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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2021 4:30am-5:00am +03

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androids today can be really humanoid. robots, like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentaries, next laid on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn. think creal and even trust. i feel like i'm alive. but i know i am a machine origins of this species. phone out 20. 0, hello, i'm darren jones, down the top stories here on out to 0, ethiopians federal government has announced a unilateral sci fi and to cry. rebels say they are in full control of the regional capital. mcclay. federal troops and officials have reportedly abandoned the city, letting them knock on the russell. as we all know, the time we are in right now is the rainy season. the locust swarm destroyed almost
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all the produce into gray last year, and they couldn't collect the remaining projects because of the war. and after this comes to pass, if it can't cultivate the harvest, this rainy season, the problem for the community is not an easy one. it will not be resolved easily and the community will have problems for years to come. your thoughts is up come under attack and sir, after some days strikes, targeted iran bats militia station close to the rocky border. at least 8 missiles were father, a coalition in military base near an oil field in syria. dara saw no casualties, reported the u. s. military says several artillery rounds are fired in defense. the u. s. is defending its decision to target the popular, mobilize ation of forces. it's an umbrella group of iranian back fighters. and these 4 members of the group were killed. brand will never get a nuclear weapon on my watch as they say. and, and i directed last night air strikes, targeting sites used by the rainy and back militia groups responsible for the tax
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on us personal rack. and i have that authority in your article too. and even those up in the hills who are reluctant to acknowledge that have acknowledged as the case. foreign ministers have gathered in rome to discuss a coordinated plan to defeat iso attacks in iraq and syria have been increasing and groups linked to isolated growing threat across africa. tumor bodies have been found in the rubble of the collapse beach front building in the town of surf side in florida. 11 people are now confirmed dead with that number certain to rise. as 150 residents remain missing. rescue efforts and i went to the 5th day. such crew say they have heard no signs of life. canada has recorded its highest temperature reach and 46.6 degrees celsius of the country and parts of the u. s. pacific northwest and jo. a blistering heat wave temperatures also reach an old time high of 44 degrees in the us city of portland. those are the headlines. the news
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continues here on our 0 off the witness station. thanks for watching bye for now. to get a photo here reba. let me know if this is for the day of your study on me, i will not find maria martine, highly. madame, i have been near the faustine i lopez. i see now in a little bit a matter know the i can, i can
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i can make me more than happy to come or not. what do you mean by the tab? i didn't want to shoot me, but i know you didn't come the at all in the market. i forget. and i mean the people here on my end, the white guy, the me, i don't know that the city is 30. i went home and i
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started going to send the money, i'm going, i won't be, or this, or they are gone. nothing point will not guide me. sodium mud. i will not want to know whether it be like a face to face. so my cell, when i get home, i don't know, hello my, let me get a hold. i don't know where, but i don't know, but i remember that no, no, no, no, no, no one is you know what i want you to give me. but if i get this, i'll go because then you have it in your own one, on the, on yours will be one like i did. can that job is that where some others who live around 4 days or more. they've got an old info, but that i mean it big in that it was awful. i was filtering up
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until i get told the baby and like i did, david, i said the boy in a nigger at me . oh, different name is kathy. kara can then get by started even the most noble moccasins and do that because you know from when i get them to and this is william imbeciles yet he bought them that shuttle a martinez. yeah. but they came all, let me say it, but it's, you know, but i get on my own it by nea number shelly dem. i get my know me know, but it may i met her window nessie and put a letter in here. the guy didn't come by here and new york time,
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but i sort of gone dear. you're trying, you get a book. i said, i'm a little bit of them in italy, keeping up every coin. it will be glad to do him. be put in to it. me here, nichol medicine, they were the me but i get a good idea. he didn't me, does he don't get it in big time with the e mail? i think i think of it all of it being do your checking other point. momentum internet he based on a month on the cousin, the nino provider in the time when the barrel lenient going to put in a request that they gave me as an f. and i will have kind of the cody the
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rest of everybody coming. so i mean, notion to cut into congress and gave me feel free of yeah, the, the remotest if the doctor by the horner is to be in the money and he is a nice deal in the see get emily out of it. i i think a lot of those for that, i don't syndrome you say proposal providers if and if i don't know lucy hall's there listening to those. this was by the living mean you're see mean yes, we don't entry high. those have amelia and i couldn't
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take it, i gave up dr. cable. if you're not petula halsey, if you got the on by so they said political, i said what our language and mothers will data. if amelia's poverty is gone, they must see others need news though, so they cannot be. let's take a look here and they give me and let me know several bill for like later. and if i didn't want them up or the soon as it gets us in the united me list several bills for one day. and then like i said that other than what in time, yes him but i didn't get anything but i think it's up to you. you're here to get him to be able what the the ah, the immediate need and he'll find out what is
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going to be missing. i just get him in a friend gave me and i ended up all night than the last. what would it up but up over in the bottom of a little bit, but i didn't really. yeah. and the did us in the in the new york times. mm let
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me know if you're still, you know, giving me a call to be sure that she had meet me ah, the it's been almost like you can me go see die. go job, because if you go here, if you change, then know the video during the navy can new her go. is it host? she had a course so those thinking she could hear more chevy? sure. but the sheer by that, but then she for shackle more. you know, going be and then you get the lead out and see man know
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i spoke. there isn't an emotion, a city in communion, but i mean like, the most important thing when we look at the way the lisa media as eco, must have made me understand this couple things in the campus. and of course, this time we'll do it a little bit. i'm a friend called a new customer. i mean, i didn't lose somebody. i don't know my new phone call waiting again. okay. i mean,
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yeah. through the ivr now that it does have a though you're not going to mantle, but it can 2nd see we mother mia kelly? are you? yes. you mean right? one. yep. and even if you look at, look at doing it again. yeah. maria, we're still shaking. it will, you know,
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it was showing me phone to did are in mr. hall, another them in video gather lovely. the kobe will not force a common thicket again. i measure those in the persona, including in the, if i, that it is. and see on the be up when they say control of that, you know the spiders, savannah i don't, according done years, is the fact that i'm in videos with other familiar the state of florida. but in the moving up top, you out on contract, we're still land rather than muslim and video 11 window on that, i don't know. my daughter's different sort of can go get more data on that until
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after i jungle is rather monumental mascot. and the last guy is finance is 30 another for the community in coordinator in $730.00 in maybe gamble in a 9 year. those mean in pets? i don't know for marcia, i need a pneumonia so he knows that there's a don't think he knows what do you see? a lot of warner, sandra cooper, listen to me. nobody imitated but all must have been mean own is beaten
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promotional. kimberly, in that he made a predatory, she should be fairly you too, by the name, by the name, to show me amateur math. and then when it go that i will go, i would yeah for that and put that in in a non small yes. oh no. oh, that was, i knew i forgot
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to tell me, do they don't they said if you get the it will be a copy to know most naval that i'll say 40 in the coming out of allowable is to include the recommend us you in this goes into effect lay down nice me notion to sit and i see or can be the most on us on know be them. ah ah, my name is william when you get in there, i can fit in the tonight, but us will be starting soon. it's a regular i'll put on the little cavity committee, those people wanna enter
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a minute and then they think they can do that, go to ah, put her little brother in the room. that would be like i said, i put it on to enroll in michigan and look me in. yeah, i can pull up an address is piedra, jupiter over in united states. i need my mission will need more. she, you know me there while she is haven't nice,
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amigos, in the past that a lesson think it must get here in order for you is i and i for living and i want that she even run dollar kinsey one door. this korea is cover the moodle carrying out a big deal. she has plenty of english. can you tell if you're going to look at and say no, i suppose into with it. then you have into 3 and i don't know into my brain to human. my little my project is about equal and new to me. the, the tv, the one that i wanted to point out here are the nipple
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from the children's political port. port gateway show me love. you cannot sample callbacks, but i think that i've been a spec thought of a police vehicle, not the vocal mobilly. i mean, you're lost with this or seeing that he doesn't come at the bus, but at one time and then a small. but it's great enough song, the little money that i to the little money then new got farmers. but it could even isn't that, is they needless maybe the math, not son. they go and try to speak me
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with me here. you've seen a lease to complete social, but i will be in the special marketing
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to notice the feel. let's have to be neat over the lid the fume, but they grafton, this guy told us where to go to the main team, put some of the media. is it any other medical. ready with it that you didn't give your labs to manage. i need to see how 30 somebody was in medical committee, but i feel like it didn't. i don't know whether it'll be in the dc, but it is normally going. okay. yeah,
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he knew he could even put him at a medical stop, which simply got him a board game lomax more like a do see that's going to be that you know me. there been leo's me know aim, feel sad, lose all day. if his he a paid and all last that on kitty in a little ah, the madden muscle beating, looking,
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i don't know. cookie your movie dam implicature. ah, if i'm, we'll use children to look for a minute. gera, lucretia, j. o. d. d. and i was just trying to get a letter a minute and i just got to feeling even, you know, if we feel better within this and they not come then through the vice invest, a lot of upside of resistance via value will be over here. now, lizzie, i don't know me cause a number of other ladies, but i don't know if it'll be the most extra matter for us community. a lot of casual innovation by the way, they were seen,
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if they must. but record of us there's a lot of our lead times. they come out of it yet, but i mean if it in allow me to look at the video. but i know that he was going to do that because you know what, i'm the mother and i feel them. okay. i think i'm almost lucky. the last guy was up . i sat down on a lap laptop that's been lemme frankie support for the lindsey i forgot it, but it'll let you go. and i thought, yeah, can you send it out with that one? yes. but i'm like i said level does it little bit when if you buy knows i followed by deals of the lisa of about a buy did a bubble, let his rubber boot in. conduct been mobile. when you get back to what am i the
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voice i can either subbing or voice time which is reminded me me me me me much. he took it he has been using me
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah
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. can an image represent a truth or merely mimic the perception of the beholder? behind the camera? preconceptions, one sided imagery, reclaiming narrative, and the trauma of colonialist ation and lingering legacy, delicately addressed as a weapon to make a scene in the democratic republic of congo. i don't know. may not a witness documentary on now, just bear with me. ah
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ah ah hello there, let's start in north america and that intense heat wave continues to break temperature records across north western states of the u. s. this was the scene in portland, oregon, where an all time high of more than 44 degrees celsius was recorded. and while some people enjoy the heat, it is life threatening, and cooling centers have been open to help people cope with the conditions. but it's not only in the us, it was also in canada. we are all time high of more than 46 degrees recorded in a little village in british columbia. and those who want to do remain for much of western canada as we go into tuesday. but by the time we hit, wedding stay, temperatures will be dropping slightly and things will cool slightly elsewhere in the us. we've got severe storms rolling all the way from the south planes up to the great lakes. so some really wet and windy weather on the cards and it's the same.
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the story for eastern areas of canada, the east coast of the u. s. seeing temperatures continuing to climb, but nowhere near what we've seen in the west. and it's pretty hot and humid across the gulf of mexico. and as we had to mexico all either on hurricane enrique its bringing flooding rains and really strong winds to the pacific coast of mexico. and we could see flash flooding there. ah ah. after 7 months of fighting a si size announced him to grow e p. o p and troops pull out to the north. the country ah, alarms are in jordan, this is out of their life and also coming up to us defends and strikes on iranian back fight as a.


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