a failure to reach a deal on
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a new budget means all staff will be confined to that basis. that would be a curtailment of operation that would very severely limit the ability of admission . so implement their mandate. that is to say, you know, protection of civilians supporting host countries and coping 900 response and support political efforts and mediation, and other key elements of our men. it's, you know, we have to prepare for these even relative that the general assembly is coming to you may not be able to complete that work in time. in recent days, negotiations in the 1st committee of the un, which deals with the budget have been going on day and night. i'm told even if a deal is reach susan, there may not be enough time to write and then pass a resolution in the un general assembly before the deadline. james bayes al jazeera at the united nations time for a short break here. and i'll just here, when we come back, tens of thousands of migrant workers in bangladesh, the, the capital before a nation wide lockdown comes into effect. and mexico legalize is the limited use of
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marijuana, some pulling at em. historic day for freedom. ah hello there, let's start in north america and that intense heat wave continues to break temperature records across north western states of the u. s. this was seen in portland, oregon, where an all time high of more than 44 degrees celsius was recorded. and while some people enjoy the heat, it is life threatening, and cooling centers have been open to help people cope with the conditions. but it's not only in the us, it was also in canada. we are all time high of more than 46 degrees recorded in a little village in british columbia. and those who want is do remain for much of western canada as we go into tuesday. but by the time we hit when stay,
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temperatures will be dropping slightly and things will cool slightly elsewhere in the u. s. we've got severe storms rolling all the way from the southern plains, up to the great lakes. so some really wet and windy weather on the cards and it's the same. the story for eastern areas of canada, the east coast of the u. s. the sing temperature is continuing to climb. but nowhere near what we've seen in the west, and it's pretty hot and humid across the gulf of mexico. and as we had to mexico all either on hurricane enrique its bringing flooding rains and really strong winds to the pacific coast of mexico. and we could see flash flooding there, the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all
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around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah the me. welcome back, a, pick them out about top stories here on the al jazeera ethiopians. federal government has announced a unilateral sci fi and to grow the rebels say that in full control of the regional capital, mcclay, federal troops and officials have reportedly abandoned the citizens. us sources up come under attack in theory after some days asked, likes to talk to the iran back militia station close to the rocky board,
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at least 8 the south. find a combination military base oil field in syria, arizona. now officials say the search and rescue operation at a collapsed apartment complex and florida still remains in place. on monday, 2 more bodies have been found in the rubble of the beach front building in the city of surf side. 11 people now confirm dead with that number certain to rise as a 150 residents remain missing. we are exploring all possible avenue that they, i, dennis, and we're going to continue and work closely to exhaust every possible option. in our search. you're going to be a thorough and full investigation of what led to this tragic event. we are going to get to the bottom of what happened here for john henry in his life for us in surfside, that just north of miami beach and florida. john some more than 150 people still
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remain missing. just bring us up to date with what's been happening at the site. that's right, those numbers have changed over the course of the day. just a day ago, the numbers went from 5 to 9 people who had been found dead this morning. it was 10 . and now it's evening time here in surfside. and we just had an update saying that an 11th body was found that leaves a 150 people on and on, accounted for a 136 people having been accounted for. now if you look over my shoulder, you can see there is a very large crane next to that brown building. the brown building is the one where the back half of it just fell off. that crane has been active all day long and it doesn't stop because rescue workers have been working in shifts to 12 hours a piece. you might be able to see some of the police and fire people here. that's because there's
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a shift change going on. that accounts for all those vehicles over there. and if you can see the flowers just beyond those vehicles on the fence over there, that is it memorial that families and local community members have erected here to pay tribute to those rescue workers. and what they've been doing is they've been using cameras sonar and west q jogs and they've been digging trenches down into the rebel in order to find people. they say that there are voids that they found using those methods voids where people might be found. and they've heard sounds from down there, but those were not necessarily human sounds, not human voices. they say possibly the sounds of electrical equipment and other things that are going off down there under the rubble. and those workers are working is quickly as they can because they know time is dwindling for them to find survivors. but they say there still is hope for that that this is
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a rescue mission. they're not yet at the point where they're talking about just making this emission for recovery. and john, just briefly, i mean, we know that federal investigators are still trying to find the cause of the collapse, but this is likely to take some time. but it isn't, it, it is indeed we've got an investigation going on here, and then the federal investigators will do theirs. but based on the video, we also spoke to a structural engineer. he came to the same conclusion yesterday, and that is that there seems to have been some problem with the foundation of that building. there was a pool, they say there was a, an error in the way it built and that allowed water to pool down. and when you watch the video, at least experts say it seems the collapse seemed to begin at the bottom. and then each level just pancakes down to the ground. and that's what searchers have to go through right now. that federal investigation will take a very long time. there will be a long written report. and of course, locally here,
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they're going around to all of the buildings that are nearly 40 years old or older that are high rise. that's in trying to determine whether there are any immediate emergencies there, but you're right. indeed, this will take some time. all right, john henry live for stay in surfside and probably john, thank you. italy is 5 minutes to lose you. demario has proposed setting up an international task force to count the threat of ice and across africa. it's been backed by the us secretary of state to the meeting in room of members of the global coalition to defeat the group. i still has made major gains in recent weeks and niger area, that's a hell most of the big and the democratic republic of congo. nicholas are crippled at a conference in rome, members of the global coalition against iso warn the fight is not over. africa is the new battle ground, or proposed to do group or the level that he got to allow for. i propose the creation of a working group to identify and hope the terrorist threat of islamic state in the
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african continent. we welcome some african countries that are not members of the coalition, such as became fossa, ghana and mos in baker. invited as observers, the own group is gaining ground in this a hell and it moves him beaks. northern province of covered ill, garda, nearly a 1000000 people have been displaced in 3000 killed as a result of the fighting that began in 2017. between an isolate $58.00 and will be security forces. last week, the 16 member southern african development community announced the deployment of troops to support mozambie military and its fight against isolate. our approach rests on the basis that terrorism is a global threat. and if we want to defeat it, we must further our understanding with the prospect of eradicating it from our entire region. i would like to assure you that in most and be we are deeply aware of our responsibilities. in this i'll region of burkina faso new year, and molly, i still affiliated groups are increasing their attack. that despite the presence of 14000 you in troops,
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the g 5 regional coalition and the support of 5000 french soldiers, climate central leadership. they main ross bags success of their brand as being in africa. and it's interesting that even as the summit is taking place right now in rome, only some days ago, the state and spokesman release and speech in which he talked about his learning very part of the world. and he's been gold out, the appraiser of the group in both west and central africa rearing. a wave of people illegally traveling to europe. some european countries are joining france by sending troops on the ground to not only fight isolate, but to disrupt human trafficking and illegal migration routes. for the coalition against iso africa is now the front line against the arm group. nicholas hawk algae 0. china is marking
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a 100 years since the foundation of its ruling communist party on thursday with a week of celebrations. i think one gall included reenactments of the 100 over upon calm down the corona virus outbreak and also the party leaders including president shipping the c. c. p is holding what it says is based in growing in friends, abroad, and success. battling corruption at home come for the time of increased international criticism of china's human rights. wrinkled in the delta variant of colbert 19 has led to record numbers of infections in russia's 2 biggest cities. moscow registers $124.00 deaths in the last 24 hours. more than 2000 people are being hospitalized. every day. the city has imposed new rules, forcing people to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to be able to get into restaurants and bars. grease will get people
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under the age of $26.00, an incentive of $180.00 and free internet data for a month for their 1st jobs against cobra. 19 prime minister says it's a small, thank you from the greek state restrictions havanese for fully vaccinated people. that's about 33 percent of the population. greece is heavily reliant on tourism and is looking for ways to fully reopen its economy. often, nearly a year, italians will no longer have to wear masks outside. they are only required indoors or in groups of people where social distancing isn't possible. italy was one of the worst hit countries in the early months of the pandemic. but infections have been steadily decreasing in bangladesh. the highly contagious delta variant has led to record numbers of infections and deaths to control the outbreak. the government's imposing a nation wide, locked down from thursday. tens of thousands of people are leaving decor stranded as almost all public transport has stopped working, can be a challenge. portsmouth ferry terminal outside the capital,
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where migrant workers are desperately trying to return home to their villages. many have come to this ferry terminal, eager to lay bung with their capitals. they want to return to their home villages before a new current virus lock bound takes effect on thursday. with the public interest, city of transportation already suspended. some have squeezed into our direction as popped onto motorbike and even hired ambulances to take them home. cuz he's a big mom and our family members, like many others here, a strand of next to highway unable to find any transfer guy to be just mother who we've been waiting here for several hours, but can't find any transport we live near by that had to walk all the way here. we came to visit relatives, but now we're not sure how we'll get back to medical. i. the fairies were packed with hundreds of people, ignoring health and safety protocols. tens of thousands of people crossed into south and south west,
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and that's for this part time and 40 mile outside dot com. it's no one has. similarly up terminal. now there are many other terminals where people are still profit. many who are living the capital or migrant workers and daily wage earners. they can't stay in the city during the lockdown because they have no way of making a living. didn't wonder what we are leaving because everything is shutting down here and this hardly any work. i have a family, it's much cheaper to manage ourselves in the village going to decor, which is why we took the decision. and i live health authorities fear that over crowding and very terminals, good worse than the spread of the virus. we came to doctor with a patient to consult to the doctor. now, since everything is shutting down here, we decided to rush back home with many difficulties. hospitals across barnum of our been overwhelmed with new cobra. 1900 cases and the daily depths have more than doubled. health experts are alarmed by the sergeant infections. it has been all over the country, more than 50 lives in danger,
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more effectively feel free. so someone like excess i having bad last impression. and this is coming back to the back of it. so what is allowing the government has deployed the army along with border guards and other security forces to enforce a strict shut down in phases starting on monday. many health officials have been critical off its recent handling of the pandemic, which has been followed by the delta vary and now they're worried. the situation could get worse if the new measures are not properly enforce sandwich, otherwise, i'll just say in our mouth, bangladesh. now, many petrol stations in lebanon not stopped operating after government plan to cut fuel subsidies. prompted some distributive to start holding supplies. it feared the move will push the price of fuel even higher,
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as anger mounts over the countries deepening economic crisis. lebanese pound has plummeted in the last 18 months, sending inflation soaring and pushing half the population into poverty. sweden's prime minister, steph and lo, phone has officially handed in his resignation. the left leaning social democratic party leader at a week to either quit or call a snap election after losing a no confidence vote in parliament. it's now up to the parliamentary speaker to find a replacement ukraine and nato holding joint naval exercises in the black sea. a ton of increase tensions with russia. the united states navy destroy u. s. s ross is one of around 30 native worships taking part. criminals has called the drills to be cancelled and says its military will react if necessary. taking place less than a week out of russia says it find warning shot at a british warship, it says, got to close the crime you peninsula,
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which russia annexed back in 2014. that france had been knocked out of football. european championship. the world cup holders were beaten and penalties shoot out by switzerland. in the last 16, the switch came back from being to those downs a level a match of 33 in the final minute of normal size. thanks like i think then lift the decisive kick in the shootout. switzerland, go into spain. in the quarter, i'm switzerland of mexico's top quarter v. criminalize, recreational marijuana use the idols. on monday, the supreme court ruled the drugs prohibition under the health law to be unconstitutional. comes after congress failed to enact laws. legalizing recreational use by april. the push for legalization is partly aimed at cutting drug related violence across the country. canada has recorded its highest
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temperature reaching 46.6 degrees celsius. the country and parts of the u. s. pacific northwest and through a blistering heat waves, temperatures also reached an old time high of 44 degrees in the us city of portland . extreme heat has been blamed the dome of atmospheric high pressure. ah. type a quick check at the top stories here at this, federal government has announced the unilateral cease fire to grind, but the rebels say they are in full control. the regional capital, mckelly, federal troops and officials have reportedly abandoned the city who let them knock on the russell. as we all know, the time we are in right now is the rainy season. the locust swarm destroyed almost all the produce into gray last year, and they.


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